WWE Monday Night Raw Posts Dismal Ratings and Lowest Viewership of the Year
by CB on May 31, 2012

Up against the NBA Conference Finals and History Channel’s Hatfields and McCoys highly rated mini-series on Memorial Day, WWE Monday Night Raw posted a dismal 2.72 rating and averaged just 3.91 million viewers. This is the lowest number of viewers since September 2011 when Raw slid due to competition from NFL Monday Night Football.

CB’s Slant: The bad news continues for WWE this week. I guess Big Show and Big Johnny aren’t roping in those casual viewers or even sustaining the interest of long-time ones.

Also, no John Cena on Raw and it slides like this? Yikes.

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Source: ProWrestling.net

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  • flamingwombat

    World Champ gets the blame, right? Yikes.

  • CB40

    Actually the hook for this show was Big Show, so really it would fall on him.

  • Blair A. Douglas

    What did they expect? Did they really think people would tune in en masse to see the big John Cena Johnny Ace Big Show storyline?

  • Finn McInnes

    Compounded with strong competition – History Channel did record breaking numbers with Hatfields & McCoys and a good strong rating for an NBA playoff game. Not to mention it was Memorial Day and ratings for RAW are traditionally down on Monday holidays. I think if it becomes a trend they’ll push the panic button, but one super low rating under these circumstances can be expected.

  • CB40

    Raw did lose 750,000 viewers from last Memorial Day, for what it’s worth.

  • CB40

    I mean, I write for a wrestling website pretty frequently and watch mostly everything, but even I couldn’t care less about Raw this week.

  • JPeoria

    I like how you think the ratings slid because John Cena wasn’t on this week. Like people knew he wouldn’t shot up before the show ended somehow.

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