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So really my only complaint about this is that it’s limited to a movie-friendly length of time and that limits the amount of detail that some of Heyman’s stories require and a lot of stories got glossed over with a short one-line mention, if that. The one that sticks out was they built up when Paul was getting fired as Head Writer of Smackdown and Paul mentioned that there was a falling out and there was an incident between he and Vince on a plane and then there was nothing beyond that. Sure, Paul did explain that he could not give out details to certain stories due to legal issues involved so possibly that could explain or Paul just didn’t want to poke the proverbial bear too much further especially when he currently is enjoyed a successful business relationship with said bear. And maybe the plane incident is a story in which the details are well known by everybody but me however even if I did know the details of said story, I still would’ve liked to hear Paul’s side of it.

But speaking of Paul’s side of the story, I found it really interesting to hear his side of the long-rumored financial relationship that Heyman/ECW had with Vince/WWE in the late 90s. In a way Paul didn’t completely discredit the way it’s been explained over the years but he did specify that it was money being exchanged from one corporation to another due to reimbursement for certain advertising that was linked to a specific wrestler that made the move over to WWF and said money was never given to Heyman individually. And sure, that’s Heyman’s side of the story and you can take that with however much salt you want to but still, it was good to get Heyman’s side of it.

I found it interesting that the point being driven during this documentary was that Paul Heyman has always had such a great eye for talent but while I saw people like Stephanie McMahon giving him that type of praise, I kept thinking back to Punk’s doc in 2012 and distinctly remembering Michael P.S. Hayes kinda burying Paul for overhyping talent to making people think they’re better than they actually were. But then again, at the point of shooting the Punk doc, Heyman had either recently rejoined the company or hadn’t rejoined just yet and that makes all the difference when it comes to these documentaries. I mean just look at the turnaround with Ultimate Warrior, WWE released a DVD basically just to crap on Warrior and then you fast forward to 2013-2014 and they went into full hero worship mode for the video game and the Hall of Fame. I wouldn’t say time makes cowards of us all but time sure does make us do weird stuff we’d never thought we would do.

Also, it got a chuckle out of me at the moment Punk mentioned in the Heyman doc that he “wouldn’t still be here” if it weren’t for Paul Heyman coming back. And that’s another thing I would’ve like to see more of, a better explanation of what those conversations were like between (I’m assuming) Heyman and HHH and what was said that finally convinced (beyond getting to work with Brock again) Paul to agree with it.

The biggest thing I took away from this documentary was that WWE needs Paul in a mentoring position for their young talent. Sure, he’s had such success with having creative control but that was always met with some sort of collision and yes, he’s had a tremendous amount of success as an on-screen character. However, the impression that I got from all of this is that his biggest asset to professional wrestling is his ability to harvest talent and motivate them with his own brand of enthusiasm that’s fueled by his fandom of professional wrestling. At the very least, if Heyman ever retires his on-screen persona, WWE would be wise to at least keep him as some sort of developmental consultant. Ideally, if the scenario ever happens that HHH and Stephanie takes full control over the company, I would tap Heyman to oversee all things NXT. But all in all, it was good to see the man behind the persona and the man behind all the rumors and folklore that’s been built and broadly covered by wrestling fans for decades. Would I have liked more insight and more details? Sure but you can only fit so much in a 2 hour span.

These are all my initial thoughts as I have literally just finished watching the documentary for the first time. I’m sure I’ll have better-formed thoughts on a 2nd viewing but for now…you’re welcome

If you’ve made to this point of my semi-conscious babbling, you’re a brave soul that deserves way more than I can give you…just like all the women that I’ve dated.

Don’t do anything I would do twice,

The Answer: According the Raw this week, the most offensive part of the word “bitch” is apparently the “ch” sound.×120.jpg×250.jpg

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THE RAGER! A Super Early Summerslam Kickoff Show (Roman Reigns, Bray Wyatt, John Cena) Wed, 23 Jul 2014 15:00:53 +0000 Missed me? Yeah, me neither. Let’s just jump into it and get this over with, yes?


Fandango vs Adam Rose
Apparently Rose doesn’t share Fandango’s enthusiasm for triangles…he’s probably more of an octagon fan.

Cameron vs Naomi
They couldn’t have just buried this match on Smackdown where no one would ever see it?


Usos vs Wyatts
A 2 out of 3 falls is a good way to end a feud and this feud has kind of suffered from too much of a good thing. Their matches have been fun to watch but the market has been flooded with it since they first faced off. I would’ve liked for the Wyatts to have actually won the tag championships at one point, especially with a face team like GoldStar waiting in the wings. Also, let me go ahead and say something that may get some negative feedback: I can’t stand Eric Rowan. I don’t know what it is but every time he’s tagged in, I find myself wandering on my laptop until Harper comes back in. The head-fisting thing he does is the dumbest thing I’ve seen since the camel-clutch/accolade.
Good match, let’s move on already.

John Gruden was spotted behind the commentators, does the guy ever go out in public without wearing some sort of visor?

AJ vs Paige
Aside from a botch or two from Paige, it was a fun match to watch. It wasn’t the masterpiece of Natalya vs Charlotte but that feels like an impossible high bar most Divas matches will never come close to.

Rusev vs Jack Swagger
Apparently this feud was cancelled after Lana’s rant which is weird because this is the first time something was broken or ruined and it wasn’t Swagger’s fault. It’s a shame too because this is the most over Swagger has ever been and probably ever will be. I also want to point out the trainer tending to Jack Swagger’s “head injury” by shaking Jack’s head. His medical school must’ve been online.

Dean Ambrose vs Seth Rollins
Okay so the match itself never happened but I had to title this segment something. I really love the video package, I just wished it was saved for whenever their actual match happened. This segment was the biggest and best example of this being an unnecessary in-between pay per view for Summer Slam. As much as I love these two, we need more meat in this story and not just one guy jumping the other every week.

Chris Jericho vs Bray Wyatt
Wasn’t completely impressed with this match. It was slow and felt mostly one-sided until Jericho pulled off the miracle win at the end. Maybe it was because I was expecting too much and built it up to an impossible extent in my head or everyone realized it was Battleground and decided they didn’t actually give a crap. It’s funny that Lawler is still mesmerized by Bray’s spider walk, you don’t have to be possessed to do it, just do some DDP yoga a few times a week.

The most shocking thing about all this is that Jericho actually won a match this soon after returning.

IC Battle Royal
Clearly WWE has found a winning formula when it comes to battle royals but they really need to pace themselves because Kofi is going to eventually run out of ideas. I would still like periodical check-ins with Bad News Barrett, seeing as how he did kinda get over by just talking…even if his promo got extremely real extremely quick. Would’ve been nice if Ziggler got the win just because it would sort of assure that we would have something to do in the near future. I guess it makes sense for Miz to win, help put over the new version of his character and give him more incentive to wake up super early and do crappy radio promotions that no one else in the company wants to do.

John Cena vs Kane vs Randy Orton vs Roman Reigns
A whole lot of “meh” in this match other than the Roman Reigns highlight show. Honestly, it was a fine main event and would’ve been a lot better if we didn’t get the exact same Cena finish that we got last month at MitB. He hit Orton with an AA on-top of Kane, the only difference is Cena had to actually pin someone this time. I get that Cena was going to win this, I’ve come to terms with it, but at least mix up a little bit. Even if they’re not going to mix it up, at least take a break from being lazy long enough to come up with a finish that isn’t the exact same as the previous PPV. If Cena wins at Summer Slam by hitting Heyman with an AA on-top of Lesnar, I’m setting everyone’s house on fire. Sure, it’s not the most original reaction to anger but then again, neither are Cena’s finishes.

Don’t do anything I wouldn’t do twice,

The Answer: We at Classy Ring Attire have the most supportive twitter followers.×120.jpg×250.jpg

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RAGER’S 10 Thoughts: WWE Raw 7.21.14 (Bray Wyatt, Brock Lesnar, Paul Heyman) Tue, 22 Jul 2014 05:05:12 +0000 1. HHH aiming all of his anger at Schrodinger’s IWC but really, the core (where everyone is equal) of it all comes from him simply wanting to be wined and dined. HHH wants his employees to jump through hoops for his affection. Really, isn’t that what everyone wants?

2. I want a giant cardboard cut-out of the dude’s face when he reacted to Brie calling Stephanie a bitch. Seriously, whomever can provide that to me, contact me and we’ll work something out. I might send you a signed picture. A picture of what? Just you wait.

3. I can’t tell if they turned Bo Dallas face or if WWE just meshed the weekly mandatory Bo Dallas segment in with the weekly mandatory Damien Sandow costume segment. I have a feeling it’s the latter although Bo has managed to find a way to get a chuckle out of me almost every week now.

4. I gotta hand it to Bray, he’s finding different ways to delivering the same promo every week. Don’t get me wrong, I’m probably one of the biggest Bray Wyatt marks on this site but I’m ready for him to tackle some new material but I’m not exactly sure what that would consist of.

5. I don’t really have anything funny to say but I would like to point out that both Dolph Ziggler and Zack Ryder won their respective matches and state that we are, in fact, in the year 2014. Feels weird, right?

6. It took WWE this long to realize that putting guys in suits and calling them detectives is a lot more believable than dressing up local talent as obviously fake street cops. Also, the guy reading Stephanie her Miranda Rights was a good touch. Also, WWE found a way to smoothly transition from an awful Flo Rida concert into a meaningful segment. I would say kudos to WWE for this but they did put up a Flo Rida concert to begin with so all thoughts of kudos have been thoroughly retracted.

7. Even if they don’t call it Nation of Domination 2.0 or even anything NoD related, I’m so glad that this stable is apparently happening. First of all, Woods was great in the promo and would be a great mouthpiece for them. Secondly, if we actually get heel Kofi out of this, I’m automatically calling this a win just for the simple fact that he would be doing something different. And finally, we’ve already seen that Big E is a great silent heel muscle character when he was AJ’s bodyguard/friend. As I’ve said before, the only way to make this even better is if Ron Simmons joins (maybe not all the time, but once every few weeks. I don’t wanna be greedy) as their manager/mentor/godfather (not the pimp) figure. Some people said it would be a nice touch if Mark Henry joined to link them to the original Nation but please don’t. Please…don’t.

8. For a second, I honestly thought Khali was gonna forget to tap.

9. Cesaro wants to be a HHH guy now. I say they go ahead and make Cesaro WWE’s version of Jason Statham and have him be HHH’s wheelman/bodyguard/mercenary/wheelman/wheelman/adrenaline-starved-maniac-with-a-heart-condition/wheelman that also can completely maul people. I’m pretty sure WWE could get Audi as a sponsor.

10. So Bork vs Cena was horrible telegraphed/spoiled weeks ago but I’m still completely excited for this. Their first match-up at Extreme Rules 2012 was fantastic even if the wrong man won but even if that wasn’t enough for you to get excited about part 2, Paul Heyman’s promo alone should’ve gotten you hoping around your living room like Brock. Seriously, Heyman shouldn’t have a voice right now and if he does, the military needs to run studies and tests to find out what exactly his vocal chords are made up and harvest it like unobtainium.

Don’t do anything I wouldn’t do twice,

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RAGER’S 10 Thoughts: WWE Raw 7.7.2014 (Roman Reigns, John Cena, Fandango) Tue, 08 Jul 2014 18:40:32 +0000 1. It’s gonna take a lot for WWE to screw up Roman Reigns at this point. Like, when Ryback was super hot in late 2012, they really dropped the ball and it’s kinda ruined him ever since (he didn’t exactly help himself either). But with Roman, it feels more like a train that WWE couldn’t stop if they wanted to. We’re not talking of a phenomenon like the Daniel Bryan thing but still, WWE could pull the trigger on Roman as a top guy right now and the fans would be behind it completely. Yeah, he needs work on the mic but it’s not a big enough problem where that’ll hold him back, especially if he continues his current “quiet wrecking ball” character.

2. So the Usos lost due to reverse twin magic. Nice to see that works the other way around.

3. We didn’t have time for Alicia Fox’s entrance but we’ve apparently got all the time in the world to watch a referee struggle to tie a knot. Also, I cringed when Alicia Fox tried to do the Stone Cold beer can smash and drink with cans of Red Bull. Firstly because she couldn’t hold onto both of the to save her life and secondly because Red Bull taste like canned ass.

4. I still have my fingers crossed that we’re gonna get more shades of “dirty Curty” out of Fandango. I’m sure JBL probably paid a little bit more for a private dance. Seriously, JBL’s horrified reaction to getting a Fandango table dance was worth Lawler forcing us to “go Fandango-ing” last year.

5. Sandow actually served a purpose because he cut the Bret Hart segment short so that Bret wouldn’t have to struggle as long with talking and remembering lines. If anything, Sandow was just being helpful and that’s something we all can appreciate and, as is customary in Canada, Bret Hart showed his appreciation by punching. Sandow was drunk off this appreciation transference and Sheamus beat up a guy that was already down. Ladies and gentleman of the jury, I think we all know who the real villain here is.

6. I’m pretty stoked for Wyatt and Jericho mostly because I’m just glad WWE kinda has a plan for Jericho as compared to his last run. AND Jericho actually won a match, the streak is over!

7. Naomi looked like she got a few legit shots on Cameron, can’t say that I blame her.

8. I still have my fingers crossed for Big E, Kofi, Xavier Woods and R-Truth forming Nation of Domination 2.0 with Ron Simmons coming back to get a manager. Kofi and Big E teaming up is the first step.

9. I’ve been harsh on Bo Dallas since his main roster redebut but he may have won me over during his victory lap when he ran over El Torito. Not sure what that says about me, I’m gonna have to have a seriously discussion with myself in the mirror after this…

10. So does Cena automatically become best friends with everyone once they turn face? Remember the billion times in the very recent past when Roman and the Shield beat up Cena? Is Cena the leader of some sort of face cult that automatically forgives all the terrible things you’ve done the moment you accept their ways? This is sounding more and more like Christianity the more I think of this. A highly persecuted guy whom some adore and is publically trying to share his message and lead by example? He’s constantly pulling off the miraculous whenever he probably should lose and then walking it off like nothing happened afterward? AND his initials are JC? But I’m sure it’s all a coincidence…or a C-O-N…spiracy.

Don’t do anything I wouldn’t do twice,

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THE RAGER! + 10 Thoughts: Money in the Bank/Raw Super Edition (John Cena, Seth Rollins, Chris Jericho) Thu, 03 Jul 2014 01:33:03 +0000 I know all of this is a bit late and I honestly have no excuse other than laziness. I can’t even blame my tardiness on disinterest because I enjoyed the hell out of Money in the Bank and the following Raw. I shall accept whatever punishment you, my Rageans, deem to be appropriate.

And now I shall spew forth my thoughts on Money in the Bank 2014:

I’m not really going to devote much time into the kickoff seeing as how it was mostly just depressing to hear that Daniel Bryan will be out longer and I’ve been calling Bo Dallas a boner since day 1 of his WWE debut but it’s nice to see people join me. But seriously, Bo’s last stuff with NXT got a legit chuckle out of me so maybe I’ll actually give him a chance on the main stage “with the lights on bright, Maggle” as JBL would say.

The Uso vs The Wyatt Family
It’s been said before but these two teams can pretty much put on an entertaining match against each other in their sleep at this point. I really thought The Wyatt boys were gonna win it here but I suppose the main focus needs to be on Bray, especially considering what went down on Raw the following night. The Usos are just fun, plain and simple, and they put in the time and deserve a lengthy run. That being said, I can’t imagine another CoDust (or GoldStar, as Joel likes to call them) tag team title run would be too far from now.

Paige vs Naomi
This was a very enjoyable match for me because Paige is Paige and Naomi has continuously impressed me in the ring every time I see her. The only way to make this match better for me would be to just remove all things Cameron. We all know they’re going to break up soon and as talented as Naomi is, I have my doubt she’s talented enough to carry Cameron and make me give a crap. I’m also not looking forward to this break up because that means we’ll get at least one more segment where Cameron will have a live microphone. I would rather listen to Brock Lesnar bumble through a 15 minute Shakespearean monologue while yelling with his Vickie Guerrero-like shrill voice than listen to Cameron say “actually” a billion more times.
However, once Naomi sheds Cameron, I’ll look very much forward to a future Diva’s title reign from her.

Damien Sandow vs Adam Rose
Everything about this match made me sigh to the point of asphyxiation (it’s not a sex thing with me, I swear). The funny thing about all this is that it seemed to take a couple years for people to lose faith in Sandow whereas Rose came and sank like a Brodus-shaped rock almost immediately. All loss of faith aside, Damien Sandow did a springboard backflip dressed like Paul Revere. Mad respect, bruh.
Also, the bunny seemed to take one too many “bumps” before the match, if you get what I’m saying. Also, said bunny got new eyes and looks terrifying…he’s 2 steps away from Frank.

Money in the Bank Ladder Match
Easily the match of the night for a variety of reasons, the majority of which seem to belong to Dean Ambrose and Seth Rollins seeing as how two of the best spots of the match was the superplex from the overly tall ladder and the Rollins drop onto the horizontal ladder that led to a few more bumps than he probably intended. Kofi did his Kofi thing, as we’ve all come to expect while Jack Swagger did his best not to muck it all up and accidentally break someone. The ending was a bit “meh” for me as I would’ve liked for Seth to have found a way to win either cleanly or take a cheap shot to take out Dean for good at the very end. But I get it, WWE is on this massive Kane kick right now so why the hell not, right? Kane is essentially the Authority’s golem at this point.

GoldStar vs Ryback & Curtis Axel
I love the crap out of Stardust but for the love of grilled cheesus, put them in a different freaking match, I’m begging you. This is starting to feel like Christian vs Sheamus…or Sheamus vs Del Rio…or Orton vs Christian (if you’re seeing the pattern, move up 12 spaces).

Rusev vs Big E
Before we get to the match itself, I must point out the moment that got the biggest pop of the night from everyone watching at my apartment. It happened when a fan picked the absolute best moment to raise his/her glorious sign. Father Putin would be proud.
This match made me realize why I love Big E so much, it’s because he’s a huge guy but his brain doesn’t compute that he’s a big guy and throws himself around like a much smaller man. That being said, I really don’t want to see him throw that spear onto the floor again because each time looks like he spiked his head into the mat. This is the kind of match that Rusev should’ve been in months ago. Anybody can pummel jobbers, it’s much more impressive to see newcomers hold their own against higher ranks talent. Sure, that might mean the newcomer will lose closely contested matches against the upper card but since when has wins and loses truly mattered in WWE?

Layla vs Summer Rae
MVP of this match was Fandango. Seriously, just let him revert back to his Dirty Curty days of NXT Redemption and watch your ratings soar. Okay, they may not soar but hot damn, I’ll be entertained as balls.

WWEWHC Ladder Match
Very entertaining match and would’ve been match of the night if there wasn’t a ladder match earlier in the night. Most memorable things for me was watching Cesaro just hang everywhere. First there was him hanging for a long time off the belts with one arm and then when he got hung out to dry in what can only be described as an IKEA-like ladder contraption. Also, Randy Orton bled…a lot. Could’ve gone without the typical super Cena finish with the double decker Attitude Adjustment but, again, we saw it coming but we got a good match out of it and was WAY better than the original WWEWHC ladder match back at TLC.

Moving onto…

RAGER’S 10 Thoughts: WWE RAW 6.30.2014

1. Cena’s reaction to being on the cover of WWE 2k15 was pretty much the exact same as that of my own. Seriously, don’t expect me to get excited about a WWE video game until I see an actual gameplay trailer and graphics that don’t look like they were developed for a Commodore 64. Seriously, I’ve started playing Game Dev Tycoon a few weeks ago and I’m running a billion dollar development company in less than 50 years, I feel like I’m expert on the subject now. Side note: Stephanie dancing and singing along to Cena’s music gave me the weirdest Bo-ner.

2. Having Zeb turn his pro-American character face against Lana and Rusev is as about as perfect as it can get. Sadly, he manages for Swagger and it’ll all be for nothing soon because there’s no way Swagger is going over Rusev anytime soon. Seriously, Rusev would have to be caught with about a truckload of weed and accidentally concuss Cena, Brock, a newly returning CM Punk and Roman Reigns in the same night during the Raw before Wrestlemania 31 before he lost a match to Swagger.

3. Okay, so I really enjoyed this week’s Raw as a whole but they featured AN ENTIRE MINUTE OF SILENCE during Bo Dallas’ schtick. How drained for ideas must the writers be? And what was that idea pitch like? And why wasn’t Vince first reaction to reading that in script not to find said writer and kill them with fire? These are the things that keep me awake at night…that and the constant dripping going on outside my bedroom wall because the gutters are crap and even though it hasn’t rained for about a week.

4. Vacant strikes again once he was stripped of the WWEWHC. He sent out his doom-spawn Jack Swagger and took out Bad News Barrett. Handling vacant mid-card titles this way is so much better than just having two random mid-carders face off for the belt. I feel like having a special type of match makes the title seem a little bit more important. That being said, pirate Cesaro is clearly the obvious choice for this. If we don’t see a return of at least the Bad News podium, I’m gonna be pissed.

5. Having a match end during commercial and on the app seems like the dumbest idea since that writer decided to have Bo Dallas squat at the top of the stand for a minute of silence. I get the idea of telling people to go buy the app and the network so that you don’t miss moments like that but then they’re gonna bitch out and just show the replay anyway. But after the match, it was great to finally see Cesaro go full heel. And I know Cesaro has never technically been a face in WWE but lately he’s been such a tweener that it was refreshing to simply see him pick a side.

6. Damien did a Vince impersonation, maybe he’s not on the verge of being fired after all. Unless that’s what they want us to think…

7. The Miz swerve was pretty fantastic and kinda threw everyone off the Jericho trail long enough for a great surprise for when Jericho actually did come out. I’m highly looking forward to his match against Bray, I just hope WWE brought Jericho back to do more than just job to young talent again. They do kinda need a solid #2 face in the company behind Cena.

8. I’m excited for Dolph getting a feud with Fandango because that’s a feud they’ll actually let Dolph win for once.

9. Just when you thought the “This would be a perfect time for CM Punk to return” theorists lost all of their fuel, AJ returns and wins back the Divas title.

10. Seems like Dean thwarting Seth’s contract cash-ins is gonna be a thing for a while, which is fine, just as long as they kind of pick their spots and don’t overdo it week after week. Also, I was incredibly weary of HHH holding that briefcase after Rollins was run off by Ambrose.

Don’t do anything I wouldn’t do twice,

The Answer: I’m trying to get back into the habit of running because I’m tired of knowing exactly what underboob sweat is like.×120.jpg×250.jpg

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RAGER’S 10 Thoughts: WWE Raw 6.23.2014 (Vickie Guerrero, Stephanie McMahon, Bo Dallas) Wed, 25 Jun 2014 01:19:14 +0000 1. It took Stephanie McMahon less than 10 minutes to turn WWE’s biggest heat magnet into a complete face and turned the most hated catchphrase/shrill into a cheer-worthy battle cry. To be fair, no heel has ever really dig their claws into the Eddie subject against Vickie before but it’s still an impressive feat. And yeah, their “match” didn’t exactly happen but that’s probably all for the better considering Vickie’s previous in-ring endeavors and also it was a less-than-flattering exit however, it’s pretty much on par with what Vickie has done in the past. Vickie went along with whatever wacky nonsense that WWE put her up to and that lends a certain amount of appreciate and respect from me.

That doesn’t excuse the spiked-coffee/throw up nonsense from last week though. Just saying.

2. On one hand, Harper and Rowan’s new theme music crosses from creepy to full-on annoying at about 15 seconds after it first comes on. On the other hand, it does portray the characters well and blah blah blah I’m so tired of that damn song blah blah. Aside from that, I overly enjoyed just about everything Luke Harper did during this segment. Uso crazy is a terrible joke and the creator of said joke needs to be beaten with dead rodents but what makes it worse is when one of the Usos can’t even use it in the way the joke was intended.

3. There’s a DC sniper reference to be made when talking about Cameron on commentating. She’s horrendous in the ring and just a terrible person on commentary, I really shouldn’t be surprised since I didn’t manage to (barely) make it through the entire first season of Total Divas. 2 minutes into her commentary segment and I was begging for the little person commentating crew to come back instead of listening to Cameron say “actually” a billion times. Side note: interneters got a screenshot of Lawler enjoying the view after Paige got out of her seat. This was a really fun “gotcha” type moment until Jerry himself tweeted the picture and make his own creepy caption for it. You guys, I think Jerry is becoming sentient. Run for the high ground.

4. I don’t know what the difference is between Bo Dallas on Raw and Smackdown and the Bo Dallas we see on NXT. I like NXT Bo so much more as a heel because he’s way more entertaining. I could watch Bo refusing to leave Full Sail all day and sure, Bo on Raw has his moments here and there but it just seems way more formulaic. The only explanation I can think of would be the Raw writers (you know, the guys/gals you see in the back alley that are beating a dead horse with another dead horse).

5. I’m really happy that an actual MitB match was added and I don’t really have a complaint on those involved (aside from maybe Swagger). I really am ready for Neville to join the main roster so that Kofi won’t be the lone ladder match/battle royal spot guy because that’s really the only purpose for including Kofi in a match like this and there’s only so much a 43 year old RVD can do.

6. I popped for Bad News calling the Washington Redskins racist even if he went the legal-friendly route of saying so without actually naming the Skins but still, the situation is just dumb. BNB vs Ziggler was a fantastically fun match to watch and had fans actually engaged in a midcard title match. Make this happen more! You know, give Ziggler a decent amount of time in a match…even if he’s gonna lose.

7. Kofi vs Swagger was a pile of hot garbage. There was some sort of mix-up, botch at one point and I had to turn my attention away from the screen. When my gaze returned, Swagz was bleeding and I wasn’t surprised.

8. It probably would’ve been better for Sandow to have been portraying a more villainous historical figure rather than, you know, the president that issued the Emancipation Proclamation. But still, the crowd loved it when Big E demolished Abe and went all Baptist on Rusev. Didn’t we just have this story end like a month ago?

9. Have I mentioned how much I really dig the Stardust gimmick? With Cody’s lisp and everything, I find myself getting a vague Eddie Izzard vibe and that’s a good thing.

10. The main event had like, three different endings. What is this? Return of the King?

Don’t do anything I wouldn’t do twice,

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THE RAGER! #WWERedWedding (JTG, Curt Hawkins, Brodus Clay) Thu, 19 Jun 2014 00:10:45 +0000 This will be a very short RAGER as I’ve spent most of my day putting together a dumb video that you will see below. I figured since I do have a wrestling column, I should probably actually share my thoughts on the mass firings of last week and the impact it will have on WWE.

It won’t have any impact at all and they will all be eventually replaced by better talent coming up from NXT. Were they good? Yeah, most of them but there’s plenty better coming up. Still, most of the people let go last week put a smile on my face at some point during their tenure at WWE and for that, I commemorate them…

Don’t do anything I wouldn’t do twice,

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RAGER’S 10 Thoughts: WWE RAW 6.16.2014 (Stardust, Stretcher Matches, Roman Reigns) Wed, 18 Jun 2014 02:51:20 +0000 1. They really needed those 11 other people to help fill that stage at the top of the show. Roster was looking mighty thin. Also, I know this is small potatoes but why the hell did they bring Kane out just to stare at an ambulance before the commercial break if that particular match wasn’t next? Don’t get me wrong I was much happier to see a Rollins/Ziggler match when we came back. Also, there was a stretcher at the bottom of the ramp the entire night that was never used nor referenced (that I know of) for the remainder of the show until the main event.

2. I know there were a ton of jokes along the lines of “Teddy Long was fired too early and is probably yelling at his TV whenever The Usos, Wyatts and Sheamus were all in the ring together.” However, here at the RAGER offices, we hold ourselves to a higher standard. We don’t do jokes that have been run into the ground for so many years. So, I, the leader of the RAGERS, make this vow to each and every one of you reading this: I will never, I do mean never, make a Teddy Long tag team match joke ever on this column.

3. Everyone made the assumption that Shield quietly went their separate ways and instantly put Dean versus Rollins and Reigns part of a puke joke. I half expected the Schrodinger’s IWC (because people apparently still don’t know if it actually exists or not) to set internet-cars ablaze in the internet-streets because this is what Shield apparently disbanded for. However, I think the outcome of the battle royal prevented internet riots…more on that later.

4. The fact that Heath Slater worked as a face and actually got some offense in against Rusev was surprising…but then again, when you’re in a city in America, it’s not that difficult to get over with a pro-American stance. Does this mean big things for Heath down the road now that his band-mates are gone? Probably not, he’s kinda found a nice little home being a professional jobber.

5. You know what? I’m okay with the use of special guests these days. They happen very rarely and when it does, they’re kept to small, singular segments. It promotes whatever that guest is trying to hype and WWE gets the star power that Vince wetly dreams about every night (just joking, Vince never sleeps).

6. Roman being in the final of the battle royal with Rusev and then him winning were the only real moments the crowd was into this match, it seemed. Personally, I think everyone is a bit burnt out on battle royals but if you want to chalk it up to Cleveland citizens being dirtbags, then by all means.

7. Speaking of Rusev, he didn’t gain any more accessories this week but he did lose the battle royal. Does this mean his undefeated streak is over? Probably but that won’t stop Michael Cole from claiming he’s still undefeated in a few weeks. Watch, you know I’m right.

8. Everyone looked involved in the Divas match between Paige and Cameron looked confused. Part of it might be because Cameron is the worst or it might be a bit awkward that Cameron and Naomi are still using Brodus’ old music. Sure, they had been using said music exclusively once Brodus turned heel a few months ago but still, it kinda forced everyone to look at the elephant in the room in the eyes and compliment the owners of said room about their furniture.

9. I know a lot of people are not gonna be on-board with Stardust right off the bat and yes, this is Cody’s billionth chance that WWE has given him to get over…but I kinda dig this. At the core of it all, Cody’s main problem in all of his gimmicks was that he was the boring, sane member of the Rhodes family and he really didn’t get that much momentum as a singles wrestlers until he went a little crazy in the face mask thing. Now he has had this opportunity with his brother to kind of propel himself but he’ll need a new things. What’s the solution? take a page out of his brother’s book and go full crazy. Would it be him getting successful off of his brother’s gimmick? Sure, if it works and if it does, it’s not like a 45 year old Dustin Runnels is gonna need it for too much longer (unless he decides to work like his dad). I’m not saying that this is a sure-fire guarantee that Stardust is gonna be huge and he’ll be main eventing Wrestlemanias for the next 10 years because of it, I’m saying that Cody needed something to propel him because who knows how many more chances he’s gonna get so why not go full crazy? I dig the music, I dig that he’s leaning into the character and if this doesn’t work, nothing will and WWE should hand him his walking papers or put him in another tag team that barely gets camera time. But for now, I’m on-board.

And of course The Brothers of Seduction (you heard it here first…even though I stole it from somebody on reddit but the thread was deleted so it never happened) won against Ryback and Curtis Axel, they JUST participated in a battle royal just a few minutes prior. Those two goons were probably gassed the moment the bell rung.

10. There’s a reason a stretcher match hasn’t happened since 2008. It’s probably my least favorite match, I’ve decided, and I don’t really have an argument that’ll justify this decision other than “it’s so dumb.” Like, I can suspend my disbelief that maybe it really does take wrestlers that long to climb a ladder and fiddle with a hook but pushing an opponent beyond a finish line? Gtfo. Also, we know what happens when Cena is in an ambulance situation.

Don’t do anything I wouldn’t do twice,

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RAGER’S 10 Thoughts: WWE Raw 6.9.2014 (Seth Rollins, Shield, John Cena) Wed, 11 Jun 2014 02:45:51 +0000 1. Don’t get me wrong, I’m all for Daniel Bryan coming back but I’m so glad that stretcher match nonsense isn’t happening. Just add this to the disappointing ends to Daniel Bryan’s championship reigns. I know there are a bunch of rumors out now that claim that WWE is considering adding an actual Money in the Bank match to their Money in the Bank pay-per-view. I’ve been saying this all along, have the championship ladder match be their annual “All-Star” ladder match and a regular MitB match…it’s about time all of you bastard asses finally listened to me. Somebody bring me a damn doughnut.
But seriously, this entire thing has been a ruse just so WWE could use that special double belt hanger.

2. Rusev adds a new accessory every week (Lana included). Joel timed the match and Zack Ryder lasted a whole 56 seconds and that’s a whole 51 seconds more than I predicted. If that’s not progress then I just don’t know what is.

3. Summer Rae dumped food on Layla backstage and it’s now obvious she’s modeling her career after Ryback but I don’t think enough of it was packed into Layla’s ear. Also, immediately laid out a challenge to those who follow us on twitter (that’s @CRAttire if you’ve lived under a rock) and they responded. @YappaPodcast is now a god for this.

4. Not sure if Dean Ambrose was actually cutting a promo or just spoiling the next Hostel movie.

5. Your weekly facepalm moment for Sandow. He showed that while wearing a one-piece leotard, there’s very little space to store what’s left of your dignity.

6. It’s hard to complain when Cesaro wins a match that puts him in a championship situation but RVD really is the 2013 Chris Jericho, a lot of losses and not a whole lot for him to do.

7. The one thing I’m learning most about this Seth Rollins situation is that he REALLY hates chairs. Not quite as much as Brock Lesnar but close.

8. I get that Fox needed someone to dump watch and popcorn on but Aksana is an unnecessary addition and is a constant risk to everyone’s eye-sockets within a 5 mile radius. She’s as pointless to this story as Tamina was when she was paired up with AJ. Let Alicia be crazy on her own and I’m a happy camper. Also, Fox might actually need to win a match once in a while to justify her actually getting continual camera time. Just a suggestions because WWE totally reads this column religiously.

9. So Goldust is getting a tag partner next week that he’s never seen before. Does Goldy not know how the network works? He can watch NXT every week for the low price of $9.99 a month. But for real, I’m thinking they’re bringing up someone from NXT. Who will it be? No idea because I would hope Zayn would get more of a buildup than this, same goes for Neville. I’m giving this one a big shrug. Thoughts?

10. WWE continues it’s streak of ruining things that work by inserting Cena into it. I’m not saying the remaining members of Shield are ruined just because WWE needed to insert Cena and the Wyatt’s somewhere in the show but something seems weird about Cena tagging and being buddies with Shield after getting continuously attacked by them for the past year. It’s like that one time face CM Punk tagged with Mysterio as if that whole “terrorizing your daughter” thing never happened.

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THE RAGER + Raw 10 Thoughts – The Super Column (Shield, Evolution, John Cena) Wed, 04 Jun 2014 15:00:29 +0000 So I’m traveling this week so instead of writing the Raw 10 Thoughts right after the show, we recorded this week’s episode of Classy Ring Attire instead. So while I’m writing my post-Payback column, I might as well tag on the 10 Thoughts at the end. So it’s a double stuffed episode of RAGER!

El Torito vs Hornswaggle
The strangest thing about this match was Hornswaggle willingly sitting himself in the barber’s chair. Every time we have a hair match, the opposition has to hold the loser in the chair so they can’t bail. You have someone of Hornswaggle’s size and WWE is missing the spot of one of the Matadores picking him up and putting him in the chair. But then again, I’m sure Hornswaggle is a difficult person to pick up. Either way, I’d be okay with his feud ending soon because they’ve just about worn out their welcome with me.

Sheamus vs Cesaro
I hate myself for saying this out-loud but I think I like a Sheamus match. Of course it’s easy to give all credit for that to Cesaro and you wouldn’t necessarily be incorrect in that assessment but I suppose some kudos is deserving for Sheamus because he didn’t screw anything up. It is kinda weird to see the faciest of face Sheamus get a roll-up win but it’s a good way of showing how tough of a competitor Cesaro is.

Ryback and Curtis Axel vs CoDust
Of course the biggest story with all of this is what happened after CoDust lost. This is an interesting way to potentially break them up without turning either heel and having the obligatory former tag team match. It’s different and I’m always down for different as long as it makes story sense.

Rusev vs Big E
It’s matches like this that make me believe in a monster heel push more than all of those squash matches. Beating Kofi, R-Truth and Xavier Woods isn’t exactly an accomplishment these days.

Kane attacked Kofi because twitter. The fact that Kane is even on twitter melts my brain.

Bad News Barrett vs RVD
Another solid match from Barrett but I don’t really have any thoughts on this match. I’m happy that RVD is happy and back with WWE but let’s put him in an actual story if they’re gonna bring him back.

John Cena vs Bray Wyatt
Fine enough match, some good spots here and there and I don’t have too much to complain about. Having all of the outside action involving other people was weird. It makes sense that Cena would want to equalize the other Wyatts with the Usos but what doesn’t make sense to me is them leaving only to re-enter the match as if it were some sort of surprise. Also, the ending was weird but I’m not exactly what I was expecting to happen. At least it didn’t have anything to do with duct tape, right? I just have no idea what Bray is going to do from here.

Paige vs Alicia Fox
Solid match but every Divas match seems completely horrible in comparison to the Charlotte and Natalya match from Takeover last week.

Shield vs Evolution
Quality match, definitely a good match to end this feud on (at least in this incarnation of it). Of course I’ve got to mention the Rollins spot off the titantron and the really great camera work (I do love the shot of all 6 men crawling towards the ring after the Rollins spot). It was a really long match and it felt even longer that it took so long to start eliminating people. However, it a match like, it makes sense that eliminations beget eliminations quickly following each other so the length is a really a minor complaint for me. But then again, it might’ve felt longer because I was watching it at 3am after I worked a 12 hour shift.

Raw 10 Thoughts 6.2.2014

1. I like Batista, he’s entertaining as hell and it’s hilarious when he interacts with the internet and I feel like he wasn’t given a fair shake in this current run. Honestly, we would’ve boo’d anyone that won the Royal Rumble not named Daniel Bryan and it didn’t help that he was a part-timer that also happens to be buddies with HHH. Some time off to promote his movie and return against HHH should probably give him the face run they were looking for. Also, after he quit, a reporter dude from WWE asked for clarification because it “looked” like Batista quit. It probably looked so much like he quit because the words “I quit” did come out of his mouth, you dick-shelf.

2. I just don’t have any words to explain what Sandow is doing right now. It’s like the Charlie Haas gimmick but with 87% less commitment.

3. Bo Dallas looks like someone that once weighed 400lbs but lost it all and still has skin flaps.

4. So it looks like either way, there’s only going to be 1 MitB match. However, if DB doesn’t compete, that’s just a ladder match for the title and the name of the pay per view will be a lie. Why not just have two? One regular MitB match and then the one for the championship can be their “all-star” match for this year. It fills up the card and keeps their ladder match quota at what we’re used to.

5. Embrace the Hate came back to the delight of absolutely no one. Also, way to put your #1 contender in a match that he’s gonna lose cleanly to. Sure it’s John Cena and just about everybody loses to him but still, why even put Kane in that scenario? Because he said something Stephanie didn’t like? They literally could’ve put anybody else in that spot. But they did have to put Cena on Raw somewhere and somebody else already took the role of Sin Cara.

6. Nikki Bella had to go through a handicap match against Alicia Fox and Askana. I was most worried for Nikki’s eye sockets.

7. Yes, I’m angry about Dolph not qualifying of the MitB match even after ADR got the jobber entrance coming back from commercial. I wonder how he got himself in this mess this time. Can’t be any worse than whoever Sandow pissed off but it feels like Ziggler will be coming out in Batman pajamas any week now.

8. I began to openly cursed when it was revealed that Sin Cara would be Goldust’s partner, it was just a old habit from the Botch Cara days. But I do like Hunicara and I wish they would kinda use him for more stuff.

9. Rusev got a medal and a ceremony, he was beaming with such excitement, right? Seriously, nobody came out to interrupt the Russian national anthem? Is this even a wrestling company anymore? I’m gonna have to break out the WEE moniker again? (World Entertainment Entertainment).

10. So Seth turned on Shield and joined Evolution and it seems like we’re all still unsure about our feelings about it. I will say this much, out of all the Shield members that I would’ve guessed who would turn heel or against the Shield, Seth was the absolutely last person. It was surprising and, again, if WWE can surprise me, they deserve an award. Of course, we weren’t ready for Shield to break apart but I don’t think we would ever be ready so this might be a ripping the bandaid off situation.

Finally, we announced on a special Classy Ring Attire podcast that we will be starting our own production studio. It’s all under the umbrella of a company Joel and myself started called Irrelevant But Awesome. Basically, CRA and Trashy Ring Attire (and a few other podcasts) are all under the IBA umbrella but we’re looking to branch out into other interests. The main interest of ours is short film and eventually features but we’re also looking into doing things that involve gaming and a bunch of other ventures. One of which is a graphic novel that I’m writing and I’m super excited to put it out there. I’m telling you all of this because we started a gofundme campaign with our production director (whom we call Beardsly) because we have no money and desperately need equipment to get IBA up and running. If you would like to contribute to our campaign, you can do so by clicking here. If you can’t contribute, please help us just by simply spamming anyone and everyone with a link to our gofundme site. If you have any questions, feel free to message me on twitter @CRAttire or on my personal account @cwsanders39.

Don’t do anything I wouldn’t do twice,

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THE RAGER! Why Isn’t Payback the New Version of Backlash? (Evolution, Shield, Daniel Bryan) Wed, 28 May 2014 15:00:38 +0000 That’s right, your favorite-ish somewhat regular column is back. As I’ve stated before, I’ve reached a point where I felt like I’m repeating myself between this column, RAGER’S 10 Thoughts and the Classy Ring Attire podcast every week and I want more for you poor souls that decide to read this hot garbage. So I’ve decided to save RAGER for pay-per-view discussions or whenever I have something to say/rant about. And again, it’s not like Pulse Wrestling is doing without a healthy dose of Chris Sanders every week, you’re still stuck with my 10 Thoughts (except for last week’s UK show, because nothing of any note happened…it would have been RAGER’S 3 Thoughts and one of those would’ve been me complaining that nothing happened that week).

So let’s get ankle-deep in some Payback, yes?

Pre-show Hair vs Mask Match:
El Torito vs Hornswaggle
Honestly, I have no strong feelings against this match although it is obvious Hornswaggle will be losing his hair long before the unmask the bull. All that being said, if I have to put up with another little person commentator booth, I will start a forest fire.

Divas Championship Match:
Paige(c) vs Alicia Fox
I don’t believe Fox has much of a chance here but I’m really digging her insane Orange Soda Stone Cold antics because it’s way better than watching most Diva matches. Actually, you know what? I’m gonna change my tune and say Fox is gonna win the title just so we can watch her come up with a different way to turn into R-Hooch (because hooch is crazy) every week.

US Championship Match
Sheamus(c) vs Cesaro
You know, I had this bizarre hope when they paired Cesaro with Paul Heyman that there was some sort of plan going forward for Cesaro. But I now realize how foolish hoping that was because it’s almost the same scenario we saw with Curtis Axel last year. Don’t get me wrong, I love Cesaro and his ringwork is second to none, but it’s clear that there is no real plan for him going forward. I’m in a tricky situation here because I don’t really want him as the US champion again but I don’t want to see him lose to Sheamus (cleanly, that is). Hopefully, WWE is just biding their time and waiting for something better to come Cesaro’s way (hopefully a MitB win).

Rumored Match
Rusev vs Big E
I’m just ready to see Rusev in actual competitive matches rather than squashes here and there while we all shake our fists at the gods because we’re not getting enough Lana camera time. I’d like to say that I’m still on the fence about Rusev but he’s got 3 negatives working against him: 1) the constant worship of Putin’s giant head, 2) his generic monster build just isn’t working and 3) that damn Camel Clutch. Of course, Rusev also has Lana and there’s about 15 positive things I can say about that lovely lady. If you can come up with the same 15 things I have, you win this week.
But if this leads to the formation of a rumored Nation of Domination-type faction featuring Big E, Xavier Woods and R-Truth (apparently, they don’t want Titus), I am all in…maybe bring in Ron Simmons as a manager and I’m there with freaking bells on.

Rumored Match
Adam Rose vs Jack Swagger
Yeah, let’s just get this over with already.

The Daniel Bryan WWEWHC Decision:
He’s gonna drop the title for his wife and lead some sort of ladder match at MitB and that’ll be your “All-Star MitB match” for this year. Or It’s yet another stall tactic to see if DB will be good to go by MitB. Either way, stop making announcements for announcements, we’re getting into Inception territory here.

Intercontinental Championship Match
Bad News Barrett(c) vs Rob Van Dam
I’m guessing the prerequisite for this match was to have three names so be on the lookout for next month’s match against Dolph Charles Ziggler.
I just realized that I have absolutely nothing to say about either guy that’s in this match. Only the best for you readers, am I right?

Last Man Standing Match
John Cena vs Bray Wyatt
I’m assuming there will be some sort of singing involved at some point seeing as how it’s apparently impossible to ever do without during a Wyatt segment these days. But everything has been in favor of Bray lately so that leads me to believe we really get your usual “Cena never quits” type of win. It seems like this would be an automatic win for Cena but the LMS matches I can remember Cena being in, he’s lost or it was a draw. There was the one against Edge where Big Show put Cena through a spotlight, when he lost to Del Rio at Vengeance when they wrestled on a collapsed ring and last year against Ryback. Of course the two I remember Cena winning both involved duct tape. So either some sketch shenanigans go down so Bray can win or Cena is pulling out the duct tape.

No Holds Barred Elimination Match
Evolution vs Shield
Well as we’ve all suspected, Batista will be taking a break after Payback so either they go the injury route or something goes down where Evolution turns on him so he can give this face thing an honest try when he returns. Hopefully this will be the end of this brief reunion because I’d much rather see that than have some replacement or new member show up like Sheamus. Whatever the case may be, I’m looking forward to this match because I almost guarantee that this will be a fun match to watch.
Not the best card but it’s probably the best they can do right now with their champion and hottest entity on the shelf briefly. This is where that 6 month network commitment pays off for WWE.

Coming up this week on the Classy Ring Attire Podcast, Hollywood Joel is taking the week off due to his hectic theater schedule so instead, we welcome a new member to the CRA family as our good friend “Beardsly” joins the podcast. He’s new to the wrestling world but he’s jumped into it headfirst and I think you guys will love it. ALSO, I will be making a huge announcement at the end of the podcast about our parent company Irrelevant But Awesome Productions so please, please, please tune in for that!

Don’t do anything I wouldn’t do twice,

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RAGER’S 10 Thoughts: WWE Raw 5.26.14 (Shield, Evolution, Alicia Fox) Tue, 27 May 2014 05:19:15 +0000 1. So Braddox was unceremoniously fired from his GM position. This comes to the shock of many as they were surprised to hear Raw still had a GM for some weird reason even when WWE had at one time 3 or 4 higher ranking power positions featured on the show each week. Nice to also see Kane still takes his Director of Operations duties seriously and handling all of the severance issues. Kane is basically the Sarlacc Pit of the WWE. That’s right, Star Wars references, deal with it. *drops mic*

*picks the mic back up* Sorry, I still have 9 of these thoughts left.

2. Sheamus shaking Cesaro’s limp hand is what I’d imagine an Irish Stranger would look like. Look away, kids, nobody needs to see that…unless you’re into that sort of thing. Just know that if you are into that, I am absolutely judging you but that’s more because you’re looking favorably at Sheamus and that’s just not what this great country is about. America…yolo, right?

3. There was a point where Lawler called Summer Rae a woman but quickly corrected himself and said Diva. I got a chuckle out of it because it furthers my theory that WWE truly believes that DIVAS AREN’T ACTUALLY HUMAN! #conspiracy

4. So Drew McIntyre air-humped towards Torito and then later dragged himself in a seductive manner towards Torito, I have some concerns over where this angle might be going, especially if WWE continues insisting that Torito is actually a bull. These are the sort of things that keeps Zeb awake at night.

5. So nobody is willing to come to JBL’s rescue? How many heart attacks must one have to be eligible for John Cena’s protective services? At least let Heath “Clem Layfield” Slater come out and get his face smashed in with Uncle John. Also, I’m gonna call for a moratorium on Bray Wyatt singing “He’s got the whole world” once this Cena feud is wrapped up. If Bray still feels the need to serenade us, might I suggest this alternative. Are well all in agreement of this? Good.

6. Obligatory Rusev mention so we can have a discussion about how hot Lana is…seriously, she’s starting to drag me away from Renee Young.

7. I don’t Bo-lieve in Bo Dallas because he’s Bo-ring. See what I did there? Guys? I guarantee that in a few months, Boo Dallas will be the new Boo-tista. Apparently interesting personality doesn’t run in the family.

8. So they’ve put off deciding on the WWEWHC status for the 3rd week in a row and now it will be decided at Payback. So in short, it’s been an announcement of an announcement of an announcement of an announcement…I think it’s been the appropriate amount of time for us to be angry about this, right?

9. Consider me an Alicia Fox fan. Why? Because she’s a Diva that’s doing something different and has hardly any affiliation with that reality show…also because I really, truly hate Emma. I know I’ve touched on it in the past and I understand that some of you really dig her but again, I just don’t get it. I was kind of concerned when Alicia made her way to the commentator’s table because she’s taken JBL’s hat, King’s crown and what’s next? Is she gonna scalp Michael Cole? Cole better invest in a cranial cover quick.

Also, Lawler said he’d better “hide his crown.” This might just be me but everything he says sounds like some sort of euphemism.

10. Wanna know how much fans can’t get behind a contract signing main event? Behind Cena and Daniel Bryan, Shield are probably the most over with the crowd but even they couldn’t stop the crowd from falling a COMPLETE DEAD SILENCE during this segment. This wasn’t so much a “go-home” show as it was a “you’re-already-locked-in-a-6-month-commitment-with-the-network-so-go-eat-a-dick” show. Seriously, I would’ve been more entertained by a battle royal match between Roman Reigns and that entire family of desk chairs he demolished (the table would be the manager, of course).

*insert obligatory “BAH GAWD THAT DESK CHAIR HAD A FAMILY” joke here*

Extra Thought: Pour one out for Damien Sandow’s career, he’s the new Charlie Haas.×120.jpg×250.jpg

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THE RAGER! For the Greater Good (The Daniel Bryan Injury) Wed, 14 May 2014 15:00:32 +0000 So with the state of the World Heavyweight Championship in question with the recent Daniel Bryan injury, I’d like to make offer my thoughts on the whole thing. Of course, Stephanie didn’t strip Bryan of the championship on Raw this past week HOWEVER, WWE did post on both Instagram and Snapchat that the matter will be addressed next week on Raw. I will now pause and allow you all to judge me for having a Instagram and Snapchat account. I still think WWE having a snapchat account is super weird to me, I wonder how many dick pics they get sent on a daily basis.

But moving on, I actually think this injury, as bad as it may be for Bryan, is a good thing for the sake of the story. Daniel Bryan is coming off this huge story that started way back at Summerslam and its been an epic ebb and flow the led to the incredible moment when Bryan’s climb to the top came to a successful end at Wrestlemania 30. What has happened since? A bunch of hokey garbage with Kane and a decent match at Extreme Rules. And honestly, there wasn’t much more story to tell between the two after Extreme Rules anyway. Now with the injury, there’s an instant return story and then you add on the assumed beat down that happened before Kane dragged Bryan’s limp body out to the stage. Kane dragging Bryan was probably the most impactful thing those two have done in this story and it didn’t involve under-the-ring gimmicks or Brie’s terrible acting (although that came right after Bryan was dragged out). And it makes sense for WWE to wait a week to decide if they’re going to strip the title from Bryan. It will be after the surgery and after they have a better idea of exactly how long Bryan will be out. I say, if he’s going to only miss one pay per view, it’s fine to leave the belts on him because there’s been precedent back when Punk took off TLC because of injury. If they’re positive Bryan is going to miss two pay per views, I’d be okay with them stripping the titles because that would be stretching it a bit. Also, taking the titles away from Bryan would give him something to work for when he does return and, as we’ve seen, that’s where Bryan has been at his best from a character perspective. If they do take the titles off Bryan, what happens to the championship? WWE could just hand it to Kane since he was the one that put Bryan on the shelf, that is if they want to mold this as Stephanie’s plan all along and she completely condoned Kane’s actions. OR we have a multiple week tournament (much like the one we just had for the IC belt) when the final two competitors have a match for the championship at Payback. Personally, I’m all for tournaments, it makes the matches on Raw actually mean something PLUS it means the return of THE superstar of 2013, The Almighty Vacant, and long may he reign.
The likeliest of possibilities is for Kane to somehow be the champion whenever Daniel Bryan returns because it makes the most sense with the story and it inserts Daniel Bryan right back into the championship scene, and that would kill two birds with one stone. Yes, feuding with Kane right off the return makes the most sense but then again, I don’t want Bryan to be muddling around in non-championship waters. So we might as well combine the two.
And of course, there’s the chance that they don’t strip Daniel Bryan at all and this entire exercise in championship hypotheticals will be for nothing. But if that’s the case, this entire article will be worthless but I will offer you all with a video of a guy doing a Morgan Freeman impersonation while explaining owls to help make up for it. We cool?
And it should go with out saying that a wrestler missing time due to an injury is never a good thing, especially with a neck injury because it’s taken out so many of our beloved heroes. I truly do not want Daniel Bryan to be another career cut short for any reason. We’re all fortunate that this injury will not keep him away for long and he will make, by all accounts, a full and healthy recovery. Just wanted to say all of that before anybody had the chance to say that I’m an insensitive jerk. I mean, they would be correct on a technicality but not about this.

And also, Damien Sandow going “off the script” was nothing to really get excited about. As I stated in my 10 Thoughts column Monday night, he did something similar not too long ago and was rewarded with a punch from Big Show, the same ol’ same the weeks following and wearing Magneto pajamas. I don’t claim to know if it was a work or not but until I see Sandow actually benefit from these outbursts and have success in the ring, color me unexcited.

Don’t do anything I wouldn’t do twice,

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RAGER’S 10 Thoughts: WWE Raw 5.12.14 (Shield, Damien Sandow, Daniel Bryan) Tue, 13 May 2014 03:55:35 +0000 1. First off, let me just say how awesome it was to see that Classy Ring Attire’s own Chasity Taylor was a member of Adam Rose’s entourage tonight. I promise I will return to crapping all over his gimmick next week but something tells me his group of fun-loving hippies would be into getting crapped on…except for Chasity because she’s Classy…Classy Ring Attire (follow us on Twitter @CRAttire).

2. Alicia Fox actually did something this week other than confuse everyone every other week if she’s a heel or a face. Not sure if she actually quit or not. I do don’t the WWE App thing during the commercial breaks because I actually conversate with my guests during that time. I’m not that much of a rude jerk.

3. So WWE is embracing the legit injury on Daniel Bryan but they’re (so far) not overreacting by taking the belt off him because the injury and procedure is being described as minor. But then again, we can all wake up in the morning and see on that they did strip him of the belts. Either way, Kane dragging Daniel Bryan out was subtle and still just as effective as all the dumb hokey crap they’ve done over the past couple weeks. There are ways to come across as creepy and sinister without looking like a bad Scooby-Doo cartoon, not that WWE has any experience in making bad Scooby-Doo cartoons or anything.

4. I’m not done with the Bray Wyatt/Cena feud yet but I still tend to zone out during their weekly matches unless somebody starts cutting a promo. I did roll my eyes when they announced a Last Man Standing match for Payback because just as it would be a perfect way for Bray to win, it also seems like the time Super Cena would show up and put an end to the feud.

5. Natalya and Nikki fought because of paintings that were gifted to her months ago. She really should just put the paintings in the bathroom because that’s where the crap goes.

6. Sheamus has two matches against Ryback and Curtis Axel. There’s nothing appealing about that sentence.

7. Dolph Ziggler got a win on Raw! Sure it came off a distraction and it was against Fandango and none of the focus was on Ziggler…but still, scoreboard.

8. Rusev was about to attack Hacksaw Jim Duggin because apparently America is still #1 in the one thing that matters…USA chants. Big E came out for the save and ended up looking like a chump in the process.

9. So Sandow went “off the script” pre-raw and was about to do the same before Codust’s music cut him off. The internet went crazy with his pre-raw rant but isn’t this just the same thing he did a few weeks ago before getting a punch from Big Show? Until I see results, this is nothing to be excited for.

10. Raw ended with Shield vs Jobbers but I still would much rather have seen the advertised Batista vs Roman Reigns match. But then again, I’m assuming the plan was for Shield to look strong at the end of the show and Batista apparently has this thing about not looking weak at the end of his matches (even though he was pinned/submitted at the end of the last two pay per views) and so maybe this was their way of working around that. Either way, dumb.×120.jpg×250.jpg

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THE RAGER! Forklifts And Bad News (Daniel Bryan, Shield, Bad News Barrett) Wed, 07 May 2014 15:00:41 +0000 I apologize for my RAGER scarcity as of late. I wish I had a better excuse other than laziness and life happening and getting in the way. Also, I’ve noticed writing a weekly Raw 10 Thoughts column tends to kill any material I may have for RAGER seeing as how I usually talk about Raw stuff on here. So for a while, I might just be posting Pay Per View RAGERs or whenever I actually have something to say, haven’t quite figured it out yet. I just don’t want have you guys have to deal with me simply repeating myself on a weekly basis. I will guarantee that there will be a new RAGER’S 10 Thoughts every single week, I have a lot of fun with those.

But enough of that, let’s get extreme.

El Torito vs Hornswaggle
You know what? I wasn’t sure how they could find a way to make match commentary worse than what we get on a weekly basis but WWE continues to surprise me. Aside from the special commentary, this was a fun and ridiculous match to watch with some legitimate good spots. I honestly believed this would only be a showcase of Torito but I’ll give Swaggle his do, he had his moments. Now let’s not make this sort of match a habit, let’s not lose the novelty of it (aka end the feud now before you’ve beaten us over the head with it and become sick at the sight of both guys). It happened a few times, it was terrible when it easily could’ve been so let’s leave “well enough” alone.

Cesaro vs Jack Swagger vs RVD
It’s usually not a great sign when even the commentators didn’t know this was an elimination match so I’m assuming it just wasn’t clearly defined or that 3 count was a botch, either is a very likely scenario. This did feel like WWE just insert RVD wherever they could find room just to make sure he was on the card but he was a good addition. It was a fun match even before Swaggz was eliminated. Cesaro and Heyman are a perfect combination and it forces one to realize how much of a failure the Curtis Axel experiment was.

Alexander Rusev vs R-Truth and Xavier Woods
I’ve decided to use the “just focus on Lana” strategies some of my readers have used and I must say that I’m enjoyed Rusev matches a lot more now. Thanks, folks! Maybe I’ll start paying attention once Rusev ditches the Camel Clutch (this message is Kue approved). Oh yeah, “Rusev crush” can go bye-bye, too. I know it’s simply an excuse for the camera to be on Lana and I’m all aboard that bandwagon but still, enough is enough.

Bad News Barrett vs Big E
Barrett has extended his streak of me actually enjoying his ring work and Big E was no slouch either. I’m still not saying that Barrett is getting this huge push considering this is his 4th IC reign and was literally the holder of the white belt exactly a year ago. He’s successfully been pushed back to where he used to be but the only different is that he has a gimmick that’s seemingly working with the crowd and people give a crap. I do wish the IC reign of Big E would’ve been a bigger deal because I still think very highly of him and his potential but I suppose they it’s a good thing they took the belt off of him seeing as how the only thing he’s been doing with it is gently stroking it (the belt) while staring at a monitor.

The Shield vs Evolution
What a match, am I right? Just another moment that I’m glad WWE didn’t pull the trigger on the Shield breakup a few months ago. Of course the balcony spot is the one that fans will remember the most but I thought it was a nice touch with it coming down to the two final participants of this past Royal Rumble but with Roman getting the upper hand this time around. Seriously, as long as Shield still has something to do, never break them up. Oh yeah, Evolution was alright, I guess.

Bray Wyatt vs John Cena
I know there’s probably still a debate going about the ending of this match on whether it was horribly hokey or if it was brilliant. Personally, I’m still kind of end the middle because I don’t really think Bray needed it to win a cage match against Cena BUT it does add fuel to the fire to continue the feud into the next PPV. Personally, I would’ve liked if they held off on the choir from a couple weeks ago and used that for the end of their cage match but I do realize having children get in their places in the dark is one thing but them doing so to all be around the ring is another. The voice of Little Johnny is fine, I guess but I still think the sound of a singing child is way creepier (still making it obvious that I don’t have kids). If you really think about it, we all kind of figured Wyatt would have some sort of creepy way to win this match and what they actually ended up doing seemed about on par with what I would expect. But seriously, can we move onto a different song now?

Paige vs Tamina
*shrug* Paige looked alright but I really don’t care for Tamina and it looks like neither did the live audience.

Daniel Bryan vs Kane
I feel like this is where I would give the obligatory respectful nod to Kane for doing what he’s doing at his age and doing it well and he deserves that however, this really needed to be a one time thing because I really don’t like this story at all especially if they’re not really gonna touch on Team Friendship at all. It’s too reminiscent of embrace the hate mixed with Brie’s horrible acting (not that everybody else is great at it) and it all feels thrown together which is probably accurate considering that’s what the case is. Batista is apparently refusing to be in a program against DB because he doesn’t want to lose cleanly to him (even though Batista tapped at WM30 to DB and was pinned cleanly by Reigns…so maybe the dirtsheets are full of crap) and so WWE has to come up with a viable option for the next PPV. But all that aside, this match enjoyable and the forklift was a good addition, especially for the diving headbutt.

Don’t do anything I wouldn’t do twice,

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RAGER’S 10 Thoughts: WWE Raw 5.5.14 (Shield, Wyatt Family, Daniel Bryan) Tue, 06 May 2014 04:13:20 +0000 1. I like battle royals and I still hold onto the absurd hope that maybe Kofi will actually win it one of these days and it was for a meaningless midcard belt so it was the perfect scenario. But alas, Sheamus is your new US Champion while Barrett is your Intercontinental champion, it’s feeling a bit 2011 up in here. Just as Mitch Hedburg said that someone handing out fliers is essentially saying, “Hey, you throw this away” the same is true when the US championship changes hands from one wrestler to another.

2. Well at least they have Cesaro actually acting like a heel now. I mean, sure it’s enough to just be associated with Heyman for heel status but it does help to actually do a heel act once or twice to drive the point home.

3. It’s like WWE hits a reset button every week to start from scratch on the eventual breakup of CoDust or they’re really just putting it off until they finally figure out how they’re going to pull the trigger.

4. So the bull fighters from Madrid that actually from Puerto Rico are celebrating an Americanized Mexican holiday? It makes about as much sense as turning a leprechaun into an air guitarist.

5. Okay okay, I caught myself pervin’ on Lana this week. You win, you animals, you win.

6. You know what? I’m okay with keeping Del Rio as the guy that doesn’t really talk much or ever has a feud with anyone but still sticks around to have really good matches every once in a while. Also, each week with Daniel Bryan seems like WWE is going more and more into full Embrace the Hate mode and, as Mick Foley pointed out, that concerns me because it didn’t exactly work out too well for Zack Ryder. The one major difference is that Daniel Bryan can actually have really good and interesting matches with Kane whereas Ryder was just…there. Also, Brie’s screamed as if she was going through her iPhone with boredom as she did it.

7. Seriously, when did Barrett start giving a crap in the ring? I don’t remember enjoying his ring work this time last year. Again, I think it’s only because I’m just now starting to pay attention.

8. Something tells me that Mr. T won’t be please about his Hall of Fame induction speech being cut together like that but you know who it did please? This guy and I fully plan on sending it to my mother on Sunday because I’m a piece of crap son that can’t afford the gas money or be able to take off work to see his wonderful mother that lives 2 1/2 hours away.

9. Seriously, what kind of acid is being dropped in NXT and where can I get some? I mean, I’m not really into partying, buses or furries but I imagine I’d come up with some pretty money scripts after the fact. But seriously, this Adam Rose thing is a mess.

10. I can’t tell if fans are just not as interested in Shield vs Wyatts as they used to be or WWE has just flooded the market with it because this is the 4th time they’ve had a match on WWE programming since February on-top of them facing off in multiple after show dark matches and live events. Sure, the crowd woke up towards the end of it but the crowd seems pretty disinterested for a while which is odd for a Shield or Wyatts match these days. Perhaps the crowd had enough after Adam Rose or they were being a bunch of scumbags and it’s an isolated incident, who knows?×120.jpg×250.jpg

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RAGER’S 10 Thoughts: WWE Raw 4.29.14 (Bray Wyatt, Ric Flair, Daniel Bryan) Tue, 29 Apr 2014 18:29:45 +0000 I’m sorry if this is a bit scattered but the cast of Star Wars VII was just announced so I took frequent breaks to look at various news articles that all say the same exact thing but that doesn’t make me any less giddy that this is actually happening. But let us move on…

1. My only complaint on the opening segment was that the part when the lights went out and the kids started singing seemed a bit too long before Bray finally showed up. But everything after him walking out and the kids following was golden in my book. Don’t get me wrong, I’m completely over “He’s Got the Whole World in His Hands” as a song right now but the moment and the visuals were fantastic. Also, I do like Cena feeling like the fans have completely turned on him, it’s not a heel turn but it does feel like something different which is next to impossible for Cena these days.

2. I really don’t like saying nice things about segments that involved Ryback and Curtis Axel but their championship match against the Usos was actually pretty good…too bad it had Ryback and Curtis Axel in it (see? I still managed to turn it around).

3. There were a LOT of backstage segments with Heyman/Cesaro/RVD/Zeb/Swaggz. Okay, maybe there were only two but also added to the promo segment, the match with RVD and Barrett and then the run-in with Swaggz and Cesaro. I’m still confused about what the situation here is and RVD is being added because I’m assuming WWE needs a face somewhere in all of this. Let’s be honest, we just want to get Cesaro’s feud with Swagger over and done with so Cesaro can move on to whatever it is they have planned with he and Heyman. And Heyman’s knock knock joke was proof that his children aren’t kayfabe because that was a bad dad joke if there ever was one.

4. Just when you thought we had seen the last of Super Sheamus, he rises from the ashes and no sells Titus’ attack from behind and lays him out with a single kick. This means Titus is the next Daniel Bryan, right guys? Guys?

5. Sandeto. Hugh Jackman. I can’t. I just can’t. I truly didn’t think I had any more hope for Sandow after the MitB incident last year but turns out I did have more hope to lose and now it’s all gone after last night. The one silver lining in all this, the segment featured Ziggler and, for once, he wasn’t the one getting buried. That’s improvement, right?

6. Again, it’s apparent that the days of CoDust are numbered and it’s looking more like Cody will be the one to turn heel, which is completely fine because Cody really didn’t do anything for me as a singles heel before Goldust came back. Heel Cody has always been way more entertaining for me. Cody just needs to learn to use his personality for more than just the JBL & Cole Show. Seriously, if that was the Cody we got to see on Raw every week, I’d jump right back on the Cody bandwagon with the fervor of a thousand Brock shrieks.

7. Well, at least Rusev didn’t win with the Camel Clutch this week. Let all the comments about hot Lana is commence, you animals.

8. How about we just got some sort of reference to Team Friendship and what happened there instead of another hokey under-the-ring-Kane bit? This is almost an embrace the hate situation but without a pointless John Cena character and a Zack Ryder (Daniel Bryan) character than can actually defend himself. And apparently Brie can just wiggle and kick her way out of Kane’s grips (who also apparently lacks the ability to climb out of a hole in the ring) so needless to say that I like Bryan’s chances at Extreme Rules.

9. I’m not sure if Barrett’s ring work has gotten any better or if it’s because I’m actually paying attention to his matches now.

10. Ric Flair’s promo went a lot how I’d imagine an evening in bed with Flair would go: It was incoherent, predictable, unsatisfying, awkward and ended abruptly…does this mean Shield now owns half of whatever is left of his assets?×120.jpg×250.jpg

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RAGER’S 10 Thoughts: WWE Raw 4.21.14 (Bray Wyatt, John Cena, Daniel Bryan) Tue, 22 Apr 2014 04:25:23 +0000 1. Obviously, it was/is a rough situation for Daniel Bryan and his family and they could’ve easily come up with an off-air reason for him to understandably miss the show tonight but instead opened the show before (I assume) he left to be with his family. Daniel Bryan took being a professional to a whole new level and I’m sure WWE appreciates it as we do. Again, he didn’t have to but he still did.

2. When Stephanie’s music hits, it always takes me a few seconds to figure out whose music that is. Honestly, Stephanie’s entrance music should just be the shrills of dragons and the crying of small children. Also, let us all take solace in the fact that Kane is no longer wrestling in slacks.

3. Bad News Barrett cleanly pinned Sheamus? WWE is making it incredibly difficult for me to not be on-board with this new Barrett gimmick now.

4. The WWE video package team made a El Torito and Hornswaggle package look like an epic Wrestlemania-level feud. I’m now convinced the team has the power to summon Cthulhu because why not?

5. I was thinking that the only reason Randy and Batista spoke during their promo was because of HHH’s horse voice but then every member of the Shield got a chance on the mic so that’s when I realized that was by design. I love the Shield, every member is amazing but Roman and Seth’s mic work that goes beyond a few sentences needs some work. I mean, sure, the best way to progress is to gain experience but Shield have done a great job playing to their strengths for a year and a half and got over in a major way almost exclusively due to their ring work. Dean is definitely still need to be the Shield’s mouthpiece or whatever tired cliché Michael Cole wants to use to describe it.

6. CoDust is on the verge of breaking up and I’m all for it. They had a great and fun run together but they’ve done very little lately and this break-up needs to happen while people still find them relevant. I’d hate for it to be the same tag team break story that is constantly happening but at least the matches should be pretty good.

7. The end of that Emma/Santino vs Fandango/Layla…No, WWE! Stop that! Go sit in the corner and think about what you’ve done.

8. I’m sure we all guaranteed that Cesaro would’ve won the tournament as his vehicle upwards but now it’s becoming increasingly clear that it’s more of a vehicle for Barrett. Does this mean we’re going to have multiple tag team break-up storylines going on at the same time? Obviously Swags/Cesaro is much further along than CoDust. Timing has never really been a strong point of WWE’s.

9. Pour one out for all the glue guns that gave their lives to bedazzle that ridiculous shirt Lawler was wearing. Also, Aksana has a ring entrance?

10. I like Bray Wyatt and I will forever praise his mic work and his ability to maintain his weirdness during matches and ring work, but I’m gonna need more substance for this Cena feud. The only other time the Wyatts had any sort of extended feud against someone was with Daniel Bryan and there were shifting elements beyond “Bray is targeting this guy now.” I’m not saying they need for Cena to join the Wyatt’s because we saw how that went down with Nexus plus this is already resembling Cena’s “embrace the hate” struggles and then you add the fact that joining the Wyatt’s would be copying a story they just did a few months ago. This is the one thing I grow weary of, feuds that last for extended periods of time but offer nothing new to give reason for this feud extension. I guess it would help if Cena actually showed some internal struggle beyond what he did during the WM30 match but even then, I need more.

Don’t do anything I wouldn’t do twice,

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THE RAGER! Heel Logic (HHH, CM Punk, Randy Orton) Wed, 16 Apr 2014 15:00:18 +0000 So in a surprise to absolutely no one, Evolution has reformed. It’s not a surprise because the three men, HHH, Randy Orton and Batista, were all working alongside each other since Wrestlemania. Also, HHH is also one-half of the most frequently-reformed-group in the history of professional wrestling, DX. I’m not sure if that’s factually correct but it feels like it should be correct and that tends to be good enough for most news organizations so why not adapt that mindset here?

Recently, Jim Ross went all cranky old-schooler on twitter over the current state of heels in WWE today, specifically pertaining to antics of most heels and how they’re not really doing enough to deserve the comeuppance that is usually served by the face that is involved. He made the point that there aren’t enough heels that bend the rules or have as many despicable character qualities and probably the only one that comes to mind these days would be HHH and the Authority and perhaps Randy Orton. Batista is more of an arrogant heel than a cheating one. Ross also goes on to say about the Wyatts that they cannot be allowed to become too cool.

Personally, I disagree with JR because the days of absolute good vs evil are so boring at times and yes, I realize how closely this resembles Vince’s introduction to the Attitude Era. I get so annoyed with heels that have to cheat or find some sort of loophole to win their matches, that’s what annoyed me most about the 2nd half of CM Punk’s 434 reign. The guy was unbeatable as a face for the first 8 months of the reign against guys like Del Rio, Miz, Ziggler, everyone in the elimination chamber, Jericho, Daniel Bryan and Kane and then by October, 3 months after turned heel, he was cowering and sneaking his way out of matches against Ryback and Cena. If every heel or even just a larger number of them did that then be prepared for the most boring television WWE has ever produced, especially in this day and age. And who cares if people start to find heels like the Wyatts cool? They’re still menacing and despicable characters to the fans that matter (Cena’s fans). And yes, the Shield became far too cool and fun to watch to be able to keep them heel, same goes for Cesaro BUT that will lend to their success as faces.

Everything works in cycles and I feel like we’re reaching a different form of the Attitude Era. Like an Attitude Era that wants to keep their younger audience, be socially conscious and tolerant and have a great farm system with a seemingly endless amount of talent. The Reality Era, so far, seems to be a mixture of pulling back the curtain and continuing what CM Punk started in 2011 while still having kayfabe-ridden colorful characters while also being a time where being an absolute good or bad guy is less of a requirement. The most annoying thing about all this is that we have all these characters doing things that are clearly opposite of what their morality standing currently is and the commentators (Lawler) are still sticking to their black and white mentality. Last year (or the year before, I wasn’t paying THAT much attention) Sheamus stole another man’s car and went on a messy joyride and was looked at as just a rascally good guy that just gave Del Rio what he deserved. Fairly certain Sheamus engaged in an illegal activity and as much as he talks about pubs and pints, he was probably drunk too but it’s okay because an eye-for-an-eye will leave the whole world blind except for the last guy doing the eye-plucking.

This entire debate might be nitpicking and be utterly meaningless and could all be chalked up to me being desperate to find a subject to write about this week but I really do disagree with what JR was saying and I just don’t think a clear-cut definition of what is what works as well anymore and it all depends on what is being accomplished by the individual character. The method JR refers to makes it far too easy for WWE to put themselves in a creative box which leads to the complete boredom that was exemplified during the height of the PG Era. Of course, JR doesn’t speak for WWE anymore and, quite frankly, comes off a bit bitter about everything these days and it’s merely one man’s opinion against mine. Honestly, WWE wanting to stick to certain ratings make it really difficult to really create a true despicable heel BUT it’s not impossible and it forces them to either be more creative about it or be completely lazy and they’ve done enough lazy.

Be sure to follow Classy Ring Attire on twitter @CRAttire and we started a new thing where yours truly quickly covers this week’s WWE news.

Don’t do anything I wouldn’t do twice,

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RAGER’S 10 Thoughts: WWE Raw 4.14.14 (John Cena, Bray Wyatt, Cesaro) Tue, 15 Apr 2014 05:34:56 +0000 1. WWE pays tribute to the life of Ultimate Warrior by doing the absolute best thing they know how to do: video packages. Warrior’s final Raw appearance is going to be used by WWE for quite some time and will probably mean a lot to fans for even longer.

2. Seriously, WWE couldn’t be bothered to complete an 8-man tournament in one 3-hour episode of Raw? We just had to see a match where Ryback and Curtis Axel won? WWE Creative needs to take some time management classes.

3. A friend of mine (who shall henceforth be referred to as “Beardsly”) who is a recent pro wrestling convert made the following statement during Raw: “Goldust is the Gwar of the WWE and I will never get tired of his pseudo-androgynous alienesque antics.” I was never a fan of Gwar but I feel like I would correct in agreeing with Beardsly. Also, I’m using my executive powers to get Beardsly on a Classy Ring Attire episode very soon…you can thank me later.

4. So how many times is Paige allowed to act surprised whenever time she wins a match? It’s certainly justified when she pinned AJ to win the championship. But after you beat Alicia Fox? You might wanna reign that in.

5. So a while back, Cesaro kept referring to himself as a throwback. Has he reached such a throwback status that he’s now reached a time before entrance music? Oh wait, you guys…I just got an idea to turn Cesaro into the wrestling hipster. Swayze, I’m gonna need your wremix expertise on this.

6. So far, the only thing that has impressed me with Alexander Rusev is his theme music. I was briefly impressed with him at the Royal Rumble. What happened to that? And do we really need another wrestler with a Camel Clutch finish? Sure, he calls it something different but it’s the freaking Camel Clutch.

7. The most heartbreaking thing about Damien Sandow right now isn’t the fact that he was Falcon Punched for no reason, it’s that he wasn’t holding the microphone like a wine glass anymore. It’s like that was his last thread of dignity.

8. See, I gave Cena props last week on THE RAGER and how does he repay me? He gives the Wyatts the Nexus treatment and we get wacky Cena. At least Wyatt is a promo wizard and was able to salvage it a little. I’m assuming Vince really has a thing for shopped photos on the internet of people’s heads on different bodies. First person that find’s Vince’s secret personal Tumblr page gets +10 Charisma and will win this week’s column.

9. According to Stephanie while talking to Kane, employers are really looking for people with no moral code. Apparently I’ve been doing this whole job interview thing wrong. I’m just gonna send pics of phallic objects to the next person that interviews me and if they hire me, they get the real. If any potential employers are reading this right now, please note that my pseudonym is Chris Sanders and my real name is actually Joel Leonard. The real Chris Sanders is an outstanding American that would never send pics of his junk to potential employers. What were we talking about? Oh right, masked Kane is coming back…again.

10. Evolution seems to have a lot more members than I last remembered. And I’m assuming Ric Flair couldn’t make it due to a blading incident on the way to the arena, which was followed by a blading incident on the way to the hospital…and then a blading incident when checking out of said hospital…and you guys see where this dumb joke it going.

Don’t do anything I wouldn’t do twice,

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THE RAGER! Wrestlemania XXX And Ultimate Warrior Wed, 09 Apr 2014 15:00:26 +0000 First off, I do apologize for not having a 10 Thoughts column go up yesterday. I’m going out of town today and the only time Joel and myself could record this week’s Classy Ring Attire (follow us on twitter @CRAttire) before then was right after Raw. I promise to return next week with your regularly scheduled Raw 10 Thoughts

Wrestlemania XXX

Kick-off Match: Usos vs Real Americans vs Ryback & Curtis Axel vs Los Matadores
First off, I was relieved this was turned into an elimination tag match instead of making it one fall because that would as hectic and pointless as a 14 person single fall match instead of a battle royal…you know, just as an example. However, the match seems kind of secondary when you consider Real Americans broke up and the fans getting so behind Cesaro. Personally, I was convinced WWE threw those plans out of the window weeks ago after they seemingly gave up on the angle. I’m glad they didn’t.

Daniel Bryan vs HHH
That might have been my favorite HHH Wrestlemania entrance ever, firstly. Secondly, I’m sort of glad they didn’t go with a big elaborate entrance for Bryan (you know they were tempted to do so). The only real surprise here was that post-match beat-down was way shorter than I was expecting but then again, that chair shot onto the arm on the ring post pretty did the trick. Also, I haven’t realized how much I’ve missed having Stephanie ringside for HHH’s matches, she’s not quite the entertaining ringside heel manager that Paul Heyman is but then again, who is?

The Shield vs Citizen Kane & The Old Age Inlaws
So we made the mistake of watching on a PS3 and this was the first moment the Network decided to screw us in the mouth. The video cut out right when Shield’s music hit and by the time we were able to get it to work again, they were showing replays of the end of the match. I’ve since rewatched and even though I thought this match was a waste of a Shield appearance, I am glad Shield stayed together and even more glad to see that they’re also working out well as faces.

So many Andre nods and the match itself was way better than what I was expecting. I now feel spoiled because we got an extra “Royal” spot out of Kofi, I’m still partial to the hand-walk spot but I really did like the stair one here. Obviously I’m a huge fan of Cesaro winning and I’m excited to see where all that leads because they guy definitely deserves to be pushed to the freaking moon. And the winning elimination, as if lifting Big Show wasn’t enough of a big moment but to do so with such seeming ease, all 15 people in my apartment were on their feet and the poor elderly couple downstairs were probably awakened. But who cares?

John Cena vs Bray Wyatt
So what if the Bray band played on a pre-recorded track, the moment was super cool (wasn’t really digging the voodoo lady but whatevs) and perfectly fitting Bray’s character and the tone of the moment. The match was a little slow at points but I’m okay with that because the story of the match was compelling enough to distract you from it. Clearly the best moment was the surprise spider that made me almost crap myself just as much as Cena appeared to have done. This match was an immediate rewatch for me because Bray does so many small things that sometimes it’s impossible to pick up, plus I was watching with some loud mofos and I couldn’t hear everything that was going on. I’m okay with Bray not winning because, as clearly told during the match, that wasn’t Bray’s objective. This match entertained the crap out of me.

Brock Lesnar vs Undertaker
And the other match that PS3/Network ruined for me. I got to see most of the match but it cut out about 15 minutes into it and came back as Brock was walking back up the ramp with his music playing and Taker obviously losing the match. That’s right, I was unable to see the moment the streak ended, a streak that has lasted since I was 3 years old. I sat there as a 26 year old feeling pretty damn cheated. I think I’m more angry about that than I am about the actual streak being broken because obviously, this was Undertaker’s decision and apparently wanted to do this a few years ago but Lesnar couldn’t get out of certain UFC obligations. A lot of people are feeling a good bit of hostility about the streak being broken but you had to have known this is what it was going to be like whenever it finally did happen, right? Would we have wanted Undertaker’s streak being broken at the end of a better match than this? Probably, yeah but nobody could’ve predicted Undertaker was going to get badly injured a few seconds into the match. It took me awhile to gather how I feel about this whole thing and I’m still working on it but at least I’m finally able to acknowledge that most of my aggression is due to the Network issues. For the record, I’ve yet to make myself go back and finally watch the end of the match.

14-Diva “Invitational”
Meh. It wasn’t terrible, just a lot of damn tassels all over the place. Glad AJ won but it would’ve been so much better if Cameron hadn’t botched the tap. AJ literally making Cameron tap out without the ref noticing she was moving her hand was such a great heel move. Color me impressed.

Daniel Bryan vs Batista vs Randy Orton
Well done, gents. Well done all around. The match was a good balance all of 3 guys that you didn’t notice much when one was taking a breather. That table spot looked brutal for both DB and Orton and whoever idea it was to give DB the Mick Foley “comeback from the stretcher” spot deserves a cold beverage of his or her’s choosing. THAT is how you build a popular face into a super hero. If this whole build was by design, so many kudos to everybody but if it wasn’t (it wasn’t) then congrats to WWE Creative on capitalizing on a happy mistake. All three wrestlers worked for me in their own way and the finale was one of the coolest wrestling moments I believe we’ve ever witnessed. If you told me that somebody would be able to bring the crowd back to life after they saw the streak end not even an hour earlier, I would’ve slapped the hell out of you and told you to go apologize to your parents because they didn’t raise you to be such a terrible person/liar.

In Disbelief
I woke up earlier than usual this morning with the intention of tacking on my Raw 10 Thoughts since I had missed it earlier in the week. However, the first thing I saw was the news that Ultimate Warrior has passed away and now I can’t really bring myself to talk about anything but that.
I wasn’t necessarily a huge Warrior fan, I was barely two years old when he defeated Hulk Hogan at Wrestlemania VI but still, it’s impossible to be a wrestling fan today without seeing the impact of his iconic persona. Of course, it’s incredibly jarring for everyone because he passed less than 24 hours after we saw him on Raw. I do find solace in the fact that he was able to finally make peace with WWE after all these years and they were able to acknowledge his career and though many may debate whether or not he deserved it based on his ability or whatever, the penetrative cultural impact of his character and persona made him an undeniable candidate for the Hall of Fame. 54 is much too young. Same age as my father. May parts unknown welcome you with open arms, Warrior.

Don’t do anything I wouldn’t twice,

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THE RAGER! The Excitement Of and All Things Regarding Wrestlemania XXX Wed, 02 Apr 2014 16:08:51 +0000 The time has finally come for us to celebrate WWE’s 4th of July meaning that there are a lot of fireworks, friends come to hang out and eat food. It’s a great time, especially when you use this time of year as an excuse to drive half an hour to go laser-tagging in costume with said friends. It’s a good time for all, this year’s theme is “overly athletic” in where headbands are required and fingerless gloves are encouraged.

But enough about all that, let’s talk about the parts of the weekend you all actually give a crap about, starting with the Hall of Fame ceremony.

Your 2014 inductees are:

Ultimate Warrior: I personally wasn’t thrilled about his inclusion into the Hall of Fame but then again, I was 2 years old when he won the championship from Hogan at Wrestlemania VI so I might have missed the boat on that. When Joel and I attempted to watch all of the Wrestlemanias for Classy Ring Attire, I did realize finally that it was sort of a big deal that Warrior beat Hogan at IV but it just seemed to make his fall from grace kinda sad. I know it’s not a perfect analogy be Warrior was the Ryback of his time. Linda McMahon is apparently inducting Warrior and that puzzles the crap out of me. I realize he was close to the McMahon’s back in the day but still, Linda?

Jake “The Snake” Roberts: The guy created a wrestling move that is used, in some form, by almost every other wrestler now. That fact alone reserves his place in the Hall added to the career and then you add the great recovery he’s made over the past year and a half and you have perhaps one of the most deserving Hall nominations ever. DDP is the obvious choice to induct him and makes the moment that much more special for Roberts.

Lita: Makes complete sense for her to be inducted the year after Trish and be inducted by Trish. Honestly, the careers of these two ladies will forever be linked. It’s really difficult to point out which one was better, I suppose it all depends on where your personal bias lies. Maybe it might have been a little bit more fitting if the Hardy’s inducted her but I’m not complaining one bit. Besides, I don’t wanna waste any more time on hearing about some sort of trade deal with TNA to get Jeff Hardy for a night. He can stay at TNA with his horrible music.

Paul Bearer: Incredibly obvious choice for the Hall and probably should’ve been done years ago while he was still with us but I do realize WWE was probably waiting until after Undertaker finally retired and could induct PB out of character. Personally, PB was always one of my favorite managers and I sincerely wish he was still alive to witness his induction because I know his speech would’ve been great. Undertaker is the only choice to induct Bearer, in character or not, it doesn’t matter.

Carlos Colon: Admittedly, I don’t know much about Colon other than the Bruiser Brody murder and the account of the incident given by Dirty Dutch (Zeb) and rumor that inducting Colon was a way for WWE to buy WWC footage for the Spanish speaking audience. At the very least, it’ll be nice to see Carlito for a little bit and I wonder if the other two will come out as Los Matadores or Primo and Epico (all are still listed on WWE’s current roster).

Mr. T: Probably should’ve been the first inductee whenever WWE began the whole celebrity wing nonsense. Hasn’t been announced yet but I’d be legitimately surprised if Hogan doesn’t induct him, although it would be hilarious if Roddy was given the honors.

Razor Ramon: Another great recovery story and it’s fitting that he’s in the same class year as Roberts. I was never a fan of Scott Hall as far as his ring career goes but I understand the appeal. Kevin Nash would be the obvious choice to induct Razor.

Let’s move on to the show of shows, yes?

Pre-Show Tag Team Fatal 4-Way Tag Team Championship Match:
The Usos(c) vs The Real Americans vs Los Matadores vs Curtis Axel
It’s really the typical type of dark matches WWE has had for previous Wrestlemanias, I’m just glad the Battle Royal wasn’t on the pre-show.

Shield vs Citizen Kane & New Age Inlaws
Honestly, this is kind of a waste of Shield but you do have to find a way to get these guys on the Wrestlemania card. I almost would rather see a Shield breakup because that would’ve meant a triple threat match for WM30.

Thanks to the internet for coming up with an abbreviated way to talk about this match (the acronym stands for the Andre Roussimoff Memorial BAttle Royal). Since the match was announced, I thought it was a forgone conclusion that Big Show would be winning it because…well…it’s Big Show and WWE has an obsession with the guy and Wrestlemania. However, if WWE decides to go another route, I could see WWE going with Big E or Alexander Rusev. Either way, I love the idea along with the trophy and I hope it becomes the new Wrestlemania tradition…just as long as it doesn’t get it’s own PPV eventually.

Vickie Guerrero Divas Invitational
The cards are stacked against AJ but to be honest, there seems to be an overall lack of involvement of AJ these days so I can see the Divas Championship changing hands. Exactly who gets the butterfly, I don’t know because I really haven’t given it much thought.

John Cena vs Bray Wyatt
I’m still very much looking forward to this match because Bray is a promo machine and really is the perfect enemy for Cena right now. My only concern is that the issue of the rest of the Wyatt Family hasn’t been raised. It concerns me because the biggest complaint I had about Bray’s match against Kane at SummerSlam was that he didn’t beat Kane by himself and didn’t sit right with me. So in the miracle that Bray actually beats Cena, I would really like the monster to do it himself without help from the others. I know it seems like a long shot but Daniel Bryan pulled it off so it feels like anything really is possible. I’m just not holding my breath and I do realize that if Bray wins, it’ll be due to the help of the family.

Winner Moves on
Daniel Bryan vs HHH
If done right, this will be the beginning of a single night heroic build of Daniel Bryan that could lead to a great finish at the end of the show. However, I wouldn’t be surprised if some sort of shenanigan went down where DB got the win but HHH beat the crap out of him after the match or something along those lines. Either the crowd will be going crazy over DB being in the main event or the crowd goes crazy over HHH burying their hero and they’re left with 3 guys they hate. A good time will be had by me either way.

Undertaker vs Brock Lesnar
Still would’ve liked a story of any sort but I was on-board the moment Taker “stabbed” Brock with a pen. Besides, it’s a streak match, that IS the story to get you excited for Mania. Any story beyond that is just a way to keep you interested week-to-week in Raw and we all know WWE abandoned that strategy ages ago. I have a renewed interest in Brock after his great match against Punk at Summerslam and I know it won’t be the same because Brock’s work is usually dictated by his opponent but still, I’m hoping Brock continues down that path, especially when both men wrestle like they don’t have a match the next night…because they don’t.

Triple Threat WWEWHC Match
Batista vs Randy Orton vs The Almighty Vacant
First of all, Batista won me back over when he went “off script” at the press conference. However, I’m certain that press conference was viewed by 25 fans that were actually awake or unemployed (me) and I don’t think that’s enough to sway the hearts and minds of the universe. But I really think WWE’s aim is for the fans to be going crazy (in a positive way) at the end of their 30th anniversary of Wrestlemania and the first PPV being streamed on their new network. It just makes sense but then again, making sense has never really been a strong point for WWE. My opinion is that Daniel Bryan winning at the end of Wrestlemania is the best way to go at this point. You’ve still got time before Guardians of the Galaxy comes out to put the belts on Batista, just give this one to the fans and they’ll have the best fan stock footage ever. I’d say that would be worth it for WWE.

Of course, the night after Wrestlemania has become an event in itself and there’s already a ton of speculation going around about that show. As it stands, most seem to believe Sting will actually make an appearance to start something with Undertaker for next year (I’m not holding my breath). The more likely thing to happen is the rumor that RVD will be making a return that night. I’m sure a lot of other stuff will be going down that night and who knows, maybe we’ll get lucky and Randy will forget his lines again. *fingers crossed*

Everybody have a great time enjoying this weekend, I know I will. We’ll be live tweeting Wrestlemania so go follow us @CRAttire and join the fun. It’s a good time had by all!

Don’t do anything I wouldn’t do twice,

The Answer: Manchester Orchestra’s new album came out yesterday. You should go get it.×120.jpg×250.jpg

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RAGER’S 10 Thoughts: WWE Raw 3.31.14 (Daniel Bryan, Roman Reigns, Roddy Piper) Tue, 01 Apr 2014 05:33:09 +0000 1. The show starts with yet another reminder that Undertaker/Lesnar is happening. That’s really been the basis of this feud, in lieu of creating a story behind the reason behind them fighting, they simply use their weekly segments to remind everyone that the match is happening. Don’t get me wrong, I don’t need much motivation to watch this match but I’d like a little reasoning to go with it. I wanna be wined and dined a bit.

2. Nice of WWE to throw a Del Rio a bone this week against Big E. It seemed like yesterday that he was constantly in the main event and then is hardly seen after he jobs to Batista. I was sort of surprised to see Del Rio go over clean on the Intercontinental champ but it’s not like that’s unheard of. it practically became common place when Kofi had it.

3. So are Summer Rae and Natalya now feuding over a slap that happened way back in December when they filmed it for Total Divas? And you people have the gall to say that WWE is doing nothing with the Divas division. Shame on you.

4. The video package for HHH was really well done but I still don’t know how I feel about it. Either it was a mass burial of all those featured in the video or it was more of “look at all the great men HHH has beaten, what makes you any better than them?” sort of thing. Either way, it was another segment to make sure people don’t forget Randy and Batista are in the main event too. Also, WWE is trying to stack up more and more things to make it less obvious that Daniel Bryan is going to beat HHH.

5. Los Matadores used twin magic to win their match instead of their partners…you know…actual twins.

6. I really liked the sneak up spot with Cena on the Wyatt’s until Cena reveals that he was wearing jorts underneath the jumpsuit. This is why we can’t have nice things.

7. My good friend Lauren just happened to go to this week’s Raw on a whim. That’s right, a non-wrestling fan just happened to be attending one of the biggest Raws of the year just because she was in town. Anyway, she was immediately smitten and impressed with Roman Reigns’ ring abilities. That is when I realized that Lauren is living life with the correct mindset. Knowing that sort of quelled my jealousy of her getting to see Roddy Piper in person before I did.

8. Why does Kane still come to the ring wearing suit pants even when he knows he has a match? He keeps his old mask in a glass case like it’s the head of the guy that was boning Peter the Great’s wife but the thought of keeping some trunks around is unspeakable, apparently.

9. I did roll my eyes when all the participants came out during Piper’s Pit but my entertainment quota was filled with the eye poke to Miz. The only thing left to do was for Piper to make Miz feel the energy.

10. I was a little confused as to why WWE was giving 2/3 of their Wrestlemania main event away for free and a no DQ match at that. However, it was worth it for the Daniel Bryan payoff. I was pleasantly surprised to see the main even be way more physical than what I was expecting. There was a point where I reached a little bit of concern over Daniel Bryan not leaving anything in the tank for Sunday. But whatever, I’m excited for Sunday.

Don’t do anything I wouldn’t do twice,

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THE RAGER! – The New Mr. Wrestlemania (Daniel Bryan, Dolph Ziggler, Cesaro) Wed, 26 Mar 2014 15:00:22 +0000 So it’s been 4 years since Shawn Michaels went into retirement and even after that, we still get our share of HBK appearances, especially when it comes to Wrestlemania season. However, he doesn’t seem to be involved in Wrestlemania in any for the first in a very long time this year. This realization made me wonder if there will ever take up the “Mr. Wrestlemania” mantel and who might it be? Of course, that individual doesn’t necessarily have to take up the actual moniker itself but serve as that figure on a yearly basis.

So what am I looking for? Excitement in all aspects, mostly. That person that’s almost completely dependable year after year to have a good or at least exciting match. To the point where it could be a complete lame and boring WM but this person’s match is always guaranteed to give everyone a high point to remember. Of course, it’s easy to go with a scrappy, charismatic “smaller” guy just because it’s the template HBK put in place and you might want to avoid the menacing yet quiet big guy that’s dominating at WM at least a few years after Undertaker finally walks away for good. So that automatically takes Roman Reigns out of the equation but believe me, that guy will have enough accomplishments to hang his hat on over the course of his career, he’ll be fine.

The obvious first name that comes to mind is Daniel Bryan. He doesn’t matchup with HBK in terms of mic work but he can still hold his own and contribute a great deal to interesting story lines. The biggest thing is his matches and the excitement they generate. DB matches are almost guaranteed to become match of the night contenders almost regardless of his opponent. He’s a guy that’s going to have such a huge fan reaction for a long time and it would be so easy to take advantage of at WM. His previous WM experiences weren’t great but then again, he’s only had two matches. Of course, everyone thinks of the infamous 18 second match against Sheamus. But it was hugely memorable, fitting for the heel character he was portraying at the time and, to top it all off, began this whole yes craze that expedited his journey to the top of the company. The following year was a lot better for his win-loss record while also being part of an exciting tag team match that the crowd was incredibly into (him plus Ziggler in the same match tends to do that). And then there’s the potential this year of him being in two incredibly high profile matches, easily putting him in the upper echelon of Wrestlemania performers. If there was anybody that had the potential the match the Wrestlemania career of Shawn Michaels, it just might be his former student.

Dolph Ziggler is possibly the most gifted entertainers WWE has on their roster both physically and on the mic. His concussions really came at the worst time last year and I understand WWE’s reluctance to put a lot behind a guy prone to concussions BUT they’ve got to find a way to harness Ziggler. They’re missing out on a lot by not featuring him in prominent positions on weekly programming and pay per views. He’s got the personality and ring ability to be the guy that delivers at each and every Wrestlemania he’s a part of, clearly the fans already believe so given the reaction he’s gotten over the past couple of years. He’s absolutely a guy that can pull this off if he can stay healthy enough for WWE to be convinced to get behind him and rebuild his momentum.

Bray Wyatt could possibly be the heel version of Mr. Wrestlemania. I’m sure with his incredible mic skills that he could be a great face at some point but he really wouldn’t need to. He’s going into his first Wrestlemania and he’s actually making me excited for a Cena match. That alone should convince people to give him all of the accolades. And no, he doesn’t exactly fit into my “small guy” criteria but they’re my rules and I can easily bend them in order to include guys that I like. So suck it. But seriously, if Bray’s career continue to go the way it has been, he’s still really young and we could possibly be looking at the next Undertaker figure. Most likely, Bray won’t have the streak but he’ll definitely be that dark, opposing figure that we can also count on during Wrestlemania (possibly…hopefully…we’ll see).

Cesaro, he could easily turn tomorrow and become one of the biggest faces in the company. Honestly, I’m kinda wonder why WWE hasn’t pulled that trigger already but they’ve seemingly done away with the Real American breaking up teases. He has that Daniel Bryan factor in that he’s match is almost always assured to be a match of the night contender regardless of his opponent. If harnessed the right way, he could be a huge WM asset for WWE for a long time because it seems like it’s more and more difficult for fans to boo Cesaro in spite of his close proximity to Zeb.

Honorable Mentions:
I’d put CM Punk on this list if he didn’t despise the idea of working with HHH so much.

So the Shield are technically faces now, right? I’ll put Dean and Rollins on here because either/both would fit perfectly in this role but, honestly, I just want Shield to last forever.

Is Evan Bourne even alive?

Kofi Kingston could possibly pull it off if WWE didn’t put that 5-inch thick glass ceiling over him.

Cody has his chances. I’d be interested in seeing him take one more swing at a single career after CoDust is over but I’m not holding my breath. He’s a great tag team wrestler, perhaps he should stick to that.

Big E has a great personality if WWE ever decides to let him show it off. Still needs some work in the ring but I still very much dig him.

I’m positive WWE can do something with Sandow. We saw a brief glimpse of what an inspired Sandow can do when he was up against Cena last year. He plays a great snob character, WWE just needs to actually find an interesting feud for him because I think he’s only had like 2 or 3 during his tenure.

I still haven’t completely given up on Drew McIntyre even though all logic is telling me that I should. I just chalk it up to him joining the main roster at a very young age and was instantly in a high profile situation. Drew just hasn’t found the character yet.

Honestly, the Hunicara change has made me enjoy Sin Cara matches now that they have a more dependable guy playing the character and can work with people not named Alberto Del Rio (even though they’re still booking them together). WWE might actually get the payoff they were hoping for when they hired the original.

Odds are that nobody will be able to live up to the legend of Mr. Wrestlemania and that’s completely fine, I don’t think we really want a carbon copy of HBK because where’s the excitement in that? All I know is that is that Undertaker is closer to the end than the beginning and when he’s gone, he’ll be the last of all the things we look forward to every year at the showcase of the immortals. When that time comes, WWE will need somebody to step up and fill the impossible void of HBK and Taker and become the dependable figure for their biggest show. Daniel Bryan is the clear favorite right now but my column would be boring if I just left it there. Who knows who it will be or if that person is even in the company yet.

For the record, I still think WWE will find something for Shawn to do on April 6th. Just surprising plans haven’t been made public yet.

Don’t do anything I wouldn’t do twice,

The Answer: Coheed and Cambria did a cover of Somebody that I Used to Know and *spoiler alert* sucked way less than the original.×120.jpg×250.jpg

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RAGER’S 10 Thoughts: WWE Raw 3.24.14 (Undertaker, John Cena, Batista) Tue, 25 Mar 2014 05:49:57 +0000 …And we’re back.

1. I’m so glad we got Batista’s mic sorted out so we can hear him repeat all the things he’s been saying the past couple months. Apparently, he believes Steph enjoys getting drooled on. Is that before or after the Hemsley’s watch torture porn together? I didn’t even know drooling on people was a thing people were into. Clearly I haven’t traversed the internet enough.The part that truly saved this segment was when Steph vaporized Batista’s sunglasses with her hand. She feels very strongly about not wearing sunglasses indoors.

2. The fatal 4 way was a lot of fun to watch especially when WWE threw the crowd a bone and featured a lot of great spots with Ziggler. I’m making the assumption that Sheamus will cost Christian the IC match on Main Event that’ll lead to a WM30 match. Hopefully that ends up being the pre-show match when we’re only partially paying attention to it.

3. Sin Cara comes out with someone in a Scooby Doo mascot costume which leads me to wonder which member of the Guerrero family is in the suit. Is it possible for Hunico to be both Scooby AND Sin Cara at the same time? Did JTG somehow find a way to get TV time? Maybe we’ve already witnessed the return of CM Punk. Did WWE just confirm Half Life 3? C-O-N-spiracy

4. So I’ve enjoyed the weekly interviews between Cole and HHH. However, WWE has this tendency to take something that works and try to replicate it on Raw. This is why you see so many rematches from Smackdown the very next Monday. Hell, how else would you explain Bad News Barrett? But as enjoyable as I find this interview sessions, they translate as just another talking segment when it’s put on Raw.

5. Dear Jeebus, Goldust entertains the hell out of me. Since every other cast member of Total Divas hates Summer Rae, just give her the Jo-Jo treatment and put Goldust on the show. I’d watch the pants off that show. Or at least gives his character a reality show on the network. Its a golden opportunity. You get what I did there? Hello? Is this thing on?

6. The biggest thing I took away from the Arnold segment was Hulk Adele Dazeem-ing Joe Manganiello. Also, Miz is still alive and employed…so there’s that.

7. Speaking of Smackdown rematches, John Cena vs Luke Harper. And I could see why they would want to repeat it. I wasn’t a huge fan of the mask ending but then again, I kinda rolled my eyes at the Cena in the bathroom segment beforehand. I think it might’ve been more effective if the Wyatt’s beat up Cena and do the mask thing with the lights on.

8. The Vickie Invitational is not so much an invitational as it’s a “hey, are you a Diva and can kind of wrestle?” match. Also, this has to be a battle royal, right? Also, Vickie really should’ve just said “AJ, you’re fighting all the Divas” and end it there. It’s Wrestlemania season, time is money.

9. Cesaro really is good for Swagger because I found myself actually liking him during their match against Shield. Also, at Wrestlemania, it’ll be The Shield vs Citizen Kane and the New Age Inlaws.

10. After the druids set up the coffin at the side of the ring, I noticed Brock checking the other side of the ring in case of anyone coming out from under that side. Surprisingly smart move for Lesnar, color me impressed. Also, it’s been a while since we’ve seen Undertaker do some gimmicky things with casket, I enjoyed it.

Don’t do anything I wouldn’t do twice,

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