A2Z Analysiz: DGUSA Way of the Ronin 2011 (PAC, Masato Yoshino, CIMA, Ricochet)
by Jake Ziegler on May 25, 2012

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The Miramar Theater – Milwaukee, Wisconsin – September 11, 2011

Brodie Lee Arrives

The title to this chapter is pretty accurate, as Lee arrives at the building, throwing some dude in a dumpster just for fun and then staring down Uhaa Nation.

MATCH #1: Chuck Taylor {R} & Rich Swann {R} vs. The Scene

Oh my goodness the lighting is terrible. I will try not to mention it again, but now you know. The Scene is Caleb Konley and Scott Reed. Swann and Reed start the match. Reed uses his power to back Swann into the Scene corner and makes the tag. Swann uses his speed to counter and makes the tag. Ronin double-teams Konley and keeps him off-balance. Konley fights back on Taylor and makes the tag. The Scene double-teams Taylor now. Their control is short-lived however, as Taylor bites Konley to reclaim control and tag Swann. Konley knocks Swann to the floor and Reed adds a couple of cheap shots for good measure. Now the Scene gets some sustained offense in on the smallest member of Ronin. Swann comes back with a big time Ace Crusher and makes the tag. Taylor is a house afire, throwing both members of the Scene around. Konley breaks up a pin and takes it to Taylor. The Scene hits Taylor with a catapult into a powerslam and Taylor rolls to the floor. They double-team hiptoss Swann into the turnbuckles, and then hit a double wheelbarrow suplex for two when Taylor breaks it up. Taylor hits Reed with Sole Food. Konley hits Taylor with a Regalplex. Swann hits Konley with Trouble in Paradise. Reed hits Swann with a Buckle Bomb. All four men are down. Back on their feet the referee has little control of the action as all four men are flying in and out of the ring. In all the chaos Taylor is able to grab Reed off the top rope and hit the Awful Waffle for the win at 14:14. That was a sold opener and I’m glad they did something with the Scene after their two squash victories the previous two nights.
Rating: **¾

Breaking News

Lenny Leonard and Rob Naylor announce that YAMATO versus BxB Hulk in the no-rope, no-disqualification match has been signed for November 11 in Boston at REVOLT! Apparently this is the biggest grudge match in Dragon Gate Japan, so it’s cool that they’re bringing it stateside.

MATCH #2: Brodie Lee {BW} vs. Silas Young

Young is upset that Lee has been bullying people, including his wife, so he calls the big man out. He immediately shows he’s not afraid by getting in Lee’s face. They quickly take the fight to the floor and Lee throws Young around. Young fights back with a moonsault off the apron. Back in the ring Young hits an enziguiri but Lee low bridges the top rope to send Young right back outside. Lee follows him out with a nice tope suicida. Again back in the ring Lee cockily goes to work. Lee gets distracted by Young’s wife, allowing Young to fight back. Young hits a German Suplex but can’t hold the shoulders down. He follows up with a backbreaker for a two-count. Lee responds with a big boot for two. He hits the powerbomb and Young kicks out! Lee goes for another powerbomb but Young slips out so Lee hits him with a hurricanrana! They fight into the corner and Young powerbombs Lee into the center of the ring for a two-count. Young hits a diving lariat and a springboard corkscrew senton for another near-fall. He picks Lee up and hits the Finlay Roll. Young signals for the Pee Gee Waja Plunge but then gets distracted by Blood Warrior Akira Tozawa. Lee hits the Truck Stop but Young kicks out. He follows up with the sitout powerbomb for the win at 8:57. These two worked well together.
Rating: **½

Lee gets on the microphone to brag about his easy victory as Tozawa joins him. He issues another open challenge, and this one is answered by Jon Davis, who will battle Tozawa next.

MATCH #3: Special Challenge Match – Akira Tozawa {BW} vs. Jon Davis

Tozawa attacks before the bell and the fight is on. Davis is ready for him and hits a huge powerslam. They spill to the floor and Tozawa wipes out Davis with a dive. The fight continues through the crowd as Tozawa continues the abuse. Back in the ring Tozawa unloads with strikes. Davis fights back with a big lariat and a jackhammer. Both men are down. Back on their feet they trade strikes and Davis hits another powerslam for two. Tozawa responds with a Back Drop Driver for a two-count. He tries a hurricanrana but Davis catches him with a Buckle Bomb and then a suplex for two. Tozawa hits another Back Drop Driver but Davis gets right back to his feet for a spinebuster. Davis misses a kick and Tozawa hits a Shining Wizard and an assortment of other kicks for a two-count. Finally Tozawa hits the German Suplex to get the win at 7:34. That was a fun sprint. Both these guys are on the rise.
Rating: ***

Prelude to the Main Event

Backstage, Ricochet and CIMA are hanging out with their Open the Twin Gate Championship belts. Ricochet promises to win the match tonight and prove that he is the best high-flyer in the business. In another locker room, PAC, along with his Open the United Gate Championship partner Masato Yoshino, makes essentially the same promise.

MATCH #4: Grudge Tag Team Match – YAMATO {J3} & AR Fox vs. Sami Callihan {DUF} & Arik Cannon {DUF}

Callihan and Cannon attack before the bell so we’re off and running. Fox and Callihan do battle and quickly spill to the floor, leaving the ring open for YAMATO and Cannon. YAMATO is able to take control and now he and Fox isolate Cannon in their half of the ring. Cannon fights back long enough to tag Callihan, but YAMATO and Fox quickly take over on him. Callihan reverses a suplex into a brainbuster on Fox and then makes the tag. Cannon and Callihan now double-team Fox and keep him away from his corner. Callihan hits Fox with a Death Valley Driver and YAMATO has to come in and break up the pin. After several minutes of abuse on Fox, YAMATO can’t stand it anymore and illegally enters the ring. YAMATO takes Callihan to the floor briefly but nothing really comes of it. Finally Fox makes the comeback with a flurry of offense, including the Thugbait on Callihan. YAMATO gets the tag and he is a house afire. He knocks Callihan to the floor and then Fox wipes him out with the Kick-flip. Meanwhile YAMATO is working on Cannon in the ring. The referee loses control as all four men are brawling both in and out of the ring. The action is going at a rapid pace and the parade of finishers begins. Fox goes for Lo Mein Pain but Callihan catches him and locks on the Stretch Muffler for the win at 17:43. That may have run a little long for what they were going for, but the crowd was into it and I like this feud.
Rating: ***

The D.U.F. continues the assault on Fox after the match. Even Pinkie Sanchez gets his shots in until Sabu slowly walks out and makes the save. This leads to the next match.

MATCH #5: Sabu vs. Pinkie Sanchez {DUF}

Sabu takes it to Sanchez, beating him down in the corner. He uses the spike, busting Sanchez’s head open. It’s all Sabu in the opening minutes, as Sanchez’s face is a bloody mess. Sabu breaks a chair that he wants to use for a spot, so a fan gives him another one. He sets it up to jump off of, but Sanchez kicks it back into his knee. Sanchez throws Sabu to the floor and goes for a dive but Sabu throws a chair into his face. A bloody Sanchez continues to fight, drilling Sabu with a DDT on a chair. Sabu gets back to his fee t and they battle with chairs. Just guess who wins that one. Sabu hits a legdrop for two. He didn’t hit the big boot first. Sabu sets up a table and Sanchez responds with a low blow. Sanchez puts Sabu on the table and goes to the top rope but Sabu slams him off. Sabu hits a legdrop off the table for a two-count. He follows with the Arabian Facebuster for another near-fall. Sabu then sets Sanchez on top of a table and goes to the top rope with a chair. He hits the Arabian Skull Crusher for the win at 7:41. That was typical hardcore nonsense, but at least Sabu showed up.
Rating: *

Sami Callihan and Arik Cannon return to continue the beating on Sabu. AR Fox tries to come to the rescue, but he and Sabu are still outnumbered three-to-two. The D.U.F. tie Fox to the ropes and Callihan cuts a promo on him. Finally some jobbers come out to try and help Fox but they are thwarted. Finally enough scrubs come out to run the D.U.F. back to the locker room. Cannon and Callihan of course leave Sanchez to get beat up.


WWN Live is the new home of iPPV for Dragon Gate USA, EVOLVE, and Full Impact Pro. Remember FIP?

MATCH #6: Four Way Freestyle – Flip Kendrick vs. Uhaa Nation vs. Sugar Dunkerton vs. Façade

Dunkerton and Façade start the match. They do nothing much and then Kendrick and Nation get into the match. Nation throws Kendrick around and then Façade takes his turn. I’m sorry, but Façade just straight sucks. Dunkerton gives it his best effort but he gets overpowered as well. All three men have to work together to knock Nation out of the ring. Nation quickly gets back in the ring and gets triple-teamed. He’s able to fight everyone off. Façade takes Nation down with a dropkick off the second rope. The action continues to come from all corners of the match. Nation catches Kendrick and throws him over his head. Dunkerton and Façade get knocked to the floor and Façade follows them out with a springboard Phoenix Splash. Kendrick then hits a Shooting Star Press to wipe them all out. Back in the ring Kendrick and Dunkerton go at it. Façade quickly joins them and they all go back and forth. The crowd especially loves Kendrick. Dunkerton cleans house but then Nation makes his way back to the ring. Nation hits a fallaway slam, and the triple powerbomb to get the pin at 8:39. That was an ugly clash of styles there, but the goal of making Uhaa Nation look strong was accomplished.
Rating: *¼

Open the Ultimate Gate 2011

At Open the Ultimate Gate 2011, Akira Tozawa challenged Jon Moxley for a shot at YAMATO’s Open the Freedom Gate Championship; plus matches with Austin Aries, Sami Callihan, CIMA, Jimmy Jacobs, PAC, Brodie Lee, Johnny Gargano, Jimmy Rave, and more!

MATCH #7: Blood Warriors vs. Ronin – Naruki Doi {BW} vs. Johnny Gargano {R}

Gargano quickly goes for the Gargano Escape but Doi gets to the ropes and rolls to the floor. Back in the ring Gargano fights Doi off and hits him with a double stomp off the second rope, a couple of strikes, and a neckbreaker. Gargano goes after the arm, which is wise strategy given his finisher. They take it to the apron and Doi fights back. Doi hits the shotgun dropkick and the somersault senton off the top rope to the back. He goes after the leg, and then hits a Blue Thunder Powerbomb for two. Doi’s offense has been kind of all over the map so far. Gargano cuts him off with the Superman Spear. Both men make it back to their feet at the count of seven. Gargano unleashes a flurry of offense now, including a discuss lariat. He puts on the Gargano Escape in the ropes, which is of course an illegal maneuver. Doi tries a hurricanrana (since when?) and Gargano catches him with a powerbomb for two. Next Doi hits a move he actually does, the Rydeen Bomb, and it gets two. Gargano fights back with a step-up enziguiri. Doi tries the Bakatare Sliding Kick but Gargano counters with a rollup for two. Gargano then locks on the Gargano escape and Doi reaches the ropes. Doi takes Gargano down in the corner and hits Dai Bosou and then the Doi 555 for a near-fall. Gargano fights back with a couple of superkicks but Doi won’t stop slapping him in the face. Doi hits another Bakatare Sliding Kick and Gargano kicks out at two! They fight on the ropes and Doi hits a Super Doi 555 but it’s still not enough to put Gargano away. Gargano gets a rollup out of nowhere for two. He hits an IED and You’re Dead, followed by a baby superkick. A series of finisher reversals ends with Doi hitting a bridging Tiger Suplex for two. Doi tries again but Gargano counters to the Hurts Donut for a two-count! Gargano hits another Hurts Donut and then locks on the Gargano Escape and this time Doi taps out at 17:23. That was a lot of fun, particularly in the second half when things really picked up. Had Doi gone with a consistent strategy it could have been in league with Gargano’s match against Tozawa.
Rating: ***¾

Gargano thinks that victory makes him the #1 Contender to the Open the Freedom Gate Title. He says no disrespect to Milwaukee, but he doesn’t want to wait very long for his title shot, so he wants it in New York City. Gargano also says that his Ronin mates Chuck Taylor and Rich Swann will be going for the Open the United Gate Titles. Chuck Taylor comes out and notes that since he won the four-way last night, he gets to pick his own match. He decides to book himself against YAMATO in Philadelphia the night before Gargano challenges him in New York. Swann comes out now in a Junction Three shirt, and Taylor asks him what’s up with that.


For more info on Dragon Gate USA please visit DGUSA.tv.

MATCH #8: Open the United Gate Titles vs. Open the Twin Gate Titles – PAC {J3} & Masato Yoshino {J3} vs. Ricochet {BW} & CIMA {BW}

Ricochet & CIMA have been the Open the Twin Gate Champions since 7.17.11. They’re accompanied by fellow Blood Warriors Akira Tozawa and Brodie Lee. Yoshino & PAC have been the Open the United Gate Champions since 1.30.11, and this is their fourth defense. PAC is also the Open the Brave Gate Champion.

Yoshino and CIMA start the match. They go back and forth with some fast-paced chain wrestling. Yoshino hits a big headscissors and then tags are made. PAC drills Ricochet with a dropkick that may have done some actual damage from the looks of it. They try to one-up each other and Ricochet sends PAC to the floor but doesn’t hit a dive. The Blood Warriors take control of PAC, as even Tozawa and Lee get some cheap shots in from the floor. PAC escapes a CIMA abdominal stretch and then makes the tag. Momentum continues to shift between the two teams, as both are fired up due to how much is on the line in this one. The Blood Warriors isolate on PAC, working him over in their half of the ring for several minutes. Finally PAC is able to make the comeback by throwing Ricochet into the air, and then hitting a standing shooting star press. Yoshino tags in and he’s all over the Blood Warriors. Ricochet fights back on Yoshino and hits him with a standing moonsault for two. Yoshino fights back with From Jungle, which gets broken up by CIMA and PAC fighting each other. CIMA hits PAC with the Iconoclasm and Ricochet hits a running shooting star press for a two-count. PAC fights back with a slingshot Ace Crusher and a standing corkscrew press on CIMA for two. Junction Three is on a roll but they can’t put the Blood Warriors away. CIMA comes back and hits PAC with the Perfect Driver and Ricochet hits the 630. Yoshino breaks it up and then hits Torbellino on Ricochet. He then locks on Sol Naciente. Tozawa gets on the apron with a steel chair to distract the referee. CIMA accidentally dropkicks the referee, and then calls the Blood Warriors in for illegal help. That brings out Junction Three members Rich Swann and YAMATO to help even the odds. Brodie Lee hits Yoshino with a big boot and CIMA hits the Schwein for a two-count. Yoshino comes back with the Lightning Spiral for two. PAC follows with the British Airways but it only gets two. CIMA and Yoshino battle on the top rope and CIMA hits a Super Schwein but that’s still not enough! An angry CIMA goes up top and hits Meteora to finally get the win at 24:10. That was almost non-stop action after the first heat segment and everybody went all-out here for a fitting main event and a nice cap to the triple-shot.
Rating: ****

BONUS MATCH: Six Way Freestyle – Louis Lyndon vs. Cedric Alexander vs. Stitch Sypher vs. Eric Ryan vs. Brett Gakiya vs. CJ Esparaza

Gakiya and Sypher start the match with some mat wrestling. They go back and forth a bit and then let Ryan and Esparaza take their turn. Ryan knocks Esparaza out of the ring and Lyndon takes his place, quickly sending Ryan to the floor. Alexander comes in to battle Lyndon and immediately takes a hurricanrana. The parade of offense continues as the lighting in the building makes it kind of hard to tell who’s doing what, especially when I don’t know two-third of the guys in the match. Alexander, Ryan, Gakiya, and Esparaza wind up on the floor and Lyndon wipes them out with a dive. Sypher follows with a dive as well. Back in the ring Esparaza lights Sypher up with strikes. Sypher takes him out with a hurricanrana. Lyndon gets in the ring and traps Sypher in a cross armbreaker for the win at 9:12. I’m glad Lyndon won but that match didn’t have much going for it.
Rating: *¼

Also included on the bonus features is the Johnny Gargano “Johnny’s Road to the Title” video from last night’s show and the usual highlight video package.

The Pulse: Once again the last two matches deliver, making this another easy show to recommend from DGUSA. The undercard is pretty solid (and some may even like the Sabu match more than I did), so this one flies right by. They did a great job setting up the tension in Ronin, and made all three members seem like important parts of the group, which I really appreciate. You can purchase this show at the DGUSA Store.

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