TNA News: Former WWE Champion Signed, Possible Identity of Mystery Investor
by widro on January 20, 2014

TNA has reportedly come to terms with a former WWE champion…

According to recent reports, former WWE US and Tag Team Champion MVP has come to terms with TNA and will be starting soon.

Word came down in the middle of last week of MVP’s signing, which happened to coincide with the reveal of a new “mystery investor” for TNA on Thursday’s Impact.

While not confirmed, it appears as though MVP is the new investor, although it could still change before it hits TV.

Sting is also rumored to be the new investor.

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Source: Wrestling Observer

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  • Jon Harris

    mvp said on twitter today that he is a free agent still and has not signed with any wrestling company

  • widro

    of course mvp would deny the rumors if its being positioned as a surprise…

  • BD

    Widro is 100% right in this case – you honestly think because a wrestler said something on Twitter you can take it as gospel? We’re talking about TNA here.

    See: AJ Styles in TNA for the last 6 months.

  • thornz

    Why is David bastista pic on top of MVPs acticle

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