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So, this is one of those fixed points in ECW History, or at least in the history of ECW Television as it is rather difficult to understand when things happened behind the scenes. Last week, I asked the readers 1 to tell me what era was ending in ECW. And Joe DeSandre basically got it correct, as he guessed “…does Paul take over booking?”

But that’s not exactly right, or at least we don’t know if it is right. Let’s just say that from this point forward, we are no longer living in the Eddie Gilbert era of ECW. There has been a lot written about the transition from Eddie Gilbert to Paul E. Dangerously as booker of the ECW. I don’t know whether Heyman pushed Gilbert out of ECW. I don’t know if other frustrations caused Eddie to leave as booker. There are hundreds of possibilities, and probably only three people really know: One of them is dead, the other is a known liar and con artist, and the third obviously has had issues with both men as he fired one and was fired by the other.

As an aside, I recently saw an advertisement for a Doug Gilbert shoot interview, where lots of ECW related questions were asked. Part of me wishes I had bought it, but the other part of me really hates shoot interviews and talked me out of it.

What do we know? As of this episode of ECW Television, which was broadcast on September 14, 1993, Eddie Gilbert has been removed from the Ultra Clash I card, and in fact is not even mentioned during this broadcast. All of the matches from this show are still from the television tapings that were booked by Eddie Gilbert, and the Ultra Clash card does not change too much. I don’t know whether Paul was given the book immediately, or if it was by committee until a booker was found, or how that took place.

But let us take a moment to pause for the end of the Eddie Gilbert era. Maybe Tod Gordon doesn’t even get ECW on television without Eddie Gilbert helping with the booking. Maybe this crazy Philadelphia experiment does not even happen. So, thank you Eddie Gilbert for your early contributions and starting ECW on the path. 2

ECW Television – Episode 022

Taped: August 06-07, 1993
Broadcast: September 14, 1993
Taping Location: The ECW Arena in South Philadelphia, PA
Announcing Team: Jay Sulli and Paul E. Dangerously


  • During the Super Destroyers & Sal Bellomo vs. The Head Hunters and Freddie Krueger match, Super Destroyer #2 fully turned on Super D #1 and Sal Bellomo, joining with Hunter Q. Robbins III.
  • JT Smith and Mr. Motegi fought to a time limit draw, and both of them fought off the Dark Patriot and Shane Douglas.
  • Eddie Gilbert and The Dark Patriot defeated The Sandman and Sal Bellomo to win the ECW Tag Team Championship.3

Segment #1: Card Rundown

Once again there’s no opening title sequence. Jay Sulli and Tod Gordon are in the ECW Production Studio, and they announce that Kevin Sullivan is being added to the Ultra Clash card 4 in the main event match. So it will be Kevin Sullivan & Abdullah The Butcher vs. Terry Funk & Stan Hansen

Also announced is a rematch for the ECW Pennsylvania Championship, but first we’re going to show you the first match between these two 5

Segment #2: ECW Pennsylvania State Championship Match: Tommy Cairo vs. Tony Stetson w/ Hunter Q. Robbins III

Cairo comes down to the ring, whereas Cairo and Robbins are already at ringside. The announcers talk about what I had noticed, that Stetson had dropped a bunch of weight since turning heel. Stetson looked pudgy when he was teaming with Larry Winters.

Stetson starts of the match by shoving Cairo and slapping him.6 Cairo sends Stetson off the ropes and nails the back body drop followed by a series of arm drags. Stetson rolls outside and regroups with Hunter.

Back in the ring, Tony Stetson nails Cairo with an eye gouge. He Irish whips Cairo off the ropes and hits a nice flying clothesline which drops Cairo. Cairo gets up and is pushed to the corner and gets a series of chops by Stetson. Reverse by Tommy Cairo, who delivers chops and a series of forearms. Cairo nails Stetson with an overhead vertical suplex followed by a belly-to-belly, which gets a near-fall.

Stetson rolls outside a second time to get a time out and consult with Hunter again. Stetson back in. A spin kick catches Cairo unawares as Stetson comes in the ring. Stetson drops Cairo with a series punches. Stetson goes to the top, and nails Cairo with a flying legdrop. 2 count only. Cairo gets up and pushes Stetson into the corner and nails him with punches and forearms, and finishing with a spinning leg lariat 7

Stetson rolls outside and pulls Cairo out and nails his head into the guardrail, a flying knee drop, and a chairshot to the back. Cairo eventually comes back with punches. Both men crawl back into the ring. Stetson goes off the rope and both men hit each other with clotheslines. Both men are down. Eventually both men get back up. Stetson behind Cairo, and nails Cairo’s head to the turnbuckle pad that bounces back and hits Stetson’s skull, which bounces back and hits referee Jim Molineau’s skull. And all three men are down.

In comes Hunter, who rolls Stetson on top of Cairo and wakes up the referee who counts the pinfall. New Pennsylvania State Champion: Tony Stetson!

Segment #3: Review of the Intergender Battle Royal

Tod Gordon and Jay Sulli are talking about the Intergender Battle Royal, and they go to a segment that introduces the participants.

This segment was shown on ECW Television Episode 020 which I have already recapped. No need to copy and paste it here, just to make my column look impressive.

After the segment we have a few important announcements from Tod Gordon. First, Freddie Gilbert is no longer with Eastern Championship Wrestling8. Second, two new participants have been added to the battle royal. First addition is Don E. Allen. And the second is Jay “Sixpack” Sulli.9 Sulli is flabbergasted and threatens to call his lawyer to find out if he can get out of it.

Segment #4: Review of the Super Destroyers Feud

Sulli and Gordon talk about the Super Destroyers feud. and show two clips from previous weeks:

Afterwards, Sulli interviews Super D #1 with the thick eastern Pennsylvania accent. Super D #1 threatens to rip off the mask of Super D #2 and shove it up Hunter’s backside.

This is immediately followed by Paul E interviewing Super D #2 and Hunter. SD #2 actually has a pretty good threatening voice, and I’m surprised they felt the need to put him under a hood, especially as he is the bigger of the two. Super D #2 just says that he’s a business man, and did it for the money. Somehow, if Super D #1 takes his mask, he is going to lose his place in ECW.

Segment #4: W*ING Barbed Wire Baseball Bat Tag Team Match review

Sulli and Gordon review the match where the Headhunters are going to defend their W*ING Tag Team Championship against Miguel Perez (Jr.) and a mystery partner, but Gordon reveals the identity of the mystery partner as Crash they Terminator who is the current W*ING Heavyweight Champion.10 You can tell that this is 1993, as Tod Gordon has to explain the rules of the Barbed Wire Baseball Bat match, but to be fair he does say new information that the bat is placed in the middle of the ring, and not on a pole or string. This match will not be sanctioned by ECW.

Then the match between The Headhunters vs. Miguel Perez and Mitsuhiro Matsunaga is shown again. This match was reviewed on ECW Television Episode 020.

Segment #5: Ultra Clash Card Rundown

Jay Sulli and Tod Gordon run down the Ultra Clash card. Giving information about each one. They also announce, that apparently Shane Douglas defeated Tito Santana for the ECW Championship recently. I can’t believe that they would just throw that out there at the end of the show. Your main championship is supposed to mean something, even if you don’t have footage of it. According to Wikipedia, Shane Douglas won this in Roanoke, Virginia when Santana forfeited the match.

Here is the updated Ultra Clash I card, which is to take place this Saturday:11

  • Barbed Wire Baseball Match for the W*ING Tag Team Titles: The Headhunters vs. Miguel Perez & Crash The Terminator
  • Mask vs. Mask Match: Super Destroyer #1 vs. Super Destroyer #2 w/ Hunter Q. Robbins III. No disqualification and no time limit. The loser must unmask or be banned from ECW.
  • 10 Lashes Match: Sal Bellomo vs. Richard Michaels; The winner gets to slap his opponent with a leather strap 10 times. Bellomo apparently has a surprise for the match.
  • Pennsylvania Championship Match: Champion: Tony Stetson w/ Hunter Q. Robbins III vs. Tommy Cairo
  • ECW Championship Match: Champion: Shane Douglas vs. The Sandman12
  • Scaffold Match: JT Smith vs. ???13
  • Unsanctioned Tag Team Match: Kevin Sullivan & Abdullah the Butcher vs. Terry Funk & Stan Hansen – no disqualification, no count-out on this one.
  • Inter-gender battle royal: Hunter Q. Robbins III, Miss Peaches, Tigra, Angel, Sensational Sherri, Don E. Allen, and Jay Sulli

And that’s the end of the show everyone



  • Kevin Sullivan (announced)
  • Crash the Terminator (announced)

Historic Significance

  • Eddie Gilbert has been replaced by Kevin Sullivan in the main event at Ultra Clash.
  • Shane Douglas defeated Tito Santana (by forfeit) to become the new ECW Heavyweight Champion.
  • Tony “Hitman” Stetson defeated Tommy Cairo to become the ECW Pennsylvania State Champion.
  • Jay Sulli and Don E. Allen have been added the inter-gender battle royal
  • Miguel Perez will be teaming with Crash The Terminator at Ultra Clash to face the Headhunters


ECW Heavyweight Champion Shane Douglas Since 09/09/1993
ECW Television Champion Jimmy Snuka Since 03/13/1993
ECW Tag Team Champions Eddie Gilbert & The Dark Patriot Since 08/08/1993
ECW Pennsylvania Champion Tony Stetson Since 05/14/1993

ECW Spotlight: Ultra Clash Predictions

I honestly have no clue about anything that happens at Ultra Clash, in terms of who wins the matches.14 So I’ll make my predictions here, and see if I’m correct.

Feel free to make your own guesses in the comments below. And for extra bonus points, guess which ECW legend(s)14 debut at Ultra Clash.15

  1. Intergender Battle Royal: Before I was going to pick Freddie Gilbert, but I will go with the newcomer to the match: Don E. Allen.
  2. JT Smith vs. The Dark Patriot16: With the Gilberts leaving the company, I think it’s safe to say that JT Smith goes over. If they weren’t leaving, I think I would still pick JT.
  3. Sal Bellomo vs. Richard Michaels: I’m going to go with Big Sal here. I don’t see how you give 10 lashes to the ‘kid-friendly’ wrestler who gives out stuffed animals before the match.
  4. Super Destroyer #1 vs. Super Destroyer #2: I’m going to go with Super Destroyer #2, as he will remain the enforcer for Hunter Q. Robbins heel stable.
  5. Pennsylvania State Championship Match: Tony Stetson vs. Tommy Cairo: I think Cairo regains his Pennsylvania Championship.
  6. ECW Championship: Shane Douglas vs. The Sandman: I think Shane wins the match to establish him as the champion. I can see Sandman winning by DQ or something though.
  7. Headhunters vs. Miguel Perez & Crash the Terminator: I don’t think you drop titles in a foreign promotion, unless you can gain something by it. So I’ll pick the Headhunters to retain.
  8. Terry Funk & Stan Hansen vs. Kevin Sullivan & Abdullah the Butcher: I think the faces go over in the main event, especially as Sullivan is a last minute replacement. So Funk and Hansen win.

That’s it. If anyone wants to take a guess, I will post the results in next week’s column.


I can’t stand clip shows. It takes away from the illusion that I’m watching pieces of a live show. And there wasn’t much reason for it. So I got one new match, and four old ones. But, it made for an easier review, so I can’t complain about that. Not sure what they will do with Episode 23. See you next time.


1. All five of you
2. Can you tell that this week’s episode is a clip show with matches I’ve already seen?
3. So basically, we wasted four weeks on this, just to have to strip Eddie and Doug of the tag straps after it was all done. Great!
4. You can tell that something weird is going on, as they don’t even fake an “injury” for Eddie Gilbert, which would have been the smart thing to do.
5. Cause apparently you can’t have a rematch without an initial match.
6. Okay, three possibilities. 1. Cairo was no selling the slaps. 2. Cairo can’t sell basic slaps, but can sell throws and other moves. 3. Stetson slaps like a little girl. Because Cairo’s face doesn’t even react to the slaps at all.
7. Don’t be impressed, as it’s really lousy.
8. Basically after Eddie was let go as booker, Brian Lawler had little reason to come north anymore.
9. I wonder which federation started the, “Anyone can be put into a match if they are an employee.
10. You may know Crash better by his WCW name, Hugh Morrus, or by his read name used during Tough Enough, Bill Demott.
11. September 18, 1993, to be exact.
12. This match was previously on the card, but now is for the championship.
13. They mention the scaffold match, but they don’t mention who Smith is facing. They must have paid or built the scaffold, and in addition, weren’t sure whether Doug Gilbert was going to come to Ultra Clash.
14. Singles wrestler or tag team.
15. I spoiled that information for myself a few weeks ago when I was looking up some information on the internet.
16. On the listing for the Doug Gilbert Shoot tape, it mentions a ‘Scaffold Match’ along with Eddie’s ECW departure, so I’m 90% positive that he has the match with JT Smith.
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Extreme Archive: ECW Television Episode 021 Sat, 07 Jul 2012 21:54:17 +0000 Sorry for the delay. Things got crazy at work, and was away from my computer for family obligations the last two fridays. So my sincere apologies, and it won’t happen again. 1

Anyway, this week’s episode of ECW Television marks the end of an era for the promotion. The change won’t be felt until next week’s episode, when it is officially announced. But it’s a change that would alter the promotion forever. Make your guesses in the comments section, and I will list the name of the first person who gets it correct in next week’s column.

ECW Television – Episode 021

Taped: August 06-07, 1993
Broadcast: September 07, 1993
Taping Location: The ECW Arena in South Philadelphia, PA
Announcing Team: Jay Sulli and Paul E. Dangerously


  • The team of The Sandman and Sal Bellomo advance to the ECW Tag Team Tournament Finals
  • Eddie Gilbert and The Dark Patriot advance to the ECW Tag Team Tournament Finals
  • Super Destroyer #2 turned on Super Destroyer #1 and seemed to join with Hunter Q. Robbins
  • Tod Gordon officially announced the participants of the inter-genter battle royal for Ultra Clash
  • The Headhunters and the team of Miguelito Perez & Mitsuhiro Matsunaga fought to a double disqualification
  • Tito Santana and Stan Hansen fought the members of Hot Stuff International: Don Muraco and Shane Douglas. The match was declared a no contest, when the rest of the Dangerous Alliance interfered and Eddie Gilbert threw a fireball into The Dark Patriot, intended for Tito Santana


Segment #1: The Super Destroyers & Sal Bellomo vs The Headhunters & Freddie Krueger

So much to cover here. Gonna have to go, point by point

  • There was no pre-show segment or any opening to this weeks show. At least that was the case on my DVD
  • This match is joined in progress.
  • Dangerously and Sulli suggest that some mention was previously made about the attack last week being a misunderstanding, but it is blown over quickly.
  • Freddie Krueger is just what you would think, a wrestler in a pretty good Freddie Kreuger mask with the classic sweater (no hat though).
  • Freddie is apparently Doug Gilbert under the mask. And I assume that he had this role in W*ING as well as here.

As the match starts, Sal is getting mauled by the Headhunters. Freddie tags in. DDT on Sal. Tags in the Headhunters. Sal thrown off the ropes and a high body press by Bellomo. Sal then tags in Super Destroyer #1 who nails all three of the opponents. But then in comes Super Destroyer #2 and attacks #1 to the approval of Hunter Q. Robbins III. Now all four are attacking Super Destroyer 1. Out comes Miguelito Perez & Mitsuhiro Matsunaga to make the save.

Segment #2: Interview with Sal Bellomo

They are showing segments from all over the two-day TV taping. Sal comes out with a huge bag of stuffed animals. Out comes Sensational Sherri, and Sal gives her a teddy bear. She seems to be flirting with big Sal. Out comes Hunter Q. Robbins III who insults Sal, and the Sensational One slaps him. Out come Super Destroyer #2, Richard Michaels, and Tony Stetson to attack Sal and Sherri gets pushed to the turnbuckles. In comes Super Destroyer #1, The Sandman, and JT Smith to make the save.

Ultra Clash Match: Sal Bellomo vs Sir Richard Michaels – loser gets to whip the other 10 times with a leather strap.

Segment #3: JT Smith vs Mr. Motegi

Before the match, Paul E. and Dark Patriot run down the accomplishments of JT Smith. 2

Motegi is a Japanese wrestler who I am unfamiliar with, but apparently has had a career that exists to this day appearing in AJPW and Japanese independent promotions. And is pronounced Mo-tay-gee by Paul.

Handshake by both men. Motegi works on the arm of Smith who rolls through to alleviate the pressure, but Motegi holds on, but then lets that go to work on the leg. JT rolls through and gets a rope break. Both on their feet, and Motegi gets a headlock and down to the mat, but JT reverses into a leg scissors of the head. Motegi rolls through and both men get to their feet.

Test of strength by both men, and Motegi pushes JT down to the ground. JT reverses. Armdrag by Motegi who works it into a Fujiwara armbar. JT Smith tries to roll through but Motegi holds on keeping the arm trapped. Motegi lets JT get back up and pushes him into the corner and a series of knife edges and high knee in the corner. DDT by Motegi gets a near fall.

JT gets back up, and reverses an Irish Whip into the corner. JT runs in with a high knee of his won. Follows it with a chop and snap mare, allowing him to head a head scissors on Motegi’s head on the mat. Motegi escapes and gets a reverse leg lock on JT and bridges his back grabbing JT’s neck and pulling, getting the submission hold. Motegi then rolls over and puts JT in a bow and arrow.

Motegi nails JT with a falling headbutt to the groin, and then locks in the STF. Heyman sells it like no one has ever escaped from an STF from anyone! After struggling for a few minutes, JT reaches the ropes. But Motegi locks in a second STF, which gets a second rope break. Back on their feet, JT comes off the ropes, and gets an arm takedown which he turns into his own Fujiwara armbar. They break, and JT throws Motegi off the ropes going for an overhead suplex, but Motegi reverses into a dragon suplex. Would have gotten the pin but time expires.

This was actually a pretty good modern TV match, I’d put it around **1/2

After the match, Dark Patriot and Shane Douglas come down to attack JT Smith, and he and Motegi fight them off.

Segment #4: ECW Tag Team Tournament Finals: The Sandman & Sal Bellomo vs Eddie Gilbert & The Dark Patriot w/ Freddie Gilbert

Pre-match interview with The Sandman & Sal Bellomo. Sal is incoherent and Sandman is doing his white-trash, party boy, Sting impersonation.

Pre-match interview with Eddie Gilbert and The Dark Patriot. It’s very weird to have The Dark Patriot talk with a bigger southern drawl than Eddie, when he is behind a mask.

Match starts with everyone in the ring. Freddie is still in the corner, even though he helped lose the ECW title for Muraco. Sulli even questions Paul E. about it.

All four men start off. The Gilberts art thrown into each other in the middle of the ring. When things calm down, Dark Patriot and The Sandman start off. Sandman in the corner and nailed in the head with a soda can by Eddie Gilbert.3 Eddie holds Sandman while Dark Patriot comes in with a clothesline that misses and sends Eddie to the floor. Patriot off the ropes and a back body drop by The Sandman. Punches for Patriot from both Sandman and Bellomo.

And yet AGAIN! they break into the match to give us highlight from Abdullah the Butcher. Did Tod Gordon spend too much money for these clips and needs to get his money out of them?

Back in the ring, Sal and Eddie are fighting, and Paul E. has joined the team at ringside. Tod Gordon is filling in on color commentary. Sal off the ropes and Paul E. pulls them down sending Sal to the floor. Sal is thrown back in and the Dark Patriot is tagged. Patriot sends Sal over the top ropes and then delivers a sliding kick on Sal.

Sal makes his way back in the ring, and while The Sandman comes into the ring illegally, Paul hands Eddie a chair and he nails Big Sal with it. Nice double-team moves by Eddie and Patriot. Sal is thrown off the ropes, but nails Dark Patriot with a DDT when he drops his head. But Patriot pushes Sal to the corner blocking the tag. Sal is thrown off the ropes, and his head collides with the Dark Patriot’s. Sal tags into the Sandman, who delivers punches for both men. Scoop slam on Eddie and a clothesline sends Doug Gilbert out of the ring.

The Dark Patriot and Sal Bellomo fight into the stands. Sandman and Eddie fight in the ring. Paul E. comes into the ring with the phone, but is caught by The Sandman. Paul is able to throw the phone to Eddie Gilbert who nails The Sandman with the phone. Eddie plays possum, and Paul gets the referee to come into the ring. Sal and Patriot are still fighting all over the Arena. Eddie barely gets the arm over The Sandman and gets the three count.

New ECW Tag Team Champions: Eddie Gilbert & The Dark Patriot

End of show.



  • Mr. Motegi

Historic Significance

  • Super Destroyer #2 fully turns heel and rejoins Hunter Q. Robbins III
  • Eddie Gilbert & The Dark Patriot are the new ECW Tag Team Champions

ECW Television Title Tournament
Bellomo & Sandman The Sandman &
Sal Bellomo
The Sandman &
Sal Bellomo
Eddie Gilbert & The Dark Patriot
Stetson & Michaels
The Headhunters The Koloffs (Ivan & Vladimir)
The Koloffs
Gilbert & Patriot Gilbert & Dark Patriot Gilbert & Dark Patriot
JT Smith & Cairo
Super Destroyers Super Destroyers
The Suicide Blondes


ECW Heavyweight Champion Tito Santana Since 08/07/1993
ECW Television Champion Jimmy Snuka Since 03/13/1993
ECW Tag Team Champions Eddie Gilbert & The Dark Patriot Since 08/08/1993
ECW Pennsylvania Champion Tommy Cairo Since 05/14/1993


The JT Smith vs Motegi is actually pretty good, and you can’t complain anytime you see a title change, unless it really sucks. So this was a solid week, but it lacked a little bit of energy for some reason. Let’s see what changes are in store for us next week.


1. Such a lie, there’s a good chance that it will happen with this very column.
2. Paul Heyman has fully transformed into the Paul E. image that he would be know for during his ECW run. Well, later he would look less clean shaven, but still.
3. Maybe soft drinks are The Sandman’s weakness. It makes perfect sense!
topstory120x120-|topstory120x120 topstory500x250-|topstory500x250

]]> 1 Extreme Archive: ECW Television Episode 020 Sat, 16 Jun 2012 15:00:31 +0000 There are times that it seems that the legend of ECW is more powerful now, than it ever was when it was a fully-functional promotion.

Case in point. According to several wrestling news sites, during an altercation (i.e., brawl) between Chris Brown’s people and Drake in a New York City nightclub, apparently an “E-C-W” chant broke out. The real promotion has been dead for 10+ years, the WWE version has been dead for two. And still people chant it when a brawl breaks out.

And you know what? It’s not because ECW was that good. ECW was a product of the age, and I loved it with every fiber of my being. But my loving it doesn’t make it good.1

ECW still exists as a cult phenomenon. Along the lines of Rocky Horror Picture Show and 70s/80s punk bands like the Cramps. It’s cool to like this stuff. ECW was the last promotion that was able to give the illusion of ownership to its fans. For many wrestling fans in the Philadelphia to New York corridor, ECW was our promotion, much like a local sports team is ours. I have never felt that the WWE, WCW, TNA, ROH, or any other promotion was geared towards me like ECW. 2

And that’s why it still lives.3

ECW Television – Episode 020

Taped: August 07 and 08, 1993
Broadcast: August 31, 1993
Taping Location: The ECW Arena in South Philadelphia, PA
Announcing Team: Jay Sulli and Paul E. Dangerously


  • Two teams advanced in the ECW Tag Team Title Tournament: Hot Stuff International (Eddie Gilbert & The Dark Patriot) and The Super Destroyers
  • Shane Douglas made his debut in ECW, and immediately joined Hot Stuff International.
  • Hunter Q. Robbins III offered the Super Destroyers $25,000 if they resigned with him as their manager.
  • Tito Santana made his debut in ECW and won the ECW Heavyweight Championship from Don Muraco.



We’re still in the ECW Video control room. Jay Sulli runs down the card for this week’s episode:

  • ECW Tag Title Tournament Match: The Koloffs vs Sandman and Sal Bellomo
  • ECW Tag Title Tournament Match: Eddie Gilbert & The Dark Patriot vs The Super Destroyers
  • Introduction of all of the participants of the Battle of the Sexes battle royal at Ultra Clash
  • The Headshrinkers face the team of Miguel Perez Jr. and Mitsuhiro Matsunaga
  • Stan Hansen & Tito Santana vs Don Muraco & Shane Douglas

Eddie Gilbert comes out wearing a Beavis and Butthead t-shirt. 4 Sulli actually acts like a journalist asking what the situation was between he and the Dark Patriot, to which Eddie gives a very lame excuse. He also calls out Jerry Lawler for copying his act in the WWF.5

Segment #1 : ECW Tag Team Title Tournament Semi Final Match: Sandman & Sal Bellomo vs The Koloffs (Ivan & Vladimir Koloff)

Both teams give a very generic interview prior to the match. Sandman looks completely embarrassed to be teaming with Big Sal.

The Koloffs are in the ring and out come The Sandman and Sal Bellomo, 6as big Sal throws stuffed animals out to the crowd.7

Ivan starts things off with Sal grabbing him from behind. Sal gives him the old mule kick. Sal tags in Sandman who gets a roll-up for a near fall. Sandman goes over to Vlad who then tags in. In the corner, Sandman does not give a clean break and punches, but then runs into a big boot by Vlad. Bulldog out of the corner by Vlad, which gets a 2-count. Vlad with kicks and punches on the prone Sandman. Picks him up and delivers punches in the middle of the ring. Sandman pushes him back to his corner where he and Sal punch Vlad.

Vlad is able to tag in Ivan, and both deliver a double elbow on Sandman, which gets a near fall. Ivan tags in Vlad and they deliver a double-clothesline on Sandman. Gets another near all. Belly to belly and Vlad covers. Sal comes in while the ref is distracted with Ivan and nails Vlad with a boot. Pushes Sandman on Vlad for the three count.

Ultra Clash I Rundown

Two matches added to the card.

  • Sal Bellomo vs Richard Michaels w/ Hunter Q. Robbins III
  • Super Destroyer #1 vs Super Destroyer #2, where the loser must unmask8

Segment #2: Introduction of the Battle of the Sexes Battle Royal for Ultra Clash

Tod Gordon introduces the participants of the battle royal: Peaches, Hunter Robbins III, Tygra 9, Angel, Freddie Gilbert, and Sherri Martell. Each one gets time on the mic, but no one says anything interesting. Freddie actually gives Sherri a bouquet of flowers, but Angel gets pissed and pulls him out of the ring by his ear.

Segment #3: ECW Tag Team Title Tournament Semi Final Match: Eddie Gilbert & The Dark Patriot w/ Shane Douglas vs The Super Destroyers10

The match is interrupted to have more studio antics with Jay Sulli and Eddie Gilbert. 11 The ‘homeless person’ from a few episodes ago comes in pretending to be a Dunkin’ Donuts delivery man? Why?

Back to the match, now joined in progress where Shane just tripped up Super D #2 to change the momentum. Ugly DDT on Super D #2 by Dark Patriot which is followed by a clothesline. Tag into Eddie Gilbert who pushes the Super Destroyer into the corner. Super D #2 fights out of it and tags in Super D #1.

Double team on Super D #1, but he successfully fights both off. He then loads some object into his face mask and head butts Eddie Gilbert while Shane Douglas has the referee tied up, and mauls the Dark Patriot. Hunter Q. Robbins comes down and starts talking to Super D #2 on the ring apron. Super D #2 comes in and nails his partner and puts Eddie Gilbert on top, who gets the pinfall victory. Apparently Super D #2 took the money. But to the next segment without seeing the fallout.

Segment #4: Headhunters vs Miguel Perez Jr & Mitsuhiro Matsunaga

Action starts immediately, both teams matching up and taking the fight out of the ring. 12 Perez is slammed into a chair by one of the Headhunters and then into the post. Back in the ring, the other Headhunter hits a huge powerbum on Mitsuhiro Matsunaga and gets a near fall. Headhunters hit a clothesline on Perez. Headhunter on top turnbuckle and Perez hits a superplex.

Perez climbs the turnbuckle now and hits the missile dropkick on the Headhunter sending him out of the ring. Perez nails the Headhunter with a dive, and follows it up with hitting him with the chair three times. Back in the ring, he tags into Matsunaga. Both of them deliver a series of kicks and strikes. The Headhunter is on his knees, and now all four men are in. Matsunaga is thrown out of the ring. 13 Perez goes up top and misses a moonsault. Headhunter with a powerslam, and the other goes to the top rope and hits THE BIG FAT MOONSAULT.

In an awful move, the Headhunter goes for the cover, but the ref doesn’t count. Instead chooses to wait for Matsunaga to get in the ring and roll up the other Headhunter. 14 The referee counts both mens shoulders on the mat, and declares it a no-contest. Huh?

Segment #5: Stan Hansen & Tito Santana vs Don Muraco & Shane Douglas

Hansen starts off with Shane Douglas. Elbow on Shane. Pushes Douglas into the corner and tags into Tito. Near fall. Douglas tags in to Muraco. Muraco comes off the ropes, and avoids the lariat from Stan on the apron, but then gets nailed by a punch from Tito. Tag into Hansen.

The ECW Studio breaks into the match to give us the same Abdullah the Butcher clips from a few weeks ago. 15

Back to the match. Douglas has Santana tied up. The ref misses the tag to Hansen, and now the heels beat up Santana while the ref pushes Hansen back. Muraco goes for the nerve grip on Santana, but eventually Tito fights back. Muraco tags in Gilbert and then blocks Eddie from tagging Hansen. Shane goes for the chinlock on Santana. Hansen comes in to break it up, and then Muraco comes in. Tito fights back, but Muraco nails with punches. Muraco tags into Shane who goes for a suplex, but Tito blocks it and reverses the suplex.

Tito tags in Hansen. Hansen throws Muraco against the ropes, and the top rope actually snaps. 16 In comes Hot Stuff International to attack Hansen and Santana. Dark Patriot and Snuka hold Santana. Gilbert tries to throw a fireball, but Tito moves and the Dark Patriot gets nailed with the fireball. Dark Patriot is helped away. End of show.



  • Miguel Perez Jr
  • Mitsuhiro Matsunaga

Historic Significance

  • Sal Bellomo and The Sandman advance in the ECW Tag Team Tournament and will face Eddie Gilbert and The Dark Patriot.
  • Super Destroyer #2 has turned on Super Destroyer #1, and presumably has joined with Hunter Q. Robbins.
  • Eddie Gilbert attempted to throw a fireball into the face of Tito Santana, but missed and hit his tag team partner, The Dark Patriot.

ECW Television Title Tournament
Bellomo & Sandman The Sandman &
Sal Bellomo
The Sandman &
Sal Bellomo
Tournament Winner
Stetson & Michaels
The Headhunters The Koloffs (Ivan & Vladimir)
The Koloffs
Gilbert & Patriot Gilbert & Patriot Gilbert & Patriot
JT Smith & Cairo
Super Destroyers Super Destroyers
The Suicide Blondes


ECW Heavyweight Champion Tito Santana Since 08/07/1993
ECW Television Champion Jimmy Snuka Since 03/13/1993
ECW Tag Team Champions --vacated-- Since 07/27/1993
ECW Pennsylvania Champion Tommy Cairo Since 05/14/1993


A definitely let down from last week. Mostly due to the really poor video editing, and the constant reliance of Sulli and Gilbert in the ECW studio. I don’t know who is telling them that these two are interesting, but it’s definitely not, at least to me. But things are happening in the federation, so it’s better than a few weeks ago.


1. My favorite movie is The Sting starring Paul Newman and Robert Redford, but that doesn’t mean that I think it is superior to a movie like The Godfather.
2. It helped that I was the target demographic for the promotion, as I was 22 when it started and 30 when it went under.
3. The question is more that why would Drake and Chris Brown be in a club where people would chant ECW. Are there people who would chant ECW, who aren’t middle class 20 or 30 somethings?
4. The shirt screams, ‘Hey look at me kids. I’m 33, but I’m still cool. I’m still hip. Ducka ducka ducka.’ And not in a heel way.
5. During the summer of 1993, Lawler was involved in probably his most high profile WWF feud between he and Bret Hart. Lawler declared himself the only king of wrestling after Bret Hart won the 1993 King of the Ring tournament.
6. They come out to the song Friends by Joe Satriani off of his Extremist album. Strange choice.
7. Couldn’t do that in the later 90s, most fans would think that they were volunteering to hide someone’s drug stash.
8. Man this promotion loves to spoil wrestling results, don’t they?
9. Who wraps a boa around Hunter and pulls him to her massive chest.
10. I swear if this show just spoiled a heel turn by one of the Super Destroyers that could have easily been avoided by announcing the match at Ultra Clash AFTER this match, I’m going to go back in time and kick the video editor square in the ass!
11. Man this is starting to get embarrassing. YOU’RE A TAPED SHOW!!!!!! Make the matches smaller or join then in progress if you don’t have enough time.
12. This match is very reminiscent of the tag team matches that ECW would be known for. Highlights being referees that allow the teams to ignore the tag rules as well as the count-out rules without specifying that it was a texas tornado, no dq, or no count-out match.
13. The Headhunters were moving pretty fast at first, but they have really slowed down. I guess that 400 pounds start dragging you down after a few minutes.
14. Someone really screwed up there. Not sure if it was the referee, the Headhunters, or Matsunaga.
15. Okay, this is still bushleague to pull this. However, as the television show was rapidly approaching the end of the time slot, it is much less bothersome. But still, twice in one show?
16. Seemed like a natural snap of the ropes, especially as they didn’t use the ropes as part of the match or story.
topstory120x120-|topstory120x120 topstory500x250-|topstory500x250

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Extreme Archive: ECW Television Episode 019 Sat, 09 Jun 2012 10:10:32 +0000 Not that anyone really would care, but this episode of ECW Television is the first episode on the fourth ECW DVD: ECW Hardcore TV 019-024. More specifically, this is the first DVD outside of my initial investment of the first three DVDs.

What does that mean, well it certainly means that I have at least five more columns in me1. Also it should mean that we are rounding the corner from small indy federation with a combination of WWF veterans and local Philly wrestling talent to a federation that actually had talent that could put on solid matches on their own.

This week adds one of the most important architects of ECW to the roster. 2

ECW Television – Episode 019

Taped: August 07, 1993
Broadcast: August 24, 1993
Taping Location: The ECW Arena in South Philadelphia, PA
Announcing Team: Jay Sulli and Paul E. Dangerously or Don Muraco


  • Both the Koloffs and the team of The Sandman and Sal Bellomo advanced in the ECW Tag Team Title Tournament.
  • Don Muraco defeats the Metal Maniac, but is challenged for an ECW Title match by Tito Santana
  • Stan Hansen faces Jimmy Snuka for the ECW Television Title gaining a disqualification victory.



Back in the ECW Studios, Jay Sulli sets the table for tonight’s show. Eddie Gilbert shows up and tells really bad playground jokes to Sulli. Tonight we will see:

  • The final matches in the ECW Tag Team Title Tournament
  • ECW World Heavyweight Title Match: Don Muraco vs Tito Santana
  • The ECW debut of Shane Douglas
  • And Terry Funk will be in action.3

Here’s the current rundown of the ECW Tag Team Title Tournament:

ECW Television Title Tournament
Bellomo & Sandman The Sandman &
Sal Bellomo
Tournament Semi Finalist Tournament Winner
Stetson & Michaels
The Headhunters The Koloffs (Ivan & Vladimir)
The Koloffs
Gilbert & Patriot Tournament Quarter Finalist Tournament Semi Finalist
JT Smith & Cairo
Super Destroyers Tournament Quarter Finalist
The Suicide Blondes

Segment 1: ECW Tag Team Tournament Match: Dark Patriot & Eddie Gilbert w/ Freddie Gilbert vs JT Smith & Tommy Cairo

We get a pre-interview segment with Gilbert and the Dark Patriot. Amazingly, the Dark Patriot speaks! And he has a southern accent! Shocking developments here on ECW Television. Somehow the Dark Patriot is mad that he splashed JT Smith from the Eagle’s Nest a few weeks ago.4 Patriot then goes over the top claiming that he wants to take JT Smiths’ soul.

Muraco has joined Jay Sulli to do commentary. According to Muraco, he and the Dark Patriot recently hit the Egypt nightclub5 on Delaware Avenue, that’s a rather strange visual.

Patriot starts off with Cairo who arm drags him several times. Spinning heel kick sends Cairo out to the floor. When Patriot comes back in, Cairo grabs his wrist and tags in JT. Patriot being a cowardly heel, he takes JT’s eyes and tags in Eddie, but JT stays in control. Cairo and JT sneak in the ring without tagging while Freddie distracts the referee. Eddie throws Cairo off the ropes and Freddie Gilbert grabs his foot sending him to the mat allowing Eddie to attack.

And out comes Sensational Sherri Martel to make the save, cause she is apparently personally affronted by the cheating of Hot Stuff International?6 She chases Freddie back to the locker room. 7

Patriot and Cairo mixing it up, and out comes Paul E. Patriot throws out Cairo and does rather poor high spots to damage Cairo. Back in the ring, tag to Eddie who misses an elbow drop. Tag into JT who starts to fight off both, but is overwhelmed. Eddie with a chain but misses JT and hits Patriot. JT for the cover and the victory, but Eddie puts the chain in JT’s tights so it is hanging out. The ref reverses the decision and Gilbert and Dark Patriot advance, but Dark Patriot scuffles with Eddie for hitting him with the chain as Paul tries to smooth things over.

Dissension in the ranks?

Segment #2: Introduction of Shane Douglas

Tod Gordon introduces the latest addition to the ECW roster, Shane Douglas, wearing his traditional yellow trunks.8 However, out comes Hot Stuff International, which is a little rushed, especially as Shane isn’t THAT well known. Yes he was a WCW tag team champion, but it’s not like it’s Road Warrior Hawk out there.

Paul E. Dangerously hypes up Douglas’s UWF roots and his recent tag team championship. Douglas becomes the newest member of Hot Stuff International as Gordon audibly shows his frustration. Douglas offers a $10,000 challenge to any wrestler who can pin him. 9

Out come Don E. Allen and Herve Renesto to try and take the money. I’m sure you’ve all seen handicap squash matches before, and this is no different. Allen is thrown out of the ring, and Douglas hits the belly-to-belly suplex to finish off Renesto.10

Segment #3: ECW Tag Team Tournament Match: The Super Destroyers vs The Suicide Blondes

An interview with the Super Destroyers before the match, and Super Destroyer #2 actually speaks, though you quickly learn why they’ve had a manager for most of their careers.

The Super Destroyers come to the ring to new theme music. And out comes Hunter Q. Robbins III without Candido or Hotbody. Hunter claims that he made a mistake in ditching the Destroyers, and he has told the Blondes to stay home as he is forfeiting the match to the Super Destroyers.11 He then offers the Super Destroyers $25,000 to resign with him, which they refuse. Well, more specifically, Super Destroyer #1 refuses for both of them.

Segment #4: Terry Funk vs Canadian Wolfman 12

The bell rings, and Funk pushes Wolfman back into the corner, and slaps his fat belly. Gee thanks Terry. Funk works on the shoulder for a while. Eventually Wolfman runs against the ropes and delivers a weak shoulder block. Muraco is on commentary running down Funk for the Dangerous Alliance. Terry Funk with a series of elbows on Wolfman in the corner. Funk slams the fat Wolfman three times, but only gets a two count. A few chops followed by a spinning toe hold and Funk gets the submission victory.

After the match, we get a backstage interview with Stan Hansen who suggests that this was the only time you have and maybe will ever see Terry Funk and him wrestle as a tag team. He hypes up Abdullah, but says that the Texas boys will take care of business at Ultra Clash I.

Segment #5: ECW Heavyweight Championship Match: Don Muraco w/ Freddie Gilbert vs Tito Santana

We get pre-match interviews with Tito Santana and Don Muraco, but not much of note is really said. Tito comes out to La Bamba by Richie Valens.13

Fists by Santana to start. He throws Freddie into Muraco and they go outside the ring. Back in the ring, Muraco pushes Santana into the corner, and Tito starts to fight out of it but Muraco dominates. Muraco works on Santana’s arm with a full arm drag and twist and nails it with the elbow for good measure. Muraco takes him down which allows Freddie to distract the referee so Muraco can choke out Santana.

In a very nice move, Santana nails Muraco with some forearms, but Muraco rolls through and holds onto the elbow. Back on their feet, and Santana tries to come back, but Muraco stays in control. Muraco with a shoulder breaker and drives the thumb to the throat of Santana. Muraco tries to finish off Santana with a piledriver, but it is reversed. Both men on their feet and a double-clothesline takes both men down. Inside cradle gives Santana a near fall.

Muraco takes control and nails the piledriver, but Freddie is on the ring apron distracting the referee. Paul E. is having a coronary on commentary. Muraco gets up to argue with Freddie, and Santana pushes Muraco into Freddie. Muraco then pulls Freddie up onto the ring apron and slaps him down. Tito comes off the ropes and nails him with a flying forearm. Cover for the pinfall victory! Freddie runs away to the locker room, and Muraco gives chase.

New ECW Heavyweight Champion: Tito Santana

Closing Segment: Interview with Eddie Gilbert and Paul E.

The segment isn’t that exciting, as both of them promise to deliver on the blood and guts that is already hyped. Eddie promises to take on Funk and Hansen all on his own.

The really weird thing is that Paul E. is wearing a baseball cap that says “Public Enemy” on it. But it’s not the logo for the rap group. Foreshadowing, perhaps?



  • Hardcore HOF: Shane Douglas
  • Tito Santana
  • Sensational Sherri Martel R.I.P.

Historic Significance

  • Tito Santana is the new ECW Heavyweight Champion, becoming the seventh man to hold that title.
  • Shane Douglas joined the ECW roster as well as Hot Stuff International.
  • Shane Douglas has an open challenge: he will give $10,000 to anyone who can pin him in the ring.
  • Hunter Q. Robbins III offered the Super Destroyers $25,000 to let him manage them again.
  • The first round of the ECW Tag Team Tournament is complete, and two more teams have advanced: Eddie Gilbert & Dark Patriot and The Super Destroyers

ECW Television Title Tournament
Bellomo & Sandman The Sandman &
Sal Bellomo
Tournament Semi Finalist Tournament Winner
Stetson & Michaels
The Headhunters The Koloffs (Ivan & Vladimir)
The Koloffs
Gilbert & Patriot Gilbert & Patriot Tournament Semi Finalist
JT Smith & Cairo
Super Destroyers Super Destroyers
The Suicide Blondes


ECW Heavyweight Champion Tito Santana Since 08/07/1993
ECW Television Champion Jimmy Snuka Since 03/13/1993
ECW Tag Team Champions --vacated-- Since 07/27/1993
ECW Pennsylvania Champion Tommy Cairo Since 05/14/1993

ECW Spotlight: Ranking the ECW Wrestlers

I don’t know about you, but I like ranking things. Not just in top 10 lists. I mean anyone can rank their top 10 favorite movies, but I mean seriously ranking all of the movies I’ve ever seen. Ranking the best Philadelphia Phillies. This is really fun in wrestling, as it is a fake sport where promoters and bookers not only determine winners but how long matches are allowed to go. If Vince McMahon said that the Steamboat vs Savage match could only go 6 minutes, then it would not be the classic we all remember.

However, with wrestling lists there is a problem: you haven’t seen all of the greats wrestle. Even if I’m going to limit my wrestling list to north america, my exposure to wrestlers like Lou Thesz, Harley Race, Dory Funk Jr. Buddy Rogers, Georgeous George, Freddie Blassie, Bob Backlund, Verne Gagne, Nick Bockwinkle, and even Bruno Sammartino is limited. And even if I see matches on YouTube or somewhere else, it still is not the same as living through that time and having an opinion.

But with ECW, is is much easier. I lived through the entire time, and I was a fan of the federation from the summer of 94 through its demise in 2001.

So for me, the ECW wrestlers fall into the following categories:

  • Hardcore Hall of Famers - Hall of Fame wrestlers and personalities who are primarily known for being on the ECW roster 14
  • Team Extreme< - Wrestlers and personalities who are important to the history of ECW, but not quite Hall of Fame worthy. (I think of these like professional athletes who are recognized by their team, but not necessarily by the league at large)
  • Extreme Journeymen - Wrestlers and personalities who spent time in several federations, but had significant contributions to ECW.
  • Hardcore First Class - Wrestlers and personalities who helped start Eastern Championship Wrestling (local indy federation), but who didn’t necessarily fit the model of Extreme Championship Wrestling.

So as I continue these recaps of ECW, I will try and place the wrestlers into their respective categories. I would say that most of the (non former WWF) roster fit the Hardcore First Class category.

The exceptions are JT Smith and Chris Candido who are both members of Team Extreme. Additionally, Miss Peaches and Tommy Cairo are certainly candidates.

I think that Jimmy Snuka would definitely be a member of the Extreme Journeymen group. You could make the case for Eddie Gilbert and Don Muraco as well.

And we have five members of the Hardcore Hall of Fame: Tod Gordon, The Sandman, Terry Funk, Paul E. Dangerously, and now Shane Douglas.

Going forward, I will let you know where debuting wrestlers fit, if anywhere.


Hey, Shane Douglas arrived in the ECW Arena for the first time, how bad can it be? Not that Shane Douglas is my favorite wrestler, but he ushered in a new age in ECW of the new type of wrestler that was going to become available to include on the roster. And while I wouldn’t go on to say that the Santana vs Muraco match was great, it was a solid television match that resulted in the ECW Heavyweight Championship to change hands. So, a very eventful episode indeed. I’d say a solid B- for 1993, and a C for modern viewing.


1 – I have to say it that way to myself, otherwise it sounds like I’m doing a year long prison sentence of bad 90s indy wrestling television.
2 – He is not much of a surprise as his name has already been mentioned in recent Extreme Archive columns.
3 – When you hear two weeks out that Terry Funk will be in action, that means they haven’t finalized the card. But when they tell you prior to a show, that means that Wrestler X is going to face a jobber, and an uninteresting one at that.
4 – Someone needs to work on their heel interviews. Patriot should have chided Smith for not quitting when he should rather than be angry at challenging him.
5 – They reference Delaware Avenue an awful lot. I know it’s close to the Arena, and the hot place in the early 90s, but it makes it seem like Philly only has bars and clubs on one street.
6 – That seems rather hypocritical, especially as she has no reason to be involved. We’re supposed to believe that Sherri’s conscience told her to help out Smith and Cairo?
7 – If this was Russo booking, Sherri would then attack Cairo and join Hot Stuff International on the spot.
8 – I’m guessing the yellow is cause of his Pittsburgh roots? Does anyone know?
9 – Douglas has good voice here, but hadn’t learned yet how to slow down and allow for pauses in his delivery. Weird because he has 10+ years in the business in 1993.
10 – For you young people out there who maybe think that 1993 was such a long time ago that a belly-to-belly suplex was considered a finishing move, rest assured that it was not. It was lame even for 1993, and always made Douglas look weak as a result.
11 – Or more specifically, Chris Candido was now in Smokey Mountain Wrestling.
12 – Who is Canadian Wolfman blowing to remain on ECW television? Why not give the jobbing duties to Renesto, Allen, Thrasher or Hotbody who at least look like wrestlers. Wolfman looks fatter and less athletic than I do!
13 – Was that the only Hispanic appropriate music they had in the building?
14 – Terry Funk is most assuredly a Hardcore Hall of Famer, but he is known for so many places and territories and accomplishments, you can’t define him by that.

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Extreme Archive: ECW Television Episode 018 Sat, 02 Jun 2012 19:40:53 +0000 I hope everyone had a good Memorial Day weekend, last week. I was rather busy with stuff, so unfortunately the Extreme Archive had to take a backseat to real world concerns. But, I figured that most of you should be hanging out by the beach or pool or at a cookout rather than reading this stuff. But, back in the swing of things, and hopefully refreshed.

This week, we have ACTUAL NEW MATCHES! I know I’m excited. We’ve moved into the television tapings from Saturday August 7th at the ECW Arena. Plus, we have some ECW DVD news.

ECW Television – Episode 018

Taped: August 07, 1993
Broadcast: August 17, 1993
Taping Location: The ECW Arena in South Philadelphia, PA
Announcing Team: Jay Sulli and Paul E. Dangerously


  • The Rockin’ Rebel has been suspended for 90 days.
  • The main event for Ultra Clash I was announced: Terry Funk & Stan Hansen vs Eddie Gilbert & Adbulah the Butcher


In a voice-over segment, Jay Sulli announces the brackets for the ECW Tag Team Title Tournament that will take place over the next few weeks on ECW Television.

ECW Television Title Tournament
Bellomo & Sandman Tournament Quarter Finalist Tournament Semi Finalist Tournament Winner
Stetson & Michaels
The Headhunters Tournament Quarter Finalist
The Koloffs
Gilbert & Patriot Tournament Quarter Finalist Tournament Semi Finalist
JT Smith & Cairo
Super Destroyers Tournament Quarter Finalist
The Suicide Blondes

I think the Vegas odds are on the Gilbert and Dark Patriot team, but I can see JT Smith and Cairo making a run as well. 1

Segment 1: Introduction

Jay Sulli is in the ECW Production Studio and introduces the action for the show tonight:

  • ECW Tag Team Title Tournament – Round 1: Sal Bellomo & The Sandman vs Tony Stetson and Richard Michaels w/ Hunter Q. Robbins III
  • ECW Tag Team Title Tournament – Round 1: The Headhunters vs The Koloffs
  • ECW World Heavyweight Title Match: Don Muraco vs The Metal Maniac
  • ECW Television Title Match: Jimmy “Superfly” Snuka vs Stan “The Lariat” Hansen

Eddie Gilbert joins in and challenges that he can find a better host for the show than Jay Sulli. Much to my disappointment, he finds a homeless looking guy who is later revealed to be secretly wearing an Eddie Gilbert T-shirt.

Segment 2: ECW Tag Team Title Tournament: The Headhunters vs The Koloffs

The Headhunters are the current W*ING Tag Team Champions, and are joined by their manager Victor Quiñones. If you’ve never seen them, just imagine the Samoans but shorter, fatter, and Hispanic.

In the dumbest ‘stipulation’ in wrestling, ring announcer Bob Artese announces that if the match is a draw, then they will FLIP A COIN to determine who advances in the tournament. WTF! 2

Of course both teams attach each other before the bell. At first the Headhunters dominate the Koloffs, especially Ivan. Vladimir is tagged in, and hits a belly-to-belly suplex. Called a belly-to-back suplex by Jay Sulli, who has to be verbally admonished on air about the difference between the two. Both teams take turns dominating. Then, in a really dumb finish, both teams take turns shoving the referee drawing the double DQ.

After the exciting COIN FLIP3, it is determined that the Koloffs win the coin flip. Needless to say the Headhunters are not happy.

Segment 3: ECW World Title Match: Don Muraco w/ Freddie Gilbert vs The Metal Maniac

The Metal Maniac makes his debut on ECW Television, but apparently, he made several appearances in ECW in 92 and 93. 4 He is your typical face painted 90s wrestler. He very much reminds me of Brian Adams (aka Crush), as he is easily over 300 lbs. Sources say that he was trained by BOTH Don Muraco and Jimmy Snuka. 5

During the match it is announced that Don Muraco had an open challenge for the World Title and that the challenge was accepted by the man who defeated Don Muraco for the WWF Intercontinental Championship, Tito Santanna.

As Muraco jaws with Tod Gordon, Metal Maniac attacks Muraco. Muraco quickly gains the advantage hitting a running body slam. Total squash by Muraco as he hits a tombstone piledriver. Muraco throws him over the top rope, where Freddie gets some shots in. Muraco pulls him back in the ring, hitting him with a very lazy clothesline. Finally, Muraco finishes it off with a piledriver for the pinfall.

Segment 4: ECW Tag Team Title Tournament: The Sandman & Sal Bellomo vs Tony Stetson & Richard Michaels w/ Hunter Q. Robbins III

This match shows off two of the true marks of a small-time indy wrestling fed from the 80s/90s. First, you pair two heels or faces even though they have no relationship whatsoever. In this case, Stetson and Michaels makes some limited sense, as Stetson recently had been pairing with Rockin’ Rebel who has been suspended for 90 days. But Sandman and Bellomo have NOTHING in common except the fact that they are faces.

The match starts off with the Sandman pairing off against Tony Stetson, when the production crew decides to interrupt the match for highlights of Abdulah the Butcher?

I’ve never understood the idea of interrupting a taped match for other taped material. ECW would do this in later years, but they wouldn’t interrupt an actual match. I mean you could have put this before the match even started. Anyway, it’s stock footage of Abdulah from over the years both in the States and in Japan.

Back to action, as Michaels and Stetson cheat by trading off camel clutches on The Sandman as the referee’s back is turned. Sandman escapes and tags in Big Sal who punches Stetson and hits the standing dropkick. Tag into Michaels, who nails Bellomo with a headbutt and knife edge chop. Sal tags in The Sandman

Sandman chops Michaels in the corner. Michaels with a shoulder block. Sandman goes for a suplex, but Michaels reverses into a gourd buster. Referee Jim Molineau is distracted by Hunter, and Stetson and Michaels switch places. But Sal uses this opportunity to switch places with the Sandman, without Stetson realizing it. Stetson goes for the easy pin on the fallen “Sandman”, but the refreshed Sal surprises Stetson and gets the rollup. Mollineau shrugs his shoulders and gives the pinfall victory to Sandman and Bellomo.

Segment 5: Interview Segment with Stan Hansen

Tod Gordon announces the Ultra Clash I main event to the live crowd at the TV Tapings: Terry Funk & Stan Hansen vs Eddie Gilbert & Abdulah the Butcher. Crowd pops, and out comes Stan Hansen. Stan Hansen says something about teaming with Terry Funk, as he starts to wrap his rope lariat around the neck of Tod Gordon. He seems happy that he’s going to be fighting, but it sounds like he doesn’t care who he fights.

During the break, another match for Ultra Clash I is announced: Pennsylvania Championship Match: Tommy Cairo vs Tony Stetson w/ Hunter Q. Robbins III.

Segment 6: ECW Television Title Match: Jimmy Snuka w/ Eddie Gilbert vs Stan Hansen

In the pre-match segment, Paul E and Snuka are backstage talking about the upcoming match. But more importantly, is that we start to see the progression from Paul E. Dangerously to Paul E, as Paul is no longer wearing the suit and tie, but instead has removed the tie, opened the shirt, and is wearing a baseball cap. I wonder if we’ve seen the last of the WCW Paul E. Dangerously.

For those of you who don’t know Stan Hansen, he is pretty hard to describe. Imagine if you crossed Bradshaw with Vader, but with only intense brawling skills. And the chewing tobacco in his mouth6 while he wrestles completes the visual.

Snuka attacks before the bell, delivering a chop and a series of headbutts. Snuka off the ropes and gets a hip toss by Hansen. A shoulder block sends Snuka out of the ring. Hansen gives chase but then goes after Gilbert allowing Snuka to hit him with a double axe-handle from the apron and then slam his head into a table.

Back in the ring, Stan is thrown off the ropes, and Snuka nails him with a knife edge. Back outside, the two fight more. Snuka nails Hansen with a chair, but Hansen throws Snuka into Eddie Gilbert. Back in the ring, Snuka kicks and punches Hansen, and nails Hansen with a chop to the throat. Hansen thrown off the ropes, but Snuka lowers his head and Hansen kicks it. DDT on Snuka. Hansen picks up Snuka, who thumbs him in the eyes.

Snuka irish whips Hansen into the ropes, but Hansen holds on and levels Snuka with the Lariat.7 Cover by Hansen, but Eddie comes in to break up the count. Hansen goes after Eddie, but now Freddie Gilbert comes in as well. Hansen kicks Freddie and actually yanks down Freddie’s trousers and starts spanking him in the middle of the ring.8 Philly crowd roars in approval, as the show ends.


Historic Significance

  • ECW Tag Team Title Tournament Brackets are announced, and two teams have advanced: The Koloffs and Sal Bellomo & The Sandman.
  • Jimmy Snuka retains the Television Title against Stan Hansen.

ECW Television Title Tournament
Bellomo & Sandman The Sandman &
Sal Bellomo
Tournament Semi Finalist Tournament Winner
Stetson & Michaels
The Headhunters The Koloffs (Ivan & Vladimir)
The Koloffs
Gilbert & Patriot Tournament Quarter Finalist Tournament Semi Finalist
JT Smith & Cairo
Super Destroyers Tournament Quarter Finalist
The Suicide Blondes


  • The Metal Maniac (on ECW Television, not ECW itself)
  • Stan “The Lariat” Hansen


ECW Heavyweight Champion Don Muraco Since 04/03/1993
ECW Television Champion Jimmy Snuka Since 03/13/1993
ECW Tag Team Champions --vacated-- Since 07/27/1993
ECW Pennsylvania Champion Tommy Cairo Since 05/14/1993

ECW Spotlight: The Biggest Matches in ECW History DVD

Next week the WWE will be releasing a new DVD/Blu-Ray Disc titled: The Biggest Matches in ECW History, which will contain the following matches:

  • NWA Championship Match: Shane Douglas vs 2 Cold Scorpio
  • Hostile City Showdown 95: Raven vs Tommy Dreamer
  • Heat Wave 95: Dean Malenko & 2 Cold Scorpio vs Taz & Eddie Guerrero
  • ECW Television Title Match: Dean Malenko vs Eddie Guerrero
  • CyberSlam 96: Cactus Jack vs Shane Douglas
  • The Doctor is In: Chris Jericho vs 2 Cold Scorpio
  • CyberSlam 97: ECW Tag Team Championship – Tables and Ladders Match: Rob Van Dam & Sabu vs The Eliminators9
  • Barely Legal: Sabu vs Taz
  • November to Remember 97: ECW World Championship Match: Bam Bam Bigelow vs Shane Douglas
  • Heat Wave 98: ECW Tag Team Championship: Rob Van Dam & Sabu vs Hayabusa & Jinsei Shinzaki
  • ECW Television Title Match: Rob Van Dam vs Jerry Lynn
  • Guilty as Charged 99: ECW World Championship Match: Shane Douglas vs Tazz 10
  • Heat Wave 99: The Impact Players vs Rob Van Dam & Jerry Lynn
  • November to Remember 99: ECW World Title Match: Mike Awesome vs Masato Tanaka
  • CyberSlam 00: ECW World Title Match: Tazz vs Tommy Dreamer
  • CyberSlam 00: ECW World Title Match: Tommy Dreamer vs Justin Credible11
  • Heat Wave 00: ECW Television Title Match: Rhino vs The Sandman
  • Massacre on 34th Street: ECW Television Title Match: Rhino vs Spike Dudley
  • Jerry Lynn vs Christian York12

And the Blu-Ray has the following exclusive matches:

  • The Night the Line was Crossed: Jimmy Snuka vs Tommy Dreamer
  • The Night the Line was Crossed: ECW World Title Match: Shane Douglas vs Sabu vs Terry Funk

This is a pretty good set of matches. You have to wonder if there will be a lot of editing, especially with the early ECW matches.  The two real gems that stand out to me are the Jericho vs Scorpio match and the Malenko & Scorpio vs Taz & Guerrero match. Two very unique matches, and the tag match is where Taz broke his neck. It’s worth $20.00, I guess.

Am I going to purchase this? Probably not. But that’s because I prefer full cards to select matches from different eras. I like understanding all of the storylines that are happening at a particular super show. I want to see the matches in the order that the booker intended. And I want to experience how the fans in attendance experienced the card. Just my preferences.


Wow, actually refreshing to see the advancement of storylines and actual matches. And even though it wasn’t a good match, I have never seen Stan Hansen versus Jimmy Snuka. I wouldn’t call it a dream match, but if it was on a card, it would certainly raise my eyebrows. So, a good one after weeks and weeks of crap. Let’s hope this continues. See you next week.


1 – I actually don’t know who wins this tournament. It’s probably one of the last title changes that I have no clue about.
2 – Wow, that’s annoying. And the worst part is, that you would only come up with that stipulation if you were going to use it. Most likely in the match, where you first announce it.
3 – Told ya, we wouldn’t have to wait long.
4 – Thank you
5 – Nepotism in wrestling? Say it isn’t so.
6 – Usually tobacco juice running down his chest as well, if you really want to be disgusted.
7 – I’m not a huge Stan Hansen fan, but even I pop at his lariat clothesline. It is a thing of beauty.
8 – Tighty Whities for Freddie if you must know.
9 – I actually was in the audience for that one! Fun match, as I recall.
10 – This should not be on the DVD. Everyone knows that the rematch that took place a few weeks later at the ECW Arena was much better.
11 – They actually made this into two separate match listings for the disc?
12 – I have no idea why this match is on here. Did someone owe Christian York $20.00, and figured it was easier to put him on here and give him royalties?

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Extreme Archive: ECW Television Episode 017 Sat, 19 May 2012 03:55:03 +0000 Uck… I go to do a quick review of Episode 017, and it turns out it’s a flipping clip show! I could have done a quick recap of that last week, and tied it into the Super Summer Sizzler. FRAG!

There is little to nothing in this episode of note, so I’m unsure what to do here. I’m going to plow through, and then see. Maybe I’ll add episode 018 or something. I really don’t know.

And a quick shout out to the Queen of Disco, Donna Summer. Once again, there is always a tie-in back to ECW, as she is the woman who sings the song, Hot Stuff, which is, of course, the entrance music for one ‘Hot Stuff’ Eddie Gilbert.

ECW Television – Episode 017

Taped: Various
Broadcast: August 10, 1993
Taping Location: ECW Production Studios in Paoli, Pennsylvania
Announcing Team: Jay Sulli & Eddie Gilbert


  • Tod Gordon announces several matches for Ultra Clash I.
  • Eddie Gilbert and The Dark Patriot defeated JT Smith and Glen Osborne
  • Tod Gordon announces that the Japanese promotion W*ING is coming to ECW for both the August television tapings and Ultra Clash I.
  • From Super Summer Sizzler: Jimmy Snuka defeated Tommy Cairo to retain the television championship.


Segment #1

Eddie Gilbert and Jay Sulli are in the (rented) ECW Production Studios. Sulli talks about the confusion between Hot Stuff International and The Dangerous Alliance, before moving on to two videos from previous weeks:

Segment #2

Eddie Gilbert and Jay Sulli talk about some hot button issues in Hot Stuff International. They bring up the feud between Gilbert and the Dark Patriot in Global Championship Wrestling. Apparently, it was Paul E. Dangerously who brought in the Dark Patriot, against the wishes of Eddie Gilbert. But Eddie is going along with it for the betterment of the ‘family’. Additionally, Gilbert brings up that he brought in the latest addition to Hot Stuff International:
Shane Douglas

And now we’re back to clips:

Segment #3

Jay Sulli the main event has been announced for Ultra Clash I, where it will be Texas Tornado Tag Team – Bunkhouse Match (A bunkhouse match is a match where you can wear what you want to the ring, bring any thing you want to fight with; A texas tornado match is a tag match where all participants can fight without tagging) between Eddie Gilbert and his tag team partner Abdullah the Butcher versus Terry Funk and his tag team partner, Stan “The Lariat” Hansen.

Clips of matches from the Hunter Q. Robbins III storyline:

  • ECW Tag Team Championship Match: Suicide Blondes vs Glen Osborne & Tommy Cairo from ECW Television Episode 010 where the Super Destroyers officially fire Robbins and turn face.
  • Clips from the Sal Bellomo vs Chris Candido match (I believe) that was not shown on ECW Television: Long story short, the Blondes start ganging up on Bellomo giving him the victory, when Tony Stetson comes down to join in on the attack. The Super Destroyers come into the ring to make the save. Stevie Wonderful comes down to help Hunter Q. Robbins, but gets attacked from behind, and signals his face turn. 1 And this is also when the Destroyers attack and “break” the arm of Chris Candido.
  • ECW Tag Team Championship Match: Suicide Blondes vs The Super Destroyers
    from ECW Television Episode 011.

Segment #4

Eddie comes back to talk more with Jay Sulli, and gives him a gift of a “King” Eddie Gilbert T-Shirt. Sulli and Gilbert talk about the big main event on Ultra Clash I. Eddie gets all hyped up.


Segment #5

Sulli and Gilbert talk about the issue that happened between the Rockin’ Rebel and Miss Peaches as well as the upcoming Battle of the Sexes Battle Royale between Peaches, Tigra, Angel, Robbins, Freddie Gilbert, and Sensational Sherri. 2


  • Sandman w/ Miss Peaches vs Ivan Koloff which was not shown on ECW Television. During the match, Rockin’ Rebel comes down and throws an unknown black substance into the face of Miss Peaches and Sandman gets pinned by Koloff. The announcers claim that it’s ink, but who is able to find 8 ounces of ink at a moment’s notice. Looks more like Grape soda. All of the face wrestlers come down to help Peaches.
  • Clip from the Press Conference which is from the same shots that were shown in Episode 015 and 016, but this has new information. Due to his actions, the Rockin’ Rebel is suspended from ECW for 90 days.

Segment #6

Jay Sulli and Eddie Gilbert talk about the upcoming match against Terry Funk at Ultra Clash I. As Jay introduces the clip of the match between Gilbert and Funk from the Sizzler, Eddie threatens to call his own momma to help with the situation.


  • Texas Chain Match Massacre: Terry Funk vs Eddie Gilbert from Super Summer Sizzler Spectacular.
  • Clip of the Press Conference where Tod Gordon announces that fines have been issued for Eddie Gilbert, Paul E. Dangerously, and Freddie Gilbert.

Segment #7

Ultra Clash I Rundown:

  • Texas Tornado Bunkhouse Tag Team Match: Terry Funk & Stan Hansen vs Eddie Gilbert & Abdullah the Butcher
  • Battle of the Sexes Battle Royal: Hunter Q. Robbins, Freddie Gilbert, Peaches, Tigra, Angel, and Sensational Sherri
  • Skywalkers Scaffold Match: Dark Patriot vs JT Smith
  • Pennsylvania Championship Match: Tommy Cairo vs Tony Stetson
  • 10,000 Golden Challenge Match: The Sandman vs Shane Douglas – if the Sandman pins Shane Douglas, he wins 10,000 3

Eddie comes back and they announce that next week we finally can see new matches from the television tapings, including the tag team title tournament.


Historic Significance

  • Rockin’ Rebel has been suspended for 90 days.
  • Three new matches signed for Ultra Clash I: Sandman vs Douglas, Cairo vs Stetson, Funk & Hansen vs Gilbert & Addullah.


None on screen


ECW Heavyweight Champion Don Muraco Since 04/03/1993
ECW Television Champion Jimmy Snuka Since 03/13/1993
ECW Tag Team Champions –vacated– Since 07/27/1993
ECW Pennsylvania Champion Tommy Cairo Since 05/14/1993

Rockin’ Rebel

Let’s try to complete some of the TWA/ECW old guard, as there are going to be several new wrestlers showing up in the ECW arena in the upcoming weeks.

Unlike most of the original ECW talent, the Rockin’ Rebel, real name Chuck Williams, has fleshed out a nice independent wrestling career, having made his debut in 1988 after being trained by the legendary tag team, the Rock N’ Roll Express.

In 1990 he debuted in the Tri-State Wrestling Alliance defeating former WCW Jobber “Jumping” Joey Maggs, and even became the 1st TWA Champion on July 21st, 1990, but it was immediately held up. His major feuds in TWA were with Tony Stetson, DC Drake, and The Sandman.

Rockin’ Rebel rejoined ECW in October of 1993 teaming with the Metal Maniac to face the Hell Riders. He would remain a mainstay for the next two years. A native of the Philadelphia suburbs, he seems to have remained in the general region, working with local independent federations. He never made it to the big two wrestling companies, other than as a jobber in the WWF during his early career.

From what I’ve seen, the Rebel has a nice 1980s ‘high flying’ style like that of his trainers Ricky Morton and Robert Gibson but that style did not translate well to the flashier, luchadore inspired high flying and hardcore attitude of the 1990s. But he would go on to wrestle in ROH, CZW, 3PW and several other local federations.


After all of my pain and suffering of the two previous weeks, I get a flipping clip show! Good lord. Why did I sign on for this project. Ahhh, it’s a labor of love, I know. Anyway, I think next week we FINALLY get some new matches and new angles. Please. Pretty Please. Pretty please with sugar on top!!!!!!

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Extreme Archive: ECW Super Summer Sizzler Spectacular 1993 Sat, 12 May 2012 10:14:13 +0000 I’m doing a little something different this week. I purchased the ECW Super Summer Sizzler Spectacular show on DVD, and figured I could review the arena matches instead of ones that are shot specifically for television. 1. So, let’s go to beautiful South Philadelphia for a rather hot and steamy night in a concrete bingo parlor with no air conditioning!

ECW Super Summer Sizzler Spectacular

Taped: June 19, 1993
Availability: DVD
Taping Location: ECW Arena in South Philadelphia, PA
Announcing Team: Jay Sulli & Various


Pre-match Segment

Tod Gordon (wearing a decent suit) and Jay Sulli (in a horrible tuxedo shirt), are standing around some middle-aged white guys outside the ECW Arena, who are ‘psyched’ for the big show tonight. 2

And we’re greeted to the standard ECW Title Sequence? Really?

Match #1: Television Title Match: Jimmy Snuka vs. JT Smith

Jay Sulli and Paul E. Dangerously announce this match. Sign in the background saying “Sulli must go”. Wow that’s a little cold for an independent wrestling show, but nice to know that the writing was on the wall even to fans in 1993.

The first of two television title matches. Slow to start out, feeling each other out. Headlock on Snuka into a running shoulder block, hiptossed by Snuka. Sulli actually asks a good question, as Snuka is wrestling with boots on and not his normal barefoot, and Dangerously answers that Snuka bases his choices based on his opponent. Good question and good answer.

Smith takes Snuka to the mat. JT on the offense and Snuka slides out of the ring. Snuka back in acting very cocky, and Smith rolls up for a near fall. Snuka backs up Smith, and hits him with knees and knife edges. Flying cross body by Smith. Snuka works over the injured knee of Smith with a knee breaker and a chop block. Jumping piledriver by Snuka followed by a rib breaker. Snuka to the top, Superfly splash for the pinfall.

Time of match: 5:36
Result: Snuka pins Smith cleanly after the Snuka Splash
Rating: *1/2 (Barely an acceptable television match)

Match #2: First Blood Match: Larry Winters vs. “Hitman” Tony Stetson

Interesting pose, as Stetson comes down with his hands clasped behind his back to ensure he doesn’t slap hands with anyone. Winters comes down and Stetson attacks him before he even enters the ring. Off the ropes, and Stetson nails him with a taped fist punch to the forehead, and a second. Chops in the corner. Snap mare and a driving knee to the forehead. Stetson is a little sloppy in this match, but is going at a very nice speed for 1993. Seriously.

Stetson slams Winters, and goes up top and hits a flying leg drop. And Stetson unties the turnbuckle cover. 3 And the ECW crowd chants “We Want Blood” 4 Winters blocks being nailed in the corner with the unprotected turnbuckle. Winters takes over and nails Stetson in the corner. Winters up top, and a double axe handle from the top.

Flying clothesline by Stetson. Winters into the corner, and goes down. Stetson up top and thrown from the top rope. Kicks by Winters to the forehead. Winters nails Stetson who goes to the outside. Axe handle from Winters to the floor. Stetson into the corner again.

And down comes the Rockin’ Rebel to distract Winters, allowing Stetson to wrap a chain around the wrist, and nail Winters. And the referee declares the match over. Stetson and Rebel attack Winters after the bell. But Winters comes back and there’s no trace of blood on Winters (though the converted DVD is grainy).

Time of match: 5:37
Result: First Blood Stipulation after Stetson nailed Winters with a chain around his wrist.
Rating: ** (Stetson really picked up his game for this one, so that gets an extra ½ point)

Match #3: Catfight Humiliation Match: Terrible Tigra vs. Miss Peaches

The winner of the match is the one who tears her opponent’s clothes off. There won’t be much recap of this. Slaps and rolling around on the floor. Tigra is able to tear off peaches top, exposing Peaches red bra. Tigra nearly gets peaches shorts off, showing off the white undies. Peaches climbs on Tigra’s t-shirt, who is wearing a glittery bra. Tigra starts running off, and is chased back by an unknown woman, and Tigra’s lycra shorts are ripped off.

Breaking News – ECW Extreme Moment #011

Rebel and Stetson come down to attack Peaches, and they tear the top off the unknown woman exposing her boosomages. (Rather massive boosomages actually). She covers up as Sandman and Winters make the save.

Time of match: 3:37
Result: Stipulation
Rating: ½

Match #4: Television Title Match: Jimmy Snuka w/ Paul E. Dangerously vs. Tommy Cairo

Cairo has smartly ditched the chaps. Paul E gets introduced to a tremendous ovation 5. Terry Funk joins us in the broadcast booth.

Lockup and clean break. Test of strength, and Cairo hits and overhead suplex, and a series of hip tosses, slam, and a running enzugiri. Snuka out of the ring and confers with Paul E. Lockup again, Snuka with a knee to the midsection, knife edge. Snuka sits on Cairo who goes for a sunset flip for a pinfall. Snuka with the thumb to the throat to ensure that he turns away from the referee. 6. Chops by Snuka. Running dropkick by Cairo, and a snap vertical suplex And a back-body drop.

Cairo with Snuka in the comer. Running elbow on Snuka. Scoops slam, and Snuka rolls out of the ring. Vertical suplex from outside the ring. Near fall. Snuka throws Cairo off the ropes, and Paul E grabs Cairo’s leg, and he goes down. Snuka gets a pin with his feet on the ropes. Snuka and Paul E. head for the back. And Cairo slaps hands as he leaves the ring after a loss?

Time of match: 6:08
Result: Pinfall with interference from Paul E. Dangerously and pinfall with feet on the ropes.
Rating: *1/2

Match #5: Philly Street Fight: The Sandman vs. The Rockin’ Rebel

Rebel comes down in street clothes with a T-shirt that reads “I had peaches” and I think he’s eating one. Sandman comes down and slaps hands of the fans ON THE WAY TO A STREET FIGHT! Sandman attacks before the bell, pulling Rebel’s shirt over his head and lays in with punches and the horrible DDT. Starts choking Rebel over the top rope with the t-shirt. Scoop slam on the outside of the ring. Rebel thrown all over the ringside area. Back in the ring, Rebel is sent to the corner. Sandman runs in and runs into a boot, and Rebel hits the bulldog. Savante kick and then a reverse neck breaker on sandman. Side slam by Rebel.

Rebel throws Sandman out of the ring. Tries to hit him with a chair that bounces back into his own forehead 7). Sandman takes over. Chair shot by Sandman. Chair to the back by Sandman. Thrown back in the ring. Scoop slam on Rebel. Sandman to the top rope, but Rebel pulls referee John Finnegan in the way. Ref bump and on cue down comes Tony Stetson. Sandman fights off Stetson. DDT on Stetson. Atomic drop on Rebel. One leg dropkick from the top rope. Some unknown girl comes in, and Sandman pauses allowing her to spray hair spray in his eyes. 8 Rebel whips him with a belt, and covers Sandman for the three count.

Time of the match: 5:13
Result: Pinfall after interference from an unknown woman.
Rating: * (This wasn’t pretty, nor was it very exciting)

Match #6: Special Challenge Match: Dick Murdoch vs. Dark Patriot #2

Paul E. Dangerously says that the Dark Patriot is appearing in Japan, and cannot make it to the show, so his replacement will be Dark Patriot #2.

I have no clue as to the Dark Patriot #2 is, or why Doug Gilbert would be unable to attend the Super Summer Sizzler. I’ve looked all over the internet, and there’s no sign of him. But there’s also no sign of him ever appearing in another match for ECW.

Dick Murdoch comes down and starts attacking Paul E, and the Dark Patriot comes down attacking Murdoch. Series of punches and slams by the Dark Patriot. Funk is regaling us with stories of how tough Dick Murdoch is. Series of elbows by Murdoch and a solid standing dropkick by Dirty Dick Murdoch. 9. Driving elbow on Dark Patriot, and Terry Funk is actively cheering Murdoch. Dark Patriot hits him with something from the outside, and stuns the big Texan.

Murdoch starts giving potatoes to Dark Patriot 2 making him fall down. Out of the corner and gives Murdoch a shove. Murdoch thrown outside to the floor, and Dark Patriot 2 with an axe handle. Patriot back in, and tires to slam Murdoch from the apron, but Dick rolls through for the three count.

Time of the match: 5:40
Result: Pinfall from a roll-up.
Rating: * (Nothing special)

Match #7: Suicide Blondes (Johnny Hotbody & Richard Michaels) and Hunter Q. Robbins III vs. Sal Bellomo, Super Destroyer #1

I think Robbins is wearing a tuxedo body suit. This was supposed to be all three Suicide Blondes and Robins vs. both Super Destroyers. But Chris Candido left ECW to go to Smokey Mountain Wrestling, and I have no clue what happened to Super Destroyer #2. 10

Breaking News – ECW Extreme Moment #011

Jay Sulli announces that he has a guest joining him on the broadcast booth. He says that his co-host is from Pro Wrestling Illustrated, and I’m thinking that Gordon leveraged Bill Apter to do some color commentary, but no… To my utter delight he introduces… the future voice of ECW… Joey Styles!!!!!! 11 Joey immediately heels it up, saying that Gordon opened the coffers and allowed him to come for the show. No mention of Candido, but the absence of Super D #2 is noted.

Super Destroyer is starting it with Richard Michaels. Arm wringer by Super D. Michaels then turn the tables on Super D and works on the arm. Super D back to his feet and drops an elbow. Super D tags in Bellomo. Arm drag by Bellomo. Sal tries to get Robbins to tag in, but Hunter refuses. Back in the faces corner, and Sal tags in Super D. Shoulder blocks in the corner, and Michaels goes to tag in, but no one is there. Richards gets the advantage, and tags in Hunter, who tries to choke Super D #1, but is immediately thrown back to his corner. Super D tags in Wonderful who forces Robins to run into the foot of Super D. Lots of tags, and Michaels is in the ring with Bellomo.

Bellomo with a chinlock, and lifts Michaels to his feet and hits the standing drop kick. Tag into Super D #1. Power slam on Michaels, but Super D pulls him up breaking up the count. 12 Enzugiri by Super D. Joey Styles calls the reverse bulldog on Michaels, which completely baffles Jay Sulli. 13 Tag back into Sal. Richard pushes Bellomo back to the heel corner, and they choke Bellomo. Tag into Hotbody, and all three heels kicking Bellomo. Hotbody goes to work on Sal, driving his neck into the ropes. Triple team on Sal, who gives Hunter and Hotbody a double-clothesline and tags in Super D. Everyone in the ring, and the managers are fighting on the outside. Super D flips and lands on Michaels, and Bellomo follows it up with a running splash. Three count.

Sulli thanks Styles for joining him in the booth, and hopes to work with him in the future. 14

Time of the match: 10:09
Result: Sal Bellomo pinned Richard Michaels after a running splash.
Rating: * ½ (half comedy, half power match)

Match #8: Texas Chain Match Massacre: “Hot Stuff” Eddie Gilbert w/ Paul E. Dangerously vs. Terry Funk

Jay Sulli is joined by Tod Gordon in the booth. Funk comes to the ring with the chain attached to his wrist. The rules are that after they are chained, the match only stops when one wrestler has touched all four corners. Gilbert tries to slide out of the ring, but Funk pulls him back in. Gilbert throws Funk over the top rope and out of the ring, but Funk pulls Gilbert out after him. Punches in the corner, and Funk rolls out of the ring. Wow this is really slow both guys are just pulling on the chain trying to get an advantage.

Funk back in the ring, slaps Eddie. Two chain wrapped punches by Gilbert after which he touches two turnbuckles. Funk pulls back, and whips Gilbert with the chain. Funk then wraps the chain around Eddie’s neck, and pulls him over his back choking Gilbert. Funk touches three turnbuckles, but Gilbert hits him with a punch. Gilbert ties up Funk, wrapping it around Funk’s neck. More punches from Eddie. Funk on the outside, and Gilbert gives chase. Funk is busted open and acting Funk-punch-drunk. Gilbert pulls the chain between Funks legs from behind. Gilbert wraps the chain around the head of Funk bleeding him more. Gilbert slaps three turnbuckles, but Funk pulls back on the chain. Gilbert punches, but back comes Funk. Funk with a series of punches with the chain, and Gilbert is busted open too.

Out of the ring for more punching. Funk chokes out Gilbert over the guardrail. Fighting into the crowd, and Funk starts beating Gilbert with the chain close to the entryway. Funk pulls Gilbert back to the ring. Funk tries to use the steps, but Gilbert fights back. Back in the ring, and both are punching each other. In a very contrived spot, Funk moves the referee (John Finnegan) into the corner for some help, and Gilbert accidentally nails him. Funk with an atomic drop, and touches two corners. John Finnegan is helped to the back and Kevin Christian will take over referee duties for the match. 15

Gilbert nails Funk and touches three turnbuckles, but Funk pulls him away. Funk gets the crazy look in his eye, and Funk attacks and drops Gilbert. Funk touches three corners, but as he is going for the fourth corner, the referee gets involved with Paul E, and Funk touches the fourth corner. Sulli and Gordon are elated, but Christian didn’t see the fourth turnbuckle. While Funk argues with the ref, Dangerously hands Gilbert a chair. Eddie nails Funk with it, and finishes with a piledriver. Eddie touches all four corners for the victory. Paul E puts the crown on Eddie as the announcers act disgusted, but given the ‘referee rules’ that we all know, it wasn’t blatant. But then Eddie hugs the referee and Paul E declares that Kevin Christian is “Freddie Gilbert”, but the microphone was bad and the fans were loud, so no one heard it.

Gordon enters the ring, and fires Christian on the spot. Both men push each other, and Dangerously nails Gordon with the phone. Out go the heels, as Gilbert runs from Funk. Funk puts the crown on Gordon’s head.

Time of the match: 17:16
Result: Eddie Gilbert touches all four corners to become King of Philadelphia.
Rating: ** (Sleepwalking through a violent match, in my opinion.)


Historical Significance
  • Eddie Gilbert defeats Terry Funk to become the King of Philadelphia.
  • Jimmy Snuka defeats two wrestlers in the same night for the Television Title.
  • First girl naked in an ECW ring.
  • Dick Murdoch
  • Joey Styles (Extreme HOF)
  • Angel
  • Unknown Girl
  • Freddie Gilbert


Well, after two rather lousy weeks of ECW Television, this was a slight breath of fresh air, but it still isn’t very good. I can’t say that a single match rose above a 2-star for me. It’s out there on YouTube if you want to check it out, but there’s not much there.


1. Not that these would end up being that much better.
2. God I hope those are Tod Gordon’s friends who he promised to get on camera because that’s just sad otherwise.
3. Even in 1993, that trick always backfires.
4. Surprising to hear that in the ECW Arena, only because usually you got more blood than you wanted.
5. Welcome to Philly. We don’t play by standard face and heel rules here.
6. I said nice things last week about that one.
7. I’m totally not sure if that was an accidental hard way chair shot.
8. That’s two unknown women on the same card. Did the wrestlers hit the strip club BEFORE the card started and ran out of money?
9. That’s the 46 year old, 288 lbs. of Dick Murdoch.
10. Logic suggests that he would have been Dark Patriot #2, but I didn’t see the trademark arm tattoo of Super D #2, but it could be.
11. OMG… I totally wasn’t expecting that. I have rough knowledge of when the other members of Team Extreme showup, but I had no clue that Joey would be debuting at the Super Summer Sizzler.
12. Huh, a face pulls up a man when he’s down?
13. In full disclosure I would have called it a reverse DDT, but still.
14. Thank him for taking your job, too.
15. Once again telegraphing the action, they say that Christian is a new referee to ECW.
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Extreme Archive: ECW Television Episode 016 Sat, 05 May 2012 13:34:23 +0000 First off, a shout out to Adam Yauch, member of the world-famous Beastie Boys rap group, who died today at the early age of 47. Is there a connection between the Beastie Boys and ECW? 1 Yes, several wrestlers used parts of the Beastie Boys music in their entrances. Only two immediately spring to mind:

  • Super Nova used the song “Intergalactic” off of the Beastie Boys album “Hello Nasty” for his entrance music.
  • More effective, was with Taz, who had the song “No Sleep Til Brooklyn” mixed into the beginning of his instrumental theme music. I think this was shortly after Taz turned face (so around 1997), after he changed his music from War Machine by Kiss. 2

Anyhow, I’m sorry to say that it seems like the Extreme Reunion show was the trainwreck that was predicted by many. With wrestlers who were clearly on substances, who attended for their own agendas, and who were in such bad shape they didn’t even show. Look, there is no doubt that while ECW was one of the most creative and fan-friendly wrestling federation, but also it caused the biggest train wreck in its aftermath. Why this is the case is anyone’s guess.

I think the best explanation is that ECW extended the careers of moderately talented wrestlers, and it extended those careers by encouraging ‘hardcore’ stunts in the ring. Those stunts would go on to cause major physcial damage for these wrestlers, especially as they got older. And, by 2001 there were at least 70 less jobs in professional wrestling, and a whole bunch of younger talent <a title="Ironically who they inspired." looking to break through. So many of them found themselves in their mid-30s with no applicable skills outside of wrestling, nowhere to work in the wrestling business, and severely broken down bodies. This would make puritan people turn to heavy illegal and prescription drugs, imagine what it would do for wrestlers who are used to a constant supply of sex, drugs, and rock and roll.

This isn’t me standing on the straight-edge holier than thou, mountain top or something. It’s just taking basic facts, and trying to arrange them.

ECW Television – Episode 016

Taped: unknown
Broadcast: August 03, 1993
Taping Location: ECW Arena in South Philadelphia, PA
Announcing Team: Jay Sulli and various


  • ECW President Tod Gordon announced the next major card in Philadelphia: Ultra Clash I.
  • ECW President Tod Gordon announced that the ECW Tag titles are now vacant.
  • “King of Philadelphia” Eddie Gilbert defeated Glen Osborne at country club, but was challenged by former Eagles Quaterback, Ron Jaworski, and runs away.


Pre-Show Segment: More Highlights from the Ultra Clash I Press Conference

We return to the ECW board room in what appears to be a repeat of last week’s press conference, but apparently not all the footage was shown last week, because two major announcement are made regarding Ultra Clash I on September 18, 1993:

  • Added to the card are Stan “The Lariat” Hansen4 and Abdullah The Butcher.
  • A Skywalkers/Scaffold match is signed between the Dark Patriot and “Jazzy” JT Smith.

Afterwards, Eddie Gilbert interrupts the proceedings like he did the previous week.

Title Sequence

New generic music and new open: Terry Funk, Jimmy Snuka, Sal Bellomo, Hawk, Peaches, JT Smith fighting Dark Patriot, Eddie Gilbert, Jimmy Snuka, Larry Winters, Ivan Koloff, Sandman and Peaches, Brawl with everyone in the ring, Paul E. Dangerously, Terry Funk, Super Destroyers, and Eddie Gilbert’s Fireball.

Segment #1: Tod Gordon at ECW Studios

President Tod Gordon is in front of the editing board, like Eddie was last week. He hypes the television taping happening this weekend (August 7 and 8), where the Japanese wrestlers from the W*ING promotion are scheduled to appear. Additionally, he apologizes to Phillies 1st Baseman John Kruk for some incident with Eddie Gilbert. Also he announces another match for Ultra Clash I, where a Battle of the Sexes Battle Royal will take place with Tigra, Peaches, Angel 5, Hunter Q. Robbins, Freddie Gilbert, and Sensational Sherri.

Segment #2: Dark Patriot vs JT Smith (repeat match)

This match was shown on ECW Episode 012, which I’ve already recapped. And it wasn’t so good, that I need to copy and paste it here.

Segment #3: JT Smith & Glen Osborne vs Eddie Gilbert & The Dark Patriot

JT6 comes down with a crutch to help him down to ringside. Jay Sulli hints at past friction between Eddie Gilbert and the Dark Patriot. Don Muraco joins Jay Sulli in the booth.

Gilbert gets on the stick and offers to let Osborne face the Dark Patriot in a one-on-one match, but calls JT Smith “Boy” on a few occasions. 7 JT Smith grabs the stick and refuses. 8

JT Smith is able to avoid Gilbert for a while, and Gilbert accidentally nails the Dark Patriot who has to be calmed down. Test of strength, but Eddie kicks at Smith’s knee and takes advantage. While Gilbert talks to the referee, the Dark Patriot smashes Smith’s knee against the ringpost. Both men just mercilessly attacks Smith. Dark Patriot distracts the referee, and Gilbert nails Smith’s knee with the chair. Eddie finally locks in the figure four lege lock, and causes JT to submit. The heels attack the good guys for good measure.

Segment #4: W*ING Promotion Highlights

Eddie interrupts Tod Gordon, and it’s the same cheesy jokes that Gilbert apparently stole from Jerry Lawler. Then we move onto highlight from the W*ING promotion. A series of very hardcore matches with barbed wire, inferno matches, weapons, and scaffolds with tons of hard dives as well 9. The only wrestlers I recognize are Jado, Gedo, and The Headhunters. Additionally, they like American Horror Movies where wrestlers dress as Jason, Freddie Kreuger, and Leatherface.

Segment #5: ECW Television Title Match: Jimmy Snuka vs Tommy Cairo

This match took place at the Super Summer Sizzler. And Jay Sulli and Terry Funk are in the booth.

Lockup, and Snuka starts to cheat, but Cairo gets a suplex and a series of arm drags. Snuka rolls out of the ring with Paul E. Snuka back in and Cairo is against the ropes. A series of roll-ups by both men. Snuka nails Cairo with two thumb jabs or Asiatic Spikes to the throat. 10

Cairo off the ropes, nails Snuka with a slap, and follows with a nice vertical suplex, and a huge baaaaaack body drop. Nails with a flying elbow on Snuka in the corner, and Cairo is totally dominating right now. Cairo is thrown off the ropes, and Paul E. grabs his leg and Cairo goes down in a heap. Snuka pins him with his feet on the second rope.

Snuka and Paul E. get out of dodge before Cairo can tell the ref what happened.


Historic Significance

  • Scaffold Match announced for Ultra Clash I between Dark Patriot and JT Smith
  • W*ING is coming to ECW, starting with the television tapings on August 7 and 8.


None on screen


ECW Heavyweight Champion Don Muraco Since 04/03/1993
ECW Television Champion Jimmy Snuka Since 03/13/1993
ECW Tag Team Champions --vacated-- Since 07/27/1993
ECW Pennsylvania Champion Tommy Cairo Since 05/14/1993

ECW Spotlight: JT Smith

Well, as JT Smith got two matches this week on ECW Television and has been signed to a big time match at Ultra Clash I, let’s do a quick spotlight on JT Smith.

There is not a ton of information about the early career of JT Smith. My understanding is that he worked at Tod Gordon’s family jewelry store, Carver W. Reed in Philadelphia as a security guard. Additionally, when Gordon started a relationship with Joel Goodhart, he pushed Smith to going into wrestling school. Quickly JT Smith became a star in Tri-State Wrestling Alliance, where he defeated the champion D.C. Drake in an elimination match on August 3rd, 1991. He would hold that title until October of that same year when we was defeated by Buddy Landel.When ECW was formed from the ashes of the TWA, JT Smith quickly became one of the mainstays.

JT is very reminiscent of Jay Lethal in terms of attitude, athleticism, and enthusiasm. In all reality JT was a little too big and a little too grounded to be a high flyer.

JT would stay with ECW until 1997, and even appeared in a dark match on the first ECW pay-per-view: Barely Legal. By then, JT would have transform himself into a comedy wrestler. And it all started with his desire to sing Frank Sinatra in front of the Philadelphia crown in the ECW Arena. Yes it was JT Smith who would form the stable known as the Full Blooded Italians.

But that’s another show entirely.


Okay, it was better than last week. Focusing on JT Smith, and giving crazy footage from W*ING was okay. But really, this is a molasses drip towards something interesting. I’m not dropping out of doing this review project, but they aren’t making it any easier on me. I don’t know if next week they will have matches from the TV taping or not. We’ll just have to wait and see.


1. Other than playing Six Degrees of ECW Separation, then it’s easy: The current (in this timeline) ECW Television Champion: “Superfly” Jimmy Snuka returned to the WWF at WrestleMania V where Run DMC performed the WrestleMania Rap, and in the late 80s, Run DMC went on tour with the Beastie Boys.
2. Once we get there, I am going to have a huuuuuge spotlight on ECW theme music. But right now they’re only using public domain stuff and cheap instrumentals.
3. Ironically who they inspired.
4. Stan Hansen breaking Bruno Sammartino’s neck must have really traumatised Tod Gordon as a kid, because it is mentioned at least 5 times during this show. Supposedly this is a selling point for the card.
5. Who? Did I miss someone being added to the roster?
6. Apparently it’s JT Smith week on ECW Television. NEPOTISM!
7. In case you don’t know, JT Smith is black.
8. Showing why JT Smith was never going to be a great talker.
9. You can obviously see some of the major influences on ECW’s wrestling style from this footage.
10. Snuka does a nice job, of making sure he turns his back to the referee at just the right moment to shove the thumb in Cairo’s throat. That’s some nice veteran cheating moves right there. The ref knew what he was trying to do, and Snuka saw that the ref was trying to catch him, but just a blatant turning away from the ref before jabbing the thumb.

topstory120x120-|topstory120x120 topstory500x250-|topstory500x250

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Extreme Archive: ECW Television Episode 015 Sat, 28 Apr 2012 10:33:56 +0000 As I am such a big ECW fan, and (still) living in the Philadelphia region, maybe some of you are wondering if I am attending the Extreme Reunion event this weekend? Well, I will not be in attendance, and here’s why: As we all know, the real ECW ended it’s run in 2001. In the following years, I was unable to find a wrestling replacement for that federation that I loved so much 1. In those years, I sat there, and wished that I could go back in time, just once, to feel what I used to feel… if only one more time.

Well, in 2005 I got that opportunity. I happily dropped $100 to see the first Hardcore Homecoming show with my buddy Michael 2, who had gone to a few ECW events with me. I watched the show. I cheered, laughed, and shouted my ass off. And as all of us in the ECW Arena that night sang “Enter Sandman” during The Sandman’s entrance, I thanked the wrestling gods for letting me step back in time one more time. The card was average at best, but was pure nostalgia, and I loved every minute of it. Essentially I made my peace and said goodbye to the ECW I knew and loved. All things have an ending.

It’s now seven years later. And while my heart still aches for a wrestling promotion that makes me feel like ECW used to, this just doesn’t feel right. The wrestling wasn’t great seven years ago, and I doubt anyone on the roster has increased their skills since then. This feels like a Shane Douglas cash/attention grab. This doesn’t feel like the old ECW crew giving something back to the fans. This feels like the old ECW crew trying to bilk a few extra bucks before they return to their day job working at Olive Garden. 3 I wish them well, and if it gets good reviews, then maybe I’ll check it (the show and the ‘promotion’) out one day.

Plus, “My Boy” 4 won’t be there due to prior wrestling commitments. He’s the one guy who I haven’t said ‘good bye’ to. And if he comes around the next time, I may have to go.

One other note, I’m trying a new footnote scheme. Hover over the footnote number, and you should get my thoughts in a little tip window. But, I’ve kept the footnotes at the bottom of the column as well. We’ll see if I (or the fans) like it or not.

ECW Television – Episode 015

Taped: unknown 5
Broadcast: July 27, 1993
Taping Location: ECW Arena in South Philadelphia, PA
Announcing Team: Jay Sulli & Paul E. Dangerously


  • The Suicide Blondes regained the ECW Tag Team Championship.
  • Eddie Gilbert continued his visit to his “kingdom” of Philadelphia.
  • Larry Winters gets a victory over Rockin’ Rebel after botched interference from Tony Stetson.
  • A match between Jimmy Snuka and Terry Funk breaks down, and most of the ECW locker room brawls in the ring and at ringside.
  • During the fracas, Sal Bellomo accidentally bumps President Tod Gordon, knocking him unconscious.


Segment #1: Post Match Highlights from the Gilbert vs Funk Match

Seems like a pre-segment, but they never run the title sequence, so I guess it’s segment #1. Tod Gordon is confronting referee Kevin Christian (aka Freddie Gilbert/Kevin Lawler) after he ruled that Eddie Gilbert wont he match. Gordon fired Kevin on the spot. Kevin pushes Gordon, who pushes back but gets nailed by the huge mobile phone by Paul E. Dangerously. Kevin and Paul celebrate.

Segment #2: Ultra Clash Press Conference

Tod Gordon is sitting with a board of directors to make announcements regarding the future of ECW and their upcoming supercard, Ultra Clash I 6. The announcements are as follows:

  • All wrestlers who left the locker room to get involved in the previous week’s altercation will get a fine.
  • ECW is considering suspending Sal Bellomo, but “hundreds of younger fans” 7 have written into ECW saying that Sal striking Tod Gordon was an accident.
  • As ECW does not respect the Freebird Rule, the Suicide Blondes have been stripped of the tag team belts.
  • In the coming weeks 8, ECW will hold a tag team tournament to determine the new champions.

In a real cheesy gesture, Gordon mentioned both “Mr. Apter” and “Mr. Metzer” as being at the press conference. Of course “King” Eddie Gilbert enters the board meeting, demanding that as the king, he should be included in all board decisions. Gordon cancels the rest of the press conference, due to Eddie.

TV Taping Update

Two new names added: Tito Santana and Sensational Sherry Martell9 added to the tapings.

Segment #3: Terry Funk vs The Canadian Wolfman

Before the match begins, Eddie Gilbert is shown inside the ECW production studio. Of course he puts himself over as the king of Philadelphia, before introducing the next match.

This match was from the TV taping on May 15th, that was never broadcast. The most interesting thing is that Muraco joins Jay Sulli for color commentary duties. Funk comes down to ringside, and enters the ring, and slaps at the huge fat belly of the Canadian Wolfman. Funk starts to work on the left arm of the Wolfman, but the Wolfman cheats to put a stop to that. Delivers three body slams on the Wolfman, before landing a huge leg drop. 10 Funk finishes it off with the spinning toe hold for the submission victory.

After the match, Paul E., Dark Patriot, and Jimmy Snuka come down to start something with Funk. But Road Warrior Hawk comes down for the save, with bandages on his face and dark glasses. Hot Stuff Intl. runs off.

Segment #4: Eddie Gilbert in Philadelphia

More antics of Eddie Gilbert being around town in Philly, and harassing people on the streets (or people planted by ECW, who knows). The Memphis crap is really getting annoying here, as Gilbert goes out of his way to insult someone who has “coke bottle classes”11. This segment was repetitive, insulting, and BORING, which is a triumph all of its own.

Segment #5: Johnny Hotbody vs The Sandman

You know it’s a bad episode, when you are happy that they are getting back to two average workers fighting. Sandman actually shows more athleticism. Paul E. is back on color, and actually describes Miss Peaches as a tramp, and Jay Sulli defends her honor, saying she’s a “lady”. 12.

Sandman takes control and stops to pose and look for approval from the fans, before Hotbody throws him to the side of the ring. Nice running elbow from the apron to the floor by Hotbody. Back in the ring, Hotbody gets a sleeper hold on Sandman who fight out of the old at 2. Hotbody nails Sandman with Hunter’s cane, but when he goes for the arrogant cover, The Sandman reverses it, and gets the pinfall victory, while Hunter Q. Robbins III arrogantly turns his back and assumes that Hotbody won.

As Sandman tries to attack Hunter, but Rockin’ Rebel comes down to ringside, where he an Tigra rip the dress off of Miss Peaches.13.

Segment #6: Eddie Gilbert vs Glen Osborne

Eddie Gilbert introduces this segment. Gilbert shows a copy of the (Philadelphia) Daily News where local columnist, Stu Bykofsky, wrote something regarding Gilbert and Ron Jaworski.14 Of course Gilbert says he taught “Jaws” a lesson, but they don’t have footage of it.

So of course, the video goes up and it is footage of an event of some kind that took place at a golf course. 15. Hunter Q. Robbins is the temporary manager of Eddie Gilbert, and is facing off against Glen Osborne in an outdoor ring. And there’s maybe 50 people watching.

Long story short, Osborne turns his back, and Gilbert hits him with a golf club getting the three count. Gilbert then challenges Jaworski. Jaworski, who is conveniently hanging out with Tod Gordon, looks amused and enters the ring. 16 Jaws pushes Gilbert slightly, and Gilbert goes falling out of the ring and running for his life. Jaworski celebrates in the ring with Sandman, JT Smith, Cairo, and Stevie Wonderful.

Closing Segment

Eddie Gilbert is embarrassed that the production staff aren’t following his orders. He is suddenly joined by Jay Sulli who got tricked by the old “I got a message from President Tod Gordon, that this had been moved until 3:00″ routine. Sulli looks like someone whose puppy is missing when he learns that Gilbert was running the show. Sulli promises to be in control next week. End of show.


Historical Significance

  • The Suicide Blondes have been stripped of their tag team titles, and a tournament will be held to determine the new champions.
  • Eddie Gilbert challenged former Philadelphia Eagle, Ron Jaworski.




ECW Heavyweight Champion Don Muraco Since 04/03/1993
ECW Television Champion Jimmy Snuka Since 03/13/1993
ECW Tag Team Champions --vacated-- Since 07/27/1993
ECW Pennsylvania Champion Tommy Cairo Since 05/14/1993

ECW Spotlight: Chris Candido

Well, according to wikipedia, the main reason that the Suicide Blondes vacated the tag team titles is that Chris Candido left ECW to go to Smokey Mountain Wrestling. I guess that means that I should do a spotlight on the boy, as we won’t see Candido back in ECW until 1996.17

Chris Candido came from a wrestling family, as his grandfather was “Popeye” Chuck Richards a wrestler in Vince McMahon Sr’s World Wide Wrestling Federation (WWWF). Candido was born March 21, 1972 in Cherry Hill, New Jersey. He started training at age 14 with Larry Sharpe. Larry Sharpe opened up a wrestling school with local New Jersey Legend, the original “Nature Boy” Buddy Rogers. And it was Sharpe who trained his ECW tag team partner, Johnny Hotbody.

Chris’s first success in the ring came with Larry’s Sharpe’s promotion, the WWA (World Wrestling Association) 18, where he won both the Junior Heavyweight Title and the Tag Team Titles.

His first stint in ECW was very brief, but he was well regarded. And he was welcomed back with open arms when he returned in the fall of 1996, after leaving the WWF and the character of “Body Donna Skip” behind.

Chris would go down to Jim Cornette’s Smokey Mountain Wrestling and make a solid name for himself. His tenure in Smokey Mountain Wrestling is best known for two things. First, he became tag team champions with Brian Lee, who would later enter the WWF as the Fake Undertaker in 1994. Secondly, in SMW he introduced the world to his girlfriend and valet, Tammy Lynn Sytch, who would later be known as Sunny in the WWF.

Chris Candido died in April of 2005, which was 2 months prior to Hardcore Homecoming. He died due to complications following surgery to repair a broken leg and ankle which he suffered in a match wrestling for TNA. He (and Tammy as well) had a long history of substance abuse problems. I have no clue whether that contributed to his death, or if it was a complete accident. But losing Candido was a real blow to those of us who followed ECW. He was a good wrestler and a solid hand, who was able to blend humor and finesse in the ring.

My favorite memory of Chris comes at his return to ECW in 1996. I was watching ECW television, and heard the entrance music of “Back in Black” by AC/DC. From behind the curtain walked Chris Candido in black trunks. The look of relief and pleasure on his face as he made his way to the ring was undeniable. I’m sure being back “home” in the Philadelphia region was nice, but you could see that he relished the opportunity to be “Chris Candido” again and not some WWF cartoon character. Candido had ditched Skip and the Neon Blue trunks and truly was “Back in Black!”


Ummmm, how can I sugarcoat this. Well, there’s no way. This was god-awful. This was the worst episode of ECW yet. Too much Memphis crap! Small doses of Eddie Gilbert are tolerable, but this was over the top. I thought we would see footage from the Super Summer Sizzler, but instead I got to see Gilbert introduce bad matches that are out of context with the current status of the promotion. Let’s hope next week is better.


1. I tried ECWA, NJPW, CZW, PWU, and ROH, and none of them have felt the same…. sorry, I wish they did.
2. Shoutout to ‘Mojo Hands’ Mitchell… Keep it on the 1!
3. Total undeserved cheap shot at Justin Credible there. It was only because it made the joke better, and not personal about Justin. I would tease the Meanie if I knew what his profession was.
4. My Boy is my favorite ECW wrestler. He hasn’t debuted yet on my review of ECW television, so we’ll discuss him then. (Even though it’s probably obvious who it is, if you pay attention)
5. This episode is a hodge podge of clips and non in-ring footage, so I can’t give it a real taping date.
6. Back in the day when wrestling promotions always felt the need to number at least one of their supercards each year.
7. I’m setting the over/under on number of letters received from fans regarding Sal Bellomo at 2.
8. Later revealed to the the TV Tapings on August 7th and 8th.
9. Their spelling not mine. They also listed Shane Douglass (and not Shane Douglas) as being at the tapings, which was announced last week.
10. Really good elevation from Terry Funk.
11. WTF. Not only is it ridiculous to insult someone for wearing glasses in 1993, to use the term “coke bottles” makes Eddie Gilbert look older than my grandfather, who was probably 89 at the time this was taped.
12. I think I have to go with Paul E. here. I mean on the Missy Hyatte – Miss Elizabeth scale, I’d probably put her on Missy’s side of the scale, f only barely.
13. Launching the stipulation between Tigra and Peaches, which is now 4 weeks prior.
14. Ron “Jaws” Jaworski is the former quarterback of the Philadelphia Eagles, and currently an ESPN personality.
15. Jaworski is or was a part-owner of a golf course in New Jersey, where the clubhouse/bar area was called The Eagles Nest.
16. Jaworski, who according to wikipiedia is 4 inches taller than Gilbert, really towers over him in height and general stature.
17. So at my current speed that means I’ll see him again in the summer of 2015.
18. Not to be confused with the lucha libre promotion that uses the same acronym.
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Extreme Archive: ECW Television Episode 014 Sat, 21 Apr 2012 00:45:30 +0000 Apparently, Eastern Championship Wrestling television decided in 1993 to skip over two weeks of matches that were taped on Sunday May 15, 1993. Most likely this was done to shorten the gap between the taping date and the air date, and to air matches from the Sizzler over the next few weeks.

After further investigation, according to Online World of Wrestling, ECW television was not broadcast for two weeks: June 26, 1993, and July 6, 1993. I wonder why?

So, when calculating your personal rankings at home, please include the following results, which were found on

  • The Sandman defeated Jonathan Hotbody
  • Terry Funk defeated the Canadian Wolfman
  • Ivan Koloff defeated The Sandman
  • Eddie Gilbert & The Dark Patriot defeated JT Smith & Glen Osbourne
  • ECW Tag Team Championship Match: The Super Destroyers defeated The Suicide Blondes (Hotbody & Michaels) for the titles by pinning Candido.
  • The Dangerous Alliance (Gilbert, Dark Patriot, & Muraco) defeated Cairo, Osborne, & Winters
  • Sal Bellomo defeated Chris Candido by disqualification.

Obviously the main thing that was missed was that the tag team titles changed hands to the Super Destroyers. Additionally, an angle took place where the Rockin’ Rebel squirted ink into the eyes of Peaches ‘blinding’ her.1

ECW Television – Episode 014

Taped: May 15, 1993
Broadcast: July 20, 1993
Taping Location: ECW Arena in South Philadelphia, PA
Announcing Team: Jay Sulli & Paul E. Dangerously


  • Sulli & Gordon recapped the Texas Chain Match Massacre between Funk and Gilbert. Gilbert won under mysterious circumstances and now is the official King of Philadelphia.
  • The Koloffs (Ivan & Vladimir) made their in-ring debut.
  • Eddie Gilbert went around Philadelphia and posed as the King.
  • Larry Winters and Tony Stetson found to a double disqualification.
  • Tommy Cairo got a disqualification victory over TV Champ: Jimmy Snuka
  • For the second week in a row, Eastern Championship Wrestling television ended with a huge brawl following the Sal Bellomo vs Richard Michaels match.



After 13 weeks of ECW television, they finally decided to edit the matches shown in the title sequence, adding footage of Road Warrior Hawk, King Eddie Gilbert, the nine man brawl from two weeks ago, Paul E. Dangerously, Terry Funk, and Sal Bellomo with a Mummers headpiece

Opening Segment

Jay Sulli, Paul E. Dangerously, and Tod Gordon. Gordon is upset due to the brawl last week, and threatens suspensions for anyone who comes to ringside who doesn’t belong. Jay Sulli announces hat the Super Destroyers are the new tag team champions. 2. Terry Funk then comes to ringside, that causes Dangerously to go running off like a scared girl. Funk is facing Snuka tonight.

Stevie Wonderful is with Tod Gordon who announces a tag title rematch for “next week”, but the graphic below says the tag title match is coming up next.3 I’m totally confused. Destroyers have the belts. Apparently Robbins is going to be handcuffed to Bellomo, and if the Blondes don’t win they must leave ECW forever.4

TV Taping Update
New wrestler added to the big television taping weekend on August 7th and 8th: former Dynamic Dude: Shane Douglas.5

Segment #1: ECW Tag Team Championship Match: Super Destroyers vs Suicide Blondes (Hotbody & Michaels)

Prematch interview with Robbins & Candido. Candido apparently has a broken arm, but is still holding onto a tag title. Just weird.

Super D #1 muscles Michaels around, who eventually reverses things and hits a top-rope splash for a near fall. Blondes illegally tag in and out while ref is tied up with Super D #2. The Blondes are working on the arm of Super D #1. 6 Finally tags into Super D #2. 7

Super D #2 faces off against both Blondes. Nails Hotbody in the throat and clotheslines him. Ref and all other combatants are outside the ring 8 Powerslam on Hotbody, but there’s no referee. Candido 9 nails Super D with a flying forearm with the cast and a second shot. Hotbody for the cover, and The Blondes regain the title which we didn’t know we lost in the first place.

Segment #2: Eddie Gilbert visits South Street

Eddie and Paul are visiting a pizza place on South Street. 10 As the King of Philadelphia, Gilbert is greeting his subjects. 11 Jay Sulli shows up pretending to be hung over.

Segment #3: Larry Winters vs Rockin’ Rebel

In a pre-match interview, Rebel and his tag partner Tony Stetson reveal that Rebel ‘blinded’ Peaches.12

Rebel comes down with a cane and dark glasses. Winters is rocking one hell of a mullet. Apparently the winner gets a world title shot.13 We learn that Rebel threw ‘ink’ into Peaches’s eyes. Winters and Rebel go back and forth. Lots of hip tosses, arm drags, and elbow drops. Rebel hits a nice eruo-uppercut follows with a side slam. Tony Stetson has joined us a ringside as well.

Winters gets back on top of the match. Larry hits the worst shoulder block I’ve ever seen. Rebel throws him out of the ring, and Stetson hits him with the walking stick. 14Winters back in and hits a Sunset Flip, Inside Cradle, and a Backslide in three second. Rebel goes for a clothesline, but nails the referee accidentally. Stetson throws the cane into the ring for Rebel, but Winters grabs it and nails both Stetson and Rebel. Winters wakes up the referee and gets the three count.

Segment #4: ECW TV Title Match: Jimmy Snuka vs Terry Funk

Pre-match interview: Paul E. is backstage with Muraco and Dark Patriot, hyping all of the damage that the wrestlers of the Dangerous Alliance can do. Muraco threatens all sorts of illegal antics while the Dark Patriot just growls.

Snuka is accompanied by Dangerously, and Gordon is in the booth. Snuka and Funk both eye each other down. Hard to know which one of these guys is the crazier.15 Snuka dominates at first, hurting Funk’s back with irish whips, slams, and backbreakers. Tod Gordon promises that his intentions is to keep action inside the ring from this point forward. 16 Snuka then goes for chops, and Funk starts his punch-drunk routine. Snuka follows with a headbutt. Vertical suplex. Slow moving match though.

Funk gets a vertical suplex on Snuka. Headbutts by Funk. Spinning neckbreaker by Funk. 17 Funk goes for a spinning toe hold. Snuka and Funk with rolling inside cradles, reversing it constantly. The two exchange headbutts. Snuka headbutts the referee and drops him. More refs, but Funk runs refs heads into Snuka.

Dangerous Alliance comes in, and starts on Funk. Gordon sputters about having to do something. Down come the Koloffs and Rebel. Ivan goes after Muraco. Now Osborne comes in. Funk and Snuka keep battling. In come the Suicide Blondes.

Announcement: ECW First!!!
Chris Candido is the first to bring a crazy foreign object into the ring, with a hair blower.18

Destroyers and Bellomo are in. Stetson is in and Winters is in. Fighting in the ring and out with the crowd. Now Gilbert comes down with a chain wrapped around his fist. Cairo comes down to help. All the while Jay Sulli says about 6 times, “Tod Gordon, you got to do something about this.” 19 Funk is hanging Gilbert with the chain. Cairo is nailing Snuka.

Gordon goes down with the microphone to stop the brawling, and Bellomo accidentally nails the commissioner.

Announcement: ECW First!!!
President Tod Gordon takes his first on camera bump!20

The brawl continues, as officials and wrestlers check on Tod Gordon. Cut to the credits.


Historical Significance

  • The Suicide Blondes win back the ECW Tag Team Championship
  • A brawl ends the show for the third straight week, and President Tod Gordon in knocked out.
  • By defeating the Rockin Rebel, Larry Winters becomes the #1 contender for the ECW Championship




ECW Heavyweight Champion Don Muraco Since 04/03/93
ECW Television Champion Jimmy Snuka Since 03/13/1993
ECW Tag Team Champions Suicide Blondes Since 05/15/1993
ECW Pennsylvania Champion Tommy Cairo Since 05/14/1993

ECW Spotlight: World Wrestling Federation – July 1995

Okay, so about a month ago, I explained what was happening in the world of World Championship Wrestling, but what was happening in the World Wrestling Federation?

WrestleMania IX ended with Yokozuna pinning Bret Hart for the WWF Championship, but was immediately challenged for the title by Hulk Hogan who pinned Yoko for his fifth WWF Championship. However, at the King of the Ring (06/13/1993), Hogan was defeated by Yokozuna. 21 This pretty much shocked the world, as there was no apparent successor, as no one believed Bret Hart was part of Vince McMahon’s vision of a WWF Champion.22

Long story short, Lex Luger came out and body slammed Yokozuna on the USS Intrepid becoming the #1 contender for the title. So in July, Lex wasn’t training for the match or facing large opponents to prepare, he was taking a bus around the country to get ‘support’ for his match. 23

Meanwhile, Bret Hart had gone back to his roots, and essentially become the Daniel Bryan/CM Punk of 1993, by winning the King of the Ring, unofficially becoming a “Best in the World” wrestler. 24 And this began his feud with Jerry “The King” Lawler at SummerSlam.

Shawn Michaels was the Intercontinental Champion, but had not quite shaken his “former member of The Rockers” persona. This would change with the addition of his new bodyguard Diesel (aka Kevin Nash). Also currently in the federation was Razor Ramon (Scott Hall), who was doing a slow turn into a fan favorite after losing to a young talented upstart known as The 1-2-3 Kid (Sean Waltman).

So you can see the pieces that were in place for the transition from the late 80s/early 90s wrestling dominated by Hogan, Dibiase, IRS, Savage, Big Boss Man, and others to a more athletic style where stars like Bret Hart, Shawn Michaels, Scott Hall, Sean Waltman, The Undertaker, and so on would thrive. 1992-1993 were the transition years before moving to the WWF New Generation movement 25

There’s plenty more that was happening in 1993, but that gives you a quick sense.


Well this was an embarrassing mess. I understand why they had to do it, especially if some sporting event or some other issue kept ECW off the air for two unexpected weeks, but that aside it was pretty embarrassing. But, if it moves us closer to actual Summer Sizzler footage, then I’m all for it. But yeah, not much to enjoy in this episode.


1. I’ll make more jokes about that angle further in the column.
2. Okay, even for a small bush league federation like Eastern Championship Wrestling in 1993, this is pretty unforgivable. It would take nothing to quickly splice something small together showing the title change.
3. If I was handing out report cards for ECW, I would be sending a note home with the following message: “ECW, needs to work on attention to detail and paying attention in class.”
4. I’ve never known a wrestling promotion to telegraph finishes like this one does.
5. Do you see the pieces coming into place? Well, you have Terry Funk and you have Shane Douglas. There’s a third piece that goes together with them. Hmmmmmm
6. The Minnesota Wrecking Crew they are not.
7. Sulli actually says “The big man in the ring” – okay, he might be bigger than Super D #1, but it’s not like it’s Bret Hart and Jim Neidhart out there.
8. Can you see the finish coming? I knew that you could…
9. It’s the most non-subtle run in you’ve ever seen. I think he actually passed the referee and you can see Super D #2, even in the mask, watching Candido run around the ring to his blind side before coming in.
10. I go between being really delighted in the old-school small town wrestling angle and being thoroughly embarrassed for this angle.
11. I’m guessing these are people who owe a significant amount of money to Tod Gordon’s jewelry store Carver W. Reed.
12. A blind angle involving the Sandman? I’m pretty sure they used that angle again. Usually it takes 3-4 years to run out of indy wrestling angles.
13. See footnote #4.
14. Stetson barely nails him with it, and Paul E brilliantly covers it up by saying that Stetson is only just annoying Winters and letting him know he’s there.
15. And I’m including Paul E. Dangerously as one of the candidates.
16. Oh ho ho ho…. Bwah hah ha! Sure! Right!
17. Tod Gordon sounds like someone who has brought the A-Team into save the small business. Does that put Funk in the Hannibal Smith role? With Tommy Cairo as Face-man, Sal Bellomo as Howling Mad Murdoch, and the Super Destroyers as a joint version of B.A. Baracus.
18. Awesome choice, given his persona at the time.
19. Jay Sulli says this at least 5-6 times during the brawl. He repeats the exact same words, like a bad actor who
can’t handle when a scene has gone off-script. I’m telling you, Sulli is making me crave talented announcers like Tony Schiavonte and Todd Petengill.
20. This would be the first of many for Tod Gordon, I’m afraid.
21. Either due to not wanting to face Bret Hart at SummerSlam or because he wanted to start working on Thunder in Paradise the television show.
22. Sound familiar? Yes, nothing really changes in the WWE/F
23. Trying to tap into the kiddie market, but also I think to see if there really were people who bought Lex Luger as the Hulk Hogan successor. Well, history suggests that people did not.
24. Go watch the Bret Hart vs Mr. Perfect match from King of the Ring 1993 for a hint of what I mean.
25. A bit of a failure, but only compared to the Hogan years and the later Attitude era. Kindof reminds me of the era we’re currently in, actually. topstory120x120-|topstory120x120 topstory500x250-|topstory500x250

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Extreme Archive: ECW Television Episode 013 Sat, 14 Apr 2012 10:06:48 +0000 I’m sure there’s been wild speculation as to this column being missing for two weeks.  Here at Extreme Archive headquarters, we have appreciated the cards and letters wondering about the status of the Extreme Archive.

One internet board post speculated that I ran out of ECW videos to watch.  Others were suggesting that I was recovering from fireball damage.  The only thing I will dispel is the rumor post suggesting that I contracted some horrible venereal disease contracted in the late 90s at the Travelodge in Philadelphia. 1

No, simply the combination of WrestleMania weekend 2 and Easter weekend put a damper in my writing schedule.  Now, onto better and brighter things as this week is the first hour of television recorded from May 15th.  This is still pre-Summer Sizzler tapings, mind you.

With no further ado:

ECW Television – Episode 013

Taped: May 15, 1993
Broadcast: June 22, 1993
Taping Location: ECW Arena in South Philadelphia, PA
Announcing Team: Jay Sulli & Paul E. Dangerously


  • JT Smith and The Dark Patriot had an extreme moment, when The Dark Patriot dives onto Smith from the Eagles Nest.
  • Stetson and Winters continued their feud, while The Sandman was able to get some revenge by pinning Rockin Rebel with an assist from Peaches.
  • The Suicide Blondes fought the Super Destroyers and Sal Bellomo when the Dangerous Alliance got involved and a nine man brawl broke out to end the show.


Opening Segment: Sulli, Dangerously, & Tod Gordon

Tod Gordon is talking with Sulli and Dangerously talking about how the brawl that ended last weeks show would not be tolerated. Gives the first announcement of the next big ECW that is taking place in September 4.

Today’s card includes: The debut of Ivan and Vladimir Koloff, Tony Stetson vs Larry Winters, TV Title Match: Jimmy Snuka vs Tommy Cairo, and highlights from the chain match between Terry Funk and Eddie Gilbert from the Super Summer Sizzler

Segment #1: Recap of the Texas Chain Match Massacre

Jay Sulli and Tod Gordon in casual clothes talk a little about the Sizzler. First, informing the ECW fanbase that they are planning on getting bleachers for the arena. 5

And then there apparently was some controversy during the match between Funk and Gilbert, where apparently new ECW referee Kevin Christian 6turned heel in the ring, awarding a victory to Eddie Gilbert even though Funk had touched all four corners first.> Kevin Christian has supposedly revealed himself to be Freddie Gilbert the third brother of Eddie Gilbert.We are shown some footage of the match, which is okay, but nothing real special. No real sense of rhythm to the match, just each one getting opportunities to get on offense. 7

Sulli interviews Funk after the match sounding exhausted, but challenging Gilbert and the Dark Patriot to a hair vs hair match.

Segment #2: The Koloffs (Ivan & Vladimir) vs Glen Osborne & Herve Renesto

The Koloffs deliver a very strong old school match, where they pick apart a body part. Herve Renesto is the victim here, so much so that Osborne doesn’t even get tagged into the match. It’s a pretty slow and boring match, but that’s mostly because Renesto isn’t very sympathetic. During the match, I actually hear a “USA” chant. 8 Old school, but wrong format for it. Vladimir finished it with a belly-to-belly followed up by a submission move.

Segment #3: Eddie Gilbert hits Philadelphia

Eddie Gilbert is reportedly hanging out on Delaware Avenue 9 in Philadelphia at Kat Man Du. He is confronted by Jay Sulli and Tod Gordon. 10 Gordon even gets in a plug for his jewelry store. I’m sure the owners of Kat Man Du were thrilled at this ‘publicity’.

Segment #4: Tony Stetson vs Larry Winters

Winters runs into the ring and starts the fight before the bell. I like how one post-match beat down has created a huge grudge feud between Winters and Stetson. So much so, that these two keep beating up the referee to get the double-DQ. The locker room empties to separate the two.

You have to be really impressed with Sulli and Dangerously who have to talk about what’s happening in the ring which actually took place before the Sizzler, and then to push the agendas going forward after the Sizzler.


The next ECW TV Taping is August 7th & 8th including a rare American appearance by Stan “The Lariat” Hansen. Pretty impressive actually. Additionally, ECW is apparently negotiating with Japan’s WING promotion. 11

Segment #5: ECW Television Championship Match: Jimmy Snuka vs Tommy Cairo

Snuka comes down with the Dark Patriot and Don Muraco, but Paul E. Dangerously stays at the announce table. Back and forth match, but as Cairo is getting the advantage, Muraco grabs his foot. Snuka takes over, finishing it with the patented Snuka Splash.But wait, here comes Terry Funk to inform the referee that Muraco interfered. And based on FUNK’S WORD ALONE???? he reverse his decision! 12 I mean I don’t think he even double checked with the audience even.

Segment #6 Sal Bellomo vs Rick Michaels w/ Hunter Q. Robbins III

Rick Michaels is of the Suicide Blondes 13 and Sal Bellomo has been teaming up with the Super Destoyers, and Jay Sulli is calling them the Three Musketeers. There is no surprise here, as Bellomo is able to combat the interference and get the victory before a pier-six brawl erupts between the Suicide Blondes and the “Three Musketeers”. And with that we go to the end of the show.


Historic Significance
  • Heel referee Freddie Gilbert has joined the Dangerous Alliance/Hot Stuff International (at the Sizzler, but announced on TV)
  • Eddie Gilbert is the King of Philadelphia having won the match with Terry Funk.
  • Larry Winters and Tony Stetson are continuing their feud.
Ivan Koloff & Vladimir Koloff (in the ring debut)


ECW Heavyweight Champion Don Muraco Since 04/03/93
ECW Television Champion Jimmy Snuka Since 03/13/1993
ECW Tag Team Champions Suicide Blondes Since 04/03/1993
ECW Pennsylvania Champion Tommy Cairo Since 05/14/1993

ECW Spotlight

Sorry, no spotlight this week. Was going to do a quick spotlight on the WWF in 1993, but real life and job are intervening. My sincere apologies.


Wow, a real holding pattern episode if I ever saw one. It is very tough trying to keep things fresh. I mean this episode was shot five weeks before this episode was aired. I don’t know how the people at the television taping were even interested in coming to the Super Summer Sizzler Spectacular. Not much great wrestling or interesting storylines. Let’s hope for better next week.


1.  Sorry, you’re not getting an explanation for that joke.  You either get it or you don’t.

2.  I’m not sure how many people want to read about public access wrestling from the 90s during a normal week, but I would think that interest would be vastly diminished during WrestleMania weekend.

3.  Spent the weekend getting the house ready for the family and all that.

4. I believe this would end up being Ultra Clash.

5. I know those bleachers quite well! I’ve sat in at least three of them.

6. I’m pretty sure that is the second son of Jerry “The King” Lawler, Kevin Lawler.

7. I’m planning on reviewing Super Summer Sizzler one day.

8. A USA chant. In the ECW Arena!!!! I didn’t recognize it, because it wasn’t followed by a “Shut the F*#k Up!” chant that would warm the cockles of my heart.

9. Delaware Avenue is a street along the Delaware River that was the hot spot in 1990s where dozens of night clubs sprouted up. And is right around the corner from the ECW Arena. These days all of those night clubs have closed, and Delaware Avenue is mostly known for a Walmart.

10. And they look as out-of-place as a 40 and 50-year-old man would in a nightclub on a Friday or Saturday. Not that Gilbert looks in place, but in a town with a Mummers Parade, a man with a crown is pretty normal.

11. W*ING is a Japanese promotion that is long gone. For more information see.

12. I mean knowing how many chair shots and death matches Terry Funk has been in, you’re going to trust his word? I think the man’s a living concussion?

13. One day I’m going to write “Hollywood Blondes” instead of “Suicide Blondes”. I just know it. I can feel it. Hell, maybe I already did. Don’t make me go look.

topstory120x120-|topstory120x120 topstory500x250-|topstory500x250

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Extreme Archive: ECW Television Episode 012 Sat, 24 Mar 2012 20:41:56 +0000

“All that’s what’s on top. What’s underneath?” – Harry Luck (The Magnificent Seven)

This week is a rather unimpressive but important stepping stone.  The Tri-State Wrestling Alliance was known for hardcore matches in front of small crowds.  In this episode two ECW wrestlers start the daredevil high-flying style that the promotion would be known for. And no one, including me, would have ever guessed that they would be the ones who started it.

ECW Television Episode 012

Taped: May 14, 1993

Broadcast: June 22, 1993

Taping Location: ECW Arena in South Philadelphia, PA

Announcing Team: Jay Sulli & Paul E. Dangerously


  • ECW was gearing up (on television) for the final push before the Super Summer Sizzler Spectacular
  • Road Warrior Hawk made his debut against Jimmy Snuka. Hot Stuff International interfered in the match, and Eddie Gilbert threw a fireball in his face.
  • The Super Destroyers agree to team with Sal Belomo against the Suicide Blondes, specifically in a 3 on 4 match at the Super Summer Sizzler Spectacular, the fourth being Hunter Q. Robbins III.
  • Terry Funk fought with the newest member of Hot Stuff International, The Dark Patriot.  The other members of Hot Stuff International get involved, attacking Funk.


Pre-Title Segment
Full rebroadcast/recap of the Hawk vs Snuka match from the previous week where Gilbert threw the fireball into his face. Getting a big push for Hawk’s injury angle.
Opening Segment
And it’s the team of Jay Sulli and Paul E. Dangerously. It’s amazing, I actually prefer Sulli and Wonderful, only because they are closer to the same talent level. When Paul is in there, it makes Sulli look inept and outdated, and it limits Paul because there’s no one he can verbally spar with. 1
Then, in a very weird segment. Jay Sulli asks Paul about the location of Stevie Wonderful. Paul says a comment about Stevie washing cars. Then later Stevie comes out and confronts Paul E. saying that he’s been talking trash about him.
Interview Segment: The Koloffs
Before the next match, Stevie Wonderful is interviewing the Russian Bear, Ivan Koloff. Ivan introduces his latest protege, his nephew, Vladimir Koloff. 2 Basically a larger version of Nikita. Apparently they’re a heel team, as they are challenging the Super Destroyers.
Segment #1:ECW Championship Match: Don Muraco vs Road Warrior Hawk
The announcers speculate whether Hawk will make the match, following the injuries last week. Muraco is listed at 288 lbs… ahem… okay.
Hawk’s music is played 3, but out comes Tommy Cairo. Cairo, listed at 257, is dwarfed by Muraco slightly by height and substantially in girth. 4
Cairo hits a back body drop that is more like a somersault that drops Muraco on his head. Cairo remains in control until he goes after Eddie Gilbert on the ring apron. Muraco takes over by nailing Cairo from behind. Cairo suplexes Muraco, who rolls up Tommy while pulling the trunks. Was a really strange ending as Cairo was making the babyface comeback, and Muraco quickly ended it.
Interview Segment: Paul E. Dangerously & The Dark Patriot
Paul cuts a very strange promo that gives me a 90s flashback nightmare talking about he big bad wolf and the three little pigs, referencing the song “Little Pig” by Green Jello. Now there’s a memory that I never thought would be brought out of the brain archives.
Oh and the Dark Patriot uses a claw hold as his big move. That’s always the sign of a talented wrestler, the Claw Hold! 5
Segment #2: The Dark Patriot vs J.T. Smith
Paul mentions that Eddie Gilbert and the Dark Patriot fought for the North American title. 6 Wow, wrestling continuity. Brawling by the Patriot, and Paul E actually puts over JT Smith as one of the bright young stars in ECW. JT hits a head scissors and scoop slam on the Dark Patriot. And JT then hits a very nice (for 1993) moonsault press on the Dark Patriot. 7
JT misses a shoulder block in the corner and hits the ring post. Ref gets bumped. Patriot takes it outside the ring, and the two of them fight to the Eagles Nest, which is an area up high where the creative team would watch the happenings. The Dark Patriot pushes JT Smith off of the Eagles Nest, which is legitimately 20 feet over a concrete floor. Then the Dark Patriot dives down onto JT Smith!
That’s right, the first big bump for ECW Television was performed by the Dark Patriot and JT Smith! I bet no one had them in the pool! Match is called.
Interview Segment: Tony Stetson and Rockin’ Rebel
Stevie Wonderful gets to be the backstage heel interviewer. Typical heel team up, but at least these two seem like they know each other. Stetson claims that it was Winters fault that they lost the tag titles.
Segment #3: Tony Stetson & Rockin’ Rebel vs Larry Winters & The Sandman
Sandman and Winters run to the ring to attack. Winters faces off with his partner to start. Stetson looks a lot less goofy as a heel. Winters dominates for a while, but Stetson tags in Rebel. Rebel and Stetson dominate Winters. Winters fights back and eventually tags in Sandman. DDT by Sandman on Rebel, but drops his head as he irish whips Rebel off the ropes, and Rebel makes him pay with a spinebuter.
Finish comes when Peaches gets on the ring apron. Rebel confronts her, and she slaps him for good measure, allowing Sandman to roll him up for the pinfall.
Video Segment: King Eddie Gilbert
This would become a staple of later ECW. The music video highlighting a particular wrestler or feud. This one is pretty lame showing a few highlights from Eddie Gilbert’s recent antics while wearing the crown. But a sign of things to come.
Segment #4:The Suicide Blondes (Hotbody, Candido, & Michaels) w/ Robbins vs The Super Destroyers & Sal Bellomo
Now what’s the purpose of announcing the 4 vs 3 match at the Super Summer Sizzler Spectacular if they’re just going to have the same match.
Supposed to be a typical power vs Speed match, but actually the faces dominate the Suicide Blondes, starting with Candido. Eventually he tags in Johnny Hotbody, and the faces totally devastate him with power. I’m thankful that they don’t have Sal Bellomo be the weak link in the team, just cause it’s so cliché.
Super Destroyer 1 helps Johnny to tag in the newest member of the Blondes, Richard Michaels. 8 The faces cheat to dominate Michaels, and Paul E. rightfully gets on Sulli for not having issue with it, as he is so outspoken when the heels do it. Michaels goes for a splash. Super D #2 rolls out.
Things start to break down, and all six men are fighting. For some reason, Paul E. comes down to interject in the match. And the Super Destroyers nail Paul E. Dangerously. And now here comes Hot Stuff International: Gilbert, Snuka, and Muraco. And it’s a pier 6 brawl, where all nine men are hitting each other, face and heel lines be damned. Jay Sulli takes it home as the chaos in the ring rules the day


Historic Significance

  • Dark Patriot and JT Smith are the first to use the high area of the ECW Arena for a spot.
  • Road Warrior Hawk is scrapped from a match, due to the fireball from Eddie Gilbert.
  • Hot Stuff International gets involved in the Suicide Blondes vs Super Destroyers & Sal Bellomo feud.


Ivan Koloff & Vladimir Koloff (interview only)


ECW Heavyweight Champion  Don Muraco
Since 04/03/1993
ECW Television Champion  Jimmy “Superfly” Snuka
Since 03/13/1993
ECW Tag Team Champions  The Suicide Blondes (Candido & Hotbody)
Since 04/03/1993
ECW Pennsylvania Champion  Tommy Cairo Since 05/14/1993

ECW Spotlight: World Championship Wrestling – June 1994

So, we’re fully engrossed here in 1993, right?  Eastern Championship Wrestling, Philadelphia, the emergence of Paul E. Dangerously, the rise of a new style of wrestling, etc. etc. etc. But what else was going on in the wrestling world?  Because ECW was always reacting to what was going on in both the World Wrestling Federation and World Championship Wrestling. 9 This week, I’ll focus on World Championship Wrestling.

In 1993, Eric Bischoff took over as Executive Vice President of WCW, and appointed Dusty Rhodes as his main booker.  As a result 10, 1993 became the year of Vader.  Vader became a monster champion, and fought off the challenges from Sting, Davey Boy Smith, and Cactus Jack. WCW was gearing up for their big summer PPV: Beach Blast.  And they shot an infamously cheesy video where Vader and Sid Vicious formed “The Masters of the Power Bomb”, and the heroes of Sting and Davey Boy Smith challenged them for a tag match at Beach Blast.  It was pretty embarrassing, but as Sting had an awesome match with Vader at SuperBrawl III, fans were willing to give WCW some leeway.  11

The other main development, was the re-emergence of the NWA World Title  12 as a second world championship.  That title was currently held by Barry Windham as a heel.  At Slamboree 1993, Barry Windham and Arn Anderson had fought each other for the title.  And everyone knew that it was just a matter of time before Ric Flair would face Barry for the title .

In the tag division, two young wrestlers were paired together as a makeshift heel tag team, that caught fire.  Both members would make their stamp on  the wrestling world and ECW, specifically.  Stunning Steve Austin and Flyin’ Bryan Pillman became the Hollywood Blondes, a cocky flashy heel tag team with great chemistry.

Other recognizable talented members of the WCW Roster: Cactus Jack, 2 Cold Scorpio, Chris Benoit 13, Ricky Steamboat, Shane Douglas, Kevin Nash. Scotty Flamingo, Steven Regal, Dustin Rhodes, and Johnny B. Badd.

These were the highlights for the internet wrestling fans.  I’ll choose to forget about the Amazing Kongs, Paul Roma, Erik Watts, Johnny Gunn, and many others.


In the 80s and 90s, you always had a weird period after a supercard or PPV, and ECW is no different in 1993.  For weeks, you were building for the Super Summer Sizzler Spectacular, but you are left with television matches that do not reflect on what the ECW world looks like after the supercard.

The Dark Patriot vs JT Smith match was very unexpected.  Wasn’t quite a great match, but started the tradition of letting average workers pull off high spots to wow the crowd.  So we’re getting somewhere, people!


1. Now that’s one of the worst back-handed compliments I’ve ever given in a column.

2. Following the tradition of using stereotypical Russian names.

3. At least I think it’s Hawk’s music. The only players with recognizable theme music is Eddie Gilbert (Hot Stuff by Donna Summers) and The Super Destroyers (the theme from Halloween).

4. I think both wrestlers weights are exaggerated. One up, the other down. I’ll let you figure out which is which.

5. The claw hold, the full nelson, and the heart punch are three moves that usually indicate a complete lack of skills.

6. I think that was in Global Wrestling, but someone please correct me if I’m wrong.

7. I mean in 1993, I had only seen like 8 wrestlers perform a moonsault. So, it’s a little sloppy, but very forgivable. Today would be unacceptable.

8. I guess they changes his name from Chris Michaels. By the way, the only similarity between Chris and Shawn Michaels is the hair and the purple Rockers pants.

9. Especially with Paul Heyman helping out. You could say he was obsessed with it. Especially World Championship Wrestling.

10. And an injury to Ravishing Rick Rude

11.  After Bill Watts had booked a World Title match between Ron Simmons versus The Barbarian in 1992, Sting & Davey Boy Smith vs Vader & Sid was a godsend!

12.  The big gold belt herself!  

13.  As a tag team partner of former Midnight Express member, Bobby Eaton

topstory120x120-|topstory120x120 topstory500x250-|topstory500x250

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Extreme Archive: ECW Television Episode 011 Sat, 17 Mar 2012 14:45:02 +0000 ECW Television Episode 011

Taped: May 14, 1993
: June 15, 1993
Taping Location
: ECW Arena in South Philadelphia
Announcing Team
: Jay Sulli & Stevie Wonderful


  • Road Warrior Hawk debuts in ECW
  • Tommy Cairo becomes the Pennsylvania Heavyweight Champion
  • The Suicide Blondes add a third member to their team: Chris Michaels
  • Hunter Q. Robbins III becomes the new manager of the Suicide Blondes, and is promptly fired by the Super Destroyers.


Opening Segment:

Apparently my reprieve from Stevie Wonderful is only going to last one week, as he is back on color commentary this week.  He and Sully run down the card: Snuka vs. Road Warrior Hawk, Suicide Blondes vs. The Super Destroyers, Eddie demonstrates a chain match, Dark Patriot vs. Terry Funk

Road Warrior Hawk comes down with some strange incoherent interview statement. 1 ECW apparently is showing their kid friendly nature by allowing kids to run around Hawk at ringside. See, he’s a family-friendly mohawk wearing, face painted, roided up maniac. Thanks Vince! 3

Apparently the Super Summer Sizzler is this Saturday.  So this is the take it home episode.

Segment #1: TV Title Match: Jimmy “Superfly” Snuka vs. Road Warrior Hawk 4

Dangerously and Snuka cut a brief promo before the match. Strangely old school, and not very 90s Dangerously at all.

Hawk shoves Snuka out of the ring before the bell.  Snuka back in and Hawk pushes him out a second time.  Snuka off the ropes and Hawk hits the powerslam.  Clothesline sends Snuka out again.  Back in the ring, test of strength.  Hawk with midsection kicks. 5

Hawk makes a mistake by head-butting Snuka and is dazed, and then Hawk tries to hit a shoulderblock in the corner but misses and hits the post.  Outside the ring, Snuka nails Hawk with a chairshot. 6 Paul E nails Hawk with a shot for good measure.  Back in the ring, scoop slam on Hawk, and misses a 2nd rope headbutt.

Reverse Neckbreaker on Snuka. Hawk hits the top rope clothesline.  Hawk for the cover, but Paul E hits him with the telephone shot to break the pin.  Hawk attacks Paul E, and there’s the DQ.  In comes the rest of the Dangerous Alliance, including the Dark Patriot.  Hawk still dominates, but eventually the DA gets the numbers.  Finally Eddie Gilbert shoots a fireball in Hawk’s face.  In come the faces for the save: Sandman, Cairo, Super Ds and Bellomo.

Segment #2: ECW Tag Title Match: The Suicide Blondes vs. The Super Destroyers

Joined in progress.  Super D #1 starts with Candido.  Series of single leg takedowns on Super D #1. Both partners tag in.  Candido does jumping jacks on the ring apron. 7 Super D #2 tries to do an overhead knucklelock, but Hotbody can’t reach.  Johnny kicks him in the midsection and tags in Candido.

Double-elbow off the ropes on Super D #2 takes him to the floor.  Candido with a plancha to the floor. 8 Candido is chased away by Super D #1.  He tries to follow it up with a pescado, but is caught by Super D #2. 9 Candido is leveled by the Destroyers.  Johnny hits the referee from behind, and the Blondes start to double team Super D #2. 10 Super Destroyer #2 double clotheslines the Blondes.

Chris Michaels comes to ringside, 11 but down comes big Sal eating cake.  Sal and the Super Destroyers fight off the Blondes.  Sal suggests to Tod Gordon that he and the Destroyers face the Blondes and Hunter at the Super Summer Sizzler Spectacular. Well, there you go then.

Segment #3: Texas Chain Match: Eddie Gilbert vs. Herve Renesto

In a prematch interview, Eddie declares that he is the hero that Philadelphia has been waiting for, and wants to be our King. 12

Eddie comes down to the ring, and apparently he’s taken the crown from Commissioner Tod Gordon already. 13 Eddie complains on the microphone that he doesn’t like the Dark Patriot. 14 Wonderful explains the rules of the match, as Gilbert is tied up with Renesto.  Total domination by Eddie on the scrub.

In an interview after the match, Terry Funk gives another promo talking about varmints, and you can see where this is going.  No different than the one last week.

Segment #4: Sandman & Peaches vs. Rockin Rebel & Tygra Recap

They start with a video recap of the feud. Showing when Rebel nailed Sandman with the surfboard, and when Rebel helped Sandman lose the ECW Heavyweight Title.  Additionally show new footage of Tygra ripping Peaches clothes down to her undies.

Paul E. interviews Rebel and Tygra.  Rebel cuts standard heel promo, but more boring.  Tygra actually talks and shows off the nails again.

Sully interviews Sandman and Peaches. 14  Sandman cuts a little better promo than before.  Peaches threatens to tear Tygra’s clothes off.  But somehow the two of them give off that married vibe.

Segment #5: Terry Funk vs. The Dark Patriot with Paul E. Dangerously

Interview with Dark Patriot and Paul E.  And NOW we see the 90s modern Paul E.  Meanwhile, Dark Patriot is just a goof, throwing his cape around like the Phantom of the Opera, wearing a mask with a star over the one eye. 15

Patriot comes down to the ring to Back in Black. 16 Funk is 25 years older than the Dark Patriot, but looks positively svelte next to him.  Chops to the chest by Funk.  Funk to the ropes, where Paul E. pulls the leg, and Funk give chase.  Patriot comes down and nails Funks head into the ringside table.

Chops by Dark Patriot followed by a piledriver.  Nice sequence actually.  Nearfall on Funk.  Throws Funk out of the ring again, and a choke by Paul E.  Back in the ring, Funk comes back with a series of headbutts to the Dark Patriot.  Funk does his patented punch-drunk wobbly legs and swinging wildly.  Forearms and jabs by Funk.

Funk goes between trying to rip the mask off and using it to pull the Dark Patriot’s face into the punches.  Single arm DDT by Funk, and a second.  Dangerously comes in to try and attack Funk, but Funk stops him and gives chase.   Nice sequence where he chases Paul E. in and out of the ring, and decides to give a third single-arm DDT on the Dark Patriot for good measure.  Eddie Gilbert comes in with a chair to break up the pinfall attempt.  17

Closing Segment

Jay Sulli cuts into the footage to explain that SportsChannel Philadelphia deems the rest of the footage to be too violent to be shown on tv.  18 That’s it for this week, and get your tickets now for the Super Summer Sizzler Spectacular.


Historic Significance

  • Terry Funk is attacked during his match with the Dark Patriot.
  • The Super Destroyers agreed to team with Sal Bellomo a tthe Super Summer Sizzler Spectacular.
  • Road Warrior Hawk is given a fireball to the face by Eddie Gilbert.


ECW Heavyweight Champion  Don Muraco
Since 04/03/1993
ECW Television Champion  Jimmy “Superfly” Snuka
Since 03/13/1993
ECW Tag Team Champions  The Suicide Blondes (Candido & Hotbody)
Since 04/03/1993

Feud Tracker

Terry Funk vs Eddie Gilbert Ongoing Gilbert attacked Funk following the Funk vs Dark Patriot match; Upcoming Chain Match at Super Summer Sizzler
The Sandman & Peaches vs Rockin Rebel & Tigra Ongoing Rebel caused Sandman to lose the ECW Championship; Sandman vs Rebel Street Fight Match and Peaches vs Tigra Cat Fight Match at Super Summer Sizzler.
Glen Osborner vs The Dangerous Alliance Diminished Lost a tag match to the Dangerous Alliance.
JT Smith vs Max Thrasher Ongoing Battled each other in the Battle Royal for the Pennsylvania Championship
Sal Bellomo vs The Super Destroyers Ended Sal Bellomo is going to join the Super Destroyers to face the Suicide Blondes at the Super Summer Sizzler.
Don Muraco vs The Sandman On Hiatus Muraco defeated Sandman in the ECW Championship rematRch.
Super Destroyers vs The Suicide Blondes Just Started Hunter Q. Robbins joined the Suicide Blondes as their manager. Destroyers & Bellomo vs Suicide Blondes & Robbins III at Super Summer Sizzler Spectacular.
Larry Winters vs Tony Stetson Just Started After accidentally causing Stetson to go over the top rope for the Pennsylvania Championship, Stetson turned on Winters. First Blood match has been announced for the Summer Sizzler.


A decent indy hype show, but I don’t know how long they are going to keep with it.  As next week is Post Super Summer Sizzler Spectacular, but will be still from the same TV Taping.

Getting Better.


1 – Hey everyone, it’s time to play everyone favorite game: GUESS THAT SUBSTANCE.  Where you at home get to guess what caused the rambling, incoherent interview by Hawk.  If you win this round, you get a copy of our home game, and the chance to compete in the Bonus Round where you must guess the substances taken by the Television Champion: Jimmy Superfly Snuka!

2 – Boy would that change later on.

3 – “Road Warrior Hawk, you just became one half of the baddest tag team ever assembled.  What are you going to do now?”  “I’m going to the WWF!  What a Rush!”

4 – They always have to say Road Warrior Hawk.  Why?  Is there another “Hawk” in wrestling that I need to know about?

5 – Hawk is so over, I’m wondering how they’re going to keep the title with Snuka.  A DQ finish seems too obvious. 

6 – 80s chairshot, where you more push the chair down more like a hammer, rather than a swing like a baseball bat.

7 – Clairvoyantly channeling future incarnation Body Donna Skip.

8 – A plancha in 1993?  WTF!

9 – Okay, you’d think nothing of these moves today, but no one outside of the best cruiserweights (Pillman, Scorpio, Liger, etc.) was doing moves like this on American television.  This is pre-lucha invasion.  Paul Roma and Marcus Bagwell were considered high flyers in 1993. 

10 – Bad moment here, the Blondes start double-teaming Destroyer #2, and #1 stands on the apron for a half a minute before deciding to chase Hunter Q. Robbins.  Wow, that was bad. 

11 – I guess Sulli is sleeping through these tapings.  

12 – I guess it’s possible that Memphis style wrestling was novel to 1993?  But Apter magazines were available in Philadelphia.  Lawler was already in the WWF.  And everyone knew the Jerry Lawler vs. Andy Kaufman feud. 

13 – Way to give away the finish!  I mean can you see Terry Funk with a crown?

14 – Come on Fullington, you gotta have some of the Hardcore Icon in there somewhere.

15 – I think I saw that outfit on Taito’s Tag Team Wrestling arcade game in the mid-1980s.

16 – Can you get more generic?

17 – Okay, four matches this week, and only the Gilbert vs. jobber match has a clean finish? 

18 – If that’s true, then this is nothing compared to what they’d do in later years?




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Extreme Archive: ECW Television Episode 010 Sat, 10 Mar 2012 11:13:35 +0000 ECW Television Episode 010

Taped: May 14, 1993
Broadcast: June 08, 1993
Taping Location: ECW Arena in South Philadelphia, PA
Announcing Team: Jay Sulli & Paul E. Dangerously


  • Don Muraco with help from Paul E. Dangerously and Rockin Rebel defeat The Sandman to become the new ECW World Champion
  • Super Destroyers attacked Sal Bellomo during a match between Bellomo and Super Destroyer #1.
  • Cairo & Osborne are unable to defeat Gilbert & Snuka.
  • JT Smith pins Thrasher to continue their feud.


Opening Segment

Live from the ECW Arena, in beautiful South Philadelphia, Pennsylvania! 1 And I get two treats, not only from the ECW Arena, but it seems that Paul E. Dangerously has replaced Stevie Wonderful on color commentary.  They run down the matches this week: Debut of Road Warrior Hawk, Battle Royal to determine the new Pennsylvania Champion, Tag Team title match, and a Heavyweight Title Rematch between The Sandman and Don Muraco.

Sulli introduces Tod Gordon who bring an official crown to ringside, which will be presented to the winner of the Terry Funk vs Eddie Gilbert Texas Chain Match Massacre. 2 As Dangerously declares a premature victory for Gilbert, Road Warrior Hawk arrives. 3

Hawk cuts a very generic Road Warrior, bad ass promo that mentions both teeth and bowel movements.  4

Segment #1: Recap of the Terry Funk vs Eddie Gilbert Feud

You know the type. Let’s watch videos of previous weeks to hype an upcoming match.  They show both physical confrontations between Funk and Gilbert from the first weeks of ECW tapings. 5

Terry Funk then arrives at the arena in his standard red poncho shirt with a chair wrapped around his fist. Explains the rules of the match. 6 Paul E comes back in and arranges a match between Terry Funk and the Dark Patriot.

Segment #2: Handicap Match: Road Warrior Hawk vs The Samoan Warrior and Don E. Allen

YES! YES! The arrival of PWI #499 Don E. Allen!7  Oh yeah, and The Samoan Warrior.8  This isn’t going to be pretty.  I mean did anyone win a handicap match in the 1990s? 9

Both men attack Hawk right at the bell.  Hawk with a double-clothesline to permanently take over the match.  Power slam on Samoan Warrior.  Top rope clothesline.  Press slams Allen onto Samoan Warrior and covers for a quick three.

Next week Hawk will face Jimmy Snuka for the Television Title.  10

Segment #3: Eddie Gilbert Video

Okay, after weeks of bad Terry Funk videos, I guess Eddie should get a rebuttal.  After wearing a New Jersey Devils jersey for the last taping, Eddie goes with a Phillies baseball cap. 11 Apparently Eddie is the hero we’ve been waiting for in Philly, and he’s going to even be bigger than the mayor of Philadelphia.  12

Segment #4: 16 Man Battle Royal –  Pennsylvania Heavyweight Championship

Participants: Super Destroyer #1, Super Destroyer #2, Chris Candido, Johnny Hotbody, Larry Winters, Tony Stetson, The Sandman, Rockin Rebel, Sal Bellomo, Tommy Cairo, Canadian Wolfman, JT Smith, Max Thrasher, Samoan Warrior, Herve Renesto, and Glen Osborne.

I’m not going to recap a battle royal. It’s impossible.  Highlights:

  • Stetson already showing signs of his eventual heel turn, which was spoiled last week, by scrapping with the faces in the ring.
  • Paul E. hints at an alliance between Hunter Q. Robbins and The Suicide Blondes.
  • When down to the last 5 wrestlers (Candido, Hotbody, Winters, Stetson, and Cairo), Suicide Blondes have Stetson against the ropes and Winters pushes the Blondes (and inadvertently Stetson) over the top rope.
  • Stetson confronts Winters for pushing him over the top rope. 13 Stetson nails Winters with a punch.
  • Back in the ring, Cairo and Winters fight for the championship. Winters misses a dive over the top rope, and Cairo recovers enough to redo the finish on the fly, eventually throwing Winters over the top rope.  14

Tommy Cairo is the inaugural Pennsylvania Heavyweight Champion. 15 After the match, Stetson comes out to talk to Winters as if he is going to apologize for his actions, before he changes his mind and rams Winters into the ring post. That’s pretty good heel work adding the exclamation point to the turn.

Segment #5: Backstage Interview with Sandman and Peaches

Stevie Wonderful is still employed and working as a backstage interviewer. Peaches is wearing a really cute sports bra and has really sexy stomach. 16 Sandman’s interview skills are atrocious. I think he’s better drunk.  I can’t even put Surfer Sandman’s interview into context. 17 Hey, it’s going to be The Sandman’s birthday on June 19.

Segment #6: Backstage Interview with Sal Bellomo

Ummmm, there’s nothing here that makes sense.  I think he challenged both Sylvester Stalone and possibly the Super Destroyers.

Segment #7: ECW Tag Team Champions: Suicide Blondes w/ Hunter Q. Robbins III vs Tommy Cairo & Glen Osborne

Hunter Robbins is announced as the new manager of the Suicide Blondes while Paul E. diplomatically tries to explain the change away, saying that Robbins may not fully represent all of the Blondes interests at this point.

Osborne starts off with Candido in a back and forth contest. Hotbody comes in and Osborne takes out both with a double clothesline, and tags in his partner. Belly to Belly on both Candido and Hotbody. The challengers dominate the champions, avoiding the cheating. Robbins nails Osborne with the cane, and Candido covers for the victory.

Robbing announces the victory of the champions, and introduces the newest member of the Hollywood Blondes, Chris Michaels.  Just then, who should come down but Hunter’s other tag team charges, The Super Destroyers. Destroyers are so pissed that they actually talk. After a verbal sparring, they fire Hunter Q. Robbins III as their manager.  After fighting off all three Suicide Blondes, they demand a tag team match with the champions at the Super Summer Sizzler Spectacular.

Segment #8: ECW Heavyweight Champion: Don Muraco vs The Sandman

Eddie Gilbert joins Sulli on commentary, as Paul E. is at ringside.  Gilbert runs down Peaches, doing his poor man’s Ric Flair interpretation. Sandman starts with a headbutt on Muraco and a very weak toe-drop. Muraco and Sandman go outside and battle there.

Back in the ring, Clotheslines Muraco into the ropes, where his arms get caught. Muraco and Dangerously pull the old cheating move where they use leverage to keep Sandman in an abdominal stretch, while the ref is admonishing Peaches to get off the apron.  Ref finally sees it and Sandman reverses.  Paul goes after Peaches, and Sandman gives chase, and Muraco blasts him. Muraco rolls back in the ring, and Sandman is counted out for the loss.

Closing Segment

There isn’t one, and we go straight to the sponsored by advertisers.


Historic Significance

  • Tommy Cairo becomes the Pennsylvania Heavyweight Champion
  • Hunter Q. Robbins III becomes the new manager of the Suicide Blondes.
  • Chris Michaels becomes the third member of the Suicide Blondes.
  • The Super Destroyers turn face and fire Hunter Q. Robbins III as their manager.
  • Tony Stetson turns heel by attacking his former partner, Larry Winters.


Road Warrior Hawk, The Samoan Warrior, Don E. Allen, Chris Michaels, Herve Renesto


ECW Heavyweight Champion  Don Muraco
Since 04/03/1993
ECW Television Champion  Jimmy “Superfly” Snuka
Since 03/13/1993
ECW Tag Team Champions  The Suicide Blondes (Candido & Hotbody)
Since 04/03/1993

Feud Tracker


Terry Funk vs Eddie Gilbert Ongoing Upcoming Chain Match at Super Summer Sizzler; Funk to face the Dark Patriot next week. 
The Sandman & Peaches vs Rockin Rebel & Tigra Ongoing Rebel caused Sandman to lose the ECW Championship
Glen Osborner vs The Dangerous Alliance Diminished Lost a tag match to the Dangerous Alliance
Super Destroyers vs Winters & Stetson Ended Stetson turned heel on Winters; Destroyers turned faces. 
Winters & Stetson vs Suicide Blondes Ended Winters and Stetson no longer partners.
Hunter Q. Robbins III vs Tommy Cairo Ended Cairo and Robbins have moved on to greener partners.
JT Smith vs Max Thrasher Ongoing Battled each other in the Battle Royal for the Pennsylvania Championship
Sal Bellomo vs The Super Destroyers Unsuer Super Destroyers turned face on the Suicide Blondes.
Don Muraco vs The Sandman Ongoing Muraco defeated Sandman in the ECW Championship rematRch.
Super Destroyers vs The Suicide Blondes Just Started Hunter Q. Robbins joined the Suicide Blondes as their manager. Destroyers turned face and demanded a match with the Blondes at the Summer Sizzler.
Larry Winters vs Tony Stetson Just Started After accidentally causing Stetson to go over the top rope for the Pennsylvania Championship, Stetson turned on Winters. First Blood match has been announced for the Summer Sizzler.


Definitely more energy this week.  I know I’m reading too much into the switch to the ECW Arena which definitely gives the promotion a different look and feel.  The wrestling wasn’t much better this week, but the generic action was pretty good, and the booking was fun even thought it is straight-forward.  See ya all next week.


1 – Ahhhhh, I’m home!  It’s barely recognizeable, but I can see how it’s going to change.
2 – Okay, I knew that Eddie Gilbert wanted to make the Philly territory similar to Memphis.  But to bring in an actual f***ing crown, that is soooo reminiscent of Jerry Lawler’s crown.  I mean there’s a fine line between flattering imitation and blatant copying, and this crossed it and kept on going.
3 – In 1993, Animal was hurt, so this would be between Hawk obligations of tagging with Kensuki Sasai in NJPW as The Hell Raisers and his various rehab assignments. (I kid!)
4 – Philly Sportsnet must have had really stringent standards and practices, that Hawk can’t even say the word “Crap”.
5 – I honestly didn’t think you could hype a match with only two clips.
6 – AGAIN.  I know not everyone watches wrestling matches each week, but if you have to explain a match this many times, maybe you shouldn’t have it.  And does it really matter.  Most wrestling fans are in just by saing the word “Chain”.
7 – I’ll explain later.  Not sure when.  But I’ll explain later.
8 – That joke would be better if it was someone more significant, like Eddie “Umaga” Fatu.  This is actually Lloyd (L.A. Smooth) Anoa’i, one of the lesser known sons of Wild Samoan Afa.
9 – That’s like winning the first two matches in a best of three series, or having the faces win the coin toss in the War Games!
10 – And yet, we know that Snuka retains the title, because he is defending it against JT Smith at the Sizzler.  And don’t tell me that there’s the illusion of tv taping, that was burst last week when Jay Sulli showed results from this card.
11 – Smart choice actually. 1993 was one of the only years between 1984 and 2006 where they even challenged for the post season.
12 – Bigger than Ed Rendell, HOW DARE YOU SIR! (But then again, in 1993 Rendell wasn’t as beloved, so maybe)
13 – The confrontation between Hogan and Savage and Royal Rumble 89, this was not!
14 – While the miss was pretty blatant, this was a very nice recovery by both men, especially Cairo.
15 – Yeah, there’s a reason why you don’t hear about the ECW Pennsylvania Championship.
16 – Though I think she got implants later in her ‘career’.
17 – I wonder if modern wrestling fans, especially TNA fans, look at Sting during his surfer years and just stare at the screen with a blank look on their faces.

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Extreme Archive: ECW Television Episode 009 Fri, 02 Mar 2012 22:16:05 +0000 Ladies and gentlemen, I have an important announcement to make: A mistake has been made here at the Extreme Archive.  After a coordinated effort between the crack research department at the Extreme Archive and the Standards and Practices committee at Inside Pulse, we have determined that the previous two ECW Television Episodes (and episode 009) did NOT take place at Cabrini College on April 02, 1993.

Instead, they took place at Cabrini College on the following day: April 03, 1993.  This has been confirmed through wikipedia and, so please adjust your notes accordingly for the final exam at the end of the semester.

ECW Television Episode 009

Taped:  April 03, 1993
Broadcast:  June 01, 1993
Taping Location:  Cabrini College Field House
Announcing Team:  Jay Sulli & Paul E. Dangerously


  • The Suicide Blondes, Chris Candido & Johnny Hotbody, defeat Larry Winters and Tony Stetson for the ECW Tag Team Championship.
  • Sal Bellomo posing as Super Destroyer #3 is attacked by The Super Destroyers.


Opening Segment
Sulli and Wonderful run down the evening’s card for us, including a repeat of last weeks match between the Suicide Blondes and Winters & Stetson. And the two are joined by Paul E. Dangerously who gives Stevie Wonderful a great big heel hug, 1 establishing their friendship 2. Dangerously asks Wonderful if he can take over on color commentary, and my enjoyment of this week’s episode just increased monumentally. 
Segment #1: ECW Tag Team Championship Match: Winters & Stetson vs Suicide Blondes
I know what you’re thinking. You’re thinking that I copy and pasted last week’s column, and forgot to delete this. I’m afraid not, as they decide to show the match from last week, in its entirety. So go read my column from last week, if you’re feeling nostalgic.
Segment #2 Super Summer Sizzler Spectacular 3
Okay, here’s a list of the matches for the Super Summer Sizzler Spectacular. The new matches are in italics:

  • Texas Chain Match Massacre: Terry Funk vs Eddie Gilbert  * winner declared the King of Philly
  • Street Fight: The Sandman vs Rockin Rebel
  • Cat Fight: Miss Peaches vs Tigra
  • Dirty Dick Murdoch vs The Dark Patriot w/ Paul E. Dangerously
  • 4 vs 3 Match: The Super Destroyers & Sal Bellomo vs The Suicide Blondes & Hunter Q. Robbins III 4  
  • TV Title Match: Jimmy Snuka vs JT Smith * If Snuka wins he faces Tommy Cairo 5
  • First Blood Match: Larry Winters vs Tony Stetson 6

Basically, it’s getting close to the date for the supercard, and they have to spoil upcoming developments to sell tickets. Craaazy.

Segment #3: Super Destroyer 1 7 w/ Hunter Q. Robbins III vs Sal Belomo
Lockup in the corner, and this is going to be a punching and kicking extravaganza. Actually not a bad display for late 80s/early 90s brawling style 8. Sal rakes the eyes and hits a horrible hip toss. 9 Sal hits his patented standing drop kick, followed by a snap mare and big splash for a near fall.
And predictably, here comes Super Destroyer #2 to interfere. Sal gets the win, but a beatdown for his trouble. Tommy Cairo comes out to make the save, but afterwards Sal gives him a big shove away. 
Segment #4: Tommy Cairo & Glen Osborne vs Eddie Gilbert & Jimmy Snuka
This is like the third partner for Cairo in the last eight weeks. There still is some confusions as to whether this is Hot Stuff International or The Dangerous Alliance. Best to leave sleeping feuds lie, I guess.Osborne and Gilbert start off. Gilbert takes it outside quickly and nails Osborne with a chair, the ring bell hammer, while Dangerously schools Jay Sulli about inside the ring versus outside the ring etiquette. 10 Back in the ring, Osborne hits a back body drop on Gilbert and tags in Cairo. After damage from Cairo, Eddie rolls out and consults with Paul E. who has temporarily left the broadcast area to console and guide Gilbert. 11 Additionally, he gets the quasi-gay heel hug from Snuka. 12A lot of double teaming by both groups. And in a move I’ve never seen before, Snuka throws Osborne against the ropes and gives him a “claw” to the midsection. Headbutt by Snuka. Eddie nails Osborne with a full soda can. Eventually Osborne tags Cairo. Cairo wailing on Gilbert. Gilbert against the ropes and Paul E. grabs his leg saving him from the Tommy Cairo drop kick that misses. Hot Shot by Gilbert to finish the match.

Segment #5: JT Smith vs Max Thrasher
Thrasher enters the ring wearing a hockey mask. The match begins with Thrasher headbutting Smith with the mask on, but the match broadcast is interrupted by Jay Sulli apparently on his way to the golf course.13He wants to tell us about the action we’re going to see in upcoming weeks from the ECW Arena:

  • Battle Royal to determine the new ECW Pennsylvania Championship, apparently Tony Stetson turns heel on Larry Winters.
  • A tag match between the Suicide Blondes and the Super Destroyers that apparently explains the upcoming 3 on 4 match.
  • Road Warrior Hawk is attacked by the Dangerous Alliance, and Hot Stuff gives Hawk a fireball.
  • The Dark Patriot faces JT Smith, and the battle rages to the Eagles Nest high above the ECW Arena.

All of this we will see in the upcoming weeks on ECW Television.

Back in action, JT is punching thrasher in the corner. Thrasher tries to cheat to beat JT Smith, but the Smith turns the tables and puts his feet on the ropes after rolling up Thrasher.

Segment #6: Video Message from Terry Funk
Nothing new except we’re not at the Double Cross Ranch anymore. Terry Funk with a chain around his neck is ready for the Chain Match Massacre against Eddie Gilbert. And wants to be the best in Philadelphia.
Segment #7: ECW Championship Match: The Sandman vs Don Muraco
Okay, I think we all know how this is going to play out, but let’s just recap it anyway, huh. Peaches is wearing a really cute outfit, looking like a french maid uniform built into short shorts, but that could be the graininess of the footage too.Sandman mixes it up with Muraco. The slowest roll-up ever by Sandman, but a kick out by Muraco. Punches by Sandman and eventually clotheslines Muraco out of the ring. Back in, Muraco hits an Irish Whip on Sandman who comes off the ropes and clotheslines Muraco. Sunset Flip and backslides get two near falls by The Sandman 14.Murcao low blows Sandman to regain control. 2nd Rope arm smash from Muraco. Punches back and forth. Muraco goes for a piledriver, putting Sandman’s thighs very close to his face, making me uncomfortable 15. Sandman wiggles out of it and lands awkwardly on the apron. Sandman punches to gain conrol. Sandman goes off the ropes, but Paul grabs his ankle. Sandman goes down and Jay Sulli sounds like he’s watching the JFK parade through Dallas, Texas.

Peaches actually attacks Paul, but Rockin Rebel comes down and pulls her off of Paul. And in the misogynist moment of 1993, he actually puts the boots to Peaches! Edgy. Sandman pulls Rebel in, and delivers the worst double-arm DDT ever. Muraco and Sandman lockup again, and the referee gets bumped 16. So Sandman gets a sleeper on Muraco, but Dangerously nails Sandman with the phone. Cover by Muraco, and we have a new ECW Champion!

Closing Segment
Dangerous Alliance celebrates and pours soda on Jay Sulli while Muraco acts like he has a concussion.
Next week, we show matches from the television tapings that took place at the ECW Arena!


Historic Significance

  • Don Muraco wins the ECW Heavyweight Championship (for the second time).
  • Super Destroyers continue their attack on Sal Bellomo.




ECW Heavyweight Champion  Don Muraco
Since 04/03/1993
ECW Television Champion  Jimmy “Superfly” Snuka
Since 03/13/1993
ECW Tag Team Champions  The Suicide Blondes (Candido & Hotbody)
Since 04/03/1993

Feud Tracker

Terry Funk vs Eddie Gilbert Ongoing Upcoming Chain Match at Super Summer Sizzler
The Sandman & Peaches vs Rockin Rebel & Tigra Ongoing Rebel caused Sandman to lose the ECW Championship
Glen Osborne vs The Dangerous Alliance Diminished Lost a tag match to the Dangerous Alliance
Super Destroyers vs Winters & Stetson Finished? Seems like they are breaking up Winters and Stetson
Winters & Stetson vs Suicide Blondes Finished? Unsure if this feud will continue or not
Hunter Q. Robbins III vs Tommy Cairo Diminished Cairo came to help Belomo fight the Super Destroyers, but wasn’t important to the feud.
JT Smith vs Max Thrasher Ongoing Smith scored a pinfall on Thrasher in singles action.
Sal Bellomo vs The Super Destroyers Ongoing Bellomo won a match against Super D #1 by DQ.
Don Muraco vs The Sandman Ongoing Muraco defeated Sandman for the ECW Championship

ECW Spotlight: Larry Winters

Well, you can’t deal with the early history of ECW and TWA without discussing Larry Winters.  Larry was a wrestler from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, who spent some time in the territories in the mid 80s, including a stint in the AWA where he most notably (or at least easier to find on You Tube) fought Larry Zybysco.

Winters would become the lead trainer of Ringmasters Wrestling School in Philadelphia with Joel Goodhart, where he trained Tony Stetson, Don E. Allen, Glen Osborne, and The Sandman.  As the trainer, he would also be a main attraction in TWA.  His big feud was with long-time rival D.C. Drake, and the hardcore battles that took place between Winters and Drake would help set the standards for the hardcore style that would later be modeled in Extreme Championship Wrestling.

Winters was the original booker for ECW, but due to some conflict with Tod Gordon, he was pushed aside to allow Eddie Gilbert to take the book.  So far on ECW television, he has been tagging with his former student, Tony “Hitman” Stetson, but that situation looks to change very quickly.


Over on, William Renken wrote an excellent column talking about the Eddie Gilbert vs Cactus Jack feud that took place in the Tri-State Wrestling Alliance, the predecessor to NWA: Eastern Championship Wrestling.  Including a YouTube link to the 2 out of 3 falls match that put Cactus Jack back on the national spotlight. 17

So, if you want to look at the testing lab where the 90s (or modern) hardcore style originated, then you should check it out.  It is an excellent history lesson:

Going Broadway 02.28.12: Eddie Gilbert vs. Cactus Jack: The Punishing Feud of 1991


I really am sick of matches from previous weeks.  Highlights are fine.  Finishes are fine.  But to show a match in its entirety from the previous week is really getting boring.

The upcoming highlights is kindof interesting.  Sort of reminded me of a comic book trick, where you tease the outcomes of upcoming storylines, making the fans go WTF…  It’s an interesting but confusing concept, and let’s see if the product is as interesting as the tease.

But we had a significant if telegraphed title change, and that was pretty exciting all things considered.  So yeah, eventful.  Maybe we’re getting someplace


1. The ‘heel hug’ is the embrace that two heels give each other when they barely know each other, typically managers. By embracing, the heels establish that they approve of each others diabolical heel actions, and it transfers heel heat between both people. My favorite heel hug is the Bobby Heenan/Jim Cornette hug on Monday Night Raw (08/02/1993).
2. Surprising because I wouldn’t think that an adjective and an adverb would get along so well.
3. Apparently, the following matches have turned it into a ‘spectacular’.
4. Totally confusing, as it seems the Super Destroyers turn face, the Suicide Blondes get a new team member and a manager. 5. Tommy Cairo apparently has won the ECW Pennsylvania Championship, but until they explain it on TV, I’m not recognizing it.
6. Apparently one of these guys has turned heel, but I don’t know which one.
7. The question is do the Super Destroyers know which one is #1 and which one is #2.
8. Boring as hell in 2012, but for the time it’s decent.
9. I don’t know which one made it horrible, Sal or Super D #1, but it was BAD!
10. Or as Jessie “The Body Ventura eloquently put it: Win if you can, lose if you must, but always cheat!
11. The most surprising thing about these matches is that they were called live. More surprising when you realize that the late 90s matches were always called in post production.
12. The quasi-gay heel hug is the embrace between two wrestlers (sweaty and in wrestling gear) to add a hint of homosexuality or at least non-manly behavior to their inventory of heel qualities. Admittedly, when Snuka gives one, it is decidedly more manly, but that’s an individual case.
13. Lance Wright he is not.
14. Good thing Sandman turned to the hardcore brawling style, cause this is almost embarassing.
15. Not uncomfortable because of the gay implications. Uncomfortable due to the smell. I mean it’s a big man in tight Body Glove surfer outfit that probably hasn’t been washed after 2 days of television tapings. I mean your nose right next to the nutsack! Funky like a monkey, indeed!
16. So we have manager interference, manager fighting, outside interference, and now a ref bump. Overbooking, thy name is ECW
17. Surprised the crap out of me, because I’ve searched for that match before on YouTube and never was able to find it.


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Extreme Archive: ECW Television Episode 008 Sun, 26 Feb 2012 16:00:11 +0000 ECW Television Episode 008

Taped:  April 02, 1993
Broadcast: May 25, 1993
Taping Location: Cabrini College Fieldhouse
Announcing Team: Jay Sulli & Stevie Wonderful


  • A Texas Chain Match Massacre is officially signed between Terry Funk and Eddie Gilbert
  • Don Muraco challenges The Sandman for a match for the ECW Championship
  • Max Thrasher turns (heel) on his tag team partner JT Smith
  • The feud between Winters and Stetson and the Suicide Blondes begins
  • Sandman and Rockin Rebel fight to a draw and the ladies get involved again.
  • Sal Bellomo has declared himself Super Destroyer #3


Opening Segment
A video recap of last week when Paul E. Dangerously with Don Muraco muscles ECW Commissioner Tod Gordon, and Muraco challenges Sandman for the ECW Championship.

Sulli and Wonderful set the table for the upcoming episode: The return of Super Destroyer #3; Snuka will defend the ECW Television Title against Glen Osborne; The ECW Tag Champions, Tony Stetson and Larry Winters defend the titles against the Suicide Blondes. 1

Segment #1: Super Destroyer #3 (Sal Bellomo) vs HD Rider w/ EZ Ryder
Sal Bellomo is really selling the Super Destroyer #3, but apparently there is no reason given, other than Sal is nuts. Sulli and Wonderful are selling this like they are in on the joke, but no one else can figure it out. At this point, Sal is not a great wrestler, but HD Rider makes him look like Lou freaking Thesz. Sal wins this by hitting a rather nice standing dropkick on Rider, and getting the pinfall following a big splash.

The Super Destroyers and Mr. Hunter Q Robins III come down to ringside 2. The announcers think that they are coming down to congratulate their fellow Super Destroyer, but instead attack big Sal, completing his face turn.

Super Summer Sizzler Update
Added to the car:

  • The Sandman vs The Rockin’ Rebel – Street Fight Match
  • Miss Peaches vs Tigra – Cat Fight Match 3   
Segment #2: ECW Tag Team Championship Match: Larry Winters & Tony Stetson vs The Suicide Blondes
Winters and Stetson attack the Blondes from the opening bell, as a receipt for last week’s post-match sneak attack. 4 Double noggin knocker that gives the referee a chance to get the match under control. Candido starts off with Larry Winters. Winters and Stetson dominate Candido with (legal) double-teaming.

Eventually, Candido tags in Hotbody, allowing the heels to get the upper-hand. Candido nails Winters with a standing vertical suplex followed by a nice side slam. 5 Now double-teaming by the Blondes. Winters get the upper hand by nailing Hotbody with a DDT. Winters goes for a splash in the corner, but Hotbody pulls the referee in front of him. 6

Blondes now dominating the champions. Hotbody holds Winters while Candido tries to nail him with a chain from the outside. The chain flies into the ring, and amist the chaos, Hotbody nails Winters with the chain. 1-2-3 and we have new tag team champions. 7

Segment #3: Ernesto Benefico vs Don Muraco w/ Paul E. Dangerously & Eddie Gilbert 8
Total squash by Muraco as he outweighs and outmuscles Benefico by a tremendous amount. 9 Muraco ends the match with a one-handed piledriver.
Segment #4: Tommy Cairo & JT Smith vs Max Thrasher & Canadian Wolfman
So Thrasher turned heel against JT Smith, and his solution is to find a better partner, in The Canadian Wolfman? Man this is jobber-central this week on ECW.

Thrasher starts off with Tommy Cairo, pulling the old heel trick of refusing to tag in to face the guy who he turned heel against.10 Good match out of Cairo this week, who Stevie Wonderful compares to a Rick Steiner 11

JT Smith gets in the ring against Canadian Wolfman, and dominates the match with double teams. Finally, Tommy Cairo rocket launches 12 JT Smith onto Woflman for the 1-2-3.

Super Summer Sizzler Update
Added to the card: Super Destroyers, Tommy Cairo, Suicide Blondes, Paul E. Dangerously, and The Dark Patriot. Man, the “Dark Patriot” must know someone to be announced before he even shows up on television. 13
Segment #5: ECW TV Title Match: Jimmy Snuka w/ Paul E. Dangerously & Eddie Gilbert vs Glen Osborne
The two lock up with Osborne getting an early advantage. Embarassing wrestling moment, as Osborne clotheslines Snuka against the ropes. Snuka waits against the ropes for two seconds before the delayed motion took him over the top rope. 14

Osborne dominates Snuka early getting a near fall on Snuka with a roll-up. Apparently Snuka remembered he was double-parked, and nails Osborne with a backbreaker following it up with a Superfly Splash, and it’s over.

Final Segment
Eddie Gilbert comes to give Comissioner Tod Gordon some stuff for putting Funk against him in a Texas Chain Match Massacre. Apparently, kayfabe world, Gordon and Gilbert were childhood friends. 15 And then it’s out with kindly old Uncle Terry and in comes Terry Funk who tells the Philly fans that we are hardcore wrestling fans so we have seen the best and the worst that wrestling has to offer.


This week was pretty good. We had a solid tag match that seemed like more modern tag matches, and the general action in the ring was solid.

Historic Significance
  • The Super Destroyers attack Sal Bellomo who was imitating them as Super Destroyer #3.
  • The Suicide Blondes defeat the tag team of Winters and Stetson for the ECW Tag Team Titles
ECW Heavyweight Champion: The Sandman (since 11/16/1992)
ECW Television Champion: “Superfly” Jimmy Snuka (since 03/13/1993)
ECW Tag Team Champions: Chris Candido & Johnny Hotbody (since 04/02/1993)

ECW Wrestler Spotlight: Glen Osborne

It is practically impossible to find a picture of Glen Osborne from this period of time, so I’m going to have to go with a more current one, even though he doesn’t (quite) look like this anymore..

If you want you can check the Paul E. Dangerously debut on YouTube 16

Glen Osborne was one of the youngest trainees of Larry Winters who appeared on Tri-State Wrestling Alliance cards in the early 1990s, which were the precursor to the ECW Revolution that is indeed coming.

It seems like his general gimmick and personality is a little of the wrong act at the wrong time.  He is a babyface who is given the Sting attitude but he has a very generic in-ring persona and gimmick.  He is a little bit Sting, but doesn’t let the crowd get into the matches like Sting.  He is a little bit Road Warriors, but he doesn’t exude the necessary confidence that they were able to convey. His power-impact wrestling style was decent for the indy federations, but not quite good enough for more prominent federations.

He is solid hand who would continue to shape the immediate future of ECW, but he was fairly quickly phased out of the roster.  But that day has not yet arrived, in our little time capsule here.


This week’s tag title match almost gave me hints as to the speed and style that would dominate the industry (in a good way).  The rest of it was a little more just cruising along.  But, next week should be the first hour of the next television taping.  Let’s hope for something a little stronger from the federation.


1. So, let me see if I got this. The Blondes lose a non-title match to Winters and Stetson, but because they attacked the champions on the way to the back, they get the nod ahead of the former champions, The Super Destroyers? I LOVE wrestling logic!
2. Apparently concerned about copyright infringement or trademark violations. (Actually that would make for a humorous feud in 2012.)
3. According to my notes (sorry I can’t watch an type effectively), that is exactly how it was listed on the screen.
4. Actually, it only happened less than 1 hour ago, so I guess it’s more understandable why they’re upset.
5. I know it’s revisionist history, but why they wouldn’t immediately push Candido to the moon is beyond me.
6. Wow, this match is actually… watchable…
7. These frequent title changes are just going to RUIN the integrity of the ECW Tag Team Titles!
8. Eddie Gilbert’s wearing the same New Jersey Devils jersey really sends home the idea that this is a television taping. Totally ruining the suspension of disbelief, if any existed.
9. Think of a shorter less muscular X-Pac versus Batista and you’re almost there.
10. Ahhh the wrestling classics.
11. On the flipside, I would compare The Canadian Wolfman to a much less athletic George “The Animal” Steele.
12. Did I just use a midnight express double-team move, as a verb? Yes I did!
13. Dark Patriot is Eddie Gilbert’s brother, Doug Gilbert in a mask.
14. Hey everyone, let’s play a guessing game: What substance is Jimmy Snuka on tonight. I’m sure Osborne is paritally to blame, but still Snuka is a veteran.
15. This plot device would be used later during the Tommy Dreamer vs Raven feud.
16. Or go back just two weeks of the Extreme Archive.

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Extreme Archive: ECW Television Episode 007 Sat, 18 Feb 2012 11:25:51 +0000 ECW Television Episode 007

Taped:  April 02, 1993
Broadcast: May 18, 1993
Taping Location: Cabrini College Fieldhouse
Announcing Team: Jay Sulli & Stevie Wonderful


  • A Texas Chain Match Massacre is signed between Terry Funk and Eddie Gilbert
  • Larry Winters and Tony Stetson defeat the Super Destroyers to become the new ECW Tag Team Champions
  • The war between The Sandman & Peaches and The Rockin Rebel & Tigra continues to heat up


Opening Segment
Sulli and Wonderful set the table for this week’s show.  Apparently we get treated to a repeat of the match between the Super Destroyers versus Winters & Stetson.  The Dangerous Alliance is in town.  Sandman will be facing Rockin Rebel for the ECW Championship.  And the Suicide Blondes are facing someone.
But the announcers are interrupted by Paul E. Dangerously who challenges the authority of commissioner Tod Gordon.  Paul uses the muscle of Don Muraco to convince Tod Gordon of who is in charge.  Gordon runs off like he’s in a bad superhero comic book, looking for Super Funk or something.  Muraco makes a verbal challenge to The Sandman for the ECW Title.
The comercial break tells us that the Super Summer Sizzler is coming to the ECW Arena on June 19. 
Segment #1: ECW Tag Team Championship Match: Super Destroyers vs Larry Winters & Tony Stetson 
A repeat of the tag team championship match from the previous week.  Welcome to 1990s cable television.  I’m not recapping it again, go here if you need to read it again. 1
More information from the commercial break.  The Texas Chain Match Massacre between Gilbert and Funk is going to take place at the aforementioned Super Summer Sizzler, and the winner of the match is going to be crowned the King of Philly. 2
Segment #2: Eddie Gilbert & Jimmy Snuka w/ Paul E. Dangerously vs JT Smith & Max Thrasher.
Gilbert wears a Scott Stevens jersey to the ring, that’s just awesome. 3 This is a rematch from last week. Dangerously makes a crack about Snuka and Gilbert not flying to Atlanta anytime soon.4 Sulli insults my intelligence by calling this a great match-up. Thrasher and Smith get an advantage over Gilbert as Wonderful hints that JT Smith is a hothead and Thrasher is cagey.  Uh-oh, that doesn’t sound good. 5
Gilbert & Snuka wear Smith down in their corner.  Thrasher accidentally hits a running elbow on Thrasher.  More face mis-communication, as Smith gets the advantage, but accidentally nails Thrasher with a running knee lift.  Thrasher pulls the legs out from underneath Smith and walks out on his partner, leaving him for easy pickings for Snuka and Gilbert.  Snuka Splash 1-2-3. 
All that to turn Max Thrasher heel?
Segment #3: Terry Funk Video
Oh god, we’re back at the double-cross, but Terry seems more serious this time.  Terry is describing the rules of the Texas Chain Match Massacre.  Terry wants to be the King of Philly. (groan)
Segment #4: Larry Winters & Tony Stetson vs The Suicide Blondes (non title match)
In the pre-match interview, Candido and Hotbody say they were knighted by the Queen of England. So they’re going for the quasi-gay AND blueblood gimmicks at the same time?  In a tag team that we’ve only seen on television for 3-4 weeks?  
Candido gets hit by an armdrag by Stetson, and he flies into the air.  Candido is so much better than anyone else in the ring.  After heel mis-communication, Winters takes over and hits an underhook suplex.  Tags in Stetson who hits a running swinging neckbreaker on Candido.  Indy Style! 6 
For some reason, Sal Bellomo joins us at ringside with is long hair over his face, calling himself Super Destroyer #3.  Candido gets the upper hand, and tags in Hotbody.  Heel tactics allow for the Blondes to take control.  Rocket Launcher lands Candido on Winters knees, and Winters tags in Stetson.  And Stetson is a house of fire.  And it’s breaking loose at Cabrini.  During the bonzo gonzo, Winters and Stetson each get a sunset flip into a pinning combination for the victory.
The Blondes attack Winters and Stetson with weeeeeak chairshots and brawling with them back to the dressing room.
Segment #5: The Magnificent Muraco w/ Paul E. Dangerously vs Glen Osborne
Paul declares Muraco the next ECW Champion.  It must be a late night for ring announcer Bob Artese, as he’s practically shouting the names out.  He’s better than that.  Muraco is joined by Snuka and Gilbert at rinside.  
Osborne and Muraco go back and forth.  Muraco cheats to get the upperhand when he can. Osborne is actually trying to take Muraco down by focusing on body parts, but Muraco is too strong and takes Osborne down with a fallaway slam.  A series of punches by Osborne and a leaping headbutt takes Muraco down.  Does Osborne even have a finisher at this point in time?
Muraco nails Osborne with a hot shot across the top rope.  One armed front piledriver ends it for The Rock.  Clean win for Muraco.
Segment #6: ECW Championship Match: The Sandman vs The Rockin Rebel
Tigra and Miss Peaches are barred from ringside.  Rebel actually has a female groupie in the front row. 7 Sandman actually runs to the ring????  What world am I living in?
Sandman inside the ring, and Rebel circles the ring.  Sandman finally chases Rebel outisde the ring, and Rebel throws Sandman’s shoulder into the ringpost.  Back in the ring, Rebel hits a nice standing dropkick on Sandman.  Sandman reverses the tide with an elbow out of the corner.  Sandman actually starts clapping to get the crowd involved. 8
Sandman gets Rebel back in the ring, taking control before Rebel levels him with a clothesline.  Sandman reverses an Irish Whip and hits Rebel with a dropkick where only ONE foot hits Rebel’s chest. Only ONE!  Vertical Suplex by Sandman for a near fall.  Both men punch each other for a double knock-down, and follow with a double clothesline. 
Here comes the finish, when the barred from ringside Tigra comes down to ringside, followed by Miss Peaches.  Catfight.  And the match is called.
Wrap-Up Segment
Sulli and Wonderful announce that the Suicide Blondes have a tag team title match next week.  And Super Destroyer #3 comes down with a pizza, saying that he is in action next week.  WTF?


Historic Significance

  • Super Summer Sizzler is the name of the big ECW card coming on June 19th.
  • Max Thrasher turned heel against his tag team partner JT Smith.
  • The feud between the Suicide Blondes and Winters and Stetson begins.
  • Don Muraco is challenging The Sandman for the ECW Heavyweight Championship.




ECW Heavyweight Champion: The Sandman (since 11/16/1992)
ECW Television Champion: “Superfly” Jimmy Snuka (since 03/13/1993)
ECW Tag Team Champions: Larry Winters & Tony Stetson (since 04/02/1993)


My sincere apologies, but I’m wrapping this one up early this week, as my laptop is running out of juice.  You can see that ECW is transitioning into its next segment of feuds with Muraco vs Sandman, Suicide Blondes vs Winters & Stetson, and some strangeness with Sal Bellomo and the Super Destroyers.  It keeps it interesting, but still little in the way of good wrestling.  Next week, more of the same, probably.


1.  Of course I’m assuming you’re reading my column every week.  Trust me, it’s worse if I don’t make that assumption.
2.  So, if Funk wins, should I expect Jerry Lawler to run in and beat the crap out of him? Come to think of it, this is happening right around the same time as the 1993 King of the Ring.
3.  Scott Stevens… New Jersey Devils defenseman…  Okay, for you younguns.  In the late 1980s/early 1990s, the New Jersey Devils were a joke franchise, compared to the New York hockey teams and the Philadlephia Flyers.  In the early 90s, the Devils suddenly got good, and the Flyers sucked.  So rubbing the salt in the wounds using hockey is a smart move, especially in springtime.
4.  Nothing better than a truly pissed off Paul E.
5.  Back in the day, the announcers were more like weathermen, giving hints of the face or heel turns like high pressure systems moving through the area.
6.  In 1993 we aren’t too far removed from a swinging neckbreaker being a finisher or at least finisher set-up for Honky Tonk Man, Ravishing Rick Rude, and Beautiful Bobby Eaton.  It was a fading finisher fashion, but not quite outdated.
7.  How low in the pecking order are you for Indy-wrestling rat?  I mean that’s pretty damn low.
8.  Okay, it’s pretty lame, but at least it probably gives Mr. Fullington less concussions.  Then again, when you’re already hammered, it’s hard to know if you have given yourself a concussion.

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Extreme Archive: ECW Television Episode 006 Fri, 10 Feb 2012 22:05:19 +0000 ECW Television Episode 006

Taped: April 02, 1993
Broadcast: May 11, 1993
Taping Location: Cabrini College Fieldhouse
Announcing Team: Jay Sulli & Stevie Wonderful


  • Terry Funk issues a challenge to Eddie Gilbert via video from the Double Cross Ranch
  • Paul E. Dangerously joined with Eddie Gilbert’s faction to reform The Dangerous Alliance
  • After losing to the Super Destroyers, Stetson and Winters challenge The Super Destroyers to a hair versus titles match
  • The war between Tommy Cairo and Johnny Hotbody continues


Opening Segment

Sulli and Wonderful set up the action that is to come on this weeks episode, including a mixed tag match: Sandman & Peaches vs Rockin’ Rebel & Tigra; A lumberjack match: Tommy Cairo vs Johnny Hotbody.

Sulli and Wonderful are joined by Comissoner Tod Gordon who announces that he has signed a Texas Chain Match Massacre between Terry Funk and Eddie Gilbert.1 Then they are joined by Paul E. Dangerously, who says the match will not take place and that he will sue if the match goes forward.

Segment #1: Terry Funk Video
This is a really bad video. Basically Terry is driving a tractor, and is challenged by Eddie Gilbert’s “brother” 2 (a man with his back to the camera in a flannel shirt). And using cheesy camera magic, a manequin is put in the ‘brother’s place, allowing crazy Terry Funk to run him over with a tractor. The less said about this, the better.3
Breaking News!!!!
Just added to the ECW TV Taping on May 14-15, the Russian Bear: Ivan Koloff. 4
Segment #2: ECW Tag Team Title Match: The Super Destroyers w/ Mr. Hunter Q. Robins III vs Larry Winters & Tony Stetson
There are three stipulations for this match 5: The match is a no disqualification match; If Winters and Stetson lose, then they will lose their hair; During the match Hunter is to be handcuffed to Tommy Cairo.
Winters and Stetson apparently have gotten a brain, and decide to attack the Destroyers before the bell. Cairo comes down and handcuffs himself to Hunter Q. Robins III. 6
Winters and Stetson cut the ring in half with frequent tags, keeping the Super Destoyers from gaining any continuity. Super Destroyer #1 nails Steton with a head to the lower midsection, and Jay Sulli loses his mind. 7 Super D #1 and Stetson roll around on the mat in a way that makes me uncomfortable. 8Super Destroyer #2 goes outside and throws Hunter’s cane into the ring, but Stetson grabs it and hits Super D #1, and covers for the victory. New Champions! Bad Match!
Segment #3: Jimmy Snuka & Eddie Gilbert w/ Dangerously & Muraco vs J.T. Smith & Max Thrasher 9
This doesn’t look good from the start. 10 We do get a treat, as Dangerously temporarily replaces Wonderful on color commentary. Snuka and Smith start off the match, and JT starts off strong with an arm drag, followed by a dropkick.
He then hits an overhead press slam on Snuka. 11 Snuka eventually takes over and tags in Gilbert. Jabs and snap mare by Gilbert, eventually taking the fight outside where he slams Smith’s head on the announce table. The match is nothing, but Dangerously is adding tons of heel heat to the match. Smith is able to tag in Thrasher who gets his legs taken out by Muraco. Snuka splash mercifully ends it.
Segment #4: Sal Bellomo vs The Canadian Wolfman 12
Paul E. Dangerously is still on color commentary. Sal hits Wolfman with a forearm to the midsection, as Dangerously makes a comment about Ted Turner. Bellomo delivers a standing dropkick on Wolfman. 13 Wolfman annoys me by kicking out of a nearfall. Sal finally ends it with a running splash.
Segment #5: Johnny Hotbody w/ Chris Candido vs Tommy Cairo – Lumberjack Match
I can’t quite make out the lumberjacks, maybe Bellomo, Winters, Stetson, and the Hell Riders. This should conclude the mini Cairo vs Hotbody feud, so the Blondes can focus on the tag division. Cairo starts with a nice forearm on Hotbody which sends him out of the ring, where he is trhown back in. Cairo hits a nice snap suplex on Hotbody. Hotbody stems the tide with a low blow. He rolls out of the ring, and starts mixing it up with Winters and Stetson. 14 Cairo hits a beatiful butterfly suplex on Hotbody, followed by a 2nd rope flying clothesline. But the referee is outside the ring, dealing with the lumberjacks.
Hunter Q. Robbins comes in and attacks Cairo with his cane to exact revenge from the earlier match. He rolls out and Johnny Hotbody gets the victory.
Segment #6: The Sandman & Peaches vs The Rockin’ Rebel & Tigra – Mixed Tag Match
Tigra enters the ring wearing a black sports bra and booty shorts. Peaches comes in wearing the 90s aerobics look. Peaches and Sandman run into the ring, scattering Rebel and Tigra. Peaches talks trash to Rebel and Tigra, but runs away when Rebel comes into the ring. 15  
Rebel attacks Sandman when his back is turned, throwing Sandman over the top rope to the floor. Sunset flip on the outside. Back in the ring, Rebel nails Sandman with a headbutt to the midsection. Double-clothesline drops both men for 2 count. Peaches and Tigra get into a catfight, which closes the show as television time has expired.


Historic Significance

  • Tony Stetson & Larry Winters are the new ECW Tag Team Champions.
  • Texas Chain Match Massacre between Eddie Gilbert and Terry Funk is officially signed for the upcoming card.




ECW Heavyweight Champion: The Sandman (since 11/16/1992)
ECW Television Champion: “Superfly” Jimmy Snuka (since 03/13/1993)
ECW Tag Team Champions: Larry Winters & Tony Stetson (since 04/02/1993)

Random Thoughts

  • The best line of the night goes to Paul E. Dangerously to Commissioner Tod Gordon: “The only person who I’ve ever disappointed was your wife last night”
  • How you go from the edgy goodness of Paul E. Dangerously to cheesy camera tricks that wouldn’t have fooled me when I was watching saturday morning cartoons in the 70s.
  • Stevie Wonderful isn’t good, but he kindof reminds me of a PG version of Randal Graves from Clerk.
  • Listening to Jay Sulli will make you crave for the professionalism of Michael Cole. I’m not kidding.
  • Three matches with special stipulations, maybe this isthe ECW I remember.
  • This episode wrapped up the Hotbody vs Cairo and Stetson & Winters vs Super Destroyers feuds, and paved the road for Suicide Blondes vs Stetson & Winters and Cairo vs Robbins feuds. Maybe the new Executive Producer had something to do with that.

ECW Wrestler Spotlight: “Wildman” Sal Bellomo

Sal Bellomo is of Italian descent but is actually from Belgium. He started his pro career in 1974 and made his way to the World Wrestling Federation in the early 1980s, where he was known as “The Italian Stallion” Salvatore Bellomo 16>, where he started as a young babyface rookie, but ended up as a WWF jobber who would just put wrestlers over matches on the weekend WWF television shows. Sal seems to have settled in the Mid Atlantic region, just like other steady wrestling hands like Iron Mike Sharpe, Dominic Denucci, and Johnny Rodz. Probably as the work was steady on the independent scene, and always the potential for being brought back into the WWF.

Somewhere along the line, Sal went from the Italian Stallion to “Wildman” Sal Bellomo who comes to the ring wearing a gladiator like outfit and helmet. Sal seems to have joined ECW from the very beginning. In the following footage, we see Jim Neidhart facing Sal who was being managed by Stevie Wonderful. 17

Sal would make his small contribution to ECW during its early days. He still hits a pretty good standing dropkick, especially for a man his size. Mostly, as we shall see in the coming weeks, Sal would be involved in the comedy matches of ECW, where he would excel.

These days, it seems that Sal works as a professional wrestling trainer for the Belgian Wrestling School in his homeland.


More of the same. We saw the end of two feuds that were started just a few weeks ago. The Super Destroyers were defeated by the bland face team of Stetson and Winters. I don’t know where the Tommy Cairo vs Hunter Q. Robins came from or where it’s going. The Terry Funk vs Eddie Gilbert build-up is a real mess. The saving grace is the very modern heel stylings of Paul E. Dangerously! I hope next week is somewhat better.


1. Even though in last week’s video, Terry alluded to the fact that the match was already signed.
2. The weird part is that Eddie does have a brother, and I’m pretty sure he gets involved with this feud later on.
3. If you ever want to convince someone that professional wrestling is NOT stupid, then don’t watch independent wrestling from the early 90s.
4. Well, that will put fannies in the seats
5. That’s rather ‘extreme’ for 1993.
6. The boys actually do need a haircut, as it’s mullet city at Cabrini College tonight.
7. Completely forgetting that the match is no disqualification.
8. And I’m someone who thinks The Christopher Street Connection was a fun team.
9. Max Thrasher looks like someone who has been following The Guess Who across the country since 1975.
10. I think Barry Horowitz and Duane Gill would be given more offense against the Road Warriors.
11. Good job, JT, get in the offense while you can!
12. Wolfman must have worked for Tod Gordon, because there’s no other reason he should be out here.
13. Impressive as Bellomo is rather hefty, though compared to the Canadian Wolfman he’s Ric Flair.
14. Setting up the next feud.
15. Just because you’re screwing him, doesn’t mean you should write checks that The Sandman has to cash, ya bitch.
16. One of several wrestlers to use that moniker. Maybe more famously by Gary Sabaugh in WCW.
17. This match is heavily featured in the ECW opening credits.

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Extreme Archive: ECW Television Episode 005 Fri, 03 Feb 2012 22:34:35 +0000

When the student is ready, the master appears – Buddhist Proverb

Note:  Due to a travel schedule, I was unable to post last week’s Extreme Archive.  My sincere apologies.

In our modern culture, we are very used to watching or studying a classic or interesting television series (e.g., Star Trek, Lost, or even Seinfeld) and learn how the pieces come together.  And you learn how things worked, came together, and started to move towards the well known classic series we know so well.

You could do the same thing with WWE Monday Night Raw and WCW Monday Nitro as well.  Watch the pieces of a weekly live television show as it moves towards the moments in history that transformed the business forever.

However, I’m trying to start at the beginning of ECW, and while ECW was probably trying to be innovative and interesting in 1993, it also had a much more primary goal: to stay in business.

The 1990s Indy wrestling model wasvery simple.  Get agroup of 20 local wrestlers who will never make the big leagues who are willing to work for drinking money; Get 4-5 wrestling students who mmmmmmight get a look with the WCW and the WWF; And get 5-8 former WWF/WCW stars who will actually bring in the people.

And if you’re lucky, you get popular enough in a market that wants to show these stars on television. Weekly access if you’re lucky.

So, back to my original topic… some weeks a major piece of the ECW puzzle reveals itself, and some weeks it’s just a wrestling show.  This week is the former.

ECW Telelevision Episode 005

Taped: April 02, 1993
Broadcast: May 04, 1993
Taping Location: Cabrini College Fieldhouse
Announcing Team: Jay Sulli & Stevie Wonderful


  • Larry Winters & Tony Stetson defeated the Super Destroyers
  • Don Muraco joins Hot Stuff International
  • The Suicide Blondes (Johnny Hotbody & Chris Candido) debut
  • The war between The Rockin’ Rebel and The Sandman escalates


Opening Segment
The video shows Terry Funk at the Double Cross Ranch talking to a horse’s backside pretending it’s Eddie Gilbert (i.e., Eddie is a horse’s ass).  In an editing mistake, Terry suggests that Eddie has already accepted a Texas Chain Match Massacre match.  Very cheesy video, but it’s an Indy wrestling federation with no money.  And just remember, the Cactus Jack – Lost in Cleveland videos were run by WCW at this same time, and they had money.  
Segment #1: Eddie Gilbert & Don Muraco vs JT Smith & Glen Osborne
 JT Smith looks like Jay Lethal’s older uncle or something. Gilbert and Muraco destroy Smith with classic 80s grappling and cheating, including the classic throwing of the face over the top rope 1.
Muraco rolls JT back into the ring after gingerly dropping him on the guardrail. Smith makes the comeback and tags in Osborne, and it’s breaking down in Philly as all four men are in the ring. Osborne with a scoop slam on Gilbert, followed by a piledriver, and the cover while the ref is outside dealing with Muraco and Smith. And then the future of professional wrestling changed forever… Take a deep breath… Here we go…

A man comes running out of the locker room with an oversized portable phone and nails Osborne in the head.  The man is revealed to be PAUL E. DANGEROUSLY!!!!! 2

Gilbert makes the cover for the victory while the fans chant “Paul E.”  In the post match interview, Paul and Eddie have merged Hot Stuff International with the Dangerous Alliance and are going to put Tod Gordon out of business.  Paul seems really pissed off at someone, I wonder who?

Segment #2 – ECW Tag Team Title Match: Super Destroyers vs Larry Winters & Tony Stetson
A rematch from last week (aka last hour), and the belts are on the line.  In the pre-match interview, Mr. Hunter Q. Robbins III announces that this is Winters and Stetson’s last chance at the titles. 4 Decent interview from Robins, to my great suprise.
Stetson starts with Super Destroyer #2. SD #2 hits him with a pump handle slam. Several arm drags by Stetson who tags in Winters. Some solid quick tagging by Winters and Stetson to dominate the bigger opponent.  Reverse savate kick by SD #2 who tags in Super Destroyer #1.Super Destroyers take over on offense using a combination of power moves, cheating, and falling headbutts to the lower midsection to dominate Winters.Destroyers throw Winters to the outside and dominate him there, bringing Stetson over to help.  Thrown back inside the ring, Winters is able to tag in Stetson.

Stetson hits a flying forearm on SD #1.  Stetson throws SD #1 through the ropes to the apron.  SD #1 gets brass knucks from Robins and nails Stetson in the head during a back drop. Super Destroyers get the victory.

Segment #3 – ECW Heavyweight Title Match: The Sandman vs Sal Bellomo
Okay, big time tease.  Promised a ECW Title match, and we get Sal Bellomo?  Before the match, Sal is given interview time… Sal speaks with his long hair in front of his face speaking some sort of English/Italian hybrid mash-up.

Sandman reminds me of future times, as he checks out Peaches’s ass as she enters the ring. 6
Sandman rolls Sal up and pats his ass to make him mad.  Sandman throws Sal to the corner and runs into a boot.  Sal dominates for a time with headbutts and reverse chinlocks.  Wow, rest hold city!  Sandman and Sal even have a rest hold during a pinning combination. Eventually Sal rolls out of the ring, and walks up the aisle, where he gets the fastest count-out in wrestling history. I’d complain, but it’s a mercy killing.

Segment #4 – Rockin’ Rebel vs Ernesto Benefico
Pre-segment interview by Rebel with Tigra.  Rebel gives a very generic heel interview against The Sandman and Peaches while Tigra does nothing but show off her rack and her nails.  If you have a breast and scratching fetish, this is the girl for you.

Rebel starts the match by slapping Rebel.  Rebel dominates the jobber, and even no sells Ernesto’s drop kick.  Powerslam by Rockin’ Rebel who pulls up Ernesto to punish him more. Rebel finishes Ernesto off with a spine-buster. 7

Segment #5 – Contract Signing with The Super Destroyers
Tod Gordon is at ringside with Jay Sulli and Hunter Q. Robbins III. Has a contract where Winters and Stetson put up their hair against the Super Destroyers titles next week.  Robins signs without reading the contract.  After the signing, Gordon reveals that Robbins didn’t read that he will be handcuffed to Tommy Cairo during the match next week.
Segment #6 – Tommy Cairo vs Jonathan Hotbody    
Apparently ECW feels the need to replay the Suicide Blondes interview from last week. 8 While, Tommy Cairo removes his leather chaps, I question the decision to go with Hotbody instead of Candido for this match.  But Johnny is the better known wrestler to the fans. 9

Cairo dominates with a hiptoss and an overhead suplex on Hotbody. Cairo follows Hotbody to the floor where Candido nails him with the clothesline. Hotbody hits his best move, a running elbow drop to Cairo from the ring apron to the floor. 10 Hotbody gets Cairo on the top turnbuckle and hits a superplex, that looks more like a ddt.

Cairo hits a reverse neckbreaker on Hotbody.  Cairo rams Hotbody’s head into Candidos on the apron and rolls Jonathan Hotbody up for the victory.  The Blondes do a post-match attack on Cairo as the show ends.


Paul E. Dangerously
ECW Heavyweight Champion: The Sandman (since 11/16/1992)

ECW Television Champion: “Superfly” Jimmy Snuka (since 03/13/1993)

ECW Tag Team Champions: The Super Destroyers (since 06/23/1993)

Random Thoughts
  • The Terry Funk video is really bad, and there’s more to come unfortunately.  I mean we’re talking cheesy video tricks you would do in high school.  But, I believe that it is video of the actual Double Cross ranch, so that part is cool at least.
  • The 1993 version of me totally got schooled here.
    Was totally expecting Winters and Stetson to win the titles here.  But the contract signing for next week assures this weeks mistaken assurance.
  • Can you imagine how the wrestling world would have been different, if Paul Heyman didn’t already live close to Philadelphia?
  • Paul Heyman is actually listed as an Executive Producer of the television show.  Good hire, I guess.  Just don’t let him be your CPA.

ECW Spotlight: Paul E. Dangerously

Okay, let’s understand this as much as we can.  Just like Mick Foley has three personalities: Cactus Jack, Mankind, and Dude Love.
Paul has three personalities as well.

  1. Paul Heyman, former WWE announcer and manager, current internet huckster who helped Brock Lesnar write his autobiography. A mostly bald, clean shaven, cocky suit wearing businessman type, who is part of the system.  This guy:

    This spotlight is not about him
  2. Paul E, who sort of was on the television as the executive producer of ECW.  Sometimes he was on-screen a lot, and other times, he wasn’t.  A balding ragged unshaven maniac who would wear suit jackets with t-shirts and wrestling baseball caps, This guy:

    This spotlight is not about him.
  3. Paul E. Dangerously was one of the last great managers of the territory system.  He portrayed an 80s new york yuppy combined with a cocky sports agent atittude. 11 A loudmouth who felt he had to grab what he could whenever he could.  A smiling power suit wearing bully, who would hide behind the muscle of his wrestlers, and frequently received his comeuppance. 12 This guy:

    This is who the spotlight is about.

Paul E. Dangerously started in the territory system, working for Floirida, Memphis, and Alabama.  He met Eddie Gilbert in Alabama, where he allied himself with Hot Stuff International.

In the AWA he started managing the “Original” Midnight Express of Randy Rose and Dennis Condrey, and NWA/WCW brought the three of them in to start a feud with Jim Cornette’s Midnight Express of Stan Lane and Bobby Eaton. In WCW, Cornette was known to always carry around a tennis racket, and as a response, Paul would carry around a large bulky 80s mobile phone.  Paul would go on to manage both the Samoan Swat Team (Samu and Fatu) 14 and a wrestler named, Mean Mark Callous 15.

Paul developed strong feuds in the federation with both Jim Cornette and Missy Hyatte, very famously smashing his phone across the back of the head of Missy’s boyfriend Jason Hervey. Paul was also a very good announcer, doing both color commentary and hosting a Piper’s Pit like show called The Danger Zone.

In 1991, when Ric Flair had been signed by the WWE, WCW created a new stable around Paul E. Dangerously and his new charge, “Ravishing” Rick Rude, named The Dangerous Alliance.  The Dangerous Alliance was a strong Horseman-esque stable that dominated WCW in 91/92.

Paul was then fired by Bill Watts in 1992, supposedly over expense reports. In 1991, when Ric Flair had been signed by the WWE, WCW created a new stable around Paul E. Dangerously and his new charge, “Ravishing” Rick Rude, named The Dangerous Alliance.  The Dangerous Alliance was a strong Horseman-esque stable that dominated WCW in 91/92.  Paul was then fired by Bill Watts in 1992, supposedly over expense reports. 16

And so, the New York yuppie made his way back to the east coast. 17And became a manager in NWA: ECW.

Over the next weeks and months, we will witness the progression of Paul.  Where he goes from New York sports agent to Underground Anarchistic Revolutionary.


If I’m looking at it as a fan from 1993, I am certainly excited at the potential of Paul E. Dangerously coming into ECW.  That will certainly make the interviews and promos more interesting and fun.

They are pushing the old WWF guys too much, but the Suicide Blondes, Super Destroyers, and Winters and Stetson make three serviceable tag teams for the moment.

The Terry Funk stuff is a killer though, and not in a good way.


1 – In the old NWA days, it was illegal for a wrestler to throw a wrestler over the top rope. So heels would frequently do this, when the ref’s back was turned.  I’m not sure whether NWA: ECW follows this rule, as it was rather antiquated in 1993.
- It’s scary that he is actually better known as Paul Heyman now, than Paul E. Dangerously.
-  Paul had a stable in WCW called the Dangerous Alliance, that consisted of Rick Rude, Arn Anderson, Larry Zybysco, Bobby Eaton, Madusa, and a very young “Stunning” Steve Austin.
4-  A nice way to indicate that a title change is about to take place.
- aka the testicles, the boys, the bollocks, los pelotas, the nutsack, the jewels, the cojones, the lower brain, or the nards.
6- “Don’t let the clothes fool ya, it’s still fucking me!” Bill Hicks
7 - The boring, non step-over Spinebuster variety.
8 – ECW apparently thinks there is  important stuff in the interview. If so, I’m missing it.
9 - I guess known as sucking is better than unknown.
10 – Not quite Cactus Jack level, but it’s not a bad risk spot for 1993, actually. Maybe I’m slightly wrong about Hotbody.
11 – Think  Kevin Spacey from Working Girl.  Though there’s probably better examples.  And yes, Kevin Spacey was in Working Girl in a very small role, before anyone knew who he was.
12 – Often from Missy Hyatte.
13 - For me, a great manager has to have had success with multiple wrestlers, and not just be a hanger on for one wrestler.
14 – Maybe better known as the WWF team, The Headshrinkers.
15 – Mark would go on to become more famous as The Undertaker.
16 – The rumors I always heard was they removed Paul, because he didn’t get along with Ric Flair who they were trying to bring back to WCW. Treat this as any Internet rumor, but keep in mind that Flair came back to WCW after Heyman was fired.
17 – Supposedly after the WWF refused to hire him.

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Extreme Archive: ECW Television Episode 004 Fri, 20 Jan 2012 19:36:42 +0000

All the Motown brothers wore suits.  Neat. Dignified. You play better in your suit. – Louie “The Lips” Fagin

If you follow the independent wrestling scene, you may know that two wrestling promotions 1 held a double card at the building formerly known as the ECW Arena.2  The reasons why this ‘might’ be the last wrestling card at the famous bingo parlor at Swanson and Rittner avenues in Philadelphia, are not very important. 3

The ECW Arena is a very interesting building.  The main details about the place can be read online.  One that describes the history and the atmosphere best is from the WWE (surprisingly):

My memory is that I attended the ECW Arena close to 10 times when ECW was there 4, and there truly was something magical about the building.  It was an old school concrete hall that allowed the sounds from the hundreds in attendance to sound like an army of thousands, where you always felt close and connected to the action. And the wrestlers always brought their A game when they worked the building.

While I certainly am sad that the arena may never be used for wrestling again, but to be fair I’ve been to the arena since the fall of ECW and it’s not the same place.  The passion and the power and the vivre of the fans that attended those old shows is gone.  It’s still a great building where you are very close to the action, but it’s really no better than the shows I’ve seen at the Pennsylvania National Guard Armory.  And this is not me being a crotchety old fool saying that things aren’t as good as they were in the old days.  I wish it was.

That said, let me bid a fond farewell to a place where I had so much fun 5 and saw so many great matches.  I will describe my experiences more when we get there (if we get there).  So let’s move onto episode 004.

ECW Television Episode 004

Taped: April 02, 1993
Broadcast: April 27, 1993
Taping Location: Cabrini College Fieldhouse
Announcing Team: Jay Sulli & Stevie Wonderful

In the previous episode:

  • Eddie Gilbert attacked Terry Funk.
  • Jimmy Snuka was crowned the first ECW Television Champion.
  • The Rockin’ Rebel broke a surfboard over the Sandman’s head when he came to defend Peaches.


Opening Segment

Jay Sulli and Stevie Wonderful are interrupted by Eddie Gilbert claiming to have run Terry Funk out of wrestling.  They show footage from an Eddie Gilbert vs Terry Funk match where Eddie is beating up Terry Funk. 6
Segment #1: ECW Tag Team Championship Match: The Super Destroyers w/ Hunter Q. Robbins III vs “Hitman” Tony Stetson & Larry Winters
Robins puts up $500 if Winters and Stetson defeat the Super Destroyers. 7  Larry Winters and Super Destroyer #1 start off with a criss cross.  God, it’s been so long since I’ve seen a criss cross that I actually miss it.  Early domination by Winters and Stetson, including a double hip toss on Super Destroyer #1. 
Super Destroyers turn the tide; Super D #1 hits a kick on Stetson and a big elbow drop; Top rope Axe Handle by Super D #2 , followed by a falling headbutt that hits Stetson south of the border. After some basic corner double-teaming in the ring, Stetson finally tags Winters. Larry Winters puts Super D #2 in the figure four leglock; Super D #1 blasts him with Hunter Robbins cane for the DQ; It’s a pier 6 brawl in the ring as Winters and Stetson are declared the winners.
ECW must have added the $500 stipulation to the Super Destroyers vs Stetson & Winters in post production, as there is no indication of it after the match completed.
Segment #2: “Wildman” Sal Bellomo vs Glen Osborne
The match is interrupted by Eddie Gilbert. Initially Bellomo seems agitated, but leaves the ring speaking in Italian, I think. 8 Osborne starts to protest until Gilbert debuts the newest member of Hot Stuff International, “The Rock” Don Muraco!  Snuka and Muraco speak about joining forces with Eddie Gilbert.
Segment #3: Video Debut of the Suicide Blondes
Ladies and gentlement, introducing the newest tag team to debut in Eastern Championship Wrestling, the Suicide Blondes: Johnny Hotbody and CHRIS CANDIDO!  Okay, he’s paired with an average indy wrestler, they’re doing the 90s really really tight trunks/feather boa combination, and it’s years before he’s any good, but it’s CHRIS F-ING CANDIDO! 9

I only saw him years later, when he was worn down by fitness instructor gimicks and drugs… Look at him… He’s got his whole wrestling career in front of him, and Tammy Lynn’s not even a glint in his eye… 10

Segment #4: The Suicide Blondes vs JT Smith & Tommy Cairo
If you want to be let in on the joke, Hotbody has dark hair that is starting to recede.  Cairo and Hotbody start off; Cairo hits a hiptoss on both Blondes; They end this quickly with a double clothesline on Cairo. Lots of headlocks from Candido, but in between the rest holds Candido is like 5x faster and smoother than almost everyone else on the ECW roster. 
Hotbody screws up the interference and in comes Cairo who fights both and scoop slam s Johnny onto Chris. Back in the ring, Candido hits a nice gut-wrench suplex. Cairo comes back and tags in JT Smith; Bonzo Gonzo by all four men; During the melee, JT hits the moonsault on Candido, but Hotbody breaks it up with a top-rope forearm to the back of the head for the pinfall victory.
Actually watchable
Segment #5: Don Muraco & Jimmy Snuka w/ Eddie Gilbert vs The Hell Riders
This will not be watchable. Hopefully, it’s a quick squash. Muraco and Snuka attack the Hell Riders before the bell. Discus clothesline by Muraco on EZ Rider; HD Rider tags in. Muraco & Snuka double-team HD Rider; Muraco hits the piledriver and Snuka hits the flying headbutt (with Muraco assist) for the pinfall; EZ Rider walks into the ring, and basically sticks his chin out just to get attacked post match.
Segment #6: ECW Championship Match: The Sandman w/ Peaches vs Rockin’ Rebel w/ Tigra
Jay Sulli intros the match with footage of the disturbing beatdown from last week. 11
Peaches is in the Miss Elizabeth role for The Sandman, whereas Tigra shows off her assets. 12 Sandman with a leap frog over Rebel, and then hits him with a scoop slam, followed by an arm-drag. 13 After interference from Tigra to get the advantage, Rebel hits a nice clothesline on Sandman. Sandman hits a small package on Rebel, but Rebel kicks out and hits another clothesline. Sandman climbs the corner and pretends to surf the turnbuckle before hitting a top-rope dropkick on Rebel.
Tigra enters the ring to interfere, but here comes Peaches who attacks Tigra! 14 Referee calls for the bell; Sandman with the win by DQ.
Closing Segment
Shows a video spotlight of the ECW Television Title Tournament. Hype for next week’s show includes Stetson and Winters in a rematch with the Super Destroyers for the tag titles, and The Sandman in a title defense.


Historic Significance

  • Commercial announcement for the ECW Arena.  That’s a little better.
  • “The Magnificent” Don Muraco joins Hot Stuff International.
  • The Suicide Blondes make their ECW debut.


ECW Heavyweight Champion:
The Sandman (since 11/16/1992)
ECW Television Champion:
“Superfly” Jimmy Snuka (since 03/13/1993)
ECW Tag Team Champions:
The Super Destroyers (since 06/23/1992)

ECW Wrestler Spotlight: Eddie Gilbert

When you talk about the forming of ECW, you almost always have to start with “Hot Stuff”Eddie Gilbert. You see, the real start of ECW can almost be traced to August 3, 1991, when Eddie Gilbert and Cactus Jack fought in a 2 out of 3 falls match (Falls Count Anywhere, Stretcher, and Steel Cage Match) for the Tri-State Wrestling Alliance.  This match endeared Eddie Gilbert to the Philadelphia region, and made a connection between Gilbert and Tod Gordon, who was a part-owner in TWA.

When Gordon rebuild TWA as NWA: Eastern Championship Wrestling, he brought in Eddie Gilbert as a main attraction and head booker for the promotion.  Eddie had a decent head for the business, and most likely was a good connection to the southern-oriented National Wrestling Alliance.

Eddie recreated his Hot Stuff International stable from his days in the southern wrestling promotions.  Hot Stuff International would be the dominant force in ECW during 1993.

Eventually, Eddie Gilbert would be replaced as booker of ECW by the man who is more commonly known as the owner/leader of ECW, Paul Heyman. There are conflicting reports of whether it was Eddie’s unreliability (due to drug use) or whether Paul got close to Tod Gordon and forced Eddie out.  But that is a story for the upcoming weeks.


Certainly a more historically significant show with Don Muraco and Chris Candido.  The matches were ‘better’ and there was less 90s Indy junk, but it’s still not something you’d want to show a wrestling fan.


1. CZW and Evolve
2. Currently known as the Asylum Arena.
3. Basically the current owner of the building wants to remodel it for other events.  And the wrestling companies in the region believe that once the renovations are complete, the price of renting the building is going to be not cost effective for wrestling promotions.  
4. And 3-4 other times for shows since ECW closed.
5. I had so much fun at the ECW Arena that I would go by myself (cause I didn’t have friends that loved wrestling) and loved every minute of it. 
6. Most likely from the ECW/WWA (World Wrestling Association run by Dennis Cooraluzzo) show from 01/23/93 (I think), where Gilbert and Funk faced each other in an I Quit Match.
7. Okay, I remember 1993 quite well, and $500 wasn’t THAT much money.  Though it was probably more than anyone, other than Funk, got paid for this show.
8. His wikipedia entry says he’s originally from Belgium, so who knows what he’s speaking.
9. It was the 90s, you would always give some quasi-gay qualities to any young heel tag team.
10. My apologies to Kevin Costner from Field of Dreams.
11. Sandman in a blue Body Glove surfer outfit is indeed disturbing!
12. Which apparently are sharp nails and a killer rack.
13. Let me say that again, The Sandman did a leap frog!
14. As Joey Styles would say, “CATFIGHT! CATFIGHT!!!!!!!!!!!!”

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Extreme Archive: ECW Television 003 Sat, 14 Jan 2012 03:25:53 +0000 You can’t spend your whole life worrying about your mistakes! You f–ked up… you trusted us! Hey, make the best of it! – Eric “Otter” Stratton

Okay, you might have noticed something weird going on here. I’m skipping episode 002.  I’d like to tell you that I have a really interesting reason for doing this.  But, it’s very simple. The DVD was burned incorrectly, and episode 002 was accidentally left off. RF Video offered to make amends, but I was already up to episode 004 by the time they responded.  So, I just wanted to keep moving forward, rather than going backwards.

So, if you’re dying for the results:

  • ECW TV Title Tournament Match: Glen Osborne defeated Johnny Hotbody with interference from Tommy Cairo seeking revenge from last week.
  • Tony Stetson & Larry Winters defeated Chris Michaels & The Samoan Warrior, and are attacked by The Super Destroyers after the match.
  • ECW Heavyweight Title Match: The Sandman successfully defended his title against The Kodiak Bear
  • ECW TV Title Tournament Match: Eddie Gilbert defeated JT Smith.
  • Tommy Cairo defeated The Super Ninja

The ECW Television Title Tournament now looks like this:

ECW Television Tournament Bracket

#1 Jimmy Snuka  Jimmy Snuka
#8 Larry Winters
#4 Tommy Cairo  Tommy Cairo
#6 Sal Bellomo
#2 Eddie Gilbert  Eddie Gilbert
#7 J.T. Smith
#3 Glen Osborne  Glen Osborne
#5 Johnny Hotbody

Let’s see what episode 003 has in store for us:

ECW Television Episode 003

Taped: March 13, 1993
Broadcast: April 20, 1993
Taping Location: Cabrini College Fieldhouse
Announcing Team: Jay Sulli & Stevie Wonderful


Opening Segment
The opening begins again with Jay Sulli and Stevie Wonderful who are again joined by Terry Funk. Eddie Gilbert comes down to ringside and apologizes to Terry Funk for his behavior. Wiley veteran Terry Funk doesn’t turn his back on Eddie Gilbert.
Segment #1: ECW Tag Team Championship Match: The Super Destroyers w/ Hunter Q. Robbins III vs. The Canadian Wolfman & Super Ninja
Please remember, in 1993, for most of the world there was no internet.  So Indy feds would still bring out characters like this when they had no other options.  Wolfman is just a hairy fat white guy (think Mideon but less muscular… and yes I know Mideon isn’t muscular!!!) and Super Ninja is just a generic guy dressed all in black.  This team makes the Hell Riders from Episode 1 look like an accomplished tag team. 
The Super Destroyers make short work of Wolfman and Ninja. After the match, Robbins bad mouths Terry Funk, allowing Eddie Gilbert to come behind and attack him with an embarrassingly weak chair shot.
Segment #2: ECW Television Title Tournament Semi-Finals Match: “Superfly” Jimmy Snuka w/ Eddie Gilbert vs. Tommy Cairo
This match is actually decent enough, as Cairo works a solid brawling based East Coast 90s style.  In 2012, it’s outdated as hell, but so is Jimmy Snuka.
Cairo keeps the pace slow for a little while, but Gilbert eventually interferes allowing Snuka to deliver a really nice piledriver on Cairo.  Cairo gets the upper hand by delivering a solid running uppercut on Snuka, and Snuka accidentally knocks Gilbert off the ring apron.  The ref gets bumped by Snuka, and Cairo is able to roll up Snuka for an uncounted pinfall. 
Johnny Hotbody runs in for the interference, allowing Snuka to get brass knuckles from Gilbert and nail Cairo for the victory.  Snuka advances to the finals of the ECW Television Title Tournament.
Segment #3: ECW Television Title Tournament Semi-Finals Match: Eddie Gilbert vs. Glen Osborne
Glen Osborne is another east coast independent wrestler, who started with a Road Warriors/Sting gimmick and never quite left it.  At this point in time, he is very green.Eddie Gilbert offers to let Glen Osborne leave the ring prior to the match, so he won’t be embarrassed when he loses.  Osborne refuses. 
Match begins, and Osborne knocks Gilbert out of the ring.  After doing so, he blatantly doesn’t even try to go around the referee to chase Gilbert.  Osborne eventually does give chase outside and Gilbert throws Osborne into a table propped against the ring, slightly reminiscent of Flair vs. Funk in 1989.  Back in the ring, Osborne hits a clothesline to turn the tide in his favor.  Gilbert uses brass knuckles to knock of Osborne and get the victory.
“Tattletale” Jay Sulli informs the referee of the knuckles. When John Finnegan finds them, he reverses the decision giving the fall to Osborne.  Eddie confronts Jay Sulli about the decision, but Terry Funk comes down to save the day delivering (slightly) better chair shots on Eddie Gilbert.  Funk delivers a strong promo telling Gilbert that he is an old man, but that he’s going to kick Gilbert’s ass.
ECW Television Tournament Bracket
#1 Jimmy Snuka  Jimmy Snuka  Jimmy Snuka
#8 Larry Winters
#4 Tommy Cairo  Tommy Cairo
#6 Sal Bellomo
#2 Eddie Gilbert  Eddie Gilbert  Glen Osborne
#7 J.T. Smith
#3 Glen Osborne  Glen Osborne
#5 Johnny Hotbody
Segment #4: Peaches Interview
Apparently, Peaches (the future ex-Mrs. Jim Fullington) kissed The Sandman last week.  Gushes how Sandman is everything you’d want in a man. 1   Rockin’ Rebel comes down jealous of the attention, and Peaches slaps him. 
Rebel proves his manhood by destroying some ham-n-egger in the ring, who was conveniently waiting around. Rebel then leaves the ring giving chase to Peaches, grabbing her by the arm and pulling her back to the ring. 2
Sandman comes down for the save, while carrying his surfboard. 3 Tigra gets involved clawing Sandman’s eyes, and Rebel hits Sandman with the surfboard, breaking it in two.
Jay Sulli sells the attack it like the Sandman just got shot. 
Segment #5: ECW Television Title Tournament Finals Match: “Superfly” Jimmy Snuka w/ Eddie Gilbert vs. Glen Osborne
Tod Gordon is on color replacing Stevie Wonderful who is trying to interview Peaches. Old school crisscross on the ropes, and Osborne takes Snuka down; Osborne hits Snuka with a running clothesline sending him through the ropes.
Back in the ring, Snuka pushes Osborne into Referee John Finnegan for his second bump of the night. 4 Gilbert assists Snuka in attacking Osborne; Snuka goes up and hits the Superfly Splash for the victory.  Jimmy Snuka becomes the inaugural ECW Television Champion.
Segment #6: Wrap-Up
Stevie Wonderful is standing outside a dressing room door. 5 Stevie asks if he can talk to The Sandman, and with a quivering voice and dabbing her eyes with a tissue, she says that he can’t talk to Stevie because he is really hurt.Next week, the show hypes the arrival of the original Rock, “The Magnificent” Don Muraco.

Random Thoughts

  • Eddie Gilbert’s entrance music is “Hot Stuff” by Donna Summer.  If he tried that in 2012, he would get so over.  It’s so retro and seemingly unironic that it would totally work.
  • Bob Artese is the ring announcer for Eastern Championship Wrestling, and would remain so for many years.  ECW referee veteran, John Finnegan is also already a member of the staff.
  • Unintentional Comedy Commentary from the Gilbert vs. Osborne Match:
    Wonderful: I think he was just adjusting his waistband
    Sulli: I don't think so. He got a veritable bag of tricks in his trunks, I'm sure.... Who knows what he's got down there?
  • Commercial announcement for the next Eastern Championship Wrestling event to take place at the new ECW Dome, located in the corners of Swanson and Rittner Avenue in Philadelphia. Let’s just say that the name ECW Dome doesn’t stick for too long.
  • Sandman and Peaches officially become an on-screen ECW couple after this episode.
  • Jimmy Snuka becomes the first ECW Television Champion.

Historic Significance

The Canadian Wolfman, Super Ninja, The Sandman 6, Glen Osborne 6, Peaches 6, Tigra 6
ECW Heavyweight Champion: The Sandman (since 11/16/1992)
ECW Television Champion: “Superfly” Jimmy Snuka (since 03/13/1993)
ECW Tag Team Champions: The Super Destroyers (since 06/23/1992)

ECW Wrestler Spotlight: The Super Destroyers

In 1989, a new masked tag team debuted in WCW to face the Steiner Brothers, named Doom.  Doom were two huge wrestlers, very muscular, and wrestled a high-impact style of wrestling.  And like the Road Warriors, Rock and Roll Express, and the Fabulous Ones, copies of this tag team gimmick were copied down through independent wrestling federations.  Take two superheavyweight muscular guys, who look somewhat similar, put masks on them, and make them into a tag team.

Such was the case of the Super Destroyers who were east coast independent wrestlers: AJ Petrucci (Super Destroyer #1) and Doug Stahl (Super Destroyer #2).   The two of them would wear black masks and come to the ring using the theme from the classic horror movie, Halloween.  In the world of NWA: Eastern Championship Wrestling, the two of them towered over their competition.  Both of them were very strong men, who could very believably dominate their competition. They were joined by Hunter Q. Robbins III, their manager, who portrayed both the rich upstart punk and the angry minority at the same time.

They dominated the tag team division in the early years of Eastern Championship Wrestling.  Their reign was the longest tag team title reign in the history of ECW (from 1992- 2001).  Eventually they would move on from Eastern Championship Wrestling, and fade into obscurity.  Petrucci would go on to start a wrestling school in Pennsylvania, training the likes of Gene Snitsky and Robb Harper.


It’s a little better this week, as the crowning of the ECW Television Champion made the show interesting.  But we really need much less of the Canadian Wolfman and Super Ninja.  Just makes it really groanable.  Let’s hope for a little bit better next week.


1 – Let’s see’s, he’s a drunk, he may me a masochist, he’s a misogynist, he smokes too much, he has scars all over his body, he smokes, he carries a Singapore cane around with him, he owns a strip club… oh wait… no that’s Hardcore Sandman, this is Surfer Sandman, my mistake… I kid because I love!

2 – Stevie Wonderful is fumbling on the microphone, trying to remain a heel, yet knowing that he can’t condone violence to women. Humorously pathetic.

3 – Sandman is coming to defend a lady, but he bothers to stop and pick up his surfboard!! before hightailing it to the ring to save her?

4 – It’s been so long since I played the ECW drinking game.  How many sips is it per ref bump?

5 – You know it’s a dressing room door, because there’s a big gold star on it and it says “Dressing Room” in big red letters.  I thought we were past this nonsense in 1993.

6 – They actually debuted in Episode 002, but I didn’t see that episode.



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Extreme Archive: ECW Television Episode 001 Sun, 08 Jan 2012 04:47:19 +0000

I didn’t come here to tell you how this is going to end. I came here to tell you how it’s going to begin. – Neo

All things have a beginning.  Beginnings can be reminders of the painful steps it takes to get to where you eventually ended up.  Often beginnings look nothing like the finished product.

Such is the case of the wrestling federation known as ECW.  ECW is known to most people as the Paul Heyman run independent wrestling company out of the Philadelphia-New York region that was the modern originators of hardcore wrestling.  But, the federation was originally known as NWA: Eastern Championship Wrestling which was created from the ashes of the Tri-State Wrestling Alliance by Tod Gordon. This federation debuted on television on Tuesday, April 06, 1993 on Sports Channel Philadelphia 1 with a program called ECW Television.

As for me, I was one of the ECW faithful, as I have lived in the greater Philadelphia region for all of my life. 2 So, I was there for the extreme revolution, and attended many ECW cards at the ECW arena and a few other locations. 3 As a fan, I want to go back in time and review the evolution of this wrestling federation through the eyes of the weekly television program.  I want to witness fully the evolution from Eastern Championship Wrestling, local Philly indy fed, to Extreme Championship Wrestling, nationally televised wrestling federation.  I want to revisit the phenomenon that went from a indy fed relying on local talent and Ex-WWF wrestlers to the innovative, fan friendly, internet darling that everyone remembers to this day.

That is what this series is about. I plan on watching (and eventually rewatching) the ECW television program, and watch the product and the world evolve around it.  It is going to be painful, at first, but it should be interesting.

ECW Television Episode 001

Taped: March 13, 1993
Broadcast: April 06, 1993
Taping Location: Cabrini College Fieldhouse (in the Philadelphia Suburbs)
Announcing Team: Jay Sulli & Stevie Wonderful

So this is the first episode of Eastern Championship Wrestling. I have never seen this episode. We have at least 15 months before I started watching ECW at all. However, I am familiar with some of the players involved, and will be glad to provide insight where I can.

Two bits of business first:

  • First, I wanted to watch the evolution of ECW as it was originally broadcast, and not through any sort or retelling or re-editing. So, the only legal means of doing so is by going through the original tape distributor of ECW, which is RF Video. People probably know RF Video mostly from the scandal that plagued its owner Rob Feinstein in 2004.
  • Second, recently JD Dunn has been reviewing these same videos for Dunn is one of my favorite reviewers on the internet. And I just want everyone to know that this has been an idea of mine for over a year. There is even a first draft of this post on my personal blog dated 10/17/2011. I’m chalking this up to a good idea spread serendipitously between two wrestling fans.


Opening Segment
Play-by-play announcer Jay Sulli and (heel) color commentator Stevie Wonderful introduce ECW Commissioner Tod Gordon. Tod is interrupted by Eddie Gilbert who thinks he is joining the broadcast team, but instead it is the living legend, Terry Funk! 
Segment #1: ECW Tag Team Championship Match: The Super Destroyers w/ Hunter Q. Robinson vs The Hell Ryders
Super Destroyers are a masked heel tag team somewhat reminiscent of Doom, and are managed by Hunter Q. Robins III (if you merged Slick with M. Night Shamalan you might be pretty close). The Hell Ryders are a jobber tag team with a biker gimmick. The Super Destroyers finish off the Hell Ryders with a powerbomb/rolling senton combination.
Segment #2: Sandman Video
A video package highlighting the Eastern Championship Wrestling Heavyweight Champion: The Sandman. Shows lots of Sandman highlights set to Big Shot by Billy Joel.
Segment #3: ECW Television Title Tournament
Here are the pairings for the ECW Television Title Tournament:

#1 Jimmy Snuka

#8 Larry Winters

#4 Tommy Cairo

#6 Sal Bellomo

#2 Eddie Gilbert

#7 J.T. Smith

#3 Glen Osborne

#5 Johnny Hotbody

If you’re looking at this list and saying… wow Jimmy Snuka, Eddie Gilbert, and a bunch of nobodies. You’d be mostly correct. All of the rest were certainly 1990s north-east indy mainstays, but no household names certainly.

Segment #4: ECW Television Title Tournament Match: “Wildman” Sal Belomo vs Ironman Tommy Cairo
Belomo is a heel journeyman wrestler who has a crazy gladiator gimmick. Cairo is a muscular young babyface wearing leather jacket, chaps, and green tiger striped tights. Average 90s power vs speed match. Wrestler Johnny Hotbody interferes with the match, accidentally nailing Sal with a flying double-axe handle to give Cairo the count-out victory.
Segment #5: Rockin’ Rebel vs Tony “Hitman” Stetson.
Rebel has the 90s southern rocker heel persona, whereas Stetson acts like the local everyman guy. A very sloppy match (mostly from Stetson) where Rebel wins by putting his feet on the ropes. Rebel becomes the #1 contender for the ECW Heavyweight title.
Segment #6: ECW Television Title Tournament Match: “Superfly” Jimmy Snuka vs Larry Winters.
Snuka is revealed to be the newest member of Eddie Gilbert’s stable: Hot Stuff International. Winters is a local pro with average grappling talent. After some cheating by Gilbert, Snuka nails Winters with a rib breaker followed by a top-rope Superfly Splash for the victory.
Segment #7: Wrap-Up
Funk apologizes for the lack of quality in the show before Sal Belomo pulls a jobber into the ring and proceeds to destroy him.

Random Thoughts

Pretty innovative to give Hunter Q. Robbins III a rich elitist gimmick for a black manager in 1993.  First I can remember of one, but I’m sure there was one.

Most of the early wrestlers in ECW were holdovers from the original Tri-State Wrestling Alliance, which was co-owned by Tod Gordon: The Sandman, Johnny Hotbody, Tony Stetson, Rockin’ Rebel, Larry Winters, JT Smith, and a few others.

The first 38 seconds of this video show the opening title sequence for ECW.  Amazing in some ways, how dated it feels:

ECW Opening Videos

Historical Significance

Other than the show actually debuting, there were three major developments for the history of ECW:

  • The creation of the ECW Television Championship, and the tournament to crown its first champion.
  • The connection of Terry Funk with the promotion he would be most known for in the 90s.
  • The re-formation in ECW of the Eddie Gilbert stable, Hot Stuff International, and it’s first member Jimmy Snuka.


Tod Gordon, Jay Sulli, Stevie Wonderful, Eddie Gilbert, Terry Funk, The Super Destroyers, The Hell Ryders, Hunter Q. Robins III, The Sandman (video package), Sal Belomo, Tommy Cairo, Johnny Hotbody, Tony Stetson, Rockin’ Rebel, Jimmy Snuka, Larry Winters


ECW Heavyweight Champion: The Sandman (since 11/16/1992)

ECW Television Champion: vacant

ECW Tag Team Champions: The Super Destroyers (since 06/23/1992)

ECW Wrestler Spotlight: The Sandman

Now, everyone probably knows The Sandman. The singapore cane swinging, beer drinking, pre-match bleeding, cigarette smoking, hardcore icon. But, this isn’t that version of The Sandman. Hmmm, let’s break it down like this:

Sandman (c. 1992 – 1995)

Sandman (c. 1995 – today)

Gimmick Surfer Dude The Hardcore Icon
Music Surfin USA by the Beach Boys Enter Sandman by Metalica
Outfit Black and Blue Spandex Body Suit White T-Shirt, Jeans
Face Oakley Style Sunglasses Cigarette and Cut on the Forehead
Accessories Surfboard Singapore Cane
Description Bad Sting Ripoff Angry Stripclub Bouncer







However, if you are a visual learner, then maybe this is better:

Surfer Sandman:

Sandman & Peaches


Hardcore Sandman:

The Sandman


The early 90s were very confusing.


Look, Terry Funk came on and actually officially apologized for the quality of the television show. But, I’m not watching this for wrestling quality, but to see the evolution of something special and interesting.

Regardless, this did not feel very special or interesting.

3.0 Sub-Par

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Future of a Famous Wrestling Venue in Doubt Thu, 20 Oct 2011 21:12:15 +0000 The Philadelphia Daily News is reporting that there is some potential trouble for the Asylum Arena in Philadelphia. Formerly known as the ECW Arena.

The existing manager wants to continue running wrestling, MMA, and boxing. A local promoter is looking to hold concerts there with the owner’s blessing. And a local civic group is looking to control the events that are promoted there.

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