Suspension of Disbelief: WWE = We Whine about Everything! (Punk, Cena, Rock, My Boy D Bry Right There)
by Rey Mundo on February 21, 2013

Before I get started…

You remember that scene in American Pie 2 where Jim is getting it on with a girl and he says, “This is my first time… since my first time… So if this isn’t good…?” Then eventually he finds the holiest of holeys (that’s TWO movie references in the first paragraph, kids) and goes, “Ohh yeah. Now I remember?” Well, that, but in Inside Pulse Writing format.

That’s right, kids. The Rey to the miggity miggity Mundo is back for this year’s RumbleMania season. I might’ve missed the lead-in to Rock vs Punk at the Royal Rumble, and then the lead-in to Elimination Chamber, but in my defense, I also missed way more since last year’s WrestleMania exorcism.

But we’ll get into that.

Here’s a short version on where I’ve been, in handy dandy number order!

1- Transferred to a new department at work and subsequently got my ass handed to me. I’m good at what I do, but that was a whole new animal and said animal asserted its dominance, and then feasted on my entrails.

2- For a couple months during the summer, I actually had a girlfriend. Yep, a real live girlfriend, with accessible boobs and everything. You’d think this would be a major coup (*salutes Major Coup*), but we ended up being a lousy fit.

3- The muse had just plain left me. It’s not like Rocky won down in Miami and I just dropped the mic like I was Randy Watson. I just didn’t have anything to say about most things. I’ve always written, from elementary school straight through until now, at 32-and-a-half years old (yes, I’m still counting the halves. Keep it up and I’ll start saying my age in months), but the last couple of years have seen me at a very demanding job and I think the way I deal with the stress is to avoid everything else that is considered a “Have to.” Gym, Writing, and my poor room. Seriously, my quarters look like a truck delivering Star Wars paraphernalia slammed into a Big and Tall store and exploded.

So yeah, all that stuff converged and that’s why you guys haven’t heard from me in like 9 months. I hope nothing has changed around here. I can, however, tell you one thing that has NOT changed: Kelly Floyd. Hey. Hey girl. How YOU doin’?

Suspension of Disbelief begins… Now!

All right, so let’s set the scene. It’s the night after WrestleMania. The Rock has celebrated his victory over Equensu Orcha John Cena. The crowd just WON’T STOP YELLING YES, and Brock Lesnar (aka Cock Loser, aka Bork Laser) comes out and F-5’s the leader of the Chain Gang into next Thursday…

…and that was about it for me until pretttttyyy much the fall.

Sure, I checked in and kept up and junk, made sure I saw most of the pay per views, but for the first time in years and years, I wouldn’t bother watching Raw or Smackdown. I just plain didn’t like what they were doing.

I didn’t care about Daniel Bryan and his stupid Yes chant.

I didn’t like C.M. Punk, who seems to have the mutant ability to be completely insufferable when trying to play a role. He was great as Pipe Bomb truth teller, but then he became a pandering face. Even worse, when he turned heel after pearl harboring The Rock at Raw 1,000, he became a pandering “YOU PEOPLE” style baddie. The guy is at his best when he truly is indifferent about your reactions to him. Boo, Cheer, whatevs, bruh.

I didn’t care about Team Hell No (at first).

I didn’t care about A.J. – Wait, check that. I still don’t care about A.J., even though her bra was totally shown on an episode of Smackdown a few weeks ago. #Shameless

I didn’t care about a lot of the product, and as anyone even remotely intelligent about the viability of a Pro Wrestler, indifference is the kiss of death. It’s the “Friend Zone” of Sports Entertainment. You’re just there, sorta, but the moment someone comes along that provokes a reaction, you’re gone faster than my best friend’s hairline.

(Sorry Joe, had to be done)

So what did I do then? Simple. I stopped watching.

I didn’t watch and complain. I didn’t watch and fire off angry tweets, touts, notes, blogs, Facebook statuses, or whatever the 19 people on Google Plus do. I just didn’t watch. I did other things. I went to bed early, I made plans on Monday nights, I studied up on Faye Reagan’s oeuvre… I just plain took a break from the WWE.

(A real break, not a crazy Rachel Green break where you are or aren’t allowed to bang other girls.)

This seemed like a good idea. Overall I enjoy pro wrestling for the escape and the entertainment and for those moments where it inspires and motivates. I don’t get too caught up in Where This Is All Going, I tend to not freak out when a bad finish happens, and I almost always give the benefit of the doubt that the story will unfold in satisfying fashion, even if I have to fill in the logic gaps with frog DNA.

(I’m on reference overload. Don’t worry, I’ll go with alliteration in the next column.)

The thing is..

The reception of the Royal Rumble and the anger over The Rock winning the WWE Championship and the preemptive bashing of WrestleMania XXIX (an event I will FINALLY get to be at – tweet me at @ElKatook if you’re gonna be there and we’ll take pictures and Touts of us doing the Prime Time Players “Millions of Dollars” shuffle) really bugged me. It’s not that I thought the match was great and I was annoyed no one else did. It wasn’t that I was upset that people didn’t like that The Rock was the WWE Champion. It bugged me because the Spoiler Alert crowd had already decided that they didn’t want Rock vs Cena II, and were absolutely going to shit all over it in a fit of petulant belligerence.

Mind you, I know this is because people are so very sick of John Cena being John Cena and doing stupid and illogical and corny John Cena things and not so much about The Rock, but it still leads me to my point: If you are THIS angry… If you’ve made up your mind that you’re going to hate something TWO MONTHS AWAY… If you’re so disillusioned and disappointed…

Why are you still watching?

This isn’t an unfair question, and I’m sure the snarky snarks are already preparing their oh-so-witty comeback of, “I ask myself that question every Monday night! OH HO HO HO HO HO!” like they’re those two old muppets in the balcony, but yeah.

Why are you still watching?

Me? I got tired of the product for a bit. I got burned out. I don’t even remember what happened between, say, Brock vs Cena at Extreme Rules and maybe Hell in a Cell. I know Bork Laser broke Triple H’s arm. I know AJ became more annoying than… I don’t even know, the analogy well is dry. I know things got really stupid for a while and I just plain checked out.

So now we’re on The Road To WrestleMania. We are headed to MetLife Stadium and hopefully the rumored and teased now triple threat match between WWE Champion The Rock, Royal Rumble winner John Cena, and 400+ day scorned former champ CM Punk. I can get behind this match and think that, if each man plays up to their strength and to their segment of the audience, the build up can be fantastic to the point where each wrestler’s fan base will provide the necessary allegiance and emotion to really enjoy the match. Take a gander:

  • CM Punk has the snarky smarks – those super cliche internet dudes that hate stuff that gets popular, that championed Zack Ryder until he became a thing, who stream pay-per-views illegally and don’t support the stuff they do like forcing The Powers That Be to go with lowest common denominator nonsense and last second changes because they piss and moan about rumors and scare the office. Yeah, those guys.
  • John Cena still has the kids, the military dudes, the south, and the women folk that want some and will most definitely come get some.
  • The Rock has the casual fan, the people that loved him from back in the day, and the folks like me who admire and appreciate his reinvention as a motivator.

That’s pretty much every type of fan WWE has, the three ring circus approach that will hopefully all be represented in the main event of WresteMania XXIX in New Jersey. I will be there with some of my most cherished and closest friends. I will be there with my younger brother, who will be flying out from San Diego to be there with me when I cross ‘Mania off my bucket list. I will be there because it’s a lifelong desire come true, and I am incredibly grateful to be able to go.

As for the rest of the people there, I hope the acronym goes from We Whine about Everything…

…to We’ll Watch and Enjoy.

This has been Suspension of Disbelief.

Rey Mundo is 390 months old.

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Rey Mundo

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  • FDSwayze

    “So, let’s recap: None of us knows what a good match is, it doesn’t matter whether or not Big E is good in the ring because they should just stop having matches altogether, we’ve seen enough to know he’s no good (even though most of us haven’t seen him wrestle a single match), and none of us know dick about wrestling.”


    “So instead of coming on here and just spewing obscenities and telling all of us how ignorant we are, how about giving us some insight? What do you consider good wrestling?”

    I consider good wrestling wrestling that is good. Look man, that’s a pretty general question. If you can narrow the question down to more specifics, perhaps I could give you a real answer.

    “Or are you just here to troll and flame other people’s posts?”

    If you honestly believe that, perhaps I’m giving you way too much credit right now and shouldn’t even be wasting time answering your questions.

    “I’ve seen you comment many times that none of us know good wrestling, everything that’s out right now is crap, etc. That’s all well and good, and may even be true, but if you aren’t going to actually support your opinions with something substantial, they’re worth about as much as a fart in a hurricane.”

    I support my reasoning all of the time. Many others will back me up on that. You may disagree with me, but don’t paint me as some troll. That argument won’t hold water. Everytime you guys throw a tantrum like this, I always come back and answer your questions or respond to your comments.

    “So, let’s skip the name calling this time, and why don’t you tell us what you DO consider to be good wrestling?”

    W + 7z/24 (13ppv x 365) / E – 8m +3mb (nWo x 4) = 9r/87.8545485467698


  • James A

    Remember when I said that you get painfully defensive, without ever providing any answers? You sure proved me wrong, right? Hilarious!

    Is that really the best you’ve got? What a joke.

  • FDSwayze

    “I mean, if it turns out that Swayze is actually Jim Cornette or something then everyone around here would be all ears, right? I for one would never question him again.”

    Yet another example of you being a stupid cunt James A. Extra points for the hipster attempt to look intelligent though with the Shakespeare quote though. That was like right out of the stupid cunt handbook.

  • flamingwombat

    I’d say the fact that your crew gang rushed this article to shout down Rey sort of proved his point for him.

    The Hargrove stuff is shorthand for “I don’t feel like searching through old posts for something that we all know is there.” But, just for shits and giggles, I did do a quick search just for you, and immediately found:

    “Those guys, with the exception of Reigns maybe, are more ready than a majority of the actual roster.”

    “Rollins and Ambrose are great workers but Reigns is obviously just there for his look.”

    “Dean Ambrose and Seth Rollins are great”

    “Reigns is just the stereotypical musclebound Cena type and only there because he fits their idea of what a wrestler should look like.”

    “It’s a shame too because two out of these three guys are exceptional wrestlers and excel in different areas.”

    “I’m hearing rumblings that people are down on Reigns for some reason,
    but I don’t see what evidence there is for it, other than the fact that
    he’s a muscular guy who was never in the indies and so people assume
    he’s bad?”

    That took barely a minute, and that was without going back to last year’s posts that were unfavorably comparing Reigns to Ambrose and Rollins BEFORE they even wrestled. I have no problem with people praising Rollins and Ambrose before their WWE in ring debuts, because that was presumably based off of their pre-WWE work (although I’d bet a good portion of that is as much hearsay as firsthand viewing experience). But, people getting down on Reign’s ability before they even saw him wrestle deserved some ridicule. I’m happy he’s looked as equally impressive as the other two in their two big matches and hope all three make something of themselves.

  • BD

    Buddy, I know it takes no time to search. I searched “Reigns’ in the comment section and found none of those. Something with dates and links could be helpful, but don’t bother sourcing this:
    “Dean Ambrose and Seth Rollins are great” – because it says nothing about Reigns, so it’s irrelevant.
    or this:
    “I’m hearing rumblings that people are down on Reigns for some reason,
    but I don’t see what evidence there is for it, other than the fact that
    he’s a muscular guy who was never in the indies and so people assume
    he’s bad?” – this is irrelevant as well, I found it but it’s an Alsop comment, but this is a mention of rumblings, not rumblings themselves… which is sort of my point.

    And, you said you didn’t go back to last year – so if you didn’t go back to BEFORE Reigns’ first match (which was in 2012), then those other comments would have been from AFTER his first match… no?

    For the record, I like Reigns too. I didn’t think much of Reigns after his first match either, and commented as much after the fact – it’s his last two matches he’s had that have impressed me. Still don’t like him as much as the other two, but he’s above average, especially as far as WWE big-men go for sure. But that whole “IWC passed judgement on Reigns before he even wrestled because he’s not indy-over like the other two” thing is a myth, again, unless you can actually cite some examples.. Between the fact that those aren’t dated and you didn’t even go back far enough, those are nothing and your “IWC-Hivemind” is still a straw-man. Sorry dude.

    And, my “crew gang” (really?) and I disagree about stuff all the time. That’s your evidence of IWC people? I liked parts of the post that KON hated. Swayze and I disagree about MOST stuff. You can find examples of THAT in this very post.

    Have a good weekend, dude! Always enjoy the spars.

  • flamingwombat

    You have this misconception that I would for some reason want to prove something to you, when the fact that I (and Alsop) obviously read the types of posts I was referring to is all the proof needed. Those posts showed people were down on Reigns even after his performances equaled Rollins and Ambrose’s, let alone before they had anything on which to base such biases.

    Yes, I appreciate you guys repeatedly mentioning how much you disagree with each other every time you go into attack/ridicule mode of another of this site’s columnists or commentors. It creates a smokescreen so dense we could never possibly see through it. I didn’t even mention the IWC, yet you got all wound up defending it. I simply alluded to that when I saw the link to a new article by Rey that I knew reactionary posters A, B, and C would be showing up post haste, guns ablazing. Then, I clicked on the link, and lo and behold, those exact people had already fulfilled our expectations. It’s bad booking really.

  • James A

    Try using words that aren’t expletives, perhaps? It’s simple, Swayze. How do you know SO much more about professional wrestling than the rest of us? What gives you the right to make that claim? That’s what Cynical Bastard wants to know. That’s what I want to know. And “because you’re a dick” isn’t an answer. There’s only one – only ONE – answer you could possibly give, and that’s that you are somehow involved in the wrestling industry. And if you are, friend, I’ll be the first to step up and apologize.

    But you can’t say that. Because you aren’t (judging by your language you’re probably a failed musician or something). Which means that you know no more than the rest of us. Except whole most of us are happy to admit it ignorance, you pretend you’re an expert, and that everyone else is a dullard. And you never back your opinions up. You insult and you mock but you never provide evidence. Cynical Bastard noticed it, and I dare say we aren’t the only ones. All of the words you’ve used so far, my friend, and you haven’t succeeded in saying a damn thing. Your opinions are either worth as much as any of ours, Swayze, or they’re worth nothing. You choose.

    And is swearing really the only way you can express yourself? You aren’t impressing anyone. You sound autistic.

  • BD

    Ha, please. You pointed out your “IWC hivemind” theory on another article, I asked you to show me ONE example and you couldn’t. You gave 2 comments that weren’t what you yourself said was posted, and with the other 4, you said yourself that you didn’t even go back far enough to prove your own point. This article was about a similar theme, so I asked the question again. And yet… you still can’t.

    I don’t harbour any illusions that you want to prove anything to me, and not just because you can’t – I simply thought you a chance to give ONE example of your silly claim.

    Also, wrong again. I said I liked most of Rey’s article. Those who accuse people of being the smarks for disagreeing with something or liking certain wrestlers or not liking others… are usually the smarks themselves. That’s just the way it is.

    Burden of proof, buddy. Burden of proof.

  • itsKON

    Three things, James.

    1. Even your precious Shakespeare didn’t shy away from language considered “strong” at the time. Swearing is not a sign of intelligence (or lack of). One shouldn’t really limit themselves exclusively to language deemed “proper” anyway, that’s when all sorts of problems start.

    2. I’m the failed musician, so you might want to re-think the stereotypes.

    3. You’ve seriously taken, for lack of a better term, a “heel turn” during this thing with swayze.

    Never, ever, ever call someone autistic in order to win an argument.
    You’re a grown man, you should know better than that.

  • flamingwombat

    See, nothing you said here actually means anything. Except that you are so defensive; that says A LOT.

  • Greenfly

    What? Fuck you dude. I didn’t see you get all antsy when when Blair Douglas called Jack Swagger a “slow adult”. You think this Swayze asshole calling everyone a “fucking cunt” isn’t offensive to women??? You just going to ignore that? Righteous dickhead. This James guy is just saying what everyone who has ever seen anything he’s written is thinking. And I’ve read his stuff – Alsop never says anything to offend anyone. This Swayze guy says stupid shit on a weekly basis. Who the hell does he think he is? I NEVER comment and even I hate his guts.

    Swayze knows nothing. He isn’t better than anyone else and it’s stupid that you call James A out for one heated comment when your bud Swayze gets a free ride. Because “that’s just his way” or something. It clearly isn’t: he’s never spoken to Blair Douglas the way he speaks about James A, regardless of what Blair says. He chooses to be a bully and thinks he can get away with it. Get off your high horse and grow some balls Kon.

  • itsKON

    I was the third commenter on this column I took the time to explain that while some of us may not like the main event scene, other cool shit its happening.
    That’s not reactionary, it’s answering the question which was repeated multiple times in the column. It’s not a dick move to do that.

    Myself, Blair, Swayze, Drip, DaveW, James Sawyer, CB and a few others frequent a chat-room during shows in order to make them more bearable. We all kinda know each other from (now dead) message-boards and other wrestling sites. That’s about where the group thing ends though.

    I’ve written columns about how much i hate Punk and i’ve caught way more shit from Swayze and Blair about that than any of you guys have over whoever it is you’re arguing over right now.

    Roman Reigns? Really? I can’t really speak for Pulse, but the people on /WOOO/ were all really surprised by Reigns when he had that first match. They’re making him look strong and he does kinda have the WWE look about him, so i think he’ll go far.

    Anyway, back to the point: I don’t know how you and James aren’t seeing that the column is a giant, snarky, reactionary piece. Rey essentially pulled a “You don’t like ‘Murrica, live somewhere else!”

  • BD

    If you say so, bud. Whatever you have to tell yourself to avoid having to actually back up your nonsense… again. ;)

  • BD

    Don’t forget Crystal!

    Kon, I wouldn’t bother dude. There will always be the 1 or 2 clowns who take issues like Punk and go “but the iWC smarks still cheer him” or an issue like Henry and go “after Sunday’s amazing performance, that should quiet all the Henry critics”. It’s the same with this piece, which, again, the only thing I took issue with was the generalizations at the end.

    It’s why I like Wombat. On issues like Punk / Cena and whatnot, he’s like a perfectly normal person who’s opinion I like to get (like I did on this column). But when it comes to people not liking something that he likes, it’s gotta be because they’re smarks and part of “the horde” or whatever term he decides to use. It’s cute. Outside of the intelligent debates, he’s predictable and easy to rile… one might say, like a smark. I still love you though, Wombat. Keep fist pumping.

  • itsKON

    You said it yourself, dude. Alsop never says anything to offend anyone.

    Shit, i’m friends with Alsop on facebook and I’ve never seen him talk like this. That’s why I brought it up.

    I’ve had it out with Swayze so many times that you wouldn’t believe. Everyone reacts to the tone of the posts, rather than the actual message behind it. I know what that’s like from previous experience and it can be really frustrating to try and repeat the same thing countless times in order to get the same point across. James and him were a lot agreeing and things were still getting heated.

    Shit, when he was doing The Swayzes (his year-end awards) I had a 4 hour talk with him about why i didn’t want him to title the awards “Gayest finish” “Gayest promo” and so on.

  • CB40

    Apparently Glenn Beck is too cool for school, saying he’s “booked doing anything else” on Monday night. Stay classy, Glenn Beck.

  • CB40

    Make that over 65 comments, Mark!

  • CB40

    Yeah, KON has a very illogical hatred of Punk, and Blair thinks Big Show is valuable yet Mark Henry isn’t, both of which I vehemently disagree with.

    Oh, and KON, I also disagree with you here. Rey Mundo is ANYTHING but snarky nor is he reactionary, at least this wasn’t reactionary towards anything going on here at Pulse. I wholeheartedly believe that Rey hasn’t paid much attention to anything going on in these parts and that what he wrote was straight from his heart as always.

    Also, I am the one who personally invited Rey to come back to Pulse during RumbleMania season, and I am thrilled to have him back. Everyone who writes here has their own opinions and their own favorites and their own perspectives.

    Funny thing is I’ve interviewed many if not all of you during the Taking YOUR Wrestling Pulse days — Wombat, Sideshowbob, Blair, Swayze, KON, Gojira, Rey Mundo, Hargrove, Zork, Anthony Zinzi, KevinTrude — and I think in those longer form pieces people can get a much better feel for people’s real personalities more than they can when comments are flying back and forth.

    Which brings me to his: For Alsop or anyone else who I haven’t interviewed yet, I’ll be more than happy to take YOUR wrestling pulse, just email me and we’ll go from there.

  • James A

    I was thinking something similar about Swayze’s comments actually, Greenfly. KON’s right about my autism comment, though – that was out of line, and I apologise to anyone I offended with it. It was uncalled for.

    The really sad thing is that KON’s right about something else, too – Swayze and I do agree on plenty of things. He tends to ignore me when I agree with him about wrestling stuff, though (like on an article about The Rock a few weeks ago), because he has a weird vendetta against me. I don’t get it. When I dare question his fragile world view, though, his head EXPLODES.

  • James A

    As for the swearing thing, though… I’ve mentioned this to KON already. Swearing while one makes an argument is entirely different to swearing BEING your argument. I ask Swayze for a rational explanation and he says “because you’re a cunt”. That’s all he’s done. He hasn’t explained what makes his opinion better than anyone else’s. That’s why I criticize his swearing. Not because it offers me, but because it means nothing. And all he needs to do is respond rationally to a simple question THAT AT LEAST TWO OTHER PEOPLE (including Greenfly) HAVE ASKED.

    He hasn’t answered a damn thing. Because he can’t. “Don’t frame me a troll because that won’t hold water”?

    Why aren’t you a troll, Swayze?

    “The reason is: I’m not a stupid cunt like you are. I hope I was able to help you, but I imagine you’ll just keep on bitching and moaning like a stupid cunt.”

    Right on,brother! FIST PUMP.

  • BD

    Both statements CB made about me are correct. I stand behind this based on many reasons, not the least of which is how much money each guy has made for the company given their respective tenures, injuries to themselves, injuries to other wrestlers, memorable matches, and how many times each has been sent back to the minors to work on their “conditioning” or “ring work”.

    And I would say that Rey is good to have around for sure, so good for you CB. And Rey (if you even read this), hopefully you don’t take my criticisms too harshly – I’m just saying that I vehemently disagree with the whole “IWC” concept, as I’ve gone back and forth with Wombat about. I’m not trying to be a dick, I legitimately think it’s a ridiculous concept, especially as applied to your points on Punk and Ryder towards the end.

    Now – can we move on to another thread, please? Trying to track down the comment you want to reply to on a thread of 65 comments is annoying.

  • BD

    I can tell you for sure, there’s no vendetta.

    Anyway, I don’t think the autism comment is anything to apologize for. But that should have been obvious, given my writing style ;)

  • BD

    You must lose your mind in a pub.

  • James A

    Hey, don’t be taking my name in vain, Blair-o! The “rumblings” I referred to were probably pretty much what you imagine: not so much references to Reigns as a potentially bad wrestler, but references to him as unproven in comparison to Ambrose and Rollins, and therefore a potential weak link. Fighting Spirit Magazine and Power Slam magazine (the two biggest wrestling print publications over here) both raised similar concerns before the TLC match. Heck, I was among those “rumbling”, as it were. I would much rather have seen Chris Hero involved instead.

    I can safely say, though, that I’m incredibly happy to have been proven wrong on that count. To me, Reigns has been the best in-ring surprise of the year. Not just for a “big man” either – as an all-round performer. Like KON, I think he’s got a really great future ahead of him, both with the Shield and beyond it. I’d go as far as saying that, in his angles with the Shield so far (both in the ring and out) he’s been consistently more interesting than Seth Rollins is. And I’m a massive fan of Rollins – I just cringe slightly whenever he cuts a promo… Just my opinion.

  • itsKON

    I still say you should re-take a lot of pulses and pick someone to take yours.

  • BD

    I think Beck is either insane or a con man who plays to his base. Either way, I’m NOT a fan of the guy. Half the stuff he says sounds like something you’d here a homeless guy shouting on the streets of Detroit.

    HOWEVER… he’s not an idiot. WWE is making fun of his people. His people are idiots, sure, but why in the WORLD would he have wanted to go on the show?

  • CB40

    KON, send me an email, and you can take my pulse for one of your next columns. It’s a great idea.

  • itsKON

    I’m trying to get something together about DDP and the great work he’s doing with Jake and Scott, so it might be a while.

  • Mike Gojira

    Hi folks. Just wanted to say this is my first comment on this thread, and while it’s great that you’re so rabidly obsessed with one-upping each other, don’t forget to check out my columns too.

    They need some good lovin’.

  • CB40

    No worries take your time

  • itsKON

    Talk to me when you get 80 hits on a column that goes up on a Monday during the day and stays in the Top Stories box all through RAW.

  • CB40

    Gojira, we all read your columns and reports, you know it’s usually one of these per week where the comments section goes bat-s*it.

  • flamingwombat

    Yes, and when people don’t like who you like, it’s because they are sheep who “only like who the WWE tells them to like” (the basis for most of your arguments, and by far the most divorced from reality).

    Anyhoo, if I’d have known that praising another writer’s column would upset you that much, I’d have…well, I’d have done it anyway. Because it’s funny. Please make fun of as many of us as possible it your next little chat circle.

  • Cynical Bastard

    You’re right, it was a pretty general question, and I wrote it that way so that it was open to any sort of real answer you wanted to give. Apparently, that was “W + 7z/24 (13ppv x 365) / E – 8m +3mb (nWo x 4) = 9r/87.8545485467698″. Whatever that’s supposed to mean. I’ve never read anything from you that was a favorable comment about any wrestler, match, or promotion, which is why I say you don’t support your opinions. I’m looking for a basis for comparison.

    What I was hoping for as an answer would be for you to provide some examples of wrestling that you consider to be good. I’ve only ever seen you make negative comments, which is pretty trollish behavior. I’m not pitching a “tantrum”, I’m legitimately curious. So if my question was too vague last time, I’ll provide you with more specific ones.

    Who do you consider to be good wrestlers?

    What are some matches that you’ve seen that you consider good?

    Is there a promotion that you consider good? If so, what is it?

    You keep insisting we don’t know dick about wrestling, so educate us. Give me some examples of what you think is good. I’ll check ‘em out. Maybe I’ll come back and say, “Goddamn Swayze, you’re right, that was amazing, you were right, all the stuff I’ve been watching is shit!” Or maybe I won’t, but I’ll at least have a better understanding of why you crap all over everything.

  • BD

    Oh please. Even you know better than that. And that’s saying something.

    And, what a shock that you played the “don’t get upset” game. Usually the first guy to toss that around is the one who’s upset. I know I’m not.

    I was hoping you may actually provide something interesting and maybe attempt to back up one of your statements – I don’t claim to know everything, so maybe I’m wrong about this whole “IWC hivemind” or “smarky smark” thing. But no one’s ever provided proof, so I’m not surprised that you couldn’t either.

    You’re the kind of guy who makes a claim, and when someone questions you on it, then it must be because they’re “defensive”. If it actually managed to fool anyone, I’d be surprised. Anyway, I didn’t mean to get YOU upset. My apologies.

  • Zork

    I’d be down for reading that whatever it may be. DDP is awesome anyways, but what he’s been doing in the past few years and more recently makes even more awesome than he was before. I’ve seen how different Jake is now and I’m happy for him.

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