CB’s Slant: What I’d like to see when The Shield Faces The Undertaker, Kane and Daniel Bryan on WWE Monday Night Raw from London 04.22.2013
by CB on April 21, 2013

The WWE is currently on their European tour and this week’s episode of Monday Night Raw 4/22/13 should be another hot crowd similar to the one that we saw two weeks ago in New Jersey on the night after WrestleMania 29.

Of course, the big story here is that The Undertaker has made the trek overseas and so the Deadman will be main eventing Raw, teaming up with Kane and Daniel Bryan to take on The Shield in a very fascinating six-man tag match.

In their own words, Dean Ambrose, Seth Rollins and Roman Reigns reminded us on this past week’s episode of Friday Night SmackDown that while The Undertaker is undefeated at WrestleMania, The Shield is undefeated, period:

For me, this is a high stakes callout by The Shield that can really be a game-changer for the young trio. And so, what I would love to see happen on Raw this week is for The Shield to not only defeat The Undertaker and Team Hell No, but to beat them absolutely senseless.

We all know it’s no secret that The Undertaker is more of a special attraction at this point and that the Phenom is not likely to stick around much longer this year. If this episode of Raw is his last hurrah for the year, then I’d love to see one of those Triple Power Bombs on Taker and the visual of one of The Shield members actually pinning the Deadman 1-2-3 … before Triple Power Bombing him AGAIN afterwards.

If Taker is sticking around until Extreme Rules, then I’d love to see Ambrose and Rollins face Team Hell No for the Tag titles at that PPV, with Roman Reigns battling The Undertaker one-on-one in some kind of hardcore gimmick match. They can even make the stipulation that The Shield is banned from ring side for each other’s matches, setting up intrigue as to how they might do when the numbers game is not stacked in their favor.

This can lead to two very solid matches for Extreme Rules that makes the whole event seem a lot more interesting, watchable and fresh than it would be with simply Cena-Ryback, Henry-Sheamus, Orton-Big Show and Lesnar-HHH for the five thousandth (third) time.

Personally, I’d LOVE to see Reigns be given that opportunity, as I have really liked his work during all of these six-man tag matches we’ve seen The Shield in to date.

And, well, if they want to write off The Undertaker until next year’s WrestleMania and leave a little bit of a cliffhanger for the audience, then why not put Roman Reigns over BIG TIME here? It wouldn’t even matter if Reigns won by hook or by crook in this case, since a singles win over Taker is extremely hard to come by these days.

After the match, you can still take out the Deadman in some sort of memorable 3-on-1 spot, and then when WrestleMania XXX season comes around, perhaps Taker will seek out revenge on Roman Reigns and actually want to face him at WrestleMania, you know, instead of someone boring and overcooked like John Cena.

I guess I truly do believe in The Shield to make something like this work long-term.

Let’s just hope WWE doesn’t muck it up.

That’s all from me — CB.

What would you like to see happen between The Shield, Team Hell No and The Undertaker at Raw? Would you rather see The Undertaker face John Cena or someone else like Roman Reigns at WrestleMania XXX? Who would you have Taker face next year in your dream scenario? Sound off in the comments section below!

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  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Tonetare-Bear/100000826413019 Tonetare Bear

    Can’t wait for Undertaker to return to RAW against the Shield. RAW is going to be another epic. They’ve been doing really good as of late with Raw. Fannnnnnnnnnnnnndannnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnngooooooooooooooooooooooooo

  • CB40

    I’m excited to see the raucous UK crowd this week.

  • Thunderchild

    I definitely agree with you on the idea of a Triple Powerbomb on Undertaker. The Shield’s been great so far and are one of my favourite things about the WWE right now. They and whoever’s been directing them have got a great feel for even little details: Ambrose’s facial expressions (hauntingly beautiful) and Reigns’ pre-powerbomb roar (totally perfect for that situation). I think having the three of them standing over an unconscious Undertaker would be the kind of iconic image which would stand the test of time for them and do the team a great service.

    The only thing I’m not sure about yet would be the match between Reigns and Undertaker. The power and intensity of Reigns would make it an intriguing match, but I think for the Dead Man’s final hurrah (and I would be extremely surprised if ’30 isn’t going to be the last dance) you need a more familiar talent, someone who could get a great last match and someone who could have THE uncertainty factor. Reigns has the last one for sure: he’s a wrecking machine and is currently undefeated, but as of now that match would be a surprise. In my mind, the two clear shots are currently Lesnar or Cena. Lesnar, despite a disappointing win/loss record so far, could use his physicality to present a serious challenge to the Dead Man and could have the kind of no-holds-barred fighting that could give that match a little something different to the rest of the card. Plus, his and ‘Taker’s shared interest in MMA would offer more opportunities. If Heyman was still handling him, the talking would be handled and handled well. On the other hand, Cena could deliver on a match, particularly with Undertaker. The idea of him wanting to climb the mountain might garner boos, but if handled correctly could breathe some life into him without the heel turn people think he desperately needs. The main factor is the uncertainty. If the WWE and Undertaker would let anyone break the streak, it would be Cena. And this might get groans now, but for the build and during the match, that would add to an incredible atmosphere. In any Streak match now there’s a tension that overshadows any other we see that year, and with the face of the company being the one to try and end the streak, that would be magnified to incredible levels. So long as the WWE didn’t have Cena put the title on the line, thereby letting everyone know the result in advance.

    Wow. Looking back I apologise for the length of this comment; I came here to avoid writing one essay and ended up writing another: my apologies. Really liked the article by the way, CB.

  • Thunderchild

    My dream would be for a Barrett/Regal tag match. Or a Barrett/Regal passing-of-the-torch singles match; that could be amazing for Wade.

  • CB40

    No need to apologize for a lengthy comment as thoughtful and well-written as yours Thunderbird. I love that we can have comments and discussion here that goes way beyond Twitter character limits, etc.

    I know what you’re saying about Reigns obviously not being the “sexiest” pick for Taker’s match at WrestleMania XXX. Maybe Taker would agree to come back for Elimination Chamber or the Rumble to face Reigns, then move onto Cena at Mania.

  • BD

    Since it’s not Wembley Stadium in 1992, I’m betting nothing really big will happen at all. WWE tends not to run big angles or anything other than light storyline advancement when overseas. Not saying the match won’t be fun or anything, I just highly doubt we’ll see much in the way of Shield domination or storyline advancement. Maybe I’ll be wrong. I’ll probably watch this one match of track it down after the fact.

    It’d be nice to see Bryan turn on the other two and join Shield – I doubt we’ll see it, and besides, Bryan is massively over and it’s kind of silly to try to turn him heel. Which is exactly why it’s something they’d probably consider doing.

  • CB40

    I don’t want anyone joining The Shield anymore, you guys did a great job convincing me they should remain a tight-knit unit of 3.

    The reason I think they might run a big angle here is because Taker is involved, and I am just not sold on Taker coming back and doing anything for the sake of filler.

  • BD

    They run supercards in the UK all the time, and to my knowledge it’s been a while since UT was on one of those. It’s not impossible, though.

    I also think expanding The Shield (CAREFULLY) is one of many ways they can advance what they’ve done so far. The tag-team titles aren’t exactly a step up.


    the undertaker andkane brayan winer the sheildloser

  • sideshowbob

    I’d have Taker issue an open challenge, any opponent, their rules.. Have zero people take him up. He can go all brad pitt and be like “is there noone else!!??” Getting pissed and frustrated…Then the monday before WM, Have Vince or whomever announce they have an opponent and he will get his match. Taker, glad he has another victim, leaves the ring satisfied he has a match. WM comes, taker gets his grand entrance. Then it goes dark.. And FanDANnnGoooo hits… everyone laughs it up.. then he gets in the ring and announces-its a dance off!! He could even tell taker if he doesnt break kayfabe and participate, its a loss and the streak ends on a dance off because of his pride.. either way from that point..

  • CB40

    LOL bob, outstanding.

  • sideshowbob

    Hey theyre both undefeated at wrestlemania…

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