A2Z Analysiz: DGUSA Untouchable 2011 (YAMATO, CIMA)
by Jake Ziegler on May 23, 2012

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The Congress Theater – Chicago, Illinois – September 10, 2011

MATCH #1: The Scene vs. Kentucky Buffet

I have no frame of reference for Kentucky Buffet, made up of “Extra Crispy” Alex Castle and “Original Recipe” Matt Cage. The Scene is Scott Reed and Caleb Konley. Reed and Cage start the match. They do not much and then make tags. The Scene work together to take Castle down and keeps him there. Castle counters a double-Irish whip and sends the Scene crashing into each other. Cage tags in and hits a missile dropkick on both members of the Scene, and is the proverbial house afire. The Buffet gets a little bit of token offense in before the Scene catch Cage with the Ob-Scene for the win at 3:16. The Scene looked good here and the opponents were a lot better than the jobbers from last night.
Rating: *½

Brodie Lee makes his way out and clobbers the Kentucky Buffet. Larry Dallas then makes sure The Scene gets out of the ring before taking a beating from the Big Rig. Lee gets on the mic and says that no one can stop him.

Open the Southern Gate

Back on April 1, DGUSA presented Open the Southern Gate, the first show of their WrestleMania-weekend triple shot. PAC & Ricochet battled Chuck Taylor & Akira Tozawa in the main event, plus there was more with CIMA, Jon Moxley, Johnny Gargano, AR Fox, and more.

MATCH #2: Rich Swann {R} vs. Jon Davis

Swann uses his speed and high-flying abilities to quickly knock Davis to the floor. Back in the ring Davis utilizes his power advantage to start throwing Swann around. He focuses on the back, which is wise against a high-flyer like Swann. Davis continues the abuse, thwarting all Swann’s comeback attempts. He hits a Jackhammer and Swann kicks out at two. Swann fights back with some kicks and then locks on the Tarantula. Davis escapes out of that but Swann hits him with Code Green for a two-count. Swann goes for a hurricanrana but Davis catches him and hits a Buckle Bomb that sends Swann to the apron. Back in the ring Swann is able to hit Trouble in Paradise. Swann goes to the second rope and leaps right into Davis’s arms for a huge spinebuster. That gets two. Swann comes back with the springboard Ace Crusher and then lands the standing 450 splash but it only gets two. He hits a Rocker Dropper but Davis kicks out again. Swann hits another Ace Crusher and again gets a two-count. He goes up top and hits the Frog Splash for yet another near-fall. Swann then cartwheels right into the 3 Seconds Around the World and Davis gets the pin at 9:20. That was a well-worked power guy versus high-flyer match.
Rating: **½

Brodie Lee Issues a Challenge

Brodie Lee makes his way back out and hits Swann with a big boot and a powerbomb. Johnny Gargano and Chuck Taylor come out to help their Ronin partner to the back. Lee makes an open challenge, and Gregory Iron makes his way out! Last night Lee beat up Iron and took his spot in the six-way freestyle. Lee talks some trash so Iron smacks him, but then eats a big boot and a powerbomb for his troubles. The Big Rig counts his own three-count and then makes the timekeeper ring the bell. Lee now reiterates his open challenge, and it’s answered by Uhaa Nation! The gigantic Nation hits a back suplex and a powerslam. Nation then slams Lee down and this a standing shooting star press. He tries a standing moonsault but misses. Lee hits a Rydeen Bomb and then bails.

What It Feels Like to Be a D.U.F.

This is a recap of the Dirty Ugly F*cks versus AR Fox feud, which has been going on since Enter the Dragon 2011: Second Anniversary Celebration. Tonight Fox teams with Sabu (so nice of him to show up) against Arik Cannon & Pinkie Sanchez, and tomorrow night Fox teams with YAMATO to take on Cannon & Sami Callihan.

MATCH #3: PAC {J3} vs. Ricochet {BW}

PAC is the Open the Brave Gate Champion and one half of the Open the United Gate Champions with Masato Yoshino. Ricochet is one half of the Open the Twin Gate Champions with CIMA. The two teams will battle in a title versus title match tomorrow night in Milwaukee. I would have thought this would come on later in the show.

Both men explode out of the gate and the pace is fast and furious. PAC takes the first control but Ricochet weathers the storm and knocks PAC to the floor. Ricochet takes control out on the floor and keeps it up back in the ring. He gets cocky and PAC takes exception. Ricochet hits a reverse rana, but PAC comes right back with an enziguiri and his own reverse rana. Both men are down. Back on their feet PAC avoids a charge in the corner and hits a springboard missile dropkick. PAC follows up with a standing corkscrew press for a two-count. He tries another springboard but Ricochet catches him with a Codebreaker. Ricochet follows up with a Zig-Zag and the standing shooting star press but it only gets two. He goes up top and PAC runs up to bring him down with a German Superplex. PAC gets up first and hits a Phoenix Splash off the second rope for a two-count. He goes up top and Ricochet joins him to hit a one-man Spanish Fly for two. Ricochet goes back up top and tries a shooting star press but PAC gets his knees up. PAC hits a sick sitout powerbomb for a two-count. He goes up top and hits British Airways to get the pin at 10:07. That was a lot of fun but I wouldn’t have known they were in a blood feud just based on this match, if that makes sense.
Rating: ***

The Blood Warriors (Brodie Lee, Naruki Doi, CIMA, and Akira Tozawa) make their way out and beat PAC down. They hold PAC for Ricochet to hit the Space Flying Tiger Driver. Ronin makes their way out and hits triple dives on the Blood Warriors. AR Fox also comes out and adds a dive. Next up is the Dirty Ugly F*cks, and Sami Callihan and Arik Cannon sacrifice Pinkie Sanchez by double-suplexing him into the crowd of people. Finally Sabu makes his way out and wipes out everyone. PAC adds one last insane dive to the mix.

MATCH #4: No Disqualification Match – AR Fox & Sabu vs. Arik Cannon & Pinkie Sanchez

That sequence led directly into this match. Sabu and Cannon battle in the ring while Sanchez and Fox fight on the floor. They try showing a picture-in-picture to follow both fights but it’s just distracting. Sabu uses a spike to bust Cannon’s head open. Fox gets back in the ring and works with Sabu to double-team poor Cannon. They even use a chair until Sanchez comes back to the ring and pulls Fox off a cover. Now the D.U.F. are able to isolate on Fox, keeping him away from tagging his maniacal partner (luckily for Fox Sabu actually showed up). After several minutes of abuse Fox is able to make the comeback and the hot tag. Sabu is a house afire, whipping the chair at both opponents repeatedly. He hits Sanchez with a brutal clothesline for two. Sanchez makes the comeback and they take their fight to the floor. Meanwhile Cannon hits Fox with an exploder into the corner. Sabu grabs a table and puts it in the ring just as Cannon hits Fox with a punch, kick to the face, and the Brainbuster for two. Sabu breaks up the cover and pitches Cannon to the floor. He sets his table up and hits Sanchez with a DDT to subdue him. Sabu goes to the top rope and legdrops Sanchez’s head right through the table. Cannon gets back in the ring and hits Total Anarchy. Fox goes up top and hits a Swanton Bomb on the table, which was on Sanchez. Then Fox hits a 450 Splash on the table on Sanchez to get the pin at 11:44. I’m not the world’s biggest Sabu fan, but this was an effective use of him. I also appreciate matches like this on DGUSA shows because it’s a totally different style than what most of the rest of the card is.
Rating: **¾


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Johnny’s Road to the Title

Johnny Gargano says that his rise in DGUSA can be traced back to three important events. He debuted on the first DGUSA event in the preshow FRAY! His first turning point was watching the main event between Shingo and Naruki Doi that night and knowing he wasn’t as good as those guys. His second turning point was wrestling CIMA at the First Anniversary Show, specifically how CIMA refused to shake his hand after the match. His third turning point was making CIMA tap out in a tag match at United: Philly. This is a pretty cool video that shows just how far Gargano has come.

MATCH #5: Johnny Gargano {R} vs. Akira Tozawa {BW}

Lenny Leonard announces that DGUSA is trending on Twitter thanks to Billy Corgan, who is in attendance tonight. Am I watching Raw? Tozawa takes Gargano down and goes to work on the leg. The mat wrestling continues in the early going with an exchange of holds. Gargano has the upper hand in the early going, but Tozawa is full of fight. When Gargano tries a cross body block off the second rope Tozawa gets his knees up, which allows him to take control. After a few minutes Gargano comes back and clotheslines Tozawa to the floor. Gargano tries to follow with a dive but misses. Tozawa does not miss his, but when he goes for a second one Gargano cuts him off with the Superman Spear. Gargano keeps up the pressure with a flurry of offense. He hits a Liger Bomb for a close near-fall. Tozawa rolls to the floor and Gargano follows him out with a suicide dive and then hits a rolling senton off the apron. Back in the ring Gargano covers for two. Gargano locks on the Gargano Escape but Tozawa gets out of it and hits an enziguiri. Tozawa hits a Saito Suplex for two. He takes Gargano up to the top rope and delivers a huge superplex. Both men are down but Tozawa is able to crawl over and cover for two. They get back to their feet and trade hard shots but fighting spirit intervenes. Eventually they knock each other out and both men are down. They make it back up and Gargano takes control with kicks. Out on the apron Tozawa hits a bicycle kick and a hard German Suplex, sending Gargano down to the floor. Back in the ring Tozawa covers for two. Tozawa hits a running Yakuza kick in the corner but Gargano returns the favor with a hard dropkick. Gargano follows up with the You’re Dead!, a baby superkick, and Hurts Donut but he only gets two. Both men are exhausted. Gargano tries to slide through Tozawa’s legs for some reason and it leads to a series of reversals ending with an Avalanche German Suplex by Tozawa for two. Tozawa then hits the Straightjacket German Suplex to get the win at 20:28. That was an excellent contest between the two hottest young acts in the company, and I’m sure we’ll see more from both of them as they continue to climb up the card.
Rating: ****

Mercury Rising 2011

On April 2 in Atlanta DGUSA presented Mercury Rising 2011, featuring the traditional six man tag pitting CIMA, Naruki Doi & Ricochet against Johnny Gargano, Chuck Taylor, and Rich Swann, plus more with YAMATO defending the Open the Freedom Gate Title against Austin Aries, PAC defending the Open the Brave Gate Title against Akira Tozawa, and matches featuring , Jon Moxley, Jimmy Jacobs, Stalker Ichikawa, and more!

MATCH #6: Four Way Freestyle – Naruki Doi {BW} vs. Masato Yoshino {J3} vs. Chuck Taylor {R} vs. Sami Callihan {DUF}

The winner of this match gets to book any match that he wants. Doi is one-third of the Open the Triangle Gate Champions along with Kzy and Naoki Tanisaki. Yoshino is one half of the Open the United Gate Champions with PAC. All four factions in DGUSA are represented in this match. All four men start the match with a four-way test of strength. That leads to nothing and then everyone starts unloading on everyone else. Callihan takes Taylor out, and then Doi and Yoshino work together to send Callihan to the floor. They then turn to each other and Doi takes a cheap shot to take control. Callihan and Taylor rejoin the ring and no one has gained any kind of sustained advantage. Once again Yoshino and Doi square off and Callihan tries to get involved but that ends badly for him. Yoshino is a house afire, knocking Callihan off the apron, hitting Doi with Sling Blade, and then locking Taylor in From Jungle. Callihan breaks it up. Taylor hits Callihan with Sole Food, which Callihan no-sells. Callihan then hits a Death Valley Driver and Doi breaks up that cover. Doi and Yoshino exchange reversals, ending with Yoshino hitting a dropkick right to the face. The former partners know each other so well. All four men take each other down. Back on their feet Doi stacks Callihan and Taylor up in the corner and hits the Dai Bosou. Yoshino hits the simultaneous missile dropkick / senton bomb with a little help from Doi. That union again doesn’t last long. Yoshino hits Torbellino but can’t connect with the Lighting Spiral. Doi hits Doi 555. Taylor hits Doi with a uranage slam and a boot to the face. Callihan unloads on Taylor with chops and kicks. Taylor tries Sole Food but Callihan reverses it to the Stretch Muffler, which Taylor counters with a small package for two. Callihan charges into the corner and misses, and Taylor hits the Awful Waffle for the pin at 10:14. I thought that would be better, but they just never established a rhythm and it was all moves.
Rating: **¼

Brodie Lee comes out and tries to attack, but Taylor and Yoshino run him off. Taylor reiterates to Yoshino that Ronin is coming after all the titles and then superkicks Yoshino just like he did last night! Rich Swann, torn between Ronin and Junction 3, comes out to check on Yoshino and question Taylor.


For more info on Dragon Gate USA please visit DGUSA.tv.

MATCH #7: Open the Freedom Gate Title Match – YAMATO {J3} vs. CIMA {BW}

YAMATO has been the Champion since 1.28.11, and this is his fifth defense. CIMA is one half of the Open the Twin Gate Champions with Ricochet. Both men start cautiously, showing respect to each other. They go back and forth in the early going, trying to establish dominance. YAMATO uses some submission holds, targeting CIMA’s right leg. After several minutes CIMA avoids a dropkick and takes control. CIMA works to get some feeling back in his leg. He knocks YAMATO to the floor and follows him out, driving his back into the apron. CIMA continues to focus on the back for several minutes. YAMATO is able to stop the assault with a dragon screw leg whip. He hits a hard dropkick for a two-count. The Champ follows up with an enziguiri, a running forearm in the corner, and an exploder for another near-fall. CIMA takes a powder and YAMATO follows him out to continue the beating. YAMATO tries a whip into the post but CIMA reverses it, and then gets back in the ring to execute a suicide dive. Back in the ring CIMA keeps up the assault but can’t quite put YAMATO away. YAMATO tries to come back with the Spear but CIMA catches him with the guillotine DDT for two. Back on their feet YAMATO is able to trap CIMA in the Ankle Lock. CIMA escapes with an enziguiri and hits the Perfect Driver for two. He follows with a superkick and the Schwein for another near-fall. YAMATO comes back and locks on the Choke Sleeper but CIMA muscles his way up and climbs to the second turnbuckle. CIMA throws himself backwards, landing hard on the champ. He goes up top and hits Meteora but can’t cover right away because of the damage YAMATO did to his leg. CIMA hits an elevated DDT and goes up top but misses Meteora this time. YAMATO then locks on the Choke Sleeper and hits the Sleeper Suplex. He follows with a kick to the head and the brainbuster but CIMA kicks out! YAMATO then hits Galleria to finally get the pin and retain the title at 21:57. That was an excellent, well-worked main event with solid strategy from both guys and a great finishing sequence.
Rating: ****

CIMA gets on the microphone after the match to talk trash to the fans, and to inform YAMATO that BxB Hulk is coming back to DGUSA to face him in a no-rope, no-disqualification match. YAMATO accepts the challenge and thanks the fans for coming.

BONUS MATCH: FRAY! featuring Flip Kendrick, Louis Lyndon, Façade, Silas Young, Sugar Dunkerton, ACH, Cedric Alexander, Gregory Iron, and Marion Fontaine

Alexander and Lyndon are the first two in the match. They waste no time in taking it to each other at a ridiculously quick pace. Fontaine is next up and he makes his presence known in his own unique way. He clears the ring and Façade is the next man out. Façade enters with a missile dropkick on Fontaine to send him to the floor. Alexander cuts Façade off and they go back and forth. Façade knocks Alexander to the floor and then wipes everyone out with a dive. Silas Young is next and he immediately starts cleaning house. He eliminates Lyndon with a bridging German Suplex at 5:06. Next up is Iron, and he’s a house afire. Iron is able to catch Fontaine with an Ace Crusher coming off the ropes to eliminate him at 6:35. Dunkerton is the net man out, and he and Iron dance. Façade breaks that up because he’s a jerk! He continues blowing spots but is able to eliminate Alexander with a springboard bulldog and an Arabian Press at 8:20. Dunkerton then catches Façade with a hard clothesline to eliminate him at 8:32. Flip Kendrick is next in the ring. Kendrick is flying all over the place and working on everyone. Young is able to trap Iron in a schoolboy rollup to eliminate him at 10:07. ACH is the final man out and he enters the ring with a cross body block on Young. He continues to impress with his ridiculously athletic move set. Kendrick is able to catch him with a Canadian Destroyer off the second rope and then a hurricanrana to eliminate him (even though he clearly kicked out) at 11:44. Young then traps Kendrick in the seated Full Nelson and Kendrick taps out at 12:25. We’re down to Young and Dunkerton now. They go back and forth a bit and Young is able to hit the Finlay Roll and the Pee Gee Waja Plunge for the win at 14:33. That had its moments but was pretty sloppy overall. Bring back ACH please.
Rating: **

The Pulse: DGUSA has done well in Chicago in the past, and this show is no exception. The main event and Gargano versus Tozawa are both four-star bouts, and the undercard had some fun stuff on it too, like the no-DQ tag match and PAC versus Ricochet. I like the angle with Rich Swann being torn between Junction Three and Ronin, and Gargano’s road to the title too. You can purchase this DVD at the DGUSA Store.

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