Quick Quips: Raw 5.14.12 (CM Punk, John Cena, Triple H, Daniel Bryan)
by Matthew Harrak on May 15, 2012


– After hearing the rumors of Creative wanting to shotgun the Triple H vs Brock Lesnar match instead of holding off until SummerSlam, seeing Triple H in the opening segment worries me. This SHOULD be a SummerSlam match. NOT a No Way Out match.

– Is it weird that I’m more excited to see Paul Heyman instead of Brock?

– God, I forgot how much I missed Paul Heyman on my TV.

– Are they trying to allude to a US title/IC Title unification match with Cody’s comments? The brand split already seems to be over so why not? They just better keep the classic IC title.

– I read this weekend that Cody Rhodes was reluctant to wear knee pads because he didn’t want to look like his father… I’m sorry but if I didn’t know they were related, I never would think they were father and son.

– I still don’t understand why Big Show was lumped into this role with Laurinitis? Maybe it’s just to get him “fired” for some time off?

– That’s the first time I’ve seen a collar and elbow tie up in forever, and it was in a Big Show vs Kane match?!

– That was a LONG and drawn out segment for a predictable outcome.

– Am I the only bored with the Funkasaurus yet?

– “Unstable”? That’s being generous.

– It’s strange that we haven’t seen Randy Orton vs Chris Jericho a hundred times in their careers.

– Well that did nothing for me. Hopefully the Orton vs Sheamus match on Friday will add a little more excitement to this fatal four way.

– There HAS to be some crowd noise pumped into that arena. There’s no way John Laurinitis is that over as a heel.

– It’s like the WWE audiences don’t understand that the “YES!” chants for a heel.

– With all those stipulations added to the match, the “superstar” line is what jumped out at me. Because is Brock Lesnar considered a “superstar” anymore since he quit.

– Overall, a pretty lame go home Raw for a somewhat week PPV. I am looking forward to the main events but honestly, I can’t name any of the undercard.

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Matthew Harrak

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  • Chris Kandrat

    I haven’t seen Paul in years, it was good to see him, but sadly, hes “leaving” now? Seriously, we just saw him, and its been forever, and hes gone. Really?

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