Breaking News: HUGE WWE SmackDown Spoiler for Friday 1.11.2013 (Unrelated to The Rock’s Appearance)
by CB on January 8, 2013 has reported that Alberto Del Rio is your NEW World Heavyweight Champion! Del Rio defeated Big Show in a Last Man Standing Match on the 700th episode of SmackDown! that also featured The Rock’s return to the blue show. Below is the full story from that first reported these results:

“MIAMI — With the crowning of a new World Heavyweight Champion, the Jan. 8, 2013, episode of SmackDown cemented its place in blue brand history just one week before its landmark 700th episode.

On the same night The Rock made his eagerly anticipated return to Friday night’s best show, Alberto Del Rio seized the spotlight and defeated Big Show in a Last Man Standing Match to claim the World Heavyweight Championship.

The Mexican Aristocrat heroically battled The World’s Largest Athlete in an absolutely brutal showdown, literally taking The World’s Largest Athlete to his limit en route to an historic victory.

Del Rio’s title triumph stands as his first World Heavyweight Championship and his third World Title overall. His victory also shows, once again, that anything can happen on SmackDown at any time!

See how it t went down and witness the return of The Rock to the blue brand, this Friday at 8/7 CT only on SmackDown on Syfy.”

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  • Travis Leamons

    But the question now is, Alberto del Rio – Villain? Hero? Villero?

  • Blair A. Douglas

    Man, who cares what he is? Let him tween or whatever and just be himself. Del Rio is awesome. Good for this dude. I realize this will probably end up being nothing, but it’s nice whenever you feel like someone who actually deserves it, gets it. At least they didn’t give it back to Shaemus – if anything, Del Rio broke his back trying to carry that guy, so he deserves this.

    As nice as it is, though, it is pretty weird and out of nowhere, isn’t it? Especially so close to the time they “turned” him. I’m not a guy who thinks that anyone needs to be a clear-cut face or heel, nor do I think that anyone NEEDS to do anything to distinguish themselves clearly in that respect, but this does seem awfully abrupt. Generally speaking, those usually don’t work out well for the guys who are given the belt very abruptly (Shaemus’ first win, Swagger, etc). I suppose the difference is that Del Rio is actually good and those two aren’t, so here’s hoping he’s the exception. I dunno though.

  • CB40

    He’s going to be the guy they let Dolph Ziggler cash in on. However, I wish that weren’t the case. Del Rio already had to deal with a retiring Edge taking away his first chance, so to have to lose to Ziggler will just be another setback.

  • Paul Lustig

    this could be dz,s big opening and i think alberto,s days as champ are numbered go dz dz #1.

  • Paul Lustig

    go dz all the way.

  • Paul Lustig

    go dz.

  • Paul Lustig

    to bad for del rio he will just have to suck it up go dz dz all the way.

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