REALLY?!?!?! with CB – The Summer of Live Impact, Starring ZOMG Brooke Hogan!!!!
by CB on May 18, 2012

Really, TNA? You think it’s the best idea ever to bring in Brooke Hogan and make her a cornerstone of the summer of live Impact, really?!?!

Really, do you not remember how that whole Garrett Bischoff thing worked out, or Bubba the Love Sponge, or The Nasty Boys, or any other of Hogan and Bischoff’s friends, really?!?!

Really, do you not grasp how horrible of an idea it is to take THIS version of Impact Wrestling and make it a live show, with dead Impact Zone crowds, blown spots from Jeff Hardy, extended microphone babbling from Hulk Hogan and Knockouts whose matches can’t even look good when edited, really?!?!

Really, do you not understand that the gimmick of going live means nothing if you aren’t going to change the entire culture of the show where wrestling actually ***does*** matter, really?!?!

Speaking of wrestling matters, can I emphasize that Brooke Hogan becoming a full-time non-wrestling personality in a show already filled with non-wrestling personalities and your best wrestler being locked  in with a soap opera storyline affair with the bumbling company owner is not a great way to emphasize wrestling. Do you not get that, really?!?!

Really, Dixie Carter, your only big idea is to bring in another Hogan after the first one didn’t pan out too well and has become a time-sucking waste of money and resources, really?!?!

And unless you are rehiring Scott Steiner and giving him a live open mic to shoot on the Hogans — or acquiring everyone in ROH — this is just bound to be a disaster, really!!!!

I just don’t see it, TNA.

This has been Really?!?!?! with CB.

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  • Newbury

    Good column. TNA has such weird priorities. Does the average person look at the TNA product and think it’s not live?

    It’s so weird, if you generalize to a fairly large degree, you have casual fans who don’t give a fuck about spoilers, and live is not going to change the perception of the show to this set of fans…then, you have more hardcore fans that dislike TNA, but, want it to be good…spoilers actually help with that set of fans, as you give people days or a week+ to read spoilers and think, “damn that could be a decent show!” and then they may actually tune in. Who did taped really turn away from the product?

  • Blair A. Douglas

    TNA’s priorities are just fine. They just covered “how can we get Brooke Hogan a paycheck”. What more do you want?

    I feel like some of you are missing the point. Am I the only one excited about the blooper possibilities here?

  • Steven

    I was thinking the same thing – Botchamania will be running wild over this one.

    Odds on it lasting as long as Monday Night Impact?

  • flamingwombat

    Wow, angry CB! You won’t like him when he’s angry.

  • CB40

    Not really angry, just kind of bummed that Brooke Hogan is their chosen advertised centerpiece for this press release and for the first live Impact on 5/31.

  • CB40

    I will say the piped in cheers / boos were annoying, but they may try to do that anyway, just LIVE!

  • FDSwayze

    I like that there is a guy arguing that IMPACT has been good the past couple weeks on another column, and then this announcement happens. It’s like TNA found out someone was defending them and did everything in their power to put a stop to it.

  • CB40

    It’s how they did it that irks me the most. Why not announce live Impact on 5/31 and immediately set up some kind of special tournament like the BFG series that leads to title matches on that show? That would have been much better of an idea than Brooke Hogan.

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