Inside Pulse Wrestling » chris masters Wrestling news, rumors, reviews and commentary, from WWE to TNA to ROH and everything in between... Wed, 17 Dec 2014 05:13:49 +0000 en-US hourly 1 Wrestling news, rumors, reviews and commentary, from WWE to TNA to ROH and everything in between... Inside Pulse Wrestling no Wrestling news, rumors, reviews and commentary, from WWE to TNA to ROH and everything in between... Inside Pulse Wrestling » chris masters CB’s Slant: How WWE and Chris Masters Can Improve the WrestleMania 29 Mid-Card Fri, 22 Mar 2013 21:20:59 +0000 In case you missed it, former WWE superstar Chris Masters became a real-life hero and saved his mom’s life from a crazed neighbor. The story generated so much mainstream buzz that he was featured on ABC’s Good Morning America earlier today.

Sometimes in life and in pro wrestling, timing is one of the biggest factors in making things work. And, well, with WrestleMania 29’s Mid Card scene looking particularly dreadful just 2 weeks before the show, NOW is the perfect time for Chris Masters and WWE to capitalize on his newfound fame.

WWE could literally print money if they re-signed Masters, gave him a brand new “Hero Mode” T-Shirt, and put him in an IC title match against Wade Barrett or a U.S. Title match against Antonio Cesaro. Hell, just unify the belts in some sort of gauntlet match, but have Masters make his triumphant return and win it all.

This a story that’s easy to implement and would generate some interest from the mainstream press, and I’d personally love to see it.

Let Chris Masters back into WWE, and he just might be able to heroically make the WrestleMania 29 Mid Card a little more interesting on Sunday, April 7th.

Oh, and the New York Metro area crowd would definitely eat it all up.

That’s all from me — CB.

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Chris Masters Uproots Tree with Bare Hands to Save His Mom from Burning House Thu, 21 Mar 2013 11:28:22 +0000 Former WWE superstar Chris Masters was able to heroically save his mom from a burning house after a crazed neighbor broke in and set in on fire when cops showed up. Masters took a tree, uprooted it, and used it as a battering ram to break in and save his mother. Reports TMZ:

“Chris says he tried talking sense into the guy, but he wasn’t having it — so Chris called the cops … but when they showed up, the neighbor set the house on fire.

Chris jumped into hero mode — tearing a tree out of the ground and tossing it through a window.

Chris reached through the window and removed his mom from the inferno … at which point police rushed in and arrested the neighbor on arson charges.”

The neighbor remains in police custody. topstory500x250-×250.jpg|topstory500x250 topstory120x120-×120.jpg|topstory120x120

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NXT Tournament Winner Bo Dallas Secures Royal Rumble Match Slot, plus Some Former WWE Superstars in Town Sun, 27 Jan 2013 16:18:36 +0000 The Wrestling Observer reports that the following names have been seen hanging around with WWE personnel in Phoenix: Hurricane Helms, Carlito, Shelton Benjamin and Chris Masters. While there is no word on whether any of them will be surprise entrants into tonight’s Royal Rumble match, one wrestler who has secured a spot in the 30-man spectacle is NXT Tournament winner Bo Dallas.topstory120x120-×120.jpg|topstory120x120 topstory500x250-×250.jpg|topstory500x250

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Classy Ring Attire- Getting on the Cena Hating Bandwagon Sun, 27 Jan 2013 13:00:03 +0000 Just in time for “Wrestling Christmas” (thanks Chris) we take a look at the Royal Rumble and how everything will most likely work out, with some predictions and wishful thinking as to how we hope the Rumble Happens.topstory120x120-|topstory120x120 topstory500x250-|topstory500x250

]]> 0 Brock Lesnar,chris masters,cm punk,john cena,John Morrison,Raw,royal rumble,The Rock,wrestlemania,WWE Just in time for "Wrestling Christmas" (thanks Chris) we take a look at the Royal Rumble and how everything will most likely work out, with some predictions and wishful thinking as to how we hope the Rumble Happens. Just in time for "Wrestling Christmas" (thanks Chris) we take a look at the Royal Rumble and how everything will most likely work out, with some predictions and wishful thinking as to how we hope the Rumble Happens. Inside Pulse Wrestling no 1:05:51
Former WWE Star Works Dark Match Before TNA Impact Last Night Fri, 08 Jun 2012 16:50:29 +0000 Chris Masters, who has wrestled for TNA’s Ring Ka King promotion in India, worked a dark match before last night’s live Impact, losing to Robbie E. Masters apparently got a big pop and the crowd chanted for the Masterlock. topstory120x120- |topstory120x120 topstory500x250-|topstory500x250

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Former WWE Star Chris Masters Speaks Out Mon, 26 Sep 2011 16:35:45 +0000 Chris Masters interview recap from
by Taso the Greek

Jack E. Jones and OneInchBiceps are joined by Chris Masters to start the show. Chris Masters was honored to get a massive “BAH!” from the Power Goat. Chris was on IYH after the first time he was released from WWE. This marks the second time he has been on IYH, and also the second time he has been released by WWE. Jack wants to know what Chris did to get back into the WWE. He said he got his personal life together to start. One week, WWE was at the Staples center in California, and Chris went to the show and shook hands with everyone, met with Johnny Ace, and two weeks later he was rehired. He said he was not mature enough the first time and so he took responsibility for his mistakes. He was addicted to drugs up to a year after his release, and he felt that he was very young when he first was signed by the WWE, at age 19. Coming back, however, he did not have the machine behind him giving him a massive push like he had before. So it was very different the second time around, as he had to do the best he could with what he was given. But it made him highly motivated in other aspects of his wrestling game.

Chris talks about his matches on Superstars and how he felt that he improved his in-ring work. He wanted to prove that he wasn’t just a muscle-head. He also wanted to stay away from the pectoral flexing gimmick, as he again wanted his in-ring work to shine. He started to understand how to work in the ring better the second time around, especially as a baby-face. Jack asked Chris if there were any veterans that helped him improve in the ring. Chris brings up Shawn Michaels as a guy who helped him a lot and at one point even gave him the opportunity to call the matches on many house shows as they traveled around the horn. He mentioned that HHH and Vince McMahon also noticed huge improvement in his in-ring work and told him that he had enhanced his skills a lot. At that point there were thoughts of repackaging him and giving him a new push. That is one reason why he was surprised by his release, because he kept hearing that he was going to get a push and a new gimmick. However, since that didn’t materialize he felt that maybe he should have taken the initiative in other aspects of the wrestling game. On whether he feels he will return to WWE in the future, he felt heartbroken to some extent, but he won’t base his life upon the WWE. He mentioned TNA, Japan, and Hollywood as possibilities for his future.

Thoughts on his size compared to WWE wrestlers next to TNA wrestlers? He thought maybe Japan he would be a giant, but TNA has guys like Matt Morgan. He sees himself as more of a muscular guy, and not a giant.

He talked about discussing his future with HHH. He talked about doing a different gimmick where he would just be called “Masters”. He felt that it was important to evolve and maybe he could move on from the “Masterpiece” gimmick.

Did he meet and talk to Ozzy Osbourne when the Prince of Darkness hosted RAW? Ozzy was quiet and kept to himself but Sharon was very nice, said Chris.

The entire handshake custom was brought up and Chris said it was a very big deal in pro wrestling. He said you have to be respectful to everyone. He remembers one time he missed shaking Bob Holly’s hand, and Holly wigged out and wanted to fight him. He said that it is also a matter of being comfortable with people as well.

A caller asked about the difficulties of working out and proper nutrition when you are on the road. Chris talks about Wafflehouse, and how he at first hated it, but then he got used to it, mainly because it was a 24 hour eatery. He mainly eats protein and skips the carbohydrates. He also likes Cracker Barrel. The caller asked another question, if people want to take the Masterlock Challenge on the street, to which Chris says yes, people want photo opportunities in the Masterlock. He isn’t crazy about doing it though because he feels he could be sued if someone were to get hurt. He doesn’t lock the fingers behind the person’s head in order to not kill them.

Christine calls in with a question. What was his favorite part of working with Eve Torres? He said it was awkward at first because he never worked with a valet before. He said Eve was a strong, independent woman, and wanted to be treated like one of the boys.
Ryan wanted to know, who was his favorite and who was his least favorite person to wrestle. Chris said HBK was obviously the guy he liked working with in his first run, and in his second run he enjoyed working with Drew McIntyre and Dolph Ziggler. He liked how Dolph bumped around the ring. Drew had great timing and liked to work snug, just like Chris liked to work. He also talked about Jack Swagger and how he was a bit stiff in the ring, but they eventually were able to work together. Jack Swagger is stiff, said Chris, as was JTG.
Chris and Jack reminisce about tent shows in Cape Cod, Maine, and how they do not have them anymore.

Gene the Drunk wants to know if Chris likes rum & coke, or vodka & cranberry? Chris can do both but prefers vodka & cranberry. Question about Matt Hardy and if Chris and the WWE knew about his problems?

Chris said the signs were obviously there and people were worried about him. He talks about rehab, his own time in rehab, and what it took to get himself right. He talks about pain killers and how they go from helping to becoming a problem. He talks a little about injuries, the pharmaceutical business, and the Wellness Policy of the WWE. He talks about how he got tested and the outcomes.
Fontana wanted to know how they came up with the “Masterpiece” gimmick, and Chris gives credit to Matt Morgan when they were in OVW. The Masterlock was an old-school finisher and Chris talks about it, the internet’s criticism of it, his own thoughts on the move, submission moves, and WWE’s use of the move and how they built it up.

He also talked about how the WWE tried to recondition the fans to more wrestling as opposed to hardcore. Chris talks about the Masterlock and The Big Show and how he was the one wrestler he could not get the hold on him.

Harley Race and his school, WLW, are brought up and Chris talks about his experiences there. He called it the best time and the best promotion he worked for on the independent scene. Chris also talks about one time where a promoter did not pay him and how the police had to show up at a hotel where this person had holed up. Chris tells an interesting story about getting stiffed on the independent circuit here.

Lablueguy asked about wrestling Goldberg in Congo, Africa. Chris says to keep an eye on his twitter as he will be updating the fans about that show, which should happen in the beginning of the next year.

How about TNA? Chris said he has a few good friends in TNA like Matt Morgan and RVD, so anything is possible. He said he won’t rule anything out now that WWE has released him. He may do something in Hollywood, or he might even go back to college. Chris said he wanted to make a difference. The IYH hosts and Chris talk a little politics at this point.

Chris talked about various wrestling promotions, and then he brought up Hulk Hogan’s midget wrestling program and how he couldn’t turn the channel, even though it was terrible. Chris gives his insight on Hogan’s Micro-Championship Wrestling, which than leads him into talking about shoot promos and the recent CM Punk push. Chris gives his thoughts on shoot promos, real versus worked promos, and the CM Punk angle with HHH.

Chris talks about ring rats! He compares the ring rats of years ago compared to ring rats of today. Chris gives his thoughts on midgets, and perhaps the most famous current midget, Hornswoggle.

Bobby Lashley is brought up, and Chris talks about how he was one of the strongest guys he had ever been across the ring against. He called him athletic and genetically gifted. He talks about people’s different talents and skills and Lashley was just a powerhouse.

Thoughts on the internet and the criticisms he got from many people in the business invokes some interesting comments from Chris Masters. He talked about how he started in the business as a wrestler and not as a bodybuilder, he talked about the criticism he heard and how it made him feel, and how he felt he had silenced his critics with his most recent work in the ring on Superstars.

More questions came up about his pectoral flexing gimmick. Chris said that the gimmick was a Brian Gerwitz’ creation. He talked on how he truly felt about the gimmick and how he tried to make the most of what he was given in the WWE. In general, he was not a fan of the gimmick.

The interview with Chris Masters ends with him sending Tara aka Victoria, a little love.
– Follow Chris on Twitter @wwemasterp
– For booking information email:

For the whole audio interview please visit: or subscribe in iTunes|topstory120x120

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No Chance – Another Assortment of Unrelated Thoughts (Featuring John Cena, The Miz, and CM Punk) Wed, 24 Aug 2011 16:00:41 +0000 Welcome fellow people of earth (and any alien life forms who get our internet) It’s the No Chance Column and I’m Joel Leonard. For those who are regular readers of the column you may notice that each week ends with an unrelated thought to the rest of the column. This is usually a topic that I want to cover, but one that never seems to merit its own special edition of No Chance. No these “Unrelated thoughts” tend to build up a lot faster than column topics and occasionally I need to run through a whole bunch of them before they get too old and I’m complaining about the unjust termination of Daniel Bryan long after he has been brought back, won titles and current holder of a MiTB briefcase. So without further adieu, I present a whole slew of “Unrelated Thoughts”

The possible creative wasteland in the future.

It seems that every year, around the time that Monday Night Football starts back up, the creative aspect of the WWE product starts to fall apart. Maybe they’re taking the hit in ratings personally, or figuring that the only people left watching are the most devoted of fans who they aren’t at risk of losing, but every year, almost without fail it seems, that the time between SummerSlam and the Royal Rumble are always a struggle to get through. (Even the PPV Survivor Series seems to be a shadow of what it once was) Take last year for example. The only things I can remember about that time off the top of my head are the Nexus story going from exciting to tedious and a less than grand return for the Undertaker.

So what of this time around? We hear that the Rock will be back for Survivor Series. And Punk’s new found success as a top face seems to be going along just fine. Will it make it all the way to January? Time will tell

Can there be too much Punk? 

Right now CM Punk can do no wrong. Every promo he cuts is impressive, entertaining, and effective. Every match he has is the best one of the night. WWE has certainly noticed and the guy who was at risk of leaving the company earlier this year showed up three times on Monday in three different segments. But how long can this magic last. How long can Punk come out three times a night before even he gets stale? My hope is forever but I suspect that even Punk can only be edgy and unexpected for so long. Hopefully WWE realizes this and won’t over push the new Punk effectively ruining the most exciting thing to happen in wrestling in recent memory.

Tag Team division.

The potential for an amazing new tag team was created on the past episode of Raw. And it wasn’t when Kofi and Evan won the belt. No, the best hope for the Tag Team division came from the duo promo from the Miz and Truth last night. Imagine, two guys, both talented on mic, both seem to be stuck in the mid-card territory with no real ability to successfully stay in the main event. Who better to revive what is right now, a more or less dead division. Their promo on Monday proved that they could work off of each other, showed that they can successfully work the crowd together, and actually have a single goal unifying them together. Yes they are two separate superstars, but now they both seem to have bought into the conspiracy theory angle of R-Truth. A single goal for them to both work toward actually give them a legitimate reason to form a tag team instead of the “form a tag team to form a tag team” mentality that the rest of the locker room seems to have.

Champions without a chance 

I like Yoshi Tatsu. Why you may ask? It’s a reasonable question. Tatsu is usually only seen on Raw when wrestlers are needed to fill out the 20-man requirement in a Battle Royale and even then he is usually one of the first three to be thrown out of the ring.  But I like him just the same. About a year ago, he actually had a singles match on Raw and I was impressed. Sure it was a short, time filler match but he seemed to be putting everything he had in the match, in an effort to impress. I know that there is no real chance of Tatsu ever being WWE champion or even United States Champion but I think it would be cool to at least see him on TV a bit more. I’ll bet that most people have a mid-card (or below) wrestler that the would like to see get some decent airtime. I know that Chris over at The Rager frequently championed Chris Masters and cried out against the injustice of his recent release. What other superstars would you like to see get some ring time. Stars that you never get to see on TV unless they are hi-fiving John Cena backstage while he’s on his way to his match.

Also be sure and check out the column of Rhett Davis, The O’Really Report, this week where your’s truly was a guest as we discussed the up’s and downs of SummerSlam with everything from The Main Event to the oddly high number of commercials the PPV seemed to have. It’s well worth your time.topstory120x120-×120.jpg|topstory120x120 topstory500x250-|topstory500x250

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Inside Pulse Wrestling Interview with Chris Masters Wed, 17 Aug 2011 21:50:22 +0000 I recently had the privilege to sit down and speak with former WWE Superstar Chris Masters and fire a few questions at him.

On CM Punk mentioning him in the promo:

“I thought it was cool with him mentioning me working my ass off for the last year.  But I don’t know about it being scripted into the promo, I don’t know if I was huge on that.  But him putting that out there is definitely appreciated.”

On which release was more surprising:

“Oh this one for sure.  It is very different.  I took responsibility the first time; I was young, made bad decisions.  This time was much more surprising because I had matured a lot as a person and I didn’t make any mistakes.  I just worked my ass of for a year.  My mindset was different.  This time I’m more so not leaving anything off the table.  I’m not going to give anything against a WWE comeback.  I’m just going to keep my mind open to any opportunities and avenues in Sports Entertainment.  And outside of Sports Entertainment as well.”

On who has the most potential to be a big star:

“I’m definitely bias towards Drew McIntyre. I think he’s great in the ring.  He has great timing.  He was one of my favorite heels to work.  With the right character development and time, he’ll definitely be a force up there.  I was looking forward to doing some big things with him in the future.”

The rest of the interview you can check out in the two links below!

Interview with Chris Masters Pt1

Interview with Chris Masters Pt 2topstory120x120-|topstory120x120 topstory500x250-|topstory500x250

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The O’Really Report – Combo Column – WWE Title Scene, Lightweights/Cruiserweights, TNA, WWE, Cena/Punk Wed, 10 Aug 2011 15:35:07 +0000 Welcome to your Weekly Wrestling Wednesday Stop for all things WWE, The O’Really Report! I am your host Rhett Davis and this week I am joined by none other than the bossman himself, Matthew Michaels!

Wait, WRESTLING? I only talk about sports entertainment. Sorry, RD.

Well back to the drawing boards… maybe I can get Mike Gojira to help me.. nevermind I think I’d rather just stick to Sports Entertainment. So MM thank you for joining me! Our first topic of affairs is what is on everyone’s mind… what are your opinions on the current CM Punk vs John Cena storyline heading into SummerSlam?

I admit to going along with IWC “group think” and at first thinking they “rushed” the whole Punk return, but at the end of the day, it’s SummerSlam, and you can’t have such a big PPV without the hottest star in the company present and promoted ahead of time (a surprise wouldn’t fly).

As for the title vs. title stipulation, I’m having trouble getting past why WWE needed to have Cena, Punk, Rey, Cena and Punk all have the championship in the matter of a couple of weeks… and whether or not it’s the right booking move, I’m a big Punk mark, and don’t like that my internal wrestling logic has either Del Rio or HHH getting the best of one of my favorite wrestlers before the cameras cut out on Sunday.

All that being said, I loved the promo that closed out Raw on so many levels.

When we had the vote on Pulse asking whether or not we believed that the return of Punk was rushed, I voted ‘too soon to tell.’ I do agree that the return was rushedm but as you said… it’s SummerSlam. SummerSlam is supposed to be the ‘Mania of the Summer. I always thought that SummerSlam was weak in comparison, but, after this year’s WrestleMania, it may win that contest. As for the title stipulation, will both Punk and Cena be counted as champion come Sunday? In the record books will Rey have even won the WWE Title? In my opinion, it shouldn’t count them. It should count Punk and then whomever wins Sunday as the next champion.

The end of Raw this past week was phenomenal as finally John had something to say that didn’t sound idiotic. I loved the way he said he was solely focused on his fans, not what the ‘millions’ and Punk’s fans wanted from him.

The next question is how do you see Triple H fitting in as the special guest referee come Sunday? Will he screw over Cena or Punk?

As for who the legit champion is, the best case scenario for folks looking for continuity is for Punk to win. WWE seems to be recognizing Rey and Cena’s wins on their website, and if Punk wins the only question is if they count it as a new title reign or a continuation of the current one:

The end of Raw was fabulous. First of all, Punk continued his role as the “voice of the voiceless” and said things that two months ago we would have never thought Vince would allow on live TV. He didn’t push it and didn’t make things as uncomfortable as he did last week, but he managed to toss in a few surprises (I really didn’t expect Harry Smith to be brought up for example). PLUS Cena was gold, not only because he didn’t use a ton of gay and poopy jokes, but because he catered to both casual (and kids, female) fans PLUS hardcore (and male) fans. He said he’ll beat Punk and show him to be all talk. And he referenced things like the “5 moves of doom” (TM, Scott Keith?) and “workrate” and how the hardcore fans want him to be more of a heel. I like that he basically gave a nod to those of us who do like to debate such things. That said, John: it’s not all about being more of a heel; it’s about being less of a cornball. The promos he’s been cutting the past few weeks are great, and hopefully after Punk’s in his rearview mirror he keeps it up.

One more reason the end of Raw was so successful: HHH kept quiet pretty much the entire time. This is why I don’t think he’ll play a role in the match, or get involved in the feud’s
outcome… yet.

I see your point about HHH being quiet, but one has to think that there is something afoot. Surely HHH wasn’t just inserted to be a referee! Legitimacy in a special guest referee? Holy Toledos Mattman!

That’s the rub, right? If he refs and aside from a tease here and there actually DOES call it right down the middle, the fans might actually buy him as a legit, fair, executive leader.

I guess it also depends on what WWE wants to do with Undertaker at WrestleMania next year. Is he facing Hunter for the third time to go 20-0? Will he face someone else so they can try to build actual feeling that someone can upset the deadman?

That would indeed give him that legitimacy that he needs in order to be the boss, but it’s hard to see this one as just a fair one-on-one match with no outside interference. Perhaps a time for the Kings of Wrestling and Colt Cobana.

If it’s NOT HHH, then who will the current COO face? Not going to be Vince, I don’t think. Cena’s busy with the Rock. So that leaves Punk or Del Rio as guys on the current roster I’d be interested in seeing him go up against… So let’s plant some seeds but not pull the trigger just yet.

As for Colt/KOW, maybe. Colt had a dark match the other day, and I saw a Kings of Wrestling sign in the crowd on Monday that WWE didn’t take away…

As for the Deadman, I’ve been pondering that myself. Perhaps The Undertaker will coax Triple H into fighting him at Mania with his career on the line? Sort of like he did HBK.

Maybe Harry Smith and Vladamir Kozlov come in as well; part of a “fired unfairly” faction? (Although I doubt it, since Punk interestingly went from name-dropping Luke Gallows to instead talking about Foley, Jericho, Batista, etc.)

Taker/HHH streak vs. career = no buys to me, but then again I’m not 12, so who knows? I’d much rather see Taker either pick his opponent, assuming it’s his last match, or give rub to a younger guy who can take him to the distance and still lose – like a Barrett, Sheamus, whoever.

But that’s a point I think is worth exploring. Usually Mania doesn’t get talked about until around SurSer. But this year, it’s not even SummerSlam and we already know Cena/Rock, Daniel Bryan (or so we think) and Taker going for 20 will be on the card. Why not start planting seeds for Hunter’s next big match, or Punk/Jericho, or whatever else they may want to tease eight months out?


I think Sheamus is the biggest money match left for Taker at Mania (since Cena is busy with Rock). I heard a rumor this year about Nash doing it, but we’ve been down that road before and Nash is really slow in the ring. He wouldn’t do much for the match quality. Sheamus is a rough brawler and that’s exactly what Taker is.

You like how I totally ruined your flow here? As Perry Saturn would say: you’re welcome.

(google it)

Punk/Austin would be a dream match as their personalities clash so perfectly. Austin drinks beer, Punk is against alcohol. Would be the ultimate feud.
Yeah thanks for that.

Any time! And that’s not my idea; Punk’s said a few times that he’d love to do that match, and even J.R. hasn’t ruled it out on his blog in his “never say never” way… But I digress.

I know the dirtsheets are all reporting that WWE is booking things on the fly, changing things every week/day/whatever, but Punk seems like the type of guy, like Jericho, who has longer-term ideas for what his character will do. Now, that doesn’t mean WWE will let him tell the story his way, but I personally like thinking ahead and working backwards.

I’d pay to see it, even if it was on a different PPV than Mania.

For all of the talk that WWE has no new stars, there are plenty of workers from Miz, Punk, Del Rio and Sheamus to Bryan, Dolph, Kofi and Morrison, who are a gentle push away from being at least the next Orton or Jericho. And we know Del Rio and Bryan will be main eventing a PPV at SOME point soon…

Many things seem to be working in the heavyweight title scene right now and that’s what is really interesting to me. Miz is mad because Cena/Punk stole his spotlight. Rey has a claim to a rematch. ADR has his briefcase. It’s pandemonium as Gorilla would say.

Oh and then Punk and Cena are still both champions.

You know what I’d love to see (and I haven’t read SD spoilers yet)?

What’s that?

Christian pitch a FIT because – HELLO – he’s champion TOO.

Well he does have a big meeting this Friday (re: Tuesday) and I’m not sure what that is going to be about.

As for crying for attention for being champion, I think Dolph Ziggler (the United States Champion for those who don’t know who is) has been doing that schtick.

If I was booking, my goal actually would be to have someone – really anyone but Cena or HHH – unite ALL of the World Titles by the end of the year… and then build the IC and US championships up by Mania. Then you can have your WWE World Champ as the face of the company, and the other two can headline or be second from the top on Raw and SD shows/live events, depending on where the big champ’s latest feud takes him.

It’s all well and good that Dolph, Swagger, Sheamus and Khali are all former world champs, but is that really necessary? They showed that clip of Mr. Perfect vs. Bret Hart fighting for the IC Title at SummerSlam and all I could think about is how that could be the case again if they made a couple of moves and weren’t so focused on main eventers trading wins and losses rather than just putting someone new over and letting them stay over for more than a month.

Of course if they merged all the world titles, John Cena or HHH would just be champ for seven straight years, Bruno style! I kid, I kid.

I like the idea, but I think the WWE title would change hands WAY too much if we went back to only one champion. The title changes hands way too frequently as it is. Although with one world title… there wouldn’t be any 11 time WWE Champions like Edge and John Cena. Which is a good thing.

</fantasy booking>

Back to reality, Rhett?

You took too long; one more thing — I get needing to have heavyweight champs on both shows/brands to split the workload if you will. But then get rid of the US/IC belts, and add a new weight class. OK now I’m done.

If you insist. I thought the same thing when I saw how much the crowd was into the Perfect/Hart match from year’s past.

By the way I change my mind on this weekly.

As do I. But anyways on to our next topic… we spoke earlier about the recent firings of Gail Kim, Vladimir Kozlov, Melina, Chris Masters, and DH ‘Harry’ Smith. Which do you think were a huge bust in the WWE and which will you miss the most? (if any?)

Tough question. Obviously I don’t know any of the backstories, aside from what Gail Kim said on her Twitter account about asking for her release. And while I hate seeing these guys and gals lose their jobs, as Jim Ross blogged about recently, many a wrestler has left WWE to go on to become better performers (Giant Bernard/A-Train comes to mind), so…

MVP seems to be another. I think I will miss Chris Masters as he really seemed to fit the exact bill of what Vince would’ve wanted as a top guy. Good build, good character, etc.

On a personal level, I would have liked to have seen more of Harry Smith, and I felt Gail Kim and Melina were two of the better workers in the division. I can still see all three of these coming back at some point – particularly Gail when Kharma returns, as they just work so well together and WWE must know that. I don’t know what the story is with Harry; he always seemed so bland despite all the hype around him before he was in WWE. And as long as Melina’s dating Morrison, and he’s employed – not to mention rumors that her buddy Mick Foley might be coming back – there’s a chance she’ll return.

I’d much rather had seen one of the more dainty Divas go before Kim or Melina.

Sure, but without a gimmick overhaul, what was Masters going to become? Not sure if he was good enough to be another Val Venus/Bob Holly kind of ‘jobber to the stars’ (TM, Eric S.!)/mid card workhorse. He wasn’t funny enough with the pectoral gyrations. And being completely fair to him, I don’t watch Superstars and didn’t see enough of him to make a judgment. Not sure whose fault that is, and we’re actually hoping to interview him soon, so I hope whoever conducts the interview gets into some of this with him…

Harry Smith never got a chance after losing the battle to Tyson Kidd and it was saddening to see him not even receive a chance at revitalization as a new character before his release.

Again, with Harry, after his genetics, I don’t know what he had to offer. His fault for not showing more character or WWE Creative’s? No clue. Say what you will about someone like R-Truth, but the former multi-time NWA Heavyweight Champ is EMBRACING his role.

Speaking of R-Truth what do you think of my idea of him having split personas similar to Mick Foley?

It might work. But I fear him becoming the next Heidenreich. Speaking of Foley: the anonymous Raw GM’s been kinda quiet. Think HHH just turned off the laptop’s speakers?

I was wondering when they were going to cross that bridge. I think HHH was the GM. Would make sense in most cases. And WWE could temporarily forget about the other ones. Like they always do.

I’d rather they just sign Foley and make it him. Really the only two requirements need to be (a) it’s someone Vince hired and (b) it’s someone nuts.

Actually I think HHH will announce himself as the Raw GM when/if he goes heel. What better heel move than to act like he was going to shut the GM up once and for all and then actually announce that he was the GM all along?

I’d be game for Foley. I love seeing Mick on the stick. Or the computer.

My brain hurts trying to go back and figure out if any of the GM’s “decisions” were pro- or anti-Hunter.

Well he hates Edge/cheating/Jericho/BretHart and he loves Miz/Cole’s Handsome Self/that’s all I got. So based off of that… HHH would either have to have a man crush on Cole or it couldn’t be him.

Legitimately speaking, of course. They could ignore any small detail they wanted to.

Nash is the only other person I can see them bringing in to make GM, as he has a history of liking to screw with people. Plus, then you’re one step closer to the Kliq completely taking over 15 years after the infamous MSG Hug incident, as I mentioned in a recent 10 Thoughts.

YES, they could indeed forget anything they want. I’ve already forgotten what the point of this conversation is.

Well just make HBK the new GM of SmackDown and the Kliq’d have it in the bag!

OR maybe Hunter just gets rid of the GMs. They were Vince’s idea, and with Cole, Truth, Morrison and Ryder crossing back and forth between shows like there aren’t separate rosters anyway, maybe that’s a tease of things to come…


Oh goodness… I fear a roster separation talk incoming.

Should the rosters be separated or shouldn’t they be? That’s the real question.

They should. They are. They’re not putting them back together as long as Raw and SD have their own TV deals and touring groups. So… TNA?

TNA… so MM did you hear about how awesome the latest TNA PPV was? Hardcore Justice I do believe it was?

Um. I’ll answer that if you can tell me who the top 10 heels and faces are.

Oh that’s easy… top heels are… The Pope, Gunner, Scott Steiner, Mr. Anderson, Bully Ray, Austin Aries, Abyss, Mexican America, and Winter.

Top faces… Angle, Sting, Styles, Daniels, Kaz, Beer Money, Mickie James, RVD, Crimson.

For the record, it’s been a half hour since I asked Rhett this question.

Was not half an hour.. more like… 20 minutes… let’s not exaggerate here Matt…

Right and the reason I have trouble following TNA is going to make me out to be a total mark fanboy.

Samoa Joe isn’t even on that list. And he’s still one of the only reasons I tune in to that promotion.

Well duh I mean I watch every week with my Angle mouthpiece, my face painted like Sting, my Jeff Hardy wristbands, and my Crimson t-shirt!

Samoa who? I mean who cares about Samoa Joe? He hasn’t done anything worth mentioning in months!
*takes off The FUJ glasses*

I didn’t include Samoa Joe because I can’t seriously call him a top contender when the only real thing he has done recently is get DQ’d or just not be on the show at all.

TNA’s an interesting animal. I actually don’t hate watching it; I just can’t FOLLOW it and don’t ever feel compelled to PAY for it. But for a couple hours on a Thursday, it can be fun enough.

Right. I can’t just be inclined to shell out 40 bucks to see Angle/Sting prove that they don’t match up well. I can’t be inclined to shell it out to see Devon vs The Pope. I just can’t get involved with that. The only match I really wanted to see curtain jerked and was the MOTN according to those who watched it.

I still hope they figure it out. More places for talent to work is always a good thing.

That is true. At least guys like the X Division stars can shine over here unlike they could in WWE really.

“X Division” stars can indeed shine in WWE, it’s just not forced into a “division” that really has no structure to it whatsoever. I’m not saying the X guys should have a weight limit, etc., but wouldn’t it be easier to follow if there was SOME difference – a couple of rules, or even a couple less rules? – that could be stated, pushed, and sold to the crowd? You know what? WWE could use the “ROH/TNA X style” of wrestler without even bringing in a light heavyweight or similar division. They can do it within their current structure – simply rejuvenate the Tag Division by incorporating smaller wrestlers with a different style into it, allowing them some more leeway in moveset, give them an occasional main event slot on a show or – gasp – a b-level PPV, and go from there. You can satisfy a certain portion of the fanbase, while not having to put singles belts on guys you don’t think have the right “look” for World Champion status.

That’s one thing I’d like to see the recent pushes of guys like Punk and Bryan lead to, and I think it is leading to; a small change in what’s acceptable “WWE main event style.” You still need to have charisma, you still need to be able to use the microphone as a proverbial pipe bomb. But there’s no reason the idea of a professional wrestler or sports entertainer needs to be constricted. And I’m allowing myself to be optimistic that once the curtain goes down on SummerSlam we’ll continue to have reason to believe that WWE will continue this trend of catering to more than one “type” of fan.

 (Or it will somehow end with HHH and John Cena both as WWE Champion.)

Honestly I’d be ok with a certain division in which these stars could shine. It’d be like the lightweight or cruiserweight division without the way in which they were demeaned. Those divisions never received any legitimacy, but with some they could be highly entertaining and cater to those fans who want to see all of the high-flying action that they bring.
And you know who the latest Light Heavyweight Champion is? Four letter word that rhymes with 2Pac. (And the Kliq takeover continues!)

And that’ll wrap it up.

Thank you for coming MM, and do you have any parting words?

Thanks for having me, Mr. D.

And quite frankly my dear… that’s a wrap.

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The Rager – Something to Rage about (Parting ways with Chris Masters and Gail Kim Tue, 09 Aug 2011 18:05:41 +0000 Welcome, one and all, to yet another edition of everyone’s favorite weekly slapfest known as The Rager. My name is Chris and I serve as your Gondolier, to woefully guide (or gondo, I’m assume that’s 100% right in the same sense that “burglar” means “one who burgles”) you, my dearest and yet still sticky Rageans through this chalky rage full of broken dreams, sorrow and future endeavors.

This week, I break down my thoughts on the firing of 5 WWE Superstars/Entertainers/Independent Contractors within the past week, presumably to make room for more over-hyped NXT rejects (lookin’ at you, Heath). Some of them took me by surprise, some I probably should’ve seen coming, and some I really could care less about. So lets start this off and yes, they are in order starting from the ones I care least about:

I wasn’t surprised at all about this one and quite honestly, I’m more surprised this didn’t happen much sooner. Melina is injury prone, for one, which you can never fault someone for, its just the luck of the draw sort of thing. She just never gained much traction after her last injury, she wasn’t used much in the main shows except to be a tag partner of whichever heel Diva was in the spotlight at the moment and she had her horrible shrieking thing going on which probably didn’t help with anyone wanting to stick around for one of her matches. Also, I think her entrance should’ve been retooled once TV-G went into full affect because once it did, they always cut away to a different camera angle anyway so it really didn’t make much sense to someone that recently started tuning in…and yes, you all know of the original camera angle from her entrance that I’m talking about and I couldn’t’ve (embrace the double contraction like a boss!) been the only warm-blooded organism that was sad to see it go. In the end, some part of me wants to say this move was possibly in part a political one. We all heard about her and JoMo’s vocal displeasure about not being in Wrestlemania while Snooki got to do her flips and whatnot in front of the millions (and millions). But of course, that’s just my speculation and even if that were true, why would they wait till now to do it? Either way, I’m not affected one way or another by her departure. I’m more interested to see if JoMo now gets the Drew McIntyre treatment.

D.H. Smith
I really don’t understand this move or why he wasn’t given more of a chance after the breakup of The Hart Dynasty especially with his father being such a legend. The only time they ever really played that up was on Smith’s debut which was for one night only and probably way before the kid was ready for WWE and yet he still looked impressive. I still considered him to be the better wrestler compared to Tyson Kidd and that’s saying a lot because Kidd is no slouch. In the end, I believe Smith was just a victim of lazy post-tag character development exactly like Shad Gaspard after Cryme Time dissolved and we were stuck with the horrific stylings of JTG. I could see Smith getting better (in-ring and out) elsewhere and returning at some point in his career.

Vladimir Kozlov
Again, not horribly shocked but unlike others that were fired this week, he was given a shot right out the gate. Vlad came out and demolished everything in his path until it became painfully obvious that he really didn’t have much of personality, which makes being a heel quite challenging because the whole “quiet monster” thing last only so long. That’s why him and Santino made such sense to me because, as I’ve stated in the past, that those two brought together two extremes, someone with a lot of personality and no wrestling ability and someone with a lot of wrestling ability and no personality. But ultimately, as the nature of a company that puts more emphasis on the ‘E’ than the ‘W’ (you guess which one) it was just a matter of time that this happened. I will say that of all the wrestling moves and holds, Valdimir’s headbutt to the chest was one of the few that looked like it legitimately hurt his opponent.

Gail Kim
Gail is very much a different story because she wasn’t really fired but more quit and, to be honest, I couldn’t blame her. Gail is much better than she was booked and way over her competition. In an entertainment company based on wrestling and with a Divas division severely suffering, there’s no explanation worthy to justify why Gail wasn’t used more and booked properly based merely on talent. She had a chance when she was paired with Daniel Bryan but the ball was dropped and the story just went away. She had every right to do what she did when we have jokes like your “champ” Kelly Kelly stink-facing people while The Arm-Candy Twins blow their collective noses with the WWE’s anti-bullying campaign. As much as I hate TNA, WWE deserves to lose business to them just for this alone.

Chris Masters
I know this isn’t as a big of a deal to most but for those than can remember back in the day (February) when I made the plea for Masters to get a decent push and every now and then I would bring up the issue once again, I even did so last week. Here’s a guy that was given a push in his original push probably before he was ready and it kinda flopped after a while and was released. He came back after some time with a new aura as well as obviously improving in the ring and for what? For a winning streak on Superstars, a decent showing at the last Royal Rumble but still jobbing to other wrestlers on the mains shows. I’m no expert on judging ring ability, persona or charisma, all I know is that when Masters came back, he made me take notice and I was impressed with what he was bringing to the table (minus the dancing pecks, of course). WWE could’ve had a big-guy face with talent and charisma, at least within the midcard ranks, but instead we’re seeing the heels face Kofi Kingston for the millionth time and it goes nowhere and the midcard titles are pretty much worthless. I blame Vince, I blame Laurinaitis, I blame HHH, I blame Kofi Kingston, I blame Chavo, I blame Santino, I blame the writers, camera crew, Michael Cole, Justin Roberts, Rey Mysterio, Bruce Springstein, Jay Leno, you, myself, and lets throw in the Gobbledy Gooker for kicks and giggles.

Whew, well I feel a little better after all that. Anyways, I hope nothing but the best for these 5 individuals and brace myself for the possibility of more roster trimmings to come.

Last Week…
I made the comment that my wonderful, gorgeous and amazing girlfriend wouldn’t read this column due to her lack of interest in wrestling and I, obviously, was wrong in that assumption. However, that led to a discussion betwixt the fair lady and myself and she has decided that she will watch wrestling for the first time with me for Summerslam and the following Raw. I will give my report on her reactions in the next Rager for your reading enjoyment and out of my own sheer interest of an outsider’s perspective on the wrestling world.

Well this ran kinda long so I won’t do my movie/anti-movie of the week segment this time, although I do have a nice rant in the chamber about a certain cancelled TV show that I might share soon. Anywhom, this was fun as always and I hope you enjoyed it as well. If you’d like to rage with me, leave a comment below about anything I touched on or if you wanna bring up a subject of your very own.

Be sure to follow me on Twitter and join myself and fellow Rageans in a little thing I like to call “Live Rager” during Raw every week. Also be sure to check back on Pulse Wrestling for columns by our top notch staff of Insiders, we’re bound to tickle your fancy at some point.

I hope you all have a great week and I’ll catch you next time!

The Answer is: Vince McMahon would be that creepy, handsy grandpa you would never want your girlfriend to meet at thanksgivingtopstory120x120-|topstory120x120 topstory500x250-|topstory500x250

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Caught in the Ropes- Wrestling Soup (WWE, TNA) Tue, 09 Aug 2011 01:04:19 +0000 Welcome back to Caught in the Ropes! I’ll be honest: it’s been a hell of a week. Having your house fumigated for termites is a royal pain in the ass. Therefore, I’m taking the lazy man’s way out this week and I’ll comment on a few topics around the wrestling world since I didn’t have the time to think out and write up a full-fledged column. Hopefully things will calm down a little, so I can give you something more substantial next week.

Rise of the Divas

Beth Phoenix made her heel turn this week after she became the number-one contender for the Diva’s Championship. Natalya promptly made her turn on the blue brand as well, name-dropping Beth while doing so. We’ll see how things play out over the next week, but it looks like the WWE is moving to form one dominant Divas faction populated by a few particular women. You know, the talented ones. This angle, which is still in its gestation period so I won’t get too far ahead of myself, has the potential to be the best Diva’s storyline in a long, long time.

Unfortunately, Gail Kim quit the company this week as well. I could definitely see her being worked into this burgeoning stable if she stuck around, but I understand why she decided to split. She was relegated to the background in the WWE. Actually, that doesn’t do it justice; Gail Kim wasn’t even in the background, she was off-frame outside the set twiddling her fingers at the craft services table, waiting in vain to be called in. I don’t blame Gail for leaving, and I don’t blame her for exiting the Battle Royal the way she did. Just a few years ago, she was the one of the top female wrestlers in TNA and worked a series with Awesome Kong that riled up the Impact Zone in a way that would embarrass guys like Crimson and Mr. Anderson. She was big, and I think she truly believed that after proving herself in TNA, she would get the same push in the WWE. It never happened.

So, where do they go from here? Beth should crush Kelly Kelly at Summerslam and have a long run with the title. The WWE also needs to avoid lumping less qualified Divas into this stable. If they involve Alicia Fox or the Bella Twins in this storyline, the will officially kill it. It should be the best female wrestlers they have (and they can go out and pick up a few others as well) running roughshod over the rest of the division.

Hardcore Justice

I don’t get it TNA. So, Kurt Angle won the Heavyweight belt last night and became that belt’s third unique title-holder within the last two months. Kurt is a better choice than Sting, mind you, since he still has more left in the tank than Sting does, but Kurt also needs to start training for the 2012 Olympic Games. I can only assume, then, that Kurt is going to lose the belt again within the next few months, probably at Bound for Glory, or possibly No Surrender. That is if they don’t have him drop the strap on an episode of Impact like they did with Mr. Anderson. I honestly don’t know how Kurt is planning on qualifying for the Olympics while also working in TNA.

By all accounts, though, Hardcore Justice was not very good. The X-Division guys stole the show, like that’s a surprise to anyone, and it appears that this Aries/Kendrick/Shelley feud will continue for a little while longer. Crimson’s winning streak continues for some inexplicable reason. Does anyone care about this streak at all? I know they were trying to replicate the run Samoa Joe had early on in his TNA career, but it has generated zero interest and at this point they need to change directions with him. Or they could be TNA and have him win the whole Bound for Glory series and come away with the belt.

Other than that, there isn’t much to be said. Beer Money still have the tag belts, even though TNA seems to want to push Roode as a singles performer, and the duo have held the belts since January. It seems TNA doesn’t have any faith in Mexican America, and honestly, why should they? Moreover, TNA just doesn’t care about the tag teams anymore, which is just another former point of differentiation for TNA against the WWE that has fallen by the wayside. Winter won the Knockouts championship, which is…well, it’s not good, but it is something.

Ryder Revolution Begins With a Whimper

Having Zack on both Smackdown and Raw this last week was a positive step for the WWE. They need guys who can talk, and Ryder can do just that. However, he’s lost to Ezekiel Jackson and the team of Otunga and McGillicutty in the same week as well. The more things change, the more they stay the same. We’ll see how long it takes the WWE to stop portraying the guy as inept in the ring, but Ryder fans will have to take what they can get for now.

WWE Cleaning House

Aside from the aforementioned Gail Kim, Melina was let go by the company this week, along with Chris Masters, DH Smith, and Kozlov. The only real surprise here, aside from Gail quitting, was the release of Kozlov. He and Santino were over, really over, though I was beyond tired of the joke. I guess the WWE is serious about teaming Zack up with Santino and felt they didn’t need the guy. DH Smith is disappointing but inevitable; the writing was on the wall for him after the Hart Foundation imploded. Masters is another, “Well, duh,” release. After the Masterlock gimmick failed, Creative just had nothing in the bag for him.

Melina, as I’ve mentioned elsewhere, is no great surprise. She was mediocre in the ring, had an awful finishing move, and was by all accounts a total drama queen backstage. WWE is okay with the mediocre, but I think the fact that she was disliked by a lot of people in the locker-room is the real reason she was let go. The rest of her game wasn’t good enough to overshadow all her other problems within the company.

Thanks for reading, check out all the other articles here on Pulse Wrestling, and have a good week!topstory120x120-|topstory120x120 topstory500x250-|topstory500x250

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CB’s World: All Hail Gail Kim, plus The Curse of Zack Ryder? Mon, 08 Aug 2011 15:00:47 +0000 Whether she meant to create an IWC firestorm or was simply emoting her own personal frustrations, Gail Kim certainly made statement last Monday night on Raw.

Blink and you may have missed the scene at the 37-second mark of the above clip, when Gail — after landing some offense on Alicia Fox during the Divas Battle Royal — chose to roll out of the ring and eliminate herself from not only the match, but as it turns out, from the WWE as well.

That’s right, according to Gail Kim’s Twitter feed, she’d simply had enough of being a WWE Diva, where she was relegated to 30 second matches, or, even more offensively, was told last Monday night to be “get got” and get gone from the Divas Battle Royal in under 1 minute.

These instructions clearly set her over the edge, and I, for one, don’t blame her one bit.

After all, you are talking about a woman who had some very solid, lengthy matches when the TNA Knockouts division was at its peak, including a feud with Awesome Kong that even wound up main eventing some Impact TV shows at one point. I submit Gail Kim vs. Awesome Kong for the TNA Knockouts Championship at Final Resolution 2008 as my prime example of what Gail Kim can bring to the table when given the right outlet and the proper time:

Part 1 of the match is here.

Part 2 is below:

And so I say, all hail Gail Kim.

She didn’t like her situation, she expressed her displeasure, and she quit because she just couldn’t take it anymore.

And for those who say she shouldn’t have “broken the fourth wall” by simply eliminating herself from the Divas Battle Royal, my rebuttal is this:

When it first happened, did you even notice?

I thought so.

As for Gail, I think she sums up this whole saga perfectly, when she wrote the following comment on her Twitter feed:

Every1 sounds sad like its a depressing thing that I quit. Guess what? My life is actually beginning again instead of being stagnant letting my talent go to waste. I waited too long, that should be the depressing part!

Depressing indeed, but I am looking forward to seeing what Gail Kim does next, and unlike some folks, I really do wish her well in all of her future endeavors.


Aside from Gail quitting, there were some other cuts to the WWE roster announced late last week. When all was said and done, Gail Kim, Melina, Chris Masters and Vladimir Koslov were gone, and two of those cuts — Melina and Masters — were especially damaging to Zack Ryder’s cast of characters that he has recently featured on Z! True Long Island Story.

In fact, Masters just laid down a challenge from Ryder’s Internet Championship on last week’s episode of Zack’s hit YouTube show:

So much for that dream match, right?

And all I have to say is, watch out Scott Stanford, as there just might be a new hex in play, The Curse of Zack Ryder.

And yes, I am (not) serious bro!


Around the Pulse

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The folks who do our 10 Thoughts recaps have been really delivering the goods lately. Check out Joe Violet’s 10 Thoughts on Smackdown, M.C. Brown’s 10 Thoughts on Impact, and Patrick Spohr’s 10 Thoughts on Raw.

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Blair A. Douglas’ Interinactivity has become my favorite weekly read, and Mr. Steven Gepp outdid himself with two excellent installments of The View From Down Here looking at the wrestling LEXICON. A to L is here, and M to Z is right here.

And that’s all from me this week — CBtopstory120x120-|topstory120x120 topstory500x250-|topstory500x250

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WWE Superstars: August 4, 2011 (VIDEO) Sat, 06 Aug 2011 18:41:04 +0000 Jack Swagger takes on Chris Masters in the main event!

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WWE Roster News: Diva Quits, Superstar Fired, Sin Cara Return Update Fri, 05 Aug 2011 18:02:04 +0000 It’s been an eventful Friday in the world of WWE roster changes.

First, it appears that the Masterpiece Chris Masters has been future endeavored by WWE, sending him along his way.

Second, Gail Kim has apparently quit the company, coming on the heels of Twitter complaints and strange in-ring experiments. No word on how fast she can return to the Impact Zone.

Finally, Wrestling Observer is reporting that Sin Cara, suspended last month for a Wellness failure will be back in action this Tuesday, meaning his suspension lasted about 3 weeks.topstory120x120-|topstory120x120 topstory500x250-×250.jpg|topstory500x250

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Pulse Wrestling Recap: WWE Superstars, 06.30.2011 – Chris Masters, Tyson Kidd, The Uso’s Fri, 01 Jul 2011 11:36:10 +0000 Welcome everyone to another recap of WWE Superstars. I apologize to everyone for my absence the past couple weeks but my laptop is completely trashed, leaving me with no internet access. However, I have a temporary replacement and I’m back to cover Superstars!

Beth Pheonix vs. Gail Kim
The two ladies lock up the two friends trade blows until Beth picks up and subsequently drops Gail on her face. The two ladies then go to the top rope but Gail misses and falls to the mat but manages to trip up Beth, who falls to the mat herself. Gail flies around a bit before hitting the flying dragon maneuvor which brings Beth to her knees temporarily. Beth gets back up and drops Kim and takes control of the match. Beth hits a suplex and goes for a cover but only gets two. Beth goes for another suplex but Gail reverses and goes for a roll-through but barely gets two. Beth goes for a cover herself and gets nothing for her efforts. Beth sets up for the Glam Slam and then pulls the trigger and gets the pin.
Winner: Beth Pheonix

JTG vs Chris Masters
JTG comes out to cut a promo to get the crowd against him and its either working or they don’t care. I’m guess they don’t care because he literally begs the audience to boo him. This should go well.
Masters comes out and the fans are loving him. The match begins and JTG tries to grapple some and then lands a cheap shot in the corner. Masters tries to go for the Master Lock but JTG manages to slip away out of harm’s way and out of the ring. Masters goes after him but JTG slips back into the ring and misses an elbow. Master lands a chop and a suplex and gets a two count out of it. JTG lands a shot and a dropkick as he takes control of the match. JTG gets distracted by the “You Suck” chants and Master manages to get away for a short bit but JTG manages to maintain control. That is until Masters powers out of a headlock and hits a Samoan Drop and a few chops. Masters gets the bodyslam and the flying shoulder but gets a two count. Masters picks up JTG and throws him into the Master Lock and cue ragdoll.
Winner: Chris Masters

Alicia Fox vs. Kaitlyn
Fox lands a kick but Kaitlyn recovers and she’s the one that takes control of the match and the crowd grows deathly quiet. Fox drops Kaitlyn on her face and then focuses on Kaitlyn’s arm. Kaitlyn fights back drops Fox on her face and lands a shoulder but misses what I guess what was suppose to be a suplex and Alicia Fox lands the bicycle kick and gets the pin.
Winner: Alicia Fox

The Uso’s &Trent Barreta vs. Justin Gabriel, Heath Slater & Tyson Kidd
Kidd and Barreta start off and thank the lord Jebus that Tyson Kidd cut that dumb hair thing off. The two trade blows and Barreta lands a dropkick. Both men tag in and now its Uso 1 and Heath Slater. Uso 1 takes firm control of the match and owns Slater. Uso tags Uso 2, who gets kicked in the face and Slater tags in Gabriel. Uso 2 lands a slam and tags in Barreta. Barreta assumes control as he hits a flying elbow but Gabriel gets out of the way and Barreta gets tied up in the ropes. Slater tags in Gabriel and we go to commercial.
We return and its Tyson Kidd and Trent Baretta with Kidd having the upper hand and tags in Slater. Heath puts a arm hold on Barreta but Barreta gets to his feet and tries to go for a tag but gets pulled back. Barreta manages to get away and tags Uso 1 who completely demolishes Slater. Uso 1 goes to the top rope but gets distract by Kidd as Heath jumps up and throws Uso 1 down. Heath goes for the pin but Uso 2 breaks the count. Heath tags Gabriel who uses a headlock. Uso 1 tries to fight back but Gabriel puts another headlock on. Uso 1 gets up but Gabriel tags in Kidd who hits a dropkick. Kidd tags in Slater who stomps on his stomach. Slater puts Uso 1 in a headlock and then drops Uso on his back and tag Gabriel but Uso 1 slams into the newly tagged Gabriel. Uso 2 and Kidd are both tagged and Uso 2 hits the Samoan drop but gets two. Uso 2 tags Barreta who continues control. Both men go to the top rope but Barreta gets distracted and a kick to the face. All the other guys are fighting on the floor and Barreta suplexes both him and Kidd onto everyone else. Everyone is laying out on the floor but Kidd and Barreta get back in the ring. Gabriel gets owned outside the ring. Barreta lands the DDT and kicks Heath all in one move. Barreta tags in Uso 2 who hits a big splash and gets the pin.
Winners: The Uso’s & Trent Barreta
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Pulse Wrestling Recap: WWE Superstars, 06.09.2011 – Tyson Kidd and his newest manager, Chris Masters, Mark Henry Fri, 10 Jun 2011 02:43:27 +0000 JTG vs. Chris Masters
JTG chills in the corner a bit but they finally lock up and get things under way. Masters takes control early and hits a Samoan Drop until JTG lands a cheap kick and decides to take control from there. JTG gets a headlock in until Masters picks him up and drops him on the back of his head followed by a few clotheslines. Masters hits the flying shoulder and spinebuster but only gets a two count out of it. Masters goes for a bodyslam but JTG slithers out and pushes Masters into the corner. JTG goes for the Mug-Shot but Masters gets out of the way and enables the Masterlock and another one goes down.
Winners: Chris Masters

Melina & Maryse vs. Eve & Gail Kim
Maryse and Eve start things off and Eve dominates until Maryse gets a cheap shot while Eve is distracted by Melina. Speaking of Melina, Maryse tags her in and Melina uses a submission move and pulls on Eve’s hair and uses her weird submission move some more until Eve manages to get to her feet and drops Melina. Eve tags Gail Kim who comes out quick and dominates with some fast paced offense. Maryse tries to run an interference but Eve isn’t having it and those two end up outside the ring. Meanwhile, inside Melina takes advantage of the distractions and catches Gail off-guard.
Winner: Melina & Maryse

Mark Henry vs. Johnny Curtis
Curtis’ music hits but nobody comes out. Matt Striker comes in the ring to talk to Henry about why people are afraid to compete against him. Mark Henry then makes fun of people in the audience and everybody else. Mark Henry then gets angry at the steps and throws a temper tantrum and thats about it.
Winner: Not the steel stairs

Yoshi Tatsu vs. Tyson Kidd w/ Vickie Guerrero
Vickie comes out vocalizing her resume before announcing Tyson Kidd out.
The two men flip each other around a bit before separating and locking up and Kidd takes down Yoshi and takes control for there. That is until Yoshi lands a dropkick and a couple chops. Yoshi runs after Tyson in the corner but Kidd brings up his feet and lands a couple kicks to Yoshi’s back. Tyson puts Yoshi in a side headlock but Yoshi gets to his feet and the two exchange blows until Yoshi drops Tyson and lands a kick but only gets two. Tyson lands a cheap shot to the back of Yoshi’s knee and we go to commercial.
We return to Kidd stomping on Yoshi and goes into a leglock. Yoshi manages to reaches Tyson’s head and hits it several times but Kidd maintains control by taking out Yoshi’s legs. Tyson goes for another leglock but Yoshi kicks Kidd out of the ring. Tyson gets back in and Yoshi his a big kick for a two count. Yoshi hits a bodyslam and gets yet another two count. Yoshi goes to the top rope and misses and lands on his face. Tyson hits what striker calls “an inverted figure 4.” Yoshi crawls over to the ropes and gets a hold of them. Yoshi manages to land a big kick to Tyson’s head and that’s that.
Winner: Yoshi Tatsutopstory120x120-×120.png|topstory120x120 topstory500x250-|topstory500x250

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Non-Spoiler Match Listing for WWE Superstars 6/9/11 Thu, 09 Jun 2011 10:00:30 +0000 1. Tyson Kidd vs. Yoshi Tatsu (SmackDown)
2. JTG vs. Chris Masters (Raw)
3. Eve & Gail Kim vs. Melina & Maryse (Raw)topstory120x120-×120.png|topstory120x120 topstory500x250-×250.jpg|topstory500x250

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Pulse Wrestling Recap: WWE Superstars, 05.12.2011 – Zack Ryder, Chris Masters, Drew McIntyre Fri, 13 May 2011 22:46:47 +0000 Trent Barreta vs. Tyson Kidd
Kidd comes out with Michael Hayes and Hayes talks a bit hyping up Kidd so I suppose he’s Kidd’s new manager, I really really hope they’re bringing back managers.
The match begins with the two locking up Tyson wants to go for the Sharpshooter but Barreta shakes away. Kidd goes out of the ring for some consulting and goes back into the ring and into a headlock. They get back to their feet and Barreta lands a dropkick and a bit clothesline. Kidd catches Barreta offguard by stepping out of the way and Kidd lands a kick and takes control. Kidd keeps Baretta in a headlock until the two get back to their feet and Kidd gets clotheslined out of the ring but Kidd pulls Barretta out as well as we go to commercial.
We return with Kidd in control and has Barreta in a headlock which means Barreta gets back to his feet. Barreta lands the awesome looking backflip corkscrew thing from the top rope but only gets a two count. Barreta then lands a springboard kick and getting a two count again. Kidd gets Barreta caught up in the ropes and hits a back suplex. Kidd lands a kick and then tries a springboard elbow but catches Barreta’s knees and Barreta responds with a running dropkick and gets a two count to show for it. Barreta goes for the Dudebuster but Tyson counters it into the sharpshooter and Barreta taps.
Winner: Tyson Kidd

Zack Ryder vs. Vladimir Kozlov
Ryder backs off to the ropes a couple times and the ref forces Kozlov to back off. Ryder tries to get a shoulder but Kozlov doesn’t budge and then Kozlov headbutts chest a couple time and then gets a clothesline out of the ring. Kozlov goes after Ryder and Zack pushes Kozlov into the ringpost. The two make it back into the ring and Ryder continues to take control and lands a neckbreaker and then a headlock. Kozlov gets to his feet and drops Ryder on his face. He pushes Ryder into the corner but Zack manages to land a kick before getting dropped out of the ring yet again. Kozlov pushes Ryder back into the ring but Kozlov gets attacked from behind from Curt Hawkins. Kozlov gets thrown back into the ring and Ryder hits the Rough Ryder and gets the pin. A Hawkins and Ryder reunion? I’m ok with that
Winner: Zack Ryder

Drew McIntyre vs. Chris Masters
The two lock up and Masters gets McIntyre into the corner and the ref breaks them up. They Lock up once again and Drew manages to get the advantage with a headlock but Chris gets to his feet and tries the Masterlock but Drew slithers out. Drew lands a slap and a shot to the face and then stomps on Masters in the corner but then Masters lands a couple clotheslines. Masters the lends a few shops to Drew’s chest. Masters his a kneedrop and then a suplex. Drew tries to escape out of the ring but Masters gets a handful of Drew’s hair but Drew drops Masters’ arm on the ropes and then pulls Chris’ leg into the ringpost. Drew takes a breather for a little bit before coming back into the ring to kick Masters’ bum leg. McIntyre continues to work on Masters’ leg as Chris tries to fight back and succeeds to do so until Drew rams his shoulder into Masters’ leg. Drew then locks into a Figure 4 around the ringpost and we go to commercial.
We return and Drew is stomping on Masters’ leg yet again. Masters lands an elbow and tries to put Drew on his shoulder but Chris’ leg gives out gets a dropkick to the face. McIntyre takes off Masters’ knee pad and focuses yet again on the leg of Chris Masters. Drew goes for the Figure 4 but gets kicked out of the ring. Drew hops back in and Masters hits a very smooth-looking Samoan Drop. Masters’ struggles to get up but lands a kick to Masters head and hits a flying shoulder and a chop but McIntyre tries to counter. Master then responds with power bomb but only gets two. Masters hobbles to his feet and chops Drews chest but Drew gets Chris caught up in the ropes. Drew goes for the Future Shock but Chris flips Drew on his back. The two lock arms and Drew flips over into a Future Shock attempt but masters gets out of it. Drew then takes another shot at the bum leg. Drew pushes Masters into the corner and then runs after him but Drew only gets a shoulder in the ringpost. Masters gets the Masterlock in place and Drew goes limp. Can Chris Masters finally get some sort of push now?
Winner: Chris Masters
topstory120x120-×120.png|topstory120x120 topstory500x250-|topstory500x250

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Non-Spoiler Match List for May 12, 2011 WWE Superstars Thu, 12 May 2011 10:00:24 +0000 Here’s what you can expect to see on later today …

1. Tyson Kidd vs. Trent Barreta (SMACKDOWN)
2. Zack Ryder vs. Vladimir Kozlov (RAW)
3. Chris Masters vs. Drew McIntyre (RAW)topstory120x120-×120.png|topstory120x120 topstory500x250-×250.jpg|topstory500x250

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The Raging O’Really Report – WWE Draft, Sin Cara, Nexus, R-Truth, Rey Mysterios, Christian Wed, 20 Apr 2011 14:00:51 +0000 Welcome to this week’s edition of the O’Really Report, your Weekly Wrestling Wednesday Stop for all things WWE and TNA!
This week I am trying out a new concept in inviting a fellow columnist to join me and this week’s guest is none other than The Rager himself Chris Sanders!

Hey, thats me!

Indeed it is and as always I am your host, Rhett Davis.

Today we will be talking about a multitude of topics headlined by the always landscape changing WWE Draft.
However first on the list of to-dos is our newest Masked Superhero… Sin Cara.
Any thoughts Chris?

Well off the bat, the guy is obviously impressive. He’s got this absurd amount of ability and talent thats just busting out to be shown. The guy just needs to work on consistency, the botches have to become less frequent. I was completely content with blaming Primo on the slip up but there were some moments last Monday that just looked sloppy. Maybe he needs to stay on Smackdown for a while and work himself into a rhythm. But other than that, I love him so much more than Rey Mysterio but thats not saying much.

Rey Mysterio is just beaten down so bad right now that any new hi-flyers are welcome, but to say that Sin Cara hasn’t impressed would be a lie.  That manuever in which I still don’t know what to call off of the top rope was amazing.
However as I noted in my 10 Thoughts column Monday, the inconsistency is killer.

I couldn’t agree more, he’s got plenty of upside and this is just his one flaw that he’s got to work on.

His entrance is phenomenal, but I wonder how in the world does he jump that high into the ring?
Is it one of the Spirit Squad’s old mini-trampolines?

Thats a possibility because the camera is always on the opposite side of the ring. i just  assumed he made some sort of deal with a witch when he was a small(er) boy.

That very well could be, but he’s receiving a sky-rocketing push to the top in quick time to replace Rey Mysterio and one has to wonder how long does Rey have left in his body?

Yeah, I originally thought Rey would be out for a while right after Wrestlemania. The guy really needs to take some serious time off. He really needs to take notice of how Edge dealt with his injuries and step away while he can still get around comfortably.

I agree and speaking of the SmackDown title scene let’s transition into our next point.  How do you think Christian will do with his new push against Alberto del Rio?

Well I can’t say I’m surprised. Like I mentioned in The Rager, the Battle Royal, while it was fun to watch and I enjoy those, Christian really was a surprise to no one. I feel like Christian has been the back-up for the past couple months just in case something went wrong with Edge’s health. To me, I think thats a big role, not knowing when you’ll have to step up. So with that in mind, Christian more than deserves the spotlight right now. However, I feel like this will be Del Rio’s time to shine seeing as how we all thought that would come at Wrestlemania. I do think Christian needs to be considered a top tier superstar at this point, I feel like he’s paid his mid-card dues since returning from TNA.

I agree that after a few years it’s due time for Christian.  Christian has fought his way through the end of ECW, went to Raw for awhile, and finally got a big spot on SmackDown.  I also agree that despite loving Battle Royals, this one was predictable.  No real shock, but really I’d prefer Christian to fight del Rio than Big Show, Kane, or anyone else.
This is the first match between two superstars that have never won the big one in a long, long time.
Either way the match goes, there will be a first time World Heavyweight Champion crowned.

Exactly, I can’t remember anything like that ever happening. I just hope WWE doesn’t put the match in the first hour of Extreme Rules

That would be the ultimate insult to these men, but I think the E has learned from their mistakes at Mania… maybe?

Ha them? Learn? Again, I give that a booming Ha

It was worth a try anyways.  And now from the ultimate heel in Alberto del Rio to the newest edition to the heel side of WWE:  R-Truth. Thoughts?

Well, it was interesting how it happened. I was definitely entertained by it. However, the promo between the two felt like it was something that was just slapped together at the last minute and just felt awkward to me. Also having what was basically an after-school anti-smoking ad wasn’t the best way to open a show. But I am interested by it, the crowd made it ten times more entertaining and I’m really curious as to where this is gonna go and how these two guys are gonna be used. I still think WWE is gonna throw in another twist before this match happens but who knows.

I have to wonder how far ahead did WWE plan this?  Did they plan R-Truth to win and then plan for him to go heel by losing his opportunity to his best friend John Morrison?  If so, kudos.  If not, well it worked very well.  I am intrigued with R-Truth as a heel, but if he does commit to the heel persona then his theme music must change.  It’s too catchy and too much fun to sing for little kids.  And to your point the ‘That’s illegal’ chant they had going was all sorts of hilarious.

I know and for the entire crowd to be on board with that so quickly, it was fantastic

Way to go London.  But moving away from the R-Truth heel turn we have the end of the show with the Nexus continuing their attack on Randy Orton.  After re-watching the angle, it seems like they were trying to have Nexus break away from their leader CM Punk.  Thoughts?

I mean, that would certainly throw an interesting twist into what (for me) has become a stale angle. The feud between Punk and Orton is fantastic, don’t get me wrong, but Nexus just seems to be dying out and they need something like that to continue on. I would love for it to involve The Corre in some way because I thought the original Nexus was best when they had a ton of guys involved, it seemed more effective that way. My feelings the entire match was that Nexus was going to come out any minute now and, sure enough, they did and I was rolling my eyes because its just the same thing over and over again. I would love a new twist to develop and quite honestly, i believe they need something like that.

What’s sad is The Corre is more interesting than the Nexus right now and they have done almost nothing on SmackDown other than Ezekiel slamming Big Show on the first night.  Sure they have the Tag Titles and the Intercontinental Championship but that almost equals nothing in today’s WWE.  To me, Mason Ryan appears to be trying to take leadership of the Nexus after Punk let them get punted one-by-one.  Mason Ryan has a great look and size but I don’t think he has the charisma to uphold an entire angle on his back.  What I’d be interested to see is the Nexus members (minus Punk) get drafted to SD and join The Corre and renaming it The Nexus again.

Oh yeah, I’m definitely in favor of something like that. I would love to see Punk on his own once again

Yeah he seems to be bad luck with a stable.

Very true, I couldn’t stand Straight Edge Society but I adored, and still do, Punk

All of his factions end up turning to be just about him and that’s not good for a stable.  Triple H could point out everyone in his group and why they were there.

I couldn’t agree more, I don’t know who wants to keep putting Punk in stables but they need to realize that it’s just not his thing.

Well his charisma is off the charts, but it just doesn’t work with stables with Punk.  And now we are to our main event… are you ready?

Born ready, I bring it…hard

*cough* Well… Congratulations Chris you have now been appointed the General Manager of SmackDown and I turned out to be the Mysterious RAW Anonymous General Manager.  With you new position who are five superstars you think are locks on SmackDown and shouldn’t be traded and which five superstars do you believe need a new location on the Raw-side of things?
All of this is in the preparation of the WWE Draft coming next Monday on a USA network near you!

Ok ok, so I’m the GM of Smackdown, correct?

Correct sir.
Although you look nothing like Teddy Long you are now him.

Alright playa

‘Cole is a beautiful man with impeccable tastes’ whoa sorry had a flashback there.

Ah crap, you didn’t. So for the Superstars Smackdown needs to keep, I’d go Alberto Del Rio, Cody Rhodes, Ezekiel Jackson, Christian and Chris Masters. Del Rio because he’s established himself and SD would be hurting big time if they lost him. Rhodes because he’s just so full of potential and we’re just now starting to see the very beginnings of that. Jackson due to him just being a beast. In my opinion, I’d like to see Jackson distance himself from The Corre and turn face because SB is in desperate need of those right now. Christian because as I just said, SD needs faces and I like his face the most…is that awkward to say? No, not awkward…not awkward unless we make it awkward. Finally, Masters because he’s shown me quite a bit on Superstars and I’d love to see him have a midcard push.

For the Superstars that I could do without and can be shipped to Raw, I’d go with Rey Mysterio, Big Show, Chavo Guerrero, Kofi Kingston and JTG. Like we talked about earlier, who knows how much gas Rey has in the tank plus the fact that I just don’t like him…at all and for no reason. Big Show has become a slow-moving freak show at this point. Chavo is really only known as a punching bag and being Swagger’s eagle. Kofi has done nothing but blown every opportunity that has come his way. Finally, I don’t even know how JTG is even employed by the WWE still.

So to discuss your selections for a moment… all of the superstars you chose to keep I agree need to stay on the show except for maybe one and that would be Chris Masters.  On SmackDown he has done nothing to impress, Superstars aside.  So maybe a move would be beneficial for him.  As for who you voted to send off, all of them minus the Big Show would do well with a change of scenery, but I wouldn’t move Rey unless you planned on Sin Cara moving to the Blue Show.
And now for my picks.

The Five Superstars that Raw needs to keep are John Cena, John Morrison, The Miz, Santino Marrella, and Dolph Ziggler.  John Cena is the top dog in the WWE and he won’t move to SmackDown.  Plain and simple.  John Morrison could easily be traded, but with his WWE Title shot after the Draft and with the possibility of Orton being traded, he has a lot of upside by staying.  The Miz is easily the most watched WWE Champion in WWE history so moving him to SD would be a Miztake.  All kidding aside he is one of the biggest heels in WWE right now and is shining in the spotlight as WWE champion.  Santino is not necessarily a lock, but I feel on Raw he can at least mingle with guest hosts when we have them.  On SmackDown he wouldn’t have much to do except start fueds like APPLE. *sigh*  As for Dolph, he just got here.  It would be rather stupid to move him right back to SD while Teddy is still in control.

As for the superstars that should be moved, I have selected Sheamus, Daniel Bryan, Zack Ryder, Randy Orton, and Evan Bourne.  Sheamus is a top talent, but on Raw he is currently dwindling.  He has no purpose or direction and a change of scenery would aid in this.  Daniel Bryan could also do well with some new surroundings.  He has all the talent in the world but even the Calgarian Crippler (name replaced) did better on SmackDown, and they are very comparable minus the obvious.  Zack Ryder has all of the charisma in the world, but there’s just no time on Raw to display it.  SmackDown would fit him like a glove.  WWE wants Randall as a top face?  Well what better way than to just dominate SD for awhile?  Edge is gone so they are in desperate search of a new top face.  Evan Bourne is another case of just not having anything to do on Raw and being jobbed out despite his talent.

And for the final act Mr. Sanders, I would ask that you select 5 Superstars to come home to SD from Raw.  Which five would do best to transfer to SD from Raw?

I’d love Punk to go back to Smackdown, although he fits great on RAW, this is just me being a greedy GM. Orton would be a great fit to SD for the reasons you just said and it would allow him to be the top face without Cena butting in. Bryan because he needs more face time and, again, SD needs more faces. Tyson Kidd seems like he would make a good smackdown guy and he’s hardly getting any time at all. and finally smackdown needs Sin Cara to take the place of Mysterio whenever that time comes.

I did like Wade Barrett a lot more on Raw, whether he’s with Nexus or not, I felt like that was a better fit. Maybe Drew McIntyre because he’s not doing much on SD, I’m not sure he’d get any time on Raw but maybe a change of scenery would do him good, Kane seems like Raw should better fit him, I don’t see how terrorizing kids on Smackdown is a good idea. Undertaker is too much of a big deal to be on Smackdown but then again, he’s never on so that may be irrelevant. Finally, just because I’m looking at the roster now and I can’t think of anyone else, I’m gonna say Layla once LayCool breaks up, she’s gonna need a change of scenery once their unavoidable rivalry is over

I can agree with most of those and for Raw I would like to see Kofi Kingston because he is just spinning his wheels on SmackDown.  Ezekiel Jackson just to separate from The Corre.  Chris Masters to perhaps get more time on the show than on SmackDown.  Jack Swagger because without Cole he has nothing going on right now.  And last I’d take Wade Barrett as you said he did well on Raw but SD has totally tamed him as a talker.

And now we close this rather long The Raging O’Really Report.  Thank you for your time Chris and any last words?

Just that this was a lot of fun and I’m glad to be a part of the first ever one of these nifty little special editions of the O’Really. We’ll have to do this again sometime.

It’s been loads of fun and don’t forget to check out Chris Sanders’ The Rager right here on Inside Pulse every week on… Tuesdays?

That is correct.

And there you have it ladies and gents.

The Most Inexpensive End of Cords

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7, don’t forget to grab a spoon and dive right into the Wrestling Stew here because its a great column! (My thoughts are out to you and your family, don’t give up!)

Thanks for reading and don’t forget to leave a comment/concern/insult/etc in the space provided.


And quite frankly my dear… thats a wrap!

topstory120x120-|topstory120x120 topstory500x250-|topstory500x250

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Pulse Wrestling Recap: WWE Superstars, 04.14.2011 – Chris Masters, Zack Ryder, The Great Khali Sun, 17 Apr 2011 00:00:53 +0000 Welcome to another recap of Superstars, which can now be found on I’m not exactly sure when they posted it seeing as how I just made this discover about 10 mins ago. Either way, I’m pumped and ready to go!

Chris Masters vs. Curt Hawkins
The two men lock-up in the middle of the ring and as you would expect, Masters powers Hawkins to his back and into the corner. The ref breaks them up and Hawkins takes that opportunity to take control of the match. Hawkins goes for a suplex but Masters blocks it and lands one of his own. Masters go for a pin but only gets two. Masters gets pushed into the turnbuckle and the ref breaks them up and Hawkins takes over from that point. Hawkins has Chris in a headlock but that doesn’t last long as Masters gets to his feet but it was for nothing as he is kicked in the stomach and Hawkins lands a suplex for a two count. Hawkins puts in another headlock and once again, Masters is on his feet and lands a few chops. However, Hawkins trips up Masters as we take a break.
And we’re back from a 2 second break (gotta love the internet), and Hawkins has Masters in yet another headlock and as always, Masters manages to get to his feet and breaks the hold. Hawkins tries to keep his momentum going but Masters shifts that momentum into a Samoan Drop. Both men take a long time to get up as Masters crawls over to the turnbuckle. Hawkins runs full-speed but Masters gets out of the way as Curt meets the turnbuckle face-first and is then met by a series of chops and Striker loves the sound of flesh-on-flesh action as Masters hits an impressive spinebuster. Masters opts out of going for the pin but insteads climbs up on the 2nd rope and hits a flying shoulder but only gets a 2 count. Masters goes for the Masterlock but Hawkins manages to escape and nails a clothesline but gets a pin for 2. Hawkins whips Masters into the corner and then runs himself but gets flung over the top rope but lands on the apron. Masters reaches over the ropes and gets the Masterlock in. Masters lifts Hawkins back into the ring and we get some ragdoll action, this one is over.
Winner: Chris Masters

We relive Edge’s retirement announcement from this past Monday night in its entirety.

Natalya & Gail Kim vs. Maryse & Melina
We start off with Maryse and Natalya and Maryse right off the bat hits a slap and a shove and the lady bear has been poked because Natalya is not happy. The ref breaks them up seeing as how Maryse coward to the ropes. Maryse is preoccupied with the ref as Natalya runs out of the ring and drops Maryse from behind. Maryse scrambles into her corner to tag Ms. Non-Wrestlemania herself, Melina, who doesn’t have time to get in the ring because Natalya sprinted over and flipped Melina into the ring and goes for the Sharpshooter but Melina gets a slap in. Natayla grabs a handful of Melina’s hair and lands a slam and tags in Gail Kim. Natalya throws Kim onto Melina and goes for a pin but only gets two. Gail Kim takes over and basically flies around the ring and its shot after shot that lands on Melina, Maryse tries to get involved but gets kicked away but Melina manages to flip Kim onto the ropes and Melina starts screaming and taking control but while in the corner, Kim lands a kick to Melina’s head. Kim tries to crawl back to her corner but Melina drags her away. Kim gets whipped into the wrong corner and Melina tags in Maryse, who continues the momentum in her team’s favor, pulls a couple dirty moves in classic heel fashion before tagging Melina right back in. Melina locks in some weird submission move that shows off that she’s flexible…hooray her (it really looks it would hurt her more than her opponent…just sayin). Melina can’t keep the hold and awkward rolls over for what apparently is a pin but only gets a two count as Melina crawls back to her corner and tags Maryse. Maryse immediately runs over and takes a shot at Natalya and drags Kim back to the middle but Kim counters and tags in Natalya, who hits a spinning bodyslam and goes for the pin but Melina breaks it up at 2. Melina gets attacked by Gail Kim and those two land out of the ring. Maryse goes for her DDT but Natalya isn’t having it and lets Maryse land on the mat and locks in the Sharpshooter and Maryse taps.
Winners: Natalya and Gail Kim

We get a look at the announcers say is a new movie with Randy Orton but what we really get is the Awesome Kong spot from Monday Night and another babydoll loses its head.

We now rewatch another package from Monday night, this time its everybody talking about Taker vs. HHH.

Zack Ryder vs. The Great Khali
Before Khali comes out, Zack Ryder gets a mic and hypes his youtube show and t-shirts and threatens to fist-pump Khali’s face…ya that happened.

Ryder backs into the ropes a couple times before lands a kick to Khali’s legs and then gets thrown down. Ryder tries to say that he doesn’t want to fight any more and gets a cheap shot in and scrambles out of the ring. Ryder gets back on the apron and Khali gets his hands on him and throws Zack in the ring. Khali slaps Ryders chest twice and goes for a third but Ryder sweeps the legs and Khali is down. Ryder gets a headlock in but Khali gets up and slams Ryder back down and then lands a chop to the head and then hits the Punjabi Plunge and gets the pin. That was really short and awkward.
Winner: The Great Khalitopstory120x120-×120.png|topstory120x120 topstory500x250-|topstory500x250

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The Rager – Undertaker/HHH/Shawn Michaels, The Rock, CM Punk and the Downfall of The Nexus Tue, 29 Mar 2011 20:00:11 +0000 Welcome, friends, Romans and countrymen (and ladies) who have done their share of ear lending (or eyes in this case), to another edition of The Rager. Last week, I diverged from the usual Rager format and took a look into just who was the best Heel in the WWE. I really hope everybody enjoyed that and feel free to give it a look, if you haven’t done so yet. I may, in a future Rager, do the same with Babyfaces but TODAY we return to your regularly scheduled Rager.

Opening Rage
I’ll be completely honest, I never watched an episode of Superstars until I started doing the Pulse Wrestling Recap about a month ago. To prepare for this, I watched a bunch of the previous episodes and I grew to like the show. Why? Because I got to see wrestlers actually wrestle (thats right, WWE, you’re a wrestling company, get over it) and not only that but you got to see guys who were usually getting their hind quarters handed to them on the top 2 shows.

I submit the case of Chris Masters. here’s a guy who has showed some improvement since his return a while ago but where has he shown that improvement? Getting beasted by insert name here rising Superstars? No. Showing off his dancing pecks? Dear good God almighty, no. WWE Superstars? Absolutely. Without this show, a lot of these lower card guys will only get face time being jobbers and I understand thats how things were done back-in-the-day but I’m not so sure that would work nowadays.

In my opinion, I believe WWE needs to keep a show such as this around and they need to find a network that understands that they won’t get a big audience. The perfect solution? Get rid of NXT, let Tough Enough handle the reality show crowd and broadcast a Superstars-equivalent show online. Yes? Yes.

Secondary Rage
I know I’m late on this, but has Kane turned face? This just seems odd and out of place. Don’t get me wrong, I giggled a little when I heard Kane’s need for Big Show’s completeness. Follow that awkwardness to Kane opting for Santino’s celebration tactics and it sure seems like the turn is complete. This might be a good thing for The Big Red Machine, seeing as how his recent storyline with Undertaker and especially Edge had us all rolling our eyes in woeful discontent. What I loved in that whole process? Kane’s promos leading up to his feud with the Undertaker, it showed that he still has some character and personality…even if it was just raging his head off in the ring. Maybe turning that personality into a face might be a good transition for Kane. Who knows? I’m down.

Thirdly Rage
Let us now, dearest, sticky, Rageans, move to the CM Punk, the Pseudo Nexus and Randy Orton. Last week in my breakdown of Heels, I sang the praises of CM Punk for his antics and ring ability but warned that if he kept going with his awesomeness, he’d turn into an Orton-like anti-hero face and I believe we all saw a glimpse of that on Raw. Sure, it was mainly due to being in his hometown of Chicago and pandering a bit towards that.

But moving on, as I watched their segment open Raw and when Punk mentioned that he didn’t care that the other members of Nexus all received a punt to the head, I took a moment and thought about where Nexus came from and what its turned into. When you think about it, its not Nexus anymore, its a new Straight Edge Society with a twist and i’m not sure that its working even before its current dismantled state. Don’t get me wrong, CM Punk is ontop of his game right now but I feel like its getting harder for the fans to look at the Nexus in the same way it originally did. I pondered this thought a little further and I came up with an idea that could explain this. Please note that this is just all speculative and my mind is simply being imaginative. Think back on Nexus’ original attack almost a year ago: they attacked John Cena but they also attack Cena’s opponent that night. Cena’s opponent that night was, of course, CM Punk. I feel like that alone could start an amazing feud between Cena and Punk and there’s two ways they could go about it.
First, they could go the easy route and Punk could explain that he was the original orchestrator behind the Nexus (it would make sense because he had access to the NXT rookies through his protege Darren Young) and used them to try to destroy John Cena. OR (I like this idea so much better) seeing as how the Nexus is pretty much in shambles right now, Punk could exclaim that it was all part of his plan. He could say that he joined Nexus after he saw Cena fail to dismantle the group and Punk was able to from the inside because “he’s better” than Cena. This could lead to a great feud with Cena and possible help WWE embrace Punk’s forthcoming anti-hero face-ness as mentioned earlier. But what do I know?

Rage Episode IV: A New Hope
This may be presuming too much or being too hopeful…whatever it is, I do hope we witness the long-awaited heel turn of John Cena following the AA executed on The Rock. I don’t really have much else to say on the matter other than I thought it was a decent promo but it reverted back to putting Miz in the backseat once again. Sure, Miz and Alex Riley attacked but it didn’t do much good and the WWE Champion just got thrown around the ring like he was nothing. The promo pretty much said that we will see Rock in action of some sort at Wrestlemania because if they peaked this story on the Raw before then thats would be a huge screw up on their part. Give the people what they wanna see, Rock can handle it.

King Rage V
Finally, lets take one final look at the HHH/Undertaker shenanigans. Before Raw, I was fully prepared to complain about the promos leading up to Wrestlemania. It felt like they were all lacking any sort of specialness to them. Sure the initial stare-down was chilling but all the promos following that were just one of them talking about how epic it was gonna be. Why did these promos seem lame? because I was comparing them to Shawn Michaels’ promos, mainly the rare Smackdown appearance where he filled the arena with white smoke and dressing in the white hat and jacket. It was quite possibly my favorite promo of all time.
Low and behold, WWE must’ve felt my displeasure and gave this feud a big HBK shot in the arm. He was spot-on with what he was saying and then getting shot down by both HHH and Undertaker was brilliant. The promo had a disfunctional family vibe to it. It was like two divorced parents yelling at each other and arguing about their kid, not caring that their kid was in the room and could hear every word.
Much like The Rock’s promo, this pretty much says Michaels’ will have some sort of role in this match and I’m really curious about what HHH wanted Shawn to say at the end and I’m wondering if it has anything to do with what HHH wanted to say on Shawn’s farewell Raw before getting attacked by Sheamus. Again, speculation.

Well thanks for letting me get these Rages out. As always feel free to comment and discuss any of these issues as well as anything you may be raging about yourself.
Have a great week!

A cucumber should be well sliced, and dressed with pepper and vinegar, and then thrown out, as good for nothing.
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10 Thoughts on WWE Superstars 03.24.2011 — Daniel Bryan, Chris Masters, Gail Kim Sat, 26 Mar 2011 02:20:01 +0000 1. It’s intriguing that the Reks/Masters feud has become kind of a staple of Superstars. Most storylines are very brief, and I use “storyline” in the loosest term. But this brings some interest back to Thursday nights, and I’m pretty pleased with it, overall.

2. Masters has become one of my favorites to watch. He’s the brawn, but he does well with it, and doesn’t confine himself to that gimmick. He seems comfortable while selling, but still manages to look beastly. And what a fluid Samoan Drop! I almost don’t mind his banishment to Superstars, as he’s probably being allowed to do way more on this show than he ever would on Smackdown.

3. Are they really showing a Smackdown recap? My brain has been pounded into mush from an insane week, so forgive me if this is inaccurate…but I thought they rarely acknowledged the Blue Crew? Boy, that Wasteland to Big Show looked great, albeit a bit tired.

4. The Great Khali…no. I’m not even going to get into it. You can all fill in the blanks, there.

5. Sentimental moment: Yoshi wearing the armband for Japan was wonderful. I heard the death count is up to 10,000 now. Horribly tragic, and thoughts are with everyone.

6. I feel as though there hasn’t been anything spectacular of note to build up HHH/Taker, but I’m still very, very ready for it. Maybe it’s the image I have of them in my head. I’m worried it’ll flatline, though.

7. Intergender matches are one of my favorites, though I have no idea why. Good to see that it’s at least one Diva I enjoy watching…especially one who is known for assaulting the men.

8. Why do I have to suffer through Maryse, The Bellas, and Joan Cena every week, and Gail Kim is kept on the shelf? Hot damn, that woman can work. What a crossbody outside the ring from the top rope! She restores my faith in women.

9. Daniel Bryan and Tyson Kidd mesh very well together. They’re almost the same person, Bryan just has way better hair. The two wrapped it up nicely with the aid of their women.

10. Random Thought of the Week: I’ve had Zack Ryder on the brain ever since his t-shirt arrived in my mailbox. I would love, love, love to see him used in a real way. With how popular Jersey Shore has become (I say that reluctantly), I think his gimmick is something that could hook in a new fanbase, give him plenty of material for a good feud, and he has the capability to put on decent matches. But that’s just me. What do you all think?topstory120x120-|topstory120x120 topstory500x250-|topstory500x250

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Pulse Wrestling Recap: WWE Supersters – 03.24.2011 – Daniel Bryan, Tyson Kidd, Chris Masters Fri, 25 Mar 2011 02:12:22 +0000 Hello again, one and all, to another recap of WWE Superstars. Lets get to it!

Tyler Reks vs. Chris Masters
We get another installment of what has been an impressive series of matches between these two with Masters riding quite the winning streak.
The two grapple in the middle of the ring, Masters takes the early advantage until Reks lands a kick to the gut and Reks takes over. Masters is able to use Reks’ momentum against himself and Reks is thrown out of the ring where Reks shows some aggravation before returning to the ring. Masters is still in control and tries to use the Masterlock but Reks thwarts that attempt and lands a chop block. The two men exchange blows until Reks finds himself going over the ropes and on to the mat once again as we head to commercials.
We return and Reks has all the momentum as he works on the legs of Masters but it only amounts to a two count. Reks continues to stomp away until Masters lands a couple punches but Reks isn’t haven’t any of it and Reks puts Masters into a leg lock. Masters kicks Reks into the corner and then tries to get a rollup pin but only gets two. Masters lands a couple punchs and a chop and then Masters lands a Samoan Drop and then takes control. He hits a spinebuster and a pin but another 2 count. Reks manages to take control of things and pulls off what Matt Striker calls a “Flatliner” for another two count. Reks goes for another leg hold but Masters counters into the Masterlock and Reks goes limp. Masters wins by submission and the win streak continues.

We now relieve the tag match from Smackdown between The Corre and Kane-Show. I’m left speechless that they’re actually showing something from Smackdown. Huh, who knew?

The Great Khali & Yoshi Tatsu vs. The Uso’s
Khali comes out with his midsection in wraps and is selling a rib injury, anybody know where that came from? I can’t remember.
Anyways, we start off with Yoshi and Uso 1. Yoshi starts flying around the ring and Uso 1 can’t quite catch him but he does catch a nasty chop by Yoshi that carried an impressive snap to it.. Yoshi continues the fast pace and gets a rollup pin for two. Yoshi continues to control things until Uso 1 takes a punch and a couple kicks and Yoshi finds himself out of the ring where Uso 2 lands a clothesline. Uso 1 brings Yoshi back in the ring and gets a over for a two count and then tags Uso 2 in to continue control and Uso 1 is tagged back in. Uso 1 dominates for a short time before tagging in Uso 2 who lands a nasty sounding kick to the stomach of Yoshi. Yoshi gets slammed again and Uso 2 goes for a drop but Yoshi moves out of the way. Uso 2 gets a quick tag and Uso 1 leaps out to stop Yoshi from getting a tag in. Yoshi lands a spinning heel kick and tags in Khali, who just manhandles Uso 1. Uso 2 tries to interfere but is swatted away. Khali nails the Punjabi Plunge and awkwardly hobbles over Uso 1 for the pin and gets it. Yoshi and Khali get the win.

We get to watch the package of Superstars’ (the people, not the show) response to the Taker/HHH shenanigans, seeing as how the two men have kinda failed on their own promos but thats another Rager (shameless plug) for another time.
After this, we get a rundown of the Wrestlemania 27 card. Geez, I’m ready for this to happen.

Daniel Bryan & Gail Kim vs. Tyson Kidd & Melina
i wonder if we’re gonna get a repeat of a couple weeks ago when everybody turned and attacked Kidd. Anywhom, the ladies start things off by locking up in the ring and Melina powers Kim into the corner until Kim lands a few counters. Wow, Gail Kim is actually fun to watch, who knew? Kim tags Bryan who hoists Kim onto his shoulders and drops her onto Melina. Kidd comes running in and Bryan picks up Kim and throws her legs into Kidd. Bryan lands a dropkick and gets a two count out of it. Bryan continues to take control until Kidd counters with a kick and then a double kick that leaves Bryan on his back. Kidd takes over from there with another impressive sounding kick to the back of Bryan’s head. Kidd tries a sleeper but Bryan escapes and starts kicking Kidd around and gets another two count. Kidd manages to push Bryan into his corner. The ref turns his back and Melina starts chocking Bryan. Kidd starts taking his time and tries to use the Sharpshooter until Bryan moves away and tries, himself, to use the LaBelle Lock. Kidd manages to move to the edge of the ring and then falling out of it. Melina runs over to slap Bryan and Gail Kim avenges her boyfriend by landing a dropkick on Melina. Bryan jumps off the apron and lands a flying knee on Kidd as Kim lands a Crossbody on Melina as we cut to commercial.
We return with Bryan throwing Kidd’s face into the turnbuckle and Bryan lands a few kicks and throws Kidd, who catches the ropes and scrambles to tag Melina. Gail Kim comes flying out and takes control. Kim uses a leglock until Melina kicks out of it and Kim misses on the Crossbody and Melina takes over and starts screaming and yelling. Melina goes for the cover but Kim kicks out at two. Kim rolls up Melina but doesn’t even get one. Melina gets in a kick for another pin but two. Melina locks in a Nelson with her legs. Melina tries to roll over but Gail counters into a body stretch. The two let go and come running back at each other and both slamming the other’s head into the mat. Both try crawl to their respective corners. Both get the tag and both men start flying around but its Bryan with the advantage. Bryan goes to the top rope but Melina messes with his footing and drops before Kim runs over to drop Melina on her face and Kim throws Melina back into the ring for some strange reason. Kidd jumps up to the turnbuckle but Bryan pushes him off. Bryan stands up on the turnbuckle as Gail Kim does the same on the adjacent turnbuckle and both land dropkicks. Ah, I see what they did there. Bryan gets Kidd into a fresh LaBelle Lock and Kidd taps. Daniel Bryan and Gail Kim wins.

Thats is for this one, folks. This was fun as always and that last match was pretty impressive, I’m sure my recap isn’t even close to how good that match was. Let me just say, I didn’t really watch Superstars before I began doing this recap but now that I do, I believe its a shame the show is seeing its final days. I don’t know where some of these guys and gals will get any face-time. Stay tuned, I might Rage about this next week (another plug).
Have a great weekend, everybody!topstory120x120-×120.png|topstory120x120 topstory500x250-|topstory500x250

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10 Thoughts on WWE Superstars 03.10.2011 — Natalya, Zack Ryder, and a million recaps Fri, 11 Mar 2011 10:00:56 +0000 1. This animosity between Reks and Masters is delicious. I really, really enjoy it and am glad this angle is continuing, even if it’s on Superstars.

2. It’s just Superstars…I get that. But seriously, why are Korpela and Striker jabbering on about HHH/Taker, and Snooki, and The Rock, when this is not Raw. It’s frustrating. Those events are in the future, why not talk about those guys rolling around in the ring?

3. Masters with a strong victory over Reks, and looked great while doing so. These two seem to mesh well, when both are given time to do it. That’s the silver lining to Superstars; no one is pushed aside just because they don’t enter to chimes or wave his hand in front of his face. However, there are way too many recaps. 

4. Gotta love watching Stone Cold be Stone Cold. Notice how these men that are returning (Trips, Taker, Rock, Stone Cold) don’t really have to do anything to send chills up your spine and force a smile to spread across your face? And may I just say that seeing JBL was a very pleasant surprise? Smell that? It’s definitely Mania season!

5. If Kozlov is the one wrestling, play his damn song! It’s way better than Santino’s.

6. Zacky, Zacky, Zacky. He’s so good, I love watching him, and I know I’m not alone on that. But he’s doing wonderful things on Superstars, so if it ain’t broke…

7. Why do I keep forgetting that Cena is facing Miz at Wrestlemania? Oh yeah, because relevant storylines aren’t as important as rapping.

8. Natalya, Mark Henry, and Khali. Really. At least Tyson Kidd, Melina, and William Regal make some sense. But OH MY GOD TYSON’S HAIR.

9. With this many people in the ring, I think having it given adequate time would have been lovely. But, that’s less time I have to suffer through Henry and Khali. Gotta love Natalya putting the Sharpshooter on Kidd, though.

10. Random Thought of the Week: It’s weird to be gearing up for Wrestlemania, but in a completely different way. I was there last year when it was in my hometown, and I remember going to Armando Estrada’s restaurant for signings, waiting in line for what felt like a fortnight to get into the stadium, watching Swagger fumble for the briefcase, and tearing up when Shawn’s shoulders were pinned for three seconds. Now, I’m waiting to go to the bar to watch it. Exciting, but not the same.topstory120x120-|topstory120x120 topstory500x250-|topstory500x250

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