Pulse Wrestling Exclusive: Interview with Bobby Lashley (WWE, TNA, Strikeforce, FWE Event)

On Saturday, December 17th, Bobby Lashley faces Rob Terry in New York. The promotion, Family Wrestling Entertainment., is not the sort of widely-known company you might expect to see Lashley in. What they offer is the ability for him to do what he lo »»

Junk News, Huzzah!

THE BOSS Bobby Lashley fights THE HOSS Jethro Holiday. They should stop letting Bobby Lashley come up with his own nicknames. Here are some suggestions: The Black Lesnar. The Higher Pitched Mike Tyson. The Awful Wrestler. »»

DVD Review: Wrestlemania XXIII

A handy dandy guide on the correct usage of celebrity performers at Wrestlemania is contained within this DVD review, but the mystical and horrifying secret of the global conspiracy that secretly controls the world is NOT! »»

The NeelDown Video Review: WWE Great American Bash 2007

As we head into this year's Bash on Sunday, how does last year's stack up? Well, one of the guys in the main event isn't even with the company anymore, for starters. »»

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