CB’s World: Blaming SummerSlam Booking and Other Factors for More of the Same at Night of Champions (Alberto Del Rio vs. Sheamus)
by CB on August 27, 2012

As New York Mets radio broadcaster Howie Rose would say, “Put it in the books!” … Again. And Again. And Again. Of course, I am not talking about baseball in this instance, but rather the WWE World Heavyweight Championship title picture that has resembled more of a photo flip-book than a flipping of the page over on SmackDown and across several PPV events. That’s right, for the third straight PPV, it was revealed on SmackDown! that Alberto Del Rio will face Sheamus for the World Heavyweight Title at Night of Champions on Sunday 9/16/12.

Let’s take a look at their PPV history a little more closely:

No Way Out 6/17/12: Sheamus def. Dolph Ziggler after Alberto Del Rio was a late scratch

Money In The Bank 7/15/12: Sheamus def. Alberto Del Rio with the Brogue Kick in a grueling match where Sheamus was attacked before the match began. This was to illustrate Sheamus’ toughness.

SummerSlam 8/19/12: Sheamus def. Alberto Del Rio again, this time in controversial fashion. With Alberto Del Rio’s foot on the ropes before the count of 3, the ref continued to count anyway and Sheamus left with the title.

And now, at Night of Champions 9/16/12, Del Rio will face off against Sheamus one more time for the Big Gold Belt after Del Rio beat Randy Orton on SmackDown to reclaim his No. 1 Contender’s status.

So, my question everyone reading is this:

Is Alberto Del Rio vs. Sheamus becoming an epic rivalry that has you invested / on the edge of your seat, or is WWE giving us more of the same for other reasons?

Personally, I think that there are several ways this can go:

The Randy Orton Factor

Something tells me that if Randy Orton wasn’t leaving to film the ’12 Rounds’ sequel in a few weeks, the outcome on last week’s SmackDown episode may have been a little different. I do give WWE credit for giving Del Rio a very credible win over Orton in that spot, and it does make Alberto seem like even more of a threat to Sheamus’ title than he has been booked as over the past two months. But if The Viper wasn’t suspended earlier this year and not departing again for a little while, Del Rio would not have been the only WWE superstar for Sheamus to contend with.

The Dolph Ziggler Cash-In Conundrum

If only Dolph Ziggler would have cashed in his Money In The Bank contract at SummerSlam. Seriously, if Ziggler was going to be booked to lose to Chris Jericho anyway on the big stage, it would have made perfect sense for Del Rio to lose to Sheamus and then give the Celtic Warrior a good old-fashioned post-loss beat-down, and then have Ziggler re-emerge on the SummerSlam to cash in, win the Big Gold Belt, and stake claim to being able to “win the even bigger one” in such epic fashion.

Then, the SmackDown title picture would have been completely different, as at Night of Champions, while Sheamus and Del Rio could settle “business that is now personal”, Randy Orton could have won on SmackDown this past Friday, then lose to Ziggler at Night of Champions before leaving to film his movie. With Orton gone for awhile, you then would have had Ziggler with a VERY credible first title defense, with Sheamus and Del Rio lurking on the horizon after they just BRUTALIZE each other in their grudge match.

But what do I know?

Where are the rest of the heels on SmackDown?

Since WWE didn’t go the route I just suggested and Dolph Ziggler will not be booked in the title match since they are still waiting for him to cash in, you’d have to look at the remaining heels on SmackDown to find a new opponent for Sheamus if you didn’t want him to face Del Rio again. Granted, WWE could have also went with Orton vs. Sheamus at Night of Champions as well, and who knows, maybe they will still do a Triple Threat of Orton vs. Sheamus vs. Del Rio.

Either way, there is a sad state of affairs in terms of finding other bad guys on the blue brand to put up against Sheamus. The only other candidates that might even make a lick of sense would be Big Show if they shuffled him back over to SmackDown for this, or Cody Rhodes if they dropped the whole “I want unmask Sin Cara” nonsense. However, both of those don’t appeal to me as much as Sheamus-Del Rio III, which is likely why we are getting the rematch instead of something new.

When I add all of this up together — and since I can’t change the booking from SummerSlam — Alberto Del Rio vs. Sheamus for the third straight PPV does seem to make the most sense.

I just wonder how much more interesting it all could have been had WWE done a few things differently last month.

That’s all from me — CB.

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  • Zork

    It’s interesting to note that a couple of years back, WWE had a Heel overload. But now WWE has no credible main event heels at all, and there haven’t been many attempts to help make any either. Sure you could argue that Sandow could possibly be an attempt, and at this point what would it hurt?

    Any other times where someone has sort of broken through (like Truth) they get shoved back down the card, not saying R-Truth should’ve been a main event heel after all his Cena business was done, but he would be in a good sport being an upper midcard one I think. WWE is in dire need of some real heels in the main event that have credibility, and I guess their plan is turn CM Punk, that would work but it’s at the expense of CM Punk being turned. Brock Lesnar could be candidate but his contract kind of keeps him from sticking around long enough to really be in a spot like that. He’s more like a vague threat in the back of your mind rather than someone who is constantly causing you trouble.

    I know this may not seem like an exactly on topic comment but all this talk about Del Rio and Ziggler just got me thinking about this, and how there’s a real need for real heels in WWE at this moment.

    One thing is for sure, Big Show and Del Rio aren’t getting it done.

  • CB40

    I agree, the dearth of heels is mind-boggling considering where they were a couple years back. It’s also crazy how Big Show and Kane keep being turned time and time again as they wait for a guy like Barrett to come back, for Sandow to catch on, for Miz to step back up, etc. Looks like Bryan is poised for bigger and better things on Raw, otherwise I would have just plugged him back into the SD title picture as well.

    Honestly, I’d be shocked if Ziggler doesn’t cash in soon.

  • Zork

    I agree with Blair when it comes to Bryan, he’s heel but the crowd loves him. Bryan could pull off being a big heel but he’s in a weird spot right now. I’m not sure about The Miz ever getting a spot like he did before again, seeing as how according to the “reports” Miz was the fall guy for Survivor Series getting a lower buy rate last year…they may not trust him anymore. I was never that much of a fan of Barrett but I know management really likes him…so I expect him to be shoved down our throats as well.

    Really, I hope Sandow pans out. I like the character, I like the whole idea, I like what Sandow himself is doing. There’s a video WWE put out a few weeks back of Sandow going to a Comic-Con and he was making fun of everyone there, it was actually pretty entertaining. The only thing I have doubts about is his in ring abilities.

    As for Ziggler, I’ve said this before and I’ll say it again. Just pull the trigger on him already. He’s way above a lot of other people on the roster in terms of work rate, if “reports” are to be believed all the face wrestlers love to work with him, he wants a shot. Give it to him. You’ll never know until you try. (World Heavyweight Championship run notwithstanding)

  • Cynical Bastard

    In all fairness, can we really call what Ziggler had a “World Heavyweight Championship run”?

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  • CB40

    Yeah, that was more of a Jericho run when he won that first title and then was stripped of it immediately after.

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  • Off Cheese

    Wade Barrett or sandow are the biggest heels other than ziggler for me

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  • CB40

    Wade Barrett should come back in and step into a pretty high profile role. Let’s see how he does.

  • Blair A. Douglas

    Yeah, that hasn’t been done before.

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