Michael Bay Thinks The Rock “Needs To Grow Up”
by Matthew Harrak on April 24, 2013

As we’ve been reporting, The Rock underwent surgery earlier this week because of injuries he suffered during his WrestleMania match with John Cena. Because he is recovering from surgery, The Rock had to miss the premiere of his new movie with Mark Wahlberg, “Pain and Gain.”

The director of “Pain and Gain” Michael Bay had some choice words for The Rock when asked about The Rock’s absence while on the red carpet:

“Dwayne’s hurt tonight. He was pushing it too hard. [He] needs to grow up and stop wrestling 300-pound men.”

Harrak’s Thought: Here’s hoping Bay was being sarcastic/playful when he made this statement. If anyone should “grow up”, it may be the guy who keeps making bad movies starring kids’ robot toys from the 1980s.

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Source: PW Torch

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Matthew Harrak

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  • BD

    “Harrak’s Thought: If anyone should “grow up”, it may be the guy who keeps making bad movies starring kids’ robot toys from the 1980s.”

    Uh… you’re referring to both The Rock and Michael Bay here.

  • James A

    Hahaha, very true!

    Also, Harrak, my man – what’s up with the “Blockbuster” sarcasm in the subheading??? Bay’s films are obviously rather poor from an artistic standpoint, but they’ve made an absolute tonne of cash. “Dark of the Moon” made well over a billion dollars worldwide… it’s something like the 5th highest-grossing movie of all time. As tragic as that is.

    I see where your anger is coming from, though: Bay’s comments seem a little selfish. Besides… It’s precisely because Rock has “grown up,” so to speak, that he was wrestling again in the first place. He obviously feels like he’s a big enough movie star now that he can wrestle and not have it negatively impact his film-star reputation. And I doubt that Bay is complaining about the extra exposure his new movie is getting off the back of Johnson’s work with WWE. It might not make much difference to the box office numbers, but it’ll hardly hurt.

  • BD

    Indeed. And also…

    James: “Bay’s films are obviously rather poor from an artistic standpoint”
    True, but even this – when compared to Rock’s films? Bay’s films belong in the Louvre.

  • James A

    Woah woah woah… I have a lot of time for Gridiron Gang. ;)

  • BD

    And I actually, shockingly, didn’t mind Fast 5. That doesn’t make them any more sophisticated or more “grown up” than Bay’s films.

  • James A

    Agreed. Who said that they were?

    Also – Michael Bay has since clarified that his tweet was a joke, and that he’d be happy seeing Rock wrestle for “10 more years.” Which is nice of him. No harm, no foul.

  • CB40

    I’m actually seeing Pain and Gain this weekend.

  • BD

    Haha, well when you said you had a lot of time for Gridiron Gang, I thought perhaps you were suggesting it was an exception to my statement that while Bay’s films aren’t great, Rock’s really aren’t any better.

    For the record, I don’t think Pain & Gain looks all that bad. I might give it a go.

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Ryan-Alarie/100000589400441 Ryan Alarie

    I think we are missing the big picture. Micheal Bay thinks that Cena weighs 300 pounds.

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