Daniel Bryan News: Injury Status, Surgery News, WWE Return Timeline
by widro on August 25, 2014

Daniel Bryan had neck surgery which resulted in him being stripped of the WWE World Heavyweight Title. Then it was revealed that he had an arm injury as well. which could need major Tommy John surgery. Bryan’s back is reportedly feeling ok, but he has “almost no strength” in his right arm, which is obviously problematic.

Bryan was told he needed neck surgery last year in 2013, so it was never a question of “if” but a question of “when”. He chose to postpone the surgery for as long as possible, and he was getting over huge in WWE and was in line for a main event push. Despite being told to tone down his style, he continued doing the missile dropkicks and diving head-butts, which are the worst for wear and tear on his neck. After his huge WWE World Title win at Wrestlemania 30, the neck got too injured to push the surgery back any further.

Originally, Bryan was to undergo surgery on August 19. The surgery on his right arm will be near his elbow as they believe there’s a nerve issue there which isn’t allowing the arm to regain strength. The decision was made to do some additional testing and see if the surgery could be avoided. The surgery was postponed pending results of the test. Bryan is frustrated with the delay because he is eager to return to the ring. The rehab time for him is going to be about three months, so if the surgery was in August, he could expect to be back in the ring by the end of the year, possibly in November.

But with the delay in surgery, the timetable is pushed back all around. If the surgery is postponed until September it could be 2015 before Bryan would return. Bryan currently gets two different physical therapy sessions, as well as gets acupuncture treatment and goes to an Active Release Technique class.

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Source: Wrestling Observer Newsletter

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  • BD

    BD-CADE: Big surprise. WWE KILLED Daniel Bryan and forced him to work through his injuries because John Cena is their ONLY STAR, and TOO BAD IF YOU ALL DON’T LIKE IT. Now WWE is using their political clout to DELAY HIS SURGERIES TO KEEP HIM OFF TV. The only chance that any of you have to fix this is to blow up the hospital to show WWE that you mean business. NO ONE is allowed to talk about how they miss Bryan unless you’re going to SHUT UP AND DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT BITCH. I would do it but my life isn’t my own, or something.

  • Firre Workcz

    Bryan also worked with the Shield, singly and collectively, almost lovingly putting them through their paces. It was great to watch, but it had to hurt Bryan more than it hurt them. Watching him direct all of those 6 man tags was wonderful television. Now we have Ryback and Miz.

  • BD

    Don’t forget Shaemus!

  • TNAInsider’s Thought Process

    The only reason Bryan is even hurt is because WWE is so dangerous and they don’t care about their workers unlike TNA who actually treat their employees like human beings! Not like The Snooki Show you all call WWE! Bryan was probably told to work real hard because TNA was doing so well WWE was scared it would get beat in the ratings and Vince would lose millions of monies. Sure enough, the ratings people came to Vince’s house with a truck and started loading the monies on it. Taking all his monies. I also heard that Bryan wanted to leave WWE for TNA, so Vince sent hitmen to Bryan’s house. The hitmen weren’t TNA stars though so they couldn’t get the job done. Enjoy your Snooki Show losers! You aren’t REAL wrestling fans! Only TNA fans are real wrestling fans! I’m going to act out the destruction of WWE with my TNA action figures right now!!!

  • CB40


  • Starcade

    That’s effectively true… (at least the pre-surgery part)
    I think it’s clear no one is allowed to say how hurt he is, else more DB fans flee the Network in the opt-out period.

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