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WWE Monday Night Raw Preview for Monday 01.27.2014 - Fallout from 2014 Royal Rumble Results Takes Center Stage on Raw

Raw preview for Monday's show featuring 2014 Royal Rumble Fallout... »»

Batista's Return to WWE Drives Up Monday Night Raw TV Ratings and Total Viewers

The Animal pops Raw ratings / viewers... »»

Former TNA Champion AJ Styles Talks about Ric Flair, Fortune, the Clare Lynch Storyline and More

AJ Styles talks TNA, Fortune, Clare Lynch, more... »»

CB Asks: Who Was Driving Randy Orton's Getaway Car on Monday Night Raw 01.20.2014?

Who do YOU think was driving Orton's getaway car on Raw? »»

Jake Roberts Apologizes to the Ultimate Warrior, Puts War of Words Behind Him

Jake Roberts apologizes to the Ultimate Warrior... »»

Ryback vs. Goldberg All But Dead for WrestleMania XXX

The rumored match of Ryback vs. Bill Goldberg for WrestleMania XXX is all but dead due to WWE and Goldberg being far apart on money. The deal is not completely squashed, but the chances of a match between the two are very slim at this point. »»

Matt Morgan Gets Regular Full-Time Job while Taking Indy Bookings on Weekends

Morgan leaves full-time wrestling behind for regular day job... »»

Seattle Seahawks CB Richard Sherman Talks Trash to Michael Crabtree Following NFC Championship Win, WWE Superstars Respond

Richard Sherman cuts WWE-style promo on hated rival Michael Crabtree... »»

CB Asks: Who Should/Will Fill the Final 14 Slots for the 2014 WWE Royal Rumble 30-Man Match? (Current List Includes Batista, CM Punk, The Shield, More)

Who do YOU think should/will nab the remaining 16 slots for the 30-man Royal Rumble match? »»

WWE Pays Tribute to the Late, Great Johnnie Mae Young

WWE pays tribute to Mae Young... »»

WWE Smackdown Spoilers and Results for Friday 01.17.2013

SmackDown Spoilers for Friday's show... »»

Roddy Piper's WrestleMania XXX Match Proposal Involving Hulk Hogan

What does Piper have in mind for Mania? »»

WWE Divas Champion AJ Lee Leading Fan Vote on a Future Maxim Cover

AJ Lee winning Maxim cover vote... »»

Dolph Ziggler Health / Concussion Update from WWE

Dolph Ziggler update... »»

TNA Impact Wrestling Ratings Up for AJ Styles vs. Magnus Title Match

How many viewers did Styles' TNA sendoff get? »»

Updated Repost: CB Asks: Is there an IWC or no such thing as the IWC?

Is there an IWC? How would you define it and/or explain your position? »»

Michael Cole's WWE Network Demonstration

Michael Cole's WWE Network Demonstration: . »»

Renee Young Interview with Vince McMahon, Triple H and Stephanie McMahon on WWE Network Launch

Renee Young Interview with Vince McMahon, Triple H and Stephanie McMahon on WWE Network Launch: . »»

Kaitlyn and Her Fiancé Address WWE Departure

What did Kaitlyn tweet? »»

Bad News Barrett Delivers Bad News to the WWE Legends at Old School Raw

Can we have some decorum please?! »»

Seth Rollins on The Shield and Rising Up The Ladder So Quickly in WWE

Rollins talks The Shield being a top act in WWE... »»

CB's Slant: CB and Swayze's WWE WrestleMania XXX Card, Match Listings and Some Results

CB and Swayze present their WrestleMania XXX card... »»

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