A2Z Analysiz: DGUSA Chasing the Dragon 2011 (PAC, Rich Swann, AR Fox)
by Jake Ziegler on May 17, 2012

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The Community Center – Indianapolis, IN – September 9, 2011

It All Comes Down To This

PAC, AR Fox, and Rich Swann are backstage getting ready for their main event tonight against CIMA, Ricochet, and Akira Tozawa. That should be awesome. Swann says they are Ichiban.

I Made a Request

Jon Davis personally requested to fight Arik Cannon tonight, and DGUSA granted that request. He wants to establish dominance over the Dirty Ugly Fucks group, and he starts tonight with Cannon.

MATCH #1: The Scene vs. Tripp Cassidy & Remi Wilkins

The Scene is made up of Scott Reed and Caleb Konley. This is a “tag team discovery,” but I’d rather that Cassidy would not have been discovered. Konley and Cassidy start. Reed pulls Cassidy to the floor and delivers a hard chop. Back in the ring Konley hits a Regalplex for two. Reed tags in now and hits a Buckle Bomb. The Scene unleashes a flurry of double-team offense and Wilkins has to break up a pin. Cassidy slips out of a slam and makes the tag. Wilkins is a house afire (of sorts), but it doesn’t last too long. The Scene hits Cassidy with the Ob-Scene to get the win at 3:17. That was an ugly squash.
Rating: ¼*

Larry Dallas tries to rush the ring and cut a promo but security ejects him.

Tonight is About Me

Ricochet has a retort for PAC, and he says that tonight is all about him. Flanked by CIMA and Tozawa, he says that he will prove he’s the best high flyer in the business, and he’s definitely better than PAC.

MATCH #2: Uhaa Nation vs. Aaron Draven

Draven goes for a handshake but Nation punches him in the face instead. Nation goes to work, showing off his tremendous power. He sends Draven to the floor and follows him out, ramming his back into the apron. Back in the ring Nation tries a sunset flip but Draven rolls through and kicks him in the face for a two-count. Draven hits a Jerry Lynn Legdrop for a one-count. Nation fights back with a tilt-a-whirl backbreaker. Draven responds with a series of kicks and a senton to the back for two. He goes up top and tries a rana but Nation catches him with a triple powerbomb ending with a sitout. Nation follows with a standing shooting star press to get the win at 2:42. A guy his size should not be able to do that move. Realistically the triple powerbomb should have ended the match, but a standing shooting star press from a guy Nation’s size is worth seeing. Draven more than held up his end too.
Rating: *½

I Hear What You’re Saying Now

Johnny Gargano and Chuck Taylor are backstage preparing in their own way. Taylor is reading the newspaper and not paying attention to Gargano. They wonder where their Ronin teammate Rich Swann is, and then realize that he’s hanging with Junction 3. Gargano says tonight is a big night, as they’re in the ring with the Open the Freedom Gate Champion YAMATO as well as Masato Yoshino.

MATCH #3: Arik Cannon {DUF} vs. Jon Davis

Cannon is accompanied by fellow D.U.F. Pinkie Sanchez, who is dressed sort of like Sabu. Davis is already over with the crowd. Cannon is up to the challenge though, and he actually dictates the pace early on. Davis responds with a huge powerslam. Cannon rolls to the floor and Davis follows him. Davis hits a couple of boots and a big clothesline that sends Cannon over the guardrail and into the crowd. Cannon gets a couple of shots in but Davis mostly controls the fight out there. Back at ringside Sanchez goes for a clothesline but it has no effect. Sanchez grabs Davis’s leg, allowing Cannon to take control with an enziguiri. Cannon works Davis over for a few minutes. Davis fights back with his immense power. Cannon responds with an enziguiri and tries the Brainbuster and can’t hit it, but he can hit Total Anarchy for a two-count. Davis grabs Cannon for the big Spinebuster. Sanchez tries to interfere but Davis takes him out with the Pounce. Cannon hits a right hand, a superkick, and then the Brainbuster but it only gets two. Davis fights back with a huge lariat and 3 Seconds Around the World for the win at 11:45. Cannon doesn’t do much for me but Davis is good. The match was adequate if a bit dull.
Rating: **¼

Do You Believe How They Treated Me Tonight?

In a library backstage, Larry Dallas is upset about the way he was treated tonight so he complains about it to The Scene. Konley and Reed tell him to relax because they got the win tonight and 2012 will be their year. Dallas calls them the best tag team in the world.

MATCH #4: Six Way Elimination Match – Gregory Iron Brodie Lee {BW} vs. BJ Whitmer vs. Sugar Dunkerton vs. Mike Sydal vs. Flip Kendrick vs. Billy Roc

Iron, the wrestler from Cleveland with cerebral palsy, is introduced first. Before anyone else is introduced Brodie Lee and the rest of the Blood Warriors, including Akira Tozawa, CIMA, Naruki Doi, and Ricochet, make their way out. Lee says that Iron gets everything handed to him, and hits him with a big boot and a couple of powerbombs. Ricochet adds insult to injury with a slap to the face, and CIMA hits the Schwein. I don’t understand why that was necessary. Sydal comes out next and Lee immediately takes him out with a big boot. Dunkerton is introduced and he shows no fear. Unfortunately for him he gets attacked by the Blood Warriors. Next up is Flip Kendrick, but he gets kicked right off the apron. Billy Roc gets slapped in the face before he can even enter the ring. Finally BJ Whitmer comes out and he can match up with Lee size-wise. Whitmer challenges the Blood Warriors to leave Lee on his own, and now the match is on.

The other four competitors make their way into the ring and gang up on Lee and Whitmer clotheslines him to the floor. Kendrick shows off his skills against Whitmer, sending him to the floor. Roc tags in next and he wrestles Kendrick to a standoff. When Lee gets up on the apron they double dropkick him down. Dunkerton is next to show his stuff, and then Sydal. Whitmer makes his way back in and uses his strength advantage. He hits Sydal with a Buckle Bomb and then dropkicks Lee off the apron. Dunkerton tries to out-strike Whitmer but he fails. They suplex each other to the floor and Roc and Kendrick take their spots in the ring. Roc decides to wipe out Whitmer and Dunkerton on the floor. Sydal follows with a moonsault off the top rope onto everyone. Kendrick is next with a corkscrew plancha. Lee finally makes it back in the ring with Sydal and he hits a huge lariat and a diving powerbomb to score the first elimination at 7:14. Roc and Dunkerton end up in the ring together and they try some comedy that falls flat. Dunkerton hits an atomic drop and a clothesline of sorts for two. Roc grabs a quick backslide to eliminate Dunkerton at 8:58. Lee immediately kicks Roc’s head off to eliminate him at 9:17. Ricochet tries to throw Lee a chair but Whitmer intercepts it and blasts Lee with it to get himself disqualified at 9:32. I love how Whitmer is surprised that he got disqualified for using a chair, as if that hasn’t been a rule in wrestling since forever. We’re down to Lee and Kendrick now. Kendrick goes for a quick cover but only gets two. He goes up top and hits a shooting star senton for another two-count. Lee tries a Chokeslam but Kendrick avoids it and delivers a kick to the face. Kendrick tries a flip off the second rope but Lee catches him and lands the Truck Stop to get the win at 11:28. DGUSA has had a lot of good six-man matches, but this one failed to click in many ways.
Rating: *¾

The One Man Nation

Backstage, Uhaa Nation introduces himself to the DGUSA audience. Nation says tonight was just a little taste of what’s to come, and he issues an open challenge to the locker room.

MATCH #5: Naruki Doi {BW} vs. Sami Callihan {DUF}

Doi is one third of the Open the Triangle Gate Champions along with Naoki Tanisaki and Kzy. He attacks Callihan before the bell with a dropkick and a Blue Thunder Driver for two. Callihan fights up but Doi cuts him off and continues working him over. Doi uses various strikes to his advantage, and then hits a neckbreaker and a rolling senton for two. He continues the abuse, much to the delight of the crowd. Callihan fights back with a step-up enziguiri and a face wash. He hits a vertical suplex for two. Callihan knocks Doi to the floor and follows him out with a suicide dive. He follows that with several vicious chops. Back in the ring Callihan misses a diving headbutt off the top rope. Doi hits a dropkick and stomps a mudhole. He does not walk it dry and Callihan makes him pay for it with a huge lariat. Callihan hits a Death Valley Driver for two. They trade strikes and Doi hits the Rydeen Bomb for two. Doi follows up with Dai Bosou. Callihan responds immediately with a Back Drop Driver and a diving forearm for a two-count. Both men get to their knees and trade shots. Doi wins that battle but misses the Bakatare Sliding Kick and Callihan locks on the Stretch Muffler, which Doi counters to a small package for two. Callihan hits a kick to the head but then runs right into the Doi 555. Doi follows with the Bakatare Sliding Kick but it only gets two! They fight to the top rope and Doi hits a super Doi 555 and another Bakatare Sliding Kick to get the pin at 13:05. These two worked well together and built well to the finish.
Rating: ***¼


WWN Live is the new home of iPPV for Dragon Gate USA, EVOLVE, and Full Impact Pro. Remember FIP?

United: Finale

At United: Finale, DGUSA crowned the first Open the United Gate Champions when PAC & Masato Yoshino battled Johnny Gargano & Chuck Taylor. Plus a lot of other stuff happened at this show too.

MATCH #6: Pinkie Sanchez {DUF} vs. Louis Lyndon

They start with some back and forth that leads to a standoff. Both guys continue to use their unorthodox style to attempt to grain control. Sanchez is the first one to do so, pushing Lyndon off the top rope all the way down to the floor. He sets Lyndon on the steps and leaps off the apron with a double stomp right to the groin. Back in the ring Lyndon recovers rather quickly and unloads with a series of kicks, sending Sanchez to the floor. Lyndon follow Sanchez out with a flip dive through the ropes. Back in the ring Lyndon hits a Dragon Suplex for two. Lyndon goes for another one but Sanchez blocks it and executes a dragon screw testicle whip. Sanchez tries the flying ass but Lyndon counters it with a rollup for two. Lyndon follows with a palm strike for two. He tries a springboard moonsault but Sanchez avoids it and hits a shining wizard for two. Sanchez sets Lyndon backwards on the top rope and hits the Burning Hammer for the win at 7:12. That was pretty good for a post-intermission match, and I’d like to see Lyndon get more chances in singles matches (or tags with Flip Kendrick) as opposed to just appearing in nothing but FRAY! matches.
Rating: **¼

One Down, Two to Go

Jon Davis says one down, two to go. He beat Arik Cannon tonight, and is looking forward to his match against Rich Swann in Chicago tomorrow night.

MATCH #7: YAMATO {J3} & Masato Yoshino {J3} vs. Johnny Gargano {R} & Chuck Taylor {R}

YAMATO is the Open the Freedom Gate Champion, and Yoshino is one half of the Open the United Gate Champions with PAC. Before the match starts, Gargano tells YAMATO that he will beat him for the title, and tonight he will make him tap out. Gargano also says that Taylor and Rich Swann will be coming for the Open the United Gate Titles. Taylor says he’s going for the Open the Freedom Gate Title, and that Gargano and Swann will be going for the tag titles. Dissension!

Gargano and YAMATO start, but Taylor immediately tags himself in. YAMATO and Taylor chain wrestle to a standoff. Gargano and Yoshino tag in and they go back and forth at a fast pace. Yoshino hits a dropkick and Gargano responds with a neckbreaker. Taylor tags back in briefly and when Gargano comes back in Yoshino forces him into the wrong corner and tags YAMATO. The Open the Freedom Gate Champion takes Gargano down to the mat and starts wearing him down. Momentum shifts multiple times as both teams try to establish dominance over the other. Junction Three isolates Gargano in their half of the ring and keeps Taylor away from him. Gargano comes back with a simultaneous flatliner and DDT on his opponents and makes the tag. Taylor is a house afire. Yoshino cuts him off and puts on From Jungle but Taylor quickly makes it to the ropes, Taylor and Yoshino take each other down and then tags are made. YAMATO and Gargano tear into each other, as both want to beat the other by submission. Gargano reverses a Brainbuster to one of his own and then puts on Gargano Escape but Yoshino breaks it up. Ronin tries a double team but YAMATO nails Taylor with a spear and then hits Gargano with a dropkick. Junction Three now double-teams Gargano, and then Yoshino changes his focus to Taylor. That proves to be a mistake, as Gargano hits the Superman Spear and Taylor follows with a quebrada for two. Taylor puts Yoshino in a half crab and YAMATO breaks it up. YAMATO hits Taylor with the Brainbuster but it only gets two. Yoshino comes in and hits Taylor with an inverted DDT for two. Gargano breaks it up and takes Yoshino to the floor to throw him into the ring post. YAMATO goes for Galleria but Taylor avoids it and hits an enziguiri and a superkick. Taylor then throws YAMATO right into an Ace Crusher by Gargano for a two-count. Gargano hits YAMATO with Hurts Donut and Yoshino breaks it up. Yoshino hits Gargano with Sling Blade. Taylor hits Yoshino with Sole Food. YAMATO nails Taylor with a dropkick. Gargano hits YAMATO with Hurts Donut and locks on Gargano Escape. Yoshino hits Taylor with Torbellino and locks on Sol Naciente. Unfortunately for Gargano, Taylor taps just before YAMATO, giving Junction Three the win at 17:53. The finish confused the crowd more than anything, but I get what they were going for. As expected the match was really good and set Gargano up nicely for a title shot.
Rating: ***½

I Like What I See Here

BJ Whitmer was told that he had to win the match tonight to get invited back. He says he likes what he sees in DGUSA except for Brodie Lee, so he hopes he will be back to get his hands on Lee.


For more info on Dragon Gate USA please visit DGUSA.tv.

MATCH #8: Captain’s Six Man Tag Team Match – PAC {J3}, Rich Swann {R} & AR Fox vs. Ricochet {BW}, CIMA {BW} & Akira Tozawa {BW}

The only way this match can end is if one captain pins or submits the other captain. CIMA and Ricochet are the Open the Twin Gate Champions. PAC is the Open the Brave Gate Champion. Tozawa and PAC start the match. PAC decides not to start the match, tagging Swann instead. I fully expect to not be able to keep up with the action in this one. As predicted it gets lighting fast right away, with offense coming from everyone in the match. The good guys knock Blood Warriors to the floor and PAC and Fox wipe them out with a dive. Tozawa and Swann take over in the ring. Swann makes the tag to his captain. Blood Warriors go to work on PAC but it doesn’t last too long before PAC’s team goes to work on Ricochet. I like how both teams are focusing on the captain. PAC finds himself in the wrong part of town, getting beaten down by the Blood Warriors. After several minutes PAC is able to land a springboard missile dropkick on Tozawa before making the tag. Swann is fresh but CIMA immediately cuts him off. The plucky Swann utilizes his amazing agility to fight back on both CIMA and Tozawa. Fox gets in on the action with a springboard 450 to the floor, wiping out both Tozawa and CIMA. Swann hits Ricochet with a springboard Ace Crusher, PAC hits a slingshot Ace Crusher, Swann hits a standing moonsault, and PAC hits a standing shooting star press. CIMA and Tozawa have to break up the pin. The pace in this match is ridiculous. CIMA cuts Swann off and just like that the Blood Warriors are back in control. Swann comes back and tires the standing 450 but CIMA gets his knees up. The referee loses control and everyone is coming in and out of the ring as they please. Blood Warriors are able to isolate PAC and triple-team him. CIMA hits him with Venus and the Iconoclasm. Tozawa hits a running knee strike. Ricochet lands a standing 630 senton for two. Team PAC is able to make a comeback, as Fox hits Ricochet with Lo Mein Pain and PAC follows with a springboard 450 for a near-fall. Blood Warriors quickly recover and once again isolate PAC. CIMA hits him with Schwein and Ricochet follows with the 630 for the pin at 17:31. The action in this one was flat-out awesome, and the captain’s rules gave the match something to set it apart from other DGUSA six-man tags.
Rating: ****¼

Blood Warriors continue to beat up PAC after the match, so Masato Yoshino and YAMATO try coming to the rescue, but Brodie Lee and Naruki Doi come out to cut them off. Chuck Taylor and Johnny Gargano come out to run Blood Warriors off. Taylor wants to know if Swann is with Ronin or Junction Three. He says they want the titles J3 has, and then superkicks Yoshino. Gargano and Taylor bail and want to know who Swann sides with. Swann goes with Ronin but doesn’t look entirely happy about it. PAC then cuts a promo that’s hard to understand because of his accent and the lousy sound quality. It’s easier to understand Yoshino, who keeps it short and sweet.

I’m in a Bad Mood

The Dirty Ugly F*cks are outside the building, Callihan is puking in a garbage can. He says he’s in a bad mood and that Pinkie Sanchez and Arik Cannon should be in a bad mood too. Then he knocks nachos out of Cannon’s hand and Sanchez eats them anyway. Callihan turns his attention to AR Fox, promising to make his life a living hell for the rest of the weekend. He also tells Sanchez to get ready for Sabu tomorrow night.


- Alternative Angle Highlight Video: The usual five minutes of clips from the show.

The Pulse: An awesome main event highlights a solid night of action for DGUSA. The feud between PAC and Ricochet is going really well and I’m anxious to see more of it. The D.U.F. versus AR Fox feud keeps rolling, and anything that gets more attention on Fox I’m all for. Tension within Ronin in regards to Rich Swann’s allegiance is also interesting, as is Gargano and Taylor chasing the Open the Freedom Gate Title. Once you get past the first couple of matches this show gets pretty good. You can pick it up at the DGUSA Store.

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