TNA Impact Wrestling Spoilers from the UK for Thursday 01.31.2013 and 02.07.2013 – More Aces and Eights Members Revealed, Bully Ray Update, Matches and Results
by CB on January 27, 2013

TNA Impact Wrestling Spoilers for Thursday 1/31/13 and 2/7/13 from the United Kingdom were eventful in furthering some of the existing storylines involving Bully Ray, Hulk Hogan, Kurt Angle, Aces and Eights, Bobby Roode, Austin Aries and a whole lot more. Full spoilers and results are below:


Match 1/Main Event. Taped first was the main event Steel Cage match, which will likely close the show. In the match, Kurt Angle def. Mr. Anderson. After the match, Aces and Eights attacked Angle, and both Garret Bischoff and Wes Brisco revealed themselves to be Aces and Eights members

Opening Segment: Bad Influence (Kaz and Daniels) came out dressed as Scots. They talked about Jeff Hardy’s face-paint being toxic and then Magnus came out to run them off.

Match 2. Magnus def. Devon in a non-title match. D.O.C. and Mike Knox came down afterwards, but Magnus dispatched of them and posed as Aces and Eights backtracked

Match 3. Joseph Park def. Robbie T

Match 4. Austin Aries def. Chavo Guerrero to secure a tag titles shot for next week’s TV show

Bully Ray and Brooke Hogan come out, followed by Sting, then Hulk Hogan. Hogan reinstates Bully Ray and next week it’s Aces and Eights vs. Bully Ray and Sting in a tables match.

Match 5. Velvet Sky and James Storm def. Tara and Jessie in a mixed tag match

Match 6. Kenny King def. RVD and Zema Ion in a Triple Threat match


2/7 IMPACT Episode

Opening segment: British Boot Camp winner Rockstar Spud comes out and thanks everyone for this opportunity. Robbie T. interrupts and Rockstar Spud beats him up and out-dances him

Match 1. Tag Titles Match: Austin Aries and Bobby Roode def. Chavo Guerrero and Hernandez to win the TNA Tag Titles

Match 2. James Storm def. Jessie Godderz and then a beer celebration ensued.

Match 3. Miss Tessmacher def. Tara in a non-title match

Aces and Eights come out. Garrett Bischoff and Wes Brisco rip Kurt Angle and if Angle shows up, they will end him.

Match 4. Samoa Joe def. Daniels

Match 5. Bully Ray and Sting def. Devon and D.O.C. in a tables match. Hulk Hogan raises Bully’s hand to close the show.

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Source: PW Insider via TNA Asylum

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  • Joseph Hargrove

    @CB: IMO, these tapings came off pretty awesome. I was in Manchester for the shows and it was amazing as UK crowds are still the very best in wrestling. UK PPV please, TNA and i’ll fully support it 100%. Some quick and positive notes from the shows.

    Cowboy and the Princess: Velvet Sky hit the jackpot when it came to who she picked as her partner. I wouldn’t mind if she and Storm had a storyline together down the road where The Cowboy eventually wins back the World Title with Velvet managing him as KO champ. The Montgomery Gentry connection helps that bond as well. I would love this if it happens.

    Bully Returns: I might get flak for this but I find the Brooke/Bully Ray thing interesting. It’s a lot better than the Claire Lynch fiasco. Anyway, it’s great to see that Hulk reinstated Bully and it’s made even better with the tables match. I wouldn’t mind if Brooke decided to manage Bully Ray along with being the Knockouts Executive. That would be cool to see.

    Cheerio, CB! See you guys later.

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