First Look At McFarlane's WWE Icon Series Macho Man Randy Savage Statue revealed all the new pictures of the upcoming McFarlane Toys Macho Man Randy Savage statue. The statue is 18" tall, and has a rotating base to recreate Savage's WrestleMania V entrance! This piece is limited to 500 pieces, and will be out t »»

The Iron Sheik Official Documentary Trailer Released (Video)

Iron Sheik trailer released... »»

Oh You Didn't Know? Two More Matches Set for WWE WrestleMania XXX

What two matches have been officially added to the WrestleMania XXX card? »»

CB Asks: How Would YOU Book WrestleMania XXX with Attitude Era Rules?

How would YOU book WrestleMania XXX if the rules of the TV-14 / Attitude Era were still being applied today? »»

It's All About Legacy: John Cena vs. Bray Wyatt at WrestleMania XXX Gets Promotional Help from Eminem

Cena vs. Wyatt gets a huge boost from Eminem in WrestleMania 30 promo package. »»

Details On The Rumored New Jeff Jarrett Promotion

Double J starting to make waves. »»

Knockout Finished With TNA Wrestling

Well Gut Check succeeded a LITTLE bit better than Tough Enough »»

Forever Heel: Chris Benoit's Achievements Don't Matter Because He Murdered His Family

I'm not sure how many of you have heard theĀ argument that Chris Benoit should be in the WWE Hall of Fame because he was a great wrestler. Dave Meltzer felt that way and even went out of his way to keep Benoit in his rag mag's hall of fame. Teenage b »»

John Cena In Talks To Join Judd Apatow Comedy

The WWE superstar to join a very eclectic cast, including Tilda Swinton and a recent Oscar nominee. »»

Press Release: WWE Slam City Gets A Release Date

And you can find it everywhere! »»

Wrestling Videos From Around The Web: Weekly Roundup 3.15.13

More content than I know I can watch. Can you? »»

Press Release: WWE Wins Two CableFAX Digital Awards

WWE's App is winning awards. »»

CB's Slant: Daniel Bryan Occupies Raw as WWE Finally Calls the WrestleMania XXX Audible They Needed

CB talks about Daniel Bryan's Occupy Raw segment on Raw and what it (finally) really means... »»

WWE Monday Night Raw 03.10.2014 Update: John Cena's Match Announced

Raw update for tonight's show... »»

CB's Slant: The End of an Era for TNA Impact Wrestling Storylines Following LockDown 2014 PPV Results

CB talks about the end of a particular era for TNA... »»

CM Punk Returning to National TV in Non-WWE Role

Punk coming back to TV... »»

Stacy Keibler Gets Married in Weekend Ceremony (Not to George Clooney)

Stacy Keibler gets married in weekend ceremony... »»

TNA's Kurt Angle Gets New Movie Role in Sharknado 2 Airshark

Kurt Angle to appear in Sharknado 2 Airshark... »»

Boo-tista Movement Update: Botchamania 244 Gag Makes it to WWE SmackDown Friday 03.07.2014 (Batista, Daniel Bryan)

Botchamania gag makes it to this week's episode of Friday Night SmackDown... »»

Video: Teaser Trailer For The New Paul Heyman DVD

Definitely worth a watch. Can't wait for this to be released. »»

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