WWE SmackDown Spoilers and Results for Friday 04.26.2013 — The Undertaker is Not Done with The Shield Just Yet
by CB on April 24, 2013

WWE SmackDown spoilers for Friday 4/26/13

Match 1. Jack Swagger def. Alberto Del Rio in a No DQ match

Match 2. Layla El def. Aksana

From an undisclosed location,
The Shield delivered a promo where Dean Ambrose announces it’s him vs. The Undertaker tonight. He promises to finish Taker off.

Match 3. Fandango def. Justin Gabriel.

Match 4. Big Show def. Sheamus in the greatest wrestling match of all time, except for Melina V. Fox, of course.

5. Wade Barrett def. William Regal in the UK fans’ dream matchup. Short one, though.

6. Mark Henry def. Randy Orton via DQ

7. Main Event: The Undertaker def. Dean Ambrose via submission. Taker wins what was a very solid match with his Hell’s Gate finisher.

After the bell, The Shield regroup and get their moment, Triple Power Bombing Taker through the Announce Table. THIS IS THE IMAGE I WANTED TO SEE ON RAW, so I’m ecstatic it happened here, at least.


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Source: ProWrestling.net

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  • Miss Heather

    I’m freakin ecstatic for Friday night for one reason: Dean Ambrose vs. The Undertaker! I almost cried proud tears when I read this!

  • James A

    Yeah, it sounds great. Judging by this and the amount of time Taker spent in the ring with Ambrose on Monday, it seems like WWE have high hopes indeed for the guy!

  • The shield of justice

    the shield I would like to. See you and meet you please contact right now I need hear from you I like talk you 3 guys my name is Annie

  • TomasHunter

    Thanks for the post, CB. The show was mediocre, but the match between Ambrose and the Undertaker was great. The Shield looked strong as a group, but Taker rightly got the win over Ambrose. It was right in the middle of the Del Rio/Swagger match that I got a call to go work the late shift at DISH. So I told my DISH Hopper DVR to record the rest of Smackdown for me. My kids were concerned that their recordings would be skipped, but the Hopper records up to 6 shows during primetime; I got to catch up on Smackdown when I got home, and my kids didn’t miss any of their shows.

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