JR Blog: Surprised Reigns Won, Ziggler Jobbing To Rollins, Charlotte Flair

Jim Ross had a post Raw edition of his blog, here are some highlights »»

JR Blog: WWE Survivor Series 2014 Thoughts, Sting Reaction

In the wake of Survivor Series 2014, Jim Ross had a blog with instant thoughts. »»

JR Blog: WWE Survivor Series 2014 Predictions, Brock Lesnar/UFC

Jim Ross had some thoughts on the Survivor Series and more, here are some highlights: »»

JR Blog: Ric Flair, HHH/Developmental, Critical of WWE Talent

JR Blog: Ric Flair, HHH/Developmental, Critical of WWE Talent »»

JR Blog: Hogan/Lesnar, Russo Has Heat For Ross Report Appearance, TNA Impact TV Thoughts

Jim Ross is a blogging machine and here are some highlights of his latest: »»

JR Blog: Heyman/Brock Lesnar, John Cena, Roman Reigns WWE Push Thoughts

Jim Ross had an all new blog and here are some highlights: »»

DVD Review: “Ladies & Gentlemen, My Name Is Paul Heyman

I'm buying STOCK in Heyman's Kool-Aid after watching this DVD. »»

Rabblecast Ep. 371 - Jim Ross Contactually Done w/WWE, TNA NYC Manhattan Center Shows

This is a solo show for your humble host, Hernandez. But that doesn't mean you don't get your pro wrestling news and rumors. In this episode, The Guatemalan Bulldozer covers the recent news in WWE regarding Jim Ross and CM Punk's contracts coming to »»

Tripe H Posts Thank You Message To Jim Ross On Twitter

Jim Ross's WWE severance package expired this week. WWE made no official mention of this fact, however HHH addressed it with a classy thank you on Twitter. »»

Jim Ross Blog Update on Daniel Bryan Injury

JR talks D-Bry... »»

Jim Ross Comments on Sting to WWE Rumors in Latest Blog

JR comments on Sting to WWE rumors... »»

THE RAGER! Heel Logic (HHH, CM Punk, Randy Orton)

JR made some recent comments about the state of today's heels and Chris disagrees. »»

Jim Ross Opens Up about Leaving WWE and Talks CM Punk's Departure in Candid Interview

JR opens up about Flair, Punk and moving on from WWE... »»

JR Blog: WWE Royal Rumble 2014 Controversy, Daniel Bryan, Roman Reigns

Jim Ross has written thoughts about the Royal Rumble from last night, here are some highlights: »»

Flashback: Top Ten Moments in Royal Rumble History

Here's an editorial I wrote WAY BACK when the website was still called Creatively Endeavored & John Cena didn't win his second Rumble. - MJH »»

Jim Ross News: Debut on, Royal Rumble History (HBK, Rey Mysterio, John Cena)

Jim Ross has signed on to write columns for Fox Sports, and has kicked off with a feature about the Royal Rumble. »»

JR Blog: Daniel Bryan/WWE, WWE Over The Edge On WWE Network, Ted Dibiase

Jim Ross updated his blog over the weekend, here are some highlights... »»

JR Blog: Taunts IWC, Secretive Backstage Politics Reference, Turns Down Shoot Interviews

Jim Ross has a mid-week blog with some news and notes, here are some highlights! »»

JR Blog: Daniel Bryan/WWE Raw Reaction, Ultimate Warrior, Damien Sandow, Kofi Kingston

Jim Ross has a new post-Raw blog up, and here are some highlights! »»

Jim Ross Announces Involvement With Paul Heyman DVD Release

WWE planning a DVD about the infamous wrestling personality. »»

JR Blog: Piper's Pit, Brock Lesnar Not Over?, Jake Roberts, Daniel Bryan

Jim Ross has been prolific with blogs in 2014, and has another with fallout to Old School Raw »»

JR Blog: Jarrett/Keith Promotion Update, Daniel Wyatt, WWE Old School Raw

Jim Ross did another blog update today, responding to rumors of his involvement in a new promotion. »»

Rumor: Jeff Jarrett To Start New Promotion With Toby Keith, Jim Ross Mentioned

While TNA continues to have financial troubles, it appears that TNA's original founder is gearing up for a possible new promotion. »»

Guys and Divas #11: Slammy, Go Home! (Daniel Bryan, The Bella Twins, Jim Ross, Jerry Lawler)

Jeff takes stock of things before TLC, evaluates the Divas (again!) and comments on commentators. Don't miss it! »»

Guys and Divas #8: Country Weak (Big E Langston, AJ Lee, Vickie Guerrero, Survivor Series)

Jeff talks out his frustrations with poor booking, insulting segments and generally terrible television. Plus, a look back at some Survivor Series with Attitude. Don't miss it! »»

This Week in Wrestling History #3 (Butch Reed, Bob Holly, Samoan Swat Team)

Wondering what happened in wrestling history during the week 14th October – 20th October? Read on to find out!! »»

Forever Heel: A Real Slobberknocker, By God!

Come on in and punch a clown. This is Forever Heel! »»

Rabblecast #335 Jim Ross to UFC, TNA Returning to Orlando

Last week, the WWE announced the retirement of, Jim Ross after 20 years of loyal service to the company. Jim Ross held various jobs/titles in his time with WWE, one of those being the announcer for their flagship show, Monday Night RAW. Jim Ross easi »»

Editorial: Remembering Good Ol' JR

No, we didn't lose Jim Ross in the physical sense (thank the Lord) but the wrestling world did lose one of the greatest minds the industry has seen. And he's gone far too soon. »»

Rabblecast #334 Drew Cordeiro Returns, Beyond Wrestling

Drew Cordeiro returns to the podcast! With him comes a whole bunch of Beyond Wrestling news and info. We run down the "Point of No Return" card for their upcoming show on Sunday, September 15th in Providence, RI and find out what Beyond Wrestling is »»

Breaking: Jim Ross Announces His Retirement From The WWE

And it's not just from announcing... »»

NXT Yellow Ropes Report 06.06.2013 (Paige, O'Brian, Wyatt)

The Glimpse: Bo "Goro" Dallas signs the contract for his NXT Championship match against Big E Langston.  Bray Wyatt's Family will defend their Tag Team Championship against the unlikely team of Kassius Ohno and Corey Graves, plus the NXT Women's »»

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