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Taz will be the latest wrestler to launch his own podcast.

The show will debut on Wednesday on and will also be syndicated to iTunes. Taz is planning on a huge slate of guests, and is starting off with four big stars in a row.

Debut Show – Wednesday January 7, 2015 – Edge
Week 2: RVD
Week 3: Matt Hardy
Week 4: MVPtopstory120x120-×120.png|topstory120x120 topstory500x250-|topstory500x250

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A2Z Analysiz – ROH Final Battle 2012: Doomsday (Kevin Steen, El Generico) Sat, 06 Dec 2014 21:32:56 +0000 fb12

For an easy-to-search archive of all my ROH DVD reviews, visit RetROH Reviews!

Hammerstein Ballroom – New York, New York – Sunday, December 16, 2012

The show opens with a very well done and very thorough video package on the Kevin Steen versus El Generico main event for tonight. Kevin Kelly and Caleb Seltzer are on commentary.

MATCH #1: The House of Truth Collides – “Unbreakable” Michael Elgin vs. Roderick Strong

Truth Martini is nowhere to be found here. These two really don’t like each other and it shows right from the opening bell. Strong dumps Elgin to the floor and tires a house show dive but Elgin catches him! Elgin goes for a powerbomb but Strong slips out and tries a chop, but Elgin ducks and Strong chops the post! Back in the ring Strong kicks Elgin in the face and takes control. Martini makes his way down to the ring, but neither guy is a big fan of him right now so who is he out here for? Elgin dumps Strong out to the floor and hits a flying shoulder tackle off the apron. He throws Strong into the barricade and then hits a running powerslam. They fight on the apron, where Strong hits an enziguiri and a back suplex. Martini is celebrating whenever either guy is in control. Strong and Elgin trade chops on the floor and slug it out. Back in the ring they slug it out some more. Elgin hits a Black Hole Slam for two. He follows with a Death Valley Driver into the buckles for another two-count. They fight up on the ropes and Strong hits a backbreaker on the top turnbuckle. That gets a two-count. Strong hits a jumping knee strike for two. He tries the Stronghold but Elgin kicks out of it. They fight in the corner again and Elgin hits a superplex as Strong was on the apron. That’s awesome. It gets a two-count. Elgin hits the Buckle Bomb and Strong pops out with a knee strike. They trade a few shots and Strong hits a gutbuster. Elgin responds with a big clothesline. Martini gets on the ring apron to distract referee Brian Gorie, and he slips the Book of Truth into the ring. Elgin goes for a powerbomb but Strong grabbed the book and he hits Elgin with it. Strong then hits the End of Heartache and that’s enough to get the pin at 11:31. After everything Elgin went through with Steen that seems pretty silly that the Book of Truth would knock him out that much. Kelly says “who knows what that’s loaded with” but it’s very clearly loaded with nothing. Aside from that this was a good not great match, which is understandable given that the feud just started and more matches are bound to come.
Rating: ***

After the match, Martini tries to get on Strong’s good side again but Strong won’t have it. Strong reiterates that he wants nothing to do with the House of Truth. Martini then tries to get Elgin back in the fold by telling him he loves him and giving him a hug. Elgin goes for a powerbomb but Martini begs him to give him a chance. Martini rambles on for a while and then delivers a slap. Elgin delivers a Buckle Bomb and a spinning back first to send Martini crashing to the floor.

MATCH #2: Jay Lethal vs. “The Man Beast” RHINO

They show a video package on the recent events involving Lethal and Kevin Steen. Lethal has promised to fight the ROH World Champion one way or another tonight. Steve Corino comes out to join the commentary team. RHINO stalls a bit to start. Lethal hits a springboard cross body block and then dumps RHINO to the floor. He hits the Jericho dropkick to knock RHINO off the apron. Lethal tries a house show dive but misses. He doesn’t miss the superkick though. Lethal then hits a suicide dive. He throws RHINO around ringside a bit and then they go back in the ring. Lethal tries the Lethal Injection but RHINO avoids it and hits a spinebuster for two. RHINO goes to work on Lethal now, keeping him on the mat and working his midsection. He slaps on a bear hug. Lethal slugs his way out of it and unleashes a flurry of offense, including a hard clothesline for two. RHINO reverses a whip in the corner and drives a shoulder to the midsection. He hits a belly-to-belly suplex and sets up for the GORE. Lethal cuts him off with a superkick! He hits a Flatliner and locks on the Koji Clutch. RHINO powers his way out of that and slams Lethal down for a two-count. Lethal then hits the 9:32. That was perfectly adequate, but a good win for Lethal as he moves his way up the card.
Rating: **½

Steve Corino gets on the house mic and bad mouths Lethal in regards to facing and/or defeating Kevin Steen for the ROH World Champion. Lethal challenges Corino to get in the ring and fight him, so Jimmy Jacobs comes out and attacks Lethal from behind. The Tag Team Champions hold Lethal in place for the GORE and RHINO cuts him in half. Corino reiterates that Lethal will never beat Steen for the ROH World Title.

MATCH #3: The Embassy Explodes – “Barrister” R.D. Evans w/ Q.T. Marshall vs. Prince Nana

Nana is the aggressor early on and dominates Evans. While rarely used as such in ROH, both men are trained wrestlers. Nana actually has the distinction of having wrestled on the first ever ROH show. Evans throws Nana to the floor and tries a house show dive but misses. Nana then connects on a suicide dive to wipe out both Evans and Marshall. Back in the ring Evans goes back on offense. Evans goes to work on the back. Nana tries to escape a rear chin lock but Evans takes him back down with a back suplex. Evans goes for an elbow off the second rope but Nana catches him with a boot to the face. Nana hits a spinning sidewalk slam and a senton for two. He knocks Evans to the apron and when Evans tries a springboard maneuver, Nana catches him in an Ace Crusher! Marshall pulls the referee out of the ring before a three-count can be made. Ernesto Osiris comes back from out of nowhere and gets hurled into the barricade. Meanwhile, Evans hits what looks like the Old School Bomb. Evans goes up top and Nana knocks him down. Nana hits a superplex for two. Evans comes back with an inverted Styles Clash to get the pin at 6:40. For a match between two managers that was really solid.
Rating: **¼

After the match, Tommaso Ciampa hops the apron and wants to get at Evans and Marshall. Unfortunately that does not happen tonight.

MATCH #4: NYC Street Fight – BJ Whitmer & Rhett Titus vs. Charlie Haas & Shelton Benjamin

All four men come out in street clothes, so you know it’s a real street fight. Titus and Whitmer attack during WGTT’s entrance and IT…IS…ON! They fight on the floor for a minute and then they take it to the ring where Whitmer and Titus use big candy canes for weapons. To be fair they did look like they would hurt. Christmas themed plunder continues to be used by both teams. Haas and Benjamin take control and use belts and crutches to assault their rivals. Whitmer fights back and dumps Benjamin to the floor. He takes it to Haas, but The Outlaw comes back with the Olympic Slam for two. Titus drives Benjamin’s face into a chair with that leaping Rocker Dropper that he does. He then hiptosses Haas into a piece of guardrail that was brought into the ring for a two-count. Benjamin fights back and he fights Titus on the apron right above a table. They trade strikes until Benjamin hits Paydirt off the apron through the table! Good spot there. Whitmer and Haas battle it out in the ring and Whitmer hits an exploder for two. He goes out and grabs another table. They take the fight to the top rope and Haas hits a belly-to-belly suplex through the table that appears to kill Whitmer, or at very least break his neck. That’s enough to get the pin at 15:26. Knowing that Whitmer ended up okay makes it somewhat easier to watch, but that finish was disgusting. Whitmer is tough as nails, clearly. The match was actually pretty fun and they almost always had something going on so that’s good. These two teams do appear to dislike each other, which also helps make their matches feel more heated, something WGTT has lacked in the past.
Rating: ***¼

MATCH #5: Jerry Lynn vs. “The Prodigy” Mike Bennett w/ Brutal Bob & Maria Kanellis

They show a quick clip of Jerry Lynn winning the ROH World Title from Nigel McGuinness in April 2009 before getting to the match. Bennett has both his trainer “Brutal” Bob Evans and his girlfriend Maria Kanellis with him tonight. Lynn is wrestling with a sleeveless shirt on for some reason. Kevin Kelly oversells it by calling it a “hero’s return.” They take it right down to the mat and Lynn dominates there because he’s the wily veteran. Even Maria looks bored at ringside. Lynn goes for an early Cradle Piledriver but Bennett is able to slip out. Bennett takes a quick break to regroup. Lynn then hits a headscissors to send Bennett to the floor and follows him out with a house show dive. Bennett actually hides behind Maria, which is awesome. Lynn gives chase and Evans takes a cheap shot clothesline. Bennett is totally in control now. Well, as much as you can be in a Jerry Lynn match because he’s constantly fighting back. Lynn does indeed fight back and hit some lame offense. He hits a DDT for a two-count. Lynn takes Bennett to the apron and hits an Ace Crusher to the floor. Back in the ring Lynn covers for two. Bennett hits a spinebuster for two. Maria distracts the referee and Brutal Bob throws a chair in. Lynn hits a TKO onto the chair and then throws it at Bob just for fun. Bennett is able to kick out at two. Now Brutal Bob distracts the referee and Maria distracts Lynn. Maria distracts Lynn and then snaps his neck off the top rope. Bennett hits the Box Office Smash to get the pin at 10:07. So it takes three people to beat Jerry Lynn? That seems like a lot of protection for a guy admittedly wrestling his last match in the company. Why not just let Bennett go over clean? I guess it wouldn’t have been a much better match either way.
Rating: **

After the match Lynn beats up both Bennett and Evans, and then hits Maria with a DDT. Lynn then hits Bennett with the Cradle Piledriver to get his non-existent heat back. He cuts a promo, thanking Cary Silkin for his efforts in keeping ROH alive. Of course Lynn thanks “the boys in the back.” Nigel McGuinness comes out and tells some stories about Lynn and then presents him with a plaque. Lynn thanks everyone again and heads to the back.

Before McGuinness can leave the ring, Jay Lethal comes out and says he’s been trying to talk to him and he’s been ducking him. Lethal demands to be put in the main event for the ROH World Title tonight. He says he’s going to fight the ROH World Champion one way or another, and that if El Generico has a problem with that he can deal with it personally. McGuinness tells Lethal that his proposal is rejected, but that if Generico wins the title Lethal will be first in line. Lethal doesn’t like that so he spits on McGuinness, triggering a pull-apart. Oh great, another loose cannon versus authority figure, haven’t seen one of those in ROH in a few weeks.

Interview with Mike Mondo

They return from intermission with MORE talking, as Kevin Kelly introduces the injured Mike Mondo. Apparently Mondo was supposed to be out for a year, but is actually going to be back in five weeks. He cuts one of his idiotic promos and then Bobby Fish and Kyle O’Reilly come out to interrupt him. Fish and O’Reilly trash talk the American Wolves, their opponents for tonight, saying that Eddie Edwards told Nigel McGuinness there will be no reunion tonight. Then they take advantage of the wounded Mondo and beat him down. Davey Richards comes out to make the save, and Edwards soon follows. Edwards appears ready to superkick Richards, but instead delivers the shot to Fish! The Wolves then hit O’Reilly with the double-team Alarm Clock. Richards and Edwards shake hands to a big pop and then kick their opponents to the floor and follow them out with stereo dives.

MATCH #6: Tag Team Grudge Match – The American Wolves vs. Bobby Fish & Kyle O’Reilly

Referee Todd Sinclair calls for the bell, even though all four men are on the floor. That seems wrong. Back in the ring the Wolves double-team Fish and the crowd is loving them some Wolves. O’Reilly gets the same treatment. Fish and O’Reilly use some chicanery to take the battle back to the floor, where Fish subdues Edwards. Richards tries the kick from the apron, but Fish catches it and O’Reilly boots Richards to the floor. O’Reilly follows with the missile dropkick off the apron, knocking the wind out of Edwards. Back in the ring Fish covers Edwards for two. Fish and O’Reilly isolate Edwards and wear him down. Richards gets fed up and enters the ring illegally. The referee has lost control completely. The Wolves suplex Fish and O’Reilly over the ropes simultaneously and all four men tumble hard to the floor. Back in the ring Richards and O’Reilly exchange strikes. O’Reilly locks on a Dragon Sleeper, and Richards counters with an Ankle Lock! That was cool. O’Reilly escapes but gets blasted in the face with an Edwards kick. Edwards then hits a Super Boston Knee Party. Richards grabs O’Reilly for a Tombstone Piledriver and lets Edwards kick him in the head before dropping him down. Edwards covers for two. O’Reilly fights back and the momentum continues to shift. He locks Edwards in a Dragon Sleeper. Richards goes to the top rope and Fish knocks him down. Edwards rolls over into a cover but Fish is right there with a huge moonsault! O’Reilly kicks Edwards in the head and Richards has to break up the cover. Richards throws Fish to the floor and once again exchanges strikes with O’Reilly. This time Richards gets the better of it and hits a huge lariat. The Wolves hit the double-team lungblower and Edwards puts on the Achilles Lock. Richards adds a knee off the top rope and Edwards stomps O’Reilly’s head until Sinclair calls for the bell at 12:27. That was a lot of fun and a good choice to bring the Wolves back. The only bummer about this match is that Fish and O’Reilly had to lose pretty decisively, so they don’t really have a lot of grounds to ask for a rematch. Still, this was good stuff.
Rating: ***½

MATCH #7: Special Challenge Match – ROH World TV Champion Adam Cole vs. Matt Hardy

I am not looking forward to this. Kevin Kelly says he has never heard such hatred from the fans, but I think they hated Jeff Hardy even more than the elder Hardy. Cole’s TV Title is not on the line here, so that seems to telegraph the finish. They start slowly with some chain wrestling. Cole quickens the pace and sends Hardy powdering to the floor. The TV Champ surprises Hardy with a dive to the floor, wiping him out. Cole hits another dive and keeps the pressure on. The crowd is loving him. They fight on the apron and Hardy hits a Side Effect. That’s a good spot. Back in the ring Hardy controls Cole. Hardy goes for the Twist of Fate but Cole sweeps the legs and locks on the Figure-Four Leglock. When Hardy turns it over Cole is able to reach the ropes. Hardy hits the Side Effect for two. He hits it twice more but still only gets a two-count. Hardy hits another Side Effect. He tries the Twist of Fate but Cole avoids it. Hardy hits the elbow to the back of the head off the second rope, but Cole immediately hits him with a superkick for a two-count. Cole unleashes some offense. Hardy tries another Twist of Fate but Cole counters with a backslide for two. Cole then hits the Twist of Fate for a near-fall. He follows with an enziguiri and a Shining Wizard for two. Hardy comes back with Splash Mountain for a two- count. They trade some reversals and tumble to the floor. Cole hits the Florida Key on the floor! Back in the ring Cole covers for two. Hardy finally hits the Twist of Fate but only gets a two-count. He goes for the legdrop off the second rope but Cole sweeps his legs and locks on the Figure-Four Leglock and Hardy reaches the ropes. Cole tries the Florida Key again but Hardy repositions the referee and kicks Cole square in the junk. Hardy grabs an inside cradle to get the cheap pin at 11:42. Cole tried his hardest, but Hardy was the opposite of impressive in his return to ROH.
Rating: **

MATCH #8: ROH World Tag Team Championship – SCUM (C) vs. Caprice Coleman & Cedric Alexander vs. The Briscoes

Jimmy Jacobs and Steve Corino have been the Champions since 9.15.12, and this is their fifth defense. This match has the slight twist that the Briscoes and C&C have to actually beat the Champions to win the titles. The challengers all go after the Champions, which makes complete sense. Mark and Alexander go after Corino, while Jay and Coleman go after Jacobs, all on the floor. That’s an interesting pairing. Everyone gets back to the ring and it’s not long before the challengers start messing with each other. Mark unleashes some Redneck Kung Fu early. Jacobs and Corino try to take a walk while the challengers fight each other. The Briscoes go and retrieve the Champions and bring them back to the ring. Jacobs tries to hit the Contra Code on Mark but instead hits the Ace Crusher from the second rope for two. The action is very hard to keep up with, as all six men are dishing out offense every chance they get. The Champs isolate Coleman and try to put him away but cannot. Corino grabs a roll of quarters but Alexander stops him from using them. Jacobs distracts the referee long enough for Corino to blast Alexander with the roll of quarters but Alexander kicks out! Now Jacobs tries to use one of the tag team title belts but the Briscoes stop him from using it. The Briscoes then hit Jacobs with the Doomsday Device to get the pin and win the ROH World Tag Team Titles for the eighth time at 7:06. That was surprisingly brief but the action never stopped so I enjoyed it for the most part. I don’t see what the benefit is of having the Briscoes be the Champions AGAIN though. I would have rather seen Jacobs and Corino retain, and then let Coleman and Alexander chase them to either the 11th Anniversary or Supercard of Honor VII. That would at least be fresh. Nothing against the Briscoes, but EIGHT times? Jeez.
Rating: **¾

Jay cuts a promo after the match, talking about how awesome he and his brother are. They issue an open challenge to any team to just step up and take the shot. Jay then announces that Coleman and Alexander have earned the first crack at the titles.

MATCH #9: ROH World Championship Ladder War – Kevin Steen vs. El Generico

Steen has been the Champion since 5.12.12, and this is his thirteenth defense. They immediately start slugging and away we go. Generico strikes the first big blows with a tornado DDT and the running Yakuza Kick. Steen takes a powder and Generico wipes him out with a Tope Suicida. Back in the ring Generico uses the ladder first. Steen is able to backdrop Generico onto the ladder to stop his masked rival’s momentum. The Champion is totally in control now, wearing Generico down in sadistic fashion. They go to the floor and Steen whips Generico through the barricade. Back in the ring Steen continues to throw Generico around and into ladders. Steen tries to climb a big ladder up to grab the belt but Generico pulls him down. Generico hits a t-bone suplex into a ladder! He tries to climb up but Steen pulls him down. Generico hits a half suplex onto another ladder! He climbs up again and this time Steen shoves the ladder over. Generico tries another tornado DDT but Steen counters with a backbreaker. Steen climbs up the ladder but Generico stops him. They go back to the floor and Steen whips Generico through the guardrail again. Steen sets up both a ladder and a table on top of it between the apron and the barricade. He tries a powerbomb but Generico escapes and backdrops Steen through the table and the ladder! Generico sends the ring crew to the back to get a really, really tall ladder. He sets it up in the ring. Steen climbs up top and Generico meets him up there. Steen hits the F-Cinq through a table! Steen climbs the really tall ladder. Generico hits him with another ladder to knock him down. He grabs a third ladder but Steen boots him in the gut and hits him with said ladder. Steen sets the third ladder between the other two ladders and hits a nasty powerbomb. Generico fights back with a Package Piledriver! The crowd is really behind him now. Generico tries to climb the ladder but Steen pulls him down. Steen sets another ladder in between the two tall ladders and the two men fight it out on that ladder. They fight each other while trying not to fall off. Steen is able to land a low blow and then hits the Package Piledriver! That looked brutal, and it’s enough for Steen to climb up and retrieve the title at 28:04. That was slower paced than some of their other matches but I think it worked really well with the stipulation. At 28 minutes it never felt too long and the spots were well put together. This will likely be the last time these two face each other in Ring of Honor, and it was a fitting final entry in the series.
Rating: ****¼topstory120x120-×120.jpg|topstory120x120 topstory500x250-|topstory500x250

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JR Blog: Matt/Jeff Hardy “One Of The Absolute Best”, WWE Raw Thoughts, Randy Orton Tue, 23 Sep 2014 17:40:22 +0000 Always good for an opinion on Raw, Jim Ross chimes in with a Tuesday blog entry, and here are some of the best parts.

on Hardys:
Happy B-Day to the now 40 year old Matt Hardy who, along with his brother Jeffery Nero Hardy, comprised one of my all time favorite tag teams while I was in WWE with them. Their chemistry with the Dudley Boyz and Edge/Christian was incredible. I will have both Matt & Jeff on our podcast coming up which has been booked for several weeks. A complete listing of our future podcast guests is located on the home page of this site. For the record, Matt and Jeff are STILL one of my favorite duos and one of the absolute best tag teams in the biz.

on Randy Orton
Hard to believe it’s been 12 years since we introduced Randy Orton on WWE TV and the son of a HOFer hasn’t disappointed on his way to his own HOF career. @RandyOrton is one of WWE’s most valuable commodities especially with the company rebuilding it’s main event talent roster to a large degree. Randy was one of the most interesting talents to manage that I was ever around and he always kept me on my toes but at the end of the day I am immensely proud of the talent that he has evolved to be.

on Raw, Dean Ambrose
Nice night for Dean Ambrose. The man who reminds many of Brian Pillman took advantage of the spotlight being on him on WWE’s flagship show.

Good move putting the IC Title on Dolph Ziggler again as I was perplexed as to why he lost it the night before at Night of Champions.

I’m beginning to wonder if the holders of the IC & US Titles are blessed or cursed.

There seemed to be too many rematch oriented matches on the show but that’s merely one man’s opinion. I am big on hitting the reset button after a PPV and starting new issues especially with 5 weeks in which to build them. 5 weeks in today’s marketplace with short attention spans feels like an eternity to many fans. BTW…HIAC is 5 weeks away in Dallas.

Check out the whole post at JR’s BBQ
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Hardys News: Jeff & Matt Booked For House of Hardcore, WWE Network Documentary Wed, 27 Aug 2014 08:03:33 +0000 What’s the latest with the Hardys?

Matt and Jeff Hardy have been announced for the November 15th House of Hardcore event, currently booked for the old ECW Arena in Philadelphia, PA. If the show stays on track and both Hardys work the show, it will be the first time they work as a team at the fabeled ECW Arena.

WWE is also debuting a Jeff Hardy documentary on WWE Network on Wednesday Night. This is actually not a new production, as it was the documentary portion of the 2009 Jeff Hardy DVD release – “Jeff Hardy: My Life, My Rules”. WWE will “premiere” the doc at 8pm Wednesday on the network.

Jeff Hardy is considered a prime candidate to return to WWE if TNA were to cease operations in 2015.

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Hardy Boys Create Extreme ALS Ice Bucket Challenge Thu, 21 Aug 2014 16:44:21 +0000 Many wrestling stars have been doing the ALS ice bucket challenge. Now Matt and Jeff Hardy have joined into the action. Check it out:

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DVD Review: “Ladies & Gentlemen, My Name Is Paul Heyman” Thu, 07 Aug 2014 04:03:27 +0000  

Ladies & Gentlemen My Name is Paul Heyman Header Image

The first thing you need to know about Paul Heyman is that he had more ambition and drive at 14 years old than the majority of adults have. He didn’t apply for a job, he created one. He didn’t ask for a press pass at Madison Square Garden, he said he was already promised one & they handed one over. He didn’t concede the floor to the more veteran & respected journalists, he slid right in front of them to get the best picture for his magazine. Yes, Paul Heyman, at 14, had created his own “dirt sheet”. Just at the beginning of puberty, he was going toe-to-toe with newsletters like the PWTorch and the Wrestling Observer. Heyman described his passion for wrestling & his ambition for the business when he said he didn’t only want to be a part of the business but he wanted to be a part of the magic that made pro-wrestling what it is.

Before moving to a larger, more prominent on-screen role, Heyman flew his way down to a Jim Crockett Promotions TV taping where Dusty Rhodes was the current booker. Heyman, true to his brazen nature, walked into the pre-production room with all of the other backstage personnel and sat in the farthest corner from where Dusty would be sitting. Upon his arrival, Rhodes immediately noticed the new kid sitting in the back corner of the room but instead of calling Heyman out in front of everyone, Dusty calmly walked over to where Heyman sat and asked to speak with him outside of the office. When Rhodes asked Paul who he was and why he was sitting in on “his” meeting, Heyman smoothly explained that he was there to take photos but was interested in learning more about the business & thought Dusty Rhodes would be a great teacher. After a LONG pause, Dusty responded that if Paul wanted to learn from anyone that he chose the best in the “great Dusty Rhodes” and to get back in the meeting. After that first encounter, Heyman would attend every meeting thereafter moving closer to Dusty’s inner circle every time.

Heyman would soon return back to New York City & once again talked his way into another job, the official photographer for Studio 54 at only 20 years old. When Studio 54’s head of promotion left for a rival club, Heyman convinced the manager that HE could promote for the club. And promote he did. The first event? A wrestling event where he attracted numerous celebrities and members of the NWA because he created a Wrestler of the Year award to present to the current NWA World Heavyweight Champion, Ric Flair.

Flair and Heyman

Paul Heyman’s stint at Studio 54 didn’t last very long as relatively soon after his successful NWA/Studio 54 event, he began managing in the Northeast before getting a call to join Kevin Sullivan and Oliver Humperdink as a manager in Championship Wrestling from Florida. This where he was first dubbed “Paul E. Dangerously” and moved quickly to Memphis and the Continental Wrestling Association where he joined Tommy Rich and Austin Idol in a heated feud with Jerry Lawler. Largely based on the success of this feud & others, Heyman made the jump to Jim Crockett Promotions and WCW. The new Paul E. Dangerously continued his managerial success by linking up with the Original Midnight Express (Dennis Condrey and Randy Rose) in a feud with the new Midnight Express (Bobby Eaton and Stan Lane) and their manager, Jim Cornette. Despite the success of this feud and the Paul E. Dangerously character in general, Heyman was fired as a manager by the head of WCW’s creative team at the time, Ric Flair but was quickly rehired as a color commentator when WCW’s main play-by-play man Jim Ross expressed his desire to work with Heyman on commentary. In 1991, WCW’s lack of top name heels & its desire to “re-structure” their heels led them to the conclusion that a new “Horsemen”-type stable should be formed with Paul Heyman as their mouthpiece. Heyman was immediately paired up with veterans such as Bobby Eaton, Arn Anderson, Larry Zbyszko and a returning Rick Rude. The one wrestler Heyman lobbied to be in this new stable was the current WCW TV Champion, “Stunning” Steve Austin and thus the Dangerous Alliance was born. He had been watching Austin’s talent and knew Austin could learn how to be a main eventer from riding with Rick Rude (and I believe that worked out quite well). The Dangerous Alliance rode high through 1992 with Bobby Eaton & Arn Anderson winning the tag team championships and Rick Rude capturing the United States Championship while feuding with WCW’s top babyface Sting. But the Alliance’s time was cut too short as WCW hired Bill Watts who promptly fired Paul Heyman. Heyman admits that he sued the company & won a substantial settlement but can’t disclose anymore details. Now out of a job and looking for the next opportunity, Heyman headed back to the Northeast & Eastern Championship Wrestling. He was 28 years old.

The stories from the ECW-era where more of the same that have been explored in the past. There were a few moments where the truth finally came out & definitely some surprises. Heyman openly acknowledges that Vince McMahon contacted him about using ECW as a private developmental territory and offered to pay Heyman handsomely. Paul accepted the talent exchange agreement but refused to be put on the WWF payroll. Instead, Heyman insisted that McMahon make any payments to ECW’s parent company, HHG Corp. Therefore Paul Heyman never received a paycheck from the World Wrestling Federation or the McMahon Family until he became an on-air personality. One of the most surprising stories revealed in this documentary was that Shane McMahon almost bought ECW in 2000 when it was about to file for bankruptcy. He wanted to purchase the company in order to prepare for eventually taking over the WWE from his father Vince. That deal obviously fell through and ECW filed for bankruptcy. The controversy around Heyman appearing on WWF TV before ECW was officially bankrupt was purely a legal ploy. He couldn’t tell any of the ECW wrestlers but he knew that if he could keep the company open during the bankruptcy process then when the paperwork was finally approved, all of the payroll checks for the talent would be covered under bankruptcy and would be paid in full.

Once the Alliance/Invasion angle had run its course and Paul Heyman’s brief return to color commentary was over, Heyman was lost in a company that already had an overabundance of talent with the acquisition of the ECW & WCW rosters. Looking for his next big challenge, it was former ECW champion & current color commentator Tazz who convinced Heyman to look at what would be the “Next Big Thing”, Brock Lesnar. Heyman was immediately impressed by Brock Lesnar’s athleticism, his wrestling background, his youth and willingness to learn. After studying Lesnar, it was Heyman who pitched bringing Brock Lesnar up to the main roster to Vince McMahon but it was Vince who put them together on-screen after hearing Paul’s passion for Lesnar’s potential.

When time ran its course with the Heyman/Lesnar partnership, Heyman was placed as the General Manager of SmackDown with a good amount of creative input although Stephanie McMahon was still the head of the creative team. Only months into his run as the GM, he and Stephanie McMahon essentially switched roles as she became the new General Manager of SmackDown and Heyman took over as SmackDown’s head of creative. It was during this time that we saw a huge youth and tag team movement. Adam “Edge” Copeland fully credits Heyman as being the guy to give him a shot on his own & really break him out as a single’s star on SmackDown. In fact, during this time in WWE history, SmackDown/Paul Heyman skyrocketed Edge, Kurt Angle, Chris Benoit, Booker T, Rey Mysterio, Eddie Guerrero, Chavo Guerrero, Bubba Ray Dudley, D-Von Dudley, Shelton Benjamin, Charlie Hass, JBL, Matt Hardy and John Cena. That list contains Hall Of Famers Eddie Guerrero, Booker T & Edge with sure-fire future Hall Of Famers Kurt Angle, John Cena and Rey Mysterio. Yet despite some of the best SmackDown episodes in years, the WWE felt Heyman wasn’t really following their model and doing his own thing regardless of the input he would received and transferred him down to OVW to work with the younger talent.

CM Punk & Beth Phoenix where the two big names that were in OVW at the time Heyman took over. Punk was immediately thrilled to get to learn the business from one of his inspirations as a teenager who grew up with ECW. Paul Heyman admits that he didn’t know what he was getting into with OVW but was thrilled to be working with developing talent again & instantly clicked with Punk. CM Punk’s passion for all aspects of pro-wrestling made for a perfect student/teacher relationship even leading to Heyman asking Punk to help write some of the shows. Paul said about Punk, “I’ve never seen someone grasp how to put together a show as quickly as Punk. I was learning from Punk before I was done teaching him.”

Today’s Paul Heyman in the WWE is about having fun-loving being in the wrestling business purely as on-screen talent. Plus he still gets to work some of the younger talent, specifically Renee Young who he has taken under his wing. She proudly admits that she’s a “Paul Heyman Girl” and is learning more than she ever thought possible from Heyman. Many of today’s wrestlers see a total change in the Paul Heyman that walks around television now compared to many of his previous stints with the WWE. He’s much more relaxed and having fun compared to politicking & fighting over the simplest of matters.

“Ladies & Gentlemen, My Name Is Paul Heyman” is BY FAR one of the best documentaries WWE has ever released. Paul Heyman is brutally honest about his success and failures, his achievements and mistakes. No one interviewed pulled any punches and the list of talent interviewed is impressive in itself. Names such as Larry Zbyszko, Dusty Rhodes, Jim Ross, Joey Styles, Tommy Dreamer, Raven, Gabe Sapolsky, Tod Gordon, Stephanie McMahon, Edge, Brock Lesnar, Renee Young, CM Punk and Bray Wyatt are just a few on the impressive list of talent featured. You not only get a fantastic look back at a great talent’s career but you also get to truly now the man Paul Heyman. He’s open about everything in his lifetime and the man who shines through your TV screen is truly a man you will have the up most respect for.


Click below to listen to the exclusive interview I conducted with Paul Heyman:

.topstory120x120-×120.jpg|topstory120x120 topstory500x250-|topstory500x250

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The SmarK Rant for Monday Night RAW – 11.21.94 Thu, 31 Jul 2014 05:10:34 +0000 The SmarK Rant for Monday Night RAW – 11.21.94

Taped from the Fernwood Country Club in Bushkill yet again.

Your hosts are Vince McMahon & Jim Cornette and the worst green screen intro ever.  An HDTV is not kind to this sort of thing.

Razor Ramon v. Diesel

No wait, the Teamsters all jump Ramon and attack him during the entrance, so the match is apparently off.

Tatanka v. Chris Canyon

Canyon now has his trademark beard, but it still doesn’t help him as Tatanka chops him down and drops an elbow for two.  A clothesline gives us a 180 sell from Canyon as he’s obviously trying to make the most of this.  More chops, but Canyon comes back with a bodypress and a crucifix for two before Tatanka cuts him off.  Canyon keeps coming with a sunset flip for two, but Tatanka beats him down again and goes up to finish with a flying chop and Papoose to Go at 4:36.  I’m really surprised they didn’t give it a go with Canyon at this point, since he had a good look and they obviously liked him enough to give him some offense.

Adam Bomb v. Jason Ahrnedt 

Speaking of which, they could have repackaged Canyon into Adam Bomb’s wacky brother “Stink Bomb.”  Or he could be a Hollywood type, “Box Office Bomb”.  Maybe disgruntled postal carrier “Letter Bomb”?  This is all gold, people, GOLD.   Adam with the usual power stuff and clotheslines before finishing with the Meltdown at 2:25.  Jim Cornette is just on fire here on commentary.

Speaking of being on fire, Todd recaps the Jerry Lawler-Doink feud, because I wish everyone involved would die in a fire.  This leads to a King’s Court with the midget kings.  Sadly, no one can die in any fires, because the clown midgets “prank” them by squirting water guns from ringside.  OH THE HILARITY.  OH MY SIDES, THEY’RE SPLITTING.

Meanwhile, IRS recaps his war against dead tax cheats for the past month.  Now he’s actually digging up the corpse.  Fitting, because this feud died around the country.

IRS v. Matt Hardy

Hey, there’s someone who probably COULD use a good auditing.  IRS pounds on the poor young jobber and tosses him.  Poor kid is so stupid that he has “HV” on his tights instead of his own initials.  Maybe he was trying for “HPV”?  Back in, Irwin stomps away after the abdominal stretch and the Writeoff finishes at 3:00.  Well, this kid is no Keith Davis.

Razor Ramon v. Diesel

The entire roster of Survivor Series teams is at ringside so you can probably guess how this one ends.  Slugfest to start, and it’s interesting that just watching these shows you get no sense of how hot Diesel was getting or that there was even a breakup with Shawn brewing.  Just watching RAW it’s like “They’re the tag champions and everything is fine” and then suddenly one week, BAM, “Diesel is #1 babyface and WWF champion”.  Diesel with the sleeper and he dumps Ramon as we take a break.  Back with Ramon making the comeback, but Shawn trips him up and a donnybrook is teased.  Back in, Ramon with a corner clothesline, but Diesel puts him down with a sideslam for two.  Big boot gets two.  Diesel works on the back and Snake Eyes gets two.  Shawn continues to stir the pot, but Ramon makes the comeback as the heels start getting involved.  And inevitably, the bell is rung at 13:24.  Usual good match from the Outsiders, minus a finish.  ***

Next week:  Some crazy shit goes down after the PPV.topstory500x250-×250.jpg|topstory500x250 topstory120x120-×120.jpg|topstory120x120

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Joey Ryan Still Has a YouTube Show – With Matt Hardy, Chris Sabin, More Wed, 28 May 2014 17:46:13 +0000 Check out Joey Ryan’s latest YouTube show featuring appearances by recent TNA contract cut Chris Sabin, Matt Hardy and more:

.topstory500x250-×250.jpg|topstory500x250 topstory120x120-×120.jpg|topstory120x120

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Ring of Honor Wrestling #138 (Adam Cole, Kevin Steen) Sun, 25 May 2014 02:51:15 +0000 ringofhonortvlogo

Alario Center – New Orleans, Louisiana – May 10, 2014

The intro has shots of plenty of wrestlers no longer with the company and they really need to update that. Kevin Kelly and Steve Corino are commentary.

MATCH #1: Mike Posey vs. R.D. Evans w/ Veda Scott

Evans also has Ramon with him, who carries a sign that claims The New Streak is at 99-0. Posey thinks he has Evans where he wants him, but the crafty Evans is able to control the early going. Tht changes when Evans misses a charge in the corner and his shoulder hits the ring post. Veda joins the commentators as Posey works Evans over. Posey tries a slingshot legdrop but misses and falls to the floor. Evans follows him with a leaping clothesline off the apron. Back in the ring Evans continues on offense. Evans hits a Spear and signals for the Jackhammer but instead executes a small package for a two-count. They fight up on the ropes and Posey knocks Evans back and hits the Alabama Jam but it only gets two. Posey argues with the ref and Evans rolls him up for a near-fall. Evans hits a clothesline and goes up top to hit his own guillotine legdrop and that gets the win.

WINNER – R.D. Evans

The Fish Tank

Bobby Fish and Kyle O’Reilly, reDRagon, come out for some promo time. They are dressed in complete hipster gear. They brag about defeating Forever Hooligans and War Machine in a three-way match to earn a title shot on May 17 in New York City against The Young Bucks. Not sure why they don’t get an automatic rematch, but whatever. Then they introduce “Unbreakable” Michael Elgin as their first guest. reDRagon make fun of Elgin’s mullet, and Elgin comes back with retorts about their clothes. This all leads to an unspecified match after a commercial break.

Before the commercial, the Briscoes are backstage to cut a promo on Matt Hardy. They are super pissed that Hardy stole Jay’s custom title belt, and they want it back.

MATCH #2: reDRagon vs. War Machine

As it turns out, Elgin was issuing the challenge on behalf of Hanson and Rowe, collectively known as War Machine. Hanson and Rowe dominate to start, as Fish and O’Reilly were not at all prepared for them. Everything Fish and O’Reilly try gets thwarted by the monstrous duo, and they get so fed up that they take a powder all the way back to the locker room, but Elgin stops them, so they run into the crowd and get counted out.

WINNERS – War Machine

Adam Cole, Maria Kanellis, and Michael Bennett are backstage to talk about the main event tonight. They mock their opposition and put themselves over, essentially.

Meanwhile, reDRagon runs from the building and drives away.

Before the main event can begin, they show a video package detailing the issues between the two teams, particularly Cole giving Jay Briscoe’s title belt to Matt Hardy, and Hardy renaming it the “Iconic Title.”

MATCH #3: Six Man Tag Team Match – Adam Cole, Matt Hardy & Michael Bennett vs. Kevin Steen & The Briscoes

The Briscoes and Steen attack right away and the fight quickly spills to the floor. Steen and Cole are first back in the ring, which is fitting since they have a title contest coming up at Global Wars, which was actually happening as this show was airing. Cole takes the advantage with a little help from his partners. The Cole trio focuses on Steen, keeping him away from his partners. Hardy hits Steen with a Side Effect for two. Mark gets a tag and he starts in with the Redneck Kung Fu. It doesn’t take long for Cole’s group to take control on him and we take a commercial break. When we come back Bennett is working Mark over and keepign him in the wrong half of the ring. After several minutes Mark is able to catch Cole with a rolling Death Valley Driver, and then he makes the hot tag to his brother. Jay comes in a house afire, punching everything in sight. Steen gets in on the fun with a cannonball on Bennett. Jay hits Bennett with a Falcon Arrow for two. The Briscoes go for the Doomsday Device on Bennett and Cole tries to break it up so Steen puts Cole on his shoulders and they hit a double Doomsday Device! Hardy breaks up the cover. Jay and Hardy spill to the floor and brawl to the back. Mark goes to the top rope and Bennett ducks, allowing Cole to blast Mark with a superkick. Cole then hits the Florida Key to get the pin.

WINNERS – Adam Cole, Matt Hardy & Michael Bennett

Cole and Bennett continue to beat on Mark, and Steen tries to come to the rescue but ends up taking a superkick to the back of the head for his troubles. The brawl continues and Hardy makes his way back out. Hardy tries to hit Steen with the Iconic Title, but Steen ducks and Bennett takes the hit. Steen clears the ring and follows Cole out, hitting a powerbomb onto the ring apron and then two on the timekeeper’s table, which does not break! Ouch. Steen holds the ROH World Title belt and taunts Cole with it as we fade out.topstory120x120-×120.jpg|topstory120x120 topstory500x250-|topstory500x250

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The SmarK Rant for Monday Night RAW – 05.23.94 Thu, 22 May 2014 03:40:26 +0000 The SmarK Rant for Monday Night RAW – 05.23.94

My Wii is getting a bit out of control now, as I picked up a pair of classic controllers to play Mario 64, and then got Super Mario Sunshine on GameCube again before realizing that you need an actual GC controller to play THAT.  Ever try to find one of those things at a reasonable price?  Ugh.  Why doesn’t Nintendo just MAKE some more?  They make the Wii backwards compatible but don’t actually give a shit about supporting it or making it easy.  So just to recap now, for my one, third-most-used system, I have Wiimotes (and nunchuks), 2 classic controllers, 2 SNES-shaped classic controllers for the Mario games on the Virtual console, and now a generic wireless GC controller for my GC games.  Some of these are compatible with each other in certain circumstances and with certain games, most are not.  For my PS3, which also boasts a large library of downloaded vintage games on the PSN, I have ONE (1) controller that does everything because they didn’t completely redesign the fucking thing with every new generation since it worked the first time.  Point to Sony.

Anyway, we are finally at the start of a new taping cycle, and Earthquake has been written out by Yokozuna’s ass.  Last week’s show might have been the bottom of the barrel, but I don’t want to speak too soon because shit like Fake Undertaker is still coming.

LIVE from the Struthers Fieldhouse in Youngstown, OH!  Where the FUCK is that?  What does that hold, like 1000 people?  A quick check reveals that in fact this was a sellout of 1500.  That wouldn’t even make back broadcast costs!

Your hosts are Vince McMahon & Randy Savage.

King of the Ring Qualifier:  Owen Hart v. Doink the Clown

Owen attacks to start and chokes away on the ropes as I marvel at how this is an arena that TNA would be embarrassed to be filming in.  Owen counters a headlock with a backdrop suplex and drops a flying elbow for two.  Owen bails for some shenanigans with the midget, but he trips up Doink and goes to the leg as we take a break.  Back with Owen hitting a leg lariat for two and going to the chinlock.  Owen with a camel clutch, which Vince calls a “bow and arrow” before correcting himself to “Boston crab”.  How do you get that wrong?  Even Randy Savage is speechless.  They clothesline each other and Doink comes back with a belly to belly for two and hammers away in the corner.  However, this brings out JJ to run distraction, and Owen gets the rollup for the pin at 12:34.  They were doing distraction finishes on RAW 20 years ago!   **1/4

King of the Ring Report with Todd.  The bracket continues slowly taking shape, and it’s Lawler v. Piper in the Battle of Century!  Because their ages add up to 100 years.

Duke “The Dumpster” Droese v. Barry Horowitz

David Sahadi actually gets a shoutout from Vince here after the “Unbelievable” TV spot with the douche who gets beat up by Razor Ramon  (Remember “He ain’t so tough.”?).  Duke throws Barry around, but gets caught with an axehandle off the top and Horowitz works on the arm.  Duke comes back with a spinebuster and drops an elbow to finish at 2:51.  Mike Droese was an OK worker, but this gimmick was such a dog.

IRS v. Gary Sabaugh

It’s the Italian Stallion!  I never even knew he did shots with the WWF.  Irwin drops elbows and goes to a chinlock, and then switches to a hammerlock to really ramp up the excitement.  Sabaugh mounts a brief comeback, but IRS puts him away with the lariat at 4:15.

The King’s Court with Lex Luger, and boy howdy does he have problems with that Crush guy, mostly since Mr. Perfect gave notice and thus no longer exists.  Crush comes out to defend himself, but Luger chases him off with Lawler’s throne, as assuredly they’ll partake in fisticuffs at the Wrestlemania Revenge Tour, coming to an arena near you!

Nikolai Volkoff v. MATT HARDY

OH SHIT!  Hardy looks like he’s 16 here (although he’s the same age as me so that would make him 19 here) with a crew cut and dorky green tights.  What’s with the “HV” on his ass, though?  Volkoff throws him around with a butterfly suplex and slams him out of the corner before finishing with a terrible Boston Crab at 2:34.  Who seriously thought that Volkoff could draw any money in 1994?

Next week:  Tatanka v. Jimmy Del Rey in a King of the Ring Qualifier!  Set your DVR right now!topstory500x250-×250.jpg|topstory500x250 topstory120x120-×120.jpg|topstory120x120

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What Happened When Matt and Jeff Hardy Wrestled The Briscoe Brothers? Tue, 06 May 2014 01:46:00 +0000 At the “Chaos in Cameron” ONEGA Lives event on April 26th, it was the Hardys vs. the Briscoes. So what happened when they squared off?

According to The Wrestling Observer Newsletter, “The first-ever meeting of Matt & Jeff Hardy vs. Mark & Jay Briscoe, on 4/26 in the Hardy’s home town of Cameron, NC, drew a sellout of 1,100 fans. It was a super heated wild match. At one point, Jeff Hardy was carried out. The Briscoes beat down Mark until Willow showed up to make the save. Willow then went to the back. After he went back, Jeff showed back up as himself to lead to the win.”

CB’s Slant: Glad to see Willow showed up to save the day! Also, that sellout crowd of 1,100 fans is more than most TNA house shows, so good for the Hardys and OMEGA.

topstory500x250-×250.jpg|topstory500x250 topstory120x120-×120.jpg|topstory120x120

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Ring of Honor Wrestling #126: Road Rage (Adam Cole, Chris Hero) Tue, 18 Feb 2014 14:00:08 +0000 David L. Lawrence Convention Center – Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania – February 15, 2014

Kevin Kelly, Steve Corino, and Veda Scott are on commentary. Corino wishes his wife a Happy Valentine’s Day.

MATCH #1: The Romantic Touch vs. Michael Bennett

Bennett has Maria Kanellis in his corner. Touch scores a surprising early advantage, but Bennett quickly cuts him off and goes to work on the mysterious masked man. When Touch fights back, Maria distracts him (who could blame him?) and Bennett reclaims control as we head to our first commercial break.

Upcoming ROH Live Events include February 8 in San Antonio, February 21 and 22 in Philadelphia, March 7 in Milwaukee, March 8 in Chicago Ridge, March 22 in Dayton, and April 4 and 5 in New Orleans. Visit ROH Wrestling Dot Com for more details.

“Ring of Honor Wrestling Vol. 1: The Best of Episodes 1-100″ is available now on DVD. You can order it at ROH Wrestling Dot Com.

When we come back from the break Bennett has Touch in a prone position, but the masked man makes an impressive comeback and struts around the ring. Touch knocks Bennett to the floor, where Bennett uses Maria as a human shield. That’s just low. Bennett drills Touch with a superkick, and then takes him back in the ring for a TKO, but it only gets a two-count! Touch fights back and hits a dropkick for two when Maria gets up on the apron to distract him with some air humping. The idiot Touch offers Maria a box of chocolates, which distracts him long enough for Bennett to hit the Pepsi Twist into the Anaconda Vise for the win.

WINNER – Michael Bennett

For some reason, Veda Scott gets into an argument with The Romantic Touch at ringside, and he picks her up so she slips out and runs away. Okay then.

Coming up later, it’s The Briscoes vs. Adam Cole & Matt Hardy and Michael Elgin & Chris Hero. The Briscoes haven’t teamed together in many months, and they are excited to do so tonight.

Ring of Honor: This Is Wrestling.

MATCH #2: Three Team Elimination Tag Team Match – Michael Elgin & Chris Hero vs. The Briscoes vs. Adam Cole & Matt Hardy

We’re only 20 minutes into the show, so this should get quite a bit of time. Cole is the current ROH World Champion, and if anyone pins him in this match they will earn a future title shot. That’s an added stipulation, and we get a commercial break to let it sink in.

Final Battle 2013 is now available on iPPV and DVD.

Upcoming ROH Live Events include February 8 in San Antonio, February 21 and 22 in Philadelphia, March 7 in Milwaukee, March 8 in Chicago Ridge, March 22 in Dayton, and April 4 and 5 in New Orleans. Visit ROH Wrestling Dot Com for more details.

We start the match with Jay and Elgin. The two babyface teams spend the early part of the match feeling each other out, as Cole and Hardy do their best to avoid being tagged in. No one has a clear advantage and it’s time for another break.

Two weeks ago on Ring of Honor Wrestling, AJ Styles made his return to Ring of Honor with a victory over Roderick Strong, injuring the Decade member in the process. In two weeks, Styles returns to ROH TV to face Jay Lethal!

We are back and the Briscoes are in control of Hero. Finally after several minutes Hardy is forced into the ring and he gets abused by Hero and Elgin. Cole gets the tag and Elgin is eager to put a beating on him. Finally the Cole and Hardy duo is able to take an advantage, and they isolte the so-called “Real” World Champion Jay Briscoe in their part of the ring. After a good long beating, Jay is able to make the hot tag and Mark is a redneck afire. Hero gets a blind tag, and Mark takes the opportunity to hit a Cactus Elbow on Hardy. Hero gets a near-fall on Cole as we head to commercial.

Back from the break and the action is coming from all over. Elgin is throwing people around at will, and Cole looks like he wants nothing to do with that. The referee has a hard time keeping any kind of order with six men of this level intensity all in one match. Hardy ends up alone with Mark and he hits the Twist of Fate to score the first elimination. Jay looks pretty annoyed with his brother, and then attacks Cole just to show what a sore loser he is. Meanwhile, Hero is working over Hardy and almost puts him away. Cole gets a tag and Hero strikes him with a rolling elbow. Elgin tags himself in and knocks Hardy off the apron. Unfortunately for Elgin he’s not able to pin the World Champion. Cole fights back with an enziguiri, but Elgin strikes with a back fist. Elgin goes for the Elgin Bomb but Hardy breaks it up with a clothesline, sending Elgin into Hero for the unintentaional tag. Hero drills Cole with a rolling Yakuza Kick for two. Moments later Hero is able to hit the Death Blow and that’s enough to get the pin and earn himself a title shot.

WINNERS – Chris Hero & Michael Elgin

The brawl continues after the bell, and Hero is able to knock Cole out with the golden elbow pad. Elgin looks upset, but he has to know he would have done the same thing in Hero’s shoes.topstory120x120-×120.jpg|topstory120x120 topstory500x250-|topstory500x250

]]> 0
HTC Wrestling Pulsecast: Top 5 CM Punk Moments Of His Career (Thus Far…) Fri, 14 Feb 2014 03:57:46 +0000 HTC 500x250 - Wrestling Pulsecast


As of now, “The Best In The World” CM Punk is AWOL from WWE and just about everywhere else. So what other Top 5 could we possibly do?! Matt Harrak & Justin Czerwonka debate the biggest moments of the Second City Saint’s career.




#5 – CM Punk vs Jeff Hardy in a TLC match for the World Heavyweight Championship at SummerSlam 2009.

#4 – CM Punk “preaches” during the Royal Rumble match 2010.

#3 – CM Punk defeats Alberto Del Rio for the WWE Championship at Survivor Series 2011.

#2 – CM Punk takes out The Rock on Raw.

#1 – Buildup to & match with Brock Lesnar at SummerSlam 2013.


#5 – CM Punk steals the show from “Team DX” (Triple H, Shawn Michaels, Jeff Hardy & Matt Hardy).

#4 – Cashes in his Money In The Bank briefcase on Edge for the World Heavyweight Championship & then never technically loses the title.

#3 – CM Punk’s 434 WWE Championship reign.

#2 – CM Punk & The Undertaker’s WrestleMania 29 program & match.

#1 – CM Punk’s contract negotiations with Vince McMahon.

 topstory120x120-×120-2013.jpg|topstory120x120 topstory500x250-×250-wrestling-pulsecast.jpg|topstory500x250

]]> 0 As of now, "The Best In The World" CM Punk is AWOL from WWE and just about everywhere else. So what other Top 5 could we possibly do?! (   As of now, "The Best In The World" CM Punk is AWOL from WWE and just about everywhere else. So what other Top 5 could we possibly do?! Matt Harrak & Justin Czerwonka debate the biggest moments of the Second City Saint's career.     Justin: #5 - CM Punk vs Jeff Hardy in a TLC match for the World Heavyweight Championship at SummerSlam 2009. #4 - CM Punk "preaches" during the Royal Rumble match 2010. #3 - CM Punk defeats Alberto Del Rio for the WWE Championship at Survivor Series 2011. #2 - CM Punk takes out The Rock on Raw. #1 - Buildup to & match with Brock Lesnar at SummerSlam 2013. Matt: #5 - CM Punk steals the show from "Team DX" (Triple H, Shawn Michaels, Jeff Hardy & Matt Hardy). #4 - Cashes in his Money In The Bank briefcase on Edge for the World Heavyweight Championship & then never technically loses the title. #3 - CM Punk's 434 WWE Championship reign. #2 - CM Punk & The Undertaker's WrestleMania 29 program & match. #1 - CM Punk's contract negotiations with Vince McMahon.   Inside Pulse Wrestling no 2:31:44
Rabblecast #350 Royal Rumble Fallout, CM Punk Leaving WWE Fri, 31 Jan 2014 22:59:03 +0000 It is common place to label the day after any wrestling event as the “fallout” of whatever happened the night before(i.e. Wrestlemania Fallout, Summer Slam Fallout…). This might very well be the first, in a long time that the word “fallout” rings true in regards to WWE’s recent Royal Rumble 2014 PPV. The show itself ran just fine, but the fans expected a much different outcome than what the WWE had planed on delivering. Is this another example of the WWE being out of touch with their fans? Is favoritism running rampant leading into Wrestlemania 30?

TNA Wrestling recently parted ways with one of their “homegrown” talents in, AJ Styles. Are they prepared to possibly lose two more names? Sting and Kurt Angle are by no means “homegrown” when it comes to TNA, but each of them brought a certain amount of name recognition, respect, and ability. Both men have contracts that are expiring soon. Will TNA do everything in their power to hold on to them?
We are, The Rabblecast!


On this week’s show:

  • Details on CM Punk’s decision to leave RAW
  • The crowds reaction to the end of the Royal Rumble
  • TNA securing dates in Universal Studios
  • Matt Hardy & Reby Sky arrest details


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Matt Hardy & Reby Sky Arrested For Battery, Released On Bail & Are Back Together Wed, 29 Jan 2014 19:43:04 +0000 911 calls from January 1st have been released featuring a hotel employee telling the operator that “A guest just came down here and said somebody’s beating the hell out of his wife a girl or something.”

When the Emporia, Virginia police arrived on the scene, they found former WWE & TNA  star Matt Hardy & his wife Rebecca Hardy (better known as Reby Sky) scratched, bloody and arrested both Hardys on assault & battery charges. Both Matt and Reby were released on $3,500 bail and quickly obtained restraining orders.

Matt Hardy-Reby Sky Mugshot 1 Matt Hardy-Reby Sky Mugshot 2


Since the incident though, Matt & Reby seem to have made amends as they’ve posted numerous candid photos of them together.

Matt Hardy Tweet 2 Matt Hardy Tweet 3 Matt Hardy Tweet 1topstory120x120-×120.jpg|topstory120x120 topstory500x250-×250.jpg|topstory500x250

]]> 4
Rabblecast #345 WWE Slammy Awards, TNA “For Sale” Rumors Sat, 14 Dec 2013 19:14:20 +0000 WWE’s Slammy Awards! They happen once a year and they give the fans a chance to have their voices heard as they vote for the different categories. “Superstar of the Year”, “Diva of the Year”, “Match of the Year”. But recently, they have opened up the voting categories to include, “LOL Moment of the Year”, “Double-Cross of the Year”, among others. Are the Slammy Awards that important to the WWE product that they air them on RAW? Especially when they should be hyping up the “Title Unification match” at the upcoming TLC PPV? Has WWE become a full blown variety show?

Not much to report on the TNA front this week as they continue to re-build themselves in the new “Impact Zone”. The “TNA for sale” rumors persist, but nothing has changed since the, Billy Corgan rumor. Dixie Carter vs AJ Styles continues to be the main drive of the show and we are looking forward to see what TNA can do with that and the many other storylines. Can TNA still make themselves a vialble competitor to the WWE? Time will tell.


We are, The Rabblecast!


On this week’s show:

  • WWE, the best variety show around
  • TNA continues to “rebuild”
  • Ring of Honor updates!
  • Early Wrestlemania updates


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A2Z Analysiz: ROH LivE & Let Die (Eddie Edwards, Jay Briscoe) Tue, 24 Sep 2013 21:39:33 +0000 LivE & Let Die

For an easy to navigate archive of all of my Ring of Honor DVD reviews, please visit RetROH Reviews!

Ohio Expo Center – Ohio Building – Columbus, Ohio – June 8, 2013

PRESHOW MATCH: Empty Arena Match – Kevin Steen vs. Cliff Compton

This match is actually on the Best in the World 2013 DVD. This starts off as a Kevin Steen interview conducted by Veda Scott. Steen talks about how important he is to Ring of Honor and how all the guys make money here because of him. So even if they don’t like him he doesn’t care. For some reason S.C.U.M. comes out, and they’re nearly in full force with Steve Corino, Cliff Compton, Jimmy Jacobs, Rhett Titus, and RHINO. Compton challenges Steen to fight, and it’s a good thing Paul Turner and Todd Sinclair are around trying to break it up. Michael Elgin, BJ Whitmer, and Jay Lethal come out to see what all the commotion is about. Compton calls Steen a pussy, and them’s fightin’ words.

Steen attacks Compton and throws him to the floor. He unloads on him and tries a whip into the guardrail but Compton reverses it. They continue to trade momentum as they fight all around ringside. Steen hits Compton with a chair, but then gets distracted by S.C.U.M., so Compton hits Steen with the same chair. They continue to fight on the floor. Steen goes for a Package Piledriver bur Compton backdrops his way out of it. Compton gets too cocky and Steen throws him into a section of chairs, and then abuses him with a steel chair. Steen throws Compton into the ring, but before he can join him he takes out Jacobs, Titus, and RHINO with a dive over the guardrail. Finally in the ring Compton hits a low blow. Corino tries to throw Compton a chain but Steen intercepts it. Steen hits Compton with the chain, and then a brawl breaks out between ROH and S.C.U.M. on the floor. Meanwhile Steen hits Compton with the F-Cinq on a chair. Matt Hardy runs out and hits Steen with the Twist of Fate on the chair. Hardy pulls Compton on top to cover and Sinclair makes the three-count at about 5:21. I guess Compton going over in a match that nobody saw was necessary for some reason. The match, such as it was, was adequate but certainly not worth going out of your way to see. It all seemed rather pointless.
Rating: **

Kevin Kelly and Steve Corino are on commentary.

MATCH #1: Adam Cole vs. Caprice Coleman

They start with some friendly chain wrestling. Cole knocks Coleman to the floor but doesn’t have time to follow up with the dive he wants to. Back in the ring Coleman knocks Cole to the floor and goes for a five, but he can’t connect either. Cole hits an enziguiri that knocks Coleman off the apron, and then finally connects on the dive. Back in the ring Cole begins the wearing down process. Coleman refuses to go down without a fight. Cole hits a neckbreaker for two, and then covers twice more for more two-counts. He tries to keep the high-flying Coleman on the ground. When Coleman resumes verticality the momentum shifts back in his direction. Coleman sends Cole to the floor and hits a gorgeous Asai Moonsault … from inside the ring. That’s awesome. Back in the ring Coleman hits a high cross body block from the top rope for two. Coleman lands a high knee to the face and the super rana for a near-fall. He slams Cole down and goes for an Asai Moonsault but Cole gets his knees up. Cole hits the vertical suplex into a neckbreaker and then the Florida Key to get the pin at 7:19. I expected it would go longer but they packed a lot of action into that short time. Good choice for an opener.
Rating: **¾

MATCH #2: Roderick Strong vs. “God’s Gift” Q.T. Marshall

They start slowly, and Marshall is proud of himself when he backs Strong into a corner. Strong doesn’t sweat the small stuff though, and he backs Marshall into the corner and fakes a chop. Mind games right there. He takes control and next time lands a chop for real. Strong hits some more chops. Marshall comes back by dumping Strong to the floor. Back inside Marshall hits a neckbreaker for two. For some reason Marshall tries the People’s Elbow and Strong moves out of the way. Strong gets a rollup for two. Marshall cuts him off and goes right back to work. Strong is all like “oh wait it’s just Q.T. Marshall” and he starts to fight back. He lands the big dropkick for a two-count. Strong hits the Angle Slam for two. Marshall backdrops his way out of a Gibson Driver attempt. He sort of hits a tilt-a-whirl slam for two. Marshall goes up top and Strong drills him with an enziguiri. Strong hits a superplex and Marshall is able to cradle the legs for a near-fall. Marshall hits a flapjack and a lariat for another two-count. Strong comes back with a knee to the face and the Death by Roderick. He locks on the Stronghold for the submission win at 9:25. I make fun of Marshall and stuff, but he’s perfectly fine in his role and this match was perfectly acceptable wrestling. It’s hard to have a bad match with Roderick Strong.
Rating: **½

Adam Cole comes out and apologizes for not shaking Strong’s hand after their match at Honor in the Heart of Texas. He challenges Strong to a rematch at the upcoming Best in the World iPPV in Baltimore, and Strong accepts.

MATCH #3: “American Wolf” Davey Richards vs. Cedric Alexander

They chain wrestle right from the start, and Alexander keeps up with with the vaunted Richards. The match stays on the mat until Alexander knocks Richards to the floor, stunning the American Wolf. Back in the ring the exchange of holds continues, and both men are looking evenly matched here. Momentum shifts back and forth several times, as both men are trying to set the tone. Richards takes the first sustained advantage but Alexander shows early on he won’t go down without a fight. Alexander dumps Richards to the floor but when he goes for a dive Richards avoids it. Richards hits the running kick from the apron and Alexander is out on the floor. Back in the ring Richards goes up top and lands the diving headbutt for two. Richards continues to control, even using a Texas Cloverleaf briefly. Alexander is able to his his own momentum to send Richards to the floor, and this time he lands the dive to wipe Richards out in the aisle. Back in the ring Alexander is a house afire, unleashing a flurry of offense. Alexander hits a split-legged moonsault for two. He tries a springboard move but Richards dropkicks him to the floor. Richards tries the running kick but Alexander avoids it. Back in the ring Alexander hits a flying clothesline off the top rope and a full nelson facebuster for two. Alexander tries a suplex but Richards slips out. They trade strikes and Richards puts on the Ankle Lock. Richards turns that into the Texas Cloverleaf and Alexander rolls that into a small package for two. Back on their feet Richards hits the Alarm Clock and Alexander no-sells that to hit an leaping enziguiri from the second rope. Both men are down. They rise up and trade strikes again. Richards gets the better of it with a series of kicks. He slams Alexander down and goes up top. Alexander tries to stop him but Richards ends up hitting him with a release German Superplex! Richards hits a big lariat and a bridging German Suplex for two. He goes up top but misses a double stomp. Alexander hits a reverse rana, a boot to the face, and another reverse rana. He follows with an IED and the Brainbuster but it only gets two. Alexander goes up top for a Frog Splash but Richards gets his knees up. Richards delivers a knockout kick and goes up top to hit the double stomp. Once again Alexander kicks out! Richards lands more kicks to the head but again only gets two! Finally Richards locks Alexander in the Cloverleaf for the win at 18:13. I don’t recall Richards working much on the legs or back leading up to that submission. Aside from that this was a terrific match and a great showing for Alexander, his first great singles match in the company.
Rating: ***¾

Richards of course gets on the microphone and puts Alexander over, telling everyone that Alexander is going to be a World Champion someday. See, the match says that itself, with Davey having to literally verbalize it. I don’t understand his obsession with doing that.

MATCH #4: Proving Ground Match – ROH World Tag Team Champions reDRagon (Bobby Fish & Kyle O’Reilly) vs. Adrenaline RUSH (ACH & TaDarius Thomas)

Thomas and Fish start the match with some chain wrestling. They feel each other out for a bit and then make tags. Kevin Kelly keeps up with the ridiculous assertion that ACH has wanted to wrestle Jay Lethal since he was eight years old. Or in other words, when Lethal was 11. I don’t think Lethal was wrestling at 11, so SHUT UP KEVIN KELLY. O’Reilly and ACH go at it now, and O’Reilly targets the arm. ACH comes back using his incredible agility and makes the tag. Thomas hits some kicks so O’Reilly tags out. Fish goes after the leg and Thomas makes the tag. Momentum has shifted back and forth several times in the opening minutes as both teams try to establish their dominance. ACH and Thomas focus on Fish and try to keep him from making a tag. O’Reilly is able to get a tag and the Champions take control on ACH. Fish and O’Reilly focus on the arm and keep the high-flying ACH on the mat. After several minutes of abuse ACH is able to grab Fish with a Stunner. Tags are made. Tomas is a house afire, kicking reDRagon any way he possibly can. He hits Sling Blade on O’Reilly for two. ACH tags back in, but he probably should have taken more of a breather after the beating he took. Adrenaline RUSH use some unique double-team moves to keep O’Reilly on the mat. Thomas goes for a dive but Fish cuts him off and pulls him to the floor. ACH hits O’Reilly with a bridging Regalplex and Fish breaks up the cover. All four men are in the ring, as the referee has completely lost control. ACH dumps Fish to the floor and goes for an Asai Moonsault. Fish avoids that and drives ACH hard into the guardrail. Thomas and O’Reilly fight on the apron and Fish takes his leg out. O’Reilly hits ACH with the missile dropkick off the apron (such a babyface move). The Champs then hit Thomas with Chasing the Dragon out on the floor! O’Reilly throws ACH back in the ring and covers but only gets two! ACH makes a valiant effort but he’s all alone. O’Reilly hits a bridging Regalplex (with a knee to the head by Fish for good measure), but ACH kicks out again! Thomas recovers but it’s not to last, as Fish takes him to the floor and hits a Samoan Drop. Meanwhile ACH goes up top and tries an awesome 450 but O’Reilly gets his knees up. O’Reilly then puts on an armbar and ACH has to submit at 20:36. That was pretty good and all, but whoever decided they need have to keep Proving Ground matches with a 15-minute time limit is insane. It can create moire drama and make the matches feel different. On it’s own this one was pretty good but would have been tighter and more exciting If it was shorter.
Rating: ***

Hoopla Uncut with CHEESEBURGER

Truth Martini makes his way out with Scarlett Bordeaux and Seleziya Sparx, among other random hotties. Apparently the randoms are there to audition for a spot in the House of Truth. Martini quickly sends the randoms backstage to prepare for part two of the audition. He brings out his guest for the evening, the one and only CHEESEBURGER. Martini was impressed when CHEESEBURGER kissed Maria Kanellis at Border Wars 2013. He wants to know how it felt. CHEESEBURGER says “it felt good.” Martini presses further and CHEESEBURGER admits it was the greatest moment of his life. The leader of the House of Truth invites CHEESEBURGER to participate in A Night of Hoopla next month in Chicago, and the invitation is quickly accepted. Martini has one more question. He asks CHEESEBURGER if kissing Maria gave him a boner. CHEESEBURGER reluctantly admits that yes, yes it did. That bit of honesty earns CHEESEBURGER a lap dance from Scarlett and Seleziya. CHEESEBURGER asks if he can kiss the Hoopla Hotties. Martini says yes, as long as CHEESEBURGER takes his pants off. For some reason RHINO and Steve Corino come out and RHINO cuts CHEESEBURGER in half with a Gore! That leads directly into the next match. Boy that segment just went on forever, and I’m not sure what I was supposed to get from it.

MATCH #5: Grudge Match – “Mr. Wrestling” Kevin Steen vs. RHINO

These two had a heck of a match back at Death Before Dishonor X: Stage of Emergency last September. Steen charges into the ring and unloads on RHINO. He dumps the Man Beast to the floor and follows him out, only to get tripped and land face-first on the apron. RHINO takes control from there, hitting a suplex on the floor. Steen fights back and takes RHINO out with a cannonball off the apron. Back in the ring RHINO hits a nice spinebuster. RHINO goes to work now, overpowering Steen and keeping him on the mat. Steen reverses a whip to the corner and then they collide with each other, knocking them both down. Back on their feet Steen hits a dropkick, and then goes to the second rope to hit another one. Steen hits the Cannonball in the corner for a two-count. He goes all the way up and hits the Swanton but again only gets two. RHINO comes back and hits a belly-to-belly suplex. He goes for the Gore but gets kicked in the face. Steen hits his own Gore and then the F-Cinq to get the win at 8:04. This was short but sweet, with both guys sticking to their strengths and keeping the crowd into it.
Rating: **¾

Matt Hardy comes out to attack Steen, and with the help of Corino is able to hit the Twist of Fate. The crowd is none too pleased with Hardy or Corino about that. Steen will get a chance to avenge that loss when he faces Hardy at Best in the World 2013.

MATCH #6: ROH vs. S.C.U.M. Match – Mark Briscoe vs. Matt Hardy

Mark charges out of the back and away we go. He scores a series of knockdowns and Matt bails to the floor. Matt isn’t safe though, as Mark wipes him out with a dive. Corino tries to distract Mark but fails. Mark whips Matt into the ring post. Back in the ring Mark goes up top and Corino distracts him while Matt distracts the referee. That allows Matt to catch Mark with the Side Effect for a two-count. Matt is totally in control, wearing Mark down. Mark breaks out of a sleeper with a chinbreaker. Corino grabs his leg to distract him. Matt hits yet another neckbreaker for two. He goes up to the second rope and Mark pulls his leg out from out of his leg and Matt crashes to the mat. Mark unloads with Redneck Kung Fu. He hits a Finlay Roll and looks to go up top but Corino distracts him again. Mark goes back up top but Matt has recovered. Matt slams Mark down to the mat and follows him down with the elbow to the back of the head. He goes for the Twist of Fate but Mark reverses to a Sleeper. Rhett Titus and Kevin Steen come running out, distracting the referee. Neither Titus nor Steen touches anyone, so there is no DQ. Jimmy Jacobs and Cliff Compton come out to make matters worse. Corino sneaks in and hits Mark with a foreign object, allowing Matt to hit the Twist of Fate for the pin at 8:13. That seemed short but in this case I’m fine with that. Matt got the right kind of win for his character.
Rating: **½

S.C.U.M. beats on Mark after the bell, while Steen and Hardy battle on the floor. Michael Elgin, Jay Lethal, and BJ Whitmer come out to make the save and start our next match.

MATCH #7: ROH vs. S.C.U.M. No Rules Six Man Match – “Unbreakable” Michael Elgin, Jay Lethal & BJ Whitmer vs. Jimmy Jacobs, Cliff Compton & Rhett Titus

There are No Rules in this one so I expect o have a bit of a time covering all the action. Team ROH withstands three simultaneous suplexes and pop up to give three very delayed vertical suplexes of their own. The battle spills to the floor and Team ROH is dominating. They fight all over the arena for a little while. Lethal and Jacobs are the first to get back in the ring, where Lethal hits the handspring back elbow. Jacobs tries the Contra Code but Lethal avoids it and hits a superkick. Titus and Whitmer take their turn in the ring next. Whitmer hits an exploder and Titus rolls to the floor. Compton takes Whitmer out with a Michinoku Driver, so Elgin takes Whitmer’s place. Elgin knocks Compton to the floor and then goes to the apron. Jacobs grabs Elgin for a Contra Code that ends up wiping everyone out. Back in the ring Jacobs hits Lethal with the leaping Ace Crusher, which Kelly calls the Contra Code. No, dude. Jacobs goes for the Senton and Elgin literally snatches him out of the air. Lethal and Whitmer kick Jacobs in the face and Elgin hits a big clothesline for two. Elgin picks up both Titus and Compton for the simultaneous Fallaway Slam/Samoan Drop. That’s cool no matter how many times he does it. Elgin goes for the Spiral Bomb on Titus but Jacobs cracks him with a chair. The Unbreakable one shrugs off the chair shot and takes it away. Compton kicks it back into his face. Whitmer goes after Titus and Jacobs sneaks up behind to hit him with a reverse rana. Lethal has to fight off all three men of S.C.U.M. and does a pretty good job of it. He goes for the Lethal Injection but Jacobs cracks him with a chair. For some reason the referee didn’t see it, but he really didn’t need to be distracted since it’s a No Rules Match. Anyway, Compton hits Lethal with the F-Cinq to get the pin at 10:30. That was good chaos and S.C.U.M. finally looked good in getting a win. It’s also good for S.C.U.M. to get s some momentum heading into Steel Cage Warfare.
Rating: ***

MATCH #8: **Main Event – ROH World Championship** – Jay Briscoe vs. “Die Hard” Eddie Edwards

Jay has been the Champion since 4.5.13, and this is his fourth defense. Bobby Fish joins Kevin Kelly on commentary. They start slowly, feeling each other out with some chain wrestling. Edwards seems to have the advantage there, and he controls the opening minutes. After a little while Jay is able to smash Edwards with a forearm. Jay goes to work now with his smash mouth style. Edwards knocks Jay to the floor and wipes him out with a dive. Back in the ring Edwards locks on an STF and Jay reaches the ropes. Edwards also uses a surfboard and rolls Jay’s shoulders into a cover for two. Jay fights back with punches and takes Edwards down. He goes for the Jay Driller but Edwards fights it off and hits the Chin Checker for two. Edwards rolls that into the Achilles Lock, and Jay counters to an inside cradle for a two-count. They trade some pinning combinations and neither man can get a three-count. Both men rise and start trading strikes. Edwards goes for a suplex right by the ropes and both men tumble to the floor. They get up and throw hands, and they barely make it back to the ring before the count of 20. Both men kick each other in the face at the same time, repeatedly. Neither is willing to go down. Edwards is able to put on the Achilles Lock again and this time he adds kicks to the head. Jay makes it to the bottom rope. Edwards traps Jay in the corner and hits Kobashi chops. Jay fights back with a flurry of offense and forces the Jay Driller on Edwards to get the pin at 19:58. I wasn’t much looking forward to this one at first, but they won me over by the end. While in many ways this was the requisite defense against Edwards and there was no chance of a title change, but they worked hard, beat the crap out of each other, and the finish was really cool.
Rating: ***½

Jay and Edwards are about to shake hands, but Steve Corino and S.C.U.M. come out to make a statement. Corino reminds Jay that if he can beat his own brother, that he will have to face Matt Hardy, and Hardy will be the last ROH World Champion ever.


Honor Roll 6-5-13.
Post Show Recap
Q&A with Steve Corino and Matt Hardy (DVD Only)


Richards versus Alexander was great and the main event was really good, but nothing outside of that made much of a mark or felt substantial. That being said, the midcard is pretty decent up and down, so while this was definitely a placeholder show, it goes down easy. You can purchase this DVD at the ROH Shop, or watch it on iPPV Right Here.topstory120x120-×120.jpg|topstory120x120 topstory500x250-|topstory500x250

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ROH Reaction of Honor 07.20.2013 (Briscoe v Hardy) Thu, 25 Jul 2013 01:06:52 +0000 The Glimpse:

A hurting Jay Briscoe defends his Ring of Honor World Championship against SCUM’s Matt Hardy.

The Action:

The show opens with a silly video of SCUM riding in a limo that Hardy has paid for.  They gush over him being the savior of wrestling and Rhino acts poorly.  Now realistically, why in the hell would ROH broadcast this for SCUM ahead of their TV show when they’re working so hard to eradicate them in the first place?

Match 1: Will Ferrera Roderick Strong vs Adam Cole

Winner:  Roderick Strong via disqualification

Corino continues to have his man crush on Cole, which is usually good for a laugh.  To that point, Cole leaves Corino hanging for a high five.  Roderick Strong, who Cole cast onto the floor to get a countout victory recently comes out to remind Cole about the event.  Roddy says he’s disappointed in Cole’s recent attitude.  Cole says the chance to beat somebody of Roderick’s caliber was worth it, regardless of the way he won.  He apologizes, saying he’s obsessed with wins and losses lately.  Cole dismisses Ferrera to the locker room and suggests a rematch with Roddy.  Cole offers the handshake ahead of the match and Roddy accepts.

Roddy with a quick headlock takeover and Cole escapes.  More quick grappling results in an early stalemate.  Roddy pressures Cole to the corner and gives a clean break.  Cole now pressures Roddy to a corner and breaks clean as well.  Roddy hits a knee to the midsection and puts Cole in the corner for a chop.  Roddy with a hard forearm and a snapmare for a one count.  Cole escapes a scoop slam and hits a belly to back suplex for one.  Cole forearms Roddy to the corner and hits a snapmare of his own and a kneedrop for two.  Roddy blocks a vertical suplex and counters into a gordbuster.  Roddy hits chops in the corner and a running knee, but Cole reverses the bulldog, only to take a mule kick to the gut.  Cole reverses into the DVD onto his own knee for a nearfall.  Cole picks Roddy up to deliver a neckbreaker and gets another two count.  Before Roddy can get up, Cole slaps on a chinlock, heading into a commercial.

Back in, Cole hits a snap suplex and floats over for another near fall.  Cole scoop slams Roddy and tries another cover, but settles for a headscissors.  Roddy bridges and puts Cole’s shoulders on the mat, forcing a break.  Roddy strikes as he gets to his feet and flips out of a belly to back suplex attempt, then hits a dropkick off the ropes leaving both men down.  Cole runs into a knee then takes a clothesline before Roddy hits a standing bow and arrow into a slam and a chop to a kneeling Cole.  Roddy hits a knee into the corner and a bulldog for two.  Roddy hangs Cole in the Tree of Woe and hits a running knee and a backbreaker for yet another nearfall.  Cole tries a boot, but Roddy hits another backbreaker and an Olympic Slam for more nearfall action.  Roddy tries a fireman’s carry, but Cole slips out to the apron, then bounces Roddy off the ropes.  Cole is on the floor now and wheelbarrows Roddy, suplexing him onto the ring apron.  Cole rolls him in for a two count, then applies the Figure Four.  Roddy gets to the ropes, forcing a break and heads to the apron.  Cole tries to suplex him in, but Roddy ends up seating him on the top rope and hits a kick to the head.  Roddy goes to meet him on the top floor and elbows the bejeezus out of him.  Roddy hits a top rope superplex for a very near fall, leaving both men in a bit of pain.  Roddy wants another suplex, but Cole knees out, only to walk into a rolling elbow and Death by Roderick.  Cole wants the Figure Four again, but Roddy cradles him for two.  Roddy tries the Stronghold, but he gets kicked into the ref.  Both men throw forearms, but Roddy hits a jumping knee and forearms, followed by back elbows.  Cole hits a superkick and both men hit the mat.  Corino tries to rally Cole, then passes him a chain.  Roddy ends up with it, but Cole kicks him in the leg and decks him with the chain instead.  The ref sees this and DQ’s Cole.

SCUM video part two with the entire crowd waiting outside the venue booing Hardy.  Hardy offers a fan $20 to tear up a “Fatt Hardy” sign and he refuses.  Hardy tells the fan, who is an ROH fan and refused to take money to disgrace it, that he doesn’t believe in ROH.  What?  The offer gets over $100 and then Rhett Titus tears the sign up anyway.  This apparently inflates the ego of Hardy (don’t make a Fatt joke, don’t make a Fatt joke).

Match 2: Matt Hardy vs Jay Briscoe (c), Ring of Honor World Championship

Winner:  Jay Briscoe via pinfall

Nice touch…Jay is wearing a Mark shirt.  Brotherly love.  Corino takes the mic to do his customary introduction for his spiritual son.  Corino is incapable of doing this without a dozen voice cracks which is usually funny, but has kind of gotten to the grating point.

Ok…I need to throw this in here because it’s between the intros and the match.  ROH has a thing going where texting “ROH” to “TODAY” gets you pictures or some kind of bullcrap.  They have some of the personalities explain this.  When they get to Truth Martini, he explains it’s so simple “even a hoopla hottie” can do it and Salizia goes ahead and does it.  Even in a commercial this group pisses me off.

Jay’s left arm is all taped up, so that will likely be a big focus of the match.  Long tie up to start and an exchange of arm wrenches, with Hardy going right after the bad left shoulder.  Jay makes some space, but Hardy goes right back to the arm.  Briscoe with a forearm and a headbutt, then stomps in the corner before standing on the throat of Hardy.  Jay with a European uppercut and a back elbow for two.  Hardy leans in the corner and Jay goes after his midsection, but gets put into the ring post twice, left arm first.  Hardy makes it three and Corino trash talks the ROH Champion.  Hardy with a single arm DDT and a grounded hammerlock.  Jay fights up to his feet and elbows out, then throws rights into the head of Hardy.  Hardy turns it around into the Side Effect for two.  Jay with headbutts and wanting a DVD, but Hardy drops down right into a Twist of Fate for two.  Hardy drills his elbow into the bad shoulder then hammerlocks Jay’s arm around the top rope.  Hardy with right hands in the corner, then a very audible “Shoulder!” call as he wrenches the arm (oh, Maffew…) and indeed shoulder blocks the Champ twice.  Hardy goes back to the hammerlock as ROH goes to commercial.

Jay is throwing jabs as we come back and follows with forearms and a headbutt.  Jay hits a dropkick as Hardy comes off the ropes, but runs into the challenger’s boot in the corner.  Hardy with his middle rope elbow to the back of the head, which Jay answers with a superkick for two.    Jay follows with a hangman’s neckbreaker and another two count.  Jay flips off Corino and wants the Jay Driller, but Hardy tries to fight out, getting grounded by Jay.  Corino sweeps his leg as he hits the ropes, allowing Hardy to hit a second Twist of Fate, again for two.  Matt dumps Jay to the floor and whips him into the barricade.  Hardy rolls Jay in and gets a two count.  Hardy tells Corino he’s going to choke out the champ and wants his old Icepick, but Jay scoops him away and hits the Jay Driller, but Hardy kicks out.  Corino literally hits his knees and begins to pray.  Hardy pulls himself to a corner while Briscoe gathers himself mid-ring.  Jay stomps away at the knee of Hardy, and he pulls his boot off to inspect the damage.  As Corino draws the ref away, Hardy hits a shot with the boot to the head of Jay, but he kicks out.  Hardy hits Twist of Fate number three of the match, then picks up Jay for another.  Briscoe kicks out yet again, which has blown far past the line of ludicrousness.  Hardy lifts the champ and locks in the Icepick for a few seconds, then releases him onto the mat.  Hardy rains right hands onto the head of Briscoe, who appears to be out cold, and instead of pinning him (like he’s tried a dozen times this match) he slowly climbs to the top rope on a bad leg for a moonsault.  Briscoe leaps to his feet like Cena and intercepts Hardy for a belly to back superplex.  Hardy ends up landing on Jay for a two count.  The customary ROH right hand exchange begins, then Jay throws jabs and absolutely lays into Hardy.  Jay wants a Jay Driller, but Hardy resists and wants another Twist of Fate – Jay hooks a small package and wins it.

Rhino immediately hits the ring and Gores Jay, so Mark Briscoe hits the ring and takes Rhino out.  Corino tags Mark in the back of the head with a roll of quarters and lays him out.  Team ROH hits ringside, but SCUM begins to ziptie them to the ringposts.  SCUM pulls chairs into the ring and Rhino hits a One Man Con-Chair-To (called by name by Kevin Kelly, surprisingly enough) on Mark Briscoe.  Hardy demands they cripple Mark and Rhino delivers two more Con-Chair-Tos.  Security heads to ringside, but Corino calls for SCUM to end Jay Briscoe once and for all.  They put his arm in a chair and Hardy hits a double stomp flush onto it.

The Reaction:

Well that was a good match until the dumbass ending.  Corino continues to try to turn Cole heel, and while he’s kind of floating that way, he has NO interest in working with Corino.  Good action back and forth and that wheelbarrow suplex into the apron looked like it hurt like hell.  Odd that the freshly made face Strong grabbed the chain and wrapped his hand with it.  These super slow builds to turns can sometimes work against ROH when they only have an hour of TV a week.

I love ROH.  It was the first thing that made me want to cover professional wrestling.  When I wrote for covering WWE, I made a gambit for ROH coverage and just didn’t have the time to do it myself.  I attend it whenever I can.  Hell, I’ll be live tweeting Manhattan Mayhem next month (shameless pandering – follow me!) and bugging Sean Radican to talk to me about it, which he’ll do.  But this match contained so many things that I dislike in wrestling and garner the anti-ROH sentiment that so many fans carry.  Hardy hits his finisher with no impact early in the match and Briscoe shrugs it off like it’s nothing.  Hardy hits TWO MORE of them in succession and Briscoe kicks out.  Hardy straps on wrestling’s worst submission hold and puts Jay Briscoe out.  Then instead of pinning the unconscious man, tries a moonsault on a bad leg – Stupid choices for the sake of convenience and plot.  Briscoe adds to the garbage pile by Cena-ing up to his feet and hitting a top rope suplex, which backfires as his opponent lands on him.  They do the same right hand exchange that EVERY back and forth ROH match contains at this point.  I don’t mind the inside cradle finish, because I’m an advocate of “not every match needs to end in a straight forward finisher-pin combination”.  If there’s a saving grace here, it was Corino’s presence at ring side.  When he hit his knees to pray, I had a hearty guffaw.  The aftermath of the match was about as brutal as it gets – That was basically an execution.  Mark Briscoe had his head compacted by Rhino and Jay had an already injured arm destroyed.  If we see the Briscoes before the end of 2013, then it was all a waste.

The Preview:

Steel Cage Warfare between ROH and SCUM.  Elgin, Lethal, Whitmer and Steen will defend Ring of Honor against four members of SCUM.

The Shill:

As always, if you like what you read here, let me know in the comments or on twitter @sbfantom.  I sincerely would like to hear what people think and strike up some conversation!topstory120x120-×240.png|topstory120x120 topstory500x250-|topstory500x250

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Interinactivity Summer Bash 2013: Day 1 – The Hardys, TNA, ROH & Chikara Mon, 15 Jul 2013 11:00:58 +0000 Welcome to the Interinactivity Summer Bash 2013! It’s going to be a fun week. I had WAY more responses to Interinactivity than I was counting on, so much that it had to be split into different parts to really be readable. So I’ve grouped them all into 5 articles, one for each day this week. They’re also separated somewhat by subject, for your convenience.

Monday: The Hardys, TNA, ROH & Chikara (responses to Scott Keith, Matt Harrak, CB, Zork & J-Train)
Tuesday: Shaemus, Mark Henry & The Miz (responses to CB, Swayze, Chris Sanders, Jonah Kue, Rhett Davis & PUSSBOT 3000)
Wednesday: Mid-Card Titles, Hall Of Fame, Older Wrestlers & Racism (responses to HH, IS, SS & W)
Thursday: CM Punk, The Shield & Reinvigorating Wrestling (responses to Mike Gojira, Steven Gepp, Jonah Kue, James Sawyer, Zork, Caleb Hamilton, & Wrestling Facts)
Friday: BD, Pulse History, Swayze & Commenters (responses to Martin Shaw, CB, James Sawyer, Chris Sanders, Bob Loblaw & Cynical Bastard)

(If you don’t see your entire comment one day, chances are I split it up to give the articles some flow so the rest of it will appear on a different day.) I won’t waste anyone’s time with a long intro, as there’s a lot of reading here as it is. Enjoy!


Scott Keith: What’s the best move for TNA from a storyline and business perspective: Headlining Bound for Glory with the winner of the tournament beating Bully Ray, or Bully losing the title beforehand and headlining against Hulk Hogan?

BD: Without really being up on current TNA, I’d have to say that fighting and beating Bully Ray would be the way to go. It’s been said to death, but this Hulk Hogan nonsense needs to end – he’s basically crippled at this point anyway. Call me insensitive if you must, but I don’t think it means a lot to beat Hulk Hogan if Hulk Hogan can’t even run the ropes or drop a leg. And the Bully Ray thing – although it’s been a pleasant surprise over the last couple years, it has a shelf life. This would be the time to pull the trigger on someone going over him, clean and decisive.

Keep in mind though, it will only matter as long as the winner of this thing is someone who is actually worth it. This is where TNA usually drops the ball – I had to look up who the BFG participants are this year, and in my opinion the only ones who could really make a difference for the company in the main event scene are Aries, Daniels, Styles, Joe and maybe Kaz.

Hardy’s usefulness to TNA has been debatable from the start, but at this point it’s next to nothing. I got nothing against Roode, Magnus or Park, and enjoy their work, but they’re not the guys to carry a company. Mr. Anderson is a waste of time, and I have no idea who Jay Bradley is so I can’t really comment there.

The only other guy is Hernandez, whom I have always enjoyed, particularly in LAX. I think he’s got a lot more to offer than what TNA has shown, and I think he could make a decent go of it. I think I’m in the minority there though, as I’ve never seen a lot of praise for Hernandez’ work.

Being that you’re Scott Keith and all, I’d like to hear who YOU think should win it this year.


CB: So I just got done watching The Call, and it was actually a pretty good movie. What is your favourite movie or movies starring a pro wrestler?

BD: I’ve watched one WWE film over the course of my life, and I refuse to watch more. Watching those movies is like putting bleach in your contact lens solution and hoping you don’t go permanently blind. I’m tempted to say “They Live”, although I will (embarrassingly) admit that I did actually enjoy the last two “Fast” movies with Rock… which is pretty rare for me and “Fast” movies.

Ugh. I feel like punching myself for saying that.

Swayze: The Kurt Angle one where he punches out a lady dressed as a clown and kidnaps her mentally challenged daughter.

Yes, this movie does exist.


Zork: I’ll have a question, but now I want to talk about the Hardys, way to go Blair. I always thought Jeff was a sloppy in ring performer and that’s where Matt excelled more, he could have some pretty solid matches. Jeff usually had to be carried in my eyes. Jeff did have more natural goth charisma than Matt did, Matt just sounds like a stupid redneck. The best thing he had going was his Mattitude V1 gimmick in 2002, the only other time he was worth anything was when he came back to feud with Edge after being fired, Edge carried him and the right guy won that feud because in the long term Matt Hardy isn’t worth much. I still remember hearing about “Cold Blooded” Matt Hardy in TNA and then I saw him with his beer gut and stupid dreadlocks, that shit was FUNNY. Jeff though, he’s just one of those guys that has that intangible thing that makes him popular despite the fact that he’s not all that great of a wrestler or talker. I liked them as a tag team way more than I ever did like either one of them separately.

BD: Truthfully, I think that BOTH the Hardys needed to be carried if they were to have a great match. There might be the odd exception, but I thought Matt was quite over-rated in the ring as well. Mattitude was an… okay gimmick, I suppose? Really, if you take away the stupid Windows Media Player “buffering” knockoff entrance and the Matt facts, there wasn’t much to it. I agree though, Jeff has a MASSIVE appeal that Matt never did, that doesn’t work for me personally, but he was a license to print money for Vince during his last WWE run.

Incidentally, this is why I find it funny when people talk about how Orton’s however-many strikes may make WWE “hesitant” to put a belt on him. I don’t claim to know anything about backstage goings-on, and I truly believe that anyone who does is usually full of shit. But trust me when I tell you that WWE does NOT factor in how many strikes Orton or anyone else have against them when considering who to do what with. They do not give a fuck, whatsoever.

And I don’t need fake or even real knowledge of backstage goings-on to know this. All I need to do is look at WWE’s history in such matters. Jake Roberts, Scott Hall… the list goes on and on. And Jeff Hardy is the perfect example of this. WWE gave Jeff Hardy a main-event slot after he’d burned himself right out of the company in 2002, AND had two strikes against him ALREADY AFTER he’d already come back the second time.

And being that this is a special edition of Interinactivity, I’m going to bring back this old gem – you could donkey punch Linda McMahon during forced anal, and Vince would still bring you back (with increased pay) if he thought you could make him a fucking DIME.


J-Train: On the topic of Matt Hardy, does Reby Sky get creeped out about Matt Hardy still being obsessed with Lita? He probably should just get over it already.

BD: Christ, Al Qaeda thinks that Matt needs to get over it. Matt is so far above his station with that Reby girl, it’s hilarious. Good on him, really.


Matthew Harrak: When is CHIKARA going to finally be considered the #3 promotion?

BD: Never.

Don’t misunderstand – I’ve not seen as much CHIKARA as I’d like, but I have seen some, and I have no trouble believing that they deliver a better product than ROH at this point in time. If you told me I had to watch one or the other in it’s present form, I’d pick CHIKARA every time.

But until either Ring Of Honor fully goes under or CHIKARA does something to actually get on the map in a much bigger way than they have so far, then Ring Of Honor can tread on it’s legacy. Most wrestling fans at least know of Ring Of Honor’s existence, even if they only know it as the place that CM Punk and Daniel Bryan came from. CHIKARA doesn’t have that. Even people who aren’t into ROH anymore, like myself, remember how good it was from it’s inception all the way through 2008 or so. So although it’s taken a huge nosedive since then, even though CHIKARA is better at the moment doesn’t mean it was ever as good as ROH at it’s peak.

I truly believe that ROH during those years was better than the original ECW. It certainly produced more stars – CM Punk, Daniel Bryan, Seth Rollins, Antonio Cessaro, Austin Aries, AJ Styles, Christopher Daniels, Samoa Joe and many more all owe their professional existence to ROH for getting them noticed and developing them as wrestlers on that stage. Their indy cred shot up, and the cred of the promotion as a whole shot up as a result. It became a reliable place to find talent (similar to how WWE and WCW raided ECW for the same thing). CM Punk is actually the perfect example of this – look at Punk when he started in ROH and when he finished. He developed there. Not that he wasn’t good when he started – he was. But he matured as a wrestler and a performer there, in a way that you can actually see on screen.

Unfortunately, when ROH lost those guys and SO many others, they just couldn’t recover. Not that The Briscoe’s and others weren’t able to do their part to make it entertaining, but it just wasn’t the same. Don’t get me wrong, I enjoy Ring Of Honor because the shows still deliver what they promise, but they’re not nearly as progressive or fan-friendly as they used to be, and now they seem to have trouble creating more memorable stars on their own. Remember at the end of ECW, how the main-event was Tommy Dreamer, Justin Credible, Jerry Lynn, CW Anderson, and Rhino? I got nothing against any of those guys, but that’s the state that ROH is in right now.

CHIKARA though, while I enjoy them (especially for what they are) and think their current product is better than ROH’s current product, they also have not made enough noise to really get noticed, and they haven’t really developed any wrestlers that have made anyone stand up and take notice of the promotion, in the way that, say, CM Punk and Samoa Joe did for ROH when they had their series (just to use the most famous example).

And that’s what it will take for wrestling fans to consider them the #3 promotion. It’s the same reason wrestling fans will always consider TNA to be the #2 promotion, no matter how bad or good it gets – barring someone else making a much bigger move than has been made by any wrestling promotion since the year 2000.

Hell, in most wrestling fans’ minds, there’s only one promotion really on the map anyway. Unfortunately, they’re not totally wrong on that either.


Well, that’s it for Day 1. Make sure to check out Day 2.

I want to thank everyone for participating in this. I said it already, but I didn’t expect this much response, and had a ton of fun writing this.

This has been “Interinactivity”. Thanks for reading and see you tomorrow.

I’ll be in my trailer.

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The View From Down Here – Ask the Fans pt 2 Mon, 01 Jul 2013 10:00:43 +0000 A while back I asked a few fans what they thought of certain aspects of professional wrestling. With the recent resurgence of WWE as something worth watching (at times), and with TNA having something approaching coherent story-telling and some good wrestling, and with all 4 local South Australian promotions seeing an increase in numbers to their shows across the board, I thought it might be a good time to revisit this concept of asking the local fans just what is going on.


I decided to interview the same four people as last time, but it sort of snowballed because of reasons too tedious to explain here. In the end 29 people answered my 3 simple questions. I’m not going to list each and every person and their responses, because, really, that would be even more boring than what I normally put in these columns.


So, over the course of 3 weeks, I have interviewed (for want of a better term) a diverse group of people. So let’s start with the stats! The ages ranged from 8 (my son) to 55, with an average of 24.3, and all claim to watch televised US wrestling at least once a month. 13 are fans of the local wrestling scene, interviewed at two shows I went to in that time. 4 are actual wrestlers. 1 is my son and 1 is a friend of my son. 2 are men who describe themselves as ‘casual fans’ of WWE and TNA. 1 is a fan of the indy scene from another Australian state. The rest are fans of US wrestling only. 11 are female, the rest male. 24 are Australian, 3 are from the Pacific Islands (including New Zealand), 1 is Canadian, 1 is South African.


Finally, I am not one of those here; none of the other columnists at Inside Pulse were included either. And, to cap it all, no regular IP commenter was included either.


Okay? Good. Now, like I said, I only asked 3 questions. So here are the answers I was given.


Question 1: What is good about wrestling at the moment?

I set a maximum of 5 responses. 19 gave 5 responses, 4 gave 4, 5 gave 2 and 1 gave 1.


– Daniel Bryan (22 responses)

– The Shield (19 responses)

– CM Punk (12)

– The local promotion/s (12) (This means the local indy, Australian promotion, which most of the 12 mentioned by the name of their favourite or favourites)

– WWE DVD releases (8)

– Longer matches on WWE TV shows (5)

– Curtis Axel / Axel getting the IC Title (4)

– NXT (3)

– Paul Heyman (3)

– WWE PPVs are interesting / good (3)

– Colt Cabana’s YouTube videos / podcasts (2)

– Dolph Ziggler (2)

– John Cena (2)

– Kevin Steen (2)

– Payback PPV (2)

– X-Division in TNA (2)

– Aces & Eights (1)

– AJ Lee (1)

– AJ Styles’ lone wolf character (1)

– Brock Lesnar vs CM Punk (1)

– Chris Jericho (1)

– John E. Radic (SPW) (1)

– Kurt Angle (1)

– Mark Henry’s speech then attack on Cena (1)

– Matt ‘GD Grimm’ Basso (RCW) (1)

– More submission holds being used (1)

– RCW’s women’s division (1)

– ROH-TV (1)

– RVD back in WWE (1)

– Team Hell No (1)

– The Rock wrestling again (1)

– The Wyatt family videos (1)

– TNA’s Bound For Glory series (1)

– TNA’s Tag Team Division (1)

– Wolfdogg’s return to the ring (SPW) (1)


35 different responses, with the only things even close to being universal being Daniel Bryan and the Shield. I think the only things that surprised me were the low number of responses in favour of CM Punk, the few responses concerning ROH, and the high number who think WWE DVD releases are a good thing in all of wrestling at the moment.


(Note: SPW – Snakepit Pro Wrestling; RCW – Riot City Wrestling)



Question 2: What annoys you about wrestling at the moment?

Again, I set a maximum of 5 responses. 21 gave 5 responses, 7 gave 4, and 1 gave 3.


– John Cena / John Cena being on top (11)

– Authority figures being used on wrestling shows/programmes (7)

– Price of WWE PPVs (6)

– The Miz (6)

– Women’s wrestling on WWE (6)

– The Rock wrestling again (5)

– TNA (5)

– Wrestling on Australian TV (5) (General complaints about timing, the channels it’s on, etc)

– A certain local promotion (4) (This was one local South Australian promotion that some do not seem to like; I shan’t name them here, however)

– Brock Lesnar (4)

– Hulk Hogan (4)

– No commentary at live shows (4) (This included most local promotions and WWE; I think RCW is the only one still with live commentators)

– Ryback (4)

– WWE Raw (4)

– HHH (3)

– Internet wrestling sites (3)

– Sheamus (3)

– The McMahon family on TV all the time (3) (“All the time” was the phrase used by all 3 people)

– “What” chants everywhere (3)

– WWE (3)

– YouTube clips from WWE that can’t be played in Australia (3)

– Aces & 8s (2)

– AJ Styles (2)

– Chris Jericho (2)

– Concussion storylines (2)

– Kurt Angle (2)

– Matt Hardy (2)

– Paul Heyman (2)

– ROH’s iPPVs (2)

– Standard of local wrestling (2)

– Sting still wrestling (2)

– The names indy wrestlers get in the WWE (2)

– The Shield (2)

– WWE’s tag team division (2)

– Zero-1 not having enough shows (2) (That is the local Zero-1 promotion, an offshoot of the Japanese one and supported by them, I believe, in some way)

– 3MB (1)

– Bully Ray (1)

– Jay Briscoe (1)

– Jeff Hardy (1)

– Kaitlyn (1)

– Mr Anderson (1)

– New South Wales wrestling (1) (Seriously, and I have no idea why)

– No Scott Steiner on TV (1)

– Randy Orton (1)

– Those With Heart (RCW) (1) (The heel faction run by the new Commissioner)

– TNA bringing in old WWE wrestlers (1)

– Velvet Sky (1)


47 different responses this time, with not one really dominating the responses. It is also interesting how many appear on both lists. It seems a lot more local wrestling issues annoy the fans, and that the fans are more critical of the local scene than they are complimentary.



Question 3: What is your favourite wrestling match of all time?

Of the 29 people, 4 felt they could not answer, but in contrast 3 gave 2 matches and 1 person gave his top 3. Hence the reason there are 30 votes here.


– Shawn Michaels v The Undertaker (Wrestlemania 25) (8)

– Shawn Michaels v The Undertaker (Wrestlemania 26) (3)

– Bret Hart v Owen Hart (Wrestlemania X) (2)

– Ricky Steamboat v Randy Savage (Wrestlemania III) (2)

– Royal Rumble 1992 (2)

– Bret Hart v British Bulldog (Summerslam 1992) (1)

– Chris Benoit v HHH v Shawn Michaels (Wrestlemania XX) (1)

– Eddie Guerrero v Kurt Angle (Wrestlemania XX) (1)

– Hart Foundation v LOD, Pillman, Shamrock & Austin (10-man tag match) (Canadian Stampede 1997) (1)

– John Cena v CM Punk (Money In The Bank 2011) (1)

– Kurt Angle v Chris Benoit (Royal Rumble 2003) (1)

– Rocky Menero v GD Grimm (RCW Key To The City 2011) (1)

– Samoa Joe v AJ Styles v Chris Daniels (TNA Unbreakable 2005) (1)

– Samoa Joe v Kenta Kobashi (ROH Joe vs. Kobashi 2005) (1)

– Shawn Michaels v Chris Jericho (Unforgiven 2008) (1)

– The Shield v Team Hell No & Randy Orton (Smackdown June 14, 2013) (1)

– TLC (Edge & Christian v the Dudleys v the Hardys) (Summerslam 2000) (1)

– Wargames 1991 (Flair, Windham, Vicious, Zbyszko v Sting, Pillman & The Steiners) (Wrestle War 1991) (1)


18 different matches on this list.


So in this case I disagree with most of the people I interviewed. It happens. But I think this shows one very important thing – very few people have the same concepts of what makes a match their absolute favourite. Sure, 8 of them liked the same match, but 13 matches were considered a favourite by just one person. The concept of a “best match” and star ratings may not mean much when it comes to personal opinion.


But look at the list – most of the matches are from WWE(WWF). One from TNA, one from ROH (which this interview made me look up and watch), one even from RCW (which I suppose says something about actually “being there”). In my opinion, there was one match on this list I found dull, 2 I think are vastly overrated and 1 that feels too recent to make a good value judgement on. Still, if these matches were on a DVD called “fan favourites”, I think I’d buy the set.


So, three questions. Sound off with your answers in the comments section.


And that’s the view.

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Reaction of Honor – Best in the World 2013 (Briscoe v Briscoe) Sun, 23 Jun 2013 21:49:59 +0000 The Glimpse:

Nobody fights like family indeed – Jay Briscoe defends his Ring of Honor World Title against little brother Mark Briscoe.  Matt Taven defends the TV Title against Jay Lethal and Jimmy Jacobs.  ReDRagon defends the ROH World Tag Titles against the C&C Wrestle Factory and Titus/Compton of SCUM.  Kevin Steen returns to full matches with a grudge against Matt Hardy.

The Action:

Match 1: Mike Bennett vs BJ Whitmer

Winner:  BJ Whitmer via pinfall

This one came about as a result of Maria convincing Bennett that BJ trash talked her – Maria seems to be running a “strong woman taking over” gimmick out of nowhere and it’s fine.  Corino is out of control in the best way possible on commentary.

Bob Evans tries to shoulder tackle Whitmer behind the ref’s back and gets tossed out, then Bennett walks into an Exploder for the loss.  Maria screams at Evans for his mistake and distraction, then walks Bennett away from him.  Interesting.

Match 2: American Wolves vs Adrenaline Rush (ACH and Tadarius Thomas)

Winners:   American Wolves via pinfall

A match where Eddie Edwards is the tallest guy in the ring by two inches…that’s kinda funny.

Richards participating in kind of a comedy spot was out of character, but he follows it up with a cheap shot.  Nice to see a bit of a change to his ROH character.  Lots of action toward the finish, including a superkick/German/jackknife pin combo from the Wolves.  After some ring clearing (thank you terrible ROH feed as usual), Edwards lays out TD with a superkick on the floor, ACH wipes Edwards out with a flip dive and gets cradled after Richards gets his knees up on a 450 splash attempt.

Match 3:  Adam Cole vs Roderick Strong

Winner:  Adam Cole via countout

Cole ignored a handshake from Roddy which is what spawned this one.  Roddy is back to the “firefight” intro to his music, so you can tell he’s a face again.

Figure fours and Strongholds back and forth near the end of this one, as well as a strike exchange on the apron, ending in Cole superkicking Roddy through a table at ringside.  Cole tries to lift and help Roddy into the ring, but eventually dumps him to the floor and rolls back in.  Strong tries to get back in, but can’t beat the ref’s count.  Corino follows Cole to the back.

Match 4: Michael Elgin vs Tommaso Ciampa

Winner:  Michael Elgin via pinfall

RD Evans is on commentary for this one, considering he was the last one associated with Ciampa before he was gone for quite some time.

Ciampa pulls a page out of Elgin’s book and hits a stalling vertical suplex for about 15 seconds on the bigger man.  Elgin eventually answers with his and gets to a count of, I believe, 45 from the crowd.  Ciamps tries a suicide dive but dive into a forearm, leaving him draped on the middle rope – From the floor, Elgin deadlifts him into a vertical suplex and drops him on the exposed concrete.  Ciampa begs for more and gets a buckle bomb into the barricade.  Elgin rolls him back in and heads to the top for the corkscrew senton, but Ciampa still kicks out.  Elgin hits an in ring buckle bomb now, but Ciampa counters the follow up into a Kryptonite Krunch for two.  Once again, thanks to the feed, I skip to seeing Ciampa hitting a top rope Krunch, but Elgin still escapes.  Elgin hits a deadlift Hellevator for a two of his own.  Elgin lands a backfist while Ciampa is on the apron, then tries the deadlift superplex, which Ciampa rolls out of.  Ciampa uses the positioning to land Project Ciampa, but Elgin gets the rope at 2 and 9/10.  Ciampa follows up with a third Kryptonite Kunch, this time on the apron.  Elgin rolls through a Project Ciampa attempt into a deadlift buckle bomb and the Elginbomb, but Ciampa kicks out and locks in a triangle choke, which Elgin deadlifts out of twice.  Ciampa ends up hitting a running knee and Elgin pops up at one.  Lariat from Elgin and just another nearfall.  Three backfists, a rolling elbow to the back of the head and a rip cord lariat is enough to finish Ciampa off.

QT Marshall comes down in a suit and gets in the ring, taking off his jacket.  The feed cuts to him on the floor, jacket in hand.  I don’t even know if anything happened.

Match 5: Jay Lethal vs Jimmy Jacobs vs Matt Taven (c), Ring of Honor Television Championship

Winner:  Matt Taven, presumably by pinfall

I’m long since over this whole Hoopla nonsense with Taven, Truth and company.  But I’ve written that many times, so I’m not going to harp on it much here.

Taven’s tights almost come down for a gratuitous ass shot, then Lethal hits a combination flatliner/DDT on Jacobs and Taven.  Lethal later hits a belly to back pop up neckbreaker and heads up for Hail to the King, which connects.  Jacobs breaks it up.  Jacobs wants the Contra Code, but Lethal tosses him to the floor, then dropkicks Taven down there as well.  Lethal nails a suicide dive on Taven, and Scarlett gets in the ring to slap Lethal.  Lethal grabs at her shirt and she ends up topless.  Martini takes umbridge at this and slaps Lethal himself.  Jacobs hits a spear on Lethal and Truth wants to celebrate.  Martini hits his knees to beg for forgiveness.  The other hoopla hottie gets in and Jacobs can’t move her out of the way.  She takes Jacobs up for a Kryptonite Krunch and ends up superkicked by Lethal.  Jacobs hits a springboard cutter and my feed cuts to Taven being the winner.  ROH, you honestly do not deserve the fans’ money when this garbage happens.

Match 6: C&C Wrestle Factory vs Rhett Titus & Cliff Compton vs reDRagon (c), Ring of Honor Tag Team Championship

Winners:  reDRagon via pinfall

Silly spot where Titus runs at C&C and they gently toss him away, resulting in him flip-diving onto Compton on the floor.  They hit Overtime on O’Reilly, but SCUM drag him away.  Coleman dives onto SCUM from the top rope and Alexander lands a brainbuster on O’Reilly.  Fish hits a kick to the back of Alexander’s head and drags O’Reilly on top of him for the win.  Insanely anti-climactic.

Match 7:  Matt Hardy vs Kevin Steen

Winner:  Matt Hardy via pinfall

Steen says he knows SCUM will get involved and asks Nigel to make it no DQ so we get a real ending.  Nigel agrees and Steen makes a brother joke at Matt’s expense as they go to war.  Because psychology only exists where necessary, the ref immediately admonishes Steen for beating Hardy in the corner.  In a no DQ match.

Plunder starts early on as Corino throws a trash can to Hardy, who uses it but ends up taking a Cannonball in the corner, driving it into his face.  Steen wants an F-Cinq through a table on the floor but Titus hits the ring and immediately gets a Package Piledriver.  Thanks to the distraction, Hardy hits a Side Effect and Steen rolls to the apron.  Hardy wants another Side Effect through the table, but Steen counters – Now Jacobs runs in for the save.  He gets a pair powerbombs onto the apron, then one for Hardy.  Compton in now with a chair shot to the back.  He readies another but when Steen falls and only his head is exposed, he hesitates, then hits a back shot when able to.  So glad for that.  Hardy pulls out a ladder to complete the TLC motif.  Steen blasts off a Codebreaker driving the ladder into Hardy’s face then hits F-Cinq but Hardy kicks out.  Steen wants a Package Piledriver, but Hardy hits a low blow and another Side Effect, this time onto the ladder – Good for a two count.  Hardy sets up a pair of chairs and drives Steen through both with the Twist of Fate to win.

SCUM beat on Steen after the match and nobody from the locker room comes to help.

Match 8:  Mark Briscoe v Jay Briscoe (c), Ring of Honor World Championship 

Winner:  Jay Briscoe via pinfall

The crowd gets cute with a “Let’s go Briscoe” chant.  Both of the brothers are fan favorites, but Mark is playing the babyface here.  He offers the Code of Honor, but big brother isn’t having it.

Mark’s Redneck KungFu vs Jay’s boxing jabs is a hell of a fun exchange.  Jay goes looking for a table and Mark helps him set it up at ringside.  Forearm exchange and Jay scoops Mark up for a powerslam.  Cut to Mark on the floor on the opposite side of the ringside area, table still intact.  This is so damn frustrating.  Mark’s turn to try the table, but we end up with a fight on the apron.  Mark ends up back in the ring and hits a plancha on big brother Jay.  Mark lays Jay on the table and heads to the top rope, feed cuts to Jay down in the ring for “Froggy Bo # 2″.  He apparently hit Froggy Bo through the table on the floor, followed by a second in the ring, but Jay kicks out either way.  Cutthroat Driver from Mark, but Jay kicks out again.  Mark wants another Cutthroat Driver, but Jay rakes his eyes, leading to a strike exchange mid-ring.  Jay lands forearms and a Jay Driller, but Mark is out at two.  Jay follows with a huge lariat and another Jay Driller, but Mark pops up at one.  Trio of superkicks from Jay and a third Jay Driller to finish off Chicken.

The Reaction:

Good opener for an ROH show – Nice to see an opener that doesn’t go overboard on high spots and shenanigans.  Bennett has shaved his head and seems to be wrestling a little more “WWE style”.  Maria’s angle on this is a bit different, and that’s always welcome.

Cute comedy spot and a back kick from Richards.  TD is finally making good connection on his capoeria kicks, which will make a big difference for him in the ring.  The Wolves do a few usual spots (like the chinlock applied to Richards applying a lock of his own for extra torque) and appear to be the heels of the match, despite what the fans may think.  Great action, followed by Richards calling out reDRagon.  One thing which seems to be a pattern with Richards in Ring of Honor is him winning after a counter and a cradle or small package.  Seems like this happens as often, if not more often, than him hitting a finisher and getting a pinfall.

A lot of back and forth between Cole and Roddy.  This was a good balance of that “ROH over the top go go go” style and a good, methodical match.  Both men apply their submissions in exchange, as well as their signature strikes.  Roddy takes a nasty fall through a table after a super kick on the apron.  That heel turn has been building and building for Cole; about time they pulled the trigger.  Interesting to see if it results in him joining SCUM or if he’s just going to run solo.

That’ll be your bruising, hard hitting match of the night.  Ciampa and Elgin just brutalized each other both in the ring and on the floor.  My plan was to type up match endings for this review.  I started typing at the point I did because I thought that was just about it.  That whole exchange was absolutely nuts.  Definitely suffers from a bit of that ROH-syndrome, but the real ending exchange was excellent and the crowd was completely into it and really, that’s the most important measure of the success of a match.  The crowd’s reaction to this one may very well elect it for a Match of the Week spot, depending on the rest of this show.

Sometimes a triple threat works and sometimes it doesn’t.  Sometimes you add so much schmozz that nobody really gives a damn.  That was the result here.  If it wasn’t for the presence of Lethal and the sudden presence of the top half of Scarlett Bordeaux, this would have been a total dud for the crowd.  Add to the mixture that I didn’t get to see the ending of the match and my frustration multiplies.  Crummy lead up to the end of a match regardless.

This is one of those times that I’m happy to not be writing up every step of the action.  Six guys in an ROH ring makes for way too much to track in one go.  The crowd seems to be completely anti-Compton and I’m with them.  I still don’t get any appeal to the guy, as he’s barely done anything in the ring since he’s come in and it’s always the same couple of basic moves.  I get he’s a former WWE Tag Champ, but that’s all he has as far as name appeal.  For all the over the top action we see in these matches, Fish finishes a guy off with a sneak attack kick.  In a way, I can appreciate that because it’s a change of pace.  On the other side of the coin, the live crowd hated it – Not because of who won, but because of the ending itself.

Well that amounted to about a 5 on 1 situation for Steen.  And he paid for it.  So we’re obviously playing up that Steen has no friends in ROH and has to go it alone until there’s some breaking point that will bring him some help in the form of ROH bonding with him.  The match itself was…ok.  I usually expect a bit more from matches involving Steen, to be honest.  Most of his highlights were bashing the other members of SCUM.  Steen of course gets a great reaction from the crowd, but they do need to come up with something to rebuild him as far as storyline goes.

Lots of offense out of Mark and it takes three straight finishers out of Jay to put his little brother away.  The high spots were of course entertaining, but this didn’t have that “huge match” feel to it in the end.  Glad to see that there wasn’t shenanigans in this one, at least.  Between the feed and the other matches, that would have been the straw that broke the back.  Safe to assume Jay continues being the big headed champion.  Interesting to see how the tag dynamic works with them moving forward, as well as what is in store for Mark as far as singles goes.  I think the lack of input on this particular paragraph shows that the main event wasn’t the expected epic.

Overall…not a must-see iPPV from Ring of Honor with Best in the World 2013.  Elgin/Ciampa was great, but one match does not a show make.

Rating for stream quality:  Worse than usual.

The Shill:

As always, if you like what you read here, let me know in the comments or on twitter @sbfantom.  I sincerely would like to hear what people think and strike up some conversation!topstory120x120-|topstory120x120 topstory500x250-|topstory500x250

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Final Card For ROH’s “Best In The World” iPPV & Matt Hardy Talks Kevin Steen (Video) Thu, 20 Jun 2013 20:08:42 +0000 Here is the final card for Ring of Honor’s iPPV this Saturday at 5 PM est, “Best In The World” featuring brothers Jay & Mark Briscoe for the ROH Heavyweight Championship.

ROH Heavyweight Championship Match: Jay Briscoe (c) vs Mark Briscoe

ROH Tag Team Championship Match: reDRagon (Bobby Fish & Kyle O’Reilly) (c) vs SCUM’s Rhett Titus & Cliff Compton vs. Caprice Coleman & Cedric Alexander

ROH TV Championship Match: Matt Taven (c) vs. Jimmy Jacobs vs. Jay Lethal

Kevin Steen vs. Matt Hardy

Roderick Strong vs. Adam Cole

Michael Elgin vs. Tommaso Ciampa

The American Wolves (Davey Richards & Eddie Edwards) vs. Adrenalin RUSH (ACH & Tadarius Thomas)

BJ Whitmer vs. Mike Bennett


And following is a promo video Matt Hardy released for his match with Kevin Steen… which also features his fiancée, Reby Sky:

 topstory120x120-×250.jpg|topstory120x120 topstory500x250-×250.jpg|topstory500x250

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Video: Matt Hardy’s “Anti-Bullying” Video Fri, 31 May 2013 15:22:37 +0000 Matt Hardy took to YouTube to for another of his inspired videos. This one: Hardy’s twist on WWE’s anti-bullying campaign “Be A Star”.

Harrak’s Hit: I know this is all kayfabe and Hardy is just playing up his role in S.C.U.M. & ROH not accepting him on their show; but wow this went on just too damn long. It’s interesting to see how overt self-promotion launched Colt Cabana a career while Matt Hardy is consistently mocked for it. topstory120x120-×120.jpg|topstory120x120 topstory500x250-×250.jpg|topstory500x250

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ROH Reaction of Honor 04.27.2013 (SCUM vs ROH) Fri, 03 May 2013 00:53:15 +0000 The Glimpse:

SCUM and ROH will go to war multiple times over the course of the night.  This all leads to Border Wars where SCUM will fight for an ROH World Title shot and a seat at the Ring of Honor commentary table to speak their “truth”.

The Action:

Steve Corino and SCUM are in the ring to start the show this week.  Corino bad mouths the crowd and TV audience and challenges for a six man tag match between SCUM and ROH.

Match 1: Jimmy Jacobs, Rhett Titus and Cliff Compton vs BJ Whitmer, Cedric Alexander and Caprice Coleman

Winners:  SCUM via pinfall

All out brawl to begin the action with Titus and Alexander isolated in the ring until Jacobs runs in, only to get a double team from C&C who proceed to whollop Titus in a corner.  Jacobs hits a spear on Coleman to slow things down to a normal match.  Jacobs gives Coleman the corner punches with the skirt over his head, drawing Whitmer in and allowing SCUM to keep Coleman in their corner.  Coleman gets draped on the top and Coleman flies in with a forearm to the back and a jumping leg drop for two.  Coleman takes four boots to the face in the corner then Jacobs and Compton split the wishbone.  Rights from Jacobs on the grounded Coleman who can’t get going at all.  Coleman blocks a snap suplex into a vertical one of his own, but Compton tags in before Coleman can escape.  Back elbow off the ropes from Compton for two.  Titus’ turn to tag in and he delivers a boot to the ribs once again drawing Whitmer in and the attention of the ref away.  Titus gives Coleman a slingshot on the bottom rope and Jacobs hits a cheap shot, then hops in for his new signature trip and punches spot with Titus.  Coleman is draped on the middle rope for a Bob Holly gut kick as SCUM takes more liberties with him.  Coleman starts to  fight back but gets pinned down by Titus once again, who settles into a chinlock.

The crowd rallies and Coleman flips and rolls out of a belly to back to tag in Whitmer who drops Titus multiple times and gets a two count off a powerslam.  Jacobs fights in but gets tossed away, then Titus eats an exploder suplex.  Compton’s turn to run interference and he gets tossed away as well.  Alexander and Coleman fire up and hit stereo flip dives to the floor.  Titus hits a loaded right hand (after Corino hands him some chain) to Whitmer’s jaw and gets a dirty, dirty pin.  SCUM wants to keep the beating going, but Elgin and Lethal hit the ring to break it up.

Match 2:  Jay Lethal vs Rhett Titus

Winner:  Jay Lethal via pinfall

During the commercial, this match was set up and ring is isolated – No Elgin, no SCUM.  Lethal is hitting signature offense including a hip toss and low dropkick as we come in to see the action.  Titus goes to the apron and gets a triangle dropkick, then a trifecta of suicide dives.  Lethal punches and chops Titus around the ring, then breaks the count, which allows Titus to pancake him onto the ring apron and stomp away at him on the floor.  Titus rolls him onto the apron and delivers a boot to his head and the ring post.  Lethal is up at one and Titus locks in a chinlock.  Lethal is quickly up and delivers chops but gets dragged down to the mat by his hair.  Titus delivers a jumping double knee drop for two.  Lethal begins to fight up from his knees and gets to his feet to have an exchange of rights, which Lethal gets the best of.  Titus ducks as Lethal comes off the ropes and takes a kick to the chest, then a chop in the corner.  Lethal heads to the top for a missile dropkick then a running forearm in the opposite corner and a DVD.  Titus is out at two and Lethal heads to the top for an elbow drop – Titus gets up and Lethal jumps over him, wanting the Lethal Injection.  Titus blocks and hits a huge boot and lariat for a near two.  Titus picks up a deadweight Lethal and hammers on his back, then tries a head and arm suplex.  Lethal tries an enzuigiri but comes up empty.  Lethal hits the Lethal Combination and rolls Titus to his feet for a superkick and the Lethal Injection for the win.

Lethal rallies the troops on the mic and says he and Elgin will eject Corino from ROH at Border Wars.

Inside Ring of Honor

Preview of Border Wars – ROH vs SCUM, the TV title and World titles will be defended with both involving the Briscoes.

Steen is beaten down by SCUM and nobody from the ROH locker room came to his aid.  How will this play out at Border Wars?

Jay Briscoe/Adam Cole Contract Signing

Cole signs.  Briscoe signs.  They shake hands at the behest of Nigel McGuinness.  Corino shows up, mic in hand for seemingly the sixth time in three shows and he brings Rhino and Matt Hardy with him.  Corino says Cole shouldn’t be the number one contender – He should just defend against the next champ, Matt Hardy.  Corino formally announces Rhino and Hardy, with Hardy looking like he’s got to drop a deuce.  Briscoe offers to fight right now which Hardy doesn’t look too happy about.  Briscoe throws the table (because this IS a contract signing after all).  Nigel says let’s do it!

Match 3:  Adam Cole and Jay Briscoe (ROH World Champion) vs Rhino and Matt Hardy

Winners:  Adam Cole and Jay Briscoe via pinfall

Hardy throws his shirt to the crowd three times.  The first two it gets tossed right back to him.  The third time (to the side I was sitting on) the guy caught it and kept it, basking in “A**hole” chants.  Crowd was more fired up for that than almost anything that entire night.

Cole and Hardy start it and thanks to Rhino, Hardy takes control.  Into opposite corners with right hands as Cole fights his way out with rights and a clothesline, followed by a jumping neckbreaker for two.  Hardy rolls away and tags in Rhino.  Cole elects to stay in and lands an arm drag.  Cole kicks Rhino off the ropes then hits a low dropkick to the knee and a shining wizard for a nearfall.  Briscoe tags in and pounds on Rhino into a corner.  The crowd entertains themselves with a “Feed Matt Less” chant as Rhino explodes out of the corner with a shoulder block.  Briscoe immediately comes back with forearms and tags Cole back in.  Rhino hits a back elbow off the ropes and Cole fights out of the enemy corner with multiple kicks to Rhino.  Hardy grabs Cole’s leg on the middle rope, allowing Rhino to toss him to the mat and Hardy to come in and pound on him.  SCUM is in control into the commercial.

Back to action, Hardy is still in control.  Cole tries a cross body and gets caught for a front slam, then another from Hardy.  Hardy pounds on Cole in the corner then grabs Cole by the legs, lifting him up for a sitout powerbomb and a two count.  Rhino is back in and they throw Cole into the turnbuckle back first.  Rhino chokes away at Cole.  Cole flips out of a belly to back attempt and it’s the ROH Champ’s turn to lay some jabs and a dropkick on the manbeast.  Hardy is booted to the floor and Jay lands a DDT for two.  Hardy wants some and takes a roaring elbow.  The distraction lets Rhino hits a belly to belly.  Rhino poises for The Gore but Jay counters with a boot then hits a running boot to the head.  Cole tags himself in, raising the ire of Briscoe.  Hardy interjects himself and ducks a superkick from Cole, resulting in Briscoe taking the hit.  Cole disposes of Hardy and then dodges the Gore with Briscoe taking it instead.  Cole rolls Rhino up after The Gore for the win with a schoolboy.

Briscoe is none too happy about what just transpired and Cole chalks it up to a pair of unfortunate circumstances.

The Reaction:

Usual ROH clustermess to start a multiman match.  Alexander was never even legally in the match, I believe.  This was really just a set up to allow SCUM to get a dirty win and Lethal and Elgin to make the save which at least worked out effectively.  I think the flying forearm and legdrop are about all Compton has done since being in ROH.  Ok match, but nothing at all to write home about.  Most importantly, this is the set up for Titus and Whitmer having an I Quit match at Border Wars this weekend.

Lethal really needs to save the triple suicide dive for special events.  Something like that stops being special and “big” if it’s done every time he’s in the ring.  Eventually he’ll have to do more and more and then we’ll end up with a set of ten suicide dives and it will be ludicrous.

A clean contract signing…will wonders never cease?  The end of that match plants just enough of a seed of doubt to make people wonder if Cole did that on purpose or not.  He does make a good heel, so a turn isn’t out of the question.  The pretty boy heel never gets old.  How will Jay Briscoe react at Border Wars?

The Preview:

Border Wars is this Saturday – Jay Briscoe defends the ROH Title against Adam Cole and SCUM takes on ROH’s finest for control of the broadcast booth vs the eviction of Steve Corino from ROH for good.

Next week, Michael Elgin takes on “Machinegun” Karl Anderson.  If you are reading this, I’m telling you to watch this match.  If you don’t you are missing out.  Also, Davey Richards takes on Kyle O’Reilly.  These are both PPV-quality matches and next week is a must watch for any ROH fan.

The Shill:

As always, if you like what you read here, let me know in the comments or on twitter @sbfantom.  I sincerely would like to hear what people think and strike up some conversation!topstory120x120-|topstory120x120 topstory500x250-|topstory500x250

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Reaction of Honor – Supercard of Honor VII Fri, 05 Apr 2013 23:20:08 +0000 The Glimpse:

Supercard of Honor VII is upon us – All three ROH titles will be defended tonight and we may learn why World Champion Kevin Steen seems to be at odds with SCUM.

Follow along here all night for live results, impacts and thoughts courtesy of yours truly and Pulse Wrestling.

The Action:

Match 1:  ACH and Tadarius Thomas vs QT Marshall and RD Evans

Winners:  ACH and Tadarius Thomas via pinfall

Evans runs his mouth and announces himself as Marshall’s partner.  Evans cheats his way into a headlock and plays up his usual Chikara goofiness shtick.  He gets a Charlie horse and then tags in QT who gets bounced around by the opponents, before landing a boot and tagging Evans back in – TD proceeds to use Evans’ foot as a weapon against QT and gets a two count.  Marshall blasts TD with a clothesline after taking out ACH and Evans gets a two.. Marshall back in  to lay into Thomas.  Evans’ turn to deliver a gutbuster for another two before tagging Marshall back in for some double team offense.  TD fights his way out and finally tags in ACH who runs roughshod, landing Ready or Not to both men in the corner and putting on a Giant Swing Cloverleaf on Evans, which is broken up by Marshall.

ACH tosses both men to the floor and lands a baseball slide on Evans and Air Jordan on Marshall.  Evans tries to deliver a plancha of his own and ends up hitting QT.  TD wipes everyone out with a handspring moonsault on the floor.  Evans delivers a reverse Styles Clash back in the ring for a very near fall.  TD breaks up a finish attempt allowing a flurry of kicks from TD and ACH’s Big Bang Attack (cradle DDT) for the win.

Shelton Benjamin shows up even though Haas is not around for their scheduled match.  Benjamin says it’s a shame he doesn’t have a match tonight and calls in crowd favorite crew member Cheeseburger.  Shelton calls for a round of applause for Cheeseburger standing up to Haas previously.  Cue Mike Bennett’s music and himself, Bob Evans and of course, Maria.  Bennett tells the crowd, who seems happy to see him, to shut up.  Bennett touts himself as the greatest thing ever and mocks Cheeseburger.  Cheeseburger swipes the mic and insults the trio, then gets KO’d as Shelton takes a shot at Bennett.

Match 2:  Shelton Benjamin vs Mike Bennett

Winner:  Mike Bennett via pinfall

Benjamin tosses Bennett about on the floor and Maria runs away.  Huge back body drop back in the ring and Shelton takes control early with a huge double stomp out of the corner for two.  Bennett blocks a powerbomb attempt and they trade forearms, ending in Bennett landing a spinebuster.  Maria gives Bennett a quick shoulder rub as he gloats before he lays boots to Shelton.  Into a chinlock (practicing for that eventual WWE contract?). Benjamin begins to fight back and hits a T-bone suplex for two.  Bennett blocks Paydirt and hits the Box Office Smash for a very near fall.  Bennett hits a knee in the corner and mocks CM Punk, but Benjamin counters a GTS into a half crab mid-ring.  Maria hops on the apron and Brutal Bob levels Benjamin with a diving shoulder block.  Bennett heads to the top rope for a guillotine leg drop, but panders to the crowd by canoodling with Maria.   He gets a Dragon Whip from Shelton for his troubles and Maria hasn’t stopped sexy dancing, winding up grinding on Shelton.  Bennett tries to boot Shelton and tags Maria instead, then he walks into a superkick and a German suplex for a very very near fall.  Benjamin now with a big belly to back suplex, then gets tossed to the apron.  Benjamin tries a sunset flip from the apron, but Bennett sits down and gets leverage from Brutal Bob to steal it.

Match 3:  Jay Lethal vs Michael Elgin, ROH World Title #1 Contender’s Match

Winner:  Michael Elgin via pinfall

Gotta predict a Lethal win here considering how things have gone for both men recently.  Feeling out process for the men at the start with Elgin showing he’s the stronger man.  Pinning combinations are exchanged and both men want finishers but both avoid it.  Lethal counters out of the corner with a second rope leg lariat for an early near fall.  Lethal wants a ‘rana and doesn’t quite make it and the men make a smooth transition to a Boston Crab spot instead.  Lethal gets the upper hand and hits the hiptoss/dropkick combo for two again.  Elgin catches a boot off the ropes and Lethal dives into a powerslam from the apron for two.  Elgin holds Lethal in a vertical suplex for a count of about 30 from the crowd and gets two.  Elgin sets up for a powerbomb and Lethal flips out, but ends up in a Crossface.  Lethal gets the ropes with his foot to break it up.

Elgin catches an enzuigiri on the ropes and Lethal takes flight with a suicide dive, then another – Elgin pops up on the apron and gets a triangle jump dropkick and a third dive for his troubles.  Lethal readies and hits a springboard dropkick.  Next is a forearm and a DVD, leaving Elgin prone.  Lethal heads to the top and gets a “Randy Savage” chant.  Elgin cuts him off and wants a superplex, which Lethal fights out of.  Elgin follows up with a running boot to knock Lethal down.  Elgin follows up with a deadlift superplex but Lethal is out at two.  Botth men rise at the same time, ready to fight it out.  Bomb right hands back and forth and Elgin gets the upperhand and hits corner clotheslines and a Bossman slam for another near fall.  Lethal drives Elgin to the corner, but he hits a spinning elbow and a German suplex into the top turnbuckle.  Elgin wants the twisting senton but Lethal gets knees up.  Lethal wants to fly again but Elgin runs under, only to run into a flatliner and the Koji Clutch.  Elgin’s turn to break it up with the bottom rope.  Lethal wants the Injection, but Elgin blocks and they roll through multiple times.  Elgin hits the bucklebomb and they exchange multiple superkicks, ending in Elgin hitting a ripcord lariat.  Back to the buckle bomb but Lethal counters into a reverse ‘rana.  Lethal hits the Injection and Elgin pops up, walking into the Lethal Combination and Hail to the King, but it’s still only good for two!

Lethal elevates Elgin to the top rope and ends up jumping himself into a super Elginbomb, followed by a vicious backhand, a third buckle bomb and a final Elginbomb to put Lethal away.

SCUM hits the ring and assaults both men as Steve Corino mocks them, demanding the ROH faithful to come out.

Match 4:  ROH vs SCUM

Winners:  SCUM

Wouldn’t expect too much rule following in this one – It’s going to be an all out war.  Seltzer and Corino go to war on the mics.

Rave and Mondo final end up in the ring for some semblance of a match.  Rhino tags in and corners Mondo.  Titus’ turn to boot away at Mondo and rough him up.  Jacobs takes his turn now as Mondo remains isolated.  Jacobs wants a suplex but Mondo turns it around; Titus gets in and stops Mondo from making a tag.  Seltzer and Corino keep going at it and Seltzer is made to look like a total goofball.  Compton tags in and beats on Mondo a bit, then Jimmy Rave comes back in.  Mondo goes to the wrong corner then rolls to his, tagging in Whitmer.  C&C hit stereo dives to the outside and Mark Briscoe lands a missile dropkick and dive.  Whitmer  lands an exploder and all the men in the match hit signature moves back and forth ending in Whitmer cornering Rave with chops and a suicide dive out of the corner.

Corino roughs up Seltzer and tosses him to the barricade, then gets thrown into the ring by Whitmer, which allows Jacobs and Rhino to jump him from behind.  Mondo makes his way back in and BJJ Whitmer gets handcuffed to the bottom rope.  Mondo gets powder to the eyes and more shenanigans in the ring.  Rave takes a crucifix piledriver (no, really) and Rhino lands a Gore on Coleman to cinch it.


Review of Jay Briscoe’s chances against Xavier, Samoa Joe, Morishima, Nigel McGuinness and Roderick Strong for the ROH title – A ton of time is spent on this.  It’s hard to not believe that Jay might pull it out tonight and bring the power back to ROH by defeating Steen.

Match 5:  Roderick Strong vs “Machinegun” Karl Anderson

Winner:  “Machinegun” Karl Anderson

Anderson takes the early advantage and Strong doesn’t get high enough on a leapfrog, but recovers with a leg lariat.  Big chops from Roddy and a low dropkick from Anderson to take control back.  Anderson  hops onto the fan side of the barricade and lands elbows to the back of the head.  Anderson wants an Ace Cutter on the barricade but Roddy counters and hits a gordbuster on it himself.  Strong rolls him back and strings Anderson up in the corner for a running knee to the face and a forearm, followed by an Olympic slam for two.  Chops back and forth and a strike exchange out of the corner ends in a spinebuster from Anderson for two.

Roddy rolls out of Anderson’s next offense and lands a lower superkick for a two of his own.  Roddy wants the Stronghold, but Anderson fights away and gets on the apron.  Forearms back and forth on the apron and Anderson blocks the belly to back on the apron, landing a bicycle kick.  Anderson heads to the top for a diving neckbreaker, only getting two.  Anderson follows with a huge sitout powerbomb and Roddy kicks out again.  Anderson wants a powerslam, but Roddy fights down and hits the Sickkick and Death by Roderick, followed by a second Sickkick, still only good for two.  Another exchange of boots and knees ends in Machinegun hitting a belly to belly piledriver for another two.  Anderson wants the Ace Crusher but Roddy counters twice, falling victim to it the third time.

Match 6:  Adam Cole vs Matt Hardy vs Matt Taven (c), ROH TV Title

Winner:  Matt Taven via pinfall

Taven and Truth enter with yet another Hoopla Hottie and put on quite the display.  Ring of Honor, if you want to get picked up more widely, this needs to stop immediately.  It adds nothing and is absolutely not garnering you extra followers, fans or ad revenue.  Bad.  Bad, ROH.

Corino gives Hardy a minutes-long introduction, which in the case of SCUM is quite alright.

Cole immediately pounces on Hardy and Taven just observes before going on the offensive.  Cole hits a dive on Hardy and a kick to Taven from the floor.  Cole runs Hardy into the barricades multiple times before Taven lands a kick to head of Cole on the apron.  Taven follows up with a dive on both challengers.  Taven hits a backbreaker and Nigel McGuinness is given an unwanted lap dance by the Hoopla Hottie.  In the interim, Hardy takes control and lands his signature second rope leg drop for two on Cole.  Cole absorbs shots from Hardy and lands a clothesline, then drops Taven and hits a shining wizard on Hardy for two.  Hardy runs into a neckbreaker onto the knee of Cole and winds up in the Figure Four.  Taven takes to the top rope and lands a splash on Cole to break it up.  Hardy wants a Twist of Fate on Taven, but Cole lands a neckbreaker on Hardy, driving Taven down for a DDT in the process.  Taven counters a suplex attempt and Hardy drops Taven now, resulting in a Russian leg sweep to Cole.  Hardy pins both and they both kick out.  Hardy runs into a superkick and gets cradled by Taven for two.  Cole lands a brainbuster on his knee to Taven for another nearfall.

Cole fights with Hardy on the top rope and ends up hanging in the Tree of Woe while Taven hops up – The result is a tower of doom with Hardy taking a superplex and Taven taking a spider German suplex.  Nobody gets pinned as a result but Cole is first to his feet.  Hardy hits the Side Effect on Cole who stays alive.  Taven tries the Beautiful Disaster but whiffs and takes a Twist of Fate.  Martini hops on the apron to distract and in the mess, Cole pays Hardy back for Final Battle with a low blow and a small package to eliminate him.

Cole stalks Taven and Corino enters the ring offering a handshake.  Cole falls for the distraction and after being kicked into Corino after a roll up walks into Taven’s bulldog DDT for the win.

Match 7:  American Wolves vs ReDRagon (c), ROH Tag Team Champsionship

Winners:  ReDRagon via pinfall

Richards and O’Reilly start if off and Davey hits a back kick to the gut.  Quick exchange between them and then Edwards and Fish tag in.  They have their own exchange before Richards tags back in for a quick attack then Edwards is back in for chops and kicks to fish.  O’Reilly gets booted to the floor but recovers quickly to tag back in and deliver kicks to Edwards.  Edwards slaps O’Reilly and tags in Richards who locks in the arm trap Cloverleaf.  Fish can’t control himself and the ref pays him attention, allowing Edwards to pull on Richards for more leverage.  Fish ends up tagged back in and lands a senton from the apron then a snap suplex.  O’Reilly tags back in and lands sliding knee strikes for a two count.  Richards locks in a surfboard on the mat but Fish breaks it up (thank you for not doing the usual reverse spot!)

Fish tags back in to keep the pressure on Richards who begins to fight out of the corner but gets cut off.  Edwards gets the hot tag and knocks down O’Reilly then chops Fish in the corner.  Edwards hits a huge flurry ending in a fisherman buster for two on Fish.  ReDRagon tries to doubleteam Edwards but he low bridges them to the apron and the Wolves hit tandem knees which are answered with tandem forearms.  ReDRagon ends up back on the floor and take tandem dives.  Edwards and Fish are back in the ring and the Wolf delivers a powerslam.  Richards comes in and ReDRagon get the advantage, throwing both Wolves to the floor and each hitting their own dive – Fish over the top rope and O’Reilly with a missile dropkick.

Fish and O’Reilly hit kicks on Edwards for a near fall.  O’Reilly tags back in for a snapmare and knee drop, then Fish is back in.  Edwards fights his way back and ends up dropping O’Reilly on Fish.  Richards tags in and heads to the top to missile dropkick both men.  Richards delivers kicks in the corner to both opponents.  O’Reilly lands a bicycle kick but takes a German suplex for his efforts for a near fall.  Combination of moves from the Wolves for another two.  O’Reilly unleashes a flurry on both Wolves and catches the foot of Richards on the Alarm Clock, resulting in a double dragon screw.  Richards tries the Ankle Lock and it’s broken up, then he tries the Trailer Hitch.  Fish tries to break it as well but Richards keeps it locked on.  Richards trips Fish and locks in the Ankle Lock holding down both members who get to the ropes.  Richards kicks the chest of O’Reilly who  fights back.  Insanely fast  exchange between all four men including a superkick from Edwards to Richards and too much to even accurately track.

Richards tags Edwards but the ref didn’t see it, leaving the winded Wolf to be beaten by both members of ReDRagon.  ReDRagon fights back and hits Davey’s own Alarm Clock on him, then O’Reilly hits a Regalplex for a very very near fall.  Richards disposes of Fish and rallies the crowd, then meets O’Reilly on the top rope for a superplex.  Fish and Edwards join the party and Edwards hits a Frankensteiner on Fish followed by Richards hitting a superplex, followed by Chasing the Dragon which O’Reilly kicks out of.  Double doublestomp from the Wolves and O’Reilly STILL kicks out.  Wolves want the powerbomb/backstabber combo but Fish stops it from the floor.  O’Reilly counters with a reverse hurricanrana and after a roll up attempt, Richards catches a head kick from Fish on the floor and a roll up from O’Reilly with a handful of tights which is good enough to pin him.

Match 8:  Jay Briscoe vs Kevin Steen (c), Ring of Honor World Champsionship

Winner:  Jay Briscoe, new Ring of Honor World Champion

Oddly enough after all the SCUM presence tonight, Steen enters alone.

Collar and elbow with a clean break to open up.  This pace to be set on whether Steen takes shortcuts will tell a tale for his future relationship with SCUM and the Title itself.  Steen goes right to work on the hurt shoulder of Jay, but he answers with a dropkick.  Briscoe and Steen fight in the corners and Steen wants a powerbomb to the apron but Jay backdrops him.  Jay lays in with jabs and a back elbow for a quick one count.  Steen tries to go back to the shoulder again and Briscoe fights it, but takes a DDT for two.  Briscoe throws a boot out of the corner followed by a rolling elbow.  Briscoe snaps off a leg drop for two.  Steen blocks a whip and wants F-Cinq but Jay fights down to a rear waist lock.  Steen throws him bad shoulder first into the ring post then wraps it around the middle rope.  Steen with a hammerlock and running Briscoe into the corner and rips the shoulder tape off before clubbing the arm.  Once again wrapped in the ropes, then knee pressure on Jay’s face.

Briscoe tries to fight out but Steen hits an arm breaker and a single arm DDT for two.  Steen keeps it up with a hammerlock Russian leg sweep for another near fall.  Briscoe once again tries to fight out but Steen hits a cradle shoulder breaker followed by a cross armbreaker, but Jay gets into the ropes.  Briscoe fights back yet again out of the corner with a somersault neckbreaker.  Jacobs hits the apron but Mark Briscoe drags him out of the ring area.  Steen looks agitated at Jacobs showing up and gets into a back and forth with Briscoe.  Steen runs into a DVD off the ropes for a near fall.  Jay heads to the top but  Steen cuts him off and drapes his arm on the top rope, followed by the corner cannonball for another near fall.  Briscoe wants a Jay Driller on the apron but Steen avoids and lands the powerbomb on the apron then rolls him back in.  Steen tries a Swanton but takes Jay’s knees instead.  Jay lands a hangman’s noose neckbreaker and Steen kicks out as Compton and Titus invade.  Even Veda Scott gets in on holding off SCUM.

My Stream has shattered as it has for many people, judging by Twitter.

I can confirm Jay Briscoe won, but I cannot…Ok, I’ve managed to get back to the freeze point.  And it froze again.  ROH has fought SCUM bak.  Matt Hardy wants a Twist of Fate on Jay and Steen fights him away.  Briscoe hits the Jay Driller after he does, but only for two.  Nigel cheers him on from the sideline.

The Reaction:

Solid action, keeping the ACH/TD team strong.  No sloppiness from the guys involved and ACH lands his finisher on Marshall, along with the rest of his key signature offense.  Marshall still does not scream “star” when he’s in the ring. They seemed to want to have a repeat of Mike Bennett, but instead of hating him as a wrestler, everyone hates his presence.

Three on one for poor Shelton and more atrocious officiating from ROH referees…Nigel really needs to have a talk with these guys, they don’t see anything!  Nice touch from Bennett to mock Punk, considering the chants he usually gets due to Maria’s history, especially on WrestleMania weekend.  Excellent, crisp action from both men and I still believe Bennett will end up in at least NXT within a year or so.

This is the type of match that critics of ROH usually hate – High energy the entire match and kicking out of multiple huge moves and finishers.  For ROH fans?  It was an amazing match with top notch action throughout.  Even where mistakes are made, both men adjust on the fly to call an audible, the sign of men who really know their craft.  Elgin is your number one contender and I’m happy to have been wrong about my prediction.

Lot of extracurriculars in this one.  Very messy and all over the place, but sometimes that’s the point you need to try and get across.  SCUM will take any shortcut required to win and rip ROH apart, which they’re successfully doing so far.  Hard to call the action on this one.

Incredible match and I watched it grab a friend of mine sitting here who is just a burgeoning ROH fan.  Roddy and Karl embrace after a great bout with action back and forth.  Hard hitting strikes as you always expect from a Strong match.

Referee once again just allows Corino to walk in the ring and cause problems which is a bit of a theme so far.  Hardy literally cries to McGuinness about the low blow, but McGuinness shrugs him off.  Good triple threat, but it was a situation where nobody got to shine.  Having the Hoopla Hottie distract the entire crowd AND the cameramen from the action doesn’t help anyone look good or better.  It’s piss poor television and benefits nobody and nothing.

That one had me in that ever-so-rare state of  “Oh wow they might actually do it” for the Wolves.  A lot of back and forth with the guys using one another’s moves and I didn’t see O’Reilly kicking out of his own Chasing the Dragon whatsoever.  Always a shame to see a match like that end in a roll up with a handful of tights, but this gives a reason for the Wolves to stay together and stay in the chase.  Top notch action and right on point as always from all involved.

A top notch match and as we hit the denouement, the curse of the iPPV strikes myself and many others.  Even fighting with the buffering and streaming, I can’t actually see the ending of the match as it keeps jumping around.  I know he won, and I expected him to win, plus I expected Steen to toss SCUM aside, wanting to prove himself.  I will try to watch this tomorrow morning before I head to the ROH TV taping in Manhattan to finalize this for you all.

The Shill:

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