A2Z Analysiz – ROH Death Before Dishonor X: State of Emergency (Kevin Steen, RHINO)

Kevin Steen defends the ROH World Championship against RHINO, new ROH World Tag Team Champions are crowned, plus more with Matt Hardy, Jay Lethal, Davey Richards, Adam Cole, the Briscoes, ACH, and much more! »»

A2Z Analysiz: ROH Death Before Dishonor IX (Briscoes, All Night Express)

ROH returns to iPPV from New York City, with Ladder War III, the Ringmaster’s Challenge, plus more with Homicide, Wrestling’s Greatest Tag Team, Jimmy Jacobs, the Young Bucks, Mike Bennett, and much more! »»

Ring of Honor Wrestling #142 (Adam Cole, Jimmy Jacobs, Mark Briscoe)

It's Defy or Deny 3 from Baltimore, as Adam Cole takes on Jimmy Jacobs, Mark Briscoe, and Matt Taven! Also a six-man tag team match featuring prospects, and War Machine takes on members of The Decade! »»

A2Z Analysiz: ROH Supercard of Honor II (Jimmy Jacobs, BJ Whitmer)

It's WrestleMania weekend and Ring of Honor is putting their best foot forward! The Dragon Gate six man returns, plus Roderick Strong defends the FIP World Title against Austin Aries, Jimmy Jacobs and BJ Whitmer settle their score in a steel cage, and much more! »»

A2Z Analysiz: ROH Final Battle 2007 (Age of The Fall, Briscoes)

The Briscoes defend the Tag Team Titles against their archrivals The Age of The Fall in the main event! Final Battle 2007 also features a four-way elimination match to determine the next #1 Contender, and matches with Austin Aries, Roderick Strong, Takeshi Morishima, Claudio Castagnoli, Naomichi Marufuji, Jack Evans, Bryan Danielson and more! »»

A2Z Analysiz: ROH Final Battle 2004 (Austin Aries, Samoa Joe)

Pennsylvania National Guard Armory – Philadelphia, Pennsylvania – December 26, 2004 Jimmy Bower and CM Punk are on commentary. MATCH #1: Trent Acid vs. Jimmy Jacobs They start with some shenannigans and quickly transition into mat wr »»

ROH Reaction of Honor 11.2.13 (Briscoe, Jacobs, Steen, Bennett)

Michael Bennett is still claiming that his piledriver is the best in wrestling and to prove it, he dumped Kevin Steen on his head before a match just a week ago. How will Steen respond? Jimmy Jacobs continues his path to redemption, plus Mark Briscoe takes on Silas Young in a "Man's Man" match. Spoilers - It's just a regular match. »»

ROH Reaction of Honor 10.26.13 (Ricky Marvin, Richards, Steen)

Normally if I'm a full week behind, I'll let it go since the ROH faithful who can't watch or seek a review have undoubtedly sought it elsewhere. This week, however, we get Davey Richards vs Ricky Marvin and I'm damn sure going to recap that for everyone. Also, Michael Bennett is going to be killed by Kevin Steen soon. »»

A2Z Analysiz: ROH Glory By Honor VII (Briscoe Brothers, Austin Aries, Necro Butcher, Age of The Fall)

Steel Cage Warfare returns, Steen and Generico go for double gold, and much more! »»

A2Z Analysiz: ROH Glory By Honor VI Night 2 (Age of The Fall, Briscoe Brothers)

Mitsuharu Misawa defends the GHC Title against KENTA; the Age of The Fall battles the Briscoes for the tag titles, plus much more! »»

A2Z Analysiz: ROH LivE & Let Die (Eddie Edwards, Jay Briscoe)

Ring of Honor made its debut in Columbus, OH on Saturday, June 8th featuring Jay Briscoe vs. Eddie Edwards for the ROH World Title; Matt Hardy vs. Mark Briscoe, Kevin Steen vs. Rhino, Davey Richards vs. Cedric Alexander in a show stealer, and a Six Man War with No Rules as Michael Elgin, BJ Whitmer, and Jay Lethal battled Jimmy Jacobs, Cliff Compton, & Rhett Titus. »»

A2Z Analysiz: ROH Honor in the Heart of Texas (Jay Briscoe, Davey Richards)

Jay Briscoe puts the ROH World Title on the line against former Champion Davey Richards! Plus a Texas Tornado match, ACH vs. Jay Lethal, and more with Mark Briscoe, Eddie Edwards, Roderick Strong, ROH World TV Champion Matt Taven, and more! »»

A2Z Analysiz: ROH Relentless (Jay Briscoe, BJ Whitmer)

Jay Briscoe puts the ROH World Title on the line against ROH veteran BJ Whitmer! Plus Kevin Steen battles Jimmy Jacobs, and more with Jay Lethal, The American Wolves, Adam Cole, Michael Elgin, Tommaso Ciampa, ROH World Tag Team Champions reDRagon, ROH World TV Champion Matt Taven, and many more! »»

A2Z Analysiz: ROH Manhattan Mayhem III (Austin Aries, Jerry Lynn)

Jerry Lynn defends the ROH World Championship against Austin Aries; Jimmy Jacobs and Tyler Black try to settle their feud in a first blood match; plus more with Jay Briscoe, Roderick Strong, The Young Bucks, Ric Flair, and many more! »»

A2Z Analysiz – CM Punk: Icon

The final CM Punk compilation from ROH features sixteen complete matches against opponents such as Austin Aries, Jimmy Rave, Alex Shelley, Spanky, The Briscoes, BJ Whitmer, Roderick Strong, Jimmy Jacobs, Mike Kruel, and more! »»

A2Z Analysiz – ROH Austin Aries: The Greatest Man That Ever Lived

Check out 16 full matches featuring Austin Aries, “The Greatest Man That Ever Lived!” Aries takes on opponents such as Jimmy Jacobs, Naomichi Marufuji, Tyler Black, Colt Cabana, Roderick Strong, Nigel McGuinness, Go Shiozaki, Genki Horiguchi, and many more! »»

Reaction of Honor - Best in the World 2013 (Briscoe v Briscoe)

The Glimpse: Nobody fights like family indeed - Jay Briscoe defends his Ring of Honor World Title against little brother Mark Briscoe.  Matt Taven defends the TV Title against Jay Lethal and Jimmy Jacobs.  ReDRagon defends the ROH World Tag Titl »»

A2Z Analysiz – Kevin Steen: Hell Rising (Two Disc Set)

Former ROH World Champion Kevin Steen sits down for a two-hour shoot interview covering a wide range of topics. Also included in this set are 10 of Steen's best matches from 2011-12, featuring Eddie Edwards, Roderick Strong, El Generico, Jimmy Jacobs, Davey Richards, and more! »»

ROH Reaction of Honor 05.18.2013 (Cole, Steen, Lethal)

The Glimpse: Kevin Steen seeks retribution from Adam Cole while Lethal and the C&C Wrestling Connection try to avenge ROH's performance against SCUM as of late.  Jacobs takes on Lethal and C&C take on Titus and Compton. The Action: »»

A2Z Analysiz: ROH Honor Vs Evil (S.C.U.M., Davey Richards, Michael Elgin, Adam Cole)

ROH battles S.C.U.M. in a six-man elimination tag team match in the main event! Plus more with Jay Lethal, Roderick Strong, BJ Whitmer, The Briscoes, Charlie Haas, ACH, and more! »»

ROH Reaction of Honor 04.27.2013 (SCUM vs ROH)

The Glimpse: SCUM and ROH will go to war multiple times over the course of the night.  This all leads to Border Wars where SCUM will fight for an ROH World Title shot and a seat at the Ring of Honor commentary table to speak their "truth". The »»

Reaction of Honor 03.30.2013 (SCUM vs ROH)

The Glimpse: SCUM held ROH captive last week and has now "earned" the chance to wrestle the ROH faithful in a series of matches, just ahead of Supercard of Honor VII.  Kevin Steen hasn't been heard from since SCUM's full invasion kicked in; what »»

A2Z Analysiz – Tyler Black: God’s Last Gift

See 18 of Tyler Black's best matches of his early ROH days, plus more highlights and moments from the man known as “God's Last Gift!” Opponents include Nigel McGuinness, Bryan Danielson, The Briscoes, Austin Aries, Davey Richards, Jerry Lynn, and more! »»

Reaction of Honor 02.16.13 (Lethal v Jacobs, Top Prospects)

The Glimpse: Jay Lethal takes on SCUM's Jimmy Jacobs as a bit of a warmup, looking toward his Ring of Honor Championship match with Kevin Steen. The Top Prospects Tournament continues into the semi-finals as TD takes on QT Marshall! The Acti »»

Reaction of Honor 2.9.2013 (MsChif, Top Prospects)

The Glimpse: MsChif in action for the Women of Honor, the Top Prospects tournament continues and a huge eight man tag! Also a slightly trimmed format for you all - No more "rant" section as writing a rant after writing a reaction was jarring an »»

Rant of Honor 1.26.13 (Adam Cole v BJ Whitmer, Matt Hardy, Top Prospects)

The Glimpse: Jay Lethal and Kevin Steen will be allowed to come face to face tonight!  Adam Cole will defend his TV Title again BJ Whitmer and Matt Hardy is in action.  Truth Martini is on color commentary. The Action: In Ring Face to Fa »»

A2Z Analysiz: ROH Caged Hostility!!! (S.C.U.M. Briscoes, Rhett Titus)

The Briscoes join forces with Rhett Titus to battle S.C.U.M. In the main event, plus more with Jay Lethal, the Bravado Brothers, Davey Richards, Caprice Coleman & Cedric Alexander, Adam Cole, Jeff Neal, and more! »»

Rant of Honor 12.15.12 (Richards, Corino/Jay Briscoe)

The Glimpse: One half of the Tag Team Champions, Steve Corino, takes on Jay Briscoe in a Street Fight in the last ROH TV before Final Battle 2012:  Doomsday.  Davey Richards is in action to warm up and still does not know if fellow American Wo »»

A2Z Analysiz – From Love to Hate: The Jimmy Jacobs Story

Revisit 11 of Jimmy Jacobs' best ROH matches against the likes of BJ Whitmer, Bryan Danielson, Colt Cabana, Austin Aries, Tyler Black, and more! Plus a bevy of promos and video segments that truly tell the Jimmy Jacobs Story! »»

Rant of Honor 12.08.12 (O'Reilly and Fish vs Bravados, Jay Lethal, Steen/Bennett)

The Glimpse: As this is written, we are one week away from Final Battle 2012, which I will be live tweeting from the Hammerstein Ballroom, Sunday December 16th. The new team of O'Reilly and Fish debut against The Bravados and Mike Bennett cha »»

A2Z Analysiz: ROH Brew City Beatdown (Kevin Steen, Jimmy Jacobs, The Briscoes)

ROH returns to Milwaukee with Kevin Steen & Jimmy Jacobs battling the Briscoes in the main event, plus more with Eddie Edwards, Michael Elgin, Roderick Strong, Jay Lethal, Rhino, Rhett Titus, and more! »»

A2Z Analysiz – ROH Briscoe Brothers: Since Day One (Briscoes, Samoa Joe, Austin Aries)

Check out 19 of the Briscoes best matches, against opponents like Samoa Joe, Austin Aries, Low Ki, Kevin Steen, Naomichi Marufuji, Bryan Danielson, and more! »»

A2Z Analysiz: ROH Glory By Honor VI Night 2 (The Age of The Fall, The Briscoes)

Mitsuharu Misawa defends the GHC Title against KENTA; the Age of The Fall battles the Briscoes for the tag titles, plus much more! »»

A2Z Analysiz: ROH Border Wars (Kevin Steen, Davey Richards)

Davey Richards and Kevin Steen battle in one of the most anticipated ROH World Title matches in recent memory, plus two more title matches and more with Jay Lethal, Michael Elgin, Roderick Strong, Fit Finlay, Eddie Edwards, the Young Bucks, Lance Storm, and many more! »»

Rant of Honor: 7.21.2012 (Edwards/Cole vs Bennett/Evans, Steen/Mondo)

Apologies for tardiness this week, folks - A job plus wedding planning makes for minimal free time.  Now on to the show! The Glimpse: Mike Bennett and "Brutal" Bob Evans team up against Eddie Edwards and Adam Cole.  ROH World Champion Kevin »»

ROH 10th Anniversary iPPV Snapshot Results (Kevin Steen, Jimmy Jacobs, Adam Cole, Eddie Edwards, Kyle O'Reilly, Davey Richards)

ROH 10th Anniversary live on iPPV on From the Hammerstein Ballroom, New York, N.Y. Results courtesy of, check out their full report here. 1. All Night Express defeated Wrestling's Greatest Tag Team at 13:34. 2. "Th »»

A2Z Analysiz: ROH Glory By Honor VI Night 2 (The Age of The Fall, The Briscoe Brothers)

Mitsuharu Misawa defends the GHC Title against KENTA; the Age of The Fall battles the Briscoes for the tag titles, plus much more! »» Wrestling Pulsecast w/Jimmy Jacobs 11.15.11: Life As An Indy Wrestler, Controversial Angles, CM Punk Wrestling Pulsecast with Matt Harrak was live last night 7:30PM EST with an exclusive interview with ROH's own Jimmy Jacobs. Jimmy spoke in-depth about both of his stints in ROH, the angle/storyline he regrets the most, who'd he'd lik »»

Jimmy Jacobs to be on Wrestling Pulsecast 11.15.11

Standout ROH star Jimmy Jacobs will be the special guest on the live Inside Pulse Wrestling Pulsecast with Matt Harrak on Tuesday, November 15th at 7:30 PM Eastern. He will be taking live phone calls and emails from the Inside Pulse readers. Call »»

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