Former WWE & World Heavyweight Champion Confirmed For 2014 Return?
by Matthew Harrak on December 21, 2013

The long rumored return of “The Animal” Dave Batista seems to be moving more towards the plausible than the impossible.

The former 4-time World Heavyweight Champion and 2-time WWE Champion’s name has come up consistently over the last few months as the speculation over WrestleMania 30 matches start to come together. Nothing solid has been leaked until now. The Thomas and Mack Center on the University of Las Vegas campus is advertising Batista for WWE’s “Road to WrestleMania” live event on Sunday, February 16. The former champion is featured on the event’s poster as well as in the promotion of the event. The website states:

WWE’s Road to Wrestlemania will make a stop at Las Vegas’ Thomas and Mack Center on Sunday, February 16. Don’t miss your favorite WWE Superstars including: CM Punk, The Shield, Big Show, Kane, the WWE Divas and much more! Plus, see the special return of “The Animal” Batista, LIVE!

Whether this was a preemptive post by the UNLV website or a mistake on someone’s part, it certainly looks like “The Animal” will be back on the WWE roster before the snow melts on the east coast. You can view the poster and ticket page for yourself below:

Batista on WWE Live Poster 1

Batista on WWE Live Poster 2

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Matthew Harrak

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  • Alex

    Just in time to help promote Guardians of the Galaxy?

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  • Zork

    Batista? Hell…yes.

  • James A

    Of course, but who cares? a) Guardians will be a huge huge film; b) Batista is one of the central characters of the movie, and will more than likely be a mainstay of the Marvel Cinematic Universe until Avengers 3 – which is incredible, when you think about what that means for his career and exposure AND the public attention it will bring to WWE; c) the guy has more than earned the right to come back and promote the hell out of his movie; d) Batista being back for a few months and a Wrestlemania payoff is better than nothing – especially if he returns with even half the charisma that he demonstrated in his last run with the company!

    It’s a good thing for everyone concerned, is what I’m saying.

  • BD

    I think Batista, Cena and Orton are the 3 guys that made WWE a ton more boring when they all showed up and took over. That said, I also think Batista is still a step-up from the other two in terms of acting and ring-work. He also has a much better look – the other two still look awkward to me. Take a look at Cena’s odd proportions or his rectangular face and Orton’s flat face and try to tell me you’re not irritated by that. Not that that’s incredibly high praise for Batista or anything, but if anyone was going to make it outside WWE I’m glad it was him.

    I’m with you though James – now I’ll admit to having no idea what Guardian is, or not really realizing that his movie career was going that well if this is as big a project as you say, I just thought he was playing bit parts. Although I do remember seeing him in that RZA movie, whatever it was – so good for him. Good for any pro wrestler that can make it outside wrestling. And if he can come back and shake things up a bit, then I’d be all for seeing it too.

    The only thing that will get people’s ires up are that another part-timer could push some regular guys down the card. But let’s face it – the thing about part-timers coming back for stuff like this is that being pushed down as a result usually only happens to the guys that weren’t going anywhere anyway, and those guys have the rest of the year to make a go of it. If Wade Barrett or the Divas HAVE to lose their spot on the card so Batista can come back, then I think in time that scar will heal…

    … and it’s healed. I’m done healing.

    I guess the only exception is Ziggler. Fuck knows what’s going on there. I’ve been reading the recaps and what the hell? Did he fishhook Steph or something?

  • James A. Sawyer

    Dude… Guardians of the Galaxy is the big Marvel summer movie 2014. It’s directed by James Gunn of Super and Slither fame. It’s got a cast consisting of Chris Pratt, Benecio Del Toro, Lee Pace, Zoe Saldana, John C. Reilly, Glenn Close, Vin Diesel as a talking tree and Bradley Cooper as a talking raccoon.

    I also enjoy Batista more so than Cena and Orton usually, especially as his last incarnation was the heel sell-out. Hopefully he’ll continue on those lines as the next “Hollywood Rock” kind of guy.

  • Nassar

    While I understand people’s disappointment with the part timers at Wrestlemania, I say it’s a step up from the celebrities that have been involved with the event historically. Would we rather see Batista back for two months – an actual wrestler – or have to endure someone like Floyd Mayweather waste everyone’s time?

  • James A

    I agree with sentiments but not your example – I thought that Floyd Mayweather was one of the best celebrity involvements ever! The guy clearly loved being part of the show, took at least one scary bump, and his match with Show was hands down the best thing that Big Show has ever done at WrestleMania,

    I don’t know a single person- myself included – who didn’t hate Mayweather’s involvement to begin with, but the match itself was an unmitigated success. There is definitely a place for celebrity involvement in wrestling, especially around WrestleMania season. As you suggest, the list of flops and bad examples is much longer than the list of successes, but as long as the celebrity in question has an interest in the product and doesn’t steal the spotlight from Daniel Bryan or someone talented, it can be a great way of offering fans something special and drawing new eyes to the wacky world of wrestling.

  • FDSwayze

    Batista fucking sucks. He needs WWE WAY more than WWE needs him. Hopefully WWE will stop taking his calls. And shame on you all for thinking this was good news or something. And who the fuck is going to see Guardians of the Galaxy? How many copies of that comic do they sell a month? 50?

    And you wonder why I don’t take any of you seriously or consider any of your opinions valid. Shape up!

  • James A. Sawyer

    Every Marvel movie opens at number one and seems to make a minimum of two hundred mil and starts a franchise. That dude makes it into Avengers 2 and he can retire forever.

    Why aren’t you watching Game of Thrones right now? You should have at least a couple of days off this week. Get on it.

  • itsKON

    See, Guardians is the risky one though. All of the marvel movies have been pretty down to earth so far, even Avengers with all those non-skrull skrull thingys jumping about on robot centipedes. Guardians… has got a fucking talking raccoon with a jet-pack.

    It’ll be interesting to see how the public reacts to it.

  • James A. Sawyer

    I’m just happy to hijack more wrestling articles and turn them into discussions about things that aren’t wrestling. First it was the merits of Walking Dead. Now it’s Guardians of the Galaxy. Next? My thoughts on Kanye West on an article about the Royal Rumble.


  • FDSwayze

    I’m not watching Game Of Thrones because it’s crap. Also not every Marvel movie makes 200 million or opens at number 1 or starts a franchise. I don’t know where you got that one from.

  • Steven Gepp

    Yeah, I’m with you. Just the name ‘Marvel’ on a film at the moment seems to indicate to many a certain quality of film-making lacking in many other studios. And this one looks different enough to attract maybe a different audience as well. I didn’t particularly like the comics, but I’ll probably go along just because it’s Marvel.

  • Steven Gepp

    I try not to think about Kanye West.
    And I have realised reading this lately that I must be old – I found Walking Dead dull (mind you, because of my day job I’ve read an awful lot of Zombie fiction and it’s all same-y and derivative of Romero), and haven’t bothered with Game of Thrones because I read some of the books and they were okay, but nothing great (IMO).

  • Zork

    But…but…it’s Batista!

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