Video: AJ Styles Cuts His Own ‘Pipe Bomb Promo’ On Impact
by Matthew Harrak on August 30, 2013

On Thursday’s Impact, AJ Styles cut his first real promo since returning under this new “darker” character. He voiced his frustrations with TNA & Dixie Carter saying that he always had to “pick up the pieces” of TNA whenever Carter’s newest idea failed.

Harrak’s Hit: I feel like we’ve entered the “Worked Shoot Era” of pro-wrestling considering everyone named “AJ” got to cut one on TV this week. Seriously though, it was a good promo for Styles who has never been known to be a great talker and a lot of the topics he brought up definitely rang true. And I don’t know about you but after his “best in the world” mention, I’d love to see AJ Styles vs CM Punk or Daniel Bryan at this stage of their respective careers.

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Source: Impact Wrestling

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Matthew Harrak

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  • Incognito

    This is what I meant when I was saying the whole contract dispute thing was a work. My belief is they were planning this even before AJ did her promo on Raw but it was still something of a ripoff of Punk’s “pipebomb,” though that was hardly the first worked shoot promo.

    It was good for an AJ Styles promo, which isn’t saying much. It went too long and the crowd turned on him in the middle, but he more or less won them back.

  • CB40

    from The Observer:

    — AJ Styles signed a three-month contract extension. The promo on Impact was something he came up with and wrote to explain his character change over the past year, and not something that TNA had any input into. We got reports from the building that the crowd turning on him was worse live than it sounded on TV.

  • flamingwombat

    Is this as bad as I imagine it is?

  • BD

    I just got around to watching this.

    Yeah, this was pretty torturous. Like you said, it’s good for an AJ promo, but that’s almost an oxymoron. I can’t think of one good AJ promo, ever.

    I will say this though. I think Bryan is WAY worse at promos, and he’s the most over regularly-performing guy in wrestling at the moment. So me saying AJ is a horrible talker isn’t me condemning him as a wrestler, and my bigger point is, that’s no reason why he can’t make it in WWE. He just needs to be a DIFFERENT kind of talker, like Bryan is. Or, get an acting coach. Either way.

    Also, why does AJ look like a recovering meth addict now?

  • DK

    Yeah, this is the worst. BD is wrong: this is worse than any promo Bryan has cut ever. Poor, poor AJ. Who green-lighted this hot garbage? Why didn’t anyone help him with the script?

    Do you remember how CM Punk name-dropped Johnny Ace, Stephanie McMahon, Colt Cabana… people who never usually get mentioned in WWE promos? Remember how that was awesome? Well AJ name-dropped Dixie Carter and Mike Tenay (for some reason). You know, the people we see every week. Oh, and the “guys in the truck.”

    Remember how Punk called out the fans that didn’t support him? And how that was kinda a dick move, but it worked because there was truth behind it and it made everything else Punk said sound more honest as a result? And it felt genuine, and made sense? AJ goes from “I don’t care what anybody else thinks” to sucking up to “these hard-working people here,” “maybe you can relate,” in the blink of an eye. Oh, and he gets visibly flustered when the audience don’t care and start getting restless.

    Remember how Punk didn’t stumble over his words and repeat himself? And how easy it was to follow the thread of his argument? Hell, remember how AJ Lee was clear, concise, and made several strong (albeit hypocritical) points to back up her argument? AJ… well… you can guess how he fared.

    Honestly, I feel bad for the guy. Styles deserves better than having his weaknesses exposed like this. I hope, after all this, it leads somewhere positive for him.

  • SimonRB

    It it kind of works for Bryan, though, because you only have to look at him to see he’s a scruffy man of the people. Looking at AJ and making the same snap judgment he’s a man of the gay-for-pay homeless circus clowns who ride dirt bikes in their spare time.

  • CB40

    Whoa whoa whoa whoa whoa … Bryan has not done any promos as bad as this, and Bryan is entertaining enough in his talking segments where I don’t cringe and feel embarrassed like I did for Styles here.

  • BD

    Okay, I didn’t really explain myself with the Bryan comparison all that well here, so let me clarify what I meant. I said Bryan is WAY worse at promos – I should have said Bryan is way worse at your STEREOTYPICAL wrestling promos, like the kind AJ tried to cut here. To put it another way, I think if Bryan tried a promo like the one AJ did here, it would fall just as flat.

    Make no mistake – Bryan has cut promos ABSOLUTELY as bad as this one, just not many since he got to WWE, and he learned pretty quick that this doesn’t work for him. It’s one of the reasons why WWE never let him talk much until the past couple years, they just let him do his thing and people loved him (yes, even before the YES thing, even though the YES thing took it to the next level.)

    Bryan cuts a DIFFERENT kind of promo – that’s probably a better way to put it. When he first showed up, and Miz was cutting his promos on him, among others – he just kind of smiled, laughed, and basically said “okay, well let’s have a match then and we’ll see” or just simply told guys “I’m going to beat you, and that’s all there is to it.” It’s kind of like what he’s saying to Orton now. He’s not going out and cutting traditional “intense” promos like what AJ tried here.

    I think AJ should go that route. Whether you think Bryan is better or worse than AJ, I think it’s fair to say that AJ should be going a different route with his talking, same as Bryan has. That’s all I’m saying. Like Bryan, AJ backs up his talking by being MORE than entertaining enough in the ring – but he does need to talk sometimes, so adjustments are needed. A lot of what AJ said is terribly valid, even though this obviously wasn’t a “shoot” – it’s just how he said it that makes people cringe.

    That TNA audience though, they were rough on him. The crowd can do what they want, no question about that, but the dude HAS worked harder than anything and everything he was saying was correct. AJ is one of the most popular guys TNA has ever had, and that audience should KNOW how terrible he is on the mic. TNA people are crazy though.

    Now… why does AJ look like a recovering meth addict?

  • Incognito

    ” AJ goes from “I don’t care what anybody else thinks” to sucking up to
    “these hard-working people here,” “maybe you can relate,” in the blink
    of an eye.”

    Punk was a heel, AJ was (attempting) to explain turning from his tweener status to face.

  • Incognito

    Gotta agree with everything you said here. A rarity for me, I realize.
    I actually find the current Daniel Bryan promos a cartoonish and repetitive for my personal taste, such as the highly praised “pretty” promo he cut on Randy Orton, but they aren’t bad, and it more or less works for him. AJ would be well served finding his promo groove and keeping it short and sweet. He can more than make up for it come match time.

    AJ’s meth look is coming from his long tweener status “angry, emo loner” gimmick he had going for the past few months. He was supposed to look like he didn’t care about anything anymore. You missed out on his hilarious, weird looking motorcycle that he would ride. He actually looks slightly better than he did the week before. I’m hoping now that his character is moving on, he’ll clean up his look.

  • Incognito

    *a bit cartoonish

  • SimonRB

    If I were better than the best in the world and also the best in the world just like everybody else who’s had to work hard not to quit a job they hate because they like it even though their colleges had shafted them by telling the truth without checking if it was okay and also the truth while upper management kept me down and constantly relied on me to be on top which I love though I’m sick of it – then I’d probably experiment with meth too.

  • DK

    I think you win Comment of the Week. That’s like the third week running, right?

  • SimonRB

    Thanks for the kind words. And please know I’ll be using the prize money to hire Jumpin’ Jeff Farmer to teach AJ the fine art of cutting a promo.

  • DK

    Blimey, that might be overdoing it, don’t you think? They turned the tables on him, don’t forget. They turned the tables in a wrong way.

  • FDSwayze

    If there is such thing as a ‘Comment of the Week’ on here…then I win EVERY week by default.

  • Incognito

    The last thing AJ needs is to get on the bad side of Motley Cruz…

  • Finn McInnes

    Wow…this was…not good. IF AJ Styles were to end up in the ‘E, any thoughts that he would go straight to the main roster should be put aside. He’d be sent to NXT for at least 6 months to work on his promos. This was John Morrison levels of awkward and he would have been WHAT-ed and YES/NO-ed to death in front of a WWE crowd.

  • Steven Gepp

    It looks to me like they’ve got Bryan doing the short, sharp, shiny promos Dean Malenko used to do in WCW when they let him talk. Get to the point, don’t belabour it, and then get in the ring and kick some arse. It’s almost like Dean-o has been helping him… he still works backstage for WWE, doesn’t he?

  • CB40

    Good call Gepp, and yes Dean Malenko is still a road agent, I believe.

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