Bobby Lashley Leaving Pro Wrestling

According to Inside Fights, Bobby Lashley told in an exclusive interview that he was released by TNA and will be working solely with MMA promotion Strikeforce for the time being. »»

Strikeforce Miami Live Results Blog: Bobby Lashley, Herschel Walker, Cris Cyborg

Strikeforce Miami is live tonight on Showtime, and we have full live coverage here on Inside Pulse! It will feature Bobby Lashley, Herschel Walker as well as Cris Cyborg in the woman's division. Strikeforce: 'Miami' Live Round by Round Results »»

TNA News: Lashley And Daffney Interviews

USA Today's Sergio Non has a q and a session with Bobby Lashley. It's mostly about MMA, but talk does turn to TNA, and his attempt to balance his work with them and his fight schedule while avoiding injury: The main deal is that TNA had always tol »»

Bobby Lashley Signs with Strikeforce

Well, we wanted BROCK vs. Fedor... »»

Cornette Comments On Hogan And Bischoff In TNA, ROH, WWE HOF

Jim Cornette gives his thoughts on the hottest topic in wrestling today, Hogan and Bischoff joining/running TNA, at his Q and A page. He's not too thrilled: Oh, this whole thing reminds me of why I hate corporate wrestling. I must admit there are »»

J.R. Talks Flair, Austin, His Condition, Fedor, More

You know the drill. J.R. blogs, I quote, you read. Here we go! On the future of wrestling: Big time athletes who can develop their wrestling personas organically and not merely portray what they perceive a wrestler would do in a certain situati »»

Lesnar Pulled From Next UFC Show

Yahoo's Kevin Iole reports that Brock Lesnar has been pulled from his Heavyweight Title defense at UFC 106 against Shane Carwin. Dana White confirmed that Lesnar has been pulled the card due to an illness he's been fighting for three weeks which has »»

TNA News: Identity Of Fan Involved In Altercation With Tara Revealed's Jason Powell reports that Kim Couture was the woman Tara had an altercation with during the Knockouts Title match at Bound For Glory last night. Couture commented on her involvement in the match on her Twitter page: Just attacke »»

Tara/Victoria Talks MMA Career

MMA Fanhouse's Ariel Helwani has an interview with TNA Knockout and aspiring fighter Lisa Marie Varon. Among other things, she talks about how leaving WWE led to her interest in following in the footsteps of Brock Lesnar and Bobby Lashley: "When I »»

Unsolicited Commentary: 21 Bobby Lashley Facts

In slander honor of Lashley's return to the ring, here are some facts about this boring lump of muscles dynamic star! »»

JR on MMA, Lance Storm, Gail Kim, Jeff Hardy and more

It's a blog post filled with Canadian wrestlers. »»

Bobby Lashley's Next MMA Bout...

Former ECW World Heavyweight Champ Bobby Lashley has signed on for his latest mixed martial arts bout, and it's vs. a former WWE developmental wrestler! »»

Missing Links on... Brock Lesnar & UFC 100

The Internets are abuzz with Brock Lesnar/UFC 100 chatter, and here are a few links to what others are saying about the big main event... »»

Wrestlers React To Lesnar's UFC Win; Lesnar Apologizes For Going WWE

The Examiner's Rick Roswell has collected some tweets from various people in wrestling about Brock Lesnar's successful UFC title defense last night. Beyond comments from Bobby Lashley and Jeremey Borash, Matt Hardy and Hurricane Helms seem to see it »»

J.R. Blogs About DGUSA, Brisco, Torrie Wilson, The Bash, Jackson, Fawcett

Jim Ross thinks some people are taking the appearance he and Jerry Lawler are making at DGUSA's Labor Day weekend show too seriously. That's one of the many topics he covers in a recent blog entry. For J.R.'s part, he says he just want to meet som »»

Brock Lesnar Talks WWE, Steroids And... Obama?

The Minneapolis Star Tribune picked up Fightline's interview with Brock Lesnar. In it, he denies using steroids ever, talking about all the drug tests he's passed and saying his physique is god given (and like a black guy's!). He also takes time to r »»

Jericho Goes MMA? Plus Misawa, Edwards, Tully, Wahoo, And Shockmaster

That's what Mike Johnson is reporting at PWI. Well, in that he says Jericho will be playing an MMA fighter on the Disney XD series Aaron Stone. SWERVE! It airs opposite of Raw on Monday, at 9PM EST. He also has items on Mitsuharu Misawa, ROH Tag »»

Bobby Lashley Contract Update

Bobby Lashley announced on the Hit the Ropes radio show that an announcement regarding his future with TNA will be made in the coming weeks. »»

WWE COO On MMA: They Have No Stars

PWI's Devin Cutting covered WWE's Chief Operating Officer Donna Goldsmith's speech at a conference I can't be bothered to copy the name of. Something about growing equity. Among other topics, Goldsmith addressed why she doesn't think MMA is competiti »»

JBL On Last Match, Rourke, Benoit, Michaels, MMA

Around The Octagon has an interview with respected private citizen JBL. He talks a lot about MMA, which he's promoting with Danny Davis's Vyper Fight League. That leads in to JBL talking about Brock Lesnar in UFC, the need for villains in MMA (and Na »»

Bob Sapp Has Words For Bobby Lashley

Fight Hype interviewed Sapp about his upcoming MMA fight with current TNA employee Bobby Lashley. He puts Lashley over for taking him on in his third MMA fight before talking about how he thinks the fight will go (spoiler: not well for Lashley): " »»

For Your Consideration…Backlash-ley

This week I talk TNA and discuss how Bobby Lashley showing up in TNA will lead to the death of pro wrestling. No, seriously. »»

Hey, Bobby Lashley, Why In The World Would You Sign With TNA While Pursuing An MMA Career?

You might have asked that question when Lashley showed up at Lockdown. Lashley has a simple response; he needs to pay the bills. Lashley explained his decision to work with TNA in a press release for an MMA show he's appearing on this weekend. PW »»

More On Lashley Vs. Sapp MMA Fight

Following up on a report by our own Jeremy Botter, here's more on Bobby Lashley's next MMA fight. MMA Fanhouse's Ariel Helwani reports that Lashley has signed a contract to face Bob Sapp on June 27th on PPV. The card will be promoted by Prize Fight O »»

Bobby Lashley MMA News

As I reported over at Inside Fights, Bobby Lashley - who appeared yesterday at a TNA pay-per-view - is expected to sign a contract for an MMA fight against fighter/sometimes pro wrestler Bob Sapp. For the full story, including news on another MMA de »»

TNA News: Bobby Lashley Contract Details

Mike Johnson has an update on Bobby Lashley's status with TNA at PWI. His sources tell him that Lashley has signed a short term contract that won't keep him from continuing his MMA career. Speaking of which, AOL Fanhouse reported over the weekend »»

TNA News: Lashley Comments on TNA Debut, ESPN Rips Him For It

PWTorch's James Caldwell provides a link to Bobby Lashley commenting on his TNA debut. I'd link you directly to Lashley's site, but then you'd miss out on the single greatest illustration of him ever. Jake Rossen has an MMA column up at ESPN whic »»

The Reality of Wrestling: Wrestlemania Sunday

There was a lot of other stuff going on Sunday »»

Sports Illustrated Covers Lesnar, MMA/Wrestling Connection

Sports Illustrated's Jon Wertheim has a piece on UFC Champion Brock Lesnar. As a retrospective of his life thus far, it does cover his WWE run, including his thoughts on why he quit: For someone with Lesnar's taste for honest competition, the prea »»

Live-Blogging Bobby Lashley's MMA Bout

Our friends over at Inside Fights are live-blogging former ECW Champ Bobby Lashley's big mixed martial arts fight tonight. »»

Bobby Lashley Update

Bobby Lashley will still be fighting on the March 21 boxing/MMA PPV promoted by Roy Jones, Jr., but it won't be against Ken Shamrock OR Hasim Rahman OR Don Frye. Who's next on the list to be offered a contract to face the former ECW Champ? »»

Former WWE Star to Face Former Boxing World Champ?

The promoters of Roy Jones Jr.'s upcoming mixed boxing/MMA pay-per-view are in talks with Hasim Rahman to take Ken Shamrock's place vs. Bobby Lashley on March 21. »»

Former UFC and WWE Champion Suspended One Year

Jason Powell of reports that Ken Shamrock has been suspended for one year by the California State Athletic Commission after testing positive for steroids. He tested positive for are 19-Norandrosterone, 19-Noretiochelanolone, and S »»

JBL/OVW Links: JBL And JR Blog! Plus; OVW To Promote MMA?

JBL clarified his role in OVW on his WWE Universe blog: I want to be clear about OVW, Danny Davis is the owner-I am not buying OVW nor any interest in OVW. Layfield Energy is merely taking over as his main sponsor and advertiser. I see an opportun »»

ECW Champ Takes On IC Champ On PPV! In MMA.

Bloody Elbow's Luke Thomas is reporting that former WWE stars Bobby Lashley and Ken Shamrock will compete in an MMA match. They will compete on a MMA/Boxing hybrid card promoted by boxer Roy Jones Jr., who will have a boxing match on the card. It wil »»

New Information on Former WWE Diva Training for MMA

In a new MySpace blog post, Victoria talks about her MMA training and gives some disgusting details: "I had vomit in my hair. I've been training like nobody's business. All sorts of insane MMA workouts and exercises that only a sadist could think »»

Former WWE Diva Training For MMA?

In a MySpace blog post former WWE Diva Victoria announced that she is in an MMA training program.  Victoria says: "I've moved from a straight Jiu-Jitsu program into a full MMA training program. I have also been contacted by several agents, a co »»

TNA News: Frank Trigg On TNA, Angle and Lesnar In MMA

Trigg talks TNA and MMA (and Angle and Lesnar). »»

Lance Storm Talks HBK, Former WWE Writer Doesn't Like Hardy Win & More Bloggy News

In a very interesting read, former WWE creative team member Seth Mates has recently written about Jeff Hardy's title win on his blog. While he hopes Jeff is the "exception to the rule," he fears that the cons outweigh the pros of putting the top championship on someone with Jeff's history. Check it out... »»

Former WWE Star Bobby Lashley To Debut In MMA

Former professional wrestler and WWE star Bobby Lashley will make his MMA debut with Mixed Fighting Alliance facing MMA rookie Joshua Franklin. The fight is scheduled to take place at the American Airlines Arena in Miami. Lashley stated during an int »»

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