TNA Impact Wrestling Star Ken Anderson Talks About Turning Heel/Face Frequently
by CB on May 14, 2012

In an interview with Slam Wrestling, TNA star Mr. Anderson admitted issues with his character constantly switching between heel and face over the past two years. Anderson said:

“There are things I wish could’ve been done a little bit differently … I probably wouldn’t have chosen to make the switch so many times. I think last year I turned four or five times, maybe. It was a little hard for me to wrap my head around, but things have changed.”

CB’s Slant: Wow, I didn’t even realize Anderson was switching between heel and face at such an alarming rate. Of course, his character has really stalled anyway, regardless of which mode he’s being asked to be in at the moment.

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Source: PW Torch

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  • Autorschaft

    Well, I still think he would still be over had they allowed him to ride the momentum of his first World Title win last year. Instead they had him lose the belt a month later, turn heel against Sting, win the title again, lose against Eric Young and Gunner, lose the title to Sting 3 weeks later, turn face against Immortal, vowe to never join Immortal, join Immortal 8 weeks later, apologize for joining Immortal 6 weeks later, begging the fans to accept him again…it was a mess. No wonder the character’s fucked up.

  • sideshowbob

    the concept of being a TNA umm star not being over… He was a hand me down. Don’t TNA apologists stick to AJ (styles not lee) and Samoa Joe and their ilk when they consider someone “over”? I don’t recall anybody really defending Andersen of all people… Or did I miss something?

    and yes I felt the need to point out that I meant AJ as in Styles for the purpose of this article. Although if the golden boy doesn’t un-stall himself too, AJ Lee WILL Go down as AJ in history since WWE holds the key to the DVD market and the HOF.. If he doesn’t jump ship fairly soon, he’ll be remembered as “AJ in TNA, yeah the other one”…

  • CB40

    Bob with AJ Styles being relegated to making out with Dixie Carter, you wonder why he hasn’t jumped yet.

    And I mean off a cliff, not even to WWE.

  • CB40

    the last time I remotely liked Anderson’s character was during his feud with Pope, which was like 12 character changes ago.

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