WWE’s Top 10 (Almost) Streak-Stoppers against The Undertaker at WrestleMania (HBK, Triple H, Kane, Edge, More)
by CB on March 16, 2013

How close have some WWE superstars come to ending THE STREAK at WrestleMania? Check out WWE’s latest YouTube video highlighting the top 10 moments where The Undertaker almost lost on the biggest stage of them all:


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  • Steven Gepp

    WHAT?! No Giant Gonzales? That had to be the closest – UT only won by DQ! Sure, it might have been the single worst match in WM history ever, but that was almost a streak-buster before there was even a streak!

  • flamingwombat

    The Randy Orton one was the last time I truly believed Taker might lose. Orton was getting his mega-push, and the streak, despite being mentioned, wasn’t the big headlining draw that it would become. That’s another thing that makes the Shawn and HHH matches even more impressive: we knew Taker was going to win, yet in each of the four matches they were able to pull us in and fall for the false finishes. I was assuming the moment that is #1 on this list would be at the top. That moment was the most alive the crowd was at Mania by far (with all due respect to the Rock’s entrance). An awesome “Mania moment”.

  • flamingwombat

    What made that match even more disappointing was that Gonzales was on a streak of 4 to 5 star matches at the time, and we all assumed this one would steal the show.

  • sideshowbob

    Dont be hating on Snatchscrotch.. if it wasnt for him we wouldnt have had the most epic supreme vulture intro!

  • James A

    Michael Cole single-handedly ruined at least two of those moments with his ridiculous “THE STREAK IS OVER, THE STREAK IS OVER!”

    Talk about telegraphing a kick-out…

  • http://www.facebook.com/anthony.zinzi.54 Anthony J. Zinzi

    No love for Show Train against Taker/Jones? The way Train adjusted the mirror on Taker’s bike? POS…

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