AJ Lee Plants A Kiss On Kane, Plays Her Character To Perfection Ahead of WWE No Way Out PPV
by CB on June 13, 2012

As part of the build to this Sunday’s No Way Out PPV — where CM Punk will defend the WWE Championship against Daniel Bryan and Kane in a Triple Threat match — AJ Lee found herself in the middle of all the action among the aforementioned three combatants as she was booked by Big Johnny as CM Punk’s tag team partner for the night against Kane and D-Bryan. And not only that, but AJ — who was dressed in CM Punk gear as is her wont lately — seemed to love all of the attention she garnered from the gang, so much so that she planted a big fat kiss on none other than Kane:

CB’s Slant: Call me crazy, but AJ has been playing her character to perfection lately, and she really is doing this No Way Out poster justice.

What do you think of AJ’s “off her rocker” character change? Sound off in the comments section below!

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  • Mike Gojira

    I eagerly await those of you who despised AJ to suddenly jump on the bandwagon I’ve been riding on since this angle first took off.

  • Cristo

    Has anyone, Kelly withstanding, ever despised AJ? I’m pretty sure everyone was in love with her the moment she set foot on NXT.

  • Sideshowbob

    Not sure if it airs nationally, but here they’re airing an old time silent video for the ppv where she’s tying him down to the tracks with the oncoming train.. Kind if like the old dastardly villains of silent films from the 20s..

  • Law

    Hey, I’ll hold my hands up, I’m happy to jump on the bandwagon late, although it was always really indifference towards her rather than any particular dislike. She just never really stood out with Bryan as anything more than arm-candy, even in the Show feud, and I’ve still not seen her do a great deal in the ring. But she’s doing an excellent job at the moment in getting people- myself included- interested in her character and story. Moreso than a big chunk of the male roster, for that matter, so fair play to her.

    It’s interesting that this comes so soon after they gave so much time to developing Eve’s character in the Ryder/Kane/Cena shenanigans before WM- successfully, until the turn, I’d say- and slightly disappointing that, post-turn, she’s settled into a much more generic heel role.

  • CB40

    Yes Bob, we posted that here. Love that video promo, think it’s for Time Warner cable.

  • Sideshowbob

    Okay.. I don’t get the flash videos so wasn’t sure..

  • http://twitter.com/BlairADouglas Blair A. Douglas

    I just got around to watching any of this. I’ve only seen AJ in passing and haven’t paid much attention to her before this. I watched some of her when she was Bryan’s valet, but she wasn’t really doing a lot there except standing around looking sad, which I thought she did all right. There’s quite a bit more to her now, though, and I think it’s pretty cool. I’m not a guy who really thinks any of the girls in WWE are all that impressive (beyond the usual WWE Diva / swimsuit model attractiveness) but I will grant this girl is a notch above. And, what they’re doing with her is different, and in today’s rather bland WWE roster / storylines that’s definitely good. Thanks for posting this.

    One thing though. Who said “see what she can do in the ring”? I haven’t seen in in the ring, but if WWE has hired her to wrestle, I’m going to take a leap and say she’s probably horrible. And WWE has plenty of horrible girls as it is, so there’s no need to add one more to the list. Especially if what she’s doing right now is better – so keep her out of the ring. She’s doing this well, so let’s just let her keep doing it.

  • Joseph Hargrove

    @CB: Next to Vader’s return and Vince’s segments, AJ’s stuff was the highlight of RAW this week.

    I’m a big fan of AJ so I’m pleased to see her get the opportunity to shine like this. There will be a major homecoming as No Way Out is in AJ’s home state. I wouldn’t mind AJ screwing over Bryan and Kane in order to stay loyal to CM Punk. I also don’t think Creative will be that predictable to put Bryan/AJ together again. We’ll have to just wait and see what transpires this Sunday.

    One last thing: Loved the promo video as it straight out of silent movies. Classic stuff. Cheers, mate!

  • Mike Gojira

    She’s actually not too shabby in the ring, but the WWE was intent on giving her the “plucky babyface who can barely squeak out a win” routine when she first started and it kind of stuck with her until she became Bryan’s valet.

    Not at the level of Phoenix or Natalya, but definitely no Kelly Kelly or Bella Twins.

  • CB40

    Great to hear from you Joseph. I also think AJ sticking with Punk would be the fun way to go.

  • CB40

    The thing I like the most about her other than playing the character well is she’s a real wrestling fan and grew up as one. When they did NXT, she got every question right in the trivia contest they had, while Maxine just tanked on every single one. Glad they are putting her in this role since she really actually cares about what she’s doing.

  • Brittany Moore

    The AJ storyline is GOLD right now. This is exactly what the WWE needs. It keeps the fans interested and anticipating on what is going to happen next. As a fan of the WWE for 14 years now, I am absolutely loving this storyline and character. It reminds me of the old and actually “entertaining” stuff that the WWE used to do. Not to mention, I think AJ and CM Punk make an AWESOME couple!

  • Anrdescruz

    Thats nasty!!!!!!!!!!

  • Pmap89

    Why dont you check out one of her matches on youtube? Its free!

  • CB40

    Agreed. I just hope this is the beginning of something fun and long-term, not just a stint.

  • dustyrodes

    crazy chick

  • http://twitter.com/BlairADouglas Blair A. Douglas

    I’ve checked YouPorn at length for AJ stuff. Couldn’t find a thing.

  • Law


  • Ksims050800

    wow i love aj and she is really doing good as the crazy aj but, i liked her better before the craziness just not with daniel bryan

  • Ksims050800

    i want her and cm punk to be together

  • Angela

    I want her and Kane to be together! Monsters need love too!!

  • CB40

    Still agreed! :)

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