Randy Orton Divorce Finalized Last Month – How Much Is The Main Eventer Worth?
by Matthew Harrak on July 10, 2013

Perennial WWE main-eventer Randy Orton was quietly divorced from his wife Samantha last month. Court documents claim the couple have been separated since 2012 with Samantha filing for divorce in March. The couple have a 4-year-old daughter, Alanna, together that Samantha will retain full custody of, though Orton will be granted visitation.

The documents released also reveal the property split Samantha and Randy agreed to in the divorce. Randy maintains ownership of his 2012 Range Rover, 2011 Bentley and 2009 Harley Davidson. Randy also keeps a few of their six-figure bank accounts, his gun collection, his jewelry and one of their two homes. Orton retains 100% of his WWE contract, which averages about $291,666 per month in salary.

Samantha gets her 2013 Infiniti, a bank account worth $654,317, one of their homes, all of her jewelry including a $99,000 engagement ring and $4,500 in child support from Orton each month for Alanna.

Everything about the split appears amicable with both parents wanting to be involved in their daughter’s life.

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Source: TMZ

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Matthew Harrak

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  • BD

    So, Orton makes just under $3.5 million per year.
    His ex-wife only gets 1.5% of that. and $0.75 million as a lump sum. Not even a full million.

    Unless I’m mistaken on how much a 2013 Infiniti costs, this woman needs to fire her attorneys. Orton has to have gotten off easier than any wrestler who’s ever been divorced. Imagine what Hulk Hogan and Ric Flair thinks when they look at that.

  • Starcade

    Something tells me the amicable nature of it (probably necessitated by Orton being on the road all the time) had a lot to do with it, both the divorce and what she got from it.

    As many issues as I have with Orton, this ain’t one of ‘em. It’s unfortunate, but it’s reality as well…

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