Hittin' The Canvas Wrestling Pulsecast - TLC 2013 Preview

Justin and Matt give their predictions for what may turn out to be the biggest WWE PPV of the year, TLC 2013 - headlined by a title unification TLC match between John Cena and Randy Orton. »»

HTC Wrestling Pulsecast Top 5 Surprises of 2013

Join Justin Czerwonka and Cameron Dougharty as they discuss the biggest surprises from WWE, TNA, ROH, PWG and more from the past calendar year. I'm not going to give away any of the surprises here but I will say that Justin said that the Ultimate »»

Rabblecast #344 The Leftovers Episode: WWE, TNA, ROH, DGUSA, and More!

In this special episode of The Rabblecast, Erik Hernandez takes the reigns to deliver your recent Pro Wrestling news and rumors. WWE is looking to refocus their resources toward launching the WWE Network in the early part of 2014. Do they have the »»

Classy Ring Attire: The Unified/Undisputed Podcast

We're back and boy do we have a full plate to dig through (Thanksgiving reference) We've got Survivor Series, We've got two episodes of Raw, we have this whole United title thing to deal with and on top of all that, Wade Barrett has a new gimmick! »»

Classy Ring Attire - The Extended WWE 2K14 Review

With the CRA crew taking off the week for Thanksgiving Break, we offer up instead an extended look at the yearly installment of the WWE game and how it all came out. We shall return next week everyone! »»

Rabblecast #343 Survivor Series, TNA Returns to Universal, RTF Wrestling

WWE's Survivor Series PPV is just days away. One of the longest running PPV's for the WWE, with very little draw to it at this point. The traditional setup for a Survivor Series card put various teams against each other. Strange pairings made for som »»

Classy Ring Attire - The Survivor Series Breakdown

We go through all the highs, lows, and other lows of Raw Country and then head straight into the Survivor Series Breakdown where we lament the Elimination Tag Team match that never was. »»

Classy Ring Attire - Hail To The Rock

It is the best of times, it is the worst of times. We are hopeful for a fantastic six vs. six tag match at survivor series only to have our hopes dashed by an announcement on the website. Then what would have happened if WrestleManias 27-29 didn't fe »»

Rabblecast #342 Chris Hero Released, TNA Rumors Continue

WWE and Chris Hero(aka Kassius Ohno) have parted ways, much to the surprise of many fans. Hero was speculated to join the main roster of the WWE for quite some time now. What kept him from making the big jump? Rumors are abound of course, especially »»

Classy Ring Attire - Kane in a Suit!

After stalling for time and acting like anything else on Raw was worth talking about as much as Kane's new look that we saw at the end of the show. But on to important things. What do we call this new incarnation of the character? Korperate Kane? Cit »»

Classy Ring Attire - Back from the Unscheduled Break

After a week of do to some rather bizarre and frustrating technical difficulties, Classy Ring Attire returns to talk about Hell in a Cell, Shawn Michaels heel turn, and John Cena coming back in typical lolcenawins fashion. »»

Rabblecast #341 WWE Fumbles, TNA For Sale?

The guys return to the studio! What happened while they were away? Pro Wrestling never stops, especially these days. WWE recently held their Hell In A Cell PPV in which they crowned a few new champions. But was it enough to satisfy the WWE Univers »»

Rabblecast #340 Does Pro Wrestling Need An Off Season?

Weekend warriors, world travelers, journey men... These are just some of the terms used to describe the men and women that make the various sacrifices to entertain us all in the "squared circle". Week in, week out. Month after month the give and we, »»

Classy Ring Attire - Highway to Hell (in a Cell)

Hell in a Cell is this weekend, so we go through our traditional rundown of the card, where we discuss the importance of SOMEBODY winning the title this time around, and the ramifications on Cena, his elbow, and his early return to in ring action in »»

Rabblecast #339 Famous Finishing Moves!

Whether it's classic matches, the late 90's boom, or modern day matches all wrestling matches, regardless of company, have big finishing moves for their respective wrestlers. These days it's more a matter of branding. The "Stone Cold Stunner" wasn't »»

Classy Ring Attire - In the Middle of Nowhere

Stuck between Battleground and Hell in a Cell, we have time to sit around and complain about things gone by such as CM Punk vs. The Rock from January and Shawn Michaels vs. The Undertaker from four years ago. »»

Classy Ring Attire - Post Battleground

As we make our way through the gimmickless PPV, we recount the good, the bad, the "should there be a Battleground next year?" and the fact that Cena, in typical Cena fashion, no sold his injury and will be retuning in less than a month's time. »»

Rabblecast #338 Wrestlers In Cinema!

The world of professional wrestling has always flirted with "glitz and glamor" of Hollywood. Both portray larger than life characters and strive to tell intriguing stories to capture their audience. One would think that a professional wrestler would »»

Rabblecast #337 Here I Go Again... WWE & TNA News Bits

This a special pre-recorded mini-episode with, Erik Hernandez at the controls. Hernandez talks about the upcoming WWE PPV Battleground, TNA news updates, and the passing of "Cousin Luke"(Gene Petit). All to bring you a new episode for this week. T »»

Classy Ring Attire - Bring it on Down to Battleground

Oh man, you guys! Battleground is this Sunday. That came out of nowhere. Anyway, that means it's time to go through another (somewhat sparsely populated) card and make predictions on winners, losers, and math. »»

Classy Ring Attire - The Return of Blair

In our longest episode yet, we get to go another round with our recurring guest Blair, as we discuss everything WWE and TNA related thats happened since his last time on the show. »»

Rabblecast #336 Angelo Savoldi, TNA Loses Two Names

Angelo Savoldi, the world's oldest living professional wrestler, passed away last week Friday(9/20/13) at the age of 99. Savoldi, whose real name was Mario Fornini, began his wrestling career in the 1930s, and became the first American to ever main e »»

Rabblecast #335 Jim Ross to UFC, TNA Returning to Orlando

Last week, the WWE announced the retirement of, Jim Ross after 20 years of loyal service to the company. Jim Ross held various jobs/titles in his time with WWE, one of those being the announcer for their flagship show, Monday Night RAW. Jim Ross easi »»

Classy Ring Attire - The Night Before The Night of Champions

It seems like Night of Champions has come out of nowhere, so though there is a rather small card for the PPV, we go though our card predictions as well as the annual rant about why Night of Champions is the worst PPV of them all.   »»

Rabblecast #334 Drew Cordeiro Returns, Beyond Wrestling

Drew Cordeiro returns to the podcast! With him comes a whole bunch of Beyond Wrestling news and info. We run down the "Point of No Return" card for their upcoming show on Sunday, September 15th in Providence, RI and find out what Beyond Wrestling is »»

Rabblecast #333 Injuries Plaguing WWE, TNA Bound For Glory

It's an old argument that has been debated every which way. The lack of depth on the WWE roster becomes painfully obvious once injuries begin to eliminate WWE Superstars from WWE TV. Mark Henry, Christian, Sheamus, and John Cena are all currently on »»

Classy Ring Attire - Crying Like Big Show

With Joel out for the week, two temporary hosts are called in to help fill the void. Discussion of Big Show's crying and Sin Cara's injury abound, while Chris also tries to get someone to get invested in Total Divas with him. »»

Live Inside Pulse Wrestling Pulsecast - 8.29.13

This past Thursday, Justin Czerwonka and Cam Dougharty brought you the first ever LIVE Inside Pulse Wrestling Pulsecast. »»

Rabblecast #332 Special Guest: Jeff Cannonball, RTF Show

Independent wrestler, Jeff Cannonball joins us in studio on this special episode of, The Rabblecast. Cannonball talks about his humble beginning in the world of independent wrestling and how RTF Wrestling came about. Are you a fan of punk rock? Are y »»

Classy Ring Attire - Divas Go for the Pipe Bomb (AJ Lee)

As we drift further from the SummerSlam event of the year, the eternal question is asked, "Where do we go from here?" »»

Classy Ring Attire - The Greatest SummerSlam We Hath Ever Witnessed

So that title might be a little bit of hyperbole, but the truth is, this past SummerSlam is one of the few times that a PPV has really lived up to the potential the card seemed to have going in. So join us as we run down the card from this past Sunda »»

HTC's Top 5 Worst Wrestling Stables/Factions

Give it a listen and leave your "Top 5" »»

Rabblecast #331 Summer Slam Results, Brooke Hogan Leaves TNA

WWE's Summer Slam 2013 left quite an impression with many wrestling fans. "The Wrestlemania of the summer" came off like a big event thanks in part to the two main event matches, Brock Lesnar vs CM Punk and Daniel Bryan vs John Cena. But how did the »»

Rabblecast #330 John Cena Injured, PWG Battle of Los Angeles

WWE's Summer Slam 2013 just might live up to the idea of being Wrestlemania in the summer time. With matches like CM Punk vs Brock Lesnar(The Best vs The Beast) and Daniel Bryan vs John Cena, the main event should have something for every fan. The li »»

Rabblecast #329 Kurt Angle Enters Rehab, Tito Ortiz To TNA

After last week's TNA Impact show in Wichita Falls, Texas the police received a call about a reckless driver out on the road. Police pulled over Kurt Angle on suspicion of reckless driving, then detected alcohol in Angle's vehicle. Kurt Angle was lat »»

HTC's Top 5 Intercontinental Champions Of All-Time

LISTEN to the show to hear us defend our choices, bash others and list your own "Top 5". »»

Classy Ring Attire: A Chat With Chasity Taylor

After a week off, we're back with a special double length episode to make up for it. In our longest episode to date, we discuss the past two weeks of Raw, TNA's current problems, reactions to Total Divas, and more, all with the help of our very speci »»

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