TNA Cuts Former ROH Worlc Champion, X-Division Champion

Glad they gave him the rub when Jeff Hardy debuted. »»

Bryan Danielson takes First Indy Show after 90-Day No Compete

Not likely back in WWE until October. »»

Dragon Gate USA and Evolve's Gabe Sapolsky Comments on Bryan Danielson's Return to the Indies

Here's what Gabe had to say: "Bryan returning is a huge boost for the entire independent wrestling scene. This should be a great opportunity to create a lot of excitement and present some awesome matches. I can't wait for EVOLVE on July 23rd and D »»

Video: DGUSA - CIMA to Team Canada?

Is CIMA joining Team Canada? Check out the latest video, below, to find out. »»

Video: Dragon Gate USA PPV to Feature Six-Man

DGUSA's famous six-man match will air beginning this Friday, May 14, on PPV. »»

DG USA News: Young Bucks Booked, New Tag Champs

DG USA has announced that the Young Bucks are booked for two more dates with the promotion before they start with TNA. They'll wrestle a three way elimination match in Chicago on March 16th against the teams of Masato Yoshino and Naruki Doi and Shing »»

Dragon Gate USA Live Review - Talent Shines/Sapolsky Missteps

Man shades of why Gabe Sapolsky got fired from Ring of Honor were on clear display tonight. I think it's an understatement to say that Sapolsky is second to none in inspiring talent to give their best in the ring. However Sapolsky misstepped spectacu »»

Historically Speaking: What I'm Thankful For...

“Let the science and research of the historian find the fact and let his imagination and art make clear its significance.” - George Trevelyan »»

Gabe Sapolsky Talks About Evolve, Bryan Danielson & more

Who came up with the name "Evolve" for Gabe's new promotion? »»

DGUSA's Next PPV Premieres This Weekend

Dragon Gate USA "Untouchable" premieres on pay-per-view TONIGHT at 10pm... »»

Video: 7 Minute Davey Richards Promo For Dragon Gate USA

Richards has come a very long way from when he was in the No Remorse Corps. »»

DG USA News: First Match In Title Tournament Announced

PW Torch's James Caldwell reports that the first match in the DG USA Title Tournament has been announced. It will be former WWE and ECW star Super Crazy vs. Chikara's Mike Quackenbush vs. Dragon Gate's CIMA. The rest of the first round will include t »»

Dragon Gate USA News Update on Championship Scene

BxB Hulk has been added to the Open The Freedom Gate Title tournament on November 28th at The Arena in Philadelphia. Hulk was the best available choice from Japan. Second row Golden Circle seats are selling fast. This package comes with the "Independ »»

Dragon Gate USA News On Danielson, Davey Richards

Including video of Danielson's DGUSA farewell... »»

CHIKARA Chronicles: Ants Marching

The fall-out of CHIKARA's stops in New England and DGUSA in Chicago. A few matches for CHIKARA's upcoming shows in Pennsylvania this October have been added. By popular demand, the unique rules of the promotion are also looked over and explained. »»

PPV Review: DGUSA Enter The Dragon (11.4.2009)

Dragon Gate USA debuts on pay-per-view and pieces together arguably one of the greatest professional wrestling shows of the entire decade. »»

Report On Danielson's Dragon Gate USA Appearance

Slam! Wrestling's "Bloodthirsty" Bob Kapur has a report on last night's Dragon Gate USA show, which is part of Bryan Danielson's indie farewell tour. He singled out Danielson's match with Naruki Doi and the Young Bucks match with Genki Horiguchi and »»

J.R. Blogs About Dragon Gate, Kendrick, Lawler

Jim Ross's latest blog entry details his eventful weekend. He was in Dallas on Saturday for OU vs. BYU and in Chicago on Sunday for Dragon Gate's show. He was complimentary of Dragon Gate, saying he loved the show and the fans (well, except for the g »»

Sapolsky Comments On Danielson's Move To WWE

Gabe Sapolsky blogs about Bryan Danielson's impending departure from the indies, and his relationship with him from the first ROH show to his appearance this weekend in DG USA, on his MySpace: Bryan was the first plane ticket we purchased when ROH »»

DG USA News: Danielson Added To Autograph Signing

PWI's Mike Johnson passes along DG USA news. That includes the addition of Bryan Danielson to the autograph signing at Sunday's show during intermission. Also signing at the show will be his future co-workers, Jim Ross and Jerry Lawler. Johnson also »»

CHIKARA Chronicles: Egyptian Conniption

More matches for CHIKARA's return to New England have been announced, including a pair of bouts for the Campeonatos de Parejas. Also, Ophidian and Amasis of the Osirian Portal sit down for a quick interview. »»

DVD Review: DGUSA Best of Wrestle JAM, Volume 1 (7.8-9.2006)

Dragon Gate USA puts together two great nights of "Wrestle JAM" action from 2006 in this new compilation, featuring a ladder match and a bout for the ROH World Tag Team Championships. »»

CHIKARA Chronicles: The Young Lions, the Witch, and the Wardrobe

Breaking news coming out of the seventh annual Young Lions Cup, updates on the upcoming New England events, and by popular demand, some background history of CHIKARA. »»

PWG Announces Big Six Man Tag Main Event

PWG has announced the card for their September 4th show, Guerre Sans Frontières. It includes something of an inter-promotional dream match. Brian Kendrick and the Young Bucks will take on DG USA's CIMA and TNA's the Motor City Machine Guns, in a m »»

DGUSA Announces Tournament To Crown First Champion, Quackenbush Joins

Dragon Gate USA has announced that they will hold an 8-man tournament to crown the first DGUSA Champion (wacky title name: Open The Freedom Gate Championship) in Philadelphia on November 28th. The tournament will feature 8 as of yet unannounced wrest »»

CHIKARA Chronicles: A New Beginning

In the debut article of this new column, CHIKARA's recent and upcoming events are covered, including DGUSA and "Never Kneel at the Altar of Conformity" results, as well as previews for all three nights of "Young Lions Cup VII". Also, an exclusive interview with fellow YLC participant, Leonino. »»

DG USA News: Danielson, Richards Matches Announced For Chicago

PW Torch's James Caldwell has news on ROH's Bryan Danielson and Davey Richards' involvement in Dragon Gate USA's September 6th show in Chicago. Danielson will take on Open the Dream Gate Champion Naruki Doi in battle of "aces" in the main event. »»

Paul Heyman Bemoans Lack Of New Talent In WWE And TNA

Paul Heyman looks at WWE and TNA's rosters and finds them lacking in fresh young talent. He illustrates the situation with the kind of imagery you'd expect from the man behind the original ECW: A really talented lap dancer has a better chance of b »»

Dragon Gate USA News: Sapolsky Talks Booking, Chikara Talent Added, More

Gabe Sapolsky takes you inside his booking the first DGUSA card at his MySpace blog. He explains his thought process for all of the matches. Of particular interest to WWE fans is what he says about how Ken Doane made it on the card: I asked Paul H »»

DGUSA Announces PPV Date, DVD Plans

Dragon Gate has announced, via faq on their website, that they will make their PPV debut on September 4th. The FAQ also lays out the following information: DGUSA's PPV taping plans- They plan on taping at at least their first two shows. The diffe »»

J.R. Blogs About DGUSA, Brisco, Torrie Wilson, The Bash, Jackson, Fawcett

Jim Ross thinks some people are taking the appearance he and Jerry Lawler are making at DGUSA's Labor Day weekend show too seriously. That's one of the many topics he covers in a recent blog entry. For J.R.'s part, he says he just want to meet som »»

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