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SEASON RECAP: John & Nikki are rehabbing together. Brie is out on her own. Ariane wants to be a rapper and Vinny wants to be a wrestler…

<- Oh dear God, Ariane is rapping now. Because singing careers have always worked out for past Divas.

<- AND now she wants Vinny to have a “pre-audition” for NXT… Please no.

<- John Cena has two hampers. Absolutely OCD. No wonder he’s so successful.

<- HA! Vinny gets Bill DeMott on the first day. He’s done and I love that E! set this up just for Total Divas.

<- I absolutely love it when outsiders get a look at what real WWE training is like. There’s a reason men and women train for years before even getting a shot at the WWE.

<- I like how Eva Marie thinks getting an action figure means “she’s arrived” when I’ve seen action figures put out even after that superstar has been released.

<- OK, Cena does need to start drinking or get on some serious medication because that OCD is completely out of control.

<- The shot of a few candles, some flowers and TWO empty picture frames was priceless. And yet it worked.

<- So not much behind the (wrestling) scenes this episode. Skip it if you’re a wrestling fan although it was interesting to see this different side of John Cena’s personality.×120.jpg×250.jpg

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The Stomping Ground: Old School Nitro Recap 6.2.97 (Ric Flair, nWo) Thu, 30 Aug 2012 10:40:34 +0000 Holy crap, has it been a whole week already? Jeez, you guys are needy.

For the past few weeks, I’ve been watching Raw with my thumb on the fast forward button. Unfortunately, most of the energy expended to press that rubber arrow has been spent on the show itself rather than just the commercials. For the first time in months, there is literally NOTHING that interests me in terms of the WWE’s product. Don’t get me wrong; I love CM Punk’s title run and Daniel Bryan as much as the next fanboy, but story-wise there is just nothing fresh or even remotely worth my time. When the highlight of your show is a pre-taped segment wherein Kane does his best “Dr. Evil in group counseling” impression to talk about the insanity that is his character’s back story, you know something is wrong.

A couple of ideas floated through my mind shortly after watching Raw. I wanted to discuss why no one gives a shit about Triple H’s speech (which, by the way, ended without him saying whether or not he’d retire) and I also thought a neat idea would be to do a retrospective of Kane’s career and highlight the absurdities as well as call attention to the possibility of a tag team with either Zack Ryder or Daniel Bryan. I could also talk about how Punk’s heel turn actually lessens the appeal of a Cena/Punk rematch (it would be more intriguing if both were fan favorites and not governed by silly good guy/bad guy rules).

Not gonna do it.

No, this week I actually want to ENJOY what I write about, so I’ve decided to recap an episode of WCW Monday Nitro from waaaaaaaay back in 1997. You know, when the Monday Night Wars were constant water cooler talk and my students weren’t even born yet (how’s that for depressing?). I pulled this stunt back in May with an episode of Raw from the same era. So, courtesy of WWE Classics on Demand, I bring you my recap of WCW Monday Nitro from June 2, 1997.

Previously on WCW Monday Nitro, the Outsiders revealed that they would indeed face the team of Ric Flair and Roddy Piper for the WCW Tag Team Championship. Remember, this is years before Flair and Piper would defeat the Spirit Squad for tag team gold…..and they were still in no better shape.

Scott Hall and Syxx (!!!) are in the ring as the show kicks off. Hall asks Syxx if he notices a certain odor in the air (I could SO make an alcohol joke at BOTH men’s expense right now, but I’ll take the high ground). They call out Flair, who’s recovering from a beating he received at the hands of Hall at Slamboree. JJ Dillon heads to the ring to tell Hall he’s got a match with Flair tonight in Dayton, Ohio (cheap pop)! Hall refuses but JJ tells him that the titles will go back to WCW if he doesn’t take the match. I’m a little confused. If the nWo is supposed to technically be a rival promotion and not just a stable within the company, why are they subject to the ruling of a WCW official?

Here comes Das Wunderkind, Alex Wright, as Tony Schiavone and Larry Zybysko welcome us to the first hour of Nitro. And his opponent? Why, none other than Glacier! As a kid, I thought his gimmick was cool (no pun intended), but now? I definitely see him for what he is: a bad rip-off of a Mortal Kombat ninja. True story: when WCW/nWo World Tour was all the rage, I renamed Glacier’s red outfit “Heatwave” and booked him as Glacier’s evil twin. Anyway, Glacier wins rather quickly with his Super Kick. Mortis (“who’s betta than Kanyon?”) and Wrath attack Glacier while James Vandenberg (who I believe was Abyss’s Father Mitchell) gloats from ringside holding a helmet of MYSTICAL POWER. I don’t remember his involvement in this angle at all….must not have lasted too long.

We return from break with Buff Bagwell facing off against Joe Gomez. Who the fuck was Joe Gomez? In any case, Bagwell had just recently rechristened himself “Buff” after joining the nWo with Scott Norton. This was all before everyone and their mother (except for Judy Bagwell….SHE was a tag team champion) was a part of the organization and diluted the impact the nWo had. Buff Blockbuster ends this one pretty quickly.

Mike Tenay is in the crowd giving us back story to Ernest “The Cat” Miller. Somebody call his momma for Funkasaurus copyright infringement! Hugh Morris (Tough Enough’s Bill DeMott) heads to the ring when he’s attacked from behind by a pre-nWo Konnan. He refuses to head backstage and insists upon facing his opponent, Prince Iaukea (before he would become known as “The Artist Formerly Known As”). Iaukea wins in less than a minute as we now have three squashes in the first hour alone.

Mean Gene and Dillon chat at the ramp about who will get a future tag team title shot after Great American Bash and he says it’s the Steiner Brothers. Sherri and Harlem Heat interrupt to demand an opportunity. Damn, I nearly forgot that Sherri was still their manager back in ’97. Dillon says the Steiners have to beat their next opponents in order to get that title shot, though.

Masahiro Chono and the Great Muta head to the ring to face said Steiners. I completely forgot there was a Japanese contingent of the New World Order. Big Poppa Pump’s still got his mullet and his sanity at this point in his career. He and Muta trade offense until Steiner nails Muta with a double underhook power bomb and tags in the Dog-faced Gremlin. He chases off Muta, who tags in Chono. A decent match turns into a clustershmozz as all four men get into the ring. Harlem Heat interferes, costing the Steiners the match. JJ Dillon tells them they have a match later tonight and they’d better focus on preparing for it. Booker T is definitely showing signs of “break-out star charisma” here, while Stevie Ray rants and rambles cluelessly.

Bobby Heenan joins Schiavone for the next hour as they recap the opening segment. And here comes the Nature Boy, screaming into the mic as only Flair can. God, he was awesome. He says, and I quote, “I will stomp a pothole in (Hall’s) toothpick-chewing, white, honkey ass!” Then we get a promo from DDP as he tells us all he’ll beat Randy Savage in their second encounter at Great American Bash.

To counteract Flair’s charisma, we now have Dean Malenko heading to the ring. Deano Machino is the current United States Champion, back when the belt actually meant something, and his opponent is none other than Wallstreet (aka IRS). The commentators bring up the angle that Wallstreet is on the fence between choosing WCW or the nWo. Honestly, his career was nearing the end; why would ANYBODY care which side he chose? They have a generic old school match (read: nothing fancy) as Nick Patrick catches Wallstreet using the ropes for leverage. “I like what I see with Nick Patrick,” says Schiavone. Ah, irony. Jeff Jarrett runs down to botch the ending of the match, tripping Malenko as he attempts to suplex Wallstreet back into the ring. Wallstreet only gets a count of two and Malenko manages to win with the Cloverleaf. The replay shows Nick Patrick blocking the ropes so Wallstreet can’t reach them!

Jarrett demands a rematch with Malenko from Slamboree and he agrees to it. After that, MONGO makes an appearance to call out Kevin Green and he has Debra by his side. Puppies! Boy, Debra sure knows how to pick her husbands, right?

Harlem Heat faces Ciclope and Damien….is that Sonny Onoo at ringside? You know, before he sued WCW for racial discrimination. I’m sure you can predict where this is going. The Steiners return the favor from earlier (in full view of the ref on the outside) and Damien picks up the victory with a top rope splash! I guess this means Chono and Muta will face Damien and Ciclope for the chance at a tag title shot, right? Yeah, right.

Scott Hall saunters to the ring with Syxx in tow as we are all set for our main event! Flair unloads on Hall despite interference from Syxx and the crowd goes absolutely ape shit. Ric decides to go after Waltman and choke him out on the outside, which allows Hall to capitalize. He distracts the ref so Syxx can nail Flair with a Bronco Buster! The crowd chants for Sting (who’s up in the rafters, I assume) as Hall traps Flair in an abdominal stretch. Flair powers out with a hip toss but he still can’t regain the momentum no matter what he does. Syxx tries to get involved again, but he and Hall collide and Ric tries for the Figure Four! Syxx gets involved AGAIN and Hall bashes Ric in the head with one of the tag title belts, drawing the DQ. The heels continue to beat the shit out of Flair until MONGO and Jarrett make the save! Definitely not the best version of the Horsemen, I can tell you that.

Before the show can end, “Macho Man” Randy Savage drags Okerlund to the ring and threatens to beat Mean Gene up if he doesn’t interview the Macho Man. Gene shows Savage he’s got a pair of steel balls by telling him he’s underestimated DDP and should get his head from out of his ass. JJ Dillon makes the save (!) and tells Savage never to touch an announcer or official again. Dillon calls Savage a bitch who hides behind Elizabeth and Savage decks him!!! Eric Bischoff of all people runs out to call off the Macho Man as Dillon sells it like he was hit by a truck.

This was a great example of a show that focused on a title other than the Big Gold Belt. You had three matches that revolved around the WCW Tag Team Championship and how important the titles were to everyone involved. You hear that, WWE? Go back in your archives and look at how to book a “title hunt” angle.

So long, and thanks for all the fish.

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Tough Enough Is Coming Back Soon Mon, 27 Aug 2012 19:30:02 +0000 Bill Demott stated on his twitter account that there is some news going on that makes him believe a new Tough Enough will be up and running.

Kyle’s Take: Maybe they pick a wrestler with decent potential this year? There aren’t any confirmations on who the trainers will be yet.

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Pulse Wrestling Recap: WWE Tough Enough, 06.06.2011 Tue, 07 Jun 2011 03:47:39 +0000 This is it. The last episode where we learn who gets to be tough enough. Lets get started shall we? As always we start with a look back and are reminded about injuries that have happened in the competition that have taken people out. Andy’s breakdown is also covered. As we get last week’s show, Luke gets complements and Jeremiah is finally eliminated. And then there were two, Luke and Andy.

After the song, we start out in Tampa, which happens to be Andy’s hometown. We get to see Andy spend some time with the family, doing dishes, and taking his daughter to the park. Andy tells the camera that the WWE contract could be the potential to give his family a better life. Andy’s wife asks him how he feels about being in the final two with Luke. Andy tells her that Luke isn’t in the same league as him. Andy tells the camera that Lauren (his wife) is a trainer and has been working with him while he has been at home.  As Andy packs up and gives his wife and daughter a kiss goodbye, he tells the camera that he is ready for the challenge. There’s not a shadow of doubt in his mind.

Meanwhile in Auburn, Maine, we take a look in with Luke. Luke says that since he got home from Tough Enough, it’s been one big party. He calls him and his friends “redneck rock stars” and says they know how to party hard. Like Andy, we get a look at Luke’s training session now that he has left the Tough Enough compound. Unlike Andy however, Luke has access to a ring, where he can take some time to spar and go over things.  Like Andy he says that there is no doubt in his mind that the WWE contract is as good as his. Luke’s friends ask him how he feels about going up against Andy. Luke says that Andy is good but the reason that he (Luke) is going to win is the fact that he is a perfect storm and is “race ready.” As Luke packs up, he tells the camera that everyone has allowed him to peruse his dream. He tells his mom goodbye, and begins to break down in tears before leaving, thanking her for believing in him.

Back from commercials, were in Florida at FCW. Bill is in the ring waiting for the two with Ricky “The Dragon” Steamboat. Bill explains that for the week, the two of them will be training with Ricky causing Andy to say to the camera “That is special, the things he has done are second to none.” WE get a rundown of Ricky’s highlight reel. Ricky goes through a list of successful WWE superstars that FCW helped to train including Del Rio, Sheamus, and Wade Barrett.  He says that between the two of them, he hopes that at least one will be able to join those names. Bill says that after a week of training, the two contestants will each have a match live. And in case they are wondering who their opponent is going to be for their live match, the answer is Bill. Luke tells the camera, that Bill is undoubtedly one of the toughest guys in the business but another part of him is excited to finally get a go at Bill. Bill meanwhile says that their performance will be judged and the winner would be announced live on Raw. Training starts now.

Once the two are with Ricky, the first thing he does is put them in the ring with each other. Ricky’s analysis is that Andy is a big guy and has good cardio but he worries that Andy seems to be blowing by some things and needs to slow down at points. Luke on the other hand, has a lot of quickness, but he will have to take some risks when he goes up against the much bigger Bill. Andy and Luke also take some time talking to the camera about their opponent. Andy calls Luke a weasel, and says that he hopes he never has to see him again after the competition. Luke says that Andy lacks his cockiness, which is going to be Luke’s advantage.  Ricky tells the camera that when it comes to the moment in the ring. They are the only ones that know what to do in the moment.

Back from commercial, Andy and Luke both talk about their upcoming match. Andy says that he has a bit of fight or flight syndrome, but unfortunately for Luke, he not running nowhere. Time to go through Bill for the contract. Luke says that he wants this because when he looks in the mirror, he sees a WWE superstar. Meanwhile, outside there is a crowd around the ring and, Bill is introduced to the audience. Bill says that neither contestant has met Bill in the ring yet. One of them is going to have to go through him to get their spot and he’s just not ready to give up his spot next. First up is Luke, then Andy, who says that his whole life is building to this moment. We get a montage of both Luke’s and Andy’s matches against bill set to the Tough Enough Theme song. Both potential stars show off impressive in ring skills including at least one jump from the top of the rope each. The fights end with Bill shaking the hands of his competitor, and Ricky “The Dragon” Steamboat congratulating them.

Back in the locker room, Bill comes in with Booker T, who asks the contestants if they did their best tonight. Andy says yet, but Luke says he feels like he could have done better.  Booker tells them both that they did a good job, and they should give themselves a pat on the back for their in ring work tonight. Andy and Luke shake hands with each other as well as with Bill and Booker T. Bill tells the two contestants that after Steve Austin and the WWE executives talk we will see them live on Raw to learn the winner. Booker and Bill wish them luck before leaving. Both Andy and Luke tell the camera that its up to Stone Cold and the WWE executives to decide their fate now.

We go to commercial and come back on Raw were the WWE Tough Enough trainers are introduced. They walk to the ring and Bill asks the audience what’s up? He reminds us that tonight’s the night ad we are going to crown a Tough Enough champion, but before that happens, its time to introduce the eliminated contestants. The twelve that he saw get eliminated come out as Lawler calls the walk down the ramp almost to be a walk of shame.  Bill goes down the list of contestants as the crowd cheers and boos various contestants. Jeremiah and Martin get the biggest cheers from the crowd. Then the two final contestants are introduced. First up is Andy who is wearing a Silent Rage shirt. Luke comes next who Cole describes as a self-professed party boy.  Booker once again congratulates the two and then introduces Stone Cold Steve Austin. Stone Cold comes out and grabs his usual beer before getting a microphone. First Steve asks for a round of applause for all of the contestants as well as a “Hell Yea!” Steve calls it an amazing journey. He thanks Bill, Trish and Booker T, for helping him out in the training. Stone asks the trainers for their final thoughts before making his decision. Bill is up first and he says that both have made it through a lot of obstacles, but if he had to pick one right now, it would be Andy. Trish is next and she also complements both and says that she is glad that Steve has to make the final decision instead of her, before picking Andy. Booker is last and he says Luke has a hell of a future in the business, but says that Andy has the IT factor. Finally Stone Cold turns to Luke and asks him what he thinks about Andy. Luke says that He has shown up every day and Andy simply hasn’t. Turning to Andy, Stone Cold gives him free rein over Luke. Andy calls people in the ring real athletes, and says that Luke has no business being among them. We are intruded with Mr. McMahon arriving by limo. Stone yells at him through the giant screen to get down to the ring.

Back again, Mr. McMahon enters and comes down to the ring. Once in the ring, Vince first tries to give Stone Cold a big hug, but Stone threatens him with a stunner, saying that you don’t need to be hugging on national television. Vince then turned to the contestants and asked them what makes them think they should stand in the same ring that greats such as Michaels, Andre the Giant, and Sgt. Slaughter stood in. He even included Stone Cold in his list. Andy is up first but after saying guaren-damn-tee Vince moves on to Luke who says Love him or hate him, you will never forget him. Vice returns to Andy and asks if he is nervous. Andy says no, because he knows that he has already won. Vince then says that he has more or less made up his mind at this point about whom he was going to pick, but this prompts Stone Cold to pipe in and remind him that Tough Enough is his show, and that he is going to pick the winner. Vince steps aside and lets Stone Cold pick, but first suggests that a drum roll be used for the decision. A drum roll starts up and Stone stares down the two for a long time before declaring the winner of Tough Enough, because he said so to be……ANDY!!!

Stone and Vince both shake Luke’s hand before Stone takes away his belt. After Luke leaves, Vince offers Andy a welcome to the WWE before slapping him in the face. Stone Cold helps Andy back up and says congratulations before hitting Andy with a Stunner that knocks him out of the ring. Welcome to the WWE, Andy. That’s the bottom line cause, everybody in the audience now, Stone Cold said so! More beers are thrown into the ring and we end Tough Enough with a final handshake from Stone Cold to Andy, Andy stumbling away, and Raw starts up with Stone Cold and Mr. McMahon in the ring.

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EXW Xtreme Measures 05.29.2011 — Bill DeMott, Giant Bernard, Val Venis Thu, 02 Jun 2011 05:25:32 +0000 Well, it’s all lead up to this. Don’t we, as wrestling fans, live for these big shows? Where the promises are as large as the potential? Titles would be defended, titles would be won. Not even some of the big names would miss this.

Xtreme Measures – May 29th

Wasting little time, we find out that Bill DeMott will be our special guest commissioner for the evening. He walked out to make sure we were ready for the show, and the full audience assured him that they were.

Match #1
Cedric the Hitman, Ray Basura, Moshpit Mike
Shadow Fox, Lucha Star, Rellik

I’m constantly wowed by Shadow Fox and Lucha Star. Such small packages (I mean physique, don’t get excited) that deliver such power when they really dig deep. To see them function as a tag team unit was exquisite. Moshpit and Basura teamed up like they had done it a million times before. These were the primary characters throughout the entire match, with appearances here and there from Cedric. But Rellik jumped in to clean up, making the crowd erupt. But a hush fell when his sights turned to his own partners, destroying first Shadow Fox, then Lucha Star. This has left me to conclude that no team won.
Winner: Rellik

Match #2
Kyle Hawk
Mike Da-Lite

I’m actually quite appalled with this match. Not because of either man, but with the damn fans. There were a lot of new kids at the arena, which was great. But check your WWE obsessions at the door. These two put on one hell of a match. And how does the crowd thank them? Going to the bathroom, buying another beer, zoning out. Such a shame. But what I liked best about this match, was how Hawk and Da-Lite slapped the audience in the face and forced them to take notice. And god damn it, that woke them up. Hawk looked better than he has in recent months, which was still pretty good. And Da-Lite was a surprising delight (see what I did there?).
Winner: Kyle Hawk

Match #3
Andrew Hellman
Cutler Wright
Number One Contender’s Match

Time for another broken record. I love Andrew Hellman. He is a joy to watch in the ring for a number of reasons. He displays power in his technical skill which, judging by the “smurf” chants that have become borderline annoying, makes you forget about his size. But also, he always seems to have a story to tell. You could feel that he really wanted to win this match, to gain a shot at the Heavyweight title. Which, he more than earned.
Winner: Andrew Hellman

Match #4
Steve Osborne, Devin Sparks, and Woodrow Santanelli
The Business
Tyson Tyler and Johnny Stamboli
The Network

One of the most anticipated matches of the evening, this was. It was a little all over the place to begin, but picked up quickly enough. One thing I must say…I adore Steve. I do. But he needs to learn how to slap someone without looking like a Diva. Some of the key players looked pretty weak, but altogether it was infatuating. Woody was slid a chair, and used it when the ref’s back was turned. But noticing the impact and the item, Woody found himself eliminated. Quickly after, Stamboli got rid of Sparks. So that left Steve, and the Network. He rolled out of the ring, marching up the ramp claiming the match wasn’t worth it. But then, a wild Robocop appeared! He was thrown back in the ring, where he begged for mercy, which the Network showed none of. The GFY returned with a vengeance, launching Steve into a hard table. With all elements involved, I probably have the fondest memories of this match.
Winner(s): Tyson Tyler and Johnny Stamboli

Match #5
Rexx Reed
Willie Mack
For the vacant Elite Championship

Let me start this by saying that Bill DeMott himself described this match as “great” and “how two big guys should work.” The two were very evenly matched the entire way, trading control and wowing the crowd. Mack is one of the first that I have come across that has been hyped into oblivion, and lived up to it. And Reed has been so immensely impressive, that it makes me wish that EXW could see more of him. I honestly wasn’t sure who would win, or should win. But was delighted either way.
Winner: Willie Mack

Tommy Dreamer’s music cued up, but he did not emerge. Instead, his opponent Dom Vitalli did, which bewildered the crowd. Dom waited patiently, but who should walk out next? Bill DeMott.

He apparently has a trick up his sleeve. It is implied that Dom did something to prevent Dreamer from arriving, so DeMott found a new challenger. Whether you know him as Giant Bernard, or A-Train, he appeared anyway.

Match #6
Dom Vitalli
Giant Bernard
World Heavyweight Championship

I’ll save you some time here. Dom didn’t want to face the giant. The Freak Squad ran out. Team Elite runs out. DQ. Over. Now, on to the real steak and potatoes of the evening.

DeMott walks out once more, claiming that it won’t go down like that. So, we have a 6-man tag team!

Match #7
Dom Vitalli, Frenchy Riviera, and Gabriel Gallo
The Freak Squad
Derick Neikirk, Val Venis, and Giant Bernard
Tag Team Championship

Lots of controversy with this match, but let’s talk about the actual match. This was a true display of what a good match should be. All six knocked me on my ass when the bell rung. I felt that familiar rush of adrenaline as my eyes widened and my breath caught in my chest. No matter where you turned, it was marvelous. The tags were quick, the spots were hard, and the fans took it all in with rowdy approval. Overall, I thought it was an excellent main event.

Now. The elephant in the room. To sum up, Giant Bernard turned on everyone, including his own tag team partners, to win on his own, and take the tag team titles for himself. Sound familiar? Most people are complaining about the déjà vu finish. Honestly, I almost completely forgot about the opening match’s finish. Blame it on the beer, blame it on the horrible memory. But I thought there was enough in between that anyone not scrutinizing each move wouldn’t think about. In hindsight, was it a little redundant? Sure. But in my opinion, it was done well in both matches.

After the attack, Giant Bernard wanted to continue, but DeMott wouldn’t let that happen. He ran out, forcing Bernard to leave. He then helped each of the five men to their feet. But the greatest part was, he ended the show with a very powerful, “EXW, you guys are the best.”


So, Giant Bernard walks out as the tag team champion…with himself. Willie Mack is crowned the new Elite Champion. The Freak Squad’s cracks are starting to show. The boys will reconvene on June 7th at Toby Keith’s I Love This Bar and Grill. And you bet your ass I’ll be there.

Make sure to check these guys out on their Twitter and website.

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EXW Preview — Adrenaline Rush, Xtreme Measures Mon, 23 May 2011 16:00:00 +0000 EXW’s Adrenaline Rush Preview

Live from Toby Keith’s Bar and Grill in Mesa, AZ!!!


EXW’s Xtreme Measures Trailer

This will be EXW’s last show before EXW takes over the Celebrity Theater in Tempe, AZ with Xtreme Measures. Already confirmed for EXW’s Xtreme Measures is Tough Enough’s Bill DeMott, Val Venis, Tommy Dreamer, Derick Neikirk, and Johnny “The Bull” Stamboli. Tickets can be purchased at

The major news going into this Tuesday’s show is Dom “The Bomb” Vitalli’s open challenge. Dom “The Bomb” Vitalli, click here to view via YouTube, issued a challenge to any wrestler to face him for “his” EXW Heavyweight Title at Xtreme Measures on Sunday May 29th, 2011. In his challenge, the former Triple Crown champion boasted that the fans will pack Celebrity Theater for him and him only. Who will answer the challenge? Find out Tuesday at EXW’s Adrenaline Rush.

The EXW Board of Directors forced Dom “The Bomb” to vacate his EXW Elite Division Title after winning EXW Heavyweight Title. This Tuesday, we will find out which two competitors will compete for the coveted title at Xtreme Measures as the Elite Division Title Tournament roars on.

It was just two weeks ago that Team Elite (Val Venis and Derick Neikirk) left The Freak Squad (Dom “The Bomb” Vitalli and Gabriel Gallo) beaten and bruised in the middle of the ring. The Elitists are on the hunt for the EXW Tag Team Championships. What will be the fallout from the brutal beat down? Also, where was The Freak Squad’s third member, Frenchy Riviera and what role will have to play come this Tuesday?

Plus, you will see Tyson Tyler, Johnny “The Bull” Stamboli, The Prophet, Andrew Hellmen, Shadow Fox, “Milk Chocolate” Willie Mack, Cedric the Hitman, and many, many more. Please visit for more details.

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Bill DeMott, Tommy Dreamer to appear for AZ promotion Wed, 04 May 2011 03:03:31 +0000 Hope Tough Enough trainer Bill DeMott is ready to sweat, as he heads to Phoenix, Arizona on May 29th. He will be the special guest of Elite Xtreme Wrestling’s Xtreme Measures. DeMott ran a training camp for these EXW boys back in January, later taking on Tyson Tyler for their huge show, Bad Intentions.

Joining him will be Tommy Dreamer, in his third appearance with the company. The last time he visited was September 10th, facing Val Venis. He also reserved time to chat with the fans. Well, he did with me, anyway.

The show will also include the usual suspects; Val Venis, Derick Neikirk, Johnny “The Bull” Stamboli and the newly crowned Heavyweight Champion, Dom Vitalli.×120.jpg

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WWE Tough Enough Recap 4.11.2011 Thu, 14 Apr 2011 05:53:46 +0000 This week we saw the second episode of WWE Tough Enough and once again, it delivered. The training has not been easy for the contestants and as the weeks go by, it will only get tougher. Last week we saw Ariane get sent home after she could not convince Stone Cold that her passion was the WWE. Who got sent home this week? Here’s the recap for yesterdays show.


This week’s episode begins with Eric and Michelle returning to the house and informing everybody of how rough it is to be in the bottom three. Both of them tell the other contestants how bad it sucked to stand in that ring and convince Stone Cold that they wanted to stay. The next day at the training center, Stone Cold tells everyone that courage is the theme of the challenges for the week. He also goes on to tell them that if they are afraid to take bumps and get hurt, they won’t make it in the WWE.

Trish Stratus put Matt through a personality drill. She was originally impressed with him until he stepped into the ring with Luke. Luke instantly stole the show from Matt due to his great in ring skills and personality. During the training, Ryan (A.k.a, Skidmarks) struggled to get through the bumps he was taking from Bill DeMott, who really does not care for Ryan. “Miss USA” Rima Fakih also took a beating from the days training. She even goes on to say that after all the body slams she could not take a deep breath.

John Cena shows up only moments later to watch everyone in the ring and to also give some advice on how to succeed in the business. When training ended, Jeremiah and Luke were once again partying at the house. It loosens up everybody from a tough day of training but the majority prefers to avoid Luke and Jeremiahs lifestyle. Ryan and Mike start to exchange some words when Mike tells Ryan he’s too soft. He tells him numerous times, he doesn’t think he’ll make it back and also teases him about writing letters to his girlfriend.

The next day, Stone Colds next test for the contestants was to outrun police attack dogs. This was certainly a great way to test the contestant’s courage. Stone Cold and Bill DeMott watch and laugh at each contestant one by one as the dogs take them down. Eric shocked Stone Cold by completing the challenge while taunting the dog the whole time. Rima and Andy took the brutal hits when the dogs tried to bite right through the protective gear, and some of Rima’s hair was even ripped out.

The next morning, Rima shows up to the training center 20 minutes late. This leads to Bill DeMott making some sarcastic comments as she walks in to the building. The skills challenge for the day was to stand in the corner of the ring and take 5 corner splashes from Bill DeMott. This was a way of showing them how much endurance you need and how tough you have to be in the WWE.

After talking it over with Bill DeMott and Trish Stratus, Stone Cole determines who the bottom three for this week are. It turns out to be Matt, Rima and Ryan. Like last week, Stone Cold got in the faces of all three of them and asked them why they should stay. None of them tell Stone Cold what he wants to hear. He gets on Rima’s case about being late and Ryan for being a goof. It’s Matt that gets the worst of it this week. He tears Matt apart about his in ring skills and although Matt says he hasn’t had the chance to show them what he’s got, Stone Cold tells him it’s too late. As Stone Cold goes to take the belt away from Matt, he tries to hold onto it and convince Stone Cold to let him stay. Austin lets him know he had his chance already and sends him packing.

Another good show this week, and a bit of a shocker that Matt of all people was sent home. Like I said last week, I’m still pulling for Eric to win this competition. Right now he and Ryan come across as the underdogs, while Luke and Jeremiah are the ones that have impressed the trainers the most thus far.

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WWE Tough Enough Recap – 04.04.2011 Wed, 06 Apr 2011 04:23:26 +0000 This week we saw the return of Tough Enough, and boy was it good. The last time we saw the show was in 2004 and featured current WWE Champ, The Miz. This time around, Stone Cold, Booker T and Trish Stratus are all a part of it as well as a returning Bill DeMott. The contestants for this year are Martin Casaus, Matt Capiccioni, Christina Crawford, Michelle Deighton, “Miss America” Rima Fakih, Andy Leavine, Eric Watts, Mickael Zaki, Ariane Andrew, Ryan Howe, A.J. Kirsch, Jeremiah Riggs, Luke Robinson, and Ivelisse Velez. Here is the recap of this week’s episode.


This first episode of Tough Enough opened up with Stone Cold talking about the show and its contestants. He then welcomes all the contestants inside of the venue for Smackdown that night. The fun ended here when training began by cleaning up the arena before and after the show. After this they were introduced to Trish Stratus, Booker T, and Bill DeMott.

After being introduced to the three trainers, the contestants got settled inside they’re temporary home. Things started to heat up immediately when Mickael said the women only got to where they were because of their “booty”. Rima threw a water bottle at him and exchanged plenty of words in between.

Later on, the contestants go to the training center where DeMott, Stratus and Booker T were all waiting. The trainers wasted no time in getting the contestants to work. As they are all working out, Stone Cold Steve Austin shows up on a motorcycle. Shortly after, the contestants are asked one by one to take some bumps in the ring. Luke goes first and quickly impresses the trainers and shows he is in shape. Rima shows her lack of skills quickly in the ring as does Ariane. Throughout the episode, Michelle claims to have had 11 years of experience in the wrestling business but when it was time for her to step in the ring, she looked incredibly green. Eric also came across as very out of shape while doing the pushups and sit-ups. After all of this, the crew heads home and we find out Luke and Jeremiah are the party animals of the house in a “MTV Reality Show” like moment.

Next, Stone Cold puts the contestants through “Three Minutes of Hell” which consisted of running the ropes for three minutes. Most made it through it flawlessly but Ariane repeatedly pulled up her pants while running the ropes, much to the dismay of Trish Stratus. Eric was extremely exhausted at the end of the three minutes which led to Stone Cold questioning his desire to win. Rima was caught cheating after Bill DeMott noticed a pad on her right butt cheek which Trish Stratus wasn’t happy about. Although Jeremiah got through the three minutes, he ended up spitting out his false teeth which led to some humorous comments from Stone Cold, Booker T and Bill DeMott.

Afterwards, Stone Cold announced the bottom three contestants. It turned out to be Michelle, Ariane and Eric. Stone Cold liked what he heard from both Michelle and Eric who seemed determined to stay in the competition and improve. When he spoke to Ariane, she clearly showed that she didn’t know much about the WWE and was not determined to prove herself. Stone Cold asked her what favorite match of all time was. She responded with Alicia Fox vs. Melina, and could not name any other matches. This was all Stone Cold needed to hear in order for her to be eliminated. She stormed out of the ring and said we would still see her in the WWE eventually anyway.

This was a great start for the revival of Tough Enough. I personally am pushing for Eric to win this thing as long as WWE creative doesn’t turn him into the next Shad Gaspard. All of the contestants seem quite interesting this time around and this should really be something to look forward to every week.

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10 Thoughts on Tough Enough 04.04.2011 – First Elimination, Stone Cold, Trish, Booker, Bill DeMott Tue, 05 Apr 2011 06:51:29 +0000 Well looks like I’m pulling double duty tonight! Welcome to the first of many 10 Thoughts on WWE Tough Engough! Let’s get started…

1.  I loved the opening of the show with Stone Cold and it showed you really who is boss around the show.

2.  The first thing you’ll notice when the show starts is that language is not being filtered except for the F bomb.  So children might want to avoid this one.

3.  Stone Cold really made winning this competition seem like the most important part of any of these young… (what to call them)… competitors’ lives.  His speech at the beginning could have inspired Donald Trump to lace up his boots and get in there.

4.  Cleaning an entire arena after a WWE show has to be meticulous work and now these competitors know what it feels like and can respect those who provide the dirty deeds to keep the show on the run.

5.  The Drama starts on the show with a sexist comment from Michael saying that the Divas didn’t need any real experience as long as they have ‘the booty.’ His words not mine.  This only lead to water being thrown in the living room and Miss America showing that she will not be disrespected just because she is Miss America.

6.  Bill DeMott nicknaming each and every competitor is easily going to become a highlight of the show from here on.  Good luck.. SkidMarks.

7.  After watching the intense training, the only ones who really looked awkward were Ariane, Michelle, Miss America, Skid Marks, and Eric.  They either couldn’t do the rolls very well or they gassed out after Austin’s proclaimed ‘Three Minutes of Hell’ sprints.

8.  Each week will have a ‘Skills Challenge’ and this weeks was the earlier mentioned ‘Three Minutes of Hell’ where the competitors had to hit the ropes for three minutes.  Almost everyone struggled except for Miss America who cheated by using a padding on her hip to bounce off of the ropes.  The judges later would threaten to kick her for cheating.

9.  Every week there will be an elimination and this week the bottom three was Eric, Ariane, and Michelle.  A pretty accurate assertion there with Ariane focusing on holding up her pants instead of running the ropes hard during the skills challenge, Eric gassed out on the skills challenge, and Michelle, despite her 11 years of experience, really hit the ropes like she was scared of them.

10.  In order to protect themselves from elimination, each competitor had to plead their case.  Michelle mentioned her child back home and that she had lost some of her wrestling abilities because she had gotten out of the wrestling for a few years to pursue modeling.  Austin countered saying that she wouldn’t win a Mother of the Year award by being a wrestler.  Eric’s story of his Autistic brother who he would use the money for to make a better life seemed to have won Austin, but he countered saying Eric should have prepared more knowing he knew the stakes.  Ariane defended herself by claiming Melina vs Alicia Fox was her favorite match ever.   Austin looked at her like she was insane and asked her if she had any other favorite matches.  She said no and that led to Ariane being eliminated for not knowing the business and having virtually no experience.

After watching the first episode of Tough Enough, the favorites for the competition have to be Luke (who appears the total package and my personal favorite to win the competition), Felicia (who has been on the Indy circuit for awhile), Matt (who seems to be a lot like Daniel Bryan with his look and size), and Christina (who didn’t have a large impact on the show, but could be a dark horse).

Thanks for reading and don’t forget to check out my 10 Thoughts on WWE Raw.

And quite frankly my dear… that’s a wrap.

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10 Thoughts on Elite Xtreme Wrestling — The Company, The Talent, The Future Thu, 17 Mar 2011 21:00:32 +0000 1. From the beginning… This company has been stewing and brewing for what seems to be a century, though they marked their official start on February 19th, 2010. The show was held in Tempe, Arizona and birthed countless people who turned into fans almost immediately. A few well known Arizona names found their way to the big stage, but also some of the wrestlers we have grown accustomed to seeing on our televisions. Collectively, this provided the perfect formula to create a monster–one that was destined to take over the world. And it all began on that chilly evening.

2. The winds of change… Elite Xtreme Wrestling seems to be a tremendous change of pace from anything else. It feels wrong to compare them to others, as every promotion brings something new to the table. But one thing that is clear, is that EXW has assembled a group of men and women who are head over heels in love with the business they bleed for. Rexx Reed (of EXW, NWA Hollywood and DGUSA fame) has traveled to many different promotions, but finds himself coming back time and time again to Mesa, Arizona–“EXW, compared to working in Texas, is completely different. The attitudes, the drive, the guys on the roster care about the product, instead of themselves and feeding their egos.” The admiration the audience has for them increases tenfold by watching them do what they do best.

3. Cheering, chanting, booing… That brings me to, the fans. What would you have without the fans? All the talent in the world would be for vanity and thrill if not for the rowdy audience. Every show is a sea of people sporting the t-shirts of their favorites, signs depicting their opinions, and streamers, locked and loaded. And with shows usually occurring every other week, they’re hungry for it. Ryan Castellucci is the quintessential fan favorite, and has made no secret of his appreciation for them–“I love the fans. They are why we are here. They are the heart and soul of EXW. Without their support I don’t exist. They are WHY I exist.” A large portion of their success can be safely attributed to the salivating fans that allow them to shine brightly.

4. The talent… And shine, they do. EXW has become a place for only the most elite of athletes to reach for. It’s a goal they put on their list of “to-do”s and strive to gain. Men have put their bodies on the line time and time again. It is never a dull moment, as they are usually making your jaws drop to the floor. The men gather from all over—California, Nevada, Texas, New Mexico, and many, many more places, bringing in a level of balance that is the perfect remedy. Frenchy Riviera, a man who has seen his fair share of locker rooms in his impressive 20-year career, said, “EXW has one of the best locker rooms of talent I’ve ever worked with. From Val Venis to Kyle Hawk, everyone brings it every time.”

5. Gold miners… These boys see gold everywhere they look, trying to capture their desired championships and reign over the rest. Derick Neikirk was the first (and only) athlete to wrap his fingers around the Heavyweight belt, winning it on September 9th at The Day The Earth Stood Still. The Freak Squad—Frenchy Riviera and Dom “The Bomb” Vitalli secured the first tag team titles, having already defended them successfully once. But Cutler Wright stole the Elite Championship a mere week ago, from Andrew Hellman, which he couldn’t have been more thrilled about.  “Since the day I stepped into EXW I’ve said I was here for competition and challenges… Here we are months and many bumps and bruises later and all my hard work has paid off and now I’m the Elite Division Champion. What does the Future hold for this Kid from Vegas? Well one thing you can bet on is I plan on defending this title against any and all challengers and for many weeks, months and (God Willing) years to come I’ll be showing everyone what being an ELITE ATHLETE is all about.”

6. World domination… EXW keeps pushing, rolling towards that dream: to be on TV. Shifting from live events and grainy YouTube videos, they have begun streaming their shows for the entire world to see. Arizona would no longer be the only state privileged enough to enjoy their brilliant shows; people in states such as Georgia and New York were starting to take notice. The live streaming they had once done (official statement here) fizzled, only to be replaced with a better quality show for people to watch. Every step they take in this department is more of a leap, and the future seems more than promising.

7. A bit of estrogen… With all the big boys backstage, one has to wonder what the women bring to EXW. With the scarcity of women behind the curtains (currently only consisting of the Freak Squad’s dominant valet, Terra Calaway), it’s difficult to gauge what the future holds for them. Some quality matches have been given by these ladies, and it would be interesting to see a real division for them, given the fact that talented females do exist amidst the mockery others seem to imply with their women.

8. Something old, something borrowed… EXW has played host to numerous names that fans would easily recognize. On that monumental inaugural show, they were graced by the presence of Tommy Dreamer, Madison Rayne, and Taylor Wilde. It was a stellar way to put the company on the map and declare their independence.  Soon, they added Val Venis to their roster, hooking new fans in simply by dropping a name recognizable from space. Val—who has been wrestling regularly for EXW—has a bar set and not just anyone would be considered to join. When I asked him about it, he said, “The Hardys could never hang in EXW. Their talents are chemically suppressed.” But in January, they put Bill Demott and Johnny Stamboli (who would later join the roster) on the card. It was clear that these men had faith in the quickly-growing company, and for damn good reason.

9. On a personal note… Elite Xtreme Wrestling has become a new obsession for me, having attended my first show on September 10th, 2010. I discovered it when I had fallen on countless hard times, and was searching for the shallow end of the pool. The atmosphere of their venues, paired up with the passion of the wrestlers and truly genius way of composing their shows gave me everything I was searching for, and more. Since then, I have turned my back on most WWE shows, as I am reminded of why I fell in love with this business to begin with when I attend any and all shows they provide. For a company to pull someone out of the depths of their own misery, proves that they are doing something right, and that they are something to see.

10. The future… So where do we go from here? On top of their regularly scheduled shows, they are beginning to book more and more events all over Arizona. Their big one-year milestone on February 19th of this year was snowed out—an ailment not commonly seen in Arizona, but it happens—so it has been moved to May 7th of this year. They return to Prescott on April 8th. But where to next? How far will their gospel spread, and who will be converted next? The entire Southwest? America? The world? Only a matter of time, my friends…

Twitter, Facebook, Website

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This Week in ‘E – Welcome Sin Cara, Welcome Back Rock, Austin, HHH, Undertaker and Trish Stratus Tue, 01 Mar 2011 15:00:33 +0000 WWE reminds everyone of their awesomeness, NXT is nearing its end and international superstar Mistico is about to become a new megastar for the company.

Opening Witty Banter
Hey look, this column is a very special Tuesday edition. I like that I can use the term “very special” as if it was planned along and meant to be this way.

Let’s take some ‘E…

The News of the Week
So here’s a little commentary to open the column this week.

I like how the build for WrestleMania XXVII was quite flat heading into the Royal Rumble and Internet fans were whipping themselves into a frenzy trying to build their own hype with the show, what with the “Sting on 2.21” stuff, scenarios for Undertaker’s opponent and rampant mystery about the guest host.

Then February came around and once Vince McMahon and WWE reminded everyone once again that yes, they are still the shit. I mean it was like they looked at the fans and said, oh you don’t think WrestleMania is big this year?

Well we’ll announce Stone Cold Steve Austin to come back to host Tough Enough, which will be on USA Network, because that network loves us. Oh yeah and then we’ll hire Booker T and Kevin Nash just to screw with TNA. Then let’s the nerds whip themselves into a frenzy about Sting coming and just laugh. Plus let’s put Shawn Michaels in the Hall of Fame and have both The Undertaker and Triple H return on the same night. Oh yeah and let’s not forget this guy called The Rock. We’ll announce him as the guest host for RAW and just give him like 25 minutes on free TV to say whatever he wants, bury John Cena in the process and remind everyone how far above everyone he still is.

That isn’t enough? We’ll just casually bring Trish Stratus back unannounced as well to work as a trainer on Tough Enough. It was like that bitch you all worship is coming back, and you’ll love it.

And how refreshing was it just to see the return of The Doctor of Thuganomics even for just one night? It reminded me that yes John Cena can still be great fun if allowed to be.

This time of year for WWE always reminds me again why I am still a pro wrestling fan. For those few weeks at the start of every year the company turns it another notch and just reminds everyone why they are the number one wrestling company in the world and does their best to just embarrass TNA Wrestling even more than they normally do.

Now back to your regularly scheduled program…


World Wrestling Entertainment signed Mexican wrestling superstar Mistico to a contract. The announcement was made official on February 24 at a press conference in Mexico City, Mexico.

Hall of Fame commentator Jim Ross was on hand to help make the announcement.

After the announcement was made, his new WWE-approved name was revealed. From now on the man born as Ignacio Almanza will be known as Sin Cara, which literally translates into “Without Face.” Translated into English it means “No Face.” After he was announced he changed masks from one signaling his “Mistico” persona into a new one signifying his change to Sin Cara.

In a press release put out by WWE, Stephanie McMahon had these words to say about the signing of the international superstar.

“Sin Cara is a tremendous performer who brings the crowd to its feet every time he steps into the ring,” said Stephanie McMahon , Executive Vice President, WWE. “With us, his stardom will only get bigger and brighter.”

Sin Cara began wrestling at 15 years old and became a Mexican box office sensation by 2005 and was officially Mexico’s biggest wrestling superstar in 2006. WWE began keeping tabs on Mistico starting in 2007 but various commitments kept him from signing with the company. His signing became official on January 30, 2010 as reported by SuperLuchas magazine.

While WWE in the past has had a spotty track record on how they promoted and pushed Mexican and other foreign wrestlers and those particularly who wore a mask, the company seems quite serious on making Sin Cara a big star. The company has acknowledged his past career, which is often not the case with other newly signed wrestlers, hosted a large press conference in his honor, loaded their website with information and photos about him and launched an official facebook page for him.

It is unknown whether he will report to Florida Championship Wrestling before he goes on the road and debuts on television. Ideally he will be on the SmackDown brand with fellow lucha stars Rey Mysterio, Alberto Del Rio and Chavo Guerrero. Ideally Sin Cara will more than likely be looked at as a replacement for the aging and often injured Mysterio, who is clearly reaching the end of his prime.

No one in years has gotten such pomp and circumstance upon their signing to the company. In addition to a hometown press release hosted by Jim Ross nonetheless, he got a full roll out on, including acknowledging his past as Mistico, plus an official company created facebook page. If he doesn’t become a big star then I will become surprised, which means he’ll probably be released in six months. But in all seriousness it is evident that the company is serious about the guy and are willing to get behind him.

Derrick Bateman was the fourth Rookie eliminated from WWE NXT, season 4, tonight, February 22, 2011. Bateman’s elimination came at the end of the episode. After his elimination was announced he gave a standard farewell promo and promised to be back. After the announcement, Brodus Clay clotheslined Johnny Curtis.

The show opened with an Obstacle Course of party games for the Rookies to compete in, including beer pong, building a block picture, flip cup and picking up dice with chopsticks. Curtis won the challenge and earned three immunity points.

In a triple threat match between at three Rookies, Johnny Curtis beat Derrick Bateman and Brodus Clay. Curtis pinned Bateman after suplexing him onto Clay. None of the Rookies’ three Pros were present for the match.

In the second Rookie Challenge, Brodus Clay won a Talk the Talk Challenge due to fan vote. Clay is a Sacramento native, where the event was held, so it was an easy victory for him.

Next week Brodus Clay and Johnny Curtis will compete on the season finale to determine who is the winner of NXT, season 4 and earn a WWE Tag Title shot with his Pro at a future date.

It has not been announced or revealed whether there will be a season five on NXT, but being that Tough Enough is returning to television the night after WrestleMania XXVII, it is likely that NXT will be shelved or put on hiatus for the time being. The fate of show should be revealed next week during the season finale.

Seriously, does Johnny Curtis have something on somebody backstage? It is evident that he is the company’s choice to win, but I expect Batemen, Saxton and Clay to all show up on WWE TV sooner than later. I can’t say I’ll miss NXT with what it has become. Bring on Tough Enough.

Speaking of Tough Enough, Bill DeMott has been announced as a trainer for Tough Enough. He will join Trish Stratus and Booker T as a trainer and Stone Cold Steve Austin as host.

They can’t all be winners. But seriously, DeMott showed his training chops on the last couple seasons of the last Tough Enough and in Deep South Wrestling. His angry demeanor and tough guy persona should make for some entertaining television when Tough Enough airs.

WWE sent out the following this past week…

LONDON–(BUSINESS WIRE)– WWE Inc. (NYSE:WWE – News) and Esporte Interativo today announced a one year agreement which will bring WWE’s weekly flagship TV show WWE Raw® to Brazilian Free TV beginning in March 2011.

Launching on March 2 at 10pm, Brazil’s biggest sports channel Esporte Interativo will bring the global entertainment company’s longest-running TV program to more than 33 million television households across Brazil.
WWE Raw is a unique form of entertainment featuring WWE Superstars Triple H®, John Cena®, Randy Orton®, The Miz™, Sheamus™, CM Punk® and many more. Viewers can tune in to watch all the excitement unfold every week on Esporte Interativo channels: 36 (Sao Paulo), 9 (Sao Jose dos Campos), 26 (Campinas), 58 (Mogi das Cruzes) and 43 (Santos), as well as with Oi TV (515) and Via Embratel (48).

According to Mauricio Portela, Production Vice President for Esporte Interativo, this deal is part of the channel’s strategy to expand and diversify the content of the program schedule. “We are investing in new attractions and planning varied programming. WWE programming was consistently requested among our viewers and we are delighted to be able to deliver WWE Raw to our viewers,” said Portela.

Announcing the deal, Andrew Whitaker, Executive Vice President of International for WWE, said “This new agreement is part of WWE’s further extension into Latin America with Brazil being the linchpin. We look forward to working with Esporte Interativo in bringing the WWE brand to viewers in Brazil.”

Hey that’s cool. Is there going to be a Brazilian superstar coming soon enough to supplant this?

The Road to…WrestleMania XXVII
WWE Championship
John Cena v. The Miz (c)

World Heavyweight Championship
Edge (c) v. Alberto Del Rio

expected matches
Jerry “The King” Lawler v. Michael Cole
Triple H v. The Undertaker

The WWE Hall of Fame Class of 2011
Shawn Michaels
Hacksaw Jim Duggan

Wrestler of the Week
Week of February 21 – 27: John Cena
In what was a huge week for returns, debuts and exciting promos and confrontations, John Cena stood tallest among them all. This past Monday night on RAW he reminded everyone of the upstart superstar he used to be when he reverted to his old Dr. of Thuganomics persona and battle rapped his way through a promo on The Rock. The promo was a welcome return of the John Cena that long-time fans have been clamoring for. It also reminded everyone how effective Cena can be behind the microphone when motivated. Then later on in the main event he teamed with his archrival The Miz to defeat The Corre (Justin Gabriel & Heath Slater) to win the WWE Tag Team Titles for all of about 15 minutes. The Corre won the Titles back in an immediate rematch but that victory now makes him a four time World Tag Team Champion, with four different partners, all who disliked him.

RAW’s On Tonight!
Well thanks to this being a special Tuesday edition of This Week in E, that mean’s RAW is already in the books. While it was an entertaining show with all the big dogs getting chance on the microphone to set up WrestleMania, it was incredibly disappointing show wrestling wise. I would’ve been disappointed to be live in the arena and have to pay to watch that much TV. Plus while all the old superstars (and Cena, Miz, Punk and Orton to be fair) got a chance to talk, so many young guys (Sheamus, Bryan, Mr. Kinda-Perfect and Alex Riley) just got straight up buried. Seriously the Twitter comments about Sheamus’ burial from Triple H was one of the highlights of my viewing experience. I feel next week should be more of the same with Stone Cold Steve Austin being in the house live from Dallas, Texas.

On Last Week’s Episode…

Superstars report and 10 thoughts


RAW report and 10 thoughts

How They Rated
Superstars (2.17.11) – .49

SmackDown! (2.18.11) – 2.07

A.M. RAW (2.20.11) – .79

RAW (2.21.11) – 3.9

This is Boring, What Else is There to Read?
FLEA is back!

Logan was all over the place with In Your House 6 and Superstars from April 1994.

Pulse exclusive interview with Christopher Daniels

Glazer breaks down the greatness of The Rock.

Mark has been a columnist for Pulse Wrestling for over three years now, evolving from his original “Historically Speaking” commentary-style column into his current Monday morning powerhouse known as “This Week in ‘E.” He also contributes to other ventures, outside of IP, most notably as the National Pro Wrestling Examiner for and a contributor for The Wrestling Press. Follow me on Twitter here.

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New Trainer Joins Booker T, Stone Cold and Trish Stratus on WWE Tough Enough 2011 Wed, 23 Feb 2011 12:00:12 +0000 Bill DeMott, an original Tough Enough trainer, has re-signed with WWE to join the new show. Click here to check out USA’s Tough Enough promotion.

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EXW Bad Intentions 01.15.2011 — Val Venis, Derick Neikirk, Bill Demott, Rellik Tue, 18 Jan 2011 16:03:03 +0000 For months and months, EXW fans were given everything they needed in order to enjoy one night. One night where new champions were possible, and careers may end. The Super Bowl of EXW took place on January 15th, at Bad Intentions. The frosty Prescott air didn’t stave off the diehard following as Tim’s Toyota Center was prepared to be rocked. In a show that immediately followed an intense training camp run by Tough Enough trainer, Bill Demott, the anticipation was tangible. A writer should not struggle to find words that describe the events that followed, but I can guarantee that the hype proved true. We were definitely ready for what was to happen that evening, and were not disappointed.

EXW presents: Bad Intentions – January 15th, 2011

The fans were itching for the show they’ve been waiting for to start, and were met with The Freak Squad (Dom Vitalli and Frenchy Riviera), who had entered to antagonize the newer ring announcer, Rob. This was brief enough, as a Battle Royale was about to begin.

Sean O’Brien
Chuey Martinez
Cedric the Hitman
Cutler Wright
Shadow Fox
Adan Reyes
Miracle Mike James
Mike Da Lite
Johnny Manson
Rexx Reed

I’ve made no secret of my love for Battle Royales in the past, and this was no exception. A lot can go wrong in these situations, but each man played their part perfectly, making it comfortable to let my eyes dart around from person to person. Naturally, the familiar faces shined but a few of the new ones were equally impressive. Such wrestlers that stuck out were Sal, Miracle Mike, Johnny Manson, Rexx Reed, and Cutler Wright. One by one, the men were thrown over the top rope. Ultimately, it boiled down to Cutler Wright, Chuey Martinez, Johnny Manson, and Mike Da Lite. These four went at it with an aggression I loved. Once Chuey and Manson were disposed of, the two Vegas stars were free to fight, and both were determined to survive. Finally, a winner was named as Wright tossed the final participant over the rope, thus becoming the number one contender for the Elite Championship belt.
Winner: Cutler Wright

Immediately after, a video package was delivered, once again showing the Freak Squad with manager Johnny Roxx. We were clued into the tricks they had pulled, as it revealed Rob was tied up in their locker room, hinting at the fact that Roxx would be resuming his former position once again. The video ended, and out walked Dom, accompanied by the lovely Terra Calaway.

Dom Vitalli
Shane Stratmore

The focus of Dom Vitalli’s aggression has primarily landed on Gabriel Gallo as of late, so I often forget that Stratmore is even in the mix. But that’s between shows. Once these two hit the mat, all bets are off and I’m always thoroughly impressed.  And this match was a prime example. It was fast-paced right from the get-go, and not overwhelming. Their chemistry was stimulating as they fed off of each other and hit their spots perfectly. The crowd was blown away when Terra was distracting Shane while Dom prepared for a Superkick, only to have it connect with Terra’s beautiful face instead of Shane’s. This gave Shane some momentum, but not enough, as the Superkick eventually found its way to Shane, giving Dom the victory.
Winner: Dom Vitalli

Chuey Martinez and Khan Kussion
Rexx Reed and Cedric the Hitman

For the next step, we were met with some of our favorites all thrown together in one big tag team match. One complaint I seem to find myself with time and time again concerning this group is the fan interaction. It bordered on being too much momentarily, as it affected the action and slowed it down considerably. But that was only at the start. Khan Kussion and Rexx Reed (who you can look for in Dragon Gate USA on 1/29) definitely were the highlights of the match, but Chuey definitely had the fans’ excitement in his pocket, where it was safe. The match hit its stride once it moved outside of the ring, but the finish erupted as Chuey and Khan picked up the win.
Winner(s): Chuey Martinez and Khan Kussion

The Prophet

Here is a match that was probably the one I was looking forward to the most. As per the usual, it started out slow and slowly built up. The story unfolded in the most enticing of ways, and I loved it. The pair kept the fans in the seats, refusing to take a bathroom break or grab a drink. Rellik’s experience was obvious. I could barely tear my eyes away, which is saying something as Prophet is one of my absolute favorites. However, the cruiserweight was off his game that night, for reasons unknown. But you’d never know it, as your attention was almost completely on Rellik, as he picked up the win.
Winner: The Prophet

 Lawrence Tyler

Well, this is a match-up I’m still scratching my head on. It was a bit obscure and caught me off guard, but entertaining nonetheless. There was a lot more action, and a lot less of an act, which I greatly enjoyed. Lawrence was getting frustrated with his opponent, nearly walking out on the match as he made his way up the ramp. But with the same ferocity I’ve come to admire from Tyler, he returned to put an end to his large opponent. After many attempts to wound Manimal, Lawrence was finally successful at putting him away.
Winner: Lawrence Tyler

Tyson Tyler
Bill Demott

The hype was enormous for this match, as Bill Demott’s name ignites some buzz. However, I found myself frustrated and a little bored upon the start. There was a lot of talking, a lot of silence, and a whole lot of nothing. Demott was visibly angry about the vuvuzelas being sold by the venue and used by the fans—which, I can’t say I disagree with. Those things were obnoxious, and very distracting. However, after the long beginning, Demott turned vicious, locking Tyler in a submission hold and forcing him to demand the cessation of the noise. The rest was such a blur, and before I knew it, the ref had counted to three.
Winner: Tyson Tyler

Andrew Hellman
Ryan Castellucci
Cutler Wright

Elite Championship Title Defense

This originally started out as being one on one, but the kid from Vegas decided that this match was where he wanted to be, despite competing in the earlier Battle Royale. He also proved to be the apparent antidote for the Triple Threat curse, with the help of his competitors, as to me, this was the match of the night. The two heels (Hellman and Wright) decided to team up on Castellucci as he was hung up on the ropes. Hellman demanded that Wright prove he was worthy of the title, and attack the upside-down star. But once Wright charged, Hellman struck with a clothesline that nearly beheaded him, proving that he had no allies. It boiled down to Hellman and Wright going at it, both men completely on their game, before Ryan entered to clean up. However, Hellman is a sneaky man, and cashed in on Ryan’s hard work to retain his title.
Winner: Andrew Hellman

Gabriel Gallo
Frenchy Riviera

Career-ending “I Quit” Match

Everything boiled down to this very moment. Gallo against the Freak Squad has been one of the hottest feuds in EXW, and it would all be put to rest that night in the “I Quit” match, as the loser would have to walk away from the company. These two men brought us a stretcher match a mere month ago that rocked us, and weren’t finished. I knew I was about to watch something special. Gallo appeared to have every fan on his side, as the deafening chants echoed throughout the large venue. The ring wasn’t enough for these two, as the fight inevitably moved into the crowd, and then the stands. Neither man would say that they quit, so the battle continued. Finally, they ended up back in the ring. Frenchy locked in a submission that caused Gallo to become unable to respond to the numerous questions from the ref. The ref called for the bell, and a career ended.
Winner: Frenchy Riviera

Derick Neikirk
Val Venis

EXW Heavyweight Championship Title Defense
No Holds Barred

Val Venis had finally earned another title shot with Neikirk, and we were all ready for the main event. In an MMA-style start, the two went at it low to the ground, conveying the tension that has been building between the two for months. They put aside the training they had religiously been taught in order to unleash all the fury. The tempers rose, as Neikirk began bleeding. These two were obviously out to kill each other, and seemed to be well on their way. After utilizing the no disqualification rule with trash can lids, Derick propped up a table in the middle of the ring. They moved to the top rope, which ended up being a good strategy one Derick’s part, as he sent Val through the table via a superplex, and successfully making sure the title stayed in his hands.
Winner: Derick Neikirk


Another EXW show in the books, and what do we have? Gabriel Gallo’s employment with the company was over, both members of the Freak Squad were victorious, and both champions retained their titles. What’s next for these hardworking boys? Will Castellucci and Wright get another shot at the Elite Championship? What’s next for Val Venis after another failed attempt at the strap? What’s next for the Freak Squad? All of which are questions I expect to be answered at the next show, which happens to be on Tuesday (1/18). The tournament for the first ever tag team belts will most likely begin. And the action is not exclusive to Arizona residents. If you miss what WWE and TNA aren’t giving you, tune in to EXW’s website at 8 pm (MST) and see what all the fuss is about.

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