Mango PPV Rewind: WWE Over The Limit 2011 PPV Stream Analysis [Podcast]

It's the second PPV in as many weeks, and we are back with another PPV Rewind! This week is for WWE Over the Limit 2011 which featured two world title matches and other wackiness. Did we like the show? You'll have to listen to find out! »»

Mango PPV Rewind: TNA Sacrifice 2011 PPV Stream Analysis & Results [Podcast]

We are back with a full audio recap of a pretty uneventful and non offensive TNA PPV, Sacrifice 2011. I am joined by Tom Daniels and Jake Ziegler, who did live coverage of the show for a full match by match rundown of the event. check it ou »»

Mango PPV Rewind: WWE Wrestlemania 27 Match Results & Analaysis [Podcast]

The Mango PPV Rewind moves location but retains all the zesty goodness with tropical flavor that you've come to expect! I'm joined by a classic lineup of Daniels, SMS and PK to discuss the card up and down for Wrestlemania 27. What did we thin »»

Mango PPV Rewind: TNA Victory Road 2011 PPV Results [Podcast]

In a crowded Mango PPV Rewind, I'm joined by Daniels, SMS, Ziegler, Mike P and even Pulse Glazer to talk about TNA Victory Road 2011 It was quite a bad PPV, highlighted by a bizarre 3 second main event between Sting and Jeff Hardy. Listen N »»

Mango PPV Rewind: WWE Elimination Chamber 2011 Thoughts [Podcast]

After a strong WWE Elimination Chamber 2011 PPV, I am joined by a packed house at the Mango including Tom Daniels, Shawn M. Smith, Pulse Glazer and Mike From Those Beer Snobs We talk in depth about the show, each match and the implications for »»

Mango PPV Rewind: TNA Against All Odds 2011 PPV Analysis & Results [Podcast]

The second TNA show of the year featured pretty solid wrestling! I am joined by Daniels and SMS as well as the mysterious masked Curry Man for a podcast funfest. Listen Now! »»

Mango PPV Rewind: WWE Royal Rumble 2011 PPV Results & Analysis [Podcast]

For the first WWE PPV of 2011, WWE pulled out a great show for Royal Rumble 2011. And to celebrate, Daniels and I are joined by two people brand new to the Mango PPV Rewind - Murtz Jaffer and Mike P of Those Beer Snobs! A very thoughtful and i »»

Mango PPV Rewind: TNA Genesis 2011 PPV Analysis Stream [Podcast]

TNA kicks off the 2011 PPV calendar with GENESIS, a PPV which featured every male title changing hands and a major surprise. It's TNA AT IT'S BEST. I'm joined by Daniels, Shawn M. Smith and Jake Ziegler in a raucous start to the Mango PPV 2011 »»

Mango PPV Rewind: WWE TLC 2010 PPV Recap & Analysis [Podcast]

After a brief hiatus, we are back with an all new podcast! I am joined this week by Aaron glazer and Shawn M Smith to talk about WWE TLC, an all around decent show to close out the WWE 2010 PPV calendar. Listen Now! »»

Mango PPV Rewind: TNA Turning Point 2010 PPV Results & Analysis Stream [Podcast]

TNA's first PPV of the new "They" era is in the books, as Jeff Hardy retained and other crap happened at TNA Turning Point 2010. I'm joined this week by Daniels and Jake Ziegler to discuss the show, where SPOILER WARNING - we didn't like it. »»

Mango PPV Rewind: WWE Bragging Rights 2010 PPV Results & Analysis

WWE was back with its third PPV in 2 months, and it's BRAGGING RIGHTS. I'm joined by SMS, Daniels and PK... and one of them will be FIRED by the end of the podcast. Listen now for the drama and intrigue. »»

Mango PPV Rewind: WWE Hell in a Cell 2010 Results & Analysis [Podcast]

We change things up this week, as PK is MIA and replaced by A2Z Analysiz's Jake Ziegler and I'm also joined by Tom Daniels. The WWE Hell in a Cell 2010 PPV was solid and unspectacular, with a turd main event angle destined to be remembered in inf »»

Mango PPV Rewind: WWE Night of Champions 2010 PPV Results & Analysis [Podcast]

A thoughtful and educated wrestling discussion replaces the normal Mango PPV Rewind this week as I am joined by PK to talk about Night of Champions 2010. Going into the podcast I was at a thumbs up, but it was a pretty tepid show, highlighted by »»

Mango PPV Rewind: WWE Summerslam 2010 PPV Results & Analysis [Podcast]

After a raucous night last week for TNA we present a more subdued but still pretty crazy podcast recap of tonight's WWE Summerslam 2010 PPV. I'm joined by SMS, Daniels and GRUT for a great podcast, without the offer of fake free money. Listen »»

Mango PPV Rewind: TNA HardCORE Justice 2010 Results & Analysis [Podcast]

I'm joined this week by Pulse Glazer, Daniels, SMS, GRUT for a wonderfully drunk podcast. »»

Mango PPV Rewind: WWE Money in the Bank 2010 PPV Recap & Analysis [podcast]

It was the largest ever Mango PPV Rewind as I was joined by GRUT, SMS, Daniels, PK as well as Glazer for a huge podcast event. We give the IWC a bad name by tearing the event apart in places, so check it out indeed! »»

Mango PPV Rewind: TNA Victory Road 2010 PPV Results & Analysis [Podcast]

After a brief hiatus we are back with an all new Mango PPV Rewind for the just completed TNA Victory Road 2010 PPV. I was joined by a full crowd (sans Daniels) with Grut, SMS, Glazer and PK to go through each match on the card. It is a serious »»

Mango PPV Rewind: TNA Sacrifice 2010 Results & Analysis [Podcast]

It was a raucous Mango PPV Rewind for TNA Sacrifice 2010 as I'm joined by SMS, Glazer and PK. It's quite literally a 30 minute TNA bash-a-thon, so listen now for TNA at its worst! »»

Mango PPV Rewind: WWE Extreme Rules 2010 PPV Results Podcast

It's WWE's Extreme Rules 2010 PPV with some solid wrestling but nothing overly extreme. Only PK joins me this week as I'm under the weather so listen to our tepid rundown of the event! Hooray! »»

Mango PPV Rewind: TNA Lockdown 2010 Instant Results, Spoilers, Analysis [Podcast]

We are back for another Mango PPV Rewind Podcast! We mix up the lineup this week by booting GRUT and SMS and bringing in the one and only Pulse Glazer, who is very subdued in his biting TNA commentary. Mixed reaction to the show, check it out now »»

Mango PPV Rewind: WWE Wrestlemania 26 Results Analysis Podcast

WWE Wrestlemania 26 is in the books and it was a great show! I'm joined by PK, Daniels and Grut for over 40 minutes of Wrestlemania Instant Analysis Listen now! »»

Mango PPV Rewind: TNA Destination X 2010 Analysis Podcast

Another Sunday and another TNA PPV. I am joined by the full crew this week with SMS, Daniels, Grut and PK and it's just a half hour of TNA bashing. Listen and enjoy! »»

Mango Rewind: WWE Raw, TNA Impact Thoughts: Rant on RVD, Hulk Hogan, Ric Flair

It was a spur of the moment Mango Monday Night Rewind for the new Monday Night Wars tonight. Both shows were playing live on 2 tvs, and we had first hand watching of both Raw and Impact. I'm joined by SMS and Daniels for the podcast, which fea »»

Mango PPV Rewind: WWE Elimination Chamber 2010 Results & Analysis Podcast

WWE Elimination Chamber 2010 is in the books, and the Road To Wrestlemania 26 officially begins. I'm joined by a full house for the Mango PPV Rewind this week with PK, SMS, Daniels and Grut. Check out our full review of the event in audio form »»

Mango PPV Rewind for TNA Against All Odds 2010 Podcast

It was Valentine's Day for TNA Against All Odds and there was a full house on board for the Mango PPV Rewind. Join me, PK, Grut, Daniels and SMS for a crowded 5 person TNA bash-fest for over a half hour of TNA bashing and inappropriate jokes. »»

Mango PPV Rewind Podcast: WWE Royal Rumble 2010 Results & Analysis

The WWE Royal Rumble 2010 is in the books and it was a pretty great show! I'm joined this week by Grut and Daniels for nearly a half hour of audio commentary on the event. Check it out now! »»

Mango PPV Rewind: TNA Genesis 2010 Audio Results and Analysis

The first PPV of 2010 is in the books and we have a large cast on board for the Mango PPV Rewind. I'm joined by Grut, SMS and PK as we discuss a PPV none of us really enjoyed. It's a half hour of madness... check it out now! »»

Mango Night Wars Podcast: WWE, TNA Monday Night Reactions

We kick of 2010 at Inside Pulse Wrestling Audio with a raucous podcast recorded directly after watching both WWE Monday Night Raw as well as TNA Monday Impact Check out our instant thoughts as I'm joined by Daniels, Grut and SMS. »»

Mango PPV Rewind for WWE Survivor Series 2009: Audio Analysiss

WWE Survivor Series is a Thanksgiving tradition and tonight we were happy when it was over. After TNA exceeded expectations last week WWE came through with a boring and predictable show with both Cena and Taker retaining and no major angles start »»

Mango PPV Rewind: TNA Turning Point 2009 Analysis and Discussion

With Daniels MIA, I was left alone with both Grut and Shawn M Smith for a rowdy edition of the Mango PPV Rewind. In the shock of the year, perhaps, TNA put on a PPV of extreme quality, with two Match of the Year candidates and almost no run-ins o »»

Mango PPV Rewind for WWE Bragging Rights 2009: Instant Analysis

WWE Bragging Rights was another debut PPV concept for WWE, and it appears to be a success. For this week's Mango PPV Rewind i was joined by Shawn M Smith, Daniels, Grut and PK for a crowded 5 man booth. The general consensus was that the show was »»

Mango PPV Rewind: TNA Bound For Glory 2009 Recap And Analysis

It's TNA's Wrestlemania and the Mango Crew are possibly the only ones to watch every TNA PPV this year. For this titanic occasion we have our all time lowest turnout with only Daniels joining me for the audio recap tonight. The work was OK »»

Mango PPV Rewind for WWE Hell in a Cell 2009: Full Audio Recap

The Mango crew is back in full force for WWE Hell in a Cell 2009, as I'm joined by Grut, PK and Daniels for a half hour recap of the just completed PPV. We all waver from praise to "meh" on the show, but overall a decent enough show that shoul »»

Mango PPV Rewind for TNA No Surrender 2009

A unique lineup is on hand for the TNA No Surrender post-ppv podcast, as I was joined by Shawn M Smith live at the Mango as well as PK fresh off doing live coverage of the event. I'm not sure if it was the air in NYC or just our bitterness b »»

Mango PPV Rewind For WWE Breaking Point 2009

With low expectations going into WWE Breaking Point 2009, the Mango PPV crew was pleasantly surprised by the show tonight, with some clean finishes, strong performances and decent booking. After missing Summerslam's podcast, Widro, Daniels and Gru »»

Mango PPV Rewind: TNA Hard Justice 2009, Angle Discussion, Controversy

We have our largest crowd to date on the TNA Hard Justice 2009 podcast. I'm joined by PK, Daniels, SMS as well as Grut. While the subject is the PPV instant results, the show goes WAY off the rails with Kurt Angle commentary and much more. Check it o »»

WWE Night of Champions 2009 Audio Recap - Mango PPV Rewind

WWE Night of Champions 2009 is in the books and we're back with the latest Mango PPV Rewind. Joining me this week were Tom Daniels, PK and GRUT live from the MANGO and we went through a largely enjoyable PPV. We find that we are largely in agreem »»

Mango PPV Rewind Podcast: TNA Victory Road 2009 Audio Recap

We are back with the first Mango PPV Rewind of July. Tom Daniels, GRUT, PK and myself jumped on for an audio recap of TNA Victory Road 2009. The Mango PPV podcast crew talked through every match, booking decision and future plans of TNA, along wi »»

Inside Pulse Wrestling Mango PPV Rewind: WWE Bash 2009 Recap and Instant Thoughts

WWE Bash 2009 has just ended, and the Inside Pulse Wrestling crew has instant audio thoughts on the event! Join me with Tom Daniels, Josh Grutman and Shawn M Smith for an audio roundtable discussing all matches on the Bash in depth. Lis »»

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