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Universal Studios – Orlando, Florida – Sunday, November 7, 2004

Mike Tenay and Don West are on commentary.

MATCH #1: No Limits X Division Gauntlet

No fewer than 20 X-Division superstars will be featured in this match, with one-minute intervals. Kazarian drew #1, and Sonjay Dutt drew #2. Dutt almost gets eliminated right away but fights back into the ring and unleashes a flurry of offense. Puma comes out at #3 and immediately goes after Dutt. Kazarian joins him and they double-team the Original Playa from the Himalaya. L.A. Park is entrant #4. Of course he brings a chair with him and gives everyone a shot with it. Kazarian takes offense as Jerrelle Clark comes out as #5. He shows off his aerial skills. Miyamoto is #6 and he goes after Puma. Clark hits Puma with the 630 but then gets leveled by Kazarian, who gets leveled by Dutt. Matt Bentley (accompanied by Traci) is #7. Kazarian and Bentley were tag team partners at this time, and they work together to eliminate Puma, Clark, and Miyamoto. Hector Garza is entrant #8. I must admit that Garza has a tremendous moustache. Next out is #9, NOSAWA. Not much happens until Mikey Batts comes out at #10. Next out at #11 is my buddy Alex Shelley. He immediately eliminates Dutt. Kazarian then eliminates Park. Next out is Matt Sydal at #12. Boy would he go on to bigger and better things. Sydal moonsaults right onto Shelley’s back and Shelley takes a powder. Former X-Division Champion Sonny Siaki is #13. He asserts his size and power advantage, eliminating NOSAWA. Garza eliminates Batts. Jason Cross is #14, and I wonder what happened to him. TNA always seemed to want to do something with him back in the day. Cult favorite Shark Boy is #15. Shelley pops up at an opportune time and eliminates Sydal! What a jerk. Next out is Psychosis at #16. Nothing much happens, and then D-Ray 3000 is entrant #17. Siaki eliminates both Shark Boy and D-Ray. Don West’s favorite the Amazing Red is #18. Shelley foolishly goes to the top rope and Cross pushes him to the floor to eliminate him. Next is the best entrance music ever for #19, Spanky. He immediately goes after Bentley. The last entrant, #20, is former X-Division Champion Chris Sabin. He drills Bentley with an around-the-world swinging DDT. Spanky and Sabin team up to eliminate Siaki. Then Spanky eliminates Bentley all by himself. Kazarian goes up top to set up the requisite Tower of Doom spot. Psychosis eliminates Cross with a clothesline. He’s the next one to go, courtesy of Amazing Red. Ironically Red is next to go via Kazarian. Spanky goes for Sliced Bread #2 on Sabin but gets pushed over the top rope to the floor. We’re down to the final three – Kazarian, Sabin, and Garza. Kazarian goes up top and Sabin hits a super release German Suplex right onto Garza. Sabin charges at Garza and gets dropped on the top rope and then dropkicked to the floor. Now we go to pinfall or submission rules. Kazarian hits a springboard legdrop for two. He tries the Wave of the Future but Garza blocks it with a clothesline. Garza hits a beautiful moonsault but Kazarian kicks out at two! Kazarian fights back with a slingshot DDT for two. Garza comes back with a dropkick to the back but misses the Tornillo. Kazarian rolls him up but Garza reverses the momentum and gets the pin at 26:26. That was a perfect way to open the show and a good showcase of the X-Division style. I remember Garza having a couple of big matches on iMPACT! after this but then he disappeared. Moody Jack gets a word with Garza, and helpfully translates for all of us.
Rating: ***½

MATCH #2: Eight Man Tag Match – Kid Kash, Dallas & the Naturals vs. Erik Watts, Pat Kenney, Johnny B. Badd & Ron Killings

Talk about a motley crew of wrestlers. Both Kid Kash & Dallas and the Naturals are former NWA World Tag Team Champions. Kash and Kenney start the match trading armdrags. Kenney gets the advantage and tags Badd. Kash pokes Badd in the eyes and tags Andy Douglas. Badd comes back with a series of armdrags and tags Watts. Douglas makes a blind tag to his partner Chase Stevens, who goes after Watt’s leg. That doesn’t last long before Stevens tags Dallas (better known today as Vance Archer). Watts hits Dallas with a chokeslam. Dallas comes right back with a side slam and tags Kash. Watts kicks Kash in the face and tags Kenney. Kash fights back and tags Dallas. The big man takes Kenney down and goes up for the moonsault but misses. Stevens and Killings get tags, and The Truth is all over everyone. The match breaks down to a brawl with all eight men in the ring. They start heading to the floor, as Badd hits Stevens with a super hurricanrana. Killings hits Stevens with a modified Pedigree for the win at 4:39. Well they did as much as they could for the time given, but this was obviously a random mishmash just to get more people on the card.
Rating: *½

MATCH #3: Mascarita Sagrada vs. Piratita Morgan

Have you ever seen a midget match before? They’re all pretty much the same. The bigger one (Morgan) throws the smaller one (Sagrada) around, and the smaller one (Sagrada) comes back with various flippy armdrags and cross body blocks. Morgan drops Sagrada with a fireman’s carry and then hits a splash. Sagrada comes back and involves the referee, and then gets a cradle for the win at 2:59. That was exactly what you would expect.
Rating: ¼*

Scott Hall Announcement

The big announcement is that “Big Sexy” Kevin Nash will not be here tonight. He says a whole lot of not much, and then says about the main event “May the Best Jeff Win.”

MATCH #4: NWA World Tag Team Title Match – 3Live Kru vs. Team Canada

The 3LK is represented by BG James & Konnan, while Bobby Roode & Eric Young represent Team Canada. Roode and Young have been champions since 10.15.04 and this is their first defense. BG James and Konnan beat the Naturals to earn this shot. Roode and James start the match. James wastes no time hitting his signature jabs, and makes sure to make both champions look like idiots. He misses a cross body block and tumbles to the floor, where Roode drives his back into the ring apron. Now Team Canada takes the advantage, working James over in their half of the ring. Eventually James makes the hot tag to Konnan, who unloads with his slow, shitty offense. The match breaks down to a brawl, with Roode and James in the ring and Konnan with Young outside the ring. James goes for the Pumphandle Slam on Roode and Scott D’Amore tries to interfere, but Ron Killings runs him off. Roode comes back and levels James with the Northern Lariat. Konnan comes back in the ring and hits the K-Factor to get the win and win the titles for the second time at 6:58. At least they kept it short, but why on earth was the 3Live Kru wrestling for the tag team titles on a pay-per-view anyway? This was a total TV match.
Rating: *¾

In the Pit with Piper

Roddy Piper comes out and rambles on for a while. Then he calls out Superfly Jimmy Snuka and begs him to hit him with a coconut so that they can be even for something that happened 20 years ago in a different company. Kid Kash comes out to interrupt and to act like a jerk. He attacks Snuka, and Kazarian and Matt Bentley come out to join him. Sonjay Dutt comes to the rescue. He gets some offense in but then Kash blasts Dutt with the coconut. This took forever and went nowhere.

MATCH #5: Trinity Open Challenge

Trinity comes out with the New York Connection, Glenn Gilberti and Johnny Swinger. She looks … different than she did in WWE. She gets on the mic and says no one is answering the challenge, but then Jacqueline comes out of the crowd to answer it. She throws all three New Yorkers to the floor and then hits a dive to wipe them out. They get in the ring to officially start the match. Gilberti holds Jacqueline’s leg to give Trinity the advantage. Trinity rolls through a cross body block for a two-count, and then chokes Jacqueline with her own hair. She hits a powerslam and a sort of spinning kick to the face for another two-count. Jacqueline fights back with punches and a release German Suplex. She covers Trinity but Gilberti pulls her off. She goes up for mounted punches, but Swinger drops her neck on the top rope. Trinity goes up and hits a moonsault to get the pin at 1:52. Yeah, that’s going to make me care about a women’s division.
Rating: ½*

MATCH #6: The Monsters Ball – Abyss vs. Raven vs. Monty Brown

Raven and Abyss get the match started without the Alpha Male. They all battle outside the ring and throughout the crowd. Abyss takes control, throwing both Raven and Brown all over the place. Up in the rafters a guy in a black cloak is watching, and I have no idea where that ended up going. Back in the ring Abyss hits the Shock Treatment on Brown for a two-count. Brown and Raven try to double-team the Monster but get simultaneously clotheslined. Raven takes Abyss down with a discuss clothesline and then goes out and brings in a steel chair. Abyss boots him in the face takes the chair, but Raven counters with a superkick. Raven hits Brown with a clothesline. He tries the drop toehold on a chair but Brown avoids it and picks up the chair to hit both of his opponents. Brown sends Abyss to the floor and goes to work on Raven, hitting a t-bone suplex and then a fallaway slam. ARE YOU NOT ENTERTAINED? Brown goes to Pounce Raven, but he pulls the referee in front and he takes the full force of the POUNCE! Abyss gets back in the ring and Brown picks him up for a powerslam! Brown goes for the Pounce but Raven kicks him in the back, and Abyss capitalizes with the Black Hole Slam, but there’s no referee. Abyss puts Brown up top and brings in a bag of thumbtacks. Of course Brown pushes Abyss back into the tacks instead. Raven goes for a cover and a new referee comes out to make a two-count. Abyss rolls to the floor, and Raven brings in a table. Raven takes turns punching both guys, and knocks Abyss off the apron and through a table. Then out of nowhere Brown hits Raven with the POUNCE through a table to get the pin at 9:25. That was compact but they got a lot of action in and the crowd was pretty hot for it. Brown getting the win was definitely the right call.
Rating: ***

MATCH #7: TNA X-Division Championship Match – Petey Williams vs. AJ Styles

Williams has been the X-Division Champion since 8.11.04, this is his third defense and definitely his biggest. The crowd is hot for Styles. They start off by trading forearms and then take it down to the mat. Styles gets a quick small package for two. They trade a series of pinning combinations for a string of two-counts and the crowd is quite impressed. Styles hits the exact dropkick sequence that he’s still using six years later. Williams takes a powder and Styles follows him out to hit a kick to the back. He then gets back in the ring just to wipe Williams out with a dive. Back in the ring Williams hits a chinbreaker and then distracts the referee so D’Amore can take cheap shots. The crowd is chanting for both men. Styles comes back and goes for the flipping inverted DDT but doesn’t quite make it, and Williams wisely sells it as a kick to the head. Williams punches his way back and tries Oh Canada, but Styles pulls him down to the mat. Styles comes back with the Pele out of nowhere. He unloads with a series of hard forearms and then a belly-to-back suplex. He hits the springboard flying forearm for a two-count. Williams comes back with the Canadian Legsweep. He signals for the Canadian Destroyer but Styles reverses to a Styles Clash, which Williams blocks. Styles ends up with Williams in an Alabama Slam position, and he whips him into the turnbuckles. D’Amore grabs the title belt as Styles goes for the Styles Clash again. Williams blocks it but Styles rolls through to a jackknife pin, and referee Rudy Charles interrupts his own count to go argue with D’Amore. That just looked awkward. Williams grabs the hockey stick but Charles takes it away from him. In the process Williams is able to hit Styles with the belt but he kicks out at two! He goes for the Canadian Destroyer but Styles sets him on the top rope. Styles goes up with him but D’Amore grabs his leg. Williams drops Styles on his chest and then jumps off the second rope right into the Canadian Destroyer to get the win at 9:49. I would have liked the finish better without the interference (since it happened in just about every Team Canada match), but for the most part this was a solid, TV style match. That’s what makes it disappointing.
Rating: ***

MATCH #8: Last Team Standing Match – America’s Most Wanted vs. Triple X

Triple X is of course represented by “The Fallen Angel” Christopher Daniels and “Primetime” Elix Skipper; America’s Most Wanted is “The Tennessee Cowboy” James Storm and “Wildcat” Chris Harris. The bell rings and all four men waste no time in getting the fight started. Skipper and Harris fight outside the ring while Daniels and Storm fight inside the ring. Those are the mixed duos that held the tag team titles together, for the record. Storm and Harris trade places and Storm hits Skipper with a reverse suplex. AMW follows up with the Hart Attack. Daniels tries to fight back but Storm blasts him with a superkick. They set Daniels up for the Death Sentence but Skipper breaks it up, only to take the legdrop the back of the head himself. Storm hits Daniels with a modified Air Raid Crash to get a pin at 1:48 but Daniels gets back to his feet before the 10-count. He hits Daniels with a powerbomb, and then Harris takes his shots. Daniels fights back with a side suplex. He makes the tag, and I guess we’re doing tags now. Triple X works Harris over, hitting the Power Plex for a two-count. Harris fights back with a lariat and makes the tag. Storm is a house afire, hitting Skipper with a powerslam for two. Skipper looks a little out of it for some reason. Storm sets up for the superkick but Daniels dropkicks the knee. Triple X hits the DWI to get a pin at 5:33 and Storm makes it back up at nine. Skipper slides Daniels a chair and then distracts the referee while Daniels hits Storm’s knee with the chair for another pin at 6:10, and this time Storm doesn’t answer the 10-count so he’s eliminated. Harris comes in swinging but Daniels grabs him with a uranage slam. Daniels goes for the Best Moonsault Ever but misses and Harris hits a Spear. Skipper is obviously supposed to break up the count but he is obviously messed up at this point. So Harris does the smart thing and throws him down hard to the floor. Harris then hits Daniels with a guillotine legdrop to get a pin at 7:36 and Daniels doesn’t get up, so he’s out. Back in the ring Harris tries to have a match with Skipper but it’s not going so well. Harris hits a powerbomb for a two-count. I wish JR was there to shout “Just stay down Elix” and that it would actually happen, but no. Skipper tries the Play of the Day and just falls over. The crowd is actively booing at this point. Skipper tries to hit Harris with a chair but Harris blocks it and hits the Catatonic right on the chair. This is just painful to watch. Skipper totally kicks out at two but the referee makes the right call and rings the bell anyway at 10:53. The referee counts to 10 to end this cruel game at 11:16. That match was brutal, but Skipper had a concussion so I can’t blame them. These teams obviously proved on several occasions there were better than this so it was obviously just a fluke disaster.
Rating: *

Storm and Daniels come back out to continue the brawl and Triple X takes control with a steel chair. They handcuff Storm and Daniels together and Daniels blasts them with a steel chair. Finally security comes out to break it up.

DOA Decision 2004

Mike Tenay is in the ring to announce the results of the vote for Director of Authority, which is a really stupid title for someone to have. Of course Dusty Rhodes beat Vince Russo to win the election. Dusty comes out for his acceptance speech. He announces that America’s Most Wanted will battle Triple X in a Six Sides of Steel match at next month’s pay-per-view.

MATCH #9: Ladder Match for the NWA World Title – Jeff Jarrett vs. Jeff Hardy

Jarrett has been the champion since 6.2.04, and this is his fourth defense. TNA originally wanted Hulk Hogan to face Jarrett here, but it didn’t happen for whatever reason. I’d actually really like to see this match with both guys from today, but Hardy was not at the top of his game during his initial TNA run. There are two ladders in the ring before the match even starts. Jarrett tries to attack Hardy, but the challenger was ready for him. Both ladders get set up in a corner, and Hardy winds up Irish whipping Jarrett into both of them. Hardy stays in control by using the ladder as a weapon. He sets Jarrett in between the rungs of the ladder and slams them down on his back. He sets the ladder up in a V and puts Jarrett between the rungs again and stands on him, putting pressure on the ribs. Hardy hits a dropkick to the face. He tries to climb up but Jarrett blocks him. Hardy stays in control, hitting an STO. He goes for the super-over-the-ladder legdrop but Jarrett avoids it. Jarrett is in control now, whipping Hardy into the ladders. The champion makes the first attempt to climb the ladder and grab the title, but Hardy knocks him down. Hardy then slams Jarrett on a ladder and hits the Swanton Bomb. He tries to climb up but Scott Hall runs down and delivers The Edge to take Hardy down. Heavy D and TNA Security come over to remove Mr. Hall. He promises he’ll just sit and watch now, so Security takes him at his word. That’s a nice security force. Meanwhile, Hardy sets up the ladder see-saw and legdrops it, smashing Jarrett in the face. Hardy climbs the ladder. Jarrett climbs the opposite side and they slug it out. Hardy grabs Jarrett’s head and slams him off the ladder face-first into the mat. Hall pulls Hardy to the floor and slugs away on him. Jarrett tries climbing the ladder but Hardy makes it back and shoves the ladder over. Hardy goes up now and Jarrett pushes the ladder over, and Hardy actually lands on Hall outside the ring. Jarrett comes outside the ring too but Hardy whips him into Hall. Hardy grabs a chair and uses it as a launching pad to wipe out Jarrett and Hall on the floor. He then sets up a ladder on the floor for some reason, and it tips over with both of them on it. They crash to the floor and the ladder lands on Hall. They both make it back to the ring and climb on two ladders at the same time. Hardy hits a low blow and tries a Sunset Bomb but it doesn’t really work out. He then tries one from the apron to the floor but again it doesn’t really work out. Just stop it, dude. They go back to the ring and Hardy starts the climb. Hall gets back in the ring with a chair but Hardy kicks it back into his face. Hardy hits him with the Twist of Fate and the Swanton Bomb. He tries to climb again and Jarrett hits him with the chair and Hardy crumples to the mat. Jarrett start to climb and Kevin Nash finally makes his way out, with two guitars in hand. He hands one to Hall, and Hardy takes three straight guitar shots, allowing Jarrett to grab the title and retain at 18:33. They kind of had a good thing going in the early parts, but Hardy got sloppy and the interference of Hall and Nash added nothing.
Rating: **¼

Nash gets on the microphone to talk lazily about the same old crap he always talks about in TNA. They challenge anyone from the back to come out, and AJ Styles answers the call. The 3Live Kru also answers the call and somehow Jarrett, Hall, and Nash are able to beat them all up. Then we cut to outside where someone gets out of the limo and it’s Randy “Macho Man” Savage of all people. He stands there looking old and the pay-per-view goes off the air.topstory120x120-×120.jpg|topstory120x120 topstory500x250-|topstory500x250

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JR Blog: Jeff Jarrett, Hell in a Cell, Should WWE Eliminate Matches That Arent PG? Wed, 15 Oct 2014 23:06:52 +0000 In a mid-week blog, Jim Ross had a few interesting notes, here are the highlights:

on Jeff Jarrett
Jeff Jarrett will be on our show December 16 and we will review WWE’s TLC PPV event together. We will also talk about Jeff’s plans for the future and the many wrestling projects that he has his hands around. This should be a good show as Jeff and I haven’t personally spoken to each other since he left WWE for WCW years ago. Even though Jeff and I parted ways acrimoniously back in the day, I refuse to hold a grudge or to live in a world where I carry ‘hate’ and anger with me. Jeff knows that I wish him the best in anything that he does and I think that this podcast will reveal that we can civilly discuss the past and the future with professionalism and class of which the wrestling biz isn’t always long on.

on Hell in a Cell
Speaking of Hell in a Cell, I wrote another piece for that will be published next week about the most memorable HIAC match of all time which occurred 16 years ago in Pittsburgh featuring The Undertaker vs. Mick Foley. No HIAC match will ever top that one which is likely a good thing for the competitors (and their loved ones) that are caged within Satan’s Structure.

Some will debate that the first HIAC featuring ‘Taker vs. the incomparable @ShawnMichaels has been topped by only Taker vs. Foley. It’s a subjective thing but the first HIAC was a damned great match that I loved calling.

Doing HIAC matches in a PG environment are challenging and more stunts are needed to add to the uniqueness of the match with blood no longer being an option.

That brings up an interesting topic…should WWE re-evaluate some of their more brutal matches that aren’t as effective in a PG landscape and replace them with matches that are more PG friendly? Or is that not necessary?

Check out the entire blog entry at JR’s BBQ

topstory120x120-×120.jpg|topstory120x120 topstory500x250-|topstory500x250

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A2Z Analysiz: TNA Bound For Glory 2006 (Sting, Jeff Jarrett, Kurt Angle) Sun, 05 Oct 2014 13:00:59 +0000 bfg06

For an easy-to-navigate archive of all of my TNA DVD reviews, please visit Total Nonstop Ziegler!

Compuware Arena – Plymouth, Michigan – October 22, 2006

MATCH #1: Kevin Nash Open Invitational X-Division Gauntlet Battle Royal for Bound for Glory

Tenay, you are not cool when you use terms that wrestlers use like “blown up.” Shut up. We’re not even two minutes into the show and I hate you already. The #1 entrant is Austin Starr. From the looks of Starr’s back he’s been reading Triple H’s book. Sonjay Dutt is #2 and here we go. Nash is joining Tenay and West on commentary.

A new entrant will come out every 60 seconds. Nash talks about being one of the best high-flyers of all time while Starr and Dutt go back and forth. Maverick Matt is #3. I believe this is Matt’s fourth name in TNA (Michael Shane, Michael, and Matt Bentley, with Martyr still to come). Starr and Matt double-team Dutt, who comes back on them with a springboard clothesline. The #4 entrant is Jay Lethal and he comes to Dutt’s aid. A1 comes out at #5, which is fine because the X-Division is about No Limits. Next out at #6 is Zach Gowen, a Detroit native. He hits Dutt with the moonsault but then Starr levels him with a clothesline. Kazarian is #7, and he works with his tag partner Matt to eliminate Dutt. Not much happens until Sirelda makes her way out at #8. Kazarian immediately slaps the taste out of her mouth, so she comes back with a side suplex. Starr also goes right after her, and she makes him pay with an inverted atomic drop. Starr hits her with a low blow (which I’m made to understand would hurt a girl, I mean come on it’s still a sensitive area) and then A1 clotheslines her to the floor. Shark Boy is #9. Nash’s protégé Alex Shelley comes out at #10. This match seems designed for him to get the win. D-Ray 3000 is entrant #11. Boy and 3000 use the battering ram and toss Matt to the floor. Johnny Devine is #12 and he tosses Gowen to the floor. But both feet didn’t touch! Say his name – Primetime Elix Skipper is entrant #13. He flies around with reckless abandon. Kazarian goes for a move off the top rope but Starr pushes him down to the floor to eliminate him. Short Sleeve Sampson comes out at #14. Meanwhile Boy and 3000 have been eliminated. Starr battle Sampson and embarrasses him. Norman Smiley is #15. He and Sampson execute the double big wiggle. Shelley then eliminates Sampson and the final entrant is Petey Williams at #16. For some reason Sampson chases referee Slick Johnson around ringside, and Slick gets in the ring and decides to join the match. It is an open invitational. Slick eliminates Skipper and Smiley, and then Williams dumps him to the floor. Williams hits Lethal with the Canadian Destroyer. Shelley eliminates Williams, and then Starr eliminates Devine. Starr goes after Shelley, but Devine grabs his foot from the floor. Shelley charges but gets backdropped right onto Devine, so we’re down to just Starr and Lethal. Paparazzi Productions is having a disagreement on the floor. Meanwhile Lethal hits Aries with the Lethal Injection for two. Lethal goes up top but Aries knocks him down and drills him with a kick to the head and then the Starrbuster to get the win at 17:11. That was mostly a way to get more people on the car and to get Starr over, but the crowd really wanted the hometown boy Shelley so they seemed really deflated after he was gone. Match was the usual collection of battle royal spots.
Rating: **

MATCH #2: Four Way Tag Team Match – The Naturals vs. The James Gang vs. America’s Most Wanted vs. Team 3D

Shane Douglas comes out to introduce the Naturals. AMW is without Gail Kim, who was injured by Hernandez on the last episode of iMPACT!. Chase Stevens and James Storm start the match. Storm hits a dropkick and Ray tags himself in. Ray hits Storm with a Rock Bottom and then hip tosses a charging Harris. BG James tags in and he and Ray work together on AMW for some reason. The match breaks down and bodies and action are all over the place. They work in a Tower of Doom spot. Harris tries the Catatonic on BG, but BG reverses it and hits the Pumphandle Slam. Stevens then grabs BG with a sort of Go 2 Sleep. Storm then hits Stevens with the Eye of the Storm. Devon hits Storm with the Saving Grace. Douglas hits Devon with a tornado DDT. Ray hits Douglas with the Bubba Bomb. Kip hits Ray with the Fame-Ass-Er. The James Gang and America’s Most Wanted fight up the entrance. That leaves Team 3D and the Naturals in the ring. It turns into pretty standard Team 3D fare at this point. The Naturals hit Devon with the Natural Disaster but Devon kicks out at two. Moments later 3D hits the Naturals with the 3D to get the win at 6:55. That was more like an iMPACT! match.
Rating: *½

MATCH #3: Monster’s Ball – Abyss w/ James Mitchell vs. Brother Runt vs. Raven vs. Samoa Joe

Jake Roberts it the special guest referee. They waste no time in getting the weapons involved. Raven and Runt briefly work together. Joe is in the midst of a feud with the recently debuted Kurt Angle so he definitely looks like a bigger deal in the match than the other three. Abyss hurls Runt into the crowd, and the morons toss him right back to the floor rather than letting him crowd surf. Raven and Abyss go out to the floor as well, and Joe wipes them out with a spinning suicide dive. Joe and Raven battle up the entrance ramp, and Raven knocks him off the ramp and through a table! Runt and Abyss climb up some scaffolding for no real reason and Abyss throws him down to the platform. The cameramen miss Abyss jumping off the scaffolding onto Runt, but thankfully they have a replay. Back in the ring Abyss covers Runt and Roberts makes the slowest count of all time and Raven breaks up the cover. Abyss hits Raven with the Earthquake splash for another very slow two-count. Joe makes his way back to the ring and dumps Raven to the floor. Abyss tries to hit Joe with a Joe but Joe kicks him in the nuts and then slaps him in the face. Joe hits the snap powerslam on a chair but Raven breaks up the cover. Raven then drop toeholds Joe to the floor. Abyss grabs the bag of thumbtacks but Roberts doesn’t want him to use them so he threatens to bring out the snake. That doesn’t make any sense – why would Roberts care if they use tacks? It’s a Monster’s Ball match! Raven disagrees with Jake and motions to DDT him but Abyss breaks it up and now is able to unload the bag of tacks. Mitchell’s “Click, Doomsday” thing is so stupid. What did anybody ever like about that guy? Abyss throws Raven to the floor and Joe comes back in. Joe hits a senton that squashes Abyss’s face into the tacks! He goes for the Coquina Clutch but Raven breaks it up with a steel chair. Roberts then takes the chair and hits Raven with the DDT. Joe then crushes Raven with the Muscle Buster for the pin at 11:09. Joe’s awesomeness elevated this one but a lot of it made no sense and it was just a collection of spots.
Rating: **

MATCH #4: Loser Gets Fired – Eric Young vs. Larry Zbyszko

This was during Young’s most annoying phase, the “Don’t Fire Eric” thing. They shockingly stall to start. In fact they stall for about two and a half minutes. Finally they lock up and Zbyszko catches Young with a kick to the gut and then locks on the abdominal stretch. Young reverses it to one of his own and Zbyszko pokes the referee in the eyes and breaks the hold. Zbyszko tries to use a weapon (looks like brass knuckles). Young then takes the weapon and hits Zbyszko with them to get the pin at 3:25. That might have been better suited to free TV.
Rating: DUD

MATCH #5: TNA X-Division Championship Match – Senshi vs. Chris Sabin

Senshi has been the champion since 6.22.06 and this is his fourth defense. They aggressively lock up to start and fight to a standoff. Sabin tries to kick but Senshi wins that battle. Senshi goes for a whip but Sabin reverses it and looks to be going to the hesitation dropkick but Senshi avoids it. Sabin gets a La Magistral cradle for two, and then dropkicks the knee. Senshi comes back with Black Magic to take control. He goes to work with kicks and submissions, and cuts off Sabin’s comeback attempts. After several minutes Sabin is able to catch Senshi with the springboard missile dropkick. That gives Sabin the advantage. He sends Senshi to the floor and then follows him out with a suicide dive. Back in the ring Sabin hits an enziguiri and then lands the hesitation dropkick. Sabin tries a powerbomb but Senshi counters it into the Dragon Sleeper, and Sabin backs him into the corner to break it. Senshi goes for the cartwheel kick but Sabin dropkicks him out of the air. Sabin hits a tornado DDT but it only gets two. He tries a super rana but Senshi rolls through it and hits a double stomp to the chest for two! Sabin comes back with a surprise running Yakuza kick in the corner. He follows up with the Cradle Shock but Senshi kicks out! Sabin takes Senshi up top for a super Cradle Shock but Senshi blocks it and hits kicks to the chest, and then back on the mat Senshi hits the shotgun dropkick. Senshi goes up and hits the Warrior’s Way but Sabin just gets his foot on the bottom rope. The champ locks on the Dragon Sleeper but Sabin rolls it into a cradle to get the surprise pin at 12:49. I generally find it pretty annoying when finishers don’t end a match but an inside cradle does. Other than that this was really good though, and much better than the No Surrender match with all the shenanigans.
Rating: ***½

MATCH #6: Eight Mile Street Fight – Christian Cage vs. Rhino

This feud has such gay overtones to it. They’re saying things like “I share the last 10 years of my life with you” and things like that. They start the fight outside the arena and Rhino is the aggressor. They make it inside and fight on top of a Zamboni. Rhino is still in control, hammering away on his former friend. Cage comes back with an eye rake and then hits Rhino with a fake street lamp. You see, the street lamp is supposed to signify that they’re on Eight Mile, but if they’ve ever been down Eight Mile they would know street lamps are a bit too luxurious for that area. Rhino comes right back and starts filling up the ring with chairs. He hits Cage across the back with one of the street lamps for a two-count. He sets up for a Gore but Cage plasters him with a chair to the face. Rhino sells that for all of about six seconds before going back on offense out on the floor. Back in the ring Rhino sets a table up in the corner. Cage gets a quick schoolboy rollup for two, and then cracks Rhino with an 8 Mile Road sign. He goes out and grabs a ladder, as we learn that Rhino is busted open. Cage hits the Unprettier but Rhino kicks out at two. He cracks Rhino in the face with the ladder and then goes outside the ring and grabs a steel chair and a straightjacket. He traps Rhino in the jacket and goes for a one-man Con-Chair-Toe but Rhino moves. Rhino gets up and is able to kick Cage in the balls. The referee unlocks Rhino and the crowd boos? They fight over to the ring apron and Rhino hits a piledriver off the apron through a table on the floor. Back in the ring Rhino covers but Cage gets his foot on the bottom rope at two. Rhino goes for the Gore but Cage moves and he hits nothing but table. Cage covers for two. He follows up with an Unprettier on top of a table for two. He stacks chairs, tables, a sign, and a ladder on top of Rhino. He then dishes out a series of chair shots to the pile and that’s enough to keep Rhino down at 14:30. That was the usual street fight type of match, and Rhino didn’t care about selling at all. The finish was very creative though.
Rating: **½

MATCH #7: NWA Tag Team Championship Steel Cage Match – AJ Styles & Christopher Daniels vs. The Latin American Xchange

Styles and Daniels have been the champions since 9.24.06 and this is their first defense. These teams have great chemistry together. For some reason there’s no opening bell but the champs charge into the ring and the fight is on. Styles and Daniels take early control with some well executed double team moves. The referee gains control and now they’re tagging in and out. Styles drills Homicide with the dropkick and then he and Daniels work him over. The match breaks down a bit with all four men in the ring and LAX takes control. Hernandez hits Daniels with an Electric Chair Drop and Homicide follows with a Macho Elbow for two. Konnan passes Homicide a fork and he uses it on Daniels’s forehead. Hernandez slams Daniels’s back into the cage and then hits a massive powerbomb for two. Homicide gets Tequila and spits it in Daniels’s eyes and then dumps it into the cut on his head. They take the fight up t the top rope and Daniels comes back with a couple headbutts and than a super hip toss! Styles gets the hot tag and he nails Homicide with the flipping inverted DDT, and then hits Hernandez with a springboard flying forearm. Daniels recovers and the match has broken down to a big brawl, but the champions take control. Styles drills Homicide with the Pele. Daniels drives the fork into Homicide’s head, and then Styles grinds it onto his cut. The action is coming at a breakneck pace until everyone takes someone else out with one of their signature moves. Styles is up first and he climbs to the top of the cage. Homicide and Daniels join him up there and then Hernandez comes over to complete the Tower of Doom. Styles is able to stay on top of the cage, and he floes down onto Hernandez with a huge cross body block. Everyone gets up and more signature moves start flying. Hernandez climbs to the top of the cage and misses a big splash much to the horror of some random chick in the crowd. Konnan uses a coat hanger to reach through the cage and choke Daniels out. The referee seems not to notice but I’m pretty sure there are no disqualifications in cage matches. Meanwhile Homicide hits Styles with the Gringo Killer to get the pin and regain the titles at 14:40. These teams delivered once again, with everyone working hard to make each other look good, and an awesome finish to the match and feud.
Rating: ****

MATCH #8: NWA World Heavyweight Championship Match – Jeff Jarrett vs. Sting

Jarrett has been the champion since 6.29.06, and this is his third defense. Sting is putting his career on the line, and Kurt Angle is the special guest enforcer. Tenay wonders if Sting carrying the baseball bat is a tribute to the Detroit Tigers (who were in the World Series around this time, and the show took place in Detroit). Not like Sting has been carrying the bat since like 1997 or anything. I hate you, Mike Tenay.

Jarrett takes the early advantage as Sting seems to be slightly off his game. Sting outwardly shows frustration in the early going, as Jarrett has counters for everything Sting tries. Jarrett hits a dropkick and Sting powders. Sting gets back in the ring and makes the people cheer for him. Jarrett spits on him so Sting hits a powerbomb. He follows up with a modified Snake Eyes and then clotheslines Jarrett to the floor. Angle tries to herd Jarrett back to the ring, and the champion takes exception and they argue. Meanwhile, Sting just hangs out in the ring. He finally comes out and Jarrett just stands there and lets Sting punch him. Sting now throws Jarrett around ringside, into the guardrails and such. Jarrett reverses a whip and now Sting crashes into the guardrail. The champ tries to use a chair but Angle stops him. Sting recovers and they fight up the ramp, where Sting suplexes Jarrett. He tries to use a chair now but Angle stops him as well. Jarrett tries to hit Sting but he moves and Jarrett hits Angle instead. The champion then hits a DDT and drops Sting on the guardrail. They get back in the ring and Jarrett is firmly in control. They blow a simple spot (Sting’s fault) and then both try cross body blocks and they hit each other. The referee almost counts both of them out, but Angle wants to see a winner, so he jumps in the ring and gives referee Charles the Olympic Slam. Both men rise to their feet and Sting is getting the better of a punch exchange. He hits an inverted atomic drop, a couple of clotheslines, and a Stinger Splash to the back. He follows up with the Scorpion Death Drop but Jarrett kicks out at two. Jarrett recovers and hits the Stroke, but Sting kicks out at two. Fans at this point in TNA are already conditioned to not expect one finisher to end a match so they barely pop for them anymore. Sting comes back with a Tombstone Piledriver but that only gets two. He goes up the ropes but Jarrett hits a low blow and goes for the Super Stroke. Sting fights it off and tosses Jarrett to the mat. He tries a big splash (really?) but Jarrett gets the knees up. The champion locks on the Figure-Four Leglock but Sting turns it over. Jarrett is right in the ropes so the hold is broken, and Jarrett locks on an Ankle Lock right in Angle’s face. Sting rolls out of it and sends Jarrett to the floor. He tries to use the baseball bat but Angle takes it from him. Jarrett brings the guitar into the ring and smashes it over Sting’s head. Sting no sells it and locks on the Scorpion Deathlock. Jarrett taps the title away at 15:02. That was a decent match, and the finish was hot, but the body of the match never really felt like it was building up to anything. I like that there was no real interference, and the Angle involvement made sense. Still, Sting is just way past his prime.
Rating: **¼topstory120x120-×120.jpg|topstory120x120 topstory500x250-|topstory500x250

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A2Z Analysiz: TNA Bound For Glory 2005 (Rhino, Jeff Jarrett) Sat, 04 Oct 2014 13:00:32 +0000 bfg05

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Universal Studios – Orlando, Florida – October 23, 2005

PRESHOW MATCH: Four Way Match – Alex Shelley vs. Roderick Strong vs. Austin Aries vs. Sonjay Dutt

Shelley and Strong start the match and take it right down to the mat. They exchange some quick maneuvers and then Strong tags Dutt. The Original Playa from the Himalaya takes advantage of Shelley with some unorthodox offense. Dutt hits a rana and Shelley begs off. He offers a handshake so Shelley slaps him in the face. Shelley runs and Dutt chases, and when they get back in the ring Shelley dropkicks him in the face and then tags out. Strong is in now but Dutt withstands his attacks and hits the Déjà vu. The Messiah of the Backbreaker comes back with chops and Dutt fires back with a dropkick. Aries comes in the ring without a tag and goes to work on Strong. The action is becoming quite difficult to follow. In all the chaos Strong hits Dutt with a half nelson backbreaker for two. Strong continues to work Dutt over with a variety of strikes. Shelley tags himself in and takes over on Dutt with some wacky submission holds. Moments later Aries tags himself in and takes his turn at beating up Sonjay Dutt. Strong is back to hit Dutt with a whirlybird gutbuster and Shelley breaks up the pin. Moments later they lock each other in a four-way submission hold, with Dutt on the bottom of the pile. No one gives up and the match continues with all four men in the ring trading shots. Strong dumps Aries to the floor and then gets leveled by a Shelley leg lariat. Shelley follows up with a DDT and Dutt pops in with the standing shooting star press. Aries hits Shelley with a Finlay Roll but then Dutt cuts him off with an enziguiri. Shelley pulls Dutt off of Aries, and Dutt hits him with the Asai DDT for two. Strong grabs Dutt and lands a gutbuster for two. Aries breaks it up with a kick to the head, and then hits the brainbuster. He goes up for the 450 Splash but Shelley cuts him off and then Dutt knocks him to the floor. Dutt goes up top and hits Strong with a dragon rana to get the pin at 12:32. That was a good action packed opener to start the show, and a good last minute effort to entice fans to pay for the show.
Rating: ***

MATCH #1: Samoa Joe vs. Jushin Liger

They lock up and Joe shoves Liger down to the canvas. Liger comes back with a headlock but it doesn’t get him anywhere. He tries shoulderblocks but Joe pretty much shrugs that off. H takes Joe down with a drop toehold and then dropkicks him in the face. Joe comes back with a forearm and tries to charge but Liger dumps him to the floor. Lighter dropkicks Joe from the ring and then follows him out with a flying body press. Back in the ring Liger tries another cross body block but Joe catches him with a fallaway slam. Joe hits the running knee in the corner and then lands the Big Joe Combo for two. A snap powerslam gets another near-fall for Joe. Moments later Liger avoids a charge in the corner and hit a Koppo Kick in the corner and then a vertical suplex for two. Liger goes up top and hits a Frog Splash for a two-count. Joe fires back with an enziguiri. He goes for mounted punches but Liger slips out and powerbombs Joe. Liger hits a couple of palm strikes but still only gets two. He goes back up top but Joe sweeps his leg and hits the Muscle Buster. Joe then locks on the Coquina Clutch and Liger is out at 7:15. Why even bring Liger in for that? It was fun but basically a squash.
Rating: **¼

MATCH #2: The Diamonds in the Rough vs. Sonny Siaki, Apolo & Shark Boy

Diamond and Boys start the match for their respective teams. Boy tries using his agility but Diamond overpowers the cult favorite. Now Boy tries the Dead Sea Drop but Diamond slams him off the top rope. Diamond tries a legdrop but Boy moves out of the way and executes the Shark Bite. Skipper tags in, and moments later Apolo joins him in the ring. Apolo hits an Ace Crusher out of nowhere for a two-count. He follows up with a twisting half nelson slam. Diamond distracts the referee and Young illegally interferes to give the Diamonds the advantage. Skipper takes in and clips Apolo out of the air for a two-count. Apolo comes back with an elevated Ace Crusher. Young and Siaki tag in to almost no reaction from the crowd. And it wouldn’t be an Elix Skipper match if Primetime didn’t try a dangerous looking move and almost drop himself on his head. The math breaks down a bit, as Boy, Young, and Apolo all hit dives to the floor. Back in the ring Siaki battles Skipper, allowing Young to sneak in the ring and flatten Siaki with a spinebuster to get the pin at 7:08. That was decent little midcard filler.
Rating: **

MATCH #3: Monty Brown vs. Lance Hoyt

Brown is the aggressor and takes control early on. Unfortunately he gloats too much and Hoyt comes back with a series of punches. Hoyt hits a flying shoulderblock, a clothesline, and a combination flapjack / back body drop combo that thankfully doesn’t kill the Alpha Male. The fight spills to the floor and Brown reclaims control. Brown throws Hoyt back in the ring but once again gloats too much and Hoyt wipes him out with a slingshot dive. Back in the ring Brown simply goes back on offense. Hoyt comes back with mounted punches. He goes back up top for a potential moonsault but Brown hurls him to the floor. Brown hits a vertical suplex and then throws Hoyt back in the ring. He hits a fallaway slam, and yes I am entertained. He goes for the Pounce but Hoyt cuts him off with a big boot. Hoyt goes up and hits the moonsault but Brown kicks out at two! He tries a cross body block off the second rope but Brown catches him and hoists him into the Alpha Bomb! That was impressive, but it only gets two. Hoyt comes back with a Rock Bottom for two. Moments later Brown reverses an Irish Whip and destroys Hoyt with the POUNCE PERIOD to get the pin at 6:33. That was a fun power match but there was really no selling or story to speak of. It worked for them though and they got the crowd into it.
Rating: **¾

MATCH #4: The 3Live Kru vs. Team Canada

Team Canada is represented by Eric Young, Bobby Roode, and A1. They are accompanied by Coach Scott D’Amore. The 3Live Kru is of course BG James, Ron “The Truth” Killings and Konnan. Young and Konnan start the match for their respective teams. The sad thing is that Konnan destroys all three members of Team Canada without any help from his partners. Konnan is terrible. Roode gets hit with the legdrop to the groin, and the Kru continues to work him over as Kip James watches on from the entrance. After a few minutes Roode comes back with a full nelson drop for a two-count. Roode backs Truth into the Team Canada corner and all three men go to work on him. Truth makes the comeback and makes the hot tag. BG dominates all three Canadians and then the match turns into a pier-six brawl. In a shocking turn of events, D’Amore distracts the referee while Roode hits BG in the face with a hockey stick (which the referee sees Roode getting into the ring with, and then it breaks and hits his leg but he still doesn’t notice). Young gets the pin at 6:01. That was exactly like every other 3Live Kru or Team Canada match.
Rating: *¾

MATCH #5: Ultimate X Match – Chris Sabin vs. Matt Bentley w/ Traci Brooks vs. Petey Williams w/ Scott D’Amore

This is the eighth-ever Ultimate X match. Williams is 0-2, Bentley is 2-1, and Sabin is 3-2 lifetime in Ultimate X matches. Bentley and Sabin work together to exile Williams to the floor before taking each other on. Sabin hits a rana and then Petey makes his way back in. The action is coming from all sides, with everyone on an offensive mindset. Sabin makes the first trek toward the X but Bentley takes him down with an inverted atomic drop. Traci distracts Petey from the ring apron and rubs Petey’s face in between her boobs. That allows Bentley to almost reach the X but Sabin comes back in and pulls him down. Sabin takes control of both guys, hitting a DDT/Enziguiri combo to take both men out. They’re not down long enough for Sabin to get the X though. Petey takes Sabin to the apron and hits a legdrop, and then hits the slingshot rana on Bentley. Back in the ring Bentley hits a dual Ace Crusher/Neckbreaker combo. He tries to climb to the X but Sabin stops him and hits a powerbomb! Sabin and Petey battle on the top rope and Petey is able to trap Sabin in a modified Oh Canada. Bentley comes back in and pushes Petey to the floor. He tries to climb up but now Sabin pushes him to the floor. Sabin then wipes out Bentley and Petey with a moonsault to the floor. He’s the first man back in the ring and he slowly climbs up towards the X. Bentley spears Sabin down and the X falls to the mat. Petey wisely tries to grab the X but the referee says he must climb up to get it. Crew members scramble to re-hang the X while the wrestlers battle on the floor. Once the X is re-hung, all three men get back in the ring. Sabin and Bentley go for the X. They knock each other down and the X falls again and this time Petey catches it to, what, win the match at 13:37? Apparently this time when the X fell it was okay but the last time it wasn’t. The problems with this match were definitely not the fault of the wrestlers. It’s just unfortunate that the X kept falling down. Other than that the match was good.
Rating: ***¼

MATCH #6: NWA World Tag Team Title Match – America’s Most Wanted vs. The Naturals

Chris Harris and James Storm have been the champions since 10.22.05 and this is their first defense. The challengers charge the ring and unload on the champions. Chase Stevens battles Storm while Andy Douglas fights with Harris. They’re all over ringside, and Stevens strikes the first major blow by powerbombing Storm into the guardrail. The Naturals then double-team Harris, throwing him into the guardrails repeatedly. After several minutes of abuse, Gail Kim distracts Douglas long enough for Storm to gain control of him. Douglas is busted open. Back in the ring the champs dissect the weakened Douglas. Storm hits the Eye of the Storm for a two-count. Douglas shows inability to build to a hot tag by just tagging Stevens with no buildup. Even so, Stevens is a house afire, throwing AMW around with reckless abandon. Douglas recovers long enough to help Stevens with a double team but they can’t put Harris away. Storm comes back and tries a superkick but Stevens ducks and hits one of his own. Harris grabs a handful of powder but Stevens kicks it back in his face, causing him to hit his own partner with the Catatonic. The Naturals hit Harris with the Death Sentence but he kicks out at two! They go for the Natural Disaster but Gail distracts the referee. Douglas goes chasing after her, and he winds up getting handcuffed to the guardrail! Back in the ring Gail distracts the referee again and Storm blasts Stevens in the face with a beer bottle. AMW then hits the real Death Sentence to score the pin and retain the titles at 10:37. I always thought the Naturals were incredibly boring but somehow they always had good matches with America’s Most Wanted. This was a good hate-filled brawl and I wonder how on Earth Gail Kim could look so much hotter in TNA than she does in WWE. How does that happen?
Rating: ***½

MATCH #7: Monster’s Ball – Abyss vs. Jeff Hardy vs. Rhino vs. Sabu

The video package says that these guys have been locked up since midnight last night without food or water, but Rhino was on the preshow for fuck’s sake. They waste no time going at it, and Sabu throws a chair right into Abyss’s head. Sabu quickly throws Rhino to the floor and follows him out with a somersault dive. Hardy hits Abyss with Poetry in Motion in the corner, and then to the floor. Rhino and Sabu battle in one part of the arena, while Abyss and Hardy fight elsewhere. Abyss and Hardy make their way back to the ring first. Sabu follows but he doesn’t stay long, hitting a springboard dive on Rhino on the floor. Hardy goes for the Twist of Fate but Abyss counters with Shock Treatment! Rhino comes back in the ring and lays waste to everyone with a steel chair. Sabu doesn’t really sell it. He motions for Jeff to double-team Abyss, but then he double crosses the youngest Hardy brother. A bloody Rhino now takes the kendo stick and unloads on everyone. Abyss comes back with a Chokeslam. Hardy and Abyss battle up by the entrance while Sabu stacks Rhino on a table at ringside. Sabu hits a triple jump legdrop through the table and both men are hurting. Meanwhile Hardy has Abyss on a couple of tables he set up, and then he goes to the top of the set and hits a Swanton Bomb to break the table! Back in the ring Sabu his Rhino in a Camel Clutch but it goes nowhere. Rhino comes back and blasts Sabu with the Kendo Stick. Sabu comes back with the Triple Jump Moonsault but it only gets two. Abyss is crawling back towards the ring as Sabu legdrops a chair onto Rhino’s face. Sabu greets him with a chair to the face, but then gets caught and dumped over the top rope and through a table on the floor! Abyss gets his bag of thumbtacks but before he can use them Rhino hits a Gore through a table set up in the corner! Hardy is back in the ring now, and bummer for him but Rhino catches him with the Rhino Driver to get the big win at 11:46. That was an awesome chaotic brawl that had some fun spots and very little down time.
Rating: ***¾

MATCH #8: 30 Minute Iron Man Match for the TNA X-Division Title – AJ Styles vs. Christopher Daniels

Styles has been the champion since 9.11.05 and this is his first defense. Daniels attacks Styles before the bell and away we go. He works Styles over for a minute or so and then Styles comes back with a backbreaker. Daniels takes a brief powder and then back in the ring gets met with a dropkick that sends him right back to the floor. Styles knocks Daniels into the crowd and then jumps off the ring steps into the crowd to take him out. Back in the ring Styles grinds away with a headlock. After several escapes attempts Daniels is able to slip out and lock on an armbar. That doesn’t last long though as Styles goes back to the headlock and stays one step ahead of the challenger. He kicks Daniels in the rib and drops a knee (or a forearm according to Tenay) for a two-count. The champion remains dominant as we cross 10 minutes without a fall yet. Styles comes off the top rope but Daniels catches him with a t-bone suplex. Now Daniels is in control and he wears the champion down, focusing on the neck. He throws in a tilt-a-whirl backbreaker for a two-count. He locks on the Koji Clutch and Styles barely makes it to the ropes to force a break. Daniels slams Styles down and hits an Arabian Press for two. At the halfway point the score is still 0-0. Styles comes back and hits the flipping inverted DDT and both men are down. Back on their feet Styles has gotten a second wind. Styles hits a pumphandle gutbuster for a two-count. He tries a slingshot maneuver but Daniels catches him with a Death Valley Driver for two. Daniels then hits the Iconoclasm but Styles kicks out. Styles comes back with the vertical suplex neckbreaker He tries the flipping inverted DDT again but Daniels catches him with a Blue Thunder Bomb for two. Daniels then hits the Best Moonsault Ever but Styles kicks out! We’ve got 10 minutes to go as Styles hits a Rack Bomb for a two-count. Daniels comes back and kicks Styles to the floor and then flattens him with a suicide dive through the ropes. Back in the ring Styles pulls the Pele out of nowhere to knock Daniels back to the floor, and then he hits Daniels with a flip dive. Both men look exhausted on the floor. They make it up to the apron and Daniels backdrops Styles to the floor. Back in the ring now there’s less than five minutes to go. Daniels catches a quick cradle for two. Styles comes back with his own cradle for a two-count. They continue trading pinning combinations but neither man can get a pin. Daniels hits a release German Suplex, and Styles comes back with a discuss clothesline before selling the German. Styles recovers first and gets a cover for two. He goes up top for a cross body block but Daniels rolls through for a close near-fall right around the Two Minute Warning. They kind of meander around and Styles hits an enziguiri for two. Daniels comes back with a jawbreaker and an enziguiri of his own. He tries the Angel’s Wings but it turns into a series of reversals that ends with Styles hitting the Styles Clash to get the first pin at 29:58. He officially wins the match and retains the X-Division Title at 30:00. I miss the pre-Kurt Angle TNA, where guys could wrestle for 30 minutes and only hit one finishing move between them. The selling was a little spotty but these two always had great chemistry together and there was very little resting once they got going. I’m not sure why AJ Styles had to cry about it, but it was a great match.
Rating: ****

MATCH #9: 10 Man #1 Contender Gauntlet

The winner of this gauntlet will get an immediate NWA World Title shot against Jeff Jarrett. I wish TNA didn’t call these Gauntlet matches, because they really aren’t. Samoa Joe drew #1, and Ron Killings drew #2. They will wrestle for two minutes, and then a new entrant will join them every 60 seconds. Truth mocks Joe’s dancing from earlier, and Joe rightly takes offense. Joe takes Truth down in the corner and this the Face Wash. Truth springs up to the top rope and hits a blockbuster. The #3 entrant is Sabu. He throws a chair at both Joe and Truth, and then hits Truth with the Triple Jump Moonsault. Lance Hoyt is out at #4. He’s fired up and exchanges strikes with Joe. Hoyt levels Joe with a big boot and then turns his attention to Sabu and Truth. We’re halfway there when Abyss comes out at #5. He goes after Joe as well as they trade chops and neither man will back down. Truth breaks up the skirmish. Jeff Hardy is #6, and he’s looking worse for wear. Everyone’s just brawling, not much of note happening. Monty Brown is next at #7. He immediately eliminates both himself and Hardy. Rhino is #8 and he eliminates Hoyt with a clothesline. Kip James is #9, and he’s the only one in the match who didn’t wrestle earlier. That gives him a distinct advantage. The final entrant at #10 is TNA X-Division Champion AJ Styles. That means Raven did not get into the gauntlet, which is a major slap in the face to the former NWA Champion who hasn’t gotten a rematch. Abyss eliminates Kip, and then Styles eliminates Truth even though Kip was trying to push him back in. Joe locks Styles in the Coquina Clutch and Abyss pushes them both out. That leaves just Rhino and Abyss, and Rhino quickly hits a Gore and throws Abyss over the top rope to eliminate him and win the Gauntlet at 14:18. I’m pretty sure they said that it would be a regular singles match when it got down to the last two guys. Either way this was the usual, and I wasn’t really into Rhino then and I’m still not today.
Rating: *½

MATCH #10: NWA World Championship Match – Rhino vs. Jeff Jarrett

Jarrett has been the champion since 9.15.05 and this is his first defense. It was supposed to be against Kevin Nash, but in a shocking turn of events, Nash got injured, which is why they did the gauntlet match that we just saw. Jeremy Borash even gets in the ring for the special ring introductions. Tito Ortiz is the special referee for the match. Jarrett brings a casket with him for some reason. Jarrett immediately attacks Rhino with kicks and Ortiz never asks for an opening bell. Good job dude.

Jarrett hits a dropkick and gloats about it. The champion does not seem to be taking this match seriously. He takes Rhino to the floor and throws him into the guardrails. He beats Rhino up around ringside, hitting him with a garbage can and slamming his head into the casket. Back in the ring Jarrett hits a clothesline off the top rope, and then another one. He goes for a third one but Rhino catches him and kicks him square in the nuts. Gail Kim makes her way out as Rhino misses the Gore. Gail goes up top and jumps right into the waiting arms of Ortiz. He tries to force her back to the locker room, and Jarrett blasts Rhino in the face with the guitar. Ortiz makes his way back to the ring to count but Rhino kicks out at two. America’s Most Wanted come out and hand Jarrett another guitar. Before Jarrett can use this one Rhino hits the Gore (which Jarrett sells with more surprise than pain, jerk) to win the title at 5:41. Well that was a shit sandwich of a main event.
Rating: *

After the match Jarrett, Team Canada, and America’s Most Wanted beat down Rhino and the 3Live Kru, who tried to save the new champion. Then from out of nowhere Team 3D makes their way down and clears the ring.topstory120x120-×120.jpg|topstory120x120 topstory500x250-|topstory500x250

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A2Z Analysiz: TNA No Surrender 2006 (Samoa Joe, Jeff Jarrett) Thu, 11 Sep 2014 13:00:00 +0000 no surrender 2006

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Universal Studios – Orlando, Florida – September 24, 2006

PRE SHOW MATCH: Bobby Roode vs. Von Doring

They’re doing the “free agent” angle with Bobby Roode at this point. Doring is not intimidated but Roode takes the advantage anyway. Roode puts on a chinlock about a minute and a half in. Doring escapes but Roode knocks him down with a shoulderblock. For some reason Doring gets to come back with a shoulderblock of his own and then hits a hiptoss and a bodyslam. Roode rolls to the apron and is able to block a suplex and snap Doring’s neck back across the top rope. Back in the ring Roode goes to work, hitting a vertical suplex. Roode hits a knee drop and gloats about it, giving Doring a chance to briefly fight back, but Roode cuts him off with a clothesline. Doring comes back with a flurry of offense including a back body drop. He tries a charge in the corner but Roode avoids it and hits the Northern Lariat. Roode follows up with his new finisher, the Payoff (the Roll of the Dice … seriously?) to get the win at 4:30. If you’re trying to buildup Roode as a new big heel threat, having a guy who to the best of my knowledge never wrestled another match in TNA being on even keel with him was rather stupid.
Rating: ½*

MATCH #1: Eric Young vs. A1

This was when Eric Young was most annoying, with his hair dyed black and doing the “Don’t Fire Eric” garbage. He starts the match by stalling on the floor and interacting with the crowd. A1 pulls him back in the ring and knocks him down with a shoulderblock. Young comes back with a hiptoss and then rolls back to the floor to play with the morons some more. A1 tries to take the fight to Young on the floor but he gets thwarted. Back in the ring Young hits the jobber finisher (cross body block) for two. A1 comes back with a running powerslam for two. He squashes Young in the corner but misses a second attempt. He catches a punch from Young and throws him to the floor. Back in the ring A1 locks on a surfboard type maneuver and Young has to kick his way out. Young comes back with a Thesz Press and a running clothesline in the corner. A1 reverses a whip but Young lands on the apron and snaps A1’s neck off the top rope. It takes forever for A1 to fall, and then Young goes up top for a flying elbow drop that only gets two. A1 comes back and tries to scoop the legs for a pinfall, but the referee catches A1 putting his feet on the ropes for leverage. He tries a Tombstone but Young reverses it to the Wheelbarrow Neckbreaker for the pin at 6:16. That was a fine opener, if this was an episode of iMPACT! Actually if they wrestled on iMPACT! the match would be half as long.
Rating: *¼

MATCH #2: Petey Williams vs. Jay Lethal

This was during the “Chris Sabin, Jay Lethal, and Sonjay Dutt are imitating ‘Jackass Number Two’ because we’re too stupid to come up with anything good” phase. As such, they are backstage playing video games when Lethal’s music hits, so Jerry Lynn has to come in and yell at them. Dutt reveals that they put laxatives in Williams’ water bottle. I’m not making this stuff up.

They do the usual back and forth stuff to start, with Lethal taking first control. Lethal hits a springboard missile dropkick for a two-count. The match spills to the floor and Williams hurls Lethal off the apron and back first into the guardrail. Back in the ring Williams looks to press the advantage. He hits an elbow drop and then a neckbreaker for two. He hits a bodyslam and a legdrop for two. He’s only missing the big boot there. He lands an enziguiri and then the 61-dropkick. Finally the “joke” rears its ugly head, as Williams looks to be having stomach trouble. Lethal goes for a sunset flip and I believe Williams farts his way out of it. Williams then gets an O’Connor Roll and again farts in Lethal’s face. He blocks a vertical suplex and hits a spinning neckbreaker for two. He hangs Lethal In the corner and goes up for Oh Canada but his bowels prevent him from pulling it off. Lethal comes back with punches to the gut and then an atomic drop. Williams comes back with the springboard Codebreaker and then a capture DDT for two. He tries the Canadian Destroyer but can’t hit it and he tries to run to the back. Lethal catches him with a schoolboy rollup to get the pin at 7:26. Now I just feel bad for both Lethal and Williams for having to participate in that garbage. They really booked a match with a guy trying not to poop his pants.
Rating: DUD

MATCH #3: Three-Way No DQ Match – Raven vs. Abyss vs. Brother Runt

Click Doomsday is one of the dumbest catchphrases ever. In a seemingly odd turn of events, Abyss and Raven work together on Runt. They toss Runt to the floor and then go after each other. Abyss takes Raven down and hits the Earthquake Splash. Runt gets back in the ring and wears Abyss out with a kendo stick. He and Raven work together to throw Abyss head-first into a trash can, and then Raven immediately turns on Runt. Raven gets tossed to the floor and then Abyss grabs Runt and hurls him out on top of Raven. Abyss seems off in his own little world while Raven battles Runt. Raven hits Runt with a trash can, and when Abyss holds him for another shot Runt ducks and Abyss takes it. Runt grabs a trash can lid and goes nuts on both guys. Speaking of nuts, Runt sets the ring bell on Abyss’s groin and hits it with a lead pipe. Runt headbutts Raven in the gut to knock him to the floor, and then dumps Abyss out as well. Raven finds a gladiator helmet somewhere outside the ring, and uses it as a battering ram on Runt, and then headbutts him in the groin. They go outside the ring to join Abyss. Raven grabs a trash can and brings Runt up the entrance ramp with him for a drop toehold right down the entrance ramp. Abyss brings a table up and punches Raven’s bloody head. He goes down the ramp to retrieve a ladder and sets Raven on the table. Raven fights off the table and blasts Abyss with the trash can. He climbs the ladder and then from out of nowhere Runt jumps off the top of the entrance and delivers a double stomp that does not break the table. Runt and Raven go back up to ringside and Raven wraps a dog collar around Runt’s neck and drags him into the crowd where he had earlier set up two tables. Raven climbs up some scaffolding and drags Runt up by the neck. That looked painful. Raven then simply punches Runt off the scaffolding and through the tables. Back in the ring Raven goes for a cover and Mitchell breaks it up. Raven then goes for the bulldog but Runt pushes him off right into a Black Hole Slam by the returning Abyss. That’s enough to get the pin at 11:31. That was decent for a garbage brawl; I particularly liked how they had hid weapons throughout the arena before the match.
Rating: **½

MATCH #4: Eight Team Triple Chance Battle Royal – America’s Most Wanted, The Naturals, Alex Shelley & Johnny Devine, Shark Boy & Norman Smiley, Kazarian & Maverick Matt, Ron Killings & Lance Hoyt, Elix Skipper & David Young, and The James Gang

Basically, the last two men that are left in this battle royal will get to be rejoined by their partners for a tag team match. The winners become the #1 Contenders to the NWA World Tag Team Titles. AMW is accompanied by Gail Kim, the Naturals are accompanied by Shane Douglas, and the Diamonds in the Rough are accompanied by Simon Diamond. It’s lots of punching and kicking in the early going, as per usual in a battle royal. Skipper tosses Smiley out for the first elimination and then Hoyt eliminates Skipper. Kazarian and Matt eliminate Hoyt. Killings eliminates Devine. Shelley eliminates Shark Boy, so he and Smiley are gone. The brawling continues, and I think Chase Stevens’ Death Valley Driver on Harris is the first real move of the match. Stevens tries a springboard something and Storm pushes him way into the crowd and it definitely looks like a fan got injured. At any rate Stevens is eliminated. Killings eliminates Maverick Matt and then David Young, so the Diamonds in the Rough are gone. BG James and Killings battle each other and Shelley sneaks up behind them and eliminates them both. Kazarian goes to run off the ropes and Devine pulls down the top rope to eliminate him. Moments later Kip James eliminates Shelley, so Kazarian & Matt and the Paparazzi are out. We’re down to the final four – Chris Harris, James Storm, Kip James, and Andy Douglas. Kip eliminates Storm with a kick to the face while he was trying to skin the cat. Meanwhile up on the entrance ramp the teams of Shelley & Devine and Kazarian & Maverick are brawling. Kip actually eliminates Harris but since the referees were concerned with that brawl, they didn’t see it. Harris then sneaks back in the ring to eliminate Kip, and we’re down to two at 9:07.

Chase Stevens and James Storm can now rejoin Andy Douglas and Chris Harris for a straight up tag team match. AMW dominates the worn-down Douglas while Stevens can’t even get up on the apron due to an injured ankle suffered when he got thrown into the crowd. Speaking of the crowd, it sounds like they don’t give a crap what’s going on right now. Just as I say that they get behind Douglas. Storm hits the Eye of the Storm and then AMW sets up for the Death Sentence. The James Gang comes back out to break it up, still upset about what happened earlier. Storm brings Stevens into the ring and goes for the Eye of the Storm but Stevens slips out and gets a schoolboy rollup for the win at 14:25. That’s actually not a terrible idea for a match, but the Naturals are boring as sin and I hate Shane Douglas. In practice though, the match was horribly dull and seemed much longer than it was.
Rating: *½

MATCH #5: TNA X-Division Title Match – Chris Sabin vs. Senshi

Senshi has been the champion since 6.22.06 and this is his third defense. They start down on the mat and the champion gets the first advantage. They continue the chain wrestling and Sabin misses a low dropkick and then luckily for him Senshi misses a field goal kick to the head. Sabin lands a headscissors takeover and gets a couple of quick rollups for two. He takes control of Senshi’s arm and tries wearing him down. Senshi escapes as he best knows how – a kick. He then hits a couple of chops. Sabin gets dumped to the apron but he grabs Senshi and knocks him down, then follows him in with a slingshot senton. He tries a vertical suplex but Senshi knees his way out of it, and then hits a rolling kick for two. Senshi hits the twisting corkscrew elbow drop for two. The champion stays in control, wearing Sabin down with a variety of kicks and strikes. Sabin fires back with a series of chops and a dropkick to send Senshi to the floor. He goes for a suicide dive but Senshi kicks him in the head! Back in the ring Senshi is right back in control. Senshi traps Sabin between the top and middle ropes and hits a Warrior’s Way to the back but it only gets a two-count. Sabin fights back with a series of forearms. He tries a charge in the corner but Senshi gets his boots up. Senshi tries a kick to the head but Sabin catches it and hits a Dragon Screw Leg Whip. Sabin drops Senshi face-first on the second turnbuckle and then hits a running boot to the face. Naturally Senshi kicks his way out of it, but then runs right into a tilt-a-whirl backbreaker. Sabin follows up with a springboard missile dropkick for two. Senshi comes back by dropping Sabin on his chest and then hitting a trio of kicks for a two-count. He misses a springboard spin kick and Sabin lands an enziguiri. Sabin goes up top and Senshi responds with the Tidal Krush. Senshi tries a superplex but Sabin blocks it and puts Senshi right in position for the hesitation dropkick, but Senshi gets his foot on the bottom rope. Sabin goes for a powerbomb but Senshi elbows his way out of it and hits a double stomp. Senshi goes up top and Jay Lethal and Sonjay Dutt run down to ringside with an inflatable doll. The crowd is NOT happy. Senshi somehow gets confused and tries to double stomp the doll. The doll continues to be involved in the match as the crowd chants “this is stupid.” Senshi hits a shotgun dropkick to get the win and retain the title at 16:57. This was going along really well until Lethal and Dutt made their way to ringside. If this was TNA’s idea of saying the Jackass shenanigans were stupid, it only really proved how stupid they are for doing it in the first place.
Rating: ***

MATCH #6: Rhino vs. Christian Cage

This is one of those “we used to be friends in REAL LIFE and now we hate each other on this FAKE WRESTLING SHOW” feuds. They start off cautiously until Rhino just explodes, going to work on Cage in the corner. I can feel the aggression coming out of the War Machine, according to DW. Rhino hits a back body drop and sets up for the Gore but Cage wisely bails to the floor and asks for a timeout. Of course Rhino does not oblige and he chases Cage back in the ring. Cage comes back and throws Rhino to the floor, but the War Machine perseveres and backdrops Cage to the floor from the apron. Now Rhino throws Cage into the crowd. They climb up to the top of the Impact Zone and Cage hauls off with a back elbow. The go back down the stairs and Rhino charges but Cage moves and Rhino crashes into the wall. Cage delivers a DDT on the entrance ramp. Back in the ring Cage stays in control. He hits a missile dropkick for two. He takes Rhino down and hits a Frog Splash but Rhino kicks out again! Cage tries a charge in the corner but Rhino moves out of the way. That’s all Rhino needed to be fully recovered and he unloads with his usual boring offense. He hits a belly-to-belly suplex for two. Cage avoids a charge in the corner and tries the Unprettier, but Rhino avoids it and hits a spinebuster. Rhino hits a powerslam for another two-count. This time Cage hits the Unprettier and Rhino kicks out. Rhino comes back with a TKO for two. He accidentally clotheslines the referee and Christian hits the Edge-o-Matic but there’s no one to count. Cage takes the opportunity to bring two chairs into the ring and tries the one-man Con-Chair-Toe but Rhino avoids it and hits the Gore but there’s still no referee. Rhino goes for a Con-Chair-Toe of his own but the referee has woken up and he takes the chair. While the ref is dispatching of the one chair, Cage hits Rhino with a low blow and then hits the Unprettier onto the remaining chair to get the win at 16:26. That was solid because of Cage but I find nothing in Rhino the character or Rhino the wrestler to get invested in.
Rating: **¾

MATCH #7: Ultimate X Match for the NWA World Tag Team Titles – The Latin American Xchange vs. AJ Styles & Christopher Daniels

This is the eleventh ever Ultimate X match, and the first ever Tag Team Ultimate X match. LAX have been the champions since 8.24.06 and this is their first defense. As soon as the introductions are over the fight is on. Homicide and Styles are left in the ring, and Hernandez joins them for some double teaming. Hernandez hurls Styles over his head and down to the mat. Homicide goes up top as Hernandez worries about Daniels. Unfortunately, Daniels throws Hernandez to the floor and pulls Homicide down. Styles rejoins the ring and they double-team Hernandez. He goes to climb up but Homicide pulls him down onto the top rope. Homicide tries to introduce a steel chair but Daniels avoids it. Instead Homicide knocks Daniels to the floor and hits the Tope Con Hilo. Styles immediately follows with the Fosbury Flop. Hernandez signals for a dive but Daniels cuts him off and locks on the Koji Clutch in the ring. Homicide breaks that up and hits Daniels with a suplex. LAX takes control of both opponents and Hernandez introduces a ladder. Homicide tries to climb it but Styles is all “no way, dude” and smashes it into Homicide’s face. Then the challengers drop Hernandez crotch first on the ladder before throwing it back to ringside. Styles and Daniels both go up top – Homicide pulls Styles down and Hernandez hits Daniels with a super Crackerjack. Konnan takes cheap shots on Daniels on the floor. Hernandez takes a shot at climbing to the belts but Styles knocks him down. Homicide has a chair and he hits Styles across the back with it. He goes up for the belts and Styles follows him out and kicks him down. Daniels goes up and Hernandez takes him down onto his shoulders so Homicide can hit a bulldog off the top rope. Hernandez climbs up again and Styles pulls him down right on top of his partner! Styles is all fired up now, hitting Homicide with the flipping inverted DDT. He and Daniels try a double vertical suplex on Hernandez but he blocks it on the way down and hits a simultaneous neckbreaker. Homicide goes up top for a Frog Splash but misses and the challengers hit him with Total Elimination. Hernandez breaks through a double clothesline attempt and knocks both challengers down. Konnan introduces a table as Hernandez hits Daniels with a backbreaker. Hernandez goes for the Border Toss but Daniels breaks it up and hits a Uranage. Styles hits a Frog Splash and Daniels follows with a Best Moonsault Ever, and then Styles follows with a Spiral Tap! That’s badass. Homicide pulls Styles to the apron and pays for it, as Styles hits the Styles Clash through the table! Konnan then knocks Styles out with his slapjack. Daniels climbs up the steel support beam to avoid Konnan with a kendo stick. From the corner Daniels jumps all the way out to the center and pulls down the belt to regain the titles at 15:29. The action was certainly break-neck and these two teams had tremendous chemistry together. The finish was definitely memorable, and so was this feud to be honest.
Rating: ***¾

MATCH #8: Fans Revenge Match – Samoa Joe vs. Jeff Jarrett

Jarrett’s NWA World Championship is not on the line here. He’s worried about Sting though, so he sends Eric Young to find him. He’s also worried about the fans whipping him with belts, so he has multiple layers of clothing on. Jarrett tries to go on offense early but Joe is having none of it. Joe tries to throw Jarrett to the floor, but he hangs on and rolls back into the ring before he can get whipped. Jarrett starts losing layers, and Joe hits the STJoe. He rolls to the floor and the fans take advantage, so he gets right back in. Jarrett knocks Joe to the floor but the fans of course don’t go after Joe. He goes outside to bring Joe back in and the fans whip him again. He did get a hold of one of the leather straps and he whips Joe with it. Jarrett continues to use the belt as a weapon on Joe. He goes to the top rope and hits a cross body block for two. Since that didn’t work he tries a cross body block from the mat and gets another two. He tries a turn-around cross body from the second rope, but Joe casually avoids it. Joe comes back with the inverted atomic drop, kick to the face, and a senton. He takes off Jarrett’s shirts and unleashes some chops. He backdrops Jarrett to the floor and the fans whip him some more. Back in the ring a fan tosses Joe a belt and he whips Jarrett with it. Jarrett comes back with a dropkick to the face. Joe comes back with the snap powerslam for two. Jarrett gets a rollup for two. He uses his discarded t-shirts to choke Joe. He tries tying Joe to the ropes but Joe won’t let him. Instead Joe ties up Jarrett and invites the fans to come in the ring and take free shots at Jarrett’s back. Referees stop the fans, but Jarrett is able to grab the guitar. Joe puts on the Choke before he can use it though, and Jarrett reaches the ropes. The ref gets distracted and Jarrett hits the Stroke right onto the guitar but Joe kicks out! The funny thing about Jarrett’s finishing move is that it doesn’t sound good as a verb. Like whenever Mike Tenay says “Stroked him” into something it just sounds … not good. Joe comes back and wins a slap exchange but misses a knee in the corner. Jarrett sets him up top and tries the Super Stroke (Tenay wonders “is he gonna try and Stroke him from up there?). Joe avoids it and hits a big kick to the face. He comes out with the Muscle Buster to pin the NWA World Champion at 11:04. The fans’ revenge gimmick worked to a point, but the one negative about it was that it seemed to make Joe somewhat of an afterthought.
Rating: ***

Joe walks away with the NWA Title, and Jim Cornette comes out to announce that TNA will start airing on Thursday nights in Prime Time. He also introduces a video package that displays the newest addition to the TNA roster: Kurt Angle. See, Joe’s totally an afterthought.topstory120x120-×120.jpg|topstory120x120 topstory500x250-|topstory500x250

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A2Z Analysiz: TNA Hard Justice 2005 (Jeff Jarrett, AJ Styles) Fri, 15 Aug 2014 16:00:51 +0000 hard justice 2005

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Universal Studios – Orlando, Florida – Sunday, May 15, 2005

Mike Tenay and Don West are on commentary.

PRESHOW MATCH: Shark Boy vs. David Young

The winner here gets to go on to the 20 Man “Gauntlet for the Gold” Match later on. They start with some aggressive chain wrestling, and Boy strikes first with a dropkick, and then hits another one. Boy tries to keep Young grounded but Young uses his power to get back to his feet and crush Boy in the corner with a clothesline. Young misses a charge in the other corner and his shoulder hits the post. Boy executes the Shark Bite and Young takes a powder. The excitable Boy tries a house show dive but Young catches him and drops him on the guardrail. Ouch. Back in the ring Young goes to work. Young delivers a variety of maneuvers for near-falls, including a moonsault from the second rope. He goes up top for another moonsault but this one misses. Boy fires up and unloads with a flurry. He hits a missile dropkick for another two-count. Boy goes back up top and Young knocks him down. Young goes for a superplex but Boy drops him down on his face. Boy comes down with a sunset flip for two. Young hits a swinging slam for a two-count. Boy gets in position to hit the Deep Sea Drop and that’s enough to get the pin at 6:29. That was a nice back and forth exhibition for the preshow, and I like that they gave the match meaning by putting a spot in the gauntlet match on the line.
Rating: **½

MATCH #1: Apolo & Sonny Siaki vs. Petey Williams & Eric Young

Team Canada is accompanied by Scott D’Amore. Williams and Young attack before the bell and away we go. Apolo and Siaki weather the Canadian storm and send the opposition to the floor, where they regoup. The match starts proper with Apolo and Williams in the ring. The powerhouse Apolo dominates, and Siaki tags in for more of the same. Young tags in and Siaki continues th eadvantage on him as well. Team Canada use some creative double-teaming to take control and they go to work on Apolo. D’Amore takes cheap shots when he can. Apolo catches Young with a superkick and he’s able to make the hot tag. Siaki is a house afire, throwing both opponents around with ease. The referee loses control and it’s a big brawl. Williams sends Apolo to the floor and calls for the Canadian Destroyer. Siaki counters and hits a neckbreaker. D’Amore distracts the referee, allowing A1 to sneak in the ring and hit a Jackhamer on Siaki. That’s enough for Williams to steal the pin at 8:01. That was a fine enough opener and I was enjoying it more than I thought I would, and then I remembered how every Team Canada match ended with some kind of interference. Meh.
Rating: **½

MATCH #2: Chris Sabin & Traci vs. Matt Bentley & Trinity

The women start the match and Trinity slaps Traci and then runs away from her. That clears the way for the men to go at it, and Sabin starts flying all over to beat on his hated rival. The women come back in and they roll around awkwardly. Trinity runs away again and the men come back in the ring. Bentley is able to take control, and Trinity is happy to take cheap shots whenever she can. Trinity even adds a missile dropkick while Bentley is holding Sabin for good measure. After several minutes Sabin makes the hot tag of sorts and Traci unleashes offense on Trinity. The women spill to the floor and fight up the entrance ramp. Trinity throws Traci up the ramp and then bodyslams her. Sabin comes to Traci’s rescue, and then wipes Bentley out with a springboard suicide dive. Everyone gets back in the ring and the referee has no control over anything. For some reason Traci hits Sabin with a low blow, and then Bentley superkicks Trinity! Bentley then superkicks Sabin to get the pin at 10:20. Traci and Bentley celebrate their subterfuge. As a match this was a bit of an all-over-the-place mess, with no rhythm ever being established and stuff just happening left and right with nothing really meaning anything. That’s a disappointment.
Rating: **

MATCH #3: House of Fun Match – Raven vs. Sean Waltman

Raven was originally scheduled to face Jeff Hardy but Hardy didn’t show up for whatever reason, so Waltman is the replacement. Waltman sneaks in the ring and attacks Raven from behind, gaining the first advantage. They head to the floor and Waltman slams Raven’s head into the steel cage section, busting him open. Back in the ring Waltman continues the abuse, but when he goes for the Bronco Buster Raven throws a trash can in his face. They go back to the floor and Raven busts Waltman open. Raven brings trash can lids back to the ring and beats on Waltman with them. They continue to trade momentum, and Waltman is successful in his second Bronco Buster attempt. Waltman hits the X-Factor. He brings Raven back to the floor and sets him on a table. Waltman goes to the top rope and hits a cannonball senton to break the table. That gets a two-count (it’s falls count anywhere). Back in the ring Raven catches Waltman with the Even Flow DDT but it only gets two. They fight up th eentrance ramp and Raven hurls Waltman off the ramp and through a table! Somehow Waltman kicks out at two. Raven brings Waltman back up to the ring and handcuffs him around the ring post. He grabs a kendo stick and cracks it across Waltman’s back several times. Director of Authority Dusty Rhodes comes out to get Waltman uncuffed (how did they have a key?) and somehow Raven doesn’t realize that Waltman has escaped. Why would Dusty come out like that in a No Rules match, and how would Raven not notice him being out there? Anyway, Raven swings a steel chair but misses and Waltman kicks it into his face. Back in the ring Waltman takes it to Raven with a kendo stick, and then finds a staple gun that he uses on Raven’s bloody forehead multiple times. He charges and Raven backdrops him through the the steel cage wall. That’s enough for Raven to finally get the pin at 13:03. That was certainly violent so they delivered on that promise. There wasn’t a lot of rhyme or reason to any of it, but they hit each other with stuff, did their big moves, and there was almost no down time so it was what it should have been.
Rating: ***

MATCH #4: Diamond Dallas Page & Ron “The Truth” Killings vs. “The Alpha Male” Monty Brown & Kip James

DDP was supposed to tag with BG James, but just like Jeff Hardy, BG isn’t there. Brown and DDP start the match. They go back and forth but DDP seems to be one step ahead. Truth and James tag in and Truth works him over with a variety of strikes and then a headscissors. James comes back with a tilt-a-whirl slam. Brown and James keep Killings isolated in their half of the hexagon, wearing him down for a bit. Eventually DDP gets the hot tag and he cleans house. For God knows what reason, the two big fat guys known as Phi Delta Slam come out and beat on DDP, but there’s no disqualification for also God knows what reason. DDP takes both of them out with Diamond Cutters, and he gives one to James as well. Brown comes back in and hits DDP with the POUNCE to get the pin at 8:57. Well, that was pretty bad to begin with but the finish made it a whole lot worse. What was the point of the fat guys running in?
Rating: *½

MATCH #5: NWA World Tag Team Title Match – America’s Most Wanted vs. The Naturals

Chase Stevens and Andy Douglas have been the Champions since 4.29.05, and this is their first defense. They won the belts from James Storm and Chris Harris, so this is the rematch for AMW. Stevens and Storm start the match with chain wrestling. That goes Storm’s way and the challengers are in the driver’s seat early on. When Douglas tags in AMW doesn’t flinch, continuing their dominance. The battle spills to the floor and the challengers are looking unbeatable here. Douglas and Harris fight in one section of the arena while Storm and Stevens battle in another. They trade dance partners and continue to brawl all over the arena. After several minutes, Harris and Douglas make it back to the ring and the pace doesn’t slow at all. Stevens and Storm make it back in too and the referee has no control over anything. They work in a Tower of Doom spot and all four men are laid out. They rise and trade strikes, with offense continuing to come from all four men and plenty of near-falls. They start busting out signature moves, but when AMW go for the Death Sentence Douglas pushes Harris off the top rope and Stevens rolls Storm up with his feet on the ropes to get the pin at 15:00. That was non-stop action but I don’t think they ever enforced the tag rules or anything so it was always all four guys all the time and it kind of got repetitive. Also, we had just seen an all-over-the-arena brawl two matches prior, so that dulled the impact somewhat.
Rating: **¾

MATCH #6: TNA X Division Championship Match – “The Fallen Angel” Christopher Daniels vs. Shocker

Daniels has been the Champion since 3.13.05, and this is his second defense. They go back and forth to start and Shocker sends Daniels to the apron. Shocker follows him and delivers a headscissors off the apron! They trade dive attempts and Shocker is able to hit his. Back in the ring Daniels is able to take control and he tries to keep Shocker grounded. Daniels is able to keep Shocker on the mat for several minutes until Shocker is able to catch him in a powerbomb. Shocker fires up and unleashes a flurry of offense. He lands a nice Frog Splash for a near-fall. Daniels comes back with a flatliner, and then he tries the BME but overshoots it, so he hits an Arabian Press instead. That gets a two-count. Shocker gets a quick inside cradle for two, and then counters the Angel’s Wings into a basement dropkick. They fight up on the top rope and Shocker brings Daniels down with a super gourdbuster. Shocker puts on an STF and Daniels bites his way out of it, so Shocker turns it into a Camel Clutch. Daniels counters out of that. Shocker puts him on the top rope but Daniels brings Shocker down with a super Angel’s Wings to get the pin at 12:00. That was perfectly competent and well worked, but Shocker is pretty boring and he had no realistic shot of actually winning the title here so it was just a match that happened.
Rating: ***

MATCH #7: 20 Man “Gauntlet for the Gold” Match

Intervals will be one minute. Bobby Roode is entrant #1, and Zach Gowen is #2. Abyss will be the last man out because he won a 10-man gauntlet match on iMPACT! recently. Roode underestimates Gowen from the get-go and Gowen makes him pay for it. Eric Young comes out at #3 to join his Team Canada teammate Roode. Young and Roode double-team Gowen until Cassidy Riley is out at #4. Next up at #5 is “Primetime” Elix Skipper, and he immediately starts to fly. Shark Boys is #6 and he comes in a fish afire. He uses the Shark Bite to eliminate Gowen. Next up at #7 is the third member of Team Canada in the match, the powerhouse A1. X-Division stalwart Chris Sabin is #8. Team Canada rounds out its roster when #9 is Petey Williams. A1 eliminates Shark Boy. Young eliminates Riley. We reach the half-way point with Sonny Siaki at #10. Roode eliminates Skipper. There are now more Team Canada members in the ring than not. Lance Hoyt evens the ods at #11, and he press slams Young to the floor. Matt Bentley is entrant #12. He doesn’t last long, as Sabin clotheslines him to the floor and tumbles out with him so they’re both eliminated. Williams and Roode knock Siaki to the floor. “Mr. 630″ Jerrelle Clark is lucky #13. Williams hits Clark with the Canadian Destroyer (with an extra push from A1 and Roode, and Clark flies over the top rope. Mikey Batts is #14. He flies around a bit until Kip James comes out at #15 and flattens him with The One and Only. Kip hits The One and Only again and then Trytan is out at #16. Batts is tossed out easily by Kip. Trytan cleans house and Ron “The Truth” Killings is #17. The Team Canada trio works together to dump the massive Trytan to the floor. Apolo is #18. James is able to eliminate him in about a minute. BG James finally shows up and he’s #19. Hoyt eliminates Roode. A1 eliminates Hoyt with a little help from Roode. BG hits Williams with the Pumphandle Slam, and Kip hits A1 with the Fame-Ass-Er. They toss the remaining Team Canada members out, and then Abyss clotheslines both of them to the floor. That leaves just Abyss and Killings left, which means it’s a regular singles match now. They quickly take it to the floor and brawl for a bit. Back in the ring Abyss is firmly in control. Killings fights back and almost pins the Monster with a rollup. Abyss cuts him off with a big boot to the face. He grabs his chain but the referee stops him from using it. While the referee takes forever to get rid of the chain, Abyss brings in a chair but it backfires on him and Killings almost gets the pin. The referee accidentally gets bumped. Abyss is able to Chokeslam Killings on the chair, and the referee recovers but only gets a two-count. Killings gets the chair up into Abyss’ junk after they blow the first attempt. He goes to the second rope but jumps right into a Black Hole Slam and Abyss gets the pin at 26:49. That was solid battle royal action, with a good mix of storylines in there. Abyss and Killings had some struggles in the end, but overall this went by fast and was plenty of fun to watch.
Rating: ***

MATCH #8: NWA World Heavyweight Title Match, Special Referee Tito Ortiz – Jeff Jarrett vs. AJ Styles

Jarrett has been the Champion since 6.2.04, and this is his ninth defense. They start off slowly, feeling each other out in this all-important title contest. Styles seems to have the upper hand so Jarrett takes a powder. Back in the ring Jarrett briefly takes control but Styles cuts him off with The Dropkick, a bodyslam, and the Kneedrop for two. The Champion weathers the storm and goes to work on Styles’ leg, even putting him in the Figure-Four Leglock. Styles stays in the hold for quite some time before turning it over and Jarrett gets to the ropes. Back on their feet Styles gets momentum going and hits Jarrett with a swank Tornado DDT. Styles clotheslines Jarrett to the floor and tries a dive but Jarrett sweeps his legs on the apron, sending the challenger crashing to the floor. They fight on the floor and Jarrett avoids a clothesline, sending Styles crashing into the ring post. Jarrett tries to use his guitar but Ortiz gets in his way. Styles grabs the guitar and tries to use it but Ortiz stops him as well. Instead Styles breaks the guitar against the ring post. Back in the ring Styles hits the springboard flying forearm and a leg lariat. Styles hits the flip over inverted DDT for a near-fall. He tries a rana but Jarrett catches him in a powerbomb for two. Jarrett hits a snap powerslam for antoher two-count. Styles comes back with a backslide for two, an inside cradle for two, and then a sort of Pele kick. Both men are down. Back on their feet Jarrett is able to hit Styles with the Styles Clash! That only gets two. Styles responds in kind, hitting Jarrett with The Stroke to get a near-fall. He goes up top and tries a 450 Splash and misses, but he’s able to land on his feet. Styles goes for the Styles Clash and Monty Brown runs in and accidentally hits Jarrett with the Pounce. Ortiz runs Brown off, and is not there to count for Styles. Another referee starts making the count and Ortiz pulls him to the floor because he’s the referee. Styles is angry and gets in Ortiz’s face about it. Jarrett hits a low blow and puts Styles on the top rope. He delivers some punches and Ortiz pulls him down for some reason. Jarrett gets in Ortiz’s face and Ortiz knocks him out. Styles goes up top and hits the Spiral Tap to get the pin and win the title at 19:32. This was going along just fine, not great, but as usual with TNA they found the worst possible way to give AJ Styles the title. Instead of Styles going over Jarrett clean and being the Man, he needed help from Monty Brown and Tito Ortiz just to beat Jeff Jarrett. Why would anyone have confidence in AJ Styles as the Champion going forward? Terrible, kid.
Rating: **½topstory120x120-×120.jpg|topstory120x120 topstory500x250-|topstory500x250

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Interinactivity / TNAInsider 2015 (Part 2): TNA Cancellation Rumours Wed, 06 Aug 2014 10:00:40 +0000 Welcome back! Last week, I went to everybody’s favourite TNA fansite, TNAInsider, to cover the “WWE’s storyline is racist / somehow stolen from TNA even though TNA’s storyline totally isn’t racist” debate, which can be found here.

This week…

Darren Grett
July 28, 2014
Link: is reporting that TNA Wrestling and SpikeTV have failed to come to terms on a new television contract and that Impact will no longer be airing on Spike.

The report claims that Spike execs contacted TNA President Dixie Carter late last week to break the news — and the following day Carter informed members of her inner circle.TNA’s current deal with Spike reportedly runs through October. It’s unclear at this point when “Impact Wrestling” will stop airing on Spike.

We’re told there’s no bad blood, and Spike gave TNA such advance notice so it would have time to shop for a new TV deal. TNA’s show debuted on Spike TV in October 2005 — and helped the league rise to #2 on the wrestling scene … behind the WWE.


And now… the comments. They’re sorted from first comment to last except for the ones that turned into threads with other commenters, and I went through them in this order, so my responses represent my actual stream of consciousness as I read through these things.

Actually, “stream of consciousness” is probably a bit generous. Reading through some of these, I yearned for the soft kiss of sweet unconsciousness.


vantheman77: I don’t know why this is originated from TMZ of all places rather than other wrestling sites when usually report these thongs first. Rather hear from both TNA and Spike themselves.

BD: All right. First comment in, and that’s actually a very well-reasoned response. You can certainly debate TMZ being a reliable source, but the main point here is that Van would simply like to hear something from TNA or Spike TV themselves before he reacts one way or another about this news.

I wonder if the other residents of TNAInsider are going to be this rational, or if…


Omen: Brilliant move Spike, now you free up time for Cops reruns from 1993, that crap Bellator you kept forcing Dixie Carter to cross promote, oh yeah and the 8000 tattoo shows. Inked even sucks now. You did TNA a HUGE favor cutting them loose, now they can sign with a network people actually watch!

BD: … they’re going to react like they’re happy their wife threw them out of the house because they’re totally going to start going to the gym and dating hot women all over town! Because sure, they were a little out of shape because they spent all that time raising the kids, but the accounts receivable girl at the office was still TOTALLY flirting with them ALL DAY on Thursday so FUCK YOU SHARON, you just made a HUGE MISTAKE.


Namor1987: Good I hate spike.Nobody cares about Gangland, Cops or Bar Rescue. Find a better network

BD: Okay, I’ll admit that I’ve never heard of two out of three of those shows. But it’s not like wrestling has a huge history of finding a home on hugely successful cable networks.

TNT was home to the second-most watched cable wrestling show in history with WCW Monday Nitro, and a Google search reveals that it’s most famous original series was something called…

TBS also hosted WCW programming for a very long time, and the only series whose name I even fucking recognized on their Wikipedia page of original content is…

WWE’s RAW on USA Network is considered the most successful cable TV wrestling series of all time, and while USA fares a LITTLE bit better in the “original series” department, even IT’S most popular original content is…

And TNA has never gotten anywhere near WWE or WCW, so I don’t know how anyone assumes they’re going to do better than Spike. Spike was actually a pretty lucky get for TNA. At this point, they’d be lucky to get on this network:


saytoomuch: let the wwe fanboys celebrate

BD: Ahhh, we have our first volunteer from the mongoloid “fans MUST pick a side!” crowd. I’ve never really understood why wrestling fans never evolved past the Monday Night Wars and think you still HAVE to pick a side. Even back then it made no sense.

Is the wrestling community really still this stupid? Can’t we all just admit that there’s good and bad on both sides? And this goes to WWE fans who talk like this too.

Christ, Al Qaeda thinks you need to get over it.


kgb: I don’t think TNA is getting canceled as we will be seeing Destination X on Impact this week, we may see Impact on Spike run through October till the deal expires. I wouldn’t fully trust TMZ as they have been working with TNA to work the internet.

BD: So because TNA is still airing THIS WEEK, the cancellation rumours can’t be true. And your justification for this is that you think TMZ is helping TNA “work” the internet? Are you fucking serio…

kgb: In the past TMZ has reported non serious news like Robbie E farting when he does yoga.

BD: … okay, that wasn’t what I was expecting. But okay, good. You’re not serious.

kgb: The only serious news I heard about TNA from TMZ was Kurt Angle getting a DUI.

BD: You just countered your own point. Now I don’t know what you’re trying to get at. Moving on.

kgb: TNA has been drawing 1.4 and 1.42 ratings lately and only going up. I see no reason why TNA would not be able to find a new deal with a new network, but I doubt they would be going back to 1 hour only. I feel like TNA knew what was going on for a while now, ever since they signed a deal with UTA to help them negotiate with a new network or renegotiate with Spike. recently covered a story about TNA’s interest in shopping to other networks along with the UTA deal being signed for that purpose.

What is true, is the I have not seen a single currently employed TNA wrestler commenting about this story in social media like twitter, indicating a non disclosure agreement was signed by current TNA talent forbidding them from commenting on the story. I have seen non currently employed talent like Kevin Nash, The Pope Elijah Burke, and even The Blue Meanie and Jim Ross commenting on the story, concerned for the jobs of their friends, but all that is, is more speculation.

Maybe TNA knew they might be going dark in the US, so they chose Japan as the location for Bound for Glory? We are still hearing about TNA British Boot Camp on Challenge TV. Also about a month or two ago Jeremy Borash commented on his Twitter that if he were in charge he would move TNA HQ to the UK.

BD: Okay. Fine. You don’t believe it. That’s cool.

kgb: I don’t even think TNA is considering starting its own network, but TNA could do it without losing money unlike WWE.

BD: Of course TNA isn’t considering starting it’s own network. Everyone knows that TNA is 5 years behind copying everything WWE does, and WWE are, at the best of times, 2 years behind keeping up with current trends themselves.

So expect the TNA Network to launch in February of 2018.

kgb: WWE is currently in a civil lawsuit started by investors that purchased WWE stock from October 2013- May 15th or 16th, 2014 because WWE lied and made false claims about its NBC Universal TV deal.

BD: Well, what WWE actually did was just make a bunch of noise about how much they were going to make on the deal, because they actually thought that’s how much they were going to make on a deal. Definitely presumptuous on their part, but they certainly didn’t PLAN to come out with less money than they’d hoped. That would be silly.

Regardless, none of this has anything to do with TNA’s current position.

kgb: TNA could partner with YouTube, signing a YouTube Live contract and run a network through YouTube without losing the amount of money WWE did. Realistically, I still don’t think TNA is considering this, though they survived the internet era and going dark in 2005 to still jump to Spike by 2006, so who knows?

BD: Yeah, and I can drive a car with my feet too. That doesn’t make it a good idea.

kgb: Could TNA and TMZ be working us for a GFW takeover of the TNA timeslot? Are TNA and GFW doing dirty inside trading tactics with partnerships of 2 different Japanese promotions Wrestle 1 and NJPW?

BD: No.

kgb: In any case, I wouldn’t jump to any conclusions or trust TMZ’s credibility until Spike TV or TNA officially makes a statement.

BD: Man, why could that just not have been your whole comment? You could have saved us all some time.


Lady Katherine: We do not know what went on in that meeting what you hear are from TMZ there sour is Bitter for tna stars and employees..

BD: Oookay.

Lady Katherine: I wondering if the Tna roster getting bombarded with question about there Rumors all they can say is no comment How long can they last

BD: Indefinitely, as long as they maintain an adequate supply of food and water.

Lady Katherine: Why will TNA resign 3 wrestlers when they do not have a deal?

BD: Because the company doesn’t necessarily live and die with a US TV deal.

Lady Katherine: TNA Fans – Wait for Dixie /TNA or Spike tv they are reliable source not TMZ

UnbiasedTNAFan: If this were wrestling observer reporting this, I would be in agreement with you. But, TMZ has done a very good job of reporting their stories and getting them right.

Lady Katherine: I will wait for Dixie to make an announcement

BD: Okay.

Lady Katherine: We do not know what went on in the meeting They might have a new deal that we do not know about

BD: I suppose – but you already said that first part.

Lady Katherine: Do not believe what you read on the Internet wait for Dixie announcement.

BD: I said okay.

Lady Katherine: There Tna Hater out there who want tna to die they are bitter and angry former wrestler & employees. to spread rumors We should wait till we hear from reliable source TNA or spike TV

BD: Okay, you need to just calm the fuck down.


Michael Schnell: Wcw all over again :-(

BD: Now now, no reason to jump to that conclusion. After all, WCW was financially successful for a time.


UnbiasedTNAFan: This is terrible news BUT…it’s not the end of the world. TNA will be on Fox Sports and / or Fox Sports 2 in the fall. Take that to the bank!

BD: Optimism! To be honest, I have no idea at all if this has a chance of happening or not. I think I was just so happy to read someone who processed this rumour logically and wasn’t about to slit their fucking wrists all over their god damn keyboards that I didn’t even feel like thinking about it.


The Baron: It’s a bit twisted and demented on my part but I might as well say it: If TNA is gone for good. Now, what are the TNA haters / WWE fans going to say now? Who are they going to hate now? Nobody cares about ROH and NJPW. Are they going to be picking on GFW? So, the haters wanted this. They got it.

BD: And here it is again. Unreal.

Listen, I’m sorry Baron, but this is how it is – there’s matter and there’s anti-matter – conversely, there are ratings, but there are no fucking “anti-ratings”, you idiot. People who don’t watch or like TNA can’t score ratings AGAINST the show, or COST TNA money.

Did you ever consider that maybe WWE fans or the so-called “TNA Haters” aren’t the problem? I don’t want TNA to go under, but if it does I hope that the TNA fans with these kinds of DEBILITATING persecution and blame complexes could be, if not cured, at least put in remission.


Jsquad nation: I refuse to get riled up or panic because I actually think this could be a good thing..Tna is one of spikes only shows that crack one million viewers on average. lets be honest Spike is not a network that people search for or crave for. If you’ve ever been into a hotel, name the times spikes been on the local cable selections..

BD: Yeah, no argument here. For the people who actually still have traditional cable, Spike is basically a network that you see when you’re flipping channels, nothing’s on, and you go “fuck it, I’ll watch COPS.” It’s the “Dominoes Pizza” of networks.

Jsquad nation: If Tna and UTA can sell to a better or more established network that they averaged a million viewers on a channel that most people dont even pay attention to, I believe that Tna and UTA can reiterate to that network and sell them that they can expand their ratings and viewership on there more known network.

BD: I suppose it’s a possibility. It’s unlikely, but you never know. It’s wrestling. Crazier things have happened with wrestling. Remember 3PW? That Jasmine St. Claire whore sold that thing on e-Bay. Unbelievable. She sold 3PW on e-Bay. It’s just amazing.

Jsquad nation: One thing Tna has is a following and alot of networks look to find shows with minor followings and convert them to major followings. So everybody just calm down and relax. Tna can get through this and possibly they can gain from this.

BD: I don’t know how likely this is or not. Actually, to be honest it strikes me as highly unlikely at best. But again, it’s optimism, and the guy does make some good points. And again, it’s wrestling. Crazy things happen, and optimism never hurt anyone.


TNAmarkFromIndia: I doubt they can find a better network than Spike from here. They might even have to go back to a 1-hour format so that more networks would be willing to give them a timeslot. Here’s hoping for the best.

BD: ANOTHER honest and frank assessment of their current situation AND a logical and optimistic view of TNA’s potential future. Two in a row basically! I wonder how long until I get to the next…


Michael Reyes: Thanks Vince Russo. You destroyed TNA because you cannot find a real job in the real world.

BD: … THERE it is.

UnbiasedTNAFan: It actually does all make sense. No wonder they were hush-hush about him working their or not. I do remember reading that one of the executives at Spike did not like Russo’s style -despite getting good numbers. Unfortunately, Russo’s ineptness in sending an email inetnded for Mike Tenay instead got in the wrong hands and he had to admit he did work for TNA, which may have angered Spike TV.

BD: Hang on a minute.



Are you telling me that Vince Russo was exposed to be working for TNA because he sent an email to the wrong person? That is FUCKING HILARIOUS if it’s actually true. Again – only in wrestling.

Anyway, whether the reason that Spike didn’t want Vince Russo in TNA was sound or not isn’t really the issue here. The issue is that TNA knew this, and their ACTUAL workaround was trying to keep Russo’s working there a secret from the world and from Spike… aka, the network that pays them to produce their wrestling show.

That was their actual workaround. And that is a fucking DUMB IDEA.

Also, think about this for a second – the grenade pin to this already REALLY dumb plan plan rested in the hands of a man who apparently hasn’t figured out how to use his email contact list. That’s like asking Jeff Hardy to keep an eye on your painkillers while you go have your match. It’s the kind of dumb that usually comes with a bike helmet and some plastic scissors.

If your head hasn’t already spun around twice reading this, many of the comments on the issue seem to be placing the blame on Spike for not wanting Russo there in the first place, instead of how unbelievably fucking stupid TNA’s plan was. It’s just fucking incredible. It MAY have angered Spike TV? Spike TV pays TNA to produce their only TV show and said they didn’t want Vince Russo working there. TNA then lied about Vince Russo working there. Then Spike found out about it. Why WOULDN’T they be pissed?

Anyway, I only read this Russo / TNA / Spike TV story once I saw this comment, and I have no idea if it’s actually true. If it is though – again, amazing work on TNA’s part. This is right up there with almost burning down their own arena live on PPV and employing Orlando Jordan.

Regardless, the ONLY uncertainty here is whether Spike should be angrier about TNA lying to them or angrier about how fucking stupid TNA’s plan was.

I’ll leave that one to the philosophers.


SpecialFNK: looks like the end of Impact on Spike, but I don’t think this has to mean the end of TNA.

BD: Optimism!

Special FNK: throwing this out there and it may be extreme reaching. could this be storyline/work to have GFW take over TNA and then GFW gets the TV spot? last I heard GFW does not have a TV deal, or any wrestlers signed. a TV spot just opened up. Jeff Jarrett still does have ownership in TNA. TNA has a bad name, and I don’t think that was ever going to change. there could be a new start with GFW and it would be a positive for GFW/Jarrett to take over TNA/Dixie.

BD: … how to let him down gentl…

Mr.Anderson: No. Just no.

BD: There we are.


Mr.Anderson: Nothing we can do now but hope they find a network that will pick them up.

BD: I don’t really have anything specific to say to this one. This guy just makes some good sense. There’s not a lot of people on TNAInsider that do this, so I feel obligated that the ones who do are also accounted for in these pieces. Sit back and hope that a network will air the wrestling show you want to watch. Totally cool. You would think this would be more people’s first instinct, but then again this is the commenter that actually calls out some morons on TNAInsider for their ridiculous bullshit.

Like, last week, when he told some fucking moron that maybe Xavier Woods isn’t channeling Colonel Sanders.

Speaking of that fucking moron.


Christian Parazuli: Looks like the scumbag IWC finally got what they wanted.

BD: If a bunch of people with a keyboard and an internet connection or a half-decent data plan can topple TNA, then TNA is – at best – a wobbly wrestling company.

And for reference, there is no “IWC” – and if there is, it’s the guy calling wrestlers “vanilla midgets” and blaming fans of the opposing company when one company runs into problems.

That’s the most IWC thing that’s ever existed.

See that? You killed TNA.

Shame on you.


Christian is the guy I tried to engage to get some kind of a dialogue going. It never went anywhere. He had absolutely nothing to say other than calling me a WWE fanboy despite me saying I wasn’t, as if there would be some kind of incentive for me to lie about that. Anything I asked him or said to him, he just replied to with stuff not even related to what I said. CB and Sawyer went over there as well, but they quickly realized it was like trying to fly a skateboard. The guy is the fucking Kool-Aid Man in terms of how much Impact Zone juice he’s got in his system, to the point where he can’t see past the lame Instagram filter on his profile pic. Normally, that’s the kind of funny stuff I enjoy posting but honestly, there’s not really all that much to it, so I didn’t. If you do want to check it out, click the article link and see for yourself. Or if they’ve deleted it, let me know – I have it saved, so maybe I’ll throw it up as a separate post but honestly, I’d advise you not to bother. There’s nothing that funny about how looney this guy is that’s not illustrated in what I’ve already put up from him.

God, that was fucking exhausting. This was one of THREE entire articles on this very topic. This is all I can handle for now though. More soon.

This has been “Interinactivity”. Thanks for reading and have a great day.

BDtopstory120x120-|topstory120x120 topstory500x250-|topstory500x250

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Interinactivity / TNAInsider 2015 (Part 1): Kofi, Big E & Truth / Lashley, MVP & King Fri, 01 Aug 2014 19:16:54 +0000 Hey, my login still works! Anyway, this is why you’re here – a couple of lovely comments directed my way from the lovely people over here at our Inside Pulse community.

Finn McInnes: You should have to review the TNA New York shows. Also, I think you need to pick another fight with TNA Insider. That was a ton of fun a couple of years ago. Or with PWI Insider, Dave Scherer is a king-sized douchebag. You are definitely at your best when critiquing someone.

Sideshow Bob: Interinactivity seems closest to the podcast formula, so that, by far.

First off, let me say thanks – and that I actually did watch the TNA New York shows after it was suggested to me, and while they left a lot to be desired, they were easily the best one-off shows I’ve seen from TNA in… I don’t even know. A LONG-time. Like pre-Hogan long. So, TNA is definitely not the worst it’s ever been. That being said, it still seems like the show is in some serious trouble, but any progress is good progress. 

I know this will shock many, but I am actually not a regular visitor to TNAInsider. The last time I was there was last year, when ANOTHER Pulse commenter suggested I do a piece on the site. Despite what you may think, doing pieces on TNAInsider was never originally my idea. But they certainly do make commentary easy.

So, at Finn and Bob’s urging, I went back and looked for something current that was going on. This was around the time that Bobby Lashley claimed that WWE was imitating TNA’s storyline of 3 African-American guys in a stable. This of course became TNAInsider’s new rallying cry, and many of the denizens somehow managed to simultaneously claim that WWE was stealing TNA’s storyline, AND that WWE’s storyline was racist while TNA’s wasn’t – even though the storyline was supposed to be a complete ripoff.

Here is what TNAInsider member, admin, article-poster, white person, and apparent first-round-cast-audition-reject-for-Jersey-Shore-ripoff-show Christian Parazuli had to say on the issue.

cb5dfa3519cc4506defac69e39a8f496 Christian Parazuli: For those that missed it, WWE took another racial reference on this one. Xavier Woods was dressed in white and looked like a black Colonel Sanders. All he was missing was the little southern hick string tie.

As if the WWE couldn’t pull any more cheap racial stereotypes out of their bags, they make a brother look like the man that literally popularized fried chicken to the masses. Another cheap racial reference by the WWE.

BD: I think you better check your colours there, West Side.

Now I should point out, to be fair, that TNAInsider does have it’s fair share of people with common sense and who make valuable contributions, even though they’re normally jumped on and beat about the head with pillows almost immediately after speaking.

And in a delightful, almost intentional twist of irony, in the case the dose of reality actually came from a commenter named “Mr. Anderson”.

avatar92Mr. Anderson: Colonel Sanders? Really? This has to be the worst case of connecting dots that aren’t there that I’ve seen in a long time. Any similarities between Xavier and Colonel Sanders are merely a coincidence.

cb5dfa3519cc4506defac69e39a8f496Christian Parazuli: I wouldn’t put that past the WWE at all. This is the same company that just recently put Ron Killings in a confederate uniform and just recently Mark Henry admitted that they wanted to coin the term “Silverback Gorilla” for him.


I know – you’re probably thinking the same thing I was, which was that there are several ways a rational person could respond to this. You could point out the obvious like I did when I started this article, which is that WWE’s storyline CAN’T POSSIBLY be racial if it was indeed lifted from TNA’s storyline, which, according to you, is NOT racial. You could point out the absurdity of even bothering to debate the idea of WWE stealing TNA’s storyline when two of the participants in TNA’s storyline came straight from WWE and are currently portraying their exact WWE characters.

You could go with what I’m sure would be most people’s intial instinct, which is basically just telling Christian that this notion is fucking stupid.

Or, if you felt like putting the minimum amount of effort in and yet still wanted to make your point in the strongest possible terms, in a way that ONLY a TNA screen capture could… you could just state that TNA is the company that did this:


But sometimes in life, when faced with this level of absurdity… before you even have a chance to say anything – no matter how perfectly you believe you could have made your point – someone beats you to it.

And manages to say it better than you ever possibly could have.

avatar92Mr. Anderson: Or he could just be dressing nice.

And while the implied meaning of the words I’m about to say is DRASTICALLY different than what I literally mean, this still brings me to a sentence I never would have imagined myself typing.

Well done, Mr. Anderson.


Now, those of you that know me know that I’m not trying to defend WWE on the racism front, or really at all. And for any who don’t know me – yes – WWE is racist. It’s a point I’ve made many times, and I’m not sure there is any rational person out there that could debate that. Is all of wrestling racist as well? You could definitely make that argument. But as the biggest and most prominent company that arguably has a monopoly on the industry – in North America at the very least – WWE should still, I believe, bare the brunt of the responsibility for that.

So I’m not suggesting that WWE isn’t racist – I’m not even saying that WWE’s current storyline with Kofi, Big E and Xavier isn’t racist – what I’m saying is that it’s a little bit silly to accuse WWE of racism when the company you’re defending, who’s storyline you’re saying WWE stole, did this:


So I’m not exactly sure that TNA is really in a place to judge.

There is a lot more fun to be had on the article where I pulled these comments from, which you can find on TNAInsider here. The Mr. Anderson commenter even responds to a couple more with the same common sense. It’s awesome.


But the craziest thing is the reason I didn’t tackle MORE of the comments on this issue. It certainly would have been easy. But I got sidetracked by something amazing.

You see, this was initially the subject I was going to cover for the Interinactivity article that Bob and Finn suggested. It was easily the funniest thing going on at TNAInsider… at least, at the time.

Unfortunately, in the middle of writing it… all of THIS happened.





And then TNAInsider did this.


And, while it’s not going to be in this article… the reaction to THAT issue was even BETTER than the issue I just tackled. Think about that for a second. It was more entertaining than watching people debate something that never made a modicum of sense to begin with.

As you can imagine, there’s a lot I could cover on their reaction to this. The interesting part for me was that when this was posted, I wanted to engage that same Christian Parazuli guy above to see if I could figure out how where he was coming from made any kind of… y’know, sense… and get an actual back-and-forth going that I thought would make for interesting reading here.

However, there are a couple of interesting complications for me at TNAInsider.

One is that everyone at TNAInsider apparently already somehow KNOWS me. This is despite the fact that I’ve never posted at TNAInsider in my entire life.

Although, that’s admittedly less of an issue than the next complication, which is that everyone at TNAInsider already FUCKING DESPISES ME. This is apparently based on articles that I wrote years ago – most of which weren’t even that hard on TNA, yet dared to suggest that perhaps Crimson, Gunner, Ken Anderson and Matt Morgan were actually NOT the start of the next wrestling boom period.

Now granted, neither of those complications are going to cause me to lose sleep. But, they do make it difficult to start a dialogue with these people, since they could ban me from the thread or just delete any or all of my comments pretty much anytime they wanted – and they still can – and I fully expect that upon seeing this, they will. I wouldn’t even think something like this would hit their radar if it wasn’t for the fact that they somehow creepily knew everything I’d ever written in the past. (Well… not EVERYTHING – apparently just the anti-TNA stuff.)

But you might be asking yourself- “BD, would the good people at TNAInsider really moderate their board THAT heavily when you’re just trying to start a conversation just because you made fun of Mickie James getting run over by a motorcycle and the Angelina Love / Winter storyline all those years ago?”

Well, immediately after posting my first TNAInsider comment EVER last week, I was greeted by Christian, who stated “well if it isn’t Mr. Inside Puss” (not exactly sure how that’s an insult depending on how you take that wording), and by another user immediately altering the mods to my presence, stating that I had written “inflammatory” articles about TNA in the past – probably all because of that ONE time that I dared to think that Sting force-feeding Hulk Hogan pills and painting his face was awkward. Anyway, my initial comment, which said that it was stupid to suggest all WWE fans wanted TNA to die, was then deleted, presumably by those same mods, who also deleted the comment by the user that altered everyone to my apparently alarming presence.

So if I wanted to engage someone, I had to be careful with what I said because I really wanted to try to make some sense of it and not get banned or have all my comments deleted. CB and James Sawyer joined me on there for a bit before they realized that trying to talk to Christian was like trying to fistfight a retaining wall – the retaining wall can’t very well make any headway of it’s own or hit back, but it’s not coming down either. Obviously, we should have realized after seeing his interaction with Mr. Anderson on the race issue… not a lot of common sense can get through.

After they deleted my initial harmless comment simply for being someone who thought that maybe putting Jeff Hardy in a PPV main-event match drunk and stoned off his fucking gourd may not have been the best idea, I figured that after I posted THIS article, I may not have access to that wonderfully entertaining TNAInsider message board anymore. So, I took it upon myself to save an offline copy of those “Impact May Get Cancelled ZOMFG BOMB SPIKE TV AND KILL THE IWC” articles, which contain ALL the comments from the TNAInsider users – just in case they want to get childish and ban me or delete my comments again.

I need those comments for the next piece I’ll be writing, which contain the comments from those very articles.


I hope to have that for you sometime in the coming weeks. For now, this has been “Interinactivity”. Have a great weekend and I hope you enjoyed.


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Jeff Jarrett News: TNA Ownership Details, Spike TV Non Compete, GWF Notes Tue, 29 Jul 2014 23:53:36 +0000 What’s up with Double J in light of the TNA news?


Jeff Jarrett, one of the founder of TNA Wrestling, has been publicly silent in light of the rumors of TNA’s cancellation by Spike TV.

Jarrett is still technically a minority owner of TNA, having only been bought out of most of his share in the company but not all. He remains an on-paper minority owner with apparently no voting rights.

However, one term of his migration away from helping to run TNA is that he is not permitted to bid against TNA for the Spike TV contract. This means that even though Spike TV might not want to air TNA, they cannot move immediately to a new Jarrett-based promotion such as Global Wrestling Federation.

While Jeff has been quiet on the TNA front, there has been some motion in the GWF front. Jarrett is said to have some money, but not fully what he needs to launch. Much of this depends on getting a TV time slot. However, with it being so late in the summer, a slot in prime time for the Fall 2014 TV season seems unlikely. The plan is still to have a reality show starring Jeff and his wife Karen, showing them starting up the federation, then leading into a wrestling show proper down the line.

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A2Z Analysiz: TNA Destination X 2009 (Sting, Kurt Angle) Mon, 28 Jul 2014 13:00:44 +0000 destination x 2009

For an easy-to-search archive of all my TNA DVD reviews, visit Total Nonstop Ziegler!

Universal Studios – Orlando, Florida – March 15, 2009

MATCH #1: Six Woman Tag Team Match – Taylor Wilde, Roxxi & The Governor vs. The Beautiful People

Taylor and Velvet Sky start the match. The entire “Governor” angle was one of the worst TNA ever came up with. Speaking of Daffney, she tags in, and Velvet goes right to work on her and tags Angelina Love. Governor makes the tag to Roxxi, who quickly tags Taylor. She quickly tags Roxxi back in, and the Beautiful People take control. Madison Rayne tags in and they isolate Roxxi in their corner. Roxxi comes back with a modified spinebuster on Angelina, and both women are down. Angelina tags Madison, and Roxxi makes the hot tag to Taylor, who handles all three members of the Beautiful People. The match breaks down to a brawl, and the Governor hits a dive to the floor on Angelina and Velvet. Madison sends the Governor to the floor, and then Taylor hits Madison with a German Suplex with a bridge to get the pin at 5:04. At least it was short but it certainly didn’t seem to have much of a point.
Rating: *

MATCH #2: Brutus Magnus vs. Eric Young

I can’t wait to get to the DVD’s where he’s not wearing that stupid helmet anymore. For some reason Jesse Neal is the guest ring announcer. Magnus attacks Young before the bell and slugs away at him. Young comes back with a series of maneuvers culminating with a clothesline for a two-count. And then they somehow manage to blow a cross body block spot. I know I’m no wrestler but that seems pretty basic. Anyway, Magnus is back in control, wearing Young down. Magnus hits a powerbomb and goes up top but misses a splash. Young fires up and hits a back body drop and then a Death Valley Driver for two. He tries the Flair flip in the corner, and it winds up working for him, and he hits a top-rope elbow drop for two. They trade pinning combinations but neither man can hold the other down. Young goes back up top but this time Magnus knocks him down. Magnus gets on the second rope and is able to flatten Young with a Super Tormentum to get the pin at 4:46. That was even shorter than the opener but they had some good energy. It’s too bad about that cross body block spot.
Rating: *½

MATCH #3: 10,000 Tacks Match – Matt Morgan vs. Abyss

To win this match all you have to do is throw your opponent into a pile of tacks. Morgan attacks Abyss before the bell and we’re off. The Blueprint controls the opening minutes, both in and out of the ring. Abyss just doesn’t seem to have it together here. Morgan climbs up the pole and retrieves a bag of tacks. Abyss avoids the tacks and takes Morgan down long enough to grab his own bag of tacks. Morgan stops Abyss in his tracks with the Carbon Footprint. Then he wedges a chair between the top and middle turnbuckles. Abyss avoids going into the chair, and hits a low blow before throwing Morgan’s head into the chair. He hits a Black Hole Slam, but not into the tacks. Abyss then opens up the other bag, and turns out that one was filled with shards of glass. Morgan tries to escape up the ramp but Abyss follows him. Abyss tries a chokeslam but Morgan avoids it with a low blow. Morgan then hits the Carbon Footprint, knocking Abyss from the ramp through the tables loaded with tacks on the floor below for the win at 8:48. This feud just seems to keep going without much direction. The match was fine.
Rating: **

MATCH #4: TNA Women’s Knockout Championship – Sojo Bolt vs. Awesome Kong

Kong has been the champion since 10.23.08, and this is her third defense. She wastes no time in asserting her dominance on the former Kongtourage member. Sojo tries to hit and run to subdue the champion, and she winds up blowing the same cross body spot that Eric Young blew earlier, but in a different way. Kong is soon in control again, wearing the challenger down. Sojo continues trying to use quickness and what-not, but Kong is just too awesome. She tries a rana off the top rope but Kong catches her in an Awesome Bomb to retain the title at 4:19. This was totally a television match.
Rating: ½*

MATCH #5: Scott Steiner vs. Samoa Joe

Joe charges the ring and they’re not waiting to start this one. He’s all over Steiner, pounding him about the head and face. Steiner is busted open, and Joe hits a suplex and more shots to the head. The referee distracts Joe, giving Steiner the chance to recover and hit Novocain. Steiner grabs a lead pipe, but Joe hits him with a series of kicks to the head before he can make it back to the ring. The referee tries to reprimand Joe, so he takes the pipe and bashes Steiner with it and tosses the referee out. Another referee comes down and Joe takes him out as well, and Steiner wins by disqualification at 1:29. Not much of a match obviously.
Rating: ¼*

MATCH #6: TNA Legends Championship – AJ Styles vs. Booker T

Booker has been the champion since 10.23.08, and this is his fifth defense. They start off with some chain wrestling, with both guys going after the arm. Booker gets a brief bit of offense before AJ comes back with his signature dropkick. The champ tries to take a powder but AJ follows him out with a flying forearm off the ring apron. Back in the ring AJ control the action. After a few moments Booker catches AJ with a hot shot and a spin kick for two. Booker goes to work on AJ’s arm now. AJ almost makes a comeback but Booker hits a nice superkick for two. The challenger ducks a clothesline and hits a German Suplex with a bridge for two. He tries a springboard but Booker knocks him out of the air with a kick (sort of). Booker tries the Axe Kick but AJ avoids it and hits the Pele. AJ hits the Styles Clash and gets the pin to win the Legends Title at 9:15. That was solid but better suited to free TV. I find myself saying that a lot during TNA pay-per-views.
Rating: **¼

MATCH #7: Off the Wagon Challenge – Team 3D vs. Beer Money, Inc.

Beer Money has been the champions since 1.11.09, and this is their sixth defense. Team 3D is putting their careers on the line for this shot at the titles. Devon and Roode start the match; Roode gets an early advantage and gloats about it. Ray tags in and Roode takes advantage of him too, and then tags Storm for much of the same. To say they’re starting the match slowly would be accurate. Ray does some comedy – not like his career is on the line or anything. 3D takes a brief advantage before the champions come back once again. Devon comes back with a double clothesline. He makes the hot tag to Ray, who cleans house on the champions. Roode comes back with a blockbuster on Ray. You know, for careers being on the line this match sure doesn’t feel that important. The referee loses control and people are coming and going. Ray hits the Bubba Bomb on Roode for two. Devon rejoins the ring and they hit a double neckbreaker but Roode kicks out again! Storm brings a chair into the ring and hits Ray with it for the DQ at 9:56. Jim Cornette doesn’t like that though, so he comes out and gives the “these people want to see a winner and a loser” speech. He restarts the match as a No-DQ match. Back in the ring 3D hits the 3D on Storm but Roode pulls the referee out. Roode then grabs Storm and they retreat to the back and get counted out at 1:24 (total match time 11:20). What a stupid finish to a boring match. I hate everything about Team 3D.
Rating: *

MATCH #8: Ultimate X Match: X Division Championship – Alex Shelley vs. Chris Sabin vs. Jay Lethal vs. Consequences Creed vs. Suicide

Shelley has been the champion since 1.11.09, and this is his fifth defense. I don’t expect to do a lot of play-by-play here. The Machine Guns take the early advantage by working as a team. This is Suicide’s debut match, by the way. Everyone gets a chance to show some of their stuff in the early going. Sabin makes the first attempt at grabbing the belt but Creed cuts him off. A few minutes later Suicide is able to take everyone out and goes after the belt, but Lethal knocks him down with a dropkick. Creed tries to grab the belt, but hesitates when he sees Lethal below him. The Guns get back in the ring now for some tag team action. The action is moving pretty quickly here and they’re doing some cool stuff. It’d be nice to see the Machine Guns against Lethal Consequences in a regular 15-minute tag match on a pay-per-view. The requisite Tower of Doom spot takes out everyone but Suicide, so the masked man goes after the belt once again. Lethal stops him with a powerbomb down to the canvas. Minutes later all four challengers are climbing toward the belt, and Suicide takes a leap just like Christopher Daniels did back at No Surrender 2006 to knock everyone down and grab the belt at 14:11. That was fun chaos and they did some neat spots.
Rating: ***½

MATCH #9: TNA World Heavyweight Championship – Kurt Angle vs. Sting, w/ Special Guest Referee Jeff Jarrett and Special Guest Enforcer Mick Foley

Sting has been the champion since 10.12.08, and this is his seventh defense. Can anyone explain where TNA gets 12 World Title reigns for Angle? The crowd is evenly split between both competitors. They trade control early on as the crowd stays hot. Sting clotheslines Angle to the floor, and the challenger jaws with Foley. Back in the ring, moments later Sting backdrops Angle over the ropes and to the floor. The champion follows the challenger out and throws him around ringside and into the crowd. Back in the ring once again and Sting is firmly in control. Angle gouges Sting in the eye and hits a suplex to take control. He works Sting over for several minutes until they both try a cross body block at the same time and knock each other down. They make it back up and exchange blows. Sting counters an Angle Slam with an armdrag and then hits a powerbomb for two. Jarrett has been an even-handed official thus far. Angle comes back and tries the Ankle Lock but Sting avoids it, so Angle hits rolling German Suplexes instead. Sting counters another Angle Slam, but when he misses the Stinger Splash Angle finally hits the Angle Slam for a two-count! Angle then hits a nice moonsault but Sting once again kicks out at two. Sting hits a Scorpion Death Drop but Angle kicks out at two. Jarrett takes a bump and Sting locks on the Scorpion Deathlock. Foley tries to wake Jarrett up as Angle taps out. Angle hits an Angle Slam and Foley makes the two-count. The frustrated challenger hits the Special Guest Enforcer with a low blow, and then brings a chair in the ring. Jarrett has been out an awfully long time from just a clothesline. Foley prevents Angle from using the chair, and then accidentally hits Sting with it. Angle hits Foley with the Angle Slam and then wakes Jarrett up to make the count. Sting kicks out at two! Frustrated once again, Angle spits on Jarrett and tries to punch him. Jarrett blocks and hits a punch of his own. Sting then hits the Scorpion Death Drop to score the pin and retain the TNA World Title at 13:51. I don’t much care for Sting and all the shenanigans his matches need to have to be interesting. This wasn’t too bad, but it’s hardly main event level.
Rating: **topstory120x120-×120.jpg|topstory120x120 topstory500x250-|topstory500x250

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A2Z Analysiz: TNA Destination X 2005 (Jeff Jarrett, Diamond Dallas Page) Thu, 24 Jul 2014 13:00:56 +0000 destination x 2005

For an easy to navigate archive of all my TNA DVD reviews, please visit Total Nonstop Ziegler.

Universal Studios – Orlando, Florida – March 13, 2005

Mike Tenay and Don West are on commentary.

MATCH #1: America’s Most Wanted (Chris Harris & James Storm) & 3Live Kru (BG James & Konnan) vs. Team Canada (Petey Williams, Bobby Roode, Eric Young & Alistair Ralphs)

America’s Most Wanted are the current NWA World Tag Team Champions. BG and Roode start the match. Of course BG dominates and clears the ring all by himself in the opening minute. Konnan gets the tag and Young gets in the ring with him. K-Dawg continues the domination and makes the tag to Storm, who tricks Young into throwing himself out of the ring. AMW and 3LK are treating Team Canada like jobbers here. Storm and Harris take turns wiping Team Canada out with dives to the floor. Finally Harris misses a charge in the corner and hits his shoulder into the ring post. Roode attacks it and Team Canada swarms onto the injury. That doesn’t last too long before Konnan gets the hot tag. Konnan of course cleans house with his ridiculous old man Lucha offense. The referee loses control and it’s a pier-six brawl. Scott D’Amore tries to interfere and Konnan slams him off the top rope. Roode then surprises Konnan with the Northern Lariat to get the pin at 8:55. Typical Team Canada match: get dominated, D’Amore interferes, win. At least Roode hit his finisher to win. That was a solid opener and a fine way to get guys on the card.
Rating: **¼

MATCH #2: Chris Sabin vs. Chase Stevens

This is pretty random but I’m always happy to see Chris Sabin on a pay-per-view. Stevens is accompanied by Andy Douglas and Chris Candido. Sabin gets distracted by Candido right away but it doesn’t matter much. He uses a headlock and then a headscissors to send Stevens to the floor. Sabin then hits a springboard dive to wipe Stevens out, and he throws a few right hands at Douglas and Candido as well. Back in the ring Stevens catches Sabin sliding under the bottom rope with an elbow. Sabin tries to come back with another springboard but Douglas and Candido pay him back by pulling him off the apron and taking some cheap shots. Back in the ring Sabin curiously doesn’t sell the beating he just received until Stevens blatantly kicks him in the nuts. No disqualification there? Stevens goes to work and scores a couple of near-falls but he can’t put Sabin away yet. Sabin fights back with an inverted atomic drop and a series of clotheslines. He hits an enziguiri and a swank springboard tornado DDT for a near-fall. Candido distracts the referee, allowing Douglas to interfere. Stevens tries an O’Connor Roll but Sabin reverses it and holds Stevens down for the three-count at 6:18. That was a solid iMPACT type match.
Rating: **¼

The Naturals and Candido continue attacking Sabin after the bell. A masked man in a leather jacket comes out to make the save. He pulls the mask off and it’s Shocker, “direct from the McDonald’s commercial.” I have never seen this commercial and I had no idea who Shocker was until he made his debut in TNA.

MATCH #3: Bullrope Match – Dustin Rhodes vs. Raven

Raven stalls to try and avoid being attached to the Bullrope. He goes outside the ring and the referee gets him attached. Rhodes immediately pulls Raven into the ring post. He tries to use the cow bell but Raven avoids it. Raven goes up to the apron and Rhodes pulls him off into the guardrail. Rhodes expertly uses the rope to continue his dominance. He goes up to the top rope and Raven is able to pull him down. Raven brings in a steel chair and wedges it between the top and middle turnbuckles. He whips Rhodes into it face-first. Back in the ring Raven goes to work on Rhodes’ knee. Raven also uses the chair to his advantage. He then misses an elbow off the second rope and hits the chair instead. Rhodes goes back to using the rope to great effect. He goes for the Bulldog but Raven pushes his way out of it. Raven grabs the chair and holds it up to block a punch. He goes for The Drop Toe Hold but Rhodes counters with The Bulldog to get the pin at 6:12. At least they kept it short, minimizing it’s dullness.
Rating: *¾

Team Canada returns to attack Rhodes after the match, and America’s Most Wanted comes out to make the save. Rhodes and AMW were friendly around this time.

MATCH #4: The Disciples of Destruction vs. Phi Delta Slam

Who wanted to see this? Two (arguably) hot chicks fighting over Dusty Rhodes’ affections? Both teams are not good and did not last long in TNA. Bruno and let’s say Don start the match. Not much happens and tags are made. Ron fires up and clears the ring of both gargantuan frat boys. Back in the ring the D.O.D. continue to dominate. It’s ugly and it’s boring. Trinity has to interfere to give her boys the advantage. It doesn’t make the mach any better. They fight on the floor and Trinity tries to hit one of the Harris boys with a moonsault off the top rope. He’s supposed to catch her but doesn’t, and then he hurls her over the guardrail and into the crowd. Back in the ring PDS are still in control. Finally the hot tag is made and the Disciples are on fire. The match turns into a brawl, with two outside the ring and two in. Tillie hits the Tsunami Splash but the referee isn’t there to cover. The Harris boys pull a little twin magic and whichever one is in the ring hits Tillie with a big boot to finally end this match at 10:21. Who the hell gave THAT match over 10 minutes? That was rotten.
Rating: ¼*

MATCH #5: Monty Brown vs. Trytan

Trytan is rather large. Brown is not intimidated by him at all, but Trytan quickly shows off his impressive strength by press slamming the Alpha Male. They take it to the floor and Trytan slams Brown’s face into the guardrails and the steel steps. Back in the ring Trytan continues to dominate as Brown can’t find an answer. Finally Brown stuns Trytan with a dropkick and he follows up with a flurry. Brown actually hits a Fallaway Slam! That’s impressive. Brown goes for the Pounce but the lights go out in the arena. A masked man (for the second time tonight) comes out to attack. Brown hits the Masked Man (who I think was Mideon) with the Pounce and pins him to I guess get the win at 5:30? That was kind of interesting because Brown is rarely the smaller man in a match in TNA, but the finish makes no sense and as far as I remember never went anywhere. Bollocks.
Rating: ¾*

MATCH #6: Falls Count Anywhere Match – Jeff Hardy vs. Abyss

Abyss comes after Hardy with a chair but Hardy avoids it. Hardy clotheslines Abyss to the floor and then wipes him out with a dive. Abyss throws Hardy into the crowd and they fight their way through the iMPACT Zone. They fight out of the building and Abyss is throwing Hardy all over the place. Abyss sets up two tables but Hardy fights back and gets Abyss laid out on said tables. Hardy climbs up on some support beams and flies down with the Swanton Bomb! Awesome spot there and it gets a two-count. Abyss sells it for all of 10 seconds and then starts throwing Hardy around again. They make their way back through the crowd and Abyss drops Hardy nuts-first on the guardrail. Back in the ring Abyss tries to set up a chair in the corner, which gives Hardy time to recover and hit a chair-assisted Poetry in Motion (with a steel chair) on Abyss (into the other chair). I maybe could have described that better. Abyss comes right back and sets a chair on top of Hardy and goes to the second rope. He hits a big splash but it only gets two! Abyss sets the chair back on Hardy and goes for an Earthquake Splash but Hardy gets the chair all up in his balls. Hardy then levels Abyss in the head with a chair, and then decks him again but only gets a two-count. He goes outside the ring and pulls out a ladder! Hardy hits the leapfrog legdrop over the ladder and onto Abyss. That move is still cool, but it only gets a two-count. Abyss comes back and hits the Shock Treatment for two. He charges into the corner but hits the chair he set up earlier. Hardy gets a quick rollup for two. He goes up top and Abyss knocks him down. Abyss finds another table and sets it up in the ring. He puts Hardy on it and goes to the top rope. Hardy stops him and tries a rana but Abyss blocks it and powerbombs him through the table! Abyss goes for a a Chokeslam on top of a ladder but Hardy blocks it and hits the Twist of Fate! That’s enough to get the pin at 15:49. The selling was almost non-existent but they managed to wake up a comatose crowd and it was fun hardcore nonsense.
Rating: ***¼

Abyss continues the assault on Hardy after the bell. He finds a bag of thumb tacks and delivers the Black Hole Slam onto a pile of tacks!

MATCH #7: First Blood Match – Kevin Nash vs. The Outlaw

Outlaw starts with some punches but Nash shrugs them off and starts slugging away. Nash uses his boot to choke Outlaw in the corner. Tenay recites Outlaw’s WWE history while Nash continues on offense. Outlaw slips to the floor and trips Nash up so he can slam his knee repeatedly into the ring apron. That’s good strategy. Outlaw goes under the ring and finds a screwdriver, but Nash blocks it from going into his forehead. Nash catapults Outlaw from the ring to the floor. He follows him out and throws him around ringside. Back in the ring Nash tries to use a chair and referee Rudy Charles tries to grab it from him for reasons I cannot explain. Outlaw hits Nash in the junk. He uses the chair to bash Nash in the face, which the referee didn’t try to stop whatsoever. #ThingsThatIrritateMe. Outlaw grabs a pair of wire cutters and cuts one of the turnbuckle pads off. The referee tries to stop Outlaw from slamming Nash into the exposed steel. Why? It’s a FIRST BLOOD match, there are no rules! I hate when referees get involved like that. Nash goes for Snake Eyes but Outlaw slips out and pushes Nash into the referee to wipe him out. Outlaw then slams Nash into the exposed steel. Nash hits a blatant low blow for fun. He then hits Snake Eyes onto the exposed turnbuckle twice. Nash uses his fist to ensure blood, and Outlaw is bleeding. But the referee is down so he can’t call for the bell. Nash goes out to get the referee and puts him in the ring. With the referee’s back turned, Jeff Jarrett comes out and hits Nash with the NWA World Heavyweight Title belt. Then a guy in a doctor coat comes out and wipes the blood off of Outlaw’s face and takes forever to stop the bleeding. Of course when the referee wakes up, Nash is bleeding and Outlaw is not, and thus Outlaw is declared the winner at 11:23. That was long and boring, and did they really book THAT big of a fuckaround finish in a first blood match between Diesel and Billy Gunn? Yes, yes they did.
Rating: ½*

Nash attacks Outlaw after the bell and re-opens the wound on his head. He follows with a Jackknife Powerbomb, falling down on his butt in the process.

MATCH #8: Ultimate X Challenge for the TNA X Division Championship – AJ Styles vs. Christopher Daniels vs. Elix Skipper vs. Ron “The Turth” Killings

Styles has been the Champion since 1.16.05, and this is his third defense. The match starts as a tag team match with Styles & Skipper against Daniels & Killings. The person who gets pinned is eliminated and then they have a three-way match. When a person is pinned there, the final two men compete in Ultimate X to decide the X Division Championship. In a really good ATD, the commentators point out that Daniels and Skipper lost a “losing team can never team again” match a few months ago, and that’s how we ended up with these two teams.

Skipper and Truth start the match. Both men show off their strength and athleticism in the early going. Skipper hits a missile dropkick, much like Truth had done to him earlier. Styles tags in and he wants to fight Daniels, but of course Daniels wants nothing to do with that. Of course Daniels takes a cheap shot as soon as he has a chance. Truth takes control and tags Daniels into the match officially. Styles fights back and hits a big knee drop for two. Skipper takes a cheap shot on his own partner to give Daniels an advantage. That’s a curious twist. Daniels hits the Flatliner and tries for the Koji Clutch but turns it into a Crossface instead. Styles reaches the ropes. Daniels hits an Arabian Press for two. They start trading punches now and Styles wins that battle with an enziguiri. Styles and Truth give Skipper a taste of his own medicine by working together against him. Killings takes Skipper down and goes up top. He hits a Super Ax Kick but Daniels pulls him off the cover! Truth is quite rightly pissed and dumps Daniels to the floor. Styles then takes Daniels out with a flip dive over the ropes. Skipper hits Truth with the Sudden Death for the first elimination at 8:08.

Styles and Skipper take it to each other to start the three-way match, while Daniels rests on the floor. Both men take each other down and Daniels climbs to the top of the X and takes both of them out with a moonsault! That was cool. Daniels covers Styles but only gets two. Skipper gets right up in Daniels’ face, since they were apparently supposed to be working as a team. Daniels momentarily convinces Skipper to work with him, but he instantly stabs him in the back. Skipper fires back on Daniels with a flurry of offense. Styles comes flying back in the ring with a springboard flying forearm on Skipper. He then turns his attention to Daniels and they battle on the top rope. Skipper joins them and climbs up on the cables to give Styles a reverse rana! That was way cool. Daniels tries a rana off the top rope but Skipper catches him in a powerbomb. Skipper and Daniels slug it out, and Styles climbs on the cables and executes a shooting star press! All three men are down. Back on their feet Styles is in the best shape. Skipper catches Styles and hits Sudden Death but Daniels surprises Skipper with a schoolboy rollup to score the second elimination at 17:16.

We’re down to Styles versus Daniels in an Ultimate X match for the title! Daniels climbs toward the belt and Styles pulls him down, twice. Styles hits a backbreaker. Daniels fights back with headbutts and Styles responds with a Pele. They replay the Pele a couple of times and when we get back to live action both men are on the X climbing toward the belt. Styles kicks Daniels down and Daniels hits a Spear to take Styles down. They fight up on the ropes again and Daniels takes Styles down with a Super STO. Daniels goes up top and Styles is right behind him. They both try to reach the belt but neither man can reach it at this juncture. Now they climb at the belt from opposite directions but once again they fall. They get back up again and fight over the belt, and this time when they fall the referee gets hit in the eye and he looks blinded. Styles goes up and grabs the belt, but since the referee can’t see, Daniels hits Styles with the Angels Wings! The referee sees Daniels with the belt and awards him the match and the title at 25:28. Oddly enough this match got less exciting when it got down to the last two in Ultimate X, as it felt repetitive with all the climbing. Still this was a unique match with hard work by everyone, but I always wonder why screw jobs are necessary in matches with no pinfalls in the first place.
Rating: ***½

MATCH #9: Ringside Revenge Match for the NWA World Heavyweight Championship – Jeff Jarrett vs. Diamond Dallas Page

Jarrett has been the Champion since 6.2.04, and this is his eighth defense. Monty Brown, the 3Live Kru, Larry Zbyszko, Chris Candido and The Naturals are the wrestlers at ringside. Tenay says that this is not a lumberjack match, and those wrestlers are not supposed to touch the guys in the match. Why are they there then?

The Champion stalls to start, and since none of the guys at ringside can touch him, he just continues to avoid getting in the ring. When he finally does get in the ring DDP goes for the Diamond Cutter so Jarrett bails again. Jarrett gets in Monty Brown’s face, and finally DDP just goes out after Jarrett. They get back to the ring and DDP is in control. It doesn’t take long for them to go back to the floor, and DDP is still dominating. DDP clotheslines Jarrett over the guardrail and into the crowd. He hits Jarrett on top of the head with a garbage can. They fight up the bleachers and into the crowd. They make it back to the ring and DDP brings in an office chair. Jarrett winds up sitting in it and he spins around as DDP delivers right hands and kicks to the face. DDP delivers mounted punches in the corner and Jarrett counters with a low blow. Jarrett uses the office chair as a weapon, and then starts attacking the knee. He puts on the Figure-Four Leglock and DDP eventually reaches the ropes. Jarrett tries a Sleeper and DDP counters his way out of it. DDP unleashes a flurry of offense but can’t put Jarrett away. He hits a Rock Bottom for a two-count. DDP hits a sitout powerbomb for another near-fall. Candido and the Naturals interfere momentarily, allowing Jarrett to hit The Stroke. DDP kicks out at two! Now the not-lumberjacks at ringside get into a brawl. In the confusion The Outlaw gives Jarrett his guitar. BG James gets in the ring and takes the guitar away. Konnan holds Jarrett and BG goes to hit him but misses and drills Konnan instead. Ron Killings gets in the ring to help Konnan to the back. Jarrett goes up top and DDP shoves the referee into the corner to knock Jarrett down. The Outlaw gets in the ring and hits DDP with the Fame-Ass-Er. Jarrett covers but only gets two. Sean Waltman runs in from out of nowhere and takes Outlaw out with a spin kick and the Bronco Buster. He gives Jarrett the Bronco Buster as well. The Naturals and Candido try to interfere but they get hit with Diamond Cutters. DDP then hits Jarrett with a Super Diamond Cutter. That guy Attorney Daggert gets in the ring and Monty Brown says he’ll take care of him. Instead Brown gives DDP the POUNCE and Jarrett gets the pin at 21:40. That went on forever and was slightly confusing, because the not-lumberjacks weren’t supposed to interfere and then they all did anyway. My rule is always if you need THAT much help to disguise the limitations of your main event, you should have booked something else. This was just a mess.
Rating: *topstory120x120-×120.jpg|topstory120x120 topstory500x250-|topstory500x250

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A2Z Analysiz: TNA Slammiversary IX (Kurt Angle, Jeff Jarrett) Fri, 13 Jun 2014 13:00:50 +0000 slammiversary 2011

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Universal Studios – Orlando, Florida – June 12, 2011

MATCH #1: TNA World Tag Team Championship Match – James Storm & Alex Shelley vs. The British Invasion

Storm and Robert Roode have been the Champions since 1.9.11, and this is their sixth defense. Alex Shelley is being allowed to sub for the injured Roode for this important title match. Roode accompanies the makeshift team to the ring, and then joins Mike Tenay and Taz on commentary. Douglas Williams and Magnus are back together for lack of anything better to do.

Storm and Williams start the match with some chain wrestling. Shelley quickly tags in and I have flashbacks to Ring of Honor circa 2004 and the Pure Title. They don’t last long though as Magnus tags in. Storm tags himself in and the champions effectively double-team their challengers. Shelley is all over both opponents, but the Brits are able to cut him off with some crafty double-teams. Williams and Magnus keep Shelley isolated in their half of the ring. Magnus hits a nice vertical suplex as the crowd tries a USA chant to get Shelley going. Shelley avoids the Chaos Theory and makes the hot tag. Storm is a house afire, throwing the Brits around the ring. He dumps them to the floor and Shelley wipes Williams out with a dive. Back in the ring the champs use more double-team moves. Shelley rolls to the floor and then Magnus tosses Storm through the ropes. Storm and Williams are the legal men, and they trade finisher reversals, and then Williams gets kicked in the head from both sides by the champs. Shelley throws Williams into a lungblower by Storm, and then Shelley follows with a double stomp off the top rope for a two-count. The referee has lost control of this one. Storm gets a mouthful of beer and accidentally spits it into Shelley’s eyes. Shelley then accidentally superkicks Storm in the face. The Brits then hit their version of the Hart Attack but it only gets two. After some heel miscommunication Storm hits Magnus with the Last Call and Shelley follows with Sliced Bread #2 for the win at 10:56. That was a great way to open the show. Why do I get the feeling it will be the best match of the night?
Rating: ***½

MATCH #2: Matt Morgan vs. Scott Steiner

Morgan scores the first knockdown, and follows with a bodyslam. They spill to the floor and Morgan slams Steiner back-first into the apron. Back in the ring Morgan signals for the Chokeslam but Steiner is able to counter with a low blow out of the referee’s line of sight. Steiner goes to work now, even hitting the belly-to-belly suplex for two. After a few minutes Steiner runs into a boot in the corner and Morgan unloads on him. Morgan crushes Steiner in the corner and then hits a side slam. He follows up with a Michinoku Driver of all things for a two-count. Steiner comes back with a t-bone suplex for two. Morgan cuts him off with a clothesline for two. Steiner comes back with a Flatliner for two. He locks on the Steiner Recliner and Morgan powers his way to the ropes. Morgan stands up and Steiner counters him with a victory roll for two. After a series of reversals Morgan is able to land the Carbon Footprint to get the pin at 9:22. That was a solid power match and way better than I thought it would be.
Rating: **¾

MATCH #3: TNA X Division Championship Match – Abyss vs. Brian Kendrick vs. Kazarian

Abyss has been the Champion since 5.19.11, and this is his second defense. The challengers take it right to the Champion, desperately trying to take the gold from him. Abyss of course is able to thwart them both in the early going. He throws Kendrick on top of Kazarian on the floor. The challengers regroup and both charge back into the ring and take Abyss down in the corner. They spill to the floor and continue taking it to the Champion. Back in the ring Abyss uses his power to resume control, throwing Kendrick and Kazarian around. Abyss focuses on Kazarian and hits him with the Shock Treatment. He goes for a Vader Bomb but misses. Kendrick goes low with a dropkick to the knee. He continues with a flurry of dropkicks, including one from the top rope for a two-count. Kendrick hits a tornado DDT for a two-count. He goes for Sliced Bread #2 but Abyss blocks it and hits a hard Chokeslam. Kazarian busts in and hits a rana from the top rope. He follows with a handspring elbow, and then joins Kendrick for a double-dropkick. They continue the double-teaming, as Kazarian hits a flying elbow drop and Kendrick hits a Frog Splash. Both men cover but only get a two-count. Abyss recovers and rams Kazarian’s head into Kendrick’s head. The Champion rolls to the floor and the challengers tear into each other. They fight to the top rope and after a series of reversals Kendrick hits a single-leg dropkick. Abyss pulls Kendrick to the floor and covers Kazarian for the win at 12:03. I was digging the match and think the finish is okay in principle, but a single-leg dropkick was enough to put Kazarian down? What a pussy.
Rating: **½

MATCH #4: Samoa Joe vs. Crimson

Crimson charges the ring and the brawl is on right away. Joe pitches Crimson tot eh floor but tries a dive and runs right into a hard forearm shot. Back in the ring Crimson starts wearing Joe down. Joe catches a knee and executes a dragon screw leg whip. He goes to work on the leg, keeping Crimson on the mat. Crimson fights back with an armbar. Joe gets the ropes. They get back to their feet and Crimson hits a t-bone suplex. Crimson follows up with a double-arm DDT for a two-count. Joe fights back with a hard release German Suplex and a clothesline for two. He goes to the second rope and hits a leg lariat for another near-fall. Joe hits a powerbomb and rolls it into a half crab. Crimson reaches the ropes to break the hold. They trade slaps and Crimson hits a Spear. Both men rise again and trade strikes. Joe gets Crimson in position for the Muscle Buster but Crimson jumps over him. Instead Joe goes for the Choke but Crimson breaks that and hits the Red Sky for the pin at 10:32. That was another decent power match, but I can’t shake the fact that Joe is capable of so much more.
Rating: **½

MATCH #5: TNA Knockout Women’s Championship Match – Mickie James vs. Angelina Love

James has been the Champion since 4.17.11, and this is her third defense. Love (accompanied by Winter) is a lovely shade of orange tonight. She uses her orange powers to take it right to the Champion and bring her down to the mat. Love works on the arm and stomps James down in the corner. James comes back with a hurricanrana but gets distracted by Winter at ringside. Love hits a suplex for two. Winter interferes and slams James down to the floor. Love goes outside and continues the abuse. James counters and whips Love into the steel steps. Back in the ring they slug it out and the crowd couldn’t care less. James unleashes a flurry of offense, including a Flapjack. She goes up top and hits the Thesz Press. James sets up for the Mick Kick but Winter grabs her leg. The distraction doesn’t help, as James hits the kick anyway. James covers but Winter puts Love’s leg on the bottom rope to break it. Love hits the Botox Injection but only gets two. James comes back and signals for the DDT, pausing first to knock Winter to the floor. She then hits a Northern Lights Suplex for two. Love gets a rollup with extra leverage for two. James then manages to blow her finishing move but gets the pin anyway at 8:02. That was dull and uneventful, with a blown finish to boot.
Rating: *½

Winter attacks James after the bell, and Love gets in on the beat-down as well. Referee Earl Hebner is able to run them off.

MATCH #6: Last Man Standing Match – AJ Styles vs. Bully Ray

They try to psyche each other out and then Styles takes it right to his larger opponent. Ray comes back with a hard knockdown but Styles is game for a fight. They continue to trade control back and forth in the opening minutes. Ray is in control as the fight spills to the floor. He throws Styles around into the guardrails and steel steps. Back in the ring Ray continues the abuse. Styles asks for more, standing up to the Bully. He’s able to finally fight back with an enziguiri and the springboard flying forearm. They take it to the top rope and Styles hits a Pele. Styles hits some mounted punches but Ray counters with a sitout powerbomb off the ropes. Both men are down. They get up and take it back to the floor, where Ray tries to hit Styles with the chain from his awesome chain wallet, but Styles avoids it and uses the chain himself. Ray is busted open. Back in the ring Styles hits the springboard 450 splash for an eight-count. Styles then slams Ray down to the floor and follows him out with a house show dive. He signals for the Styles Clash but Ray picks him up and drops him face-first on the apron. They fight up the aisle and Ray signals for the powerbomb but Styles avoids it and hits an enziguiri and the Pele. Ray rolls off the stage and Styles leaps down with a flying forearm! Styles sets up a table and then cracks Ray with a chair before setting him on it. He goes back to the top of the stage and then climbs up the truss of the set and delivers a huge flying elbow! That should be the finish. It sort of is, as Ray is able to kick Styles through a piece of the set and then is barely able to get back to his feet before the count of 10 at 20:19. They established a good dynamic early on and stuck with it. The violence and spots built as the match went on, which is always a plus. Unfortunately the finish was a bit deflating. This was the time to give AJ Styles a big win, not Bully Ray. At least the match was really good.
Rating: ***¾

MATCH #7: TNA World Championship Match – Sting vs. Mr. Anderson

Sting has been the Champion since 3.3.11, and this is his sixth defense. He attacks Anderson during his pre-match introduction, but not soon enough for my liking. They make their way to the ring and Sting is in control. The fight quickly moves back to the floor and Anderson fires back. They fight through the crowd. Eventually they make their way back to the ring and Anderson begins working on Sting’s arm. Anderson gets a schoolboy rollup for two. The arm work continues as the crowd goes to sleep. Anderson tries a Stinger Splash but misses. He then goes right back to work like nothing happened. Sting fights back with punches. He takes Anderson down and tries the Scorpion Deathlock, and Eric Bischoff makes his way out to distract him. Sting tries a Stinger Splash but misses. Anderson hits the Finlay Roll for a two-count. Sting responds with a DDT for two. He tries a Vader Bomb but Anderson gets his knees up for another near-fall. Anderson hits the Mic Check but Sting kicks out. He goes up top and Sting knocks him down. Sting hits a Stinger Splash to the back and then the Scorpion Death Drop. Bischoff awkwardly interferes and Sting only gets a two-count. Anderson gets a low blow and the Mic Check to get the pin and win the title for a second time at 15:51. That was long and dull with a pointless result, as Sting won the title back about a month later. Anderson is horrible.
Rating: *

MATCH #8: The Final Battle – Kurt Angle vs. Jeff Jarrett

Angle’s Olympic Gold Medal is on the line, and this is also a #1 Contender’s match. Both men are cautious in the early going. They take it to the mat, which is obviously to Angle’s advantage. Angle dominates to start, keeping Jarrett off balance. Jarrett backdrops Angle to the floor to get a reprieve. Now Jarrett goes on offense. He tries a cross body block but Angle has the same idea and they collide with each other. Back on their feet Jarrett uses the Sleeper. Angle breaks it up and hits a release German Suplex. They both rise and start trading punches. Angle gets the better of it and hits a belly-to-belly suplex for two. He hits a dropkick off the second rope for a two-count. Jarrett does that stupid spot where it looks like he’s trying a rana just so Angle can powerbomb him. Angle tries the Ankle Lock but Jarrett rolls through to break it. Jarrett hits a DDT for two. He goes for the Stroke but Angle counters to the Angle Slam for a near-fall. Angle goes up for the moonsault but Jarrett rolls out of the way. Jarrett hits the Stroke for a two-count. He tries a Tombstone Piledriver but Angle counters to the Ankle Lock. Jarrett rolls through again and Angle runs into the referee. That gives Jarrett the chance to hit a low blow. Jarrett then smashes a guitar on Angle’s head. Earl Hebner makes his way out and counts two. Jarrett argues with Hebner and Angle rolls him up for two. Angle then hits three rolling German Suplexes for a two-count. He goes for a superplex but Jarrett pushes him down, so Angle pops up for the belly-to-belly suplex. That only gets two. Angle charges into the corner but misses and cracks his shoulder. Jarrett hits a Super Stroke but it only gets two! He then locks on the Ankle Lock, but Angle reverses it to one of his own. Jarrett taps out at 17:39! That was a good wrestling match but as the end to a bitter feud it felt lacking in emotion. At least it was a far better choice for a main event than Sting versus Anderson that’s for sure.
Rating: ***¼topstory120x120-×120.jpg|topstory120x120 topstory500x250-|topstory500x250

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A2Z Analysiz: TNA Slammiversary 2006 (Christian Cage, Jeff Jarrett, Sting) Sun, 08 Jun 2014 13:00:55 +0000 slammiversary 2006

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Universal Studios – Orlando, Florida – June 18, 2006

PRESHOW MATCH: Team Canada vs. The Naturals

Team Canada is represented by Eric Young & A1 tonight. The Naturals are being advised by Shane Douglas at this point. Young and A1 attack right away but the Naturals weather the storm and toss A1 to the floor, and then Stevens sends Young to the floor. Stevens backdrops Douglas over the top rope onto both opponents. Back in the ring both men make tags and Douglas is a house afire. The match turns into a brawl, and the Naturals hit the Natural Disaster on A1. Douglas has A1 covered but Young hits an elbow off the top rope and rolls A1 on top and that gets the pin at 2:11. Well they certainly didn’t get time to develop much of anything, but it was alright for two minutes.
Rating: *

MATCH #1: Bingo Hall Brawl – The James Gang vs. Team 3D

The teams come brawling out of the entrance ramp right as the pay-per-view begins. Team 3D is in control. Brother Ray and Kip James make it to the ring first and battle with chairs. Kip hits Ray across the back with one, and then hits a chair into his face with another chair. Brother Devon gets in the ring with a kendo stick and whacks away with it. Team 3D hits the double-team neckbreaker on Kip for a two-count. They fight up by the Spanish Broadcast Position, and the Latin American Xchange beats on both teams. Meanwhile Ray sets up a guardrail between four chairs. Ray hip tosses Kip right on the guardrail. BG James jumps off the steel steps to wipe Devon out in the crowd. They fight through the people, and Kip joins them with a trash can lid and regains control. Everyone fights back towards the ring and they introduce more weapons. Ray uses a cheese grater to bloody Kip’s forehead. Team 3D goes for the What’s Up on BG, but he holds up a trash can lid right into Devon’s face. Ray then puts the lid on BG’s nuts, and BG helpfully doesn’t move it out of the way, and Ray hits it with a golf club. Kip comes back with a Fame-Ass-Er on Ray on a trash can. Team 3D comes back with the Doomsday Device but Kip kicks out at two! They bring out a table now and the greedy jerks in the crowd chant “we want fire.” Team 3D dispatches BG to the floor and hits the 3D on Kip through a table to get the win at 10:04. That was passable for a hardcore brawl.
Rating: **¼

MATCH #2: Handicap Match – Rhino vs. Team Canada

This version of Team Canada is Bobby Roode and Coach Scott D’Amore. Rhino comes charging down the ramp (huge shock) and goes right after Roode as D’Amore hightails it. Back in the ring Rhino gets distracted by D’Amore and Roode locks on a headlock. That doesn’t last long before Rhino comes back and throws Roode all over the ring. D’Amore refuses to tag in willingly, but when he slaps Roode on the back the referee rules it a tag and Rhino forcibly brings D’Amore in the ring. Of course D’Amore runs away to the floor, and Rhino chases him, only to get clotheslined by Roode. Back in the ring D’Amore gets a two-count. D’Amore does jumping jacks, giving Rhino time to recover. Roode sneaks in the ring and hits Rhino with a Stunner and D’Amore gets a two-count. Now Roode and D’Amore work quick tags in and out to wear Rhino down. Every time Rhino tries to hit a big move on D’Amore, Roode comes in to break it up. After several minutes Rhino fires up and hurls Roode across the ring with a belly-to-belly suplex. Roode comes back with a neckbreaker for two. D’Amore comes back in and misses the moonsault entirely. Roode tries to interfere but Rhino was ready for him. Somehow the referee gets distracted enough to allow D’Amore to hit Rhino with the hockey stick. Rhino comes back with a spinebuster and throws Roode to the floor. He drills D’Amore 11:00. I’m not a big fan of the feud and I don’t think it particularly did anything for Roode, but the ending was satisfying.
Rating: **

MATCH #3: X Division Rankings Match – Senshi vs. Shark Boy vs. Petey Williams vs. Jay Lethal vs. Alex Shelley vs. Sonjay Dutt

The order of elimination in this match will correspond with their ranking in the X-Division Title picture. Boy and Williams start the match with some mat and chain wrestling. In a silly little spot, Boy blocks the Oh Canada and connects with the Shark Bite. Williams goes to the floor and Boy follows him out for not much. Back in the ring Boy makes the tag to Lethal. They double-team Williams but can’t put him away just yet. Lethal hits a backbreaker for two. Senshi tags in and immediately hits a couple of kicks to the chest for two. Lethal comes back with a dropkick for one. He hits a flapjack for another two. Senshi comes back with Black Magic fort two, and then tags Shelley into the match. Shelley goes to work with submission holds and a lungblower for two. Lethal comes back with the cartwheel into a dropkick for two. Lethal tags Dutt, who hits a nice rana on Shelley and goes after the arm. Dutt goes for the Sprinkler but Shelley knocks him down and gives Dutt’s balls rope burn. Shelley hits a Lionsault for two. Everyone gets in the ring for what Tenay calls a “six-pack suplex.” The dust settles with Boy working over Dutt. Boy goes for the Dead Sea Drop but Dutt avoids it, only to get hit with a neckbreaker. Now Boy goes up top and misses a flying elbow, and Dutt hits a standing shooting star press for the first elimination at 10:36. Shelley takes control of Dutt, and then Lethal makes a blind tag. Lethal tries the Lethal Injection but Shelley avoids it and hits that dropkick to the ass in the corner. Shelley hits a brainbuster and then goes for a senton. Lethal gets his knees up and then hits the Lethal Injection for the pin to eliminate Shelley at 12:33.

The match breaks down to a bit of a brawl as we’ve decided the final four. They spill to the floor and start hitting dives. Dutt wins that battle with a big moonsault on all three remaining opponents. Lethal and Williams get back in the ring and Williams hits the Canadian Destroyer to eliminate Lethal at 14:32. Dutt comes in the ring to battle Williams, who maintains an advantage. Williams and Senshi work together briefly, but miscommunication ends that partnership. Senshi tags himself in and blasts Williams with a clothesline. He goes up top for the Warrior’s Way but Williams blocks it. Williams tries a super Canadian Destroyer but can’t hit it. Dutt grabs him with a standing Sliced Bread, and Senshi follows with the Warrior’s Way to get the pin and eliminate Williams at 17:04. Senshi goes back up top but Dutt blocks him and hits a super rana. Dutt hits a tornado DDT for two. Senshi blocks a sunset flip attempt and hits a double stomp for two. He tries the Ki Krusher but Dutt avoids it and hits a neckbreaker. Dutt goes up to the top rope but eats nothing but knees on a Hindu Press attempt. Senshi hits the shotgun dropkick and hits the Tree of Woe Warrior’s Way to become the number one contender at 19:31. That was good, clean X-Division fun.
Rating: ***¼

MATCH #4: Chris Sabin vs. Kevin Nash

This was a seriously awesome feud that never got a proper blowoff. Nash immediately overpowers Sabin and works him over. Sabin comes back with a flurry but all Nash has to do is hit one knee to the gut to drop the former four-time X-Division Champion. Moments later Sabin hits a nice dropkick to take Nash off his feet, and then Nash takes a powder. Nash calls for Alex Shelley, and then consults with him at ringside. Shelley distracts Sabin, allowing Nash to level Sabin with a clothesline. While the referee isn’t watching him, Shelley removes a turnbuckle pad. Sabin reverses the momentum and sends Nash’s head into the steel. He hits a dropkick off the second rope for two. He tries Cradle Shock but can’t lift Nash up. Shelley interferes again and Nash hits the big boot. Nash works Sabin over for a few minutes and goes for the Jackknife, but Sabin avoids it and falls on top of Nash for two. Sabin goes for the Cradle Shock but Shelley helps Nash escape. Then Sabin goes low, hitting Nash with a dropkick to the knee and then wiping Shelley out with a dive to the floor. Sabin hits a springboard clothesline for two. He hits a guillotine legdrop for another two-count. Sabin goes to the top rope but Shelley crotches him. Nash pulls the straps down and hits the Jackknife Powerbomb to get the anticlimactic pin at 8:22. That was actually a smartly booked match and positioned Sabin for an even bigger payoff that sadly never came.
Rating: ***

MATCH #5: NWA Tag Team Championship Match – America’s Most Wanted vs. AJ Styles & Christopher Daniels

Chris Harris and James Storm have been the champions since 10.22.05, and this is their tenth defense. It’s actually the longest NWA Tag Team Title reign on record. Gail Kim is so smoking hot at this point that it hurts. Styles and Daniels say they have a special surprise to neutralize Kim. I’m surprised at how badly Chris Harris failed as a singles wrestler after the breakup of this team.

Styles and Storm start the match. They go back and forth for a bit, and Styles kills him with a dropkick. Daniels tags in and the challengers go to work on the arm. Storm backs Daniels into his corner and makes the tag to Harris. The champions employ a similar strategy, going after Daniels’s arm. It doesn’t work; Daniels is able to make the comeback and dominate both Harris and Storm. The challengers creatively get both Harris and Storm to the floor and then Styles wipes them out with a dive. Back in the ring Daniels bodyslams Storm and drops a slingshot elbow. Styles tags back in and the champions use some nefarious tactics to overtake him. They beat on Styles on the floor until Daniels comes over and evens the score. Kim gets involved and helps AMW regain the advantage. Back in the ring AMW really isolates on Styles, working him over in their half of the hexagon. Storm goes for the Swinging Noose but Styles counters with the Pele! Both men make tags and Daniels is all over the champions. Once again Kim interferes and this time a freakishly large woman comes in the ring and chokeslams Kim. This is the woman who would be known as Sirelda (trainee Jaime D from Scott D’Amore’s school). She carries Kim off to the back. Back to the action Daniels gets Harris in a victory roll for two. Daniels goes for the Angel’s Wings but Harris blocks it. Undaunted, Daniels goes for an O’Connor Roll but Storm throws a chair in his face but Harris only gets a two-count! Harris argues with the referee while Styles pulls Daniels over to their corner so he can make a tag. That was awesome. Styles is on fire, unleashing all kinds of offense. He goes up top for the Spiral Tap but Harris moves out of the way. Harris gets a pair of handcuffs and hits Styles in the face with them. Daniels pulls the referee to the floor and tells him what happened. Storm knocks Daniels down into the steps. Back in the ring AMW sets up for the Death Sentence but Daniels breaks it up and hits Harris with a Death Valley Driver. Styles hits a short senton for a two-count. Daniels tags in and goes for the Angel’s Wings, and then stands there waiting for Storm to hit him with a clothesline. Storm puts on his Cowboy hat and goes for the Superkick but Daniels catches him with a low blow and hits the Angel’s Wings! Harris elbow drops the referee to break up the cover. The match is out of control now, as Storm brings a beer bottle into the ring. He accidentally hits Harris! Daniels takes Storm out and then drops Harris with a uranage. Styles hits Harris with a Frog Splash and Daniels follows with the Best Moonsault Ever to get the pin and win the titles at 17:45. What a terrific match that played off the history between both teams, the champions showed plenty of desperation, and the win felt big and well-deserved. This is definitely an overlooked gem in the TNA catalogue.
Rating: ****¼

MATCH #6: Scott Steiner vs. Samoa Joe

I have to admit that TNA did a fabulous job building this match up. Steiner scores the first takedown, but these guys are in no hurry. They’re sizing each other up. Steiner lands another takedown and Joe rolls to the ropes. He hip tosses Joe and then slaps him about the back of the head. Joe responds by spitting in Steiner’s face and they start throwing hands. A fired up Joe takes the advantage, knocking Steiner down and hitting the Big Joe Combo. Steiner pops up and hits a belly-to-belly suplex. He tries a charge in the corner but Joe gets his boot up. Steiner tries to take a powder but Joe hits him with the Elbow Suicida. There’s a hot girl sitting in the front row. Hey hot girl, if you’re reading this, call me. Joe tries to ram Steiner’s face into the steps but Steiner blocks it and slams Joe’s face into them instead. Back in the ring Steiner hits the elbow and then does pushups. Steiner hits another belly-to-belly suplex. He then hits a powerbomb and Joe grabs him in a triangle choke! Steiner reaches the ropes. Joe stays in control, hitting a series of jabs in the corner. He tries a charge in the corner but Steiner counters with the STJoe! What an ass. Steiner takes Joe to the floor and throws him into the guardrail. He throws Joe around the arena and tries to use a chair. Referee Rudy Charles stops him, allowing Joe to take control. Joe punches the chair back into Steiner’s face. He tries a clothesline but Steiner ducks so Joe hits the steel ring post. Steiner then rams the chair into Joe’s gut, and then cracks him in the face with it. The referee rightfully retakes control of the match, reminding the competitors that he will give them to the count of 10. He doesn’t seem to mind all the foreign object use though. Joe barely makes it back in the ring. He’s able to catch Steiner with an inverted atomic drop, running boot, and a senton. That could be Big Joe Combo #2. Steiner tries a charge in the corner and Joe shows him how the STJoe is done. Joe hits a Blue Thunder Driver for two. Steiner blocks a lariat but Joe grabs him in the Choke! Joe fights hard to keep the hold on but Steiner powers out of it and hits a low blow. Steiner drops Joe on his head with a half-nelson suplex. He puts on the Steiner Recliner, which just looks awful. How can he keep doing that move? Joe powers out of the move and drops Steiner’s neck on the top rope. He follows up with a snap powerslam to get the pin at 13:03. That as an excellent power matchup that showed Steiner still had some gas in the tank after his disastrous run in WWE in 2003.
Rating: ***½

MATCH #7: King of the Mountain Match for the NWA World Title – Christian Cage vs. Jeff Jarrett vs. Sting vs. Abyss vs. Ron Killings

Cage has been the champion since 2.12.06, and this is his fourth defense. Tenay wonders if Christian can “rewrite history” and become the first man to retain the title in the King of the Mountain match. What a stupid thing to say. Christian is rewriting nothing; no matter what happens in tonight’s match it will be happening for the first time, so he’s not rewriting that. And those other two champions in the King of the Mountain match will still have lost the gold, so he’s not rewriting that either. I hate you, Mike Tenay. Abyss kicks off the match by going after Sting. Christian joins them on the floor while Jarrett and Truth battle inside the ring. The champion joins them inside and dances with Truth and thinks he’s made an ally, and then gets kicked in the face for being so stupid. Jarrett comes in and goes after Christian now, and he knocks Jarrett to the floor and follows him out with a dive from the top rope. Sting and Truth work together, double-teaming Abyss in the ring. Truth sees Christian, Jarrett, and Abyss outside the ring and executes a somersault dive onto all three of them. Sting follows him out by jumping off the penalty box and wiping out all four. Jarrett and Sting wind up in the ring with Sting in control. Truth comes in with a Missile Dropkick and Sting lets him get the pin. So Truth is eligible to hang the title and Jarrett has to spend two minutes in the box. Christian uses the ladder to smash Truth in the face but Abyss breaks up the pin attempt. Tenay wonders why Abyss would break that up, but he’s probably thinking that if Christian doesn’t get the pin then he’s not eligible to hang the belt. I hate you, Mike Tenay. Thankfully Don West brings up my point, but I still don’t like Mike Tenay. Unfortunately for Abyss he ends up getting rolled up and pinned by Christian, so now he has to spend two minutes in the box. Jarrett rejoins the fray by going after the champion. They fight outside the ring while Sting and Truth fight inside. Abyss gets out of the box and he starts working with Jarrett to set up a stack of two double-stack tables. Jarrett winds up on the apron with Truth, and he hits the Stroke off the apron into the guardrail, and that’s enough for a pin. They did the same spot in 2004, but the commentators don’t acknowledge it. Now three men are eligible to hang the title. Cage and Jarrett fight into the crowd while Truth goes into the penalty box. Sting and Abyss fight in a different part of the crowd. Truth gets out of the cage while everyone is brawling in the crowd, so he smartly tries to hang the belt. Abyss just makes it back in time to knock him off the ladder. Jarrett and Abyss use the ladder together, so Truth jumps on top of it and gets dumped to the floor, just like AJ Styles did back in 2004. Christian traps Jarrett in the V Ladder and tries to hang the belt, but he’s not even close and Abyss stops him anyway. Everyone’s down so Truth once again tries to hang the belt. Abyss once again knocks him down, and then the referee gets bumped. Jarrett wants to hang the ladder, but Abyss is having second thoughts about their alliance. He hits the Black Hole Slam and referee Slick Johnson makes it to the ring in time to count the three. Larry Zbyszko comes out now and kicks Johnson out of the ring and takes possession of the title. Abyss climbs the ladder for no apparent reason, and then Sting knocks him down into the table stack. Sting and Christian are in the ring now, and Sting completely no-sells the champions offense and puts on the Scorpion Deathlock. Jarrett gets out of the cage early and he hits Sting with the title belt. He grabs a guitar but Christian stops him from using it on Jarrett. Sting then hits the Scorpion Death Drop on Jarrett. He then tells Christian to hang the title, but Larry Zbyszko comes in and hits Christian with a low blow. What? Sting takes him out and then hits another Scorpion Death Drop on Jarrett. He uses Earl Hebner’s unconscious arm to count his own three, really. Sting goes to hang the title but Christian stops him. Hebner gets up and pushes the ladder over, sending Sting and Cage crashing to the floor. What, really? Jarrett hangs the belt to regain the title at 22:21. But then Rudy Charles grabs the belt from Jarrett and hands it over to new Authority Figure du jour Jim Cornette. So we don’t know who the champion is. So they’re using the pay-per-view to sell their TV show. The match was okay enough as a messy brawl, but when the overbooking with Zbyszko and Hebner kicked in it took a nosedive.
Rating: *topstory120x120-×120.jpg|topstory120x120 topstory500x250-|topstory500x250

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The SmarK Rant for Monday Night RAW – 04.26.94 Tue, 13 May 2014 18:32:05 +0000 The SmarK Rant for Monday Night RAW – 04.26.94

Taped from Utica, NY

Your hosts are Vince McMahon & Randy Savage.  Reading Dave Meltzer’s hatred of Savage on color in the Observers from this time is kind of funny, as he just buries Savage’s commentary job and calls him the worst of all-time.

Razor Ramon v. Jeff Jarrett

Vince was JUST talking about how Ramon is putting the title up here, and then it’s announced as non-title.  Not that it matters much given that he had already lost the title weeks earlier, but geez.  Also, this weekend, Ramon puts the title on the line against Diesel on Superstars, and in fact loses it there.  Ramon flicks his toothpick at JJ, which Savage notes isn’t such a good idea because it’s the 90s and sharing toothpicks is dangerous.  Especially from Scott Hall.  Jarrett works on the arm, but gets caught in the blockbuster slam and bails.  Back in, Ramon slugs away and Vince is all MIXING IT UP IN A ROUGHHOUSE FASHION.  I wonder if he wooed Linda with those words of passion?  Jarrett gets a back elbow to take over and drops a fist for two.  Savage is still having flashbacks to the Double Feature earlier in the match.  Jarrett with the chinlock and he cuts off a ccomeback as we take a break.  Back with a sunset flip from Razor that gets two, but Jarrett jumps on him with a sleeper.  Ramon fights out of that and makes the comeback with his fisticuffsmanship, but Jarrett tosses him and it’s the highest praise Vince can bestow, the See-Saw Matchup.  Shawn comes down to further taunt Ramon and gets his ass beat, and Ramon makes the comeback on Jarrett in the ring.  Shawn gets involved again and gets beat up again to the delight of Vince, but now Diesel runs in for the DQ at 13:40 and the beatdown commences while Jarrett disappears back to Nashville.  Jarrett had his working boots on tonight.  ***1/4

Bam Bam Bigelow v. Tony DeVito

Bigelow beats on him and chokes away while we get a rare phone interview with Jack Tunney, who announces that next week will see the tag title match all the kids have been clamoring for.  Bigelow quickly finishes with the enzuigiri at 2:00.

The Heavenly Bodies v. John Paul & Jason Headings

The Bodies double-team John Paul as Vince claims that last week’s RAW was the highest rated episode of the show.  Also, Mr. Perfect no-showed a match with Luger, and so he’s been fired.  So there you go.  According to the WON from the time, he needed foot surgery but quit anyway.  The Steiners also quit at this point, as did the Quebecers.  Rough week for Titan.  Headings comes in with some dropkicks on Dr. Tom, but he walks into a Veg-O-Matic and gets tormented in the heel corner.  More double-teams on Headings and Del Ray finishes with a moonsault at 5:00.

The King’s Court with Nikolai Volkoff, who is now broke, although not so broke that he can’t afford front row tickets to RAW weeks on end.

1-2-3 Kid v. Duane Gill

The clash of future light heavyweight champions!  Gill actually attacks and gets a clothesline to take over, then tosses Kid.  Kid comes back in with a springboard clothesline and throws kicks in the corner, but then finishes with a leg lariat at 3:08.

Meanwhile, at a deli in Noo Yawk, some guy tells us about how Undertaker came in and ordered a sandwich.

Owen Hart v. Rich Myers

I recall Myers usually being billed as Sonny Myers for some reason.  Owen slaps him around and catches him with a boot out of the corner, and a dropkick. Gut wrench suplex and we hit the chinlock as Vince pays his respects to Richard Nixon.  Yeah, he would.  Sharpshooter finishes at 3:21.

Captain Lou and Johnny Polo get into an argument to end the show, with Randy Savage stepping in on behalf of Albano.

Next week:  Finally the goddamned Quebecers v. Headshrinkers match so they’ll shut the hell up about it already!topstory500x250-×250.jpg|topstory500x250 topstory120x120-×120.jpg|topstory120x120

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The SmarK Rant for Monday Night RAW – 03.20.94 Tue, 06 May 2014 05:50:58 +0000 The SmarK Rant for Monday Night RAW – 03.20.94

They are adding new episodes like CRAZY now.  AWESOME.  Apparently the dude who was in charge of programming the Network got canned last week, which is why we’re suddenly getting flooded with new content.

Live from Poughkeepsie, NY, one day after Wrestlemania X.

Your hosts are Vince McMahon & Randy Savage.

The Quebecers v. The Bushwackers

I didn’t even realize they were still around at this point.  The Quebecers were of course the tag champions but this was specifically non-title.  Big brawl to start and the Quebecers bail, and back in for some “comedy” spots.  Johnny Polo gets involved and gets nailed by Jacques by mistake and Luke gets two.  This is just HORRIBLE.  Finally they get it together and Jacques gets double-teamed in the Kiwi corner with some super-basic stuff.  Pierre also gets dominated and we take a break.  Back with Luke playing ugmo-in-peril, as Jacques slams Pierre onto him for two.  Man, Pierre Ouelette looks like a high school senior here compared to how grizzled he got even in 95.  More dull double-teaming as Luke is just totally unable to work any kind of normal pace, but he makes the hot tag to Butch.  Battering Ram for Jacques puts him on the floor, but Polo nails Butch behind the ref’s back and Pierre finishes with a running knee to the back at 13:22.  What a trainwreck.  It was like they were trying to work a normal tag match, but the Bushwackers are so awful that it ended up 10 times worse than their usual goofy comedy match would have been.  DUD  Afterwards, Captain Lou returns and challenges them to a tag title match against a team of his choosing.  This would end up badly for the champions.

Next Monday, watch the special encore of Wrestlemania!  You mean we can’t just watch it on the Network the day after?

Meanwhile, IRS presents his list of reasons why people are tax cheats.

Tatanka v. Chris Hammrick

Hey, that jobber ended up in ECW a few years after this, didn’t he?  “Hard Cash” Hammrick or something like that?  He was pretty decent there, too.  Tatanka with a backdrop and chops, and Hammrick charges and takes a bad bump to the floor.  No wonder he ended up in ECW.  Back in the ring, Tatanka with a delayed suplex and he works the arm, going really stiff on the poor guy for some reason.  Tatanka with a pair of chops and the PAPOOSE TO GO to finish at 4:41.  This was pretty lengthy for a squash.

Diesel v. Some Guy

Diesel is starting to get some steam behind him with the fans, who chant his name while he beats on the jobber.  Usual Nash squash, Snake Eyes, big boot, powerbomb at 2:25.  Now that was a squash.

Bret Hart is out with his new belt to issue a challenge to all comers, including his brother.

Jeff Jarrett v. Koko B. Ware

Hall of Famer Koko B. Ware, don’t forget.  And Randy Savage still isn’t.  Vince is AGHAST at people disparaging the reputation of Burt Reynolds in the tabloids, which is kind of hilarious given they just showed a clip of Burt at Wrestlemania so drunk off his ass that he’d probably explode near an open flame.  Speaking of explosions, the combined ugliness of JJ’s outfit and Koko’s outfit threaten to shatter the phosphors in my TV.  Thank god Savage isn’t on screen right now or I’d void my warranty.  Koko briefly controls but misses a charge and Jarrett chokes him out.  Closeups show Koko looking ROUGH at this point.  Drugs are bad, Koko.  Jarrett controls with a clothesline out of the corner, but misses a flying fistdrop and Koko makes the comeback.  Vince declares that this is “Bowling for Dollars on Monday Night RAW”.  I’m gonna let that one slide this time but I’m not tolerating any references stupider than that.  Jarrett finishes anyway with a DDT at 5:05. **  Jarrett gets in Savage’s face and Randy is pumping his fists at him like a cartoon superhero, and that would actually be an interesting match if it happens in the next couple of weeks.  And then they brawl in the ring, giving us all three neon outfits at the same time…and that’s it for my TV.  My poor cat nearly gets mauled by flying shrapnel from the screen shattering due to stress.  RIP.

Next week:  1-2-3 Kid, Owen Hart, and Lex Luger v. Rick Martel in the battle of narcissists!  topstory120x120-|topstory120x120 topstory500x250-|topstory500x250

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A2Z Analysiz: TNA Sacrifice 2005 (Jeff Jarrett, Rhino, Raven, Sabu) Sun, 20 Apr 2014 13:00:59 +0000 sacrifice 2005

For an easy to navigate archive of my TNA reviews, please visit Total Nonstop Ziegler!

Universal Studios – Orlando, Florida – August 14, 2005

PRE SHOW MATCH: Sonny Siaki & Apolo vs. Mikey Batts & Jerrelle Clark

I’m pretty sure Batts and Apolo were under contract with WWE at one time, and I feel like Siaki may have been as well. Poor Jerrelle Clark. Batts and Apolo start it off. Apolo uses his power to throw Batts around, hitting a tilt-a-whirl slam. He slaps Batts across the face and makes the tag to Siaki. They hit a flapjack for a two-count. Siaki takes Batts down with an armdrag. Batts rakes the eyes and makes the tag to Clark. Siaki recovers pretty quickly and hits a spinning neckbreaker for two. Batts hits a knee to Siaki’s back from the ring apron and then Clark hits a rana. Clark hits another rana for a two-count. Siaki is so physically similar to The Rock it’s scary. Clark tags Batts back in and Siaki meets him with a series of punches and chops. Batts hits a modified spinebuster for a two-count. He hits a step-up enziguiri and makes the tag. Clark hits a headstand moonsault for two. He goes for a springboard moonsault but misses and lands on his feet. Siaki catches him with a big powerslam and both men are down. They make tags and Apolo is a house afire. Apolo hits Clark with a superkick, and then hits Batts with a powerbomb for two. All four men get in the ring and Clark gets double back body-dropped. Apolo lifts Batts up over his head and Siaki brings him down with an Ace Crusher to get the victory at 4:26. That was perfectly acceptable preshow wrestling.
Rating: *¾

MATCH #1: The Diamonds in the Rough vs. Sonjay Dutt, Chris Sabin & Shark Boy

The Diamonds in the Rough are represented by Simon Diamond, David Young, and Elix Skipper. Young and Boy start the match with some chain wrestling. Boy hits a neckbreaker for a two-count. Young comes back with a clothesline out of the corner, but then misses a legdrop. Boy executes the Shark Bite, and Young responds by knocking him down with a right hand. Skipper interferes behind the referee’s back, and then Young makes the tag to the leader of the Diamonds in the Rough. Diamond hits a couple of vertical suplexes and then makes the tag to Skipper. Boy needs to make a tag here. He does just that, and Dutt is a house afire. Skipper cuts him off with a nice backbreaker. He works Dutt over and knocks Sabin off the apron. Young is tagged in and Dutt catches him with a hurricanrana. Dutt makes the tag and now Sabin is in. Sabin catches Diamond with a hurricanrana for a two-count. He hits a missile dropkick for another two-count. Young and Skipper come in to rescue their leader and the match breaks down. Dutt hits Young with an enziguiri but Diamond breaks up the cover. Skipper executes the rope-walk rana and then Young hits the spinebuster for two. Boy comes in the ring and hip tosses Young to the floor. He follows Young out with a slingshot dive. Sabin and Skipper are left in the ring. A series of reversals ends with Sabin trapping Skipper in a jackknife pin for the victory at 7:24. That was a fun opener and a fine way to get more people on the card.
Rating: **½

MATCH #2: Alex Shelley vs. Shocker

Shocker pinned Shelley back at Slammiversary in June, and then Shelley beat Shocker in a semifinal match of the Super X Cup Tournament in July on Impact, so this is the rubber match. They start off with some mat wrestling. Shelley goes after the knee, trying to ground his more experienced opponent. Shocker fights out of the hold. Both men get back to their feet and Shocker takes Shelley down, also working on the leg. Shocker then switches gears and goes after the elbow. Shelley comes back and goes after the knee. Shocker knocks Shelley to the floor, but then gets drilled with an enziguiri. Shelley goes for a DDT but Shocker blocks it. Shocker drops Shelley face-first on the apron and then hits a tilt-a-whirl backbreaker. Shelley snaps Shocker’s neck off the top rope and then charges in, but Shocker takes out his knee and Shelley spills to the floor. Shocker hits a springboard cross body block to the floor. Back in the ring they trade strikes, with Shocker getting the better of it. Shocker hits a clothesline in the corner and a bulldog. He hits a kick to the face and then puts on a twisting figure-four leglock. Shelley escapes and hits running knees to the chest and a tornado DDT for two. Shocker comes back with another unique submission hold. He turns that hold into a different hold, and Shelley grabs the ropes. Shocker hits a release German Suplex. Shelley comes back with a twisting Dragon Screw Leg Whip. He tries a leg submission but Shocker rolls him into a cradle for two. Shocker knocks Shelley down and hits a slingshot elbow drop for two. Shelley rolls through a sunset flip and they trade dropkicks to the face. Shocker goes for La Magistral but Shelley blocks him and wraps his legs in the ropes to get the pin and win the rubber match at 8:55. They did some pretty moves and stuff, but there was absolutely no story going on in the match whatsoever.
Rating: **¼

MATCH #3: Abyss vs. Lance Hoyt

I don’t understand what it is people love about Jim Mitchell; either way he’s accompanying Abyss to ringside. The future Vance Archer comes charging out and goes right after the Monster. He hits Abyss with mounted punches in the corner. He ducks a clothesline and Abyss takes him down with a shoulderblock. Hoyt recovers and clotheslines Abyss to the floor. He follows him out with a slingshot cross body block. Abyss reverses a whip and sends Hoyt into the barricade. Back in the ring Abyss charges at Hoyt in the corner, sandwiching him between himself and the turnbuckles. Hoyt fights back with chops to the chest. Abyss tries another charge in the corner but Hoyt moves. Hoyt tries a charge in the corner but Abyss moves. Abyss goes for a chokeslam but Hoyt blocks it, only to get dropped with a clothesline. The Monster hits a splash off the second rope for a two-count. He throws Hoyt’s shoulder into the ring post. Then he throws Hoyt’s shoulder into the other ring post. Hoyt comes back with a clothesline off the second rope and a flying shoulderblock with the injured shoulder. Abyss comes up and goes to the second rope, but Hoyt catches him with a chokeslam. Hoyt hits a beautiful moonsault but Abyss kicks out at two. If I hear the phrase “coming out party” in regards to Hoyt one more time I’m going to scream. Abyss catches Hoyt in the Black Hole Slam but Hoyt kicks out at two. Mitchell throws a chair in the ring, and Hoyt boots it right back in Abyss’s face but he can only get a two-count. Hoyt takes Abyss down and sets the steel chair up against his face. Abyss helpfully holds the chair there as Hoyt hits a corner-to-corner dropkick right on the chair. Somehow Hoyt doesn’t get disqualified but rather gets a two-count. Moments later Abyss hits another Black Hole Slam to get the pin at 9:13. Hoyt’s selling was almost non-existent and the bit with the chair was puzzling, but otherwise the match was fairly entertaining. I wish they hadn’t tried to shove the “coming out party” down our throats, because it rarely works when you have to force it.
Rating: **¾

MATCH #4: Kip James & Monty Brown vs. Konnan & Ron Killings

BG James is the special guest referee here. He was caught between the two sides in this battle, and some referees got beat up last month, so none of the real referees wanted to work this rematch. That’s the short version of the story behind this feud. I miss Monty Brown like you wouldn’t believe. Brown and James attack Konnan and Killings during their entrance. Referee James doesn’t call for the opening bell, as all four men brawl in the ring. Konnan clotheslines Kip to the floor while Killings hits Brown with a kick to the face. Brown goes to the floor as James gets back in the ring to get double-teamed. Killings hits the flying legdrop to the groin, and the match spills back to the floor. Konnan throws a chair at Kip but doesn’t get disqualified. Finally BG restores order and we wind up with Brown and Killings in the ring. Brown slams Killings down and hits the Shake Rattle N’ Roll Knee Drop. Kip and Brown control the action, working Killings over in their half of the ring. Killings and Brown crack heads, and then both get up and make tags. Konnan hits the Rolling Thunder on Kip and then the K-Factor on Brown. He takes off his shoe and whips it at Kip, and then accidentally hits BG in the back with it. Konnan hits another K-Factor on Kip, and then goes outside to get a chair. BG takes the chair away, and when Kip tries to use it BG takes it away from him too. Kip shoves him, so BG responds with a series of jabs. Konnan blasts Kip with the steel chair and BG counts the fall at 7:50. That was a nothing brawl in a feud that I never cared about in the first place. The 3Live Kru was always lame.
Rating: *¼

MATCH #5: Christopher Daniels vs. Austin Aries

Daniels is the X-Division Champion, but the title is not on the line here. Aries won an internet poll to earn this match against the champion. He beat Roderick Strong, Jay Lethal, and Matt Sydal. He grabs the belt and Daniels takes exception, hitting Aries with a series of right hands to start the match. It’s funny to hear Don West talk about “Ring of Honor” on the air. Aries is able to take the early advantage with some of his signature offense. Daniels cuts him off and locks him in a front facelock. Aries gets out of it and hits a dropkick to the face. Daniels tries to regroup on the floor and but Aries follows him out with the Heat Seeking Missile. Back in the ring Aries hits the twisting slingshot splash for a two-count. Daniels comes back by catching Aries and hitting him with a shoulder breaker. He bodyslams Aries a couple of times for a two-count. Daniels continues to control the pace of the action. Aries breaks out of a rear chinlock and gets a sunset flip for two. Daniels cuts him off with a tilt-a-whirl backbreaker for two. He slams Aries down and hits an Arabian Press (which Tenay has always called a split-legged moonsault) to the back for two. Aries fights back and they trade strikes; Aries takes Daniels down with a clothesline and a couple of elbows. He hits the Power Drive elbow for a two-count. He hits his other stupid elbow in the corner and then the IED for a two-count. Aries hits the side slam for another near-fall. Daniels comes back with a jawbreaker and an STO. He goes for the Best Moonsault Ever but misses, and Aries hits a kick to the head. Aries goes up top and hits the 450 Splash but luckily for Daniels he’s close to the ropes and it’s only a two-count. Daniels hits an STO out of the corner and tries a pin with his legs on the ropes but referee Mark Johnson won’t allow it. The champ argues, allowing Aries to get a schoolboy rollup for two. Aries gets a backslide for two and then goes for the Brainbuster. Daniels reverses it to the Angel’s Wings and that’s enough for the pin at 9:34. That was like a truncated version of a Ring of Honor match at the time, so it was pretty good for the time they got.
Rating: ***

MATCH #6: Sean Waltman vs. Jerry Lynn

The history between these two men goes way back. They trade holds right away and wrestle to a standoff. Waltman wisely goes after Lynn’s previously injured shoulder, which is just good strategy. Neither man can gain a solid advantage, both are so evenly matched. Lynn hits a ropewalk armdrag but then Waltman knocks him down with a spin kick. Moments later the match spills to the floor and Lynn hits a cross body from the top rope down to the floor, wiping Waltman out. Lynn chops away at Waltman, but then runs toward him and gets picked up in a powerslam position. Waltman drives Lynn’s shoulder into the ring post. Back in the ring Waltman continues to attack the shoulder, and Lynn sells it like a champ. Shark Boy is shown watching the match from the ramp, and then Chris Sabin joins him. Waltman hits a nice shoulder breaker for two. Sonjay Dutt joins the crew on the ramp to watch the match. Waltman misses a Bronco Buster. Lynn finally makes a comeback with a head scissors. He charges at Waltman and gets dumped to the floor. Waltman follows him out with a dive. He gets back in the ring and tries to suplex Lynn back in, but Lynn reverses it and suplexes Waltman to the floor! That looked sick. Back in the ring Lynn hits a missile dropkick. Lynn hits a Thesz Press. Waltman tries a hurricanrana but Lynn catches him with a sit-out powerbomb for two. Lynn sets up the Cradle Piledriver but his shoulder is too injured to execute it. Waltman hits him with a low blow and the X-Factor, but Lynn gets his foot on the bottom rope before the three-count can be made. Lynn reverses the momentum on a high cross body off the top rope for a two count. He hits a tornado DDT for another two-count. He goes for the Tombstone Piledriver but Waltman reverses it and Lynn kicks out at two! Waltman picks Lynn up but gets over-confident and Lynn grabs a victory roll out of nowhere to get the win at 15:23. That was a shockingly excellent match from two guys I would have thought washed up. Usually rematches years down the road don’t work out but this one sure did. Waltman raises Lynn’s hand and hugs him, but then hits Lynn with a shoulder breaker while Tenay loses his mind. He hits Lynn’s shoulder with a chair, and then Sabin, Dutt, and Boy run back out to make the save. Weren’t they already out there, and why did they go to the back so quickly?
Rating: ***½

MATCH #7: Team Canada vs. America’s Most Wanted & The Naturals

Team Canada is represented by Petey Williams, Eric Young, Bobby Roode, and A1. They are without their manager Scott D’Amore tonight. The Naturals are the current NWA World Tag Team Champions, and are accompanied by their manager Jimmy Hart. Young and Andy Douglas start the match. They quickly tag out to Stevens and Williams, and Stevens hits him with a punch to the gut coming off the top rope. Stevens makes the tag to James Storm, who hits the Eye of the Storm. Roode interferes behind the referee’s back, clipping Storm’s knee. Now Roode gets tagged into the match officially and he goes to work on the knee. Team Canada works together on Storm’s knee, until Storm comes back with a big lariat on Williams. Storm makes the tag to Chris Harris. The Tennessee Wildcat is a house afire on everyone. He hits a stalling vertical suplex on Young for a two-count. Storm makes the tag to Stevens and they hit a double team back body drop. Young hits a low blow behind the referee’s back and makes the tag to Roode. After a few minutes Young gets tagged back in and he goes to the top rope. Stevens fights back with an enziguiri and Young takes a sick bump to the floor. Douglas gets tagged back in and he’s all over everyone. The champs hit the Natural Disaster, but Roode lasts Douglas with the Northern Lariat. Williams hits Stevens with a DDT. Harris hits Williams with the Catatonic. Roode goes for the Northern Lariat on Harris but Storm blasts him with a Superkick for two. The match has completely broken down. Almost everyone is on the floor and Harris wipes them out with a dive off the top rope. Back in the ring Stevens and Roode are battling it out. Harris rejoins them in the ring and sets up a Tower of Doom spot. AMW goes for the Hart Attack but A1 grabs Harris and pulls him to the floor. Williams tries to hit Storm with a hockey stick but Storm avoids it. Storm heaves Williams to the floor on a big pile of bodies. Roode rolls Stevens up and grabs a handful of tights for the pin at 11:10. That had a ton of action in it and everything looked good.
Rating: ***

MATCH #8: Super X Cup ’05 Finals – AJ Styles vs. Samoa Joe

In first round matches: Joe beat Sonjay Dutt, Alex Shelley beat Shocker, AJ Styles beat Matt Bentley, and Petey Williams pinned Chris Sabin. In the semifinals Joe beat Shelley and Styles beat Williams. That brings us to where we are today. Christopher Daniels joins the commentating table, since the winner of this match gets a shot at Daniels’s title at Unbreakable. They start off cautiously, both men avoiding each other’s strikes. Then they start hitting each other with kicks. Styles sweeps the legs and unleashes offense. He picks Joe up and slams him down, and then hits the knee drop for a count of one. He goes for a clothesline but Joe cuts him off with a punch and then boots Styles down to the floor. Joe follows Styles out with an elbow suicida, knocking Styles into the announce table. Styles comes back by jumping over the rail and then hitting Joe with a flying forearm over the barricade. Back in the ring Styles hits a vertical suplex for two. Styles locks on a Muta Lock but Joe breaks free so he goes to a headlock instead. Joe gets a shoulderblock but Styles pops up with a short rana. Styles tries to clothesline to the floor but Joe won’t have it. Joe catches a charging Styles with a modified STO. He hits a running knee to the face in the corner and then delivers the face wash. He sweeps the legs for a two-count. West notes that these two have wrestled each other in two past singles matches (one in ROH that Joe won and one in PWG that Styles won), so this is a rubber match of sorts. Joe keeps Styles grounded with a chinlock so they can call their next spots. He hits the powerbomb and then turns it into the Samoan Crab. Styles almost powers out so Joe swings it over to the STF. He makes it to the bottom rope and when he gets up he’s able to hit Joe with a dropkick. Styles hits the inverted DDT for two. They take the battle to the top rope and Styles shoves Joe down to the mat. Styles hits a springboard senton for two. He hits a Pele and then rolls into a jackknife pin for two. He rolls back and goes for the Styles Clash but can’t lift him. Joe comes back with the rolling sunset flip, or Texas Tumbleweed if you’re Terry Funk. Styles tries another Pele but is disoriented and doesn’t hit it, so Joe hits a brutal lariat for two. They get up and trade strikes, which Styles surprisingly wins with a sick kick to the face. Tenay freaks out at the camera man for daring to cut away from the ring for half a second while the referee is counting both men down, and then freaks out about keeping track of the count. He gets worked up about the weirdest stuff and I just hate his voice. Joe tries the Muscle Buster but Styles fights out of it and hits a rack bomb, taking the referee out in the process. Daniels leaves the announce table to get a closer look. He sneaks in the ring and delivers an STO to Styles. He appears to be getting ready to hit Joe with the belt but Joe catches him. Styles clotheslines Daniels to the floor. That gives Joe the chance to hit the Muscle Buster and then locks on the Choke and Styles taps out at 15:07. That was an awesome match that didn’t really need Daniels’s interference, but it didn’t take too much away from the match overall. These two have great chemistry.
Rating: ****

MATCH #9: Jeff Jarrett & Rhino vs. Raven & Sabu

One of these things is not like the other. If Jarrett pins Raven he’ll get a shot at the NWA Title; but if Raven pins Jarrett, then Jarrett won’t be able to get a title shot for an entire year. Raven and Jarrett start the match for their teams, and Jarrett quickly bails. Rhino comes in and sends Raven to the floor. Raven comes back with three Side Russian Legsweeps into the barricade. West brings up the question of what happens if Sabu scores a pinfall. Speaking Sabu, he comes in the ring and sloppily goes to work on Rhino. The match breaks down a bit, with Raven and Jarrett taking the fight to one side of the arena, while Sabu and Rhino battle in another area. Raven finds a pizza cutter and slices Jarrett’s forehead with it. Sabu hits Rhino with a suplex on the entrance ramp. Raven blasts Jarrett with a trash can lid. Jarrett is busted wide open. Back in the ring Sabu takes it to Rhino. Sabu hits a super hurricanrana on Rhino for a two-count. He goes for the triple jump moonsault but Rhino sweeps his leg and Sabu’s face collides with the chair. Jarrett hits Sabu with a chair from the floor, and then Rhino adds a chair shot but Sabu kicks out at two. Jarrett gets tagged in and hits a superplex before tagging right back out to Rhino, who covers for two. After several minutes of abuse Sabu makes the tag. Raven unloads on Rhino and has punches waiting for Jarrett as well. The champ is all over both opponents. Raven hits Rhino with the Raven Effect but Jarrett pulls the referee to the floor. Sabu throws Jarrett in the ring, but that backfires as Jarrett hits a low blow. Is this a no-DQ match? I don’t remember hearing that announcement. Jarrett tries to bring the guitar in, but Cassidy Riley sneaks past security to take it away from him. No matter, as Jarrett hits the Stroke anyway for two. Rhino comes in and goes to work on Raven, even biting him. Raven is busted open now as well. Jarrett comes in and locks Raven in the Figure-Four Leglock. Raven turns it over and the hold gets broken. Jarrett sets up a chair and goes for the drop toehold but Raven avoids it and throws the chair at Jarrett’s face. Sabu and Rhino get tags and Sabu throws chairs at both Rhino and Jarrett. He hits Air Sabu on both men and then lands a triple jump legdrop on Rhino for two. Rhino rolls to the floor, and Sabu dives out after him. Back in the ring Jarrett hits the drop toehold on the chair this time but only gets two. Raven comes back with the Raven Effect but Rhino breaks it up. Rhino drills Raven with the Gore but Sabu breaks that one up. Now Rhino tries to Gore Sabu but misses and hits the referee instead. Sabu hits Rhino with the chair assisted legdrop off the top rope. He looks to put Rhino through a table on the floor, but Abyss comes out and breaks it up, sending Sabu through the table with a chokeslam. Jeff Hardy then shows up out of nowhere to blast Abyss with a chair and clotheslines him to the floor. He then hits Jarrett with the Twist of Fate and the Swanton Bomb. Raven covers Jarrett and a new referee slides in but Rhino still breaks it up. Rhino brings a table into the ring and sets it up in the corner. Raven hits Rhino with a low blow. He goes to DDT Jarrett through the table but Rhino breaks that up by hitting a Gore right through the table to get the pin at 16:16.That was a surprisingly entertaining match; they worked hardcore spots into the tag team formula and it really worked.
Rating: ***¾topstory120x120-×120.jpg|topstory120x120 topstory500x250-|topstory500x250

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Forever Heel: All the Wrestling News that’s Fit to Power Bomb Fri, 18 Apr 2014 17:20:46 +0000 Chris Sabin Leaves TNA: I gather we see much of Alpha Female either. I say good riddance. We trade Sabin and White Chyna for Angelina Love and the reforming of The Beautiful People. Finally little girls will have two more women to look up to, along with Eva Marie.

WWE Unhappy with the Audience’s Reaction to Undertaker’s Loss: It’s not all bad, WWE was happy with the audience’s shock, but they needed a better reaction. I can’t believe this was even reported. How the F’ do you measure shock and compare it to reaction? Why isn’t WWE analyzing the reaction to their boring tv shows and talent? Orton, Rusev, and Curtis Axel are not helping out the heel side either. Hopefully Bo Dallas, and a Dolph/Miz team up can get some hijinks in for the summer? Sorry this was a little rantish, but as we all know, heels are my thing.

Sting Signs Contract with WWE: Sting has signed with The WWE, but it’s unclear if he’ll be on TV. He may just work a few ppv’s, or have a backstage role. He also may join WWE Special Forces, and join the ranks of S.T.O.M.P. and be sent on a mission to space with Marc Mero (look this up it’s all there). I don’t care what he does as long as he stays out-of-the-way. Ever since he screwed Hogan out of the belt at Starcade ’97, I haven’t liked the guy. Fans didn’t even like Sting, but Eric Bischoff was nice enough to keep him in WCW.  Bisch had to do that because NWO Sting was so beloved in Japan, and had to stay.

Elijah Burke and Lance Hoyt May Join Jarrett’s GWA(I forgot what it’s really called.): Well I wasn’t going to watch Jarrett’s new Fed, but with these two stallions I’ll make sure to notice this Fed when it starts in 5 years. I also hear the big Tough Enough guy wants in GWA? Wow all they need is Commissioner Lugar, and someone to play Vice President of Bikini Relations? Hopefully they can have Scott Steiner and El Gigante debate the impact of Common Core Education on America’s children? We all know Russo will join as GWA’s food supervisor, and eventually begin to takeover for Creative? We will see Heidenreich VS Vladimir Kozlov in a WWII grudge match. I guess Kenzo Suzuki will join the roster later? He and Heidenreich can give Rene Dupree a beat down, and died with Rob Terry. See booking is just that easy, lads.

Ultimate Warrior Dies: I never cared much for this guy, but I started watching his promos on YouTube. I thought they were great. I’ve seen “Self-Destruction of the Ultimate Warrior”, and wasn’t impressed with WWE’s handling of his history. I don’t believe he held up WWE for money, because he would’ve been let go and blacklisted into oblivion. He probably would’ve been sued to He’ll too, this was in the 90’s. I may believe this story if it was in the USWA, and Warrior was dealing with Randy Gales, but come on Vince would’ve had Warrior for breakfast? I also find it funny that King was so annoyed by Warrior’s baseball cap. I do find Warrior’s weird homoerotic bondage love wired though. What was with that comic book? Also his run in WCW had him enslave The Disciple. Maybe it’s because I live in LA, but these scenarios scream “man love”. Bret’s book also mentions Warrior being a real dick to his young fans. I’m glad Sgt Slaughter took Warrior’s WWE Championship because it was time to give the belt to a real hero. All of you please stand for the Iraqi National Anthem!

Jason the Terrible Signs with GWA: This can’t be true, but the guy who wrote this went out of his way to fantasy book a new Team Canada. A faction lead by Vampiro that would also hopefully include Ryno, Petey Williams, and Jonny Devine. Winter would play Vampiro’s girl. This sounded cool to me, but I doubt Vampiro and Jason the Terrible can still go? Also I’ve had my fill of evil Canadian factions. Finally Jeff Jerrett hasn’t said much about the GWA. I would only believe press releases, or I turn into one of those guys that waits for Sting every Monday night.topstory120x120-|topstory120x120 topstory500x250-|topstory500x250

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10 Thoughts (Well 8): TNA Impact Wrestling 4.10.14 (Magnus, Eric Young, Dixie Carter, The Wolves) Fri, 11 Apr 2014 22:10:10 +0000 TNA Impact Header - 2014

1. It’s the end of WrestleMania week which means that TNA has slowly slipped its way back onto the “10 Thoughts” radar. I honestly don’t know how I’ll receive this show after the roller coaster of a ride we’ve all been on since last Saturday but I thought I’d give it a go & see what the “other” wrestling company had to offer this week.

2. TNA opening up with the #1 Contender’s Gauntlet match tells me that TNA is sweating the competition from the new availability of WWE’s NXT on Thursday nights. And they’re smart to do so. NXT is new and fresh looking while TNA looks like the same show it was 5 years ago. It’s almost as if they need to load up every Impact with a PPV-style lineup just to hook (and hopefully keep) the fans from switching to the WWE Network.

3. Ethan Carter III & Bobby Lashley have been two good re-purposed additions to the new TNA roster. Carter has stepped up into his role and Lashley was brought back at the right time. Though I think I just heard Mike Tenay refer to Lashley as a former world champion. The only championship that might have even come close was his run as the WWE/ECW Champion but I don’t believe the WWE even referred to that belt as a “world” title. And damned if TNA’s “Santino Marella” didn’t just win the #1 contendership. I know they’ve tried to show the world that Eric Young is also a great talent that’s never been REALLY used properly but damn this is a jump. ANNNNND it’s happening tonight. I wonder if TNA watched WrestleMania XXX on Sunday.

4. What the hell is up with Davey Richards hair?! A bleached blonde mohawk?! On DAVEY RICHARDS! Good God…

5. OK, it’s always been quite plain that Dixie Carter is a horrible actress and never should have become an on-screen character. And now that Stephanie McMahon has returned as fixture on WWE TV, the glaring differences between a good female heel character & a HORRIBLE one are like a slap in the face. History has always stated that when the McMahons show up on TV, the ratings go up. The complete opposite goes for Dixie Carter. Watching TNA tonight is making me more and more interested in Jeff Jarrett’s new promotion than I am in TNA right now.

6. Seeing the Wolves now in TNA after a few months and I can only imagine the difference in their careers if they had signed a NXT contract. Sure they wouldn’t have been on the main roster right away but does that matter anymore with the WWE Network? NXT seems to be consistently talked about more weekly than SmackDown is! The WWE tag team division has taken a nose dive recently and injecting new blood like the Wolves would have been a tremendous move. Just picture them against The Usos and of course, The Shield! When they first made their choice and debuted with MVP, it really looked like they made the right decision. Now they can’t beat the Bro-Mans…

7. I don’t know why people are so down on Jeff Hardy’s “Willow” character. It’s a comic book character that’s completely different from the Jeff Hardy character. Of course it’s over the top, a little silly and insane but how many characters do you see like that in today’s wrestling? Hardy needed a bit of freshening up and while this is a bit more dramatic of a change than I thought he needed, he seems to be having fun with the character and it’s weird enough that I kind of like it too. Reminds me a little of the very early Mankind character in the WWF.

8. Eric Young is the new TNA World Heavyweight Champion. Now, don’t get me wrong, the man Eric Young deserved this. He’s busted his ass in the fledgling company for over 10 years and was booked seriously maybe once or twice during that entire time. Then for the last 4 or 5 weeks TNA has done anything they could to make Young a legitimate competitor again. The push appeared to have come out of nowhere and it led him straight to the TNA Championship. While this is incredible for Eric Young, I can’t help but feel like this was TNA falling back on the old “shock TV” idea that can only sustain itself for so long. One thing is definitely certain though, I’ll be watching next week to see how this all plays out so it’s working so far.topstory120x120-×120-2013.jpg|topstory120x120 topstory500x250-×250-2013-tna-impact.jpg|topstory500x250

]]> 6
Jeff Jarrett’s New Wrestling Promotion Is… Wed, 09 Apr 2014 02:14:12 +0000 Jeff Jarrett’s new wrestling promotion is…

Global Force Wrestling!

Let the fun begin.

]]> 4
Details On The Rumored New Jeff Jarrett Promotion Fri, 21 Mar 2014 19:40:13 +0000 According to Nick Paglino of, Jeff Jarrett’s big, new project will indeed be the launch of a new wrestling promotion. Jarrett has begun reaching out to talent who may be interested in the new venture and former TNA producer Kevin Sullivan is already on board with the promotion.

The promotion is looking to launch on TV in early 2015 as there are several networks have shown interest in the company.

As of now, SpikeTV, CMT and TBS are leading candidates, as TBS is looking to get back into the wrestling business and Jarrett has CMT connections.

SpikeTV would obviously be the least likely unless TNA would to go out of business before then. topstory120x120-×120.jpg|topstory120x120 topstory500x250-×250.jpg|topstory500x250

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The View From Down Here – What’s the Hubbub, Bub? Tue, 04 Mar 2014 12:24:38 +0000 I said I might be back, but it’s not in any way, shape or form a regular thing.

What have I done this year? Some wrestling parodies that got me a heap of emails with people sending me their own, ranging from the very good (‘Zeb the Faux Grand Dragon’ by Jay Hillard – bravo, sir) to the downright crap (two people who sent me parodies entitled ‘WWE Bites The Dust’… guys, it doesn’t even scan!), and a heap of vitriol for wasting the time and space on the site (thanks, oh confident and wise internet user ‘Sheet’ who hides behind an anonymous name like any… meh, why bother; it’s like talking to goats, it really is). I’ve updated some news on JJ’s new wrestling promotion, and I wrote a column about 5 PPVs you should track down on the new network. Oh, I also comment here and there.

But I shouldn’t.

You see, I have put my money where my mouth is.

Yeah... something like that... sure (from

Yeah… something like that… sure

I am not happy with the direction of the WWE in storyline or main eventers (although I like that Daniel Bryan is in the main event, albeit as everyone’s whipping boy at the moment; and, yes he is in the main event. How many more shows does he have to be in the end of for him to be considered main event by everyone?) and the recycling of yet another authority figure angle.


This is supposed to apply to consumables... not overused storylines. (from

This is supposed to apply to consumables… not overused storylines.

I was also not happy with some of the production. The Michael Bay-ing of their camera shots, zooming in with kicks, shaky-cam stuff. This is wrestling, not Hollywood. And speaking for some-one who has seen too many of the WWE’s filmic attempts, it’s definitely not Hollywood. Nothing WWE does is Hollywood.

And I was really unhappy with the women’s wrestling. Again, as some-one who has watched Shine and Shimmer, I knew that the USA had some great female talents. I also knew there were some talents on the WWE payroll. But what we got was more AJ, who outstayed her welcome after, oh I don’t know, a month, and others who people claim have improved, but, then again, some people claim that the Twilight books improved as well… but being less shit than before is still being shit.

In the midst of all this, I grew so put off by TNA – as did my son – that getting rid of that bit of watching was not a strain. Especially after AJ Styles left. But that show was giving me a headache, watching so much talent go to waste and watching people like The Bromans, Anderson and EC3 being pushed at the expense of people with ability.

This is why we can't have TNA in the house anymore. (from

This is why we can’t have TNA in the house anymore.

I watched the Rumble… Was underwhelmed. No, it wasn’t terrible or bad, just… meh. But I always watch the Rumble. And then there was this Rumble from Japan:

 It’s an hour and a half long, so if you’ve got time…

This actually brings me to my point, but I won’t go there just yet. More whingeing first.

You see, I also live in a country that won’t get the WWE Network for at least a year, probably longer. The regulations here – and an incoming Internet filter – are just ridiculous. When it comes to old stuff, I think I have copies through old tape trading days and friends in the US of nearly every PPV from WWF/E, WCW and ECW (and most of TNA as well, though that doesn’t count) up to 2010. Old Raws, etc don’t interest me (though I do have a copy of Raw is Owen), so actually the Network only has one thing to keep me enthralled – NXT.

Guess what, I can’t get NXT here any longer either. I saw Arrival (thanks Travis! – who sent me a copy on USB) and thought it was the best WWE PPV (they called it a PPV… but is it a PPV when you don’t Pay to View?) show I’ve seen in ages. That was the first time I’d seen a full NXT show, and what I’ve missed out on is clearly my own stupid fault.

Yes, I fail this bad.

Yes, I fail this bad.

 Okay, my point. So many commentators out there are saying that the WWE isn’t giving the people what they want. They say they aren’t happy, they say they want to be entertained their way and yet the WWE is giving them Randy ‘Boring as Batshit’ Orton and Dave ‘In It For The Movie Roles’ Ba(u)tista as their Wrestlemania main event. They say that there’s too much HHH and that nothing makes sense.

And they still watch.


Just so they can complain? Really?

That's about the size of it. (from

That’s about the size of it.

 But, they invariably say, we like wrestling. What else is there to watch?

Well, I can’t feel good about myself if I recommend TNA (and I’m not just saying that because they rejected my job application, but it has led to some other interesting prospects in the USA… not bad for a guy from the arse-end of the universe*), so I won’t.

Nyah nyah nyah. (from

Nyah nyah nyah.

 But I’ve got into ROH and DragonGate. I’ve discovered a bit of Puroresu. I’m actually looking forward to Jarrett’s new promotion. (No, really.) The local scene here has been off my radar for a while, partly due to the politics of some of the people involved, and partly because if I can’t do it, then I am having trouble watching people not as good as I was (and I was shit).

I don’t need WWE. I still like wrestling. ROH’s latest PPV I got on some sort of internet video on demand thing that didn’t cost me an arm and a leg and, apart from one or 2 matches, kept me thoroughly entertained. My son watches the old DVDs and VCR video tapes, and there’s enough there for him. He’s recently discovered In Your House 16: Canadian Stampede and the main event. I have no issue with that at all.

How could anyone get tired of watching this?!

How could anyone get tired of watching this?!

So why do we still have people wanting to “riot”, “hijack”, “take-over”, “demand” or whatever the WWE’s shows? Stop watching! It will hit their bottom line, their hip-pocket, and that’s the only thing they’ll listen to. But, you see, at the moment they don’t care that you hate the product because







Oh well. I’m NOT watching their product. I’m not missing their product. ROH and my video collection will do us just fine. They want me back, and my family, and the friends that family could turn onto this (as my son’s friends love the wrestling video collection here… most of them just love the concept of a video as half have never seen one of them before either… modern technology – you suck), then they need to give us wrestling (not just one good match per Raw), storylines that make sense and less guys hired because they were relevent half a decade or more ago.

Oh well. That’s where I stand.





*If any other wrestling bodies need a writer, drop me a line. I reckon I can easily juggle another one – or 2 – in there. Here’s my writing blog. [/shameless_plug]topstory120x120-|topstory120x120 topstory500x250-|topstory500x250

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A2Z Analysiz: TNA Lockdown 2005 Sat, 01 Mar 2014 14:00:47 +0000 lockdown 2005

For an easy to navigate archive of my TNA reviews, please visit Total Nonstop Ziegler!

Universal Studios – Orlando, Florida – April 24, 2005

MATCH #1: Chris Candido & Lance Hoyt vs. Sonny Siaki & Apolo

Siaki and Candido start the match. Candido tries a headlock but Siaki overpowers him and hits a shoulderblock. Siaki delivers an armdrag and a dropkick, and Candido lands awkwardly, breaking his leg. That looks nasty. Siaki covers for two, and then Hoyt and Apolo tag in. The two big guys light each other up as Candido is carried to the back. Apolo takes the advantage and tags Siaki in. Hoyt blasts Siaki with a big boot for two. He continues working Siaki over, much to Apolo’s frustration. Hoyt crushes Siaki up against the cage and then hits a bodyslam. He goes up top but Siaki pops up and hits a Super Release Overhead German Suplex. That’s a lot of words for a move. Apolo tags back in now and he’s all over Hoyt. He hits a superkick for two. They do some more awkward brawling. Apolo picks Hoyt up and hits a TKO as Tenay and West announce that Candido did break his leg. Now Apolo slams Hoyt down and Siaki follows with a Superfly Splash to get the pin at 6:57. That was a basic TV style match.
Rating: *¾

The Naturals come out to yell at Hoyt for losing on behalf of Candido. Hoyt tries to fight them off, but after just fighting a handicap match and then being at another two-on-one disadvantage means that he gets beaten up some more.

The unfortunately real story of this match is that Candido had broke his tibia and fibula, and dislocated his ankle, necessitating surgery to implant steel plates and screws into his leg. A few days later Candido died from a blood clot. A man died from taking a simple dropkick. Wrestling can be a cruel business.

MATCH #2: Two out of Three Falls Prince of Darkness Death Match – Dustin Rhodes vs. Bobby Roode

Roode is accompanied by Scott D’Amore and A1. Rhodes starts out hot, unleashing some flip flop and fly early on. Roode gets a schoolboy rollup and puts his feet on the ropes to win the first fall in less than a minute. Rhodes fights right back and hits Roode with the Shattered Dreams. He follows up with a superplex. He then catapults Roode face-first into the cage. A powerslam gets two. Rhodes takes forever to set up a bulldog so Roode throws him off. Now Roode takes over on offense. Roode hits a knee drop off the top rope for a two-count. He uses a chinlock and Rhodes escapes by powering up and hitting an Electric Chair Drop. Rhodes goes for the Curtain Call but Roode escapes and hits the Northern Lariat for a two-count. Roode sets Rhodes up top and goes for a German Suplex (which we saw in the opening match). Thankfully Rhodes blocks it and hits a Super Bulldog to even the score 1-1 at 11:03.

Now that we’re in the third fall both guys have to wear blindfolds, hence the name “Prince of Darkness.” Oy vey TNA comes up with some wacky ideas. So now that they can’t see, they roam around for a bit and do nothing. The referee gets knocked down and Scott D’Amore throws a chair into the cage. D’Amore then enters the cage, rendering the entire gimmick of the show pointless. Since Roode can’t see, he cracks D’Amore across the back with a chair. Then Rhodes delivers an unprotected chair shot to Roode’s head to end this cruel game at 15:18. This wasn’t particularly good to begin with and putting the hoods on made it even harder to watch. It’s funny that six years later Roode is still a guy in a tag team with tons of potential. Good job with that TNA.
Rating: ¾*

MATCH #3: X Division Xscape – Shocker vs. Chris Sabin vs. Sonjay Dutt vs. Matt Bentley

An Xscape match is elimination rules until you get down to the last two and then it’s escape the cage from there. Bentley is accompanied by Trinity. Dutt and Sabin start it off with some fast paced back and forth. They wrestle to a standoff, of course. Dutt hits a headscissors, Sabin hits a rana, and then tags are made. Shocker hits Bentley with a bulldog. Seconds later, he hits another bulldog. Who the hell is Shocker anyway? Dutt and Shocker then work together on Bentley. Sabin even gets in on the action. Bentley is severely outnumbered. He’s able to come back on Dutt throw, hurling him into the cage. He works Dutt over for a few minutes until Dutt comes back with a weak headscissors. Sabin tags in and Bentley rams him into the cage a couple of times for a two-count. He tries to keep Sabin grounded, but it doesn’t work and Sabin hits a tornado DDT. Shocker tags back in and hits a moonsault on Bentley for two. He gets a La Magistral cradle for two. They work in a four-way submission spot up against the cage. Sabin grabs Dutt and powerbombs him into the cage and follows up with a Liger Bomb. For some stupid reason Shocker breaks up the pin. I love that Don West points out that it wasn’t a good move for Shocker to break up the pin. Sabin hits Shocker with an enziguiri. Dutt goes up top and hits Shocker with a Hindu Press. Bentley breaks it up for some stupid reason. Shocker then eliminates Dutt with a twisting elbow drop (no, really) at 10:55. He goes up top and Sabin takes him down with a Super Northern Lights Suplex for a two-count. For some reason again Bentley breaks it up.

Bentley and Sabin fight up on the top rope now and Trinity climbs the cage to try and help her man. Traci Brooks comes out to try and thwart her but she falls and hurts her ankle. Well, she should have been wearing some kind of footwear. Meanwhile Trinity goes to the top of the cage and takes all three men out with a moonsault. Traci’s ankle has miraculously healed, as she gets in the ring to take Trinity out with a clothesline. Bentley harshly throws Traci to the floor. Sabin then grabs Bentley with the Cradle Shock to eliminate him at 14:04. Shocker and Sabin immediately try to escape the cage, and it’s kind of annoying to hear Tenay and West keep pronouncing it as Xscape and knowing that some people say it that way in real life without referring to an X-Division Steel Cage match. Sabin and Shocker trade hands on top of the cage and both drop down at about the same time but Shocker dropped just a little bit before so he wins the match at 15:36. That’s not a bad idea for a match but it was a bit of a mess, and why was everyone breaking up the pinfall attempts?
Rating: **

MATCH #4: Tables Match – Raven vs. Jeff Hardy

Hardy brings a couple of chairs into the cage and goes right after Raven with one of them. He hits Poetry in Motion off a chair, but when he tries another one Raven moves and Hardy crashes into the cage. Raven takes over on offense now, hitting the drop toehold onto a chair. He hits the Raven Effect and sets Hardy up on a table. When he charges, Hardy moves out of the way and Raven crashes through the table. Hardy takes control and hits a chair-assisted legdrop. He whips Raven into the cage several times and Raven is busted open. Raven comes back by reversing a vertical suplex, getting a little time to recover. They go up to the top rope and awkwardly crumble to the canvas. Hardy hits a Twist of Fate from out of nowhere. He sets up a table and puts Raven on it. Then he climbs to the top of the cage and misses a Swanton! Of course in a tables match you have to go through a table via an offensive maneuver so the match continues. Raven attacks him with a chair as some girl in the crowd may be about to cry. I love wrestling. Raven goes to the top rope and Hardy recovers in time to knock him down. A group of “cool guys” try to start a “Let’s Go Raven” chant. Hardy rakes Raven’s face into the cage. He follows up with a dropkick to the back. Raven responds with a low blow. Hardy comes back and gives Raven a taste of his own medicine with a drop toehold into the chair. Some other girl is too horrified to watch. Hardy climbs to the top of the cage seemingly for the sole purpose of getting in position to crotch himself on the cage door. He’s able to kick the door back in Raven’s face though. After a moment of recovery he climbs to the top of the cage and goes for a flying something but misses badly in an awkward spot. Raven sets up two tables side-by-side. He then stacks two more on top of those. The idiot referee actually HELPS Raven do this. Are you kidding me?! As a referee that personally offends me. They climb up the cage and Hardy is able to knock Raven back onto the table stack. Hardy then finishes the climb and hits a legdrop to drive Raven through the tables to get the win at 14:00. That was a decent hardcore brawl with some goofiness and botched spots knocking it down a peg or two.
Rating: **¼

MATCH #5: Strap Match for the NWA World Tag Team Championship – Team Canada vs. America’s Most Wanted

AMW have been the champions since 1.16.05, and this is their second defense. Eric Young and team captain Petey Williams are representing Team Canada tonight. They’re accompanied by A1. The champions go right after their opponents with the straps. They abuse Eric Young’s nuts on top of the cage. A1 interferes by hitting both Chris Harris and James Storm with one of the tag team titles belts to turn the tide towards the challengers. Team Canada then locks the cage with Storm inside and Harris outside, with A1 standing guard. A1 throws Harris into the barricade while Williams and Young abuse Storm inside the cage. They even use the American flag to choke Storm. Harris is able to throw A1 into the guardrail while Storm hits Young with a jawbreaker and Williams with an enziguiri. Now Harris tries to climb back into the cage but Young knocks him back down to the floor. Williams tries a rana but Storm counters with a powerbomb. Storm then hurls Williams into the cage. Young then engages in a strap battle and the Tennessee Cowboy wins that little battle. Williams cuts him off and hits the Tornado DDT. He gets two when the referee catches his feet on the ropes. Now Harris throws A1 into the steel steps and makes his way into the cage! Harris takes both Williams and Young out with a simultaneous lariat off the top rope. He hits Uncle Slam on Williams and then a spinebuster on Young. Then Harris hits a vertical suplex on Williams for two. AMW hits Young with the Hart Attack but he kicks out at two. Williams comes back with the Canadian Legsweep on Harris. Storm tries a superkick but Williams catches it and locks on the Sharpshooter! Young adds an elbow drop off the top rope but Storm kicks out at two! Williams goes for the Canadian Destroyer but Harris breaks it up with a Spear! Harris covers but only gets two. Storm hits Young with a Superkick and then AMW sets him up for the Death Sentence. Williams makes the save. A1 passes Williams the hockey stick and he hits Harris across the back with it. It only gets two! A1 then passes in some powder and Storm kicks it right back into his face. Young cuts Storm off but since Williams can’t see he kicks Young in the groin and then delivers the Canadian Destroyer to him. Storm then grabs the blinded Williams and Harris comes off with the legdrop for Williams’ Death Sentence at 15:10. That was fun and I like how they kept Harris out of the opening minutes. These two teams had good chemistry.
Rating: ***

MATCH #6: TNA X-Division Title Match – “Primetime” Elix Skipper vs. “The Fallen Angel” Christopher Daniels

Daniels has been the champion since 3.13.05 and this is his first defense. These two are former tag team partners with three NWA Tag Team Championship reigns between them (as well as Low Ki when they were all known as XXX). They counter each other early and often since they know each other so well. Daniels tries the Angel’s Wings and Skipper tries the Play of the Day but neither man can hit their finish. They continue to go back and forth without anyone taking a true advantage. Skipper shrugs off some chops and lands a couple of suplexes for a one-count. He hits a headstand into a legdrop for two. Daniels counters by picking Skipper up on his shoulders and ramming him into the cage shoulder-first. Now the champ goes to work on the injured body part. That’s why he’s the champ, folks. Every time Skipper tries to make a comeback Daniels cuts him right off. Finally Skipper uses his good arm to make the comeback and then lands a spin kick. A kick to the back gets a two-count. Skipper hits a belly-to-belly suplex and then lands a guillotine legdrop for two. He tries the Orton Backbreaker but his bad arm won’t let him complete the move, so Daniels hits a uranage. Daniels follows up with the Best Moonsault Ever but Skipper kicks out! Now the champ climbs to the top of the cage and Skipper jumps up there and crotches him. Skipper signals that he’s going to go for the tight rope hurricanrana again like he pulled off at Turning Point 2004. Daniels wisely climbs down, but Skipper leaps off the top of the cage and wipes out both Daniels and the referee. It looks like he landed pretty awkwardly on Daniels’s shoulder. Even so it gets a two-count. Daniels fights back with an enziguiri right to the shoulder. He goes for the Angel’s Wings but Skipper counters to the Sudden Death! The champ re-reverses back to the Angel’s Wings and this time he hits it to get the pin at 15:27. That was a good, focused match with a couple of high spots thrown in, and it worked. Daniels was on fire during this X-Division Title reign.
Rating: ***¼

MATCH #7: Lethal Lockdown – Kevin Nash, Diamond Dallas Page & Sean Waltman vs. Jeff Jarrett, Kip James & Monty Brown

The first man out is Sean Waltman, who couldn’t be any more dressed like a woman. We’re not sure who’s replacing Kevin Nash yet. NWA World Champion Jeff Jarrett is out first for his team. Waltman attacks Jarrett in the aisle and away we go. They’ll battle for five minutes, and then every two minutes thereafter a new competitor will enter the cage. Weapons are legal, and the match can’t be won until everyone has entered. The fight goes up into the crowd and the cameraman loses sight of them. They take the fight back up by the announce table. Waltman wipes Jarrett out with a dive off the table. He blasts Jarrett with a cowbell but misses a chair shot. They get into the cage after about three minutes of brawling around the arena. Waltman has pretty much dominated the entire five minutes. He goes for the Bronco Buster but Jarrett moves out of the way and Waltman crashes into the cage. Kip James is the next man out and Waltman fights off both opponents for a minute before the numbers game takes over. DDP comes out to even the odds and he brought a kendo stick. After another two minutes of brawling Monty Brown makes his way out to complete Team Jarrett. Brown, Kip and Jarrett dominate with their numbers advantage. BG James comes out as the final man and Kevin Nash’s replacement. He tears right after Jarrett with a trash can lid and a camera man bites it. BG even hits referee Rudy Charles with a cookie sheet for no good reason. Brown Pounces both Waltman and BG, and DDP has to break up the cover. I love that the referee has already recovered. What a sham. DDP hits Jarrett with the Diamond Cutter and Kip breaks up the cover. Brown then hits both BG and DDP with a Pounce at the same time. After some more meandering and brawling Waltman traps Brown in a victory roll to get the pin at 15:39. That was not exciting or interesting in any way.
Rating: *½

MATCH #8: Number One Contender’s Match – AJ Styles vs. Abyss

Styles comes flying through the open cage door and wipes Abyss out on the floor! That’s how you start a main event. Abyss tries to whip Styles into the guardrail but Styles slides underneath it and jumps up to deliver a hurricanrana! This is when AJ Styles was still awesome. Styles slams Abyss into the announce table. Abyss tries to whip Styles into another barricade but this time Styles jumps on top of it and then leaps over to an oddly placed platform. Styles jumps off the platform and levels Abyss with a forearm. He charges at Abyss but the monster dunks and Styles goes crashing onto the concrete floor. Abyss takes control now and throws Styles all around the Impact Zone. Styles fights back at ringside and tries to get into the cage, but Abyss slams the door on his arm and then swings it right into his face! Styles bumps hard off that and it looked awesome. He’s busted open now. They finally make it into the cage, and Abyss brings a chair, a chain and a bag of thumbtacks in with him. Abyss wedges the chair between the top and middle turnbuckle. He then wraps the chain around Styles’ neck for a bit before changing his mind and wrapping it around one of the top turnbuckles. Styles almost comes back and charges at Abyss, but the Monster picks him up and heaves him high into the air and Styles lands face-first on the chain-wrapped turnbuckle. Abyss then hurls Styles directly into the cage twice for a two-count. He unwraps the chain from the turnbuckle and goes for a press slam but Styles reverses it to a DDT right onto the chain! Styles hits an enziguiri and a headscissors. He goes for the flipping Scorpion Death Drop but they botch it. Abyss charges and Styles ducks so Abyss crashes head-first into the chair! Styles then hits a German Suplex for two. He tries a Styles Clash but Abyss blocks it and goes for a chokeslam, so Styles counters that to a cradle for two. Styles charges and Abyss catches him with a Black Hole Slam and Styles kicks out at two! Now Abyss gets the tacks out and goes for another Black Hole Slam but Styles counters it. Tenay says that Styles made eye contact with the tacks. Worst commentator in the business. Styles is able to counter a powerbomb into a Styles Clash right on the tacks! Abyss kicks out at two! Styles climbs up to the top of the cage and Abyss throws the referee into the turnbuckle, crotching Styles on the cage. Abyss grabs the chain and climbs up as well. He wraps the chain around Styles’ neck and hangs him! He tries for a Chokeslam but Styles bites his finger. Styles then grabs Abyss in a sunset bomb off the top of the cage right onto the tacks! Tenay gives away the finish by saying “Count With Us!” and Styles does get the pin at 19:59. It’s so bittersweet to watch these old TNA main events that were this awesome because they just aren’t awesome anymore. This is one of the best TNA matches ever and one of my personal favorites.
Rating: ****½

BONUS MATCH #1: Chris Candido & The Naturals vs. Petey Williams, Elix Skipper & Mikey Batts, iMPACT!, 3.4.05

Andy Douglas and Skipper start the match. Skipper hits a back body drop and tries keeping Douglas down on the mat. Williams tags in and Candido interferes from the apron to give Douglas the advantage. Candido officially tags in and misses an elbow drop. He’s able to come right back with a powerslam though, and then a delayed vertical suplex. Candido follows up with a legdrop off the middle rope. Williams reverses a whip and Candido ends up in the Tree of Woe, which is perfect position for the Oh Canada. Candido no sells the move and hits a bodyslam. Chase Stevens tags in and Williams pokes him in the eye before making the tag to Batts. The match breaks down and the referee loses control. D’Amore has the referee distracted for some reason. Williams goes for the Canadian Destroyer on Stevens but Douglas awkwardly breaks it up and sends Williams to the floor. Batts sort of catches Stevens with a Stunner and then follows up with an enziguiri. He covers but Candido comes off the ropes with a diving headbutt and rolls Stevens on top to get the win at 3:37. I like the dynamic between Candido and the Naturals but the match was quite sloppy.
Rating: *¼

BONUS MATCH #2: NWA World Tag Team Championship Match – America’s Most Wanted vs. The Naturals (w/ Chris Candido), iMPACT!, 4.29.05

AMW have been the champions since 1.16.05 and this is their third defense. Candido is out on crutches as a result of the broken leg he sustained at Lockdown. He cuts a brief promo before the match can begin about how he wouldn’t miss this day for anything in the world because his “boys” are going to win the NWA World Tag Team Titles.

James Storm and Chase Stevens start this 30-minute time-limit match. Storm hits the first big move with a Thesz Press, and he’s able to fight Andy Douglas off as well. Chris Harris comes in to even the odds and the champs clear the ring and take the fight to the floor. They brawl all around the arena and throughout the crowd. They take a commercial break and when we come back the Naturals have taken control in the ring. Storm fights back with a jawbreaker on Douglas and Harris gets the hot tag. Harris is a house afire. He hits a cross body off the top rope on Douglas for two. Storm and Stevens get knocked to the floor. Douglas nails Harris with a Harley Race knee. The challengers focus on Harris, wearing him down in their half of the ring. Stevens locks on a Camel Clutch. Harris tries to fight back but Stevens pokes him in the eye and tosses him to the floor. Douglas uses Candido’s crutch to fighter weaken Harris. Back in the ring Stevens gets a two-count. They take another commercial break.

Right as we come back Harris lands a knee to Douglas’s groin. Harris isn’t able to capitalize right away, but when he makes the tag Storm is the proverbial house afire. Storm hits Stevens with a powerslam and Douglas with a Tennessee Slam. Stevens ties to throw Storm to the floor but Storm skins the cat and takes Stevens down with a headscissors. Storm covers but only gets two when Douglas breaks it up. He hits Stevens with an enziguiri for two while Douglas grabs one of the tag team title belts. The referee stops him from using it, but while he’s distracted Stevens blasts Storm with a chair shot to the head! Harris levels Stevens with a Spear. While all four men are down Candido goes into the ring and rolls Douglas on top of Storm and he gets the pin at 12:38 (shown)! The Naturals are now two-time NWA World Tag Team Champions. The Naturals were never great, but they had really good chemistry with America’s Most Wanted and this match is probably one of their better ones. I would really like to see the match without commercial breaks, but I’ll take it.
Rating: ***½topstory120x120-×120.jpg|topstory120x120 topstory500x250-|topstory500x250

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Double-J Releases First Post-TNA Announcement Thu, 13 Feb 2014 21:53:01 +0000 The following video is a short (2 minutes) long and comes across as a teaser trailer, essentially, but it is notable for being the first statement Jeff Jarrett has made since leaving TNA.

[Sorry I couldn’t embed it. Something about me being in Australia…]

My 2 cents: He puts over the WWE Network and AAA and Indian wrestling, he says he’s going to search the world for the best talent, and basically says to stay tuned. It is an appealing little video package. Good on him.

For what it’s worth… I really liked the photo on the dresser behind him. Nice touch and shows that, even all these years later, what he said at that RAW after the incident, he meant it.

I wasn’t the biggest JJ fan in the early TNA years but… I really hope this new venture works out for him. It could prove to be something positive for all wrestling fans around the world.

 topstory120x120-×120.jpg|topstory120x120 topstory500x250-|topstory500x250

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News On Rumored Jarrett/Keith Promotion, Spike TV Decision, AAA US TV Debut Mon, 03 Feb 2014 16:14:07 +0000 What’s happening with the rumored new promotion?

Things have gone somewhat quiet on the front of Jeff Jarrett’s rumored new promotion.

The type of operation that he, along with presumptive co-founder Toby Keith, is large in scale, and would need a television in place. It’s not expected that a TV deal could be ready before Fall 2014 at the earliest. A key could be Spike, which has a contract with TNA that ends in October. If Spike was looking to make a change, that could be the opportunity Jarrett needs to swoop in.

Making things more interesting is the AAA debut on the El Rey Network, which is expected to be this fall as well.

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Another Indication That Sting Is Done With TNA Sun, 26 Jan 2014 16:35:49 +0000 In another possible clue that Sting’s time with TNA is over, recently resigned founder of TNA Wrestling tweeted out his well-wishes after Sting’s last match on Impact where he lost to Magnus.

Jeff Jarrett Twitter on Sting


It still remains to be seen if Sting re-signs with TNA, makes the long-awaited jump to WWE or is involved with a new promotion that Jeff Jarrett is rumored to be launching.topstory120x120-×120.jpg|topstory120x120 topstory500x250-×250.jpg|topstory500x250

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