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WWE Monday Night RAW LIVE Results For 11/10/14: RAW in the UK Tue, 11 Nov 2014 00:48:07 +0000 Tonight RAW takes place from England. Who will join Team Cena? Who will join Team Authority? Announced for tonight is John Cena vs Ryback. Remember, every time you read the spoilers the WWE will come up with a new, stupid guest host for each show.

Everyone Wants To Feed Ryback More

After a recap of last week’s events John Cena came out. Cena talked about the importance of Survivor Series in two weeks and how The Authority is making it impossible for him to field a team. He talked about the injuries to Zack Ryder and Randy Orton. He said that he has been able to put together a team of two former World Heavyweight Champions: Jack Swagger and Dolph Ziggler. Cena talked about Ziggler being held down by the Authority and if it were up to him he would have Ziggler on the show all the time. Cena then talked about Ryback and invited him to the ring to talk about joining Team Cena.

Ryback came out and said the Big Guy is back. The Authority immediately interrupted. They brought Mark Henry out with them. Steph said these people are used to being ruled by monarchs. HHH talked about everything being on the line at Survivor Series, and he damn well is making sure people are scared to join his team at Survivor Series. HHH said that since the stakes have been raised then the game has been changed. HHH said it would be career suicide to join Team Cena. And at the end of the day, the Authority always wins. HHH talked about Cena’s team and chuckled at the mention of Jack Swagger and called Dolph Ziggler a tiny little guy who won’t make it to Survivor Series. Cena said HHH said the same thing about Daniel Bryan and he beat HHH’s ass at Wrestlemania. Steph said everything Cena is saying is propaganda. She said if Ryback joined Team Authority he could have so many more main event opportunities. She said they are putting together the biggest, baddest Survivor Series team ever. HHH talked about giving Ryback MORE. Cena said it doesn’t matter if he has a full team at Survivor Series because at least he won’t go down as a sellout. Cena told Ryback to look at the Authority’s track record and if he screws up just once with them he is done. Ryback said he isn’t afraid of The Authority, but he also doesn’t see John Cena’s name at the bottom of his paycheck. Ryback then hit a spinebuster on Cena.

Seriously, Swagger??

Jack Swagger vs Seth Rollins. Swagger gained early control with a headlock. The hold was broke but Rollins landed a cheap shot and went on offense with some kicks. Swagger started a comeback with some shoulder tackles then Rollins bailed to the outside. Back in the ring Rollins gained the upper hand. He went for a suplex but Swagger blocked it and hit one of his own. Swagger hit a leg drop then went to an armbar. Rollins escaped and cameback with a dropkick. Swagger recovered and slammed Rollins into the turnbuckle a few times. Swagger went for the Swagger Bomb but Rollins bailed to the outside into commercial.

Rollins had control back from break and landed some kicks on Swagger. Rollins threw Swagger into the ropes but Swagger stopped himself then tossed Rollins over the top. Swagger started a comeback and hit a Swagger Bomb for two. Rollins went for a roll up but Swagger countered into the Patriot Lock but Rollins got to the rope. Rollins sent Swagger to the outside and went for a running knee but Swagger moved and applied the Patriot Lock. Mercury and Noble distracted Swagger, allowing Rollins to shove Swagger into the post. Back in the ring Rollins hit the Curb Stomp for the win.

WINNER: Seth Rollins

After the match Rollins hit another Curb Stomp on Swagger.

Dean Ambrose talked about how he has a rap sheet a mile long from being in this business. He said he doesn’t hide from any of it. He said Bray Wyatt will not put him out of his misery. Ambrose said that if he is going down, Bray Wyatt is going down with him. Ambrose vs Wyatt was then announced for Survivor Series.

Kane told Ryback that he would be at ringside for his match against John Cena. Ryback said that he’s got this. Kane said Ryback has to show some humility and take his lead. Ryback said that when he wants his advice he will ask, and to stay out of his way.

Paige defeated Alicia Fox with the RamPaige.

Steph asked Lana and Rusev again about joining Team Authority. Lana said they couldn’t discuss it for political reasons. Steph said there are no politics in the WWE (haha). Lana said they would consider it. Steph said listen you stuck of Russian, I scratch your back, you scratch ours.

A Russian vs An Irishman For The United States Championship In The UK

Lana and Rusev were in the ring. She said that Rusev holding the US Title shows Russia’s power over the United States. Lana said if it wasn’t for Russia’s military everyone in the UK would be speaking German. A random Russian government representative talked about President Putin being so proud and read a “declaration” from Putin congratulating Rusev. As the Russian National Anthem played Sheamus came out and cleared the ring.

The match started back from break. Rusev gained control early on with some kicks to the back and gut. Sheamus came back with a knee to the head. Sheamus got a few punches in and then knocked Rusev off the apron. Rusev caught Sheamus on the outside and rammed him into the apron then hit a fallaway slam onto the announce table. Rusev continued to dominate inside the ring. Rusev went to a headlock. After what seemed like forever, Sheamus escaped but went right into a spinning heel kick.

The two exchanged blows back from break before Sheamu started a comeback, but ran right into a Rusev dropkick. Mercury and Noble were now at ringside. Sheamus caught a charging Rusev with a powerslam. Sheamus hit his punches then a shoulder tackle. He then went for the Cloverleaf but couldn’t lock it in. Sheamus then connected with White Noise for two. Sheamus went for the Brogue Kick but Rusev bailed to the outside. Sheamus hit a shoulder tackle off the apron. Sheamus tossed Rusev into the barricade a few times. The ref got to nine and Sheamus rolled Rusev back into the ring. The ref checked on Rusev, Noble and Mercury distracted Sheamus, then the ref turned around and finished the  ten count.

WINNER via Countout: Rusev

Lana told Steph backstage that Rusev would join Team Authority.

Backstage, Seth Rollins told Ryback he didn’t have to take orders from Kane. He could take them from him instead.

Los Matadores vs Miz and Damien Mizdow. Miz landed some kicks then teased a tag in to Mizdow but went back to work. Miz hit his corner clothesline then an axe handle off the top. Miz teased a tag again then finally tagged in Mizdow. Mizdow hit one move then Miz tagged himself back in. Mizdow broke up a pin but ate a dropkick for it. Mini-Mizswoggle was on the apron but El Torrito knocked him down. Miz went to the apron and landed on a Matador. Mizdow held down Miz’s foot and they picked up the win.

Dolph Ziggler vs Mark Henry. During Dolph’s entrance the Luke Harper “eyes” vignette appeared. Ziggler hit a quick dropkick but Henry came right back with a clothesline. Ziggler moved out of the way of a splash in the corner. Ziggler charged at Henry but Henry caught him. On the outside Henry tossed Ziggler into the barricade. Henry charged at Ziggler but Ziggler moved out of the way. Henry then grabbed a chair and tossed it at Ziggler, causing a DQ.

WINNER via DQ: Dolph Ziggler

Henry went to slam Ziggler on the steps in the ring but Big Show came out. He blocked a shot with the steps then tossed them at a bailing Henry going up the ramp. Show said that he joined Team Cena and would see Henry at Survivor Series.

A Kofi Kingston promo, similar to the Xaiver Woods one from earlier with the Gospel singing, aired.

Sheamus said that he was joining Team Cena.

AJ defeated Brie Bella with the Black Widow. After the match, Nikki hit the Rack Attack on AJ.

Tyson Kidd defeated Adam Rose with the Sharpshooter. During the match, Erik Rowan came out and said “She’s not here.” He was probably referencing Natalya. Adam Rose attacked the bunny after the match because the bunny was on the top rope and distracted Rose, causing him to lose.

Bray Wyatt promo. He once again talked about Dean Ambrose’s dad being a sinner. He said there is no going back for Dean, and he has not seen real evil. Bray said he could walk with him or Ambrose could walk away and burn for it.

Clearly, The Authority Doesn’t Know How To B A Star

John Cena vs Ryback. Ryback shoved Cena down to start, then hit a shoulder tackle. Cena went for a quick AA but Ryback escaped. Cena went for a running bulldog but Ryback hit a powerslam. Cena tried fighting back again but Ryback tossed him to the outside in front of Team Authority. He then hit a kick to the face of Cena. Kane gave marching orders to Ryback. The distraction allowed Cena to knock Ryback off the apron and into Kane.

Back from break Ryback caught Cena off the top and hit a side slam. Ryback hit a backdrop. Ryback continued to dominate. He went for Shell Shocked but Cena escaped. He hit one shoulder tackle but Ryback jumped back up and hit a clothesline. Ryback hit a pressslam/powerslam combo for two. Cena tried coming back again but Ryback caught him with a powerbomb. Ryback went for a Razor’s Edge but Cena escaped and countered into the STF, but Ryback reached the ropes. Ryback hit a crossbody but Cena again came back with the STF. Ryback lifted Cena up and went for Shell Shocked, but Cena countered with a slam. Cena knocked Kane off the apron but Ryback hit Cena with a spinebuster. Kane’s frustrations got the best of him and he attacked Cena, causing a DQ.

WINNER via DQ: John Cena

Ryback and Kane argued. Seth Rollins tried to calm things down but Ryback decked him. Kane came back and took out Ryback and Team Authority started going after Cena. Sheamus came out  but Team Authority got the better of him. The same happened to Big Show. Ryback came back in and clotheslined every member of Team Authority and hit Shell Shocked on Kane. Ryback left up the ramp.

Backstage, Triple H and Steph looked on angrily. Suddenly, Dolph Ziggler was thrown in front of them unconscious. Luke Harper then appeared and told them that he was a team player as the show ended.


Ryback: I’ve liked Ryback’s return so far. If they let Ryback be himself, I think the crowd will get behind him. It seems like the crowd is leaning that way so far. I would like to see a Ryback/Rusev feud after Survivor Series. Let Ryback be the guy that beats him instead of Cena.

Seth Rollins vs Jack Swagger: Acceptable TV match that had some good action. Surprised that Swagger was as over as he was. I don’t like how Swagger was on the team and is now off it. I hope they at least keep Swagger off TV until after Survivor Series to sell the injuries. Knowing this company, they might just throw him on Smackdown.


End of Sheamus/Rusev: This just may be minor nit-picking from me. But Rusev got back in the ring at 9, the ref stopped and checked on him for about 10 seconds, Noble and Mercury distracted Sheamus, then the ref counted to 10 causing a countout. It was just really stupid and looked bad as well.

Bray Wyatt/Dean Ambrose Build: The second biggest match at Survivor Series gets two recap packages and two backstage promos. Everything is being focused on Team Cena vs Team Authority, and this seems to be getting pushed to the backburner. These two could have had a good program but it seems like very little, if any, real effort is being put into it by those in charge.

Erik Rowan: We knew that Rowan was going to get the short end of the stick when it came to the Wyatt break-up, but this is just stupid. So Rowan is a female stalker now? This has the potential to end bad.

As much as I would prefer to see the WWE Champ around, at least this Survivor Series match is giving some guys a chance to shine that wouldn’t normally get the TV time. Dolph Ziggler is getting a prominent role, Ryback is getting a new push, Rusev is getting some more time, and now it looks like Luke Harper will get a push as well. That’s the positive. The show is still too long and definitely dragged at times. The wrestling was okay at best. The show gets a 4 from me.

Until Next Time,

Justin C

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Classy Ring Attire #144: A Return to Form Mon, 10 Nov 2014 16:38:55 +0000 Chris and Joel are finally back together and they’ve got a lot of catching up to do so watch, or rather listen as they cram 2 weeks of wresting and Hell in a Cell all into a single podcast.

Also, Chris talks about his recent absence in a special address to the listeners at the end of the show.

(Also, here is the match joel mentioned in the “What’s making me happy” segment)

Finally, we haven’t been able to post on Pulse for a while so if you want to catch up, you can find old episodes on our blogger site or, of course, you can find them all on iTunes.

Stay Classy And Huzzah!

]]> 6 Bray Wyatt,Classy ring attire,dean ambrose,HHH,john cena,randy orton,WWE CRA is back with both hosts! Tell your friends! Tell your family! Tell randoms! Chris and Joel are finally back together and they've got a lot of catching up to do so watch, or rather listen as they cram 2 weeks of wresting and Hell in a Cell all into a single podcast. Also, Chris talks about his recent absence in a special address to the listeners at the end of the show. (Also, here is the match ( joel mentioned in the "What's making me happy" segment) Finally, we haven't been able to post on Pulse for a while so if you want to catch up, you can find old episodes on our blogger ( site or, of course, you can find them all on iTunes ( Stay Classy And Huzzah! Inside Pulse Wrestling no 1:05:11
Spain’s WWE SmackDown Report and Results for November 7th 2014: Halloween Was Last Week Sat, 08 Nov 2014 18:41:12 +0000 Yo yo yo, you crazy kids. It’s Friday night, which means it’s time for me to write the SmackDown Report, although that may or may not also occasionally take place on Saturday night, or Sunday morning. What’s it got to do with you anyway, man? Can’t a guy spend Friday night taking the edge off? Pouring himself a fine Irish whiskey and watching Adventure Time? You’re not my parents, dude.


Anyway, we’re in Albany, which years of watching WWE tells me is in New York. And people say this show isn’t educational. Because, let’s face it, it is not.

When Your Only Other Teams Are Los Matadores and Miz2

Looks like we’re kicking of SmackDown with a cage championship match. You know, feels like a main event sort of thing, but what do I know? I don’t run a business which is so desperate for money that about two thirds of its programming is advertising for itself or other products. But hey, tag team cage championship match. So…let’s do it.

God, that new announcer has a shrill, nasally voice. And Cody is either totally committed to his character or has just snorted a metric assload of cocaine; either way, I’ll watch it. Wait…wait, it’s not a tornado tag match? Inside a steel cage? You know, I had a whole rant written out about that, but no. No, I’m going to do what some parents do to their unruly, screaming kids, and not dignify bullshit with a response. Yet.

Jimmy or Jey starts off against Stardust or some crackhead who dressed as Stardust for Halloween and is now in way over his head one week later. Chops to Stardust, then a big uppercut from Jey. There’s an escape attempt, and then a stand-off. So…what, if neither illegal man goes back to his corner, they can get DQ’d, right? I mean, I assume that’s why both of them are standing there doing nothing. Goldust tags in, slamming some Uso skull against the turnbuckle, but his Irish whip gets reversed and he gets backdropped. Jimmy comes in now, knocking Dust down with a chop and flipping onto him. Goldust does fight back, hitting the Rhodes Uppercut, but gets slammed face-first into the cage for a two-count. Goldust struggles out of an armlock, and manages to duck a crossbody, leaving Jimmy to smash right into the steel, and then turns him inside out with a huge clothesline as we head to the commercial break.

Back to the action, and Stardust is slamming Jimmy’s back against the steel, tagging Goldust in to rake the Samoan’s face against the chain links. Jimmy manages to turn another attempt to smash him into the cage into a near-escape, but Goldust catches him with an electric chair drop. Jimmy gets placed onto the turnbuckle as the announce team fellate the WWE Network to the point of workplace harassment. Goldust gets knocked back down to the floor, and Jimmy hits a corkscrew moonsault to the Bizarre One. Both men are down, but Jimmy gets the tag, as does Stardust. Jimmy is all over his opponent, with strikes and a Samoan Drop. Goldust tries to interfere, but gets a taste of the steel. Samoan Wrecking Ball to Goldust; Stardust almost eats Uso ass, but manages to counter with a sitout pin for a near-fall. He gets sent into the steel and takes a dropkick; Goldust hurls Jimmy into the steel, and then takes a superkick from Jey! Stardust hits Crossrhodes, but Jey kicks out at two!

Stardust is amazed at the kick-out, and decides climbing out’s a good move, but Jey manages to grab his leg, keeping him up there. Goldust boots Jimmy down, and those two head up to the turnbuckle as well. Stardust gets headbutted to the canvas; Jimmy superplexes Goldust and Jey nails Goldust with the Samoan Splash, but Stardust rolls Jey up for the win.

Decent match, but a good combination was dealt a poor hand with the ridiculous tagging premise and a finish we’ve seen used before. I’m starting to yearn for the end of this feud; Henry and Big Show should have taken the belts and been the huge mountain for the Usos to climb. 2 Stars.

We recap RAW, which was basically Randy Orton going from ‘fucking awesome’ to ‘injured, but still fucking awesome’. I actually like this Orton turn, because he’s now not just that guy they can throw into a match they need someone to get booed in. He’s always been at his most entertaining (for me) when he wants to kick the shit out of someone but will settle for whoever he runs into first, and I only wish he could have a match with Lesnar where he could bring this much ferocity. Seriously: WWE did something I’m happy about, and also made Rusev the US Champion (except they get no credit for that because they put the match on the Network; that was actually the first time I’ve ever typed ‘Sheamus vs.’ into the YouTube search bar before, and I felt dirty doing it). It’s been a decent week.

Kane shows up to the ring with the difficult task of rationalising the maiming of an employee whilst being yelled at by a crowd. He has, like, a weird job. Randy Orton is apparently being used as an example to the rest of the locker room, and if I was a guy whose job ostensibly came under the category of ‘hurting people’, and my employers plus four of their friends were threatening to concuss me, I’d have gotten a group of every other wrestler together and said ‘okay guys and gals, we’re going to break one leg per Authority member, which hopefully will put an end to this “threatening us with physical violence” policy. After that, beers are on me.’ I’m surprised John Cena hasn’t already led the WWE locker room out to the ring to a chorus of ‘Do You Hear The People Sing’. Kane says the battle lines have been drawn, and then picks out Dolph Ziggler, and says he could have had the world but, really, if he’d joined the Authority’s team he’d probably have jobbed to Cena. For avoiding that, Ziggler will fight Kane tonight in a steel cage. Okay…fair reason for having the Uso match early.

Kane starts talking about another potential member of Team ‘We’ve Only Got Two Full-Time Wrestlers’, but Cesaro cuts him off with his siren, which is a wussier version of Scott Steiner’s. And how dumb or masochistic is Cesaro that, after seeing what happened to Orton, he wants to hang out with those guys? Kane actually wasn’t thinking about Cesaro, which would have been an awesome moment for Cesaro to snap, beat Kane to a sobbing pulp and win both a place on the Authority’s Team and any ground he’s lost against Ziggler and Sheamus, and show Triple H’s fall into desperation as he makes any decision necessary to hold onto his power, but instead Cesaro will face Ryback. Hey, I’ll still watch it.

Ryback vs. Cesaro Really Looks Like Machoke Facing Machop

Ryback says ‘it’s feeding time’, which he should not ever do again ever. The WWE Rewind shows Ryback flattening Titus O’Neil, so this is totally anybody’s game. We come back to Ryback breaking out of a sleeper, but running into a big boot. Cesaro locks in the sleeper again, rolling the Big Guy over. Snapmare to Ryback, then a suplex for two. Apparently Rusev might join the Authority, which I’ll admit is a way Cena can pin him without having to wait until WrestleMania, with the added advantage of devaluing the US Title yet further. Ryback breaks out of a sleeper, although Cesaro is persistent, and drives the Swiss Superman into the mat with a spinebuster.

Meathook Clothesline levels Cesaro, but he breaks out of Shell-Shocked, throwing Ryback into the turnbuckle and booting him! Elbow from the top rope connects, and he rains punches down on Ryback. Suplex to Ryback is reversed, into a Shell-Shocked for the win.

This was okay; I’d be interested in seeing something full-length, as this was very short. 2 Stars.

Ryback isn’t getting paid to hang around, so gets out of the ring, and Kane stands in the ring, looking jilted. Chin up, ugly; you get to maul a blonde guy later.

The Bunny Stood Looking On. “O Brave New World, O Brave New World…”

Oh yay, it’s R-Truth. Blah blah what does this guy contribute blah blah get rid of him blah. He’ll be facing Adam Rose, in the moral lesson that speaking your mind means you have to fight a guy.

With the psychotic narcotics looking on, the two men lock up. Rose is knocked down with a shoulder block, and Truth mocks him through the medium of dance. Adam Rose leaps into R-Truth’s arms in response, which is surely something to avoid in a wrestling match. But then…this isn’t going to be a wrestling match, is it? More dance mockery, and Bunny starts dancing; JBL is so excited by this that I can only assume he’s rabidly humping Tom’s face whilst commentating. Adam Rose tries to have words with the man he forces to dress up as a rabbit for his drug-addled amusement, but R-Truth rolls him up.

Well, I guess this is the new stupid thing we’ll be watching. Although ‘stupid’ is a vague term. 1 Star.

Adam Rose hits the Bunny in the face, clearly having learned a thing or two from the Authority. The Rosebuds look shocked, but at Adam Rose’s encouragement, start dancing and partying again. Holy shit, the veil was just lifted there on a very twisted vision. Is the Exotic Express some sort of 1984 dystopia, where Rose rules through myriad tortures and all-pervading surveillance, quelling any disquiet through organised hatred directed toward Bo Dallas? Or is it more like Brave New World, where any feelings of dissatisfaction are removed and suppressed through the moulding of the Rosebuds to their station in life, plus a steady diet of awareness-numbing drugs?

The drugs one. It’s the drugs.

The Bunny gets back up, and Adam Rose stares at him until he cringes away. But it was alright, everything was alright, the struggle was finished. He had won the victory over himself. He loved Big Brother Adam Rose.

Well, turns out Christian’s still alive and employed. Good to know. Seems Ambrose will being continuing his tour of fake interview segments, although Christian’s doesn’t even get furniture now. He says unless his ears are deceiving him (they are), he has a lot of peeps in Albany. He asks if people want to see the Authority (who, by the way, are apparently less effective as a governing body than Adam Rose) or Cena triumph, and Ambrose interrupts. We replay the bullshit ending of Hell in a Cell and Christian asks him why, Bray, why?

Ambrose asks why anyone goes after anyone, and it’s because WWE Creative have not a fucking clue. He says he can play games too; he gets a thrill out of getting hurt and hurting others…and this brings out Bray Wyatt, who should really look into the fact that his lantern is billowing smoke. He tells Ambrose that he shouldn’t worry; he has nothing to lose. He rubs in the fact that the Shield broke up, even though it sort of looks like the Wyatt Family isn’t together now either. He offers to heal Dean, and on an interesting side note, I met a group of faith healers once and found them to be condescending assholes when not scamming people for money about their work. Bray references Daniel Bryan, which is way better than when the Bellas do it. Wyatt then taunts Ambrose about his incarcerated father, who apparently sends postcards from prison instead of, you know, letters or emails. Ambrose heads for Bray, apparently keen on demonstrating some of the shower-themed features of prison life to the fat bastard, but the lights go black, and Wyatt vanishes…

…only to reappear like one fucking inch behind Dean Ambrose, which is the most terrifying fucking thing I’ve seen outside of a fucking horror movie. FUCK. Oh, that just bought them this whole feud without a complaint from me; they can do what they want. Then Bray legitimately vanishes, and Ambrose, to his credit, looks more furious than afraid. Holy shit.

The commentary team try once again to use a Sheamus match to advertise the WWE Network, which is like making an advert for burgers set entirely in an abbatoir: it’s a component we’re not interested in knowing about. Also, they pussy out of their ‘this is only for customers of the WWE Network (and anyone else with an internet connection)’ by showing the end of the match, which is all most of us would even watch. Seriously, guys, I hate your strategy of censoring matches and only allowing people to watch them if they suckle at your poorly-thought-out and money-haemorrhaging teat, but it’s an exercise in futility if you don’t follow through on the threat. Come on; we’re going to complain about you anyway: be an asshole and don’t show it to us filthy, non-subscribing, UK-based pagans. Yeah, Britain still doesn’t have the Network, but on the lighter side, Sheamus passed out in a wrestling hold.

We recap something I missed from RAW, where Nikki ordered Brie to slap AJ and AJ decked her. In an interview with Renee Young, AJ absolves Brie from blame, but doesn’t apologise for punching her. Brie then appears to seemingly try to patch things up, and Nikki jumps AJ from behind. I fear that that wooden, wooden woman might actually hold the title. She tells Brie ‘try to be more sincere’, and that was so hypocritical I’m amazed Michael Cole didn’t ascend to his final form.

Wow, WWE, Too Real. Too Real.

Well, seems like Natalya’s got a match, and that’s something. Apparently Tyson Kidd is trying to win an award for being the Worst Partner of All Time, which is up against some stiff competition from Triple H (drugged, married and raped a woman) and Kane (killed a woman due to being drunk and driving, and then raped the corpse). Tyson is just sort of an asshole. Natalya’s facing Summer Rae, who starts things off with a stiff jab to the jaw.

Nattie goes for Summer, who takes her down with a swinging foot to the face. Summer wraps her legs around Nat’s waist, but she powers out of that, bodyslamming Summer as Michael Cole calls Tyson Kidd out on being such a piss-poor onscreen husband. This drives Tyson Kidd, who has a strange form of speech-impediment, to call ‘lock in the Sharpshooter!’, which somehow distracts Natalya enough for Summer Rae to pin her.

I assume this has something to do with Total Divas, but as I neither know nor care, that’s sort of redundant. Tyson Kidd is actually a fairly restrained parody of the entitlement oft present in couples these days, which is a part of this storyline which has caught my interest. But all I wanted was a real match. 1.5 Stars.

See, this is intense stuff: Tyson sabotaged his wife’s efforts, thus undermining her self-esteem and making him seem to be the more successful and dominant partner in their relationship, meaning that she won’t see him for the worthless parasite that he is and her sense of self-worth will begin to align with his fiction/fantasy of her, allowing him to act out his delusions of grandeur in real life. Guys? Girls? Do not be a Tyson Kidd, and do not enter into a relationship with a Tyson Kidd. Tyson Kidd is not the sort of person you need in your life (this writer acknowledges the likelihood that Tyson Kidd is probably a stand-up guy and a great husband in reality; his character is just a rat bastard).

Okay, between the dystopian undertones of the Exotic Express, the uncomfortably realistic themes of the Kidd/Neidhart marriage and Bray Fucking Wyatt, this has been a seriously dark SmackDown. But on a lighter note, a psychotic attempted-murderer burn-victim necrophiliac will now lock a former cheerleader in a cage and hurt him.


Kane’s future cheerleader-skinned rug is backstage with Renee Young, who has a history of having potentially-last conversations with Dolph; you’d think she’d have it in her to give him a hug, or at least end with a prayer. Triple H shows up, interrupting Ziggler’s shouting into the void, and extends another offer to join Team Authority, and then threatens Ziggler with Orton-like consequences. Shit, guys, form a mob and cripple him.

If Irony Happens In A Steel Cage Does That Mean It’s An Alloy?

Ziggler makes his way out to the cage, the condemned man who, let’s face it, could have lied to the Authority, joined their team and sabotaged them at Survivor Series, meaning he’d have them out of power and would have avoided weeks of this ‘getting beaten up’ bullshit. Then some crazy Wyatt-related eyes show up on the screen, so apparently that’s another aspect of this situation. Immediately after that the Big Red Machine comes out, and I would love it if it turned out Ziggler paid the APA enough money to beat the hell out of Kane before the match for the easy win. Actually, I’d just like to see one person employed by WWE demonstrate the slightest bit of devious cunning; it’s not been the same since CM Punk left.

Both men get locked in the cage, and it’s go time. Ziggler plays hard-to-get with his dodging, and takes Kane onto one knee with a dropkick before hitting a facebuster. First escape attempt of the match, and Kane stops it. He tries to hurl Dolph into the cage, but that just leads to Ziggler climbing back up. Finally, Kane manages to smash Ziggler’s face into the steel as we go to a commercial.

Back from the break, Kane is in firm control, and destroys any possible hope spot for Ziggler with a big boot. Ziggler gets pancaked into the corner, and Kane rips off the top turnbuckle. Because there wasn’t enough exposed metal in this match, I guess? Ziggler manages to capitalise, hitting his big DDT to down Kane. Another escape attempt from Dolph, but Kane heads up there with him, only for Ziggler to crotch the Big Red Machine on the ropes; Kane then does the exact same thing, and think about the fact that they both agreed with each other to do that spot.

Both guys are down, because they are guys with guy parts, but Ziggler finally leaps at Kane, only to be caught with an uppercut and knocked to the floor. Kane signals for the chokeslam, and almost hits it, but Ziggler leaps away at the last second, dashing back up the cage again. Kane catches him by the leg, hurling him back down to the mat. Chokeslam hits, but Kane doesn’t want the cover; he wants the Tombstone. Ziggler manages to wiggle out of it and hit the Zig-Zag for a tremendously close fall, but Kane does get the shoulder up.

Dolph has the least movement-efficient crawling ever, and you’d think the whole ‘both feet must touch the floor’ rule would prompt more superstars to head out of the cage backwards. But Kane does catch him, dragging him away from the door, only for Ziggler to kick him away. Kane comes back; Dolph ducks and superkicks him, but Kane rebounds right away with a clothesline; both men are down again.

Ziggler tries to escape again, really giving Kane as much time as he needs to catch him. Kane charges, but strikes the exposed turnbuckle (damn you, irony!), and Dolph climbs on Kane to escape the cage, as oppose to anything you could climb on that wouldn’t try to attack you. Ziggler gets to the outside of the cage, in front of the door, but Kane boots the door open, leaving Dolph to hang across it. Kane tries to escape, but Ziggler uses the door like a battering ram to slam into Kane’s face, and drops down to the floor for the win.

At first, it seemed like a fairly simple match, but the ending really elevated it. Great main event. 3 Stars.

On the whole, things seem sort of almost promising. I like typical Survivor Series match-ups, and some of the other feuds look decent. Honestly, though, I’ve been most amused this week by the really dark stuff I’ve been reading into the WWE’s product. But it’s something I enjoy, so hey. Eight for this week.

Movie Recommendation: Sunshine. My favourite science-fiction movie ever, even more than The Matrix. Some of the most brilliant…everything I’ve seen in a film. Plus, Cillian Murphy. You know…it’s Cillian Murphy.

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JC’s Top Rope Report: My In Person Thoughts From RAW Wed, 05 Nov 2014 02:12:49 +0000 For those of you who didn’t know, the reason I did not do a live RAW Review last night was because I was at the show in person. Figured I would throw some thoughts in from my night at the show.

-The lower and middle bowls of the First Niagara Center were filled. The upper deck was about 40% full. I’ve been to shows where it has been completely sold out (RAW leading up to Wrestlemania 29 where The Rock appeared) and shows where the lower bowl was full and half the middle bowl was full (Smackdown taping). It was about what the WWE usually does when they come here.

-Nothing special from the Superstars tapings. Right before RAW was about to start, literally about 30 seconds before the intro aired, Lillian Garcia announced that John Cena was unable to attend the show and fans wanting refunds had 20 minutes to do show. I figured he wasn’t going to be there since he was pulled from advertisements the week before the show. While it got some boos from the crowd, I think I maybe saw five or six people get up and leave right after the announcement.

-The surprise return of Mr. McMahon got the pop of the night. Pretty nice surprise following the Cena announcement. Vince definitely looks his age in person. I couldn’t hear anything that was being said in the ring because of the crowd. One thing you learn from being at a show then watching it on TV is the crowd is much louder in person.

-My favorite part of the night was getting to enjoy some good wrestling. Dean Ambrose vs Cesaro and Seth Rollins vs Dolph Ziggler were very good matches. The Randy Orton vs Seth Rollins and Sheamus vs Rusev matches started off slow but picked up half way through and got the crowd re-invested in the matches.

-Randy Orton was definitely over. I was actually surprised at how over Orton was. I wasn’t expecting him to get as good of a reaction as he did. At the beginning of the Orton/Rollins match, the crowd chanted “KYLE Orton” for the first five minutes or so. For those of you that don’t know, Kyle Orton is the current Buffalo Bills QB who is playing well and has the team at 5-3 right now. I think it was just a byproduct of being in Buffalo, and nothing against Orton himself.

Now of course, I have a problem with the way Orton was booked. He may have still been over, but how he turned face was just so stupid. He was beat clean so he decides to go after the Authority? That makes no sense. There is almost no reason to be mad at the bad guys in that situation. It’s part of the WWE’s problem: They have NO IDEA who to book a babyface properly. Just go down the line. Ambrose probably has been booked the best but even he has had some rough patches recently.

-By the time the 3rd hour came around a lot of the crowd, myself included, was getting exhausted. Wrestling, outside of PPVs, just isn’t meant to be 3 hours. Especially when half the same people are appearing throughout the show. HHH and Steph had to be on for at least a full hour. A three hour RAW can work if booked properly, but that isn’t happening with the current crop of writers the WWE has.

-There was never really a point where the crowd turned on a match completely. The Big Show/Mark Henry match got a quick “Eric Wood” chant after they showed the Bills before the match. I’ve seen some bad shows in person. I was once at a RAW where we had a back-to-back pre taped segments of The Rock and Shawn Michaels, then saw a main event of Alex Riley vs John Cena in a cage.

-Last word of advice: NEVER be near the barricade at all when a wrestler is thrown into it. My friend lost her beer when Cesaro threw Ambrose into the barricade. And when Orton through Rollins into the barricade, I was on the metal part and it ricochets all the way to the metal part and I felt it in the mid-section.

I always say shows are more fun live than on TV (and when you have a little alcohol in you.) I rewatched the show this morning and probably would have given it a 6 or 7 if I watched it on TV. It had some good wrestling that somewhat hid the poor storytelling throughout the show.

RAW 11/3 11459911_10154825097480298_8610831551496443344_n10387675_10154825099570298_7634285214464285653_n10606602_10154825097045298_6240042559990130532_n


Pops of the Night

1. Vince McMahon

2. Randy Orton

3. Dean Ambrose

Heat of the Night

1. Seth Rollins/The Authority

2. Rusev

3. No Cena Announcement

Until Next Time,

Justin C

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Live Monday Night RAW 11.3.14 Review & Results! (Vince McMahon, The Authority, Randy Orton, Seth Rollins) Tue, 04 Nov 2014 01:11:41 +0000 WWE Raw Header - 2014

{Hello all, I’ll be filling in tonight as our own Justin Czerwonka has the privilege of attending Monday Night RAW live. Should be an interesting ride tonight. – MJH}


Nothing like kicking off RAW with a little “No Chance In Hell”. Vince McMahon makes his return to RAW flanked by Triple H & Stephanie McMahon. After running down his past feuds (including his feud with God), McMahon made the announcement that if Team Authority loses to Team Cena at Survivor Series that The Authority will be made to disband and will no longer be in power. Dean Ambrose’s music hit as McMahon and The Authority are leaving the ring. Vince greets Ambrose with a smile and a handshake while Triple H & Stephanie look on disapprovingly. Ambrose enters the ring for his match with Cesaro after the break.

Vince McMahon rants to The Authority about how good it felt to be in the ring tonight in front of his limo. They wish him a good trip back home and constantly reassure him that they have everything in order. After he gets in the limo, Triple H and Stephanie turn away saying they “need to go figure this out”.

Cesaro makes his way to the ring. Ambrose & Cesaro lock up and begin trading wrist locks and armbars for all of 30 seconds before the brawl starts. Cesaro tosses Ambrose out of the ring but Dean comes back to ram Cesaro’s head into the barricade a few times before tossing him back in the ring. The lights go out before the break and Bray Wyatt appears in his rocking chair on the stage when the lights are raised.

Back from break and Cesaro has control delivering a wicked spinning neckbreaker while Ambrose was in Randy Orton’s rope DDT position. Ambrose makes a comeback with trademark brawling & rebound clothesline before Cesaro counters with his vicious “very European” uppercut. Ambrose counters and throws Cesaro outside. Ambrose hits a diving planca to the floor and follows it up with Dirty Deeds in the ring for the win. The lights go out and Bray Wyatt disappears before Ambrose can get to him.

Triple H and Stephanie talk about putting together the strongest Survivor Series team possible. Triple H immediately begins to call Randy Orton to Stephanie’s dismay since Orton RKO’d Seth Rollins last week. Triple H says they need the strongest team they can get now that Stephanie’s father put so much on the line.

The Usos make their entrance as Jimmy Uso gets ready to face The Miz. The Miz and Jimmy lock up as Damien Mizdow does his typical routine on the outside. Jey Uso looks at Mizdow strangely before joining in and mimicking what his brother is doing in the ring. Michael Cole tosses out a rather cool fact saying that Survivor Series will be the first PPV the WWE ever gives away for free. Jimmy hits the Miz with a dive over the top rope but Mizdow creates the diversion when he rolls into the ring with The Miz. Jey Uso knocks out Mizdow with a crescent kick but Jimmy gets caught getting into the ring, gets hit with the Skull Crushing Finale and The Miz picks up the win.

Sheamus takes on Tyson Kidd with Natalya because two Sheamus matches tonight are better than one as he takes on Rusev on the WWE Network right after RAW for the WWE United States Championship. Tyson Kidd and Sheamus actually have a back and forth match until things spill outside. When Sheamus went to charge Kidd, Kidd pulled Nattie in the way and rolled back into the ring to beat the count and Sheamus. Post match, Sheamus Brogue Kicks Kidd while he’s celebrating and walks out with the US Championship.

Dolph Ziggler makes his way to the ring as the announcers play up Ziggler’s involvement with John Cena and if he’ll join Team Cena. Instead of announcing an opponent, all of The Authority make their way to the ring. Triple H tries to convince Ziggler that he shouldn’t join Cena’s team. He even went as far as to play into rumors that Ziggler just can’t break through the “glass ceiling” because someone is in his way (in this story, John Cena). Triple H offers Ziggler “anything he wants” if he calls Cena and backs out of the match at Survivor Series. Dolph responds that all he wants is them out of power for good. Triple H then makes a match for the Intercontinental Championship between Ziggler and Seth Rollins next as punishment.

Jamie Noble and Joey Mercury are ringside for Rollins. Ziggler & Rollins start out with some mat wrestling before things start to pick up. Rollins nails Ziggler with a stiff clothesline before Ziggler makes a brief comeback with a beautiful dropkick and clothesline. Rollins counters and clotheslines Ziggler to the outside as we go to the break.

The match resets with a double clothesline as both men try to get back to his feet. Ziggler reaches his feet first and hits Rollins with his comeback set. Rollins counters a 10 punch in the corner with a turnbuckle powerbomb. Rollins misses a flying knee and Ziggler connects with the Fameasser for a long two. Rollins counters a superkick from Ziggler with a nice kick to the back of the IC champion’s neck. Ziggler avoids interference from Mercury but Noble hits him with a top rope clothesline and Rollins throws Ziggler into the steel post followed by the Curb Stomp. Before going for the cover, Randy Orton sneaks in and hits the RKO on Rollins. He walks out with the rest of The Authority shouting after him.

Randy Orton confronts Triple H & Stephanie McMahon backstage and begs for Seth Rollins in a match tonight. Stephanie asks why they would put their co-captains in a match against each other which completely sends Orton over the edge. Orton asks why he should even fight for this side and maybe he should fight for Team Cena. Triple H goes into pep-talk mode about needing “The Viper” on his team so he’ll give Orton his match against Rollins so they can get all of this crap out and then be done with it. Orton accepts and we have Orton versus Rollins later tonight.

Cue a very weird “eyeball” vignette that left the announcers speechless. Go to YouTube if you’re interested. It was weird.

Titus O’Neil is in the ring spelling his name and saying how he wants on Team Authority when Ryback’s music hits. Ryback is in full babyface mode again this week and Buffalo is into it by immediately chanting “Feed Me More”. Titus shows off an awesome display of strength by lifting Ryback over his shoulder, holding him there for awhile and then dropping him with a backbreaker. Ryback comes back with a spinebuster and goes to the Meathook clothesline as the crowd chants “Feed Me More” again. The Authority is shown watching the match as Ryback hits the still pitiful-looking Shell-Shocked finisher.

The Big Show makes his way down to the ring for his match against Mark Henry. I guess they’re fighting because they both suck at defending America. Now an Irishman gets to do it tonight after RAW on the WWE Network making RAW even longer than it already is. Big Show & Mark Henry traded a bunch of elbow drops and slams until Big Show kicked out of the World’s Strongest Slam & Henry got mad so he hit Show with the steel steps for the DQ. Henry then delivered the World’s Strongest Slam outside the ring on the stairs.

Renee Young tries to conduct an interview with Brie Bella but Nikki shuts that down because she didn’t approve it. Erick Rowan comes out of nowhere, strokes Renee’s hair and says “pretty”. Nikki Bella squares off with Emma as AJ Lee joins in on commentary (cue “CM Punk” chants). Nikki dominates the match and ends it with the Rack Attack. She then demands Brie go and slap AJ which caused Lee to knock out Brie and chase Nikki up the ramp.

Because we always have time to kill, it’s time to kill Zack Ryder at the hands’ of Rusev. Ryder gets crushed (dammit, I used it!) as The Authority looked at recruiting Rusev because apparently they have no American pride.

Los Matadores and Gold & Stardust are already in the ring as we’re set for Stardust versus Fernando. The Miz & Damien Mizdow are on commentary, well The Miz is on commentary and Mizdow is lip-syncing everything. El Torito knocks Goldust into The Miz which caused enough of a distraction that Fernando caught Stardust with a backstabber and picked up the upset.

Randy Orton makes his way to the ring and our own Justin Czerwonka gets some valuable screen time for the HTC/Inside Pulse Wrestling Pulsecast behind “The Viper”. Seth Rollins comes down the ramp with a limp and even sells a hurt back when taking off his shirt. Rollins even looked at Stephanie and Triple H to see if the match is still going to happen. The bell rings and Orton begins a one-sided asswhopping Steve Austin would be proud of.

We’re back and Rollins has control. Until he tries to hit a planca to the outside and Orton sidesteps him. Rollins eventually regains control as Triple H and Stephanie begin to look a little more worried. The action spills to the outside and Orton hits a side suplex to Rollins on the table. Orton then went into crazy cleaning mode by completely clearing the announcers’ table while Triple H asked him if he really needed to do this. Rollins rolled back to avoid any damage for now. He regained the advantage after dumping Orton to the outside and hitting a dive to the floor. Rollins rolls Orton back inside, jumps off the top for the flying knee and gets a long 2. Orton gains the upperhand after avoiding the Curb Stomp and moving into his signature moves. Orton hits the middle rope DDT and sets up the RKO. When he goes for it, Rollins reverses it into a backside and a quick 3 count out of nowhere. Triple H is almost out of his suit because of stress but asks Orton to shake everyone’s hand. Orton does until he gets to Rollins, who gets another RKO. Orton sets up the punt kick but Triple H stops him and tries to talk him down. He succeeds for a bit until Orton snaps and clocks Triple H too. He continues to take out everyone until Kane holds him on the table long enough for Seth Rollins to Curb Stomp him on the table. Orton’s head is legitimately busted open now and Stephanie is trying to convince Triple H to order The Authority to “finish this”. He finally did and Seth Rollins Curb Stomped him onto the steel steps. The announcers played up the fact that Orton is no longer in The Authority (and thus we now have a babyface Randy Orton) while Rollins posed and the doctors’ worked on Orton.

On the Network, the doctors are still working on Randy Orton and are putting him on a stretcher when Rusev’s music hits for the United States Championship match. Michael Cole set up the match and even said that neither Rusev nor Sheamus have ever tapped out in their WWE careers. Both men are pretty stiff as every punch & kick are loud and leave a mark. Neither man holds an advantage for long until Rusev counters the Battering Ram into a powerslam onto the floor and then nails a spinning heel kick. Sheamus begins to make a comeback when he tries to hit his tilt-a-whirl suplex but it ends up being mostly a slam. The advantage is traded back and forth with Sheamus breaking out of the Accolade and Rusev dodges the Brogue Kick. Rusev hits Sheamus with two superkicks and locks in the Accolade. Sheamus fights for a little while before passing out and thus your new WWE United States Champion, Rusev!

Total Runtime of RAW = 3 hours and 40 minutes×120.jpg×250.jpg

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Harrak’s Thoughts: WWE Hell In A Cell 2014 (Seth Rollins vs Dean Ambrose/John Cena vs Randy Orton) Mon, 27 Oct 2014 23:38:43 +0000 2014 Hell In A Cell Header


#1~ Dolph Ziggler versus Cesaro was pretty much everything we expected from two of WWE’s best in ring performers. It was a little shocking to see Ziggler win two straight to none but considering how much he sells and loses non-title matches, I can see the importance of giving him a strong win against a strong contender. But what now for Cesaro? He’s against both the US and IC Champions. Doesn’t he try for the Tag Team titles again? Cesaro just needs a positive path right now.

#2~ Nikki & Brie was pretty much that was expected. They got the exact right amount of time and were placed well on the card. Combine that with some decent in ring action, a clean finish and suddenly there was a second decent women’s match on the show. I wish I could say I expected more from the backstage segment that they shot later but I guess we should all get settled in for a month of “Mean Girls” reruns.

#3~ If it wasn’t for the giant cage hanging above the ring, I would’ve checked my DVR to see if this was last week’s RAW. It’s hard to believe that these two teams could any think of any other spots that they haven’t tried yet since they wrestle each other on TV every week. I guess that’s what happens when you only have 4 tag teams on your main roster.

#4~ I think John Cena versus Randy Orton was better than most expected it to be. The wrestling was solid, storyline was easy to follow and the veterans were able to throw in enough new moves (awesome counters & great near falls) from both men. I still want to see want to see Orton thrown into the WWE Championship match since I really don’t need another Lesnar/Cena match for the rest of my life.

#5~ Sheamus beat Miz without anything special happening at all. It was a RAW match. A BAD RAW match. This was the perfect time to turn Sheamus since everyone is loving Damien Mizdow but nothing. Just more terribleness and missed opportunities.

#6~ Again, another RAW match that just happened to take place on a PPV. I think Big Show left his intensity at RAW as well since these two just appeared to be going though the motions.

#7~ You had to know that as soon as Seth Rollins & Dean Ambrose were signed for a Hell In A Cell match that someone was coming off of the top. Therefore, I loved that they started the match off on top of the Cell, right where we all expected them to end up. I liked that both men took the “Shawn Michaels bump” off of the Cell but the addition of Joey Mercury & Jamie Noble was completely uncalled for and overbooked. And then you add Kane and my attention is starting to wander. Throw in a pretty cool return for Bray Wyatt and I’m officially ready to crap all over this match. Why would anyone, in ANY WORLD, not let Dean Ambrose and Seth Rollins have a legitimate match. They were headlining your damn pay-per-view and spent more time receiving medical attention than the did having any physical contact. Bray Wyatt got a cool return, is now feuding with #2 babyface Dean Ambrose & the PPV closed on his image… Bray Wyatt, a man not on the show or even on live TV for the last 6 weeks returns to destroy the one story your fans, your paying fans have been dying to see and PAID to see. Time’s running short for the WWE to start listening to his fans.×120-2013.jpg×250-2014-hell-in-a-cell.jpg

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WWE Monday Night RAW LIVE Results For 10/27/14: Hell In A Cell Fallout Mon, 27 Oct 2014 23:29:42 +0000 It’s the RAW after Hell In A Cell. Why did Bray Wyatt attack Dean Ambrose? When will John Cena get his Title shot? What does Hulk Hogan have to say? Also announced is John Cena vs Seth Rollins. So after a month of Cena trying to get his hands on Rollins and the Authority stopping him, then losing a match to get the right to face Rollins, Cena is then just awarded a match with him on RAW. WWE Logic at its finest folks.

No Pants Orton Means Business

RAW started with The Authority in the ring talking about Hell In A Cell, and they then introduced Seth Rollins. Rollins said that the lunatic fringe Dean Ambrose is finally out of his hair once and for all. He said last night he proved that intellect conquers over mayhem every single time. He said now that he is done with Ambrose, he sees John Cena on the horizon. He said tonight he will leave Cena just like he left Ambrose last night, in a puddle of his own failure.

Randy Orton came to the ring. Orton went on a tirade about losing last night and said that it was because of Rollins Curb Stomp last week. He went off about Rollins saying he was the future of the WWE and then went after Rollins. He was eventually pulled off and HHH told him that they were not doing this tonight. HHH told him to take the night off and this will be dealt with at the appropriate time. Orton then pushed HHH away and hit the RKO on Rollins.

The Heel Turn The Entire World Saw Coming

Tag Title Match: The Dust Brothers vs Big Show and Mark Henry (aka Team Failed America). Goldust and Henry started. Henry tossed Goldust around for a bit then tagged in Stardust. Henry tossed Stardust into the corner and landed some blows before tagging in Big Show. Show hit a couple of chest slaps then tagged Henry back in. Henry tossed Stardust hard into the corner then grabbed him by the ankle and held him by one hand to stop it. Show tagged himself in and that upset Henry. Henry then pushed and argued with Big Show about it into commercial.

Back from break Big Show escaped a chin lock and tagged in Mark Henry. Stardust caught Henry with a chop block to the knee. This allowed the heels to take turns working over Henry. Stardust hit a springboard dropkick knocking Henry into the corner. Show tagged himself in and he ended up hitting the KO Punch on Stardust. He then tossed Goldust over the top rope. Henry came in and started arguing with Show again, and he eventually hit the World’s Strongest Slam on Big Show. Henry put Stardust on Show and they got the pinfall win to retain the Titles.

WINNERS: Goldust and Stardust

After the match, Henry hit two World’s Strongest Slams and a splash on the Big Show.

Mark Henry said he did what he did to Big Show before Big Show could do it to him and that Show has always been jealous of him.

Roman Reigns was interviewed. He said when he is medically cleared, he is going to make Seth Rollins the past.

AJ Lee vs Alicia Fox. Fox started the match by drop kicking AJ out of the ring. Fox had control early and hit a northern lights suplex followed. Fox locked in a headlock. Fox went for a bodyslam but AJ countered nicely with a DDT. Fox came back with a backbreaker. Paige left the commentary booth and started yelling at Alicia. The distraction allowed AJ to roll up Alicia and pick up the win.


Paige tried apologizing to Alicia Fox after but Paige caught her with a kick, then launched her into the barricade on the outside and also slammed Alicia’s head into the barricade.

The Every Few Months “Someone Tries To Get John Cena To Turn Heel” Promo

John Cena came out. He said last night two men went through hell for the opportunity to challenge the Beast. He said he earned that right, and while Brock Lesnar sits at home pretending to be a Champion, he fights every night proving that he is a Champion. He said when he gets into the ring again with Brock Lesnar he will not lose. Cena said that everything he does from here on out will be a statement to Brock Lesnar. Cena said tonight he goes through the future in Seth Rollins.

Steph came out and said that she does look forward to tonight and that she also looks forward to Survivor Series where there will be a traditional Survivor Series match. Steph said she also has a business proposition for him. Steph said that he panders to the fans too much. Steph asked Cena to join The Authority where he could be loved and respected. That’s something the fans don’t do. She said The Authority could offer some assurance in a match against Brock Lesnar. Steph said he deserves so much better. Cena said all he deserves is the opportunity to come down the ramp and do what he does every single night. Cena said that his answer to Steph was hell no.

HHH came out and made fun of Cena being the big old hero. He told Cena it gets harder every year and that he is hanging on by a thread every single year. He told Cena he can’t fight the future and it doesn’t have to be as hard as it is going to get. HHH said that he guesses he will just have to show to Cena that the future is against him. He told Cena to find someone willing to stand up to the Authority and fight his team at Survivor Series. HHH said the future will run through Cena and that he better smarten up to the fact that The Authority always wins.

Faces Using Heel Tactics

The Usos vs Miz and Damien Mizdow. Miz started with a shoulder tackle but the Uso in the ring came back and hit a clothesline but he then ate a running knee. Miz landed a boot in the corner and was then clotheslined over the top, so Mizdow came of the apron and joined him. The Usos then hit dueling dives to the outside into commercial. Miz had control back from break. He hit a DDT for two. Mizdow came in and hit a suplex then went to a headlock. Mizdow also hit a DDT then tagged in Miz. Miz and Mizdow worked over Uso for a bit. Mizdow went for the Miz’s corner clothesline but Jey blocked it and hit a dropkick and tagged in Jimmy. Jimmy hit a Samoan Drop followed by a crossbody off the top. Jimmy went for a roll up but Mizdow broke it up. Jey then replaced Jimmy when the ref wasn’t looking. Jey rolled up Miz to pick up the win.


Backstage John Cena was seen talking to Dolph Ziggler. They shook hands. Back from break, Kane confronted Ziggler about talking to Cena and said he would meet him in the ring.

Hulk Hogan once again talked about breast cancer and welcomed the survivors in the crowd to pose in the ring.

Bo Dallas issued an open challenge that was answered by Ryback. Ryback hit a spinebuster and followed it up with the Meathook clothesline and Shell Shocked for the win.

Ummmm, I’d Rather Have The Cesaro/Ambrose Match

Before Dean Ambrose vs Cesaro, Ambrose took the mic. He said when he got to hell, he found Bray Wyatt. He said you don’t mess with an animal who has sharper claws then you and you don’t screw with Dean Ambrose. Ambrose then ran into the ring and jumped Cesaro with the mic. They went outside and Ambrose still beat down Cesaro with the mic. Cesaro went to the back. Ambrose demanded Bray come out so he could kick his ass. Bray appeared on the screen. He said that when he sees Ambrose it is almost like seeing his own reflection. He said they both like torture and they both enjoy inflicting pain. But Bray said he is not Ambrose, and told Dean to run.

Nikki Bella beat Namoi. Brie grabbed Naomi’s leg causing a distraction even though Brie didn’t want too.

Cena With The Save?

Dolph Ziggler vs Kane. Ziggler landed some early punches before Kane caught him with an uppercut. Kane then dropped Ziggler on the ropes and caught him with a boot to the face. Ziggler fought out of a headlock but ate a knee to the gut. Dolph fought out of another headlock with a jawbreaker then ducked a charging Kane and then connected on a dropkick sending Kane off the apron. Back from break Dolph hit a facebuster but then ran right into a right hand by Kane. Kane continued to work over Ziggler until he caught Kane with an uppercut and started a comeback. Dolph connected on a Fameasser for two. Kane attempted a chokeslam but Dolph escaped and rolled up Kane to pick up the win.

WINNER: Dolph Ziggler

After the match Seth Rollins jumped Ziggler from behind. Rollins and Kane started to lay the boots to Ziggler before Cena came out. Cena clotheslined Kane over the top as Rollins ran off.

I Hope You Weren’t Expecting A Clean Finish

Main Event time. Cena started with an early takedown sending Rollins to the outside. Rollins came back in the ring but ate a hip toss from Cena so he bailed again. Rollins ate a punch and bailed again so this time Cena chased him to the outside and smashed his head on the announce table. Mercury and Noble stood in the way of Cena, but Rollins busted through them and hit a clothesline on the outside. Rollins had the upper hand back in the ring landing multiple blows. Mercury caught Cena with a punch with the refs back turned. Noble then landed some blows on the outside and Rollins hit a suplex on the floor. Rollins continued to dominate. He stopped a Cena comeback with an elbow then a neckbreaker for two.

Back from break Rollins tossed Cena into the steps. Cena tried a comeback but Rollins ducked a shoulder tackle and Cena went to the outside. Rollins hit a dive and knocked Cena down but Rollins also hit his taped and injured back on the announce table. Rollins went for a superplex but Cena knocked him off the ropes and hit a crossbody. Cena went for the AA but Rollins countered with a DDT for two. They went back to the outside where Rollins tossed Cena into the barricade. Back in the ring Cena escaped a headlock but Rollins came right back with a dropkick. Cena beat the ten count to get back in the ring but Rollins went back to laying the boots to Cena. Cena recovered and went into CENA MODE. Cena tossed Rollins over the top and right onto Mercury and Noble. Rollins caught Cena with an enziguri back in the ring for two. Cena then caught a charging Rollins with a boot to the ribs then a tornado DDT for two. Cena went for the AA but Rollins landed on his feet. Rollins missed a kick and Cena went for the STF but Rollins got to the ropes. Rollins then hit a kick to the gut and a reverse DDT. Both men went to the top where Rollins gained the upper hand and it the turnbuckle bomb for two. Rollins went for the Curb Stomp but Cena moved and locked in the STF. Kane then came in to break up the move causing the DQ.

WINNER via DQ: John Cena

Dolph Ziggler continued to make the save until Noble and Mercury came in. The entire locker room then came out and a huge brawl started. The ring cleared out as Cena hit the AA on Heath Slater and Bo Dallas to end the show.


John Cena vs Seth Rollins: The match itself was rather good. You pretty much knew going in that you weren’t getting a clean finish. I may not have liked the fact that the match was booked in the first place, but both men did a good job in the ring before the schmozz finish.

Ryback Return: First off I’m surprised the crowd was that into him. But I’m glad. Ryback is a guy that could get over if he just let his real personality get through. If you haven’t seen his video from before his hernia surgery go look for it. He’s hilarious. This could be the start of a possible new push for Ryback that gives him a second chance here.

Randy Orton Face Turn?: Similar to Ryback, Randy Orton could get over as a face if he just plays his natural self. Orton is in need of new life because he is stale as all hell right now. A face turn might be a good start. I really wanted to see an Orton/Lesnar match just because it is different. I’m interested to see where they go with Orton from here.


John Cena/HHH/Stephanie McMahon Promo: Really? We have to go this route again? How many times over the years have various people tried to get John Cena to turn heel? And how many times has it worked? It’s just such a waste of time because we know it isn’t going to happen. This apparently is the storyline being used to cover up the fact that Brock Lesnar isn’t coming back soon.

Bray Wyatt Promo: As I said on Twitter last night, I would like to see a Dean Ambrose/Bray Wyatt feud. But it is off to a terrible start. First last night’s horrible ending to the Ambrose/Rollins match. Now we get a Bray Wyatt promo that doesn’t make too much sense. I had hopes for Bray Wyatt, but his character is really on thin ice with me. I’m hoping things pick up in the coming weeks.

Mark Henry Heel Turn: Maybe it’s because Henry’s last turn on Cena was so well done, but I just can’t get into another heel Henry run. Him and Big Show turn heel so much that I lost count. Plus, we’re getting a series of Mark Henry/Big Show matches. Those matches aren’t going to be entertaining.

There were some things to like from this RAW but it wasn’t enough to make it a good show. Everything outside of John Cena’s match tonight made no sense for him. He’s given a free match with Rollins after not getting one for a month and losing a match to get said match. Then we got the typical try to get Cena to turn heel promo we get every other month. There’s some potential out there but the WWE is just in a giant dry spell right now and haven’t been able to strike gold with anything recently. I’m giving the show a 3.

I’ll be at RAW next week so I won’t be doing a live results write up. Maybe someone can step in during my one week absence.

Until Next Time,

Justin C

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WWE Hell in a Cell 2014 PPV Live Match Results: John Cena vs. Randy Orton, Dean Ambrose vs. Seth Rollins Sun, 26 Oct 2014 23:39:03 +0000 Welcome to our coverage of WWE Hell in a Cell 2014. Check out our staff predictions in the Rasslin Roundtable.

The pre show had a Miz TV segment with Damien Mizdow. The panel is hosted by Renee Young and features Booker T, Paul Heyman and Alex Riley.

Mark Henry vs. Bo Dallas
Bo cut a promo before the match. He is calling himself Bo Washington tonight so that he isn’t confused with the fans in Dallas. Henry was fired up and squashed Dallas in about a minute. World’s Strongest Slam and clean pin.
Winner: Henry

Dallas continued on the mic after the match and Henry laid him out.

PPV proper begins with a great Hell in a Cell historical video package.

2 out of 3 Falls for Intercontinental Title
Dolph Ziggler (c) vs. Cesaro
Really good match. Ziggler took two falls and Cesaro took neither in a bit of a surprise. Match was a bit shorter than I expected.
Winner: Ziggler

Loser Becomes Winner’s Bitch
Brie Bella vs. Nikki Bella
Nikki won with a Rack Attack back breaker move.
Winner: Nikki

WWE Tag Team Titles
Gold & Stardust (c) vs. The Usos
About a 10 minute match, Goldust hit the Final Cut for the pin.
Winners: Gold & Stardust

Hell in a Cell – WWE World Heavyweight Title Shot
John Cena vs. Randy Orton
Interesting to see it put in the middle of the show. Both guys worked really hard. Crowd was pretty anti-Cena. Finish was an AA off the top by Cena through the table.
Winner: Cena

Rusev w/Lana vs. The Big Show
Rusev won when Big Show passed out in the Accolade. Mark Henry came down and consoled Big Show but did not turn.
Winner: Rusev

WWE Diva’s Title
AJ Lee (c) vs. Paige
Paige came down with Alicia Fox. AJ won clean when Paige tapped out to the Black Widow. Paige hit Alicia after the match.
Winner: AJ

Hell in a Cell
Dean Ambrose vs. Seth Rollins
Dean Ambrose took out a bunch of chairs then climbed to the top of the cage with a kendo stick on his back. Jamie Noble and Joey Mercury came out with Seth Rollins. All three went to the top of the cage. Ambrose eventually fights them off, Ambrose and Rollins brawl as they climb off the cage. They both them simultameously fly off the side of the cage through the announce tables. There are stretchers brought down, but eventually Ambrose gets up, and brings Rollins into the ring for the match. Back and forth with some great spots. Rollins hit the curb stomp but Ambrose kicked out. Ambrose gets 2 cinder blocks from under the ring, but the lights go out. Some weird German(?) then the lights come back on, Bray Wyatt is in the ring. He attacks Ambrose with chokeslam allowing Rollins to get the pin. Wyatt hits Sister Abigail after the match for good measure.
Winner: Rollins×120.jpg

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A2Z Analysiz: WWE Hell in a Cell ‘13 (Daniel Bryan, Randy Orton) Sun, 26 Oct 2014 13:00:55 +0000 Hell in a Cell 2013

For an easy to navigate archive of all my WWE DVD reviews, please visit World Wrestling Reviews!

AmericanAirlines Arena – Miami, Florida – Sunday, October 27, 2013

Michael Cole, Hall of Famer Jerry “The King” Lawler, and JBL are on commentary.

KICKOFF MATCH: Kofi Kingston vs. Damien Sandow

Sandow is the aggressor early on, but Kofi fights back with a flurry of strikes. Kofi hits a flying back elbow for a two-count. Sandow takes a powder to catch his breath but Kofi follows him out with a baseball slide through the ropes. Kofi dives off the steps and wipes Sandow out with a somersault dive. Back in the ring Kofi tries a springboard cross body but Sandow avoids it. They take a commercial break for some reason and they come back to Kingston running into a bodyslam. Sandow hits the Cubito Aequet for a near-fall. He keeps Kingston off balance with an abdominal stretch, and then goes for a legdrop but misses. Sandow goes to the second rope and Kingston takes him down with a nice headscissors. Kingston fires up now with a nice flurry, culminating in the Boom Drop. He calls for Trouble in Paradise but Sandow ducks. Kingston hits the springboard cross body block for a near-fall. He continues flying about but Sandow won’t stay down. Sandow kicks Kingston in the knee and pulls his neck into the second rope. That’s enough to hit the You’re Welcome to get the pin at 5:54 (shown). That was brisk but they packed a lot into it, and once again made me wonder why WWE won’t give either of these guys more than the occasional Kickoff match.
Rating: **½

MATCH #1: WWE Tag Team Title Triple Threat Match – Cody Rhodes & Goldust vs. Seth Rollins & Roman Reigns vs. The Usos

Cody and Goldust have been the Champions since 10.14.13, and this is their first defense. Rollins and Goldust start the match, but Rollins quickly bails and tags Jey Uso into the match. It took me a minute to figure out why the Usos are wearing pink. The two brother tandems go back and forth in the early going while the Shield watches on from the apron. After a few minutes the Shield involve themselves and are able to take control on Goldust. Rollins and Reigns wear the golden one down but the resilient Goldust is able to hit Reigns with a DDT. Rollins tags in and knocks Cody off the apron, thus Goldust cannot tag his partner. Goldust tries to tag one of the Usos but the Shield pull them off the apron too! Cody gets frustrated and gets in the ring but the referee forces him out, even though there are no disqualifications. Finally Goldust is able to make the hot tag and the crowd is juiced for the younger Rhodes brother. Cody goes nuts on Rollins, almost pinning him with a moonsault press. Rollins sends Cody to the floor and Jimmy makes a blind tag and almost pins Rollins with a high cross body block. The referee has lost control and the crowd is loving it. Jimmy knocks Goldust and Reigns to the floor and then takes them out with a dive. Jey hits Rollins with a huge Samoan Drop for a near-fall. Cody makes his way back in and goes after Rollins. They fight up on the top rope and Cody superplexes Rollins out onto everyone on the floor! The crowd is chanting “this is awesome.” Everyone makes their way back to the ring for the finisher parade. Cody is able to hit Rollins with Cross-Rhodes to score the pin at 14:35! What a great opener, with all six guys working hard to keep the crowd into it, and they succeeded in spades. They worked a bit of the tag team formula and then just exploded down the stretch. I love all of this.
Rating: ****

MATCH #2: Mixed Tag Team Match – The Great Khali & Natalya vs. Fandango & Summer Rae

Khali and Natalya have Hornswoggle in their corner. This is Summer Rae’s in-ring debut. The men start it off and Khali dominates with his size and power. Fandango seems comfort in the arms of his woman, and tags are made. Natalya and Summer go back and forth with some chain wrestling, and then Summer scores with a dropkick and dances about it. Summer dances a little bit too much and Natalya makes her pay for it. Fandango comes in and gets in Natalya’s face and she takes him down and goes for a Sharpshooter! While Fandango is able to avoid the Sharpshooter he’s not able to avoid the clutches of Khali. It’s always wise against a big man to go for the knees, and that’s exactly what Fandango does. It doesn’t really get him anywhere, so he tags Summer back in. Summer tries to peddle her wears in front of Khali, but Natalya just comes in and starts beating her up. Natalya hits the discuss clothesline and goes for the Sharpshooter but Summer reaches the ropes. Summer pulls Natalya into the ropes and then traps her in a schoolgirl rollup to get the pin at 4:49. I could have sworn that match was twice that long. I would love to be in the room when they try to justify putting stuff like this on a show that they are expecting people to pay $55 for.
Rating: *

MATCH #3: WWE United States Title Match – Dean Ambrose vs. Big E Langston

Ambrose has been the Champion since 5.19.13, and this is his ninth defense. The Champ talks trash and slaps his challenger in the face. Big E doesn’t take too kindly to that and starts throwing Ambrose around the ring with ease. Ambrose tries to fight back but Big E dumps him to the floor, and the Champion appears to tweak his knee. That actually proves to be Ambrose’s saving grace, as he’s able to pull Big E into the edge of the ring frame and take control. Ambrose rams Big E into the ring post, sending the powerful challenger to the floor. He wears Big E down for several minutes, but Big E is able to fire back and squash Ambrose with a big splash (after missing his first try) for a two-count. Ambrose tries to bail but Big E drags him back to the ring. Once they get there Ambrose is able to connect on a DDT for a two-count. Ambrose charges into the corner but misses and hits nothing but ring post. Big E spears Ambrose through the ropes and both men crash to the floor! Cool spot. Ambrose decides not to get back in the ring and the referee counts him out at 8:41. I like both of these guys and they meshed well enough together and did what they could in the time they had. But as I’ve said before, imagine how much better matches like this would be if they were built up rather than tossed onto the card during the Kickoff show.
Rating: **¼

MATCH #4: Handicap Hell in a Cell Match – CM Punk vs. Ryback & Paul Heyman

This is Punk’s fifth Hell in a Cell match, and he’s coming in with a 1-3 record; his only win came last year against Ryback of all people, and that was Ryback’s only Hell in a Cell appearance before tonight. Heyman obviously is making his debut in the demonic structure. He comes out on a lift and cuts a promo to agitate Punk, and then has the lift take him all the way to the top of the Cell so he doesn’t have to be in the ring with the man he has tortured for months.

The crowd is not amused with this. Punk and Ryback battle in earnest, with Punk going right after the big guy’s legs. Punk knocks Ryback to the floor and wipes him out with a suicide dive. He tries to use a kendo stick but Ryback thwarts him and starts throwing Punk into the Cell walls. Ryback uses the kendo stick and keeps Punk off this feet. Back in the ring Ryback continues the abuse. Punk fights back and sends Ryback to the floor, and then takes him out with a clothesline from the top rope. He tries to bring out a table but Ryback shoves him into the ring steps. Momentum continues to swing back and forth, as both men are able to pull off some impressive counters and display admirable resilience. Punk gets a hold of the kendo stick and uses that to his advantage. He takes Ryback off his feet and hits Hail to the King for a two-count. Punk is dominating and he looks to add to it by bringing a table in the ring. Ryback recovers and drops Punk crotch first on the edge of the table. Punk responds with a low blow of his own that sends Ryback onto the table. Once again Punk goes up top and hits Hail to the King, busting the table. Punk whacks Ryback in the face with the kendo stick, and then connects with the Go to Sleep to get the pin at 13:50. They did some solid work incorporating the Cell, and these two generally do decent work together. The problem is that no one cared to see Punk versus Ryback, they wanted to see Punk versus Heyman so the heat during the match wasn’t really there. After the match Punk goes to the top of the Cell and destroys Heyman with the kendo stick and then hits Go to Sleep.
Rating: **¾

MATCH #5: Los Matadores vs. The Real Americans

Antonio Cesaro and Diego start the match. Diego uses his speed and agility to take the early advantage, but Cesaro weathers the storm and dumps Diego to the floor. Jack Swagger gets the tag and he goes after Diego with ferocity. The Americans are in firm control and the wear Diego down. Cesaro uses the Cesaro Swing and Fernando has to come break up the cover. Finally. Diego is able to make the lukewarm tag and Fernando is a house afire. The referee loses control a bit, and Swagger traps Fernando in the Patriot Lock. Fernando escapes by rolling through and sending Swagger crashing into Cesaro on the apron. Diego gets the tag and Los Matadores hit a double-team Flatliner to get the pin at 5:53. That was short, and not at all different from what you would see on TV.
Rating: *¾

MATCH #6: World Heavyweight Title Match – Alberto Del Rio vs. John Cena

Del Rio has been the Champion since 6.16.13, and this is his fifth defense. Cena is just returning from a superhuman comeback from a torn triceps. Del Rio’s finisher is the Cross Armbreaker, so that gives him a pretty pronounced target. Cena is aggressive early on, but also clearly favoring his left arm. Del Rio bides his time and takes control, viciously attacking the left arm and trying to keep Cena grounded. Every time Cena tries to fight back Del Rio is able to cut him off. “Mr. Money in the Bank” Damien Sandow is shown watching on backstage. Del Rio goes to the top rope and Cena cuts him out of the air with a dropkick. Cena fires up with shoulderblocks and the Protoplex. He hits the Five Knuckle Shuffle and tries the Attitude Adjustment but Del Rio counters with a Backstabber for two. Cena hits a tornado DDT for a two-count. He goes up top and Del Rio takes him down with the step-up enziguiri for a near-fall. Del Rio tries another enziguiri but he can’t connect. Instead Del Rio hits a tilt-a-whirl backbreaker for another two-count. Cena avoids a charge in the corner and goes up top to hit a cross body block for a near-fall. Del Rio pops up and hits an armbreaker. He goes for the Cross Armbreaker but Cena is able to roll through and lock on the STF! Del Rio barely makes the bottom rope to break the hold. He’s able to kick Cena in the gut and then take his head off with a Superkick. Cena kicks out at two! Del Rio puts on the Cross Armbreaker and Cena powers out of it with a powerbomb! Back on their feet Cena is able to get Del Rio up for the Attitude Adjustment, and Cena is a three-time World Heavyweight Champion at 15:17! This was far better than I expected it to be, as Cena’s injury gave Del Rio a clear focus that helped give the match structure. The second half of the match was both men doing whatever they could to survive and get the win.
Rating: ***½

MATCH #7: WWE Divas Title Match – AJ Lee vs. Brie Bella

AJ has been the Champion since 6.16.13, and this is her fifth defense. She has Tamina Snuka in her corner, while Brie is accompanied by her twin sister Nikki. They lock up aggressively and get right in each other’s faces in the early going. Brie is feisty but AJ is able to survive the initial onslaught and start wearing her challenger down. AJ puts on a guillotine choke and Brie is fading. Brie is able to power up and ram AJ into the turnbuckles. Brie goes to the second rope and lands a dropkick. She hits a couple more to keep AJ reeling, and then lands a clothesline for two. AJ fights back and goes for the Black Widow but Brie fights it off and puts on a half crab. Tamina gets on the apron so Nikki pulls her down and they brawl. Brie goes for the running knee but AJ moves and Brie accidentally hits Nikki! That momentary distraction allows AJ to cinch on the Black Widow and Brie taps out at 5:32. That was certainly brief but they did a good job with the time they had. Brie is definitely the better wrestler of the Bella twins.
Rating: **¼

MATCH #8: Hell in a Cell Match for the vacant WWE Championship

Shawn Michaels is the special guest referee for this all-important main event, but he still refuses to tuck in his shirt. The title has been in abeyance since 9.16.13, and this match will finally crown a new Champion. Bryan is making his first appearance in Hell in a Cell, while this is the fifth time for Orton and he has a 2-2 record with victories over John Cena and Sheamus (and losses to the Undertaker and Mark Henry). Michaels has been in four Cell matches as a wrestler (winning three), and also refereed once before for Triple H versus Undertaker at WrestleMania XXVIII.

They start out slugging and Orton quickly hits the snap scoop powerslam. Bryan fights back with the missile dropkick, so both men aren’t afraid to bring out some of their signature moves in the opening moments. Orton starts working the midsection, and knocks Bryan off the apron and into the cell. He uses the steel steps as a weapon and Bryan is in rough shape already. Bryan reverses a whip and sends Orton into the steps, and then he rams Orton into the Cell wall. Back in the ring Bryan pours on the pressure, wearing Orton down with a variety of strikes. Bryan dropkicks Orton back to the floor and follows him out with a suicide dive. He hits another dive but when he goes for a third Orton moves out of the way and Bryan connects face-first with the Cell. Orton runs Bryan into the post, and that leaves him in perfect position for the Inverted headlock backbreaker. That’s a unique way to hit that move. Back in the ring Orton is in control and he goes for a superplex but Bryan counters to a sunset bomb. They rise and trade European Uppercuts, a battle that Bryan wins. Bryan hits a couple of IEDs and unloads with more kicks. He follows with a super rana and the diving headbutt for a near-fall. Bryan puts on the Yes! Lock but Orton is able to reach the ropes and slither to the floor. There’s no rest for Orton, as Bryan follows him out and continues to beat on him, even using a series of steel chairs. Bryan throws about a dozen chairs in the ring, despite Michaels’ objections. Back in the ring Orton puts a thumb in Bryan’s eyes out of desperation, and then uses the chairs to wear Bryan down. Orton hits a superplex onto the pile of chairs, which I don’t think I’ve seen in WWE before. Even so, that only gets a two-count. An angry Triple H makes his way out and the crowd is none too pleased. Michaels and HHH argue, causing Michaels to miss an Orton cover. Orton is angry, as the COO and the referee talk about “doing his job,” and Michaels says he’s doing it. In the meantime, Orton goes for an RKO but Bryan shoves him off and right into Michaels, knocking him down. It was a pretty weak bump, but Triple H is concerned enough to open the door and get in the ring. Bryan hits the Knee-Plus but there’s no one to count. Triple H shoves Bryan out of the way to check on Michaels, leaving himself in perfect position for Bryan to hit The Game with the Knee-Plus! The crowd loves it. But in the middle of deafening “Yes!” chants, Michaels hits Bryan with Sweet Chin Music! Orton covers and Michaels makes the three-count at 22:07! That match was going along rather well, as Orton v Bryan matches tend to do, but then we got our collective heart ripped out again. They did a good job using the cell and incorporating some big spots, like the superplex onto the chairs. The ending was fairly creative, though it would have been a little more effective had Michaels taken a bit bigger bump to lure Triple H into the Cell.
Rating: ***¾×120.jpg

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A2Z Analysiz: WWE Hell in a Cell 2010 (Kane, Undertaker) Thu, 23 Oct 2014 13:00:52 +0000 Hell in a Cell 2010

For an easy to navigate archive of my many WWE DVD reviews, please visit World Wrestling Reviews.

American Airlines Arena – Dallas, Texas – October 3, 2010

Michael Cole, Jerry Lawler, and Matt Striker are on commentary.

MATCH #1: Triple Threat Submissions Count Anywhere Match for the United States Championship – Daniel Bryan vs. John Morrison vs. The Miz

Bryan has been the champion since 9.19.10 and this is his first defense. Everyone makes good use of the stipulation in the early going, trying some unique submissions. Bryan even busts out Cattle Mutilation and Striker gets made fun of for knowing what it’s called. All three fight down the aisle and through the crowd. Of course Morrison jumps off of the set to wipe out both opponents. Morrison uses the Texas Cloverleaf and Cole actually namedrops Dean Malenko, but Miz’s apprentice Alex Riley comes out and hurls Morrison down the aisle. That gives Bryan the chance to cinch Miz in the LeBell Lock and Miz taps out at 13:34! That was ridiculously fun and a hot opener; even Cole now admits that Daniel Bryan is the Real Deal.
Rating: ***¾

MATCH #2: Hell in a Cell Match for the WWE Championship – Randy Orton vs. Sheamus

Orton has been the champion since 9.19.10 and this is his first defense. This is the twentieth ever Hell in a Cell match; the third for Orton (1-1) and the first for Sheamus. Despite never having competed in the Cell before, Sheamus dominates the opening minutes and utilizes the cage to his advantage. He tries to use the steps but Orton avoids them and uses the cage himself, and then is able to connect with the steps. They continue to trade control back and forth, with both men asserting their dominance at various points in time. Sheamus focuses on the ribs, which makes it hard for Orton to complete the RKO. He tries to use the steel steps in the ring, but Orton is able to powerslam him on them instead! Sheamus fights back and hits a Brogue Kick but Orton kicks out. He grabs a chair but misses wildly and Orton hits an RKO. Sheamus wisely rolls to the floor to avoid getting pinned. Orton follows him out but misses the Punt and Sheamus connects with another Brogue Kick. Back in the ring Orton kicks out again. Sheamus tries the High Cross off the steps but Orton counters it and hits the RKO to get the pin at 22:51. That was a really solid brawl that had a few lulls in it but for the most part was well worked.
Rating: ***

Alberto Del Rio comes out to cut a promo, bragging about his recent accomplishments and badmouthing the state of Texas. Edge comes out to interrupt him, because he was battling stupidity at this time. He badmouths Del Rio, and then Jack Swagger comes out to interrupt them. Swagger beats on Edge until the Anonymous Raw General Manager sends an e-mail stating that Edge and Swagger will have a match right now!

MATCH #3: Edge vs. Jack Swagger

The crowd is not interested in this at all. Swagger dominates the opening minutes, since he already had an advantage before the bell even rang. Edge makes the comeback but Swagger survives the offense and traps Edge in an Ankle Lock, which is a smart move due to Edge’s previously torn Achilles tendon. Swagger continues to control the match, but when he goes for the Vader Bomb Edge kicks him in the gut and follows up with the Impaler. Edge sets up for the Spear but Swagger catches him in the Gutwrench Powerbomb and Edge kicks out at two! Swagger locks on the Ankle Lock again but Edge rolls through it and is able to finally hit the Spear and get the win at 11:30. I really like both guys but this was pretty dull and the crowd had absolutely no investment in it, nor did they have reason to.
Rating: **

MATCH #4: If John Cena Wins, The Nexus Must Disband. If Wade Barrett Wins, John Cena Must Join the Nexus – John Cena vs. Wade Barrett

If anyone in the Nexus interferes, Barrett will automatically lose the match. I don’t see how that’s a special stipulation, since outside interference is generally cause for a DQ, but they’re making a big deal about this. Barrett dominates Cena early, keeping him on the mat. The other four Nexus members watch on from ringside, making sure not to interfere. Eventually Cena powers up and hits his signature comeback sequence. The Nexus surrounds the ring and then the Big Show and a host of others from the locker room come out and beat them all down! When the dust settles, Barrett resumes control while the crowd gets behind Cena. Barrett is the first one to hit a finisher, the Wasteland, but Cena just barely kicks out at two. Cena is able to lock in the STF, but a “fan” (Michael McGillicutty) tries to get in the ring, and while the referee is distracted, Husky Harris runs by and drills Cena with a foreign object, giving Barrett the pin at 17:49. The women and children in the crowd are quite upset. The match was quite good, and Barrett looked to be at Cena’s level in the ring, which makes it all the more puzzling as to why he’s persona non grata now.
Rating: ***½

MATCH #5: Unified Divas Championship Match – Michelle McCool vs. Natalya

Lay-Cool have been the champions since 9.19.10 and this is their second defense. These two actually battled in the inaugural Divas Championship match back at the Great American Bash 2008, with McCool coming out on top then. McCool mostly dominates but Layla tries to interfere anyway and it backfires. Natalya locks on the Sharpshooter but McCool counters it to a heel hook but Natalya reverses it right back. Layla gets on the apron and throws her show at Natalya for the DQ at 4:51. They might have had a good thing going but they cut it off before that could happen and the finish bites.
Rating: *½

MATCH #6: Hell in a Cell Match for the World Heavyweight Championship – Kane vs. Undertaker

Kane has been the champion since 7.18.10 and this is his third defense. Obviously this is the twenty-first Hell in a Cell match; the eleventh for Undertaker (5-4-1) and the third for Kane (0-0-2). Kane attacks his half-brother before the bell can even ring and takes an unfair advantage. The door has to be locked before the bell can ring, and that takes a minute but here we go. This is a similar brawl to the Night of Champions match two weeks ago, as in it’s really boring. They do the silly corner mounted punches spot so that Undertaker can hit the Last Ride but Kane kicks out at two. Undertaker tries the Tombstone but Kane reverses it to one of his own but it only gets two. A frustrated Kane lays out the referee. Paul Bearer gets into the Cell when they pull the injured referee out, and the distraction allows Undertaker to come back and hit the Chokeslam. Undertaker produces some lightning somehow and goes for the Tombstone, but Bearer opens the urn and there’s a light inside that temporarily blinds the Undertaker. Bearer then gives the urn to Kane while Undertaker looks shocked. Kane cracks the urn across Undertaker’s skull and follows up with a Chokeslam for the pin at 21:40. The match was plodding and having Paul Bearer turn on Undertaker for the eighteenth time didn’t do anything to make it any more interesting.
Rating: *¾×120.jpg

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Harrak’s Thoughts: WWE RAW 10.20.14 (Dean Ambrose, John Cena, Seth Rollins, Randy Orton) Tue, 21 Oct 2014 04:24:28 +0000 WWE Raw Header - 2014

#1~ I’m curious as to how much leeway the WWE gives Seth Rollins and Dean Ambrose inside the Cell. Of course Ambrose & Rollins want to steal the show and probably even want to upstage some of Mick Foley’s greatest Cell moments but will the WWE let them? Rollins is easily one of their top heels and there’s no other top babyfaces besides Ambrose and John Cena now that Daniel Bryan AND Roman Reigns are out. These two men would have definitely done better during the ratings war where any risk was encouraged, as long as the fans were entertained. Nowadays it’s all about protecting your assets.

#2~ WOW, AJ Lee is facing PAIGE at the PPV?!?! Damn I need to sign up for that SMS text messaging system!

#3~ Randy Orton versus John Cena playing up their history at this stage of their careers could have been fun but unfortunately they had to be in Kansas City. Hey, I’m all for driving attention to the Royals but what they’ve done tonight has been a little too much. I do love that Paul Heyman came out to add Brock Lesnar to Cena and Orton’s “rookie class”. And I guess #RKOOutOfNowhere will be trending again after a great RKO on Heyman.

#4~ While the Big Show probably wasn’t anyone’s first pick to feud with Rusev but I think he’s been BY FAR the most effective. When the Big Show is given the ball, he always turns up the intensity and by extension, strengthens his connection with the fans. The fans were desperate for Big Show to get his hands on Rusev tonight and hopefully the Hell In The Cell crowd feels the same.

#5~ God, I think I only watch RAW now to get to the Dean Ambrose segments. His exchange with John Cena was priceless (especially with the Joker reference) and then we got CPRollins. I really can’t say I ever expected Dean Ambrose to introduce a Seth Rollins CPR dummy. Does he get to be the new guy who can “have a good match with an inanimate object”? Mick Foley’s addition was definitely surprising and helped sell a specialty match between two relative newbies who have never been in a Hell In A Cell match. I think Ambrose and Rollins could have pulled it off but adding Foley was definitely a good choice.

#6~ Cesaro and Dolph Ziggler put on another gem but what else would you expect?  Hey if they’re only going to give us 5 matches, at least that gave us one between Cesaro and Ziggler.

#7~ The “street fight” wasn’t much of a “street fight”. Everyone had to tag in and out. And it really didn’t get even somewhat violent till near the end. I did like that Seth Rollins was the only one standing to close RAW but the match left A LOT to desire.×120-2013.jpg×250-raw-2013.jpg

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WWE Monday Night RAW LIVE Results For 10/20/14: Final Push For Hell In A Cell Mon, 20 Oct 2014 23:34:05 +0000 It’s the final RAW before Hell In A Cell. Scheduled for the main event is Dean Ambrose and John Cena vs Randy Orton, Seth Rollins and Kane in a Street Fight. Hulk Hogan is also scheduled to appear. What will he shamelessly plug tonight? Follow along to find out.

It’s A Special Occasion When Randy Orton Wears Pants

RAW started with The Authority minus Stephanie McMahon. HHH talked about tonight’s main event and Hell In A Cell this Sunday. He talked about the Cell being a career changing match, and that how he has won the most Cell matches than anyone else. He said it wasn’t a match you win, it’s a match you survive. Seth Rollins took the mic. He said Mr. Money in the Bank has a nice ring to it, but he had a new one: Undisputed Future of the WWE. He said Ambrose won’t have a future after he beats him in the main event this Sunday. Orton took the mic and said that he was the true main event of Hell In A Cell. HHH said that it was a double main event. He also said that the winner of the Orton/Cena will receive a Title shot against Brock Lesnar. He said tonight he knows The Authority will make him proud, just like Orton and Rollins will this Sunday.

Mandatory RAW Six Man Tag

Sheamus and the Usos vs Miz and the Dust Brothers. Before the match Miz made Mizdow wrestle and told him this was a big opportunity for him. The Usos took their turns working over Stardust early on. Goldust tagged in but he ate a hip toss. Stardust came back in and hit a kick to the head off the top rope. All six men stared down each other on the outside into commercial.

Back from break Goldust hit a spinebuster on an Uso. Mizdow came in and he hit the backbreaker/neckbreaker combo for two. He went for Miz’s corner clothesline but ate a boot from the Uso. The heels continued to work over the Uso until he hit an enziguri kick on Goldust and tagged in Sheamus. Sheamus went to work on Mizdow. He hit a high running knee followed by a slam. One of the Usos hit a dive to the outside on Goldust. Stardust hit the falling star on the Usos. Mizdow took out the Usos again and Sheamus hit a dive off the top on Mizdow. Back in the ring, Stardust went for a springboard enziguri but Sheamus ducked and hit a Brogue Kick. Mizdow then rolled up Sheamus from behind and picked up the win. Miz jumped and down afterwards saying that he had won.

WINNERS: Goldust, Stardust and Damien Mizdow

Backstage, HHH told Orton that the idea of him facing Cena for a #1 Contenders Shot was Seth Rollins idea. Orton said he needs to go thank Seth Rollins personally.

Alicia Fox defeated AJ. Paige and Alicia had a fake fight on the outside. Paige threw Alicia back in the ring and AJ went after Paige, but the distraction allowed Alicia to roll up AJ for the win.

Backstage Orton asked Rollins why he is looking out for him. Rollins said he is a team player and told Orton to take it easy. Rollins said that by some miracle if he defeats Lesnar and becomes WWE Champ, the future would take care of itself and stared at the MITB Briefcase.

I Wish I Was Back In 2002

Randy Orton came out. He said time flies. It seems like just yesterday it was 2002 and him and Orton were just debuting. The crowd chanted “Lets Go Royals” and Orton said that the Royals will not win and it will be another 100 years before they win anything. Orton said that it was Piper/Hogan, Michaels/Hart, Rock/Austin then Orton/Cena. Orton said Cena is still that punk kid from Boston Mass who has no business being in the same ring as him. Orton said Cena could take his Hustle, Loyalty and Respect and shove it up his ass. Orton said he beat Cena earlier in the year at the Rumble and he will do it again. Orton said he will beat Cena at HIAC and savor every second of it.

Cena told Orton to shut up and that every time he opens his mouth he sounds like a jackass. Cena made a terrible grandpa peeing his pants joke. Cena then brought up the Royals. He said 2002 was the last time Orton was relevant. Orton said being in the World Series and winning it are two different things. Cena said Orton will be in the match this Sunday but he won’t win. Cena said this Sunday, every time he sees Orton’s face he will see Brock Lesnar.

Paul Heyman came out. He said the class of 2002 featured Orton, Cena and the Next Big Thing Brock Lesnar. Heyman said the Undsisputed Champion in 2002 is the same in 2014. Heyman said this Sunday these two are stepping in the ring with their equals. But his client has no equal. So the winner this Sunday is the ultimate loser. Heyman said he always respected Orton but he has no shot at beating his beast. Cena went to leave but Heyman told him he wasn’t done. Heyman talked about Cena wanting one more Title shot. Cena went to AA Heyman but Cena put him down. Orton then hit the RKO on Cena. After a few seconds, Orton then hit the RKO on Heyman as well.

A Feud Based Around Giant Flags

Rusev vs Big E. Rusev took control early and landed some early kicks to the legs. But Big E fought back and hit a jumping shoulder tackle sending Rusev to the outside. Big E threw Rusev into the barricade. Rusev fought back with a headbutt in the ring and went to a headlock. Big E tried making a comeback but Rusev caught Big E with a spinning heel kick. Back from break Rusev continued to work over Big E. Rusev applied the Accolade and Big E taped out.


Lana said Big Show deserves to be in the circus and have people throw food at him. Rusev said Big Show is going to fail his country and all these people will despise him for it. They wanted the flag to drop but it didn’t. Big Show appeared on the tron, smiled, and then the American Flag dropped. Rusev went to rip it down, but a plant in an army uniform came in. WWE security tried to stop him, but Rusev kicked him in the face.

Back from break Big Show said that you never disrespect an American soldier. Show said Rusev’s 15 minutes of fame is up and he doesn’t want to wait until this Sunday and wanted Rusev now. Show said since Rusev won’t come out there he will come to him. Show went into Rusev’s locker room in the back but he wasn’t there.

Backstage, Dean Ambrose was watching See No Evil 2. John Cena came in and asked what he was doing. Ambrose said he was doing research for his match tonight. Ambrose says he is Batman and Cena is Superman. Ambrose said he’s undefeated in contract on a pole matches, but Handicap Street Fights are his specialty. He said they are going to kick and punch some people and he just might surprise them. Cena said Ambrose is much more like The Joker, to which Ambrose replied “Why so serious?”

Brie Bella beat Summer Rae.

Cheap Pops For Everyone!

Dean Ambrose came out with a giant duffle bag. He said this Sunday he finally get his hands on that power ranger suit sellout Seth Rollins. He pulled a giant mannequin out that was dressed like Seth Rollins out of the duffle bag. He said this Sunday the first body part he would rip of was his hands. He ripped them off and hit the dummy with it. He said what he does to people that screw him over is screw them over harder. He hit the dummy with a screwdriver then a hammer. He then grabbed a saw and said he was going to saw off his testicles, but then he realized that he already sold his testicles to the Authority. He then used some tongs on the dummy and hit a piledriver.

Seth Rollins came out. He said they all know he isn’t going to beat him, and maybe Ambrose could get a career in comedy when he’s done. Rollins said he did sell out. He said none of these losers will ever have any idea what it is like to be him. He is rich and a somebody. He said that is why everyone has their cameras out, and they’ll be posting those pictures on Facebook and Instagram later. Ambrose pulled out a drill and said he would give everyone here an early preview of their HIAC match. Rollins said he isn’t afraid of Ambrose.

Suddenly, Mick Foley came out. He said he came by to visit an old friend and looked up at the Cell. He said his children saw The Shield and were amazed by them. He said as great as they were as a unit, but in almost every version of them going face to face he always saw Seth Rollins coming out on top. Rollins said despite Foley being old and dressing as Santa now he still has some intelligent thoughts. Foley said that Rollins missed the keyword, almost. Foley said Ambrose can do whatever he wants to Rollins inside the Cell. Foley then talked about all the scars that the Cell can cause, physically and emotionally. Ambrose said he isn’t concerned about more scars and losing teeth and anything else. He said no one gets him backstage, but maybe Foley does. Ambrose told Rollins to ask himself if he was ready to wake up from a hospital bed Monday morning. Rollins said he will beat Ambrose just like he has beaten everyone else on his rise to the top. Foley said he doesn’t think they are ready for life after their Cell match. Foley said this Sunday they get the match they have been waiting for all their lives. Foley left and Ambrose went after Rollins before he bailed.

Only Took Two Hours To Get To Something Good

Dolph Ziggler vs Cesaro. Cesaro got the early mat take down and went to a headlock. Cesaro hit a shoulder tackle and elbow then went back to a headlock. Cesaro connected on a right hand but Ziggler escaped a running powerslam and hit a dropkick. Ziggler clotheslined Cesaro to the outside and tossed him into the barricade. Back in the ring Ziggler went for the Fameasser but Cesaro dropped him on the ropes. Back from break Cesaro pulled Ziggler off the ground, press slammed him, and then dropped Ziggler on his knee. Cesaro went to the top but ate a Ziggler dropkick coming down. Ziggler hit some clotheslines followed by a splash in the corner and an elbow. After a near fall Cesaro hit an elbow and went for a powerbomb but Ziggler countered to a faceplant. Both men exchanged counters before Cesaro hit a hard uppercut for the win.

WINNER: Cesaro

After the match Cesaro hit the Neutralizer.

Backstage, HHH made Kane the general for the Authority tonight. He yelled at Orton and Rollins and told them to put aside their differences.

Another Bray Wyatt promo aired.

Why Are There Tags In A Street Fight?

Main event time. Rollins laid some boots to Ambrose but Ambrose bounced back with a bulldog then a couple of submission holds. All five men went to the outside. Ambrose eventually hit an elbow off the announce table onto everyone. Ambrose hit Rollins with a chair in the ring. He went to the outside of the ring and grabbed a table. Kane came over and dropped Ambrose on the table laying on the ground. Kane then pulled Cena off the apron and onto the steps.

Rollins had control over Ambrose back from break. Orton came in and dropped Ambrose on the ropes as the heels took their turns beating up Ambrose. Ambrose eventually caught Orton with a boot and missile dropkick off the top and tagged in Cena. Cena went full CENA MODE and then hit the AA on Kane. Cena grabbed a table and put it in the ring. He went to AA Rollins through the table but Rollins escaped and threw Cena into the chair that was set up in the corner. On the outside Orton tossed Ambrose into the steps. Kane then grabbed the steps and hit Ambrose in the head with them. Rollins set a table up in the corner. Cena went for the AA again but Rollins escaped and hit a neckbreaker for two. Kane pulled Cena to the outside and sent him into the steps and ringpost. Kane tossed Cena through the table in the corner.

Kane demanded that the Cell be brought down. Cena pushed away Orton and tagged in Ambrose. Ambrose dropkicked Rollins off the apron into the Cell then hit his bounce off the ropes clothesline on Orton. Ambrose then used a kendo stick on Orton. Ambrose jumped off the second rope and used the chair on Orton. Ambrose hit a dive through the ropes onto Rollins. Orton tossed Ambrose into the Cell. He went  for the RKO in the ring but Cena stopped him and went for the AA. Kane hit a Chokeslam on Cena, Ambrose hit a DDT on Kane, he bounced off the ropes but went right into the RKO giving The Authority the win.

WINNERS: The Authority

After the match, Seth Rollins hit the Curb Stomp on Orton.


This is where I normally tell you what I like and didn’t like. But there’s no reason to do that this week. This RAW was bad. Ziggler/Cesaro was okay but too short to mean anything. The Rusev/Big Show stuff was terrible. Trying to use an obvious plant to get cheap heat on Rusev was stupid. And we don’t even know if Big Show found him or not. And wasn’t Rusev just defending himself from someone who jumped the barricade? The Cena/Orton stuff was bad. I don’t care how you try to spin it, no one wants to see these two fight again. And I now have a bad feeling that they are going to main event with this stipulation. They even found a way to make a bad Dean Ambrose segment this week. When you have five wrestlers appearing on multiple segments, your show is too damn long. But unfortunately the WWE will never realize this. I bet we get a lot of the same stuff on Smackdown. Just a lot of bad stuff all around. It gets a from me.

Until Next Time,

Justin C

Follow Me On Twitter @JCWonka×250.jpg×250.jpg

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Squared-Circle Science: John Cena’s Greatest Rivalries Mon, 20 Oct 2014 11:00:15 +0000

Believe it or not, it has been close to four years since the last major John Cena compilation/retrospective set from WWE Home Video. Of course, I’m purposely overlooking the single disc Superstar Collection – John Cena budget title from 2012. For someone who is the reigning ambassador of World Wrestling Entertainment, having been in the main event picture for nearly a decade – beginning with a co-main event at WrestleMania 21 and then being drafted to Monday Night Raw as part of the annual draft lottery – this gap of time between compilations seems enormous. Since joining the main event scene and winning 15 world championships, WWE has become a “Cenation” as the once Doctor of Thuganomics has been a near-permanent fixture on weekly wrestling programs and pay-per-view telecasts, minus the occasional injury or movie (The Marine, 12 Rounds).

A superstar that moves merchandise by the truckloads, is the cover model for the latest WWE videogame from 2K Sports, and has granted over 400 wishes for the Make-A-Wish Foundation, John Cena is at a level of stardom where his oversaturation has him viewed as a pariah to many fans of the WWE Universe.

Personally, I don’t find Cena that offensive. Yes, I’ll admit his shtick has grown stale. It’s to the point now that a new color pattern in his latest T-shirt dictates a subtle character change. His move set is limited and repetitive. (I don’t know what’s more offensive, his “Five Knuckle Shuffle” or poor man’s Death Valley Driver called an “Attitude Adjustment,” only because “F-U” isn’t TV-PG friendly.) Still, most superstars work through a similarly designed move set to emphasize certain attributes – seriously how many wrestlers in WWE either dive to the outside or over the top rope?

Rock and Cena

Notwithstanding Cena as a wrestler, you have to admit that his arrival to WWE in 2002 was blessed with an incredible array of talent. While he may not be able to carry everyone – or anyone – to classic matches, Cena has had the great fortune of working with superstars that have masked his weaknesses to make for some stellar encounters.

The latest John Cena compilation, titled John Cena’s Greatest Rivalries, is a tour of some of his biggest feuds. With seventeen matches on the three-disc DVD and two more as Blu-ray exclusives, you get the distinction of just how valuable a contributor Cena has been in his stint with the company. This non-chronological compilation zigzags its way from his early days in Ohio Valley Wrestling as “Prototype” to most recently facing Randy Orton on a February 2014 edition of Monday Night Raw.

A total of ten adversaries are covered on the Blu-rays (nine on the DVD set) but the short packages in between the action do little to provide context of the feud or rivalry. More to the point, it is Cena offering brief remarks about his in-ring experiences with the likes of Hall of Famers Eddie Guerrero and Edge, plus Triple H, Batista and others, and how each one affected his career.

With the forthcoming multi-platform videogame release of WWE 2K15, the producers of the set did a nifty homage to the Street Fighter video game series. Each transition shows a pixilated opponent selection screen (sadly you can’t scroll through as if you were making a character selection). A 16-bit version of Cena stands to the left on the screen and his opponent pops up on the right.


Moving past this screen image are the interview sections with Cena sitting alone, cameras capturing his comments from multiple angles as he opens up about his career. The comments are short – approximately a minute in length for each sound bite – but they come off as candid and genuine. But the best comments are exclusive to the Blu-ray when Cena speaks about CM Punk. When he talks about their personalities and how one is more about the “company” and the other is more about “wrestling” you can understand why WWE wouldn’t trust Punk as its figurehead.

Rather than break down each individual match in this package, here is a quick rundown. Again, the lack of context to these matches (unlike what we got on Shawn Michaels’ Mr. WrestleMania retrospective) will have many in the WWE Universe scratching their heads wondering why certain matches were included while others were excluded.

Number One Contender’s Tournament Match for WWE Championship
John Cena vs. Eddie Guerrero – SmackDown • April 3, 2003

Parking Lot Brawl
John Cena vs. Eddie Guerrero – SmackDown • September 11, 2003

OVW Championship Match
Prototype vs. Leviathan – Ohio Valley Wrestling • February 23, 2002

WWE Championship Last Man Standing Match
John Cena vs. Batista – Extreme Rules • April 25, 2010

John Cena vs. Shawn Michaels – RAW • April 23, 2007

John Cena vs. Shawn Michaels – RAW • March 10, 2008

WWE Championship Match

John Cena vs. Randy Orton – SummerSlam • August 26, 2007


John Cena vs. Randy Orton – RAW • February 10, 2014

WWE Championship Match
John Cena vs. JBL – WrestleMania 21 • April 3, 2005

John Cena vs. JBL – RAW • June 9, 2008

“You’re Fired! Match” for the WWE Championship
John Cena vs. Chris Jericho – RAW • August 22, 2005

World Heavyweight Championship Match
John Cena vs. Chris Jericho – Survivor Series • November 23, 2008

WWE Championship Match
John Cena vs. Edge RAW • October 2, 2006

World Heavyweight Championship (Last Man Standing)
John Cena vs. Edge – Backlash • April 26, 2009

WWE Championship Match
John Cena vs. Triple H – WrestleMania 22 • April 2, 2006

John Cena vs. Triple H – RAW • October 19, 2009

John Cena & The Rock Q&A – RAW • March 25, 2013

WWE Championship Match

John Cena vs. The Rock – WrestleMania XXIX • April 7, 2013



John Cena vs. CM Punk – RAW • November 23, 2009

Number One Contender’s Match (WWE Championship)
John Cena vs. CM Punk – RAW • February 25, 2013

Looking at the number of matches included John Cena fans will be pleased. Of the nineteen matches above only seven are from WWE PPVs. The best of the bunch, arguably, is Cena vs. Michaels from April 2007 when WWE was doing a UK tour. (The match was also included on the 2007 DVD release of The Shawn Michaels Story – Heartbreak & Triumph.) Unfortunately, WWE’s home video department failed in delivering an uncut presentation, which is what should be the standard after presenting Kurt Angle’s and Brock Lesnar’s televised Ironman match from SmackDown 2003 in its uncut form on the 2011 release Greatest Superstars of the 21st Century.

A nice addition is WWE utilizing the Ohio Wrestling Valley tape library in showcasing some of the talents that would become major superstars. Prototype vs. Leviathan is nothing special, but at least someone in production is doing his due diligence when it comes to making the most of the thousands of hours of footage WWE has at its disposal.

My personal favorite is the Parking Lot Brawl between Cena and Guerrero. It’s a fun garbage match that includes everything from backdrops on cars, crashing through windows and the use of a lawnmower. Viva La Raza!

As for the two CM Punk matches, I like how they avoided going with the obvious Money in the Bank match with the pro-Punk Chicago crowd. Actually, it looks like the two matches selected may have been the first and last televised one-on-one ring encounters Cena and Punk had with one another.

The only bonus feature per se is a quick WWE 2K15 feature that has Cesaro and Adrian Neville doing some motion-capture work for the game as Cena narrates. It runs approximately two minutes.

John Cena’s Greatest Rivalries
lacks the scope and presentation like we got with the Bret Hart vs. Shawn Michaels set. Instead, it plays more like an overview of some of Cena’s best rivals – most of whom were the best part of the rivalry in the first place. The match list may be impressive for most, but outside of those who would rather chant “Let’s go Cena!” than “Cena sucks!” the collection’s only benefit is serving as an introduction to the history of the man who claims that you can’t see him.

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DVD Review: John Cena’s Greatest Rivalries Thu, 16 Oct 2014 01:31:49 +0000 John Cena's Greatest Rivalries Review

Despite many people discounting a lot of Michael Cole’s commentary, one thing he’s constantly said is true, John Cena is the WWE most polarizing figure in WWE history. John Cena’s Greatest Rivalries is a perfect showcase of this as his feuds range from the purest of babyfaces in The Rock to the dastardly heel, Edge.

The documentary is set up in a different way that throws back to Cena’s vintage video game era. Each new feud or matchup is introduced with a WrestleFest-style of opening. It was just an interesting touch for a normally sleek and polished production from the WWE.

The rivalries that kick off the documentary were interesting choices: Eddie Guerrero, and maybe the most rare of the bunch, Cena’s feud with Batista that began back in OVW where he wrestled as The Prototype and Batista wrestled as Leviathan. It’s amazing to see how much chemistry he had with Eddie Guerrero so easily on in his career and then to see similar elements in feuds with Edge and CM Punk.

After seeing Cena’s early stuff with Eddie Guerrero, we flashback to OVW and a match between Leviathan & a heel, long(ish) haired Prototype. It was completely strange to see Cena play a heel character with a heel manager. Yet, he still won the OVW Championship! The next match featured Batista versus Cena in an “I Quit” match that really showed the progression of both men over their careers.

And from Batista we go to Shawn Michaels, an entire 180 and yet still two great opponents for Cena. Even before the first bell, you can tell how much influence Michaels had on Cena, especially in the storyline department. Cena and Michaels had the “It Factor” no matter if they were wrestling on WrestleMania or on RAW. It was the perfect combination of strength versus skill. And they always appear to leave it out in the ring. Cena commented by saying being in the ring with Shawn was like “having the night off.” That just means that no matter how tough the match is physically on their bodies, the competitors feel exhilarated for being able to do what the love in the wrestling ring.

John Cena gave Randy Orton a phenomenal compliment when he said that Randy Orton is his era’s Shawn Michaels. Both men make wrestling look effortless and it’s absolutely true. I mention it constantly but Orton doesn’t nearly get enough credit for his fluidness in the ring and I’m glad Cena, a man who has wrestled both Orton & Michaels, can see the blatant similarities. The first match featured between Orton and Cena on this documentary is a great example of what was to come in this career long rivalry. It’s the WWE Championship match from SummerSlam 2007. One of their first main event matches together and one of the best.

But before Cena ever wrestled in the main event of a PPV, John Cena took on JBL at WrestleMania 21 for his first-ever WWE Championship win. As Cena said in this documentary, JBL was never a “soft” wrestler and John Cena wanted to prove that he could go with every style of performer. JBL was the testing ground for many young wrestlers during his career, this match just happened to be for the WWE Championship. I wouldn’t call this Cena’s “breakthrough” moment as he was tremendously over before this title match. Plus, at this time in WWE history, the World Heavyweight Championship was the official championship of the RAW brand and thus the “top” championship of the WWE (not, ironically, the SmackDown-only WWE Championship).

“Y2J” Chris Jericho is up next and so is the “You’re Fired!” WWE Championship match from RAW & their World Heavyweight Championship match from Survivor Series 2008. Jericho and John Cena were perfect adversaries. They’re a similar height, wrestle somewhat a same style (during this point of Jericho’s career) and could handle each other on the mic. Jericho might not have been able to illicit the absolute best out of him (on the mic & in the ring) but he’s definitely in the Top 3. Thinking back on it now, I’m a little surprised they didn’t feud more often.

Up next is the man who I believe to be BY FAR Cena’s greatest rival, Edge. Cena and Edge were the definition of polar opposites on-screen and were tremendously alike off-screen. Both were/are fans, both grew up with wrestling and both weren’t supposed to succeed but worked until they achieved the success they always dreamed of. The Edge/Cena matches featured are a steel cage match on RAW that featured Lance Cade, Trevor Murdoch and DX. The other is the World Heavyweight Championship Last Man Standing match from 2009’s Backlash where John Cena was tossed into a spotlight by the Big Show after a tremendous match. Both matches were good showcases of their rivalry, one from the beginning when they had just starting working together and one when they knew each other almost as well as themselves.

From a Hall of Famer to the “measuring stick” & future Hall of Famer, Triple H. Cena echoed similar sentiments he had for Shawn Michaels. It’s amazing how many different styles of wrestler John Cena faced and had a good match with. Triple H is no exception. Featured first is their WWE Championship match from WrestleMania 22, a great match overshadowed by Triple H’s first “King of Kings” entrance & Cena’s “Gangster” entrance that of course featured a future John Cena rival CM Punk.

The final rival featured in the documentary is probably his most well-know, his feud against The Rock. This feud was truly a class of generations as The Rock had retired from in-ring competition by the time Cena started making noise on the WWE roster. Calling out The Rock’s intentions in numerous interviews, John Cena let it be know that he believed that The Rock used the WWE to gain his fame & has tried to distance himself from pro-wrestling as much as possible. Well that all came to a head when John Cena and The Rock faced off in a WWE ring for the first. While their two WrestleMania matches weren’t the highest-rated in-ring spectacles, the hype for the matches definitely made up for it. That’s why this documentary didn’t feature the two matches John Cena & The Rock had at WrestleMania but a verbal debate held before WrestleMania 29 and then their WrestleMania 29 match for the WWE Championship.

If you’re lucky enough to pick up the Blu-Ray version of this documentary, the final feud documented is John Cena versus CM Punk. While it might not be a surprise that this rivalry was relegated to the Blu-Ray exclusives, Punk is absolutely one of Cena’s best modern rivals. Cena stays far away saying much about Punk, personally or professionally. And now you can see why the Cena/Punk feud is in the “Extras” section. Featured on the disc are the first ever meeting between Cena and Punk on Monday Night RAW and their #1 Contender Match for a shot at the WWE Championship at WrestleMania 29.

Overall the Blu-Ray is a match compilation with a few comments thrown in between the different rivalries. The matches highlight the absolute best of John Cena and gives the viewer a taste of what a true retrospective of his career may contain. John Cena’s Greatest Rivalries is definitely worth a watch for any wrestling fan and an absolute buy for any John Cena fan.


Must Watch Matches:

  • John Cena vs Eddie Guerrero in a Latino Heat Parking Lot Brawl.
  • John Cena vs Shawn Michaels in a WrestleMania 23 rematch.
  • John Cena vs Randy Orton for the WWE Championship at SummerSlam 2007
  • John Cena vs JBL for the WWE Championship at WrestleMania 21
  • John Cena vs Edge for the World Heavyweight Championship in a Last Man Standing Match at Backlash 2009
  • John Cena vs Triple H for the WWE Championship at WrestleMania 22
  • John Cena vs CM Punk for a WWE Championship shot at WrestleMania 29×120.jpg

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Randy Orton RKOs the Internet in the Funniest WWE Meme of the Year – Watch the Video Now Wed, 15 Oct 2014 02:19:03 +0000 Randy Orton has been used in a series of Vine videos that demonstrate that the RKO can really come out of nowhere. Check out this hilarious compilation below in what is my favorite WWE Internet meme of the year:

I love the Orton pose at the end of each clip too, just an awesome touch.×250.jpg×250.jpg×120.jpg×120.jpg

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Harrak’s Thoughts: WWE RAW 10.13.14 (Dean Ambrose, John Cena, Seth Rollins, Randy Orton) Tue, 14 Oct 2014 03:18:54 +0000 WWE Raw Header - 2014


1. The dynamic between John Cena and Dean Ambrose is more interesting & exciting than I think anyone would have guessed. But they’re playing to their obvious strengths. Cena as the goodie, goodie and Ambrose as the one too crazy to hold it all in. The WWE finally created a babyface that can finally split the crowd just as much as Cena does. Men, women and some children cheer for Ambrose while women, children and some men cheer for Cena. It’s a great crowd dynamic that I hope they’re able to maintain.

2. LOVE the fact that Dean Ambrose “stole” Drew McIntyre’s double-arm DDT as his finisher. The headlock DDT always looked extremely weak to me and the Ambrose character needed something a little more vicious so what’s better than a move made famous by Cactus Jack?!

3. Fantastic match between two of the most fluid & entertaining in-ring performers on the main roster right now. Randy Orton is VASTLY underrated as a wrestler and we all know what Dolph Ziggler can do with a bad opponent so just imagine him with a great opponent. This match will probably up for match of the year in many polls and rightfully so. Oh yea & that RKO… HOLY F**K!!!

4. I really have to give Damien Sandow credit. Talk about taking the ball and running with it. The “Damien Mizdow” gimmick is better than the revolving characters he was portraying before and hell, it’s getting over and pretty damn funny as well. Kudos to a guy who’s been with the WWE so long that it feels like a lifetime.

5. As long as Dean Ambrose and Seth Rollins go on last, I’m excited for this booking. Of course we’ve all see Randy Orton versus John Cena a million times but I’m really liking the one-upmanship between Orton and Rollins. I say bridge them off into a feud and let the fans decide who they want to cheer, even if that IS Orton. I was a decent match with a predictable outcome but the line of the night was when I heard a little kid shout after Ambrose’s suplex to Cena on the stage “Enough, Ambrose! Enough!”. See, for some people this is still real… dammit!×120-2013.jpg×250-raw-2013.jpg

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WWE Monday Night RAW LIVE Results For 10/13/14: Big Show vs Rusev Mon, 13 Oct 2014 23:41:28 +0000 It was advertised last week as well, but it looks like Big Show vs Rusev will take place this week on RAW. And what is next for Dean Ambrose and John Cena in their quests to get their hands on Seth Rollins? Follow along to find out!

Wait, A New Match Not Involving The Same Five People?

After recapping last week’s events, Dean Ambrose came out. He said there is nothing he would like more in this world than to be inside Hell In A Cell with Seth Rollins. But before he gets there something else is in his way that is really pissing him off, and that is the face of the WWE John Cena. He said it is clear that The Authority wants him and Cena to tear each other apart so they can protect their golden boy Seth Rollins. He said at Hell In A Cell, he will take down the contract and then the pole and beat John Cena with it. Then he will bounce Seth Rollins head around the Cell like a basketball.

John Cena came out. Cena said Ambrose needs to relax. He said the match between them is one the WWE Universe wants to see. Cena said he was going to give Ambrose some veteran advice: He has the match of his life in two weeks, so shut up, and get ready for the biggest match of his career at Hell In A Cell. Ambrose said he is ready, and he’s been ready to whoop his ass for years. He said to not act like he cares about him. Cena said at HIAC Ambrose will see that he is way out of Cena’s league and he should use his time to get ready.

Triple H and Stephanie came out. HHH told him to slow down and they still have two weeks til HIAC. Steph said tonight Cena and Ambrose should be partners. HHH said he doesn’t think they can get along, but Steph said they can. They made a bet, then made a triple threat tag match: Cena and Ambrose vs The Usos vs Goldust and Stardust.

At Least Everyone Looked Strong

The match started back from break. Ambrose and Cena both worked over Jimmy Uso early. They hit a double elbow but Jimmy caught Ambrose with a boot and tagged in Jey. Ambrose hit a short clothesline and tagged in Cena. Jey hit a right hand and went to the top but Cena rolled through. Jey escaped the AA and hit a crescent kick. Jimmy came back in and applied an armbar. Cena escaped and hit a dropkick, but then walked right into a Samoan Drop. Jey came back in and went to an armbar. Jey hit a dropkick but missed a splash. Both men ended up making tags to their partners. Ambrose hit a crossbody but caught a kick, but Ambrose bounced off the ropes and hit a clothesline. Stardust then took Jimmy outside the ring and threw him into the apron into commercial.

Back from break the Dust Brothers worked over Jimmy Uso. They hit a double stomp in the corner. Jimmy landed a couple of right hands but Goldust prevented the tag with a kick to the face. Jimmy eventually took out Stardust off the apron then hit a clothesline on Goldust. But Goldust pulled Jey off the apron. Dean Ambrose came over and clotheslined Goldust. Back in the ring, Cena and Stardust got tags. Cena went into CENA MODE. Stardust landed on his feet after an AA attempt. Goldust hit a powerslam on Cena. Both Usos took out the Dust Brothers with dives to the outside. Cena then hit a dive to the outside on all four men, then Ambrose hit a an elbow off the top on all of them. Back in the ring, Cena and Ambrose hit their finishers on the tag champs to pick up the win.

WINNERS: John Cena and Dean Ambrose

The Authority came back out. He said Steph wins, and gave her $1. HHH then said why wait til Hell In A Cell. He made the pole match tonight and said that hell starts for them tonight.

AJ and Layla beat Paige and Alicia Fox. Layla jumped off the apron when AJ went to make a tag. AJ was still able to hit the Shining Wizard on Alicia Fox to pick up the win. After the match, AJ chased Layla down then threw her into the steps.

Backstage, Randy Orton told The Authority that he wanted the loser of the Cena/Ambrose match inside the Cell at HIAC. They agreed to it.

An Erik Rowan promo aired.

What Is This Good Wrestling On RAW???

Randy Orton vs Dolph Ziggler. Ziggler landed some early blows sending Orton to the outside. Ziggler slammed Orton’s face on the steps. Back in the ring Ziggler hit a splash in the corner then went to a headlock. Orton escaped with a backdrop. Ziggler blocked a shot in the corner and landed three of his own and hit a dropkick. Orton went to the corner, then ducked Ziggler and slammed him into the turnbuckle. Orton dropped Ziggler on the ropes. Orton took his time however and Ziggler dropped his neck on the ropes. They went to the outside where Ziggler tossed Orton into the apron. Back in the ring Orton countered Ziggler and tossed him into the post. He went for the middle rope DDT but Ziggler countered and tossed Orton on the apron, then hit a dropkick sending him off the apron. Orton went to the end of the ramp and Seth Rollins came onto the stage going into commercial.

Orton had control back from break. He catapulted Ziggler into the corner. Orton went for a superplex. Ziggler hit a headbutt knocking Orton off. Orton came back wit ha headbutt of his own but Ziggler knocked him off again with a handful of punches. Ziggler recovered but Orton crotched him in the corner. This time Orton was able to connect on the superplex. After a nearfall Ziggler started fighting back with some clotheslines and then a neckbreaker and a jumping elbow for two. He went for a superkick but Orton blocked it and hit a powerslam for two. Orton connected on the middle rope DDT. Orton went for the RKO but Ziggler countered with a nearfall. Ziggler went for the Fameasser but Orton moved, but Ziggler came right back with a super kick. Ziggler went for the ZigZag, but Orton held on to the ropes. Ziggler landed a kick and went for the Fameasser again. But Orton caught him, put him in a powerbomb position, tossed him in the air, and connected on the RKO with Ziggler on the way down for the win.

WINNER: Randy Orton

After the match, Seth Rollins hit the Curb Stomp on Ziggler.

Anything You Can Do I Can Do Better

Seth Rollins vs Jack Swagger. Both men exchanged early armbars. Swagger went for a clothesline but Rollins ducked to the outside. Rollins caught Swagger with an elbow back in the ring. Rollins went to the top. Swagger tried to stop him but Rollins dropped the arm of Swagger on the ropes. Rollins continued to work over the arm of Swagger. Swagger escaped one armbar and sent Rollins to the outside. Swagger hit a clothesline on the outside then slammed Rollins into the steps. Randy Orton came out on the ramp, similar to Rollins. The distraction allowed Rollins to hit a dive through the ropes onto Swagger.

Rollins still had control back from break. Rollins landed a kick to the back. Swagger caught Rollins going for a leapfrog in the corner then hit a German suplex. Swagger hit a clothesline and followed it up with a backbody drop and a Swagger Bomb for two. Swagger went for a gut wrench powerbomb but Rollins escaped. He went to the top but Swagger caught him and hit a t-bone suplex for two. Swagger hit a dropkick to the knee of Rollins then applied the Patriot Lock but Rollins escaped. Rollins came back with a kick to the face of Swagger. Rollins went for the Curb Stomp but Swagger moved and applied the Patriot Lock but Rollins got to the ropes. Swagger tossed Rollins onto the post. He went for a front slam, but Rollins countered into a roll up and grabbed the tights, picking up the pinfall victory.

WINNER: Seth Rollins

After the match, Randy Orton came into the ring and hit the RKO on Swagger. Orton and Rollins exchanged words in the ring before Rollins left.

Dean Ambrose was interviewed. He said tonight, he’s sending John Cena down the Highway to Hell. Just like he will Seth Rollins at Hell In A Cell.

Big Show said tonight he will shatter Rusev’s jaw, and no offense to Mark Henry, but he will carry the weight of 318 million Americans on his shoulders to victory tonight.

Lana Knows American Sports Too? My Dream Girl

Before Big Show vs Rusev, Lana talked about Indians losing their money quickly just like the Atlanta Braves lose their baseball games. Big Show caught Rusev with a boot early. Show landed some early blows then went to the outside. Show tossed Rusev into the barricade a couple of times. Show hit some chest slaps in the ring, but they went back to the outside again and Rusev went back into the barricade. Show landed a headbutt in the ring followed by an elbow. Big Show continued to dominate, until Rusev elevated nicely and caught Big Show with a dropkick. Rusev went on the offensive this time and sent Big Show to the outside with a clothesline into commercial.

Rusev had a armbar applied back from break. He hit a splash in the corner. Big Show escaped  headlock and went to the second rope, but Rusev moved and went back to a submission. Big Show escaped this time with a backdrop. Show went for the KO Punch but Rusev ducked and hit a kick to the mid-section. Rusev then locked in the Accolade. Mark Henry came out, but Rusev caught him with a right hand. Rusev went back to the Accolade, but Mark Henry came in and knocked Rusev off. Rusev wins.

WINNER via DQ: Rusev

Show and Henry briefly exchanged words after the match. They then turned their attention to Rusev by the announce table. They surrounded him. Rusev went after Henry, but then turned right into a KO Punch from Big Show.

When The Man Not In The Match Is The Most Entertaining Thing

Sheamus vs Miz. Sheamus had control early with an elbow followed by a kick to the back. They did a spot where Sheamus grabbed the chin of Miz and went back and forth in the ring, and Mizdow followed along grabbing his own chin on the outside. Miz gained control and hit his corne clothesline. Miz landed a couple of kicks to the face. Sheamus escaped a headlock and started a comeback. But he missed a knee in the corner and Miz hit a DDT for two. Sheamus blocked a kick and sent Miz to the outside, where Mizdow did a stunt role to be next to him. Miz went under the ring. Mizdow distracted Sheamus and ate a Brogue Kick for his troubles. Miz beat the count back in the ring and won via countout.

WINNER via Countout: Miz

Brie Bella, Naomi and Natalya (with Rosa and Nene Leakes at ringside) beat Nikki Bella, Cameron and Summer Rae.

John Cena hyped his match.

This time, a promo for Bray Wyatt aired, saying that something was coming.

Protect Protect Protect

Main Event time. The Authority was all at ringside. Both men went for the contract early. Ambrose gained the upper hand with a crossbody then some boots in the corner. Ambrose went for the contract but Cena caught him and hit a backdrop. Cena hit a couple of suplexes. He went for the running bulldog but Ambrose countered and tossed Cena to the outside. The two men brawled up the ramp where Ambrose hit a suplex on the stage. Ambrose went back to the ring and for the contract, but Cena stopped him again and hit an electric chair backdrop. Cena went for the AA but Ambrose countered and escaped and hit the rope clothesline. Cena countered and applied the STF, but Ambrose bit the hands of Cena to escape. Ambrose dropkicked Cena off the apron and hit a dive to the outside. Both men brawled to the outside. Cena tossed Ambrose into the steps. Ambrose countered and tossed Cena into the barricade.

Orton distacted Ambrose so Ambrose hit him. Cena hit Ambrose from behind and tossed him into all three men. Orton attacked Cena and all three men attacked the faces. Eventually, Cena hit the AA on Kane. But Ambrose was on the top rope by the pole. Ambrose did the “You Can’t See Me” to Cena then pulled down the contract to win.

WINNER: Dean Ambrose


John Cena/Dean Ambrose Promo: I liked the opening of the show. Ambrose’s lines were great about not being afraid of Cena and wanting to kick his ass for years. I even liked Cena trying to play the veteran giving the young guy advice. Nice little exchange between both men to start the show.

Triple Threat Tag: Good action throughout. I know there will be people who don’t like that the Tag Champs were pinned, but both the Tag Champs and The Usos were made to look good and at least be close to the level of Cena and Ambrose. Those two didn’t dominate the whole match or make the others look weak. I might have booked them to lose, because then it would have made the main event happening tonight make sense with those two nearly coming to blows. But the match itself was good.

Dolph Ziggler vs Randy Orton: Again, the Champ did lose. But he was made to look to be on the level of Orton. The final five minutes had some nice counters and near falls. Orton’s RKO on Ziggler was great. It didn’t look like a lot of the other unique ones where the opponent falls into it. It seemed natural. Orton gets a lot of crap from people, but he can have a good match with almost anyone that he is in the ring with.


Rusev vs Big Show: There were a couple things not to like here. The first being the amount of  rest holds. And we know Rusev is athletic enough in the ring to move around, so maybe that was more Big Show. The second was the booking. America is suppose to be the good guys. But they cheat, and then double team Rusev at the end like a bunch of bullies. Maybe that is just over-reacting, but the booking left me with more to dislike than to like.

Hell In A Cell Booking: At least the WWE got the Rollins/Ambrose part right. But man, everything else is just all screwed up. They give away Cena/Ambrose on RAW tonight with no advanced build. Then Orton says he wants the loser of the match, making him a glorified consolation prize no matter how anyone tried to spin it. Then the Cena/Ambrose match is just a short, over booked mess with an over emphasis on protecting John Cena. It was just a big mess tonight.

Overall, the show was good from a wrestling standpoint. We had three perfectly acceptable TV matches. There also wasn’t too much filler tonight. It was the kind of show that you want to see from a three hour RAW. Have some quality wrestling with a couple of promos sprinkled in between. But the booking is just a big puzzle right now and half the time it seems like it is being done on the fly. But at least we are getting Ambrose/Rollins at Hell In A Cell. I’m giving the show a 6.

Until Next Time,

Justin C

Follow Me On Twitter @JCWonka×250.jpg×250.jpg

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Hittin’ The Canvas Wrestling Pulsecast: Top 3 Worst Returns In Wrestling Fri, 10 Oct 2014 19:23:22 +0000 HTC Wrestling Pulsecast


It’s just Justin Czerwonka and Matt Harrak this week spitballing about future WWE plans with Roman Reigns and Daniel Bryan on the shelf, the merits of Dean Ambrose being the guy to go to WrestleMania and what the immediate future holds for the WWE in general.

PLUS we have a Top 3! Yes, we discuss the absolute WORST returns in pro-wrestling history! Listen as we debate and take a trip down memory lane & don’t forget to put YOUR Top 3 in the comments below.×120-2013.jpg×250-wrestling-pulsecast.jpg

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WWE Celebrates 15 Years of SmackDown (PLUS: Interesting Fact & Photos) Fri, 10 Oct 2014 18:45:54 +0000 WWE Logo 2014 - 500x250





STAMFORD, Conn., October 10, 2014 WWE will air a special 15th Anniversary episode of SmackDown, tonight at 8 p.m. ET/PT on Syfy. With nearly 800 original episodes, SmackDown is the second longest-running weekly episodic program in U.S. television history, only behind WWE’s other flagship program, Monday Night RawAveraging 3.1 million viewers each week, SmackDown beats all Friday primetime viewing on any cable network.

As part of the 15th Anniversary show, Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson will appear in a special segment.  Tonight’s SmackDown will be the 790th episode for the series.  In comparison, Saturday Night Live has aired 766 episodes since it began in 1975, Gunsmoke aired 635 episodes from 1955-1975, Lassie aired 591 episodes from 1954-1973 and The Simpsons has aired 552 episodes since it began in 1989.

As part of the festivities, celebrities including Ben Roethlisberger, Cedric The Entertainer, Kyle Busch, Snoop Dogg, William Shatner and others will share photos from their WWE experiences on their social media platforms.

Prior to the 15th anniversary episode, fans can watch the WWE Network special Edge and Christian’s 15th Anniversary SmackDown Show that Totally Reeks of Awesomeness, featuring WWE Hall of Famer Edge and WWE Superstar Christian, offering entertaining insight into the greatest moments from SmackDown’s 15 year history.  The program is now available as part of WWE Network’s video-on-demand library, containing more than 2,000 hours of content.



SmackDown 15 (1) SmackDown 15 (2) SmackDown Action
July 13, 2004
Providence, RI
Photo: David O Gunn SmackDown 15 (4) SmackDown 15 (5) SmackDown 15 (6) SmackDown 15 (7) SmackDown 15 (8) SmackDown 15 (9) SmackDown 15 (10) SmackDown 15 (11) UnderTaker v Kurt Angle, Mark Henry SmackDown 15 (13) SmackDown 15 (14) SmackDown 15 (15) SmackDown 15 (16) SmackDown 15 (17) SmackDown 15 (18) SmackDown 15 (19) SmackDown 15 (20) SmackDown 15 (21)




  1. The name SmackDown came from WWE Superstar Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson’s popular catchphrase, “Lay the Smackdown.”
  1. SmackDown has been broadcast from 170 different venues, in 148 cities and towns, in seven different countries including the United States, Canada, the United Kingdom, Iraq, Japan, Italy and Mexico.
  1. It would take more than two months of uninterrupted viewing to watch every episode of SmackDown back-to-back.
  1. WWE Superstar John Cena made his WWE debut in June 2002 on SmackDown.
  1. WWE World Heavyweight Champion Brock Lesnar competed in a 60-minute Iron Man match on SmackDown in September 2003.
  1. Brock Lesnar and Big Show fought to a no contest when the ring collapsed after Lesnar superplexed Big Show on SmackDown in June 2003.
  1. Stephanie McMahon was the first SmackDown general manager while Teddy Long has the longest total tenure as a SmackDown general manager.
  1. Mr. McMahon won his only WWE Championship on SmackDown on September 16, 1999 when he defeated Triple H with Shane McMahon as special guest referee.
  1. The first Friday episode of SmackDown was on September 9, 2005 and featured Batista defeating JBL in a Bull Rope Match to retain the World Heavyweight Championship.×120.jpg×250.jpg

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Harrak’s Thoughts: WWE RAW 10.6.14 (The Rock, Seth Rollins, Dean Ambrose, John Cena) Tue, 07 Oct 2014 03:50:36 +0000 WWE Raw Header - 2014


{After a 2-week vacation which involved more work than work, I’m back with my thoughts and insights into the world of wrestling.}

1~ So what I learned from the opening promo wasn’t that they booked a 3-on-2 handicap match but the fact that they robbed us of a pretty good main event between John Cena & Dean Ambrose versus Seth Rollins & Randy Orton by adding Kane. Smart move to open the show…

2~ I don’t know how many different six-man tag matches they can put The Usos every week but I can see why they do. They’re just damn entertaining and a great way to kick off the in ring action of a 3-hour RAW. Unfortunately I believe The Usos are going to be vastly underrated once their time is up in the WWE. These two brothers are two of the best athletes and most charismatic Superstars in the business today!

3~ The Luke Harper vignettes are right on point to “debut” him as his own singles wrestler. We know some of what he can do in the ring but definitely not all of it and absolutely nothing of his back story. These are great teases to breakout a terrific wrestler that people might not be expecting much from.

4~ Nice promo from Cena and Ambrose that highlighted their differences as well as some of the similarities. While Roman Reigns and Daniel Bryan are out, Dean Ambrose is the default #2 babyface and an extremely different one at that. They can’t just place him into the Reigns or Bryan storylines which is the typical workflow when someone goes down with an injury. They have to take a couple of left turns when it comes to the Ambrose character, especially when he’s working off of John Cena as the #1 babyface. One of those left turns they nailed was tonight’s “walk out” on Cena by Dean Ambrose. The shot of him getting on the subway was the right touch that the angle needed to make it and the Ambrose character work. Now if Ambrose comes back for the save with cotton candy or something would be the icing on the cake.

5~ OK, The Rock appearing out of absolutely nowhere with nothing to promote and no big events coming up was amazing. THIS is one of the reasons why I don’t usually read my news feed on Mondays. I LOVE to be surprised like this and what a go-to guy to get on RAW have the backlash from the Russian Flag stunt last week. It’s nice to have someone the size of The Rock on speed dial. Brooklyn (and the internet) went nuts for The Rock’s return and was able to degrade Rusev the way the WWE likes & without all of the political drama or backlash. Even after all of these decades, I don’t think there’s a shadow of a doubt that The Rock is still the best in WHATEVER situation he is put in.

6~ I will admit I didn’t think we’d see promos for Erick Rowan debuted while Harper seems like the guy they want to push first (and rightfully so). I did like the tease of the pregnant woman with “It’s Coming” written on her stomach. That could mean so many different things when it comes to the Wyatt Family. In my opinion, they could use another member BUT only if it is a woman. Another male would just mean another guy that would get in the way of Rowan and Harper’s pushes and that’s exactly what they DON’T need right now.

7~ The main event was pretty much was what expected… until Dean Ambrose came out with a damn hot dog stand! Including a ketchup & mustard holster. Yup, you read that right and it was just as glorious as it sounds. I also do like the stipulation scheduled for Hell In A Cell. Of course it would be logical for Ambrose to face Seth Rollins in a Cell but now he has to beat Cena too. Things are completely in the air now and unless they start setting up a secondary feud for Cena, I don’t how Ambrose is going to advance to the main event. At least things are getting somewhat interesting leading into Hell In A Cell even without a WWE World Heavyweight Championship match.×120-2013.jpg×250-raw-2013.jpg

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WWE Monday Night RAW LIVE Results For 10/6/14: Who Will Get Their Hands On Seth Rollins? Mon, 06 Oct 2014 23:43:21 +0000 It’s another edition of RAW tonight. Advertised is Big Show vs Rusev. Also, Kathy Lee and Hoda, two of the most annoying people in the world, will be on RAW. Can’t wait for the Brooklyn crowd to crap on that segment.

How Many Variations Of One Main Event Can You Do?

After recapping last week’s Dean Ambrose antics, Seth Rollins came out. Rollins was frustrated with what Ambrose did last week. He said the real highlight from last week was what happened at the end of RAW last week. Rollins said that is what happens when you disrespect him. He said one thing you do not do is embarrass Seth Rollins. He said he was the future of the WWE. Suddenly, Jamie Noble and Joey Mercury appeared at ringside. They wanted him to leave. Rollins said he knows he has a target on his back and he loves it. He said all eyes are on him. Suddenly John Cena charged the ring and went after Rollins, who bailed through the crowd. As Rollins stood there, Ambrose casually walked behind him. Rollins turned around and Ambrose attacked. Ambrose sent Rollins over the barricade. Cena went after him. Ambrose jumped over the barricade and took out both of them as Rollins bailed.

Triple H and Stephanie McMahon came out and said they wouldn’t let the show break down into chaos. HHH said that it seems like both men want to get their hands on Seth Rollins. HHH said they will get that tonight. It’ll be John Cena and Dean Ambrose against Seth Rollins, and his partners Kane and Seth Rollins.

The WWE Should Just Bring Back The Six Man Tag Titles

It’s Stardust, Goldust and Cesaro vs Dolph Ziggler and The Usos. The match started with all six men brawling to the outside. Jey Uso was thrown hard into the steps by Goldust. Jey started with Stardust and he worked over the shoulder of Jey. Cesao came in and connected on a few uppercuts. Jey ducked one and tagged in Jimmy. Jimmy hit a few chops then a butt splash in the corner. Cesaro bounced right back and the match broke down again. This time Cesaro tossed Ziggler into the steps and the heels stood in the ring into commercial.

Back from break Stardust had Jey in an armbar. Cesaro came in and mocked Ziggler then hit his elbow drop on Jey. Goldust came in but he ate a spinning heel kick from Jey, who then made the hot tag to Ziggler. Ziggler hit a splash in the corner and a neckbreaker. Ziggler then applied the Sleeper to Cesaro, who eventually broke it by backing into the corner. Cesaro missed an uppercut and Ziggler hit a Fameasser. The Usos hit dueling dives on the Dust Brothers on the outside. Cesaro connected on an upeprcut to Ziggler but an Uso broke up the pin. Stardust came in and hit his finisher but Ziggler kicked out at two. Jimmy tagged in and all three faces hit a superkick on Stardust. Jimmy hit the splash on Stardust to pick up the win.

WINNERS: The Usos and Dolph Ziggler

Kathie Lee and Hoda came out with the Rosebuds. They danced a little. Then they each broke a wine bottle over the other’s butts. Then they fell into the Rosebuds and were carried to the back.

A Luke Harper promo aired.

Bo Dallas vs Mark Henry. Henry dominated the match early before Bo bailed to the outside. Henry followed and slammed Bo’s head into the announce table then rammed him into the ringpost and barricade. Henry went for the World’s Strongest Slam through the announce table, but Bo escaped and made it back into the ring before the ten count, giving him the win.

Catering Doesn’t Satisfy Dean Ambrose

Dean Ambrose came out. He said lately John Cena has been up in his space and he doesn’t think he likes it. They replayed what happened on Smackdown. Ambrose said he told Cena to not give him a reason not to like you. He asked Cena to come out so they could settle this issue. Cena came out. Cena said that if everyone understands Dean Ambrose’s actions then they can understand his. Ambrose said he doesn’t give a crap about Cena and Cena doesn’t give a crap about him. Ambrose said maybe now they can co-exist or he could also drop him where he stands right now and take on the Authority by himself. Cena said last time that happened Ambrose’s head was put through cinder blocks. Cena said Ambrose has guts but to also not give him a reason not to like him. Ambrose said he was kind of hungry and he was going to take the Q-Train to Coney Island and ride the Cyclone. Ambrose left as Cena looked puzzled.

Back from break they showed Ambrose getting on a subway.

Triple H tried getting into Cena’s head about his partner bailing on him. He said he will go through whoever he has to to get to Seth Rollins. HHH said he will make sure that Seth Rollins is starting the match tonight.

Brie Bella beat Summer Rae with one hand tied behind her back.

Jack Swagger vs Tyson Kidd. Swagger gained control early so Kidd bailed. Kidd put Natalya in front of Swagger then came off the apron and hit a kick on Swagger. Kidd had control back in the ring and landed some kicks in the corner. Swagger escaped a headlock and started a comeback. He hit a Swagger Bomb in the corner. Kidd went for a Sharpshooter but Swagger countered with the Patriot Lock. Kidd got to the ropes then hit an enziguri kick. Kidd went to the top but Swagger pushed him off then applied the Patriot Lock. Kidd tapped out.

Roman Reigns interview. He said its only a matter of time before he can get back in the ring and be kicking some ass. A week of hype for barely a minute.

El Torito beat the Little Gator. The crowd chanted This is Stupid.

Well, Well, Well. An Actual Surprise

Rusev and Lana came out. She said today is a great day because it is Vladimir Putin’s birthday. Lana said Big Show should be in prison for desecrating the Russian flag last week, and it was a hate crime. Rusev said in Russian what he would do to the Big Show. He challenged Big Show to come to the ring, even though The Authority said he can’t wrestle tonight because of what happened last week. Rusev called Big Show a coward.

Suddenly, THE ROCK’S MUSIC hit and he came out to a huge ovation. He said right now, Rusev and Lana needed to know their role and shut their mouth. Rock said every morning he gets to the gym just like Rusev, but unlike Rusev he doesn’t pull his shorts up to his nipples. Then he flew to the Big Apple. Then he visited Lana’s favorite place in the city, the meat packing district. Then he jumped on the four train to get to the bronx so he could pay respect to Derek Jeter. Then he made his way to Brooklyn.

Lana asked who he thought he was, coming in here and interrupting the great Rusev. She said he needed to shut up. The Rock said she needed to stop dressing like a Soviet Street Walker. Rusev called Rock an American piece of garbage and said to leave now or he will crush him. Rock said is that all he has to say. He said Rusev’s breath stinks and that Lana is smokin, but it is too bad she walks around like someone stuffed a smirinoff bottle up her Putin. He asked Rusev if he thinks he can bet him, The Rock said it doesn’t matter what he thinks. Lana said that just like any beast Rusev likes to eat, and he is hungry. Rock talked some smack then landed some punches before sending Rusev out of the ring.

Paige and Alicia Fox defeated AJ and Emma. AJ walked out on Emma because she was getting frustrated with her antics and not pinning Alicia. Paige came in and hit the RamPaige DDT for the win.

This time, an Erik Rowan promo aired.

Mizdow Finally Gets Some Respect

Sheamus vs Miz. Sheamus started with a shoulder tackle and some early blows. Miz dropped Sheamus neck on the ropes. He went to the top but Sheamus caught him with a shot to the gut. He went for a Brogue Kick, but Miz bailed. Miz had control back from break as the crowd chanted for Mizdow. Mizdow landed a cheap shot on Sheamus. Sheamus escaped a headlock and started a comeback. Sheamus went for a Brogue Kick but Mizdow pulled Miz out of the ring. Sheamus tossed Miz into the apron as they went back into the ring. Sheamus went for a Brogue Kick but Miz ducked, and Mizdow ate the Brogue Kick instead. Miz then rolled up Sheamus to pick up the win.


Dean Ambrose: Best Hot Dog Vendor In NYC

Main event time. Rollins started the match, but immediately tagged in Kane. Kane landed a few uppercuts in the corner then tagged in Orton. Orton and Kane took it to Cena, then tagged in Rollins. Rollins landed some shots in the corner. Rollins taunted Cena which allowed him to try a comeback but Rollins caught Cena with an elbow in the corner. Rollins hit a neckbraker. Rollins again taunted Cena and Cena went into CENAMODE after knocking Orton and Kane off the apron. He went for the AA but Kane and Orton came back in and caused a DQ.

WINNER via DQ: John Cena

The beatdown continued until Dean Ambrose’s music hit. He came down to the ring with a hot dog cart. He had a holster on with ketchup and mustard in it, so he sprayed Kane and Orton. He then went after Rollins in the ring. Ambrose sent him to the outside and hit a dive. He threw various condiments on Rollins then used some tongs on his private area. Triple H came out. He announced that at Hell In A Cell, John Cena and Dean Ambrose will fight each other, and the winner will fight Seth Rollins later in the night inside Hell In A Cell. After the announcement, Ambrose hit a DDT on Cena to end the show.


The Rock/Rusev Segment: First off, I liked this because the WWE actually kept this a surprise. No one knew about this going into the show. The segment itself was entertaining TV. Rusev gets the rub of being on TV with The Rock. This doesn’t derail Rusev’s push at all. If anything it gives him more heat going forward. I don’t think it goes anywhere, but it was one of those segments that on its own was good TV. And it was much better than pretty much anything RAW has produced in the last two months.

Six Man Tag: You know, this seems to be the one thing the WWE does right. Good action here. Maybe the WWE should bring back the six man tag titles and dump the regular ones? I know they never would but its an interesting thought. Very rarely do these matches ever stink. Another good one, which is to be expected with who was involved.

Dean Ambrose: This man is single handily keeping RAW entertaining. Who else could take a hot dog cart full of condiments and make it fun TV. Everything about his act is so refreshing and the best part of the show.


Roman Reigns Interview: This gets hyped for a full week. It makes you think there will be some kind of angle here that will give Reigns a story when he returns. But instead, we get a one question interview that barely goes for a minute. Total letdown by the WWE.

Kathy Lee/Hoda and El Torito/Little Gator: I hate Kathy Lee and Hoda with a passion, and this segment was just a complete waste of time. Was it suppose to support breast cancer awareness? Or promote Kathy Lee’s wine? Then I’m actually happy the crowd crapped on the Torito/Gator stuff. At least when they did it earlier in the year they had some decent matches. Now its just pointless comedy.

While The Rock’s surprise return was fun, it didn’t so enough to take away from the massive flaws that the WWE currently has. It has been the same combination of guys wrestling in the main event for the last two weeks. Yeah, Daniel Bryan and Roman Reigns are hurt. But it shows how the WWE has failed to develop any new stars in the process. And with how Hell In A Cell has been booked, it makes me really fearful that John Cena is going over Dean Ambrose. That would be the dumbest possible decision. John Cena doesn’t need to ruin what was a great program that was Rollins/Ambrose. I’m giving the show a 5.

Until Next Time,

Justin C

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Spain’s WWE SmackDown Report and Results for October 3rd 2014: WWE Presents “Phoning It In” Sat, 04 Oct 2014 16:16:10 +0000 Tally-ho, chaps. It’s SmackDown time once again, as we saunter casually towards Hell in a Cell without a single idea of what’s going to happen because…well, that’s WWE for you. I’m your reviewer, David Spain, coming at you not-in-the-slightest-bit-live from Bonny Scotland, and it’s about time to see what the Blue Show has for us.

Turns out, yep, it’s a recap. Seems like Dean Ambrose is adding workplace theft and booby-trapping pranks to his list of reprimandable activities at his place of employment: stealing Rollins’ briefcase and then booby-trapping it like a greasy and sorta schizo James Bond, albeit apparently a James Bond with more respect for women than 00-‘I Sleep With Former Child Sex Slaves’-7. I like the fact that Orton finds bad things happening to Rollins hilarious, and that it’s now statistically more likely that Seth will interfere in a match (any match) than him not doing so. Honestly, I like most things Rollins and Ambrose right now.

Oh yay, here’s John Cena. Oh double yay, he’s holding a microphone. And seriously? A ‘Keep Calm’ t-shirt? What is this, 2012? He reviews both Ambrose and his own reasons for wanting to murder Seth Rollins, and I like how Cena’s focus can be shifted from his greatest challenge ever in Lesnar to some other guy for storyline purposes. And apparently if you tell Cena to retire, he’ll refuse to: that bastard. Seth took Cena’s chance to prove himself away from him, and I am so very much on Rollins’ side, just because he dicked over Cena in such wonderful fashion. Cena tells Seth to come out to the ring so he can physically assault him, and Seth doesn’t because he’s not insane. But Ambrose does because…insane?

Ambrose tells Cena to get the hell away from the storyline before he once again ruins something potentially enjoyable. He says John got on his way on Monday, and Cena tries to pull rank. Dean isn’t backing down, though. Cena wants a truce so they don’t get Authority-ed again, and Ambrose is about to shake when Randy, Seth and Kane show up onscreen. Kane says that Ambrose said mean stuff about Cena when he was in the Shield, and this is apparently supposed to carry some weight even though Ambrose used to constantly attack Cena when he was in the Shield. Oh God, another match with Kane and Orton. Because we all really wanted to see that. And Seth is apparently having the longest, quietest continual orgasm ever.

Apparently the WWE didn’t consider that pulling down the Russian flag might be an offensive move on their part. Considering the segment didn’t involve laughing about a plane crash, I’m guessing it looked like a green light.

So Is Miz Allowed To Get Hit In The Face Yet?

So Miz and Sandmiz are here, facing Ziggler and Sheamus. And the US and IC champions teaming up should actually be really awesome, only one of their opponents is a joke, their other opponent is pretending to be a joke and one of the champions is Sheamus. At least if Sheamus and Miz fight at Hell in a Cell I can guiltlessly skip that whole match.

Speak of the match spawned by the devil: Sheamus and Miz start off. Sheamus backs Miz into a corner, but Miz ducks a punch and the men circle. Miz goes on the offence until Sheamus catches his leg and shoves him away. Knee to Miz in the corner, but Miz ducks a clothesline and tags in Sandmiz, who immediately gets bodyslammed. Kick to Sheamus, but then Sandmiz gets tossed to the apron, with Miz getting tossed to the outside. Clubbing blows to Sandmiz’s chest before Miz interferes; Dolph distracts the two and Sheamus takes them out off the top.

Back from a commercial break, Sheamus takes the back/neckbreaker from Miz, and the Awesome One tags in Sandmiz, who strikes an elbow to the throat across the apron. Front facelock from the New Miz, tagging in Classic Miz, who takes on Sheamus. Oh, and by the by, I have one last (well, maybe) thing to say about Miz’s movie career. Marine IV is direct-to-DVD. My father, who is not an actor, has a speaking part in a movie which actually had limited theatrical release in venues without all that much going on. So, I’m not saying that my Dad is a bigger movie star than the Miz, but I expect you all to say it on my behalf; I’m watching a Miz and Sheamus-heavy match on your behalves. Sheamus beheads Miz with a clothesline and tags in Dolph: his best move of the whole match.

Ziggler knocks Sandmiz all over the shop, then misses a boot before hitting a DDT and Miz breaks up the pin. Sheamus takes Miz out as Sandmiz eats a dropkick. On the outside, Sheamus gets hit with a chair by the Miz, who climbs up onto the apron and get superkicked. Sandmiz tries to roll up Dolph, but Ziggler rolls through and hits the Zig-Zag for the win.

That was a slow start, due to the fact it was Miz and Sheamus, but Ziggler’s tag brought the grade right back up. I really hope this is going to be a definitive rise for him. 2.5 Stars.

Sheamus shows up in the ring with a chair, totes pissed, but as Miz has already bailed, he hits Sandmiz. Seems legit.

Ah, here’s that new Luke Harper promo. On the one hand, I am sad that the Wyatts’ role as a trio has come to an end, and definitely without the kind of adrenaline rush that the Shield’s own time together did. But if this is a singles push for Harper, then it’s worth it: I think we’ve all seen that this guy can go. Not sure what’ll happen to Rowan, and I’m willing to go with the result in that case. Bray, I think, doesn’t actually need back-up; his presence is what sells the intimidation factor. So, on the whole, I’m looking at this fairly positively. And the video package people just continue to excel at their jobs; perfectly pitched and wonderfully creepy.

Is This What WWE Creative Think Women Are Like?

Here’s Paige with Alicia, and WWE has one of its batshit crazy heels wearing a cancer research t-shirt. I may have said this a year or so ago, but WWE is one of the only organisations who could be annoying whilst working with a cancer research company. Paige will be facing Naomi, and starts off by kicking her in the face and headlocking her. Michael Cole admits to watching Total Divas, and my respect for him as a sentient being drops evermore. Natalya breaks away from Paige, then dropkicks her twice before hitting a hurricanrana and then what looked like a headscissors DDT? Alicia tries to get involved, and Naomi throws herself out onto her. Kick to the head of Paige off the apron, who hits one right back! PTO is applied to a downed Naomi and the former Funkadactyl taps.

I’m impressed: a good Divas match only involving one of either Paige, AJ or Natalya. Of course, Naomi can do good things in the ring, but it’s nice to be reminded. Hardly world-shaking, but solid. 2.5 Stars.

Here’s AJ, looking pissed. Paige makes herself scarce, and AJ wails on Alicia, throwing her through the ropes and out of the ring. Paige is wearing JBL’s hat as she hides behind him: decent.

Here’s Big Show, wearing a suit. Boy, he looks kind of slick in that. Oh, and despite the fact that Big Show is out here to apologise, got to love that Michael Cole is all ‘yeah, Big Show’s going to destroy that filthy red this Monday!’ They’re just so fucking contrite, guys. Although, allow me to counter my point by now saying: it’s a fucking flag. What is this, the boy scouts?

Big Show is all mature and saying that people have to be responsible for their actions. Ironic, really, because I’m pretty sure Show pulling down the flag wasn’t his idea. The crowd boos at his apology, and I don’t even know what I’m supposed to be thinking about this. It’s only a matter of time before WWE spoofs an IS beheading video. Big Show apologises sincerely, and the crowd boos again.

Here’s Boris and Natasha, who I’m going to guess won’t accept the apology, because you can’t make Russia look good in any way, shape nor form. Lana says, basically, ‘yeah, okay, tempers got a little high on both sides, I think. Let’s just, you know, have a good fight on Monday’. Hah, the hell she does: they want a personal apology. Big Show refuses, because he apologised to the Russian people. Dude, Rusev’s Bulgarian. And Big Show says he wanted to disrespect the two of them. And…holy hell, Rusev speaks English? Did I know this? Did you? Rusev makes a sneaky reference to HBK and the Canadian flag nose-wiping incident, and I am decently impressed by that. And then he attacks Big Show with the flag. So kids, the USA’s awesome: indisputable. And the Russian people: yeah, most of them are okay. These two? They’re assholes. And yes, we know they’re the only representatives of Russia around at the moment, but I don’t think that weakens our case. Big Show gets up, and Rusev bails. Big Show starts stripping, and that really makes Rusev back off. Big Show then starts a USA chant, as a way of trying to make it look like, really, he did nothing wrong. War is peace. Freedom is slavery. Ignorance is strength.

Is This What WWE Creative Think Funny Is Like?

Here’s Heath Slater and Titus O’Neil…and they have a midget in an alligator costume. Wow, where’s my bottle of vodka? But they’re facing the Usos, and if they weren’t I was going to do that thing where I skip the match and tell you to review it yourselves. Apparently there was something on RAW about this, but as I recall I proclaimed it ‘bullshit’ and skipped it.

Jey gets backed up by Heath, but hits a chop and an uppercut. Slater comes back with a big kick, then some punches to the face. Oh God, here’s the Bunny. They send the Gator after it, but he hops over it and the Gator runs into the post. Honestly, if the Usos just left now I’d not blame them. But they superkick the guys and hit stereo-splashes with the Bunny.

I’d like to find whoever pitched this idea, and whoever said yes, and I’d like to spend…oh, around about two minutes taking a pickaxe to their eyes, because that’s what they just did to me. 0 Stars.

Whoa, one of the Usos just pulled out a spinaroonie. Apology not accepted, but acknowledged.

Renee Young is backstage with Dean Ambrose, and asks him about teaming up with John Cena again, her tone making it sound like it’s like catching a really itchy strain of chlamydia. Dean prefers to talk about Seth Rollins, and actually gives a decent reason for his pranks before promising to destroy Seth.

An Uppercut Above

Cesaro is here, with his weird European police siren entrance music. What, did people get paranoid about the air raid siren thing? And he’s facing R-Truth, and apparently he had an altercation on the WWE App with Cesaro. R-Truth references his Milwaukee mistake, and we’re underway.

Cesaro floors the fuck out of Truth with an uppercut, then drives him into the corner and hits shoulders to the gut. Gutwrench suplex then an arm and chinlock to Truth. R-Truth fires back with some punches, and backdrops Cesaro before attempting a scissor kick; it misses and Truth attacks Cesaro in the corner; Cesaro crotches him on the ropes and hits the Neutraliser.

Fair enough. Really glad they didn’t drag this out, because I don’t care much for R-Truth. 2 Stars.

Lillian is in the ring, and introduces…whoever that is. I don’t know. Oh, Bob Uecker? I guess.

Goldust and Stardust are backstage with their plasma ball; can we go back to that Bob guy now? Oh my god, they smashed the plasma ball. What happens when you do that? I always wondered, but didn’t want to smash mine in case it killed you. I know if you touched it whilst touching metal it gave you an electric shock.

Is This What WWE Creative Think ‘What We Want’ Is Like?

Yeah, yeah: here’s Kane and Randy Orton, ready to face Ambrose and Cena in a repeat of Monday because you can’t actually use the phrase ‘starved for content’; you’ve got to demonstrate it through your programming. At least Lesnar having the title gives Orton a reason for not constantly bitching about that rematch he never got, although I’d be interested in full Psycho Mode Orton feuding with Brock.

Ambrose and Orton to start, and they lock up before Orton hits a knee. Ambrose remains in control, working Randy in the corners. Snapmare and clothesline to Orton, with Ambrose getting two off a cover. Cena in off the tag, throwing hands before hitting a bulldog. Fisherman suplex to Orton, who tags out to Kane. Why aren’t more wrestlers laughing at Kane’s hair colour right now? Cena hits a flying shoulder, and he tags in Dean Ambrose for a double suplex. Ambrose hits a running dropkick to Kane, but then gets levelled by the Corporate Machine.

Orton comes in, and tries to beat Ambrose down, but gets taken out with a clothesline. Cena comes, and he and Ambrose wrench the legs of Orton. Cena gets taken down by Orton, but Cena takes Orton down with a throw, then tosses him out of the ring. Kane gets low-bridged out as well, and Ambrose hurls himself out on top of them as we go to break.

Back from the break, Kane has Ambrose in a sleeper; he tries to fire up but a big boot knocks him back down. Orton comes in off the tag and hits stomps before throwing Ambrose out of the ring. Dean manages to knock Randy’s head off the announce table, but gets whipped into the steel steps. Michael and John sound like two old men going off on random tangents as Tom actually calls the action. Sleeper to Ambrose, who tries to work his way out, hitting the boots to Orton out of the corner, then hitting a front dropkick to Randy. He tries to get the tag, but Orton has the legs and Kane comes in to shut Ambrose down.

Kane hits strikes to wear Ambrose out before locking in a sleeper again. Dean tries to bite his way out, and JBL uses that same ‘Mike Tyson’ line again, because he was replaced with his video game counterpart and nobody’s any the wiser. Kane knocks Ambrose into the ropes, but Dean comes right back with a big clothesline. He seizures on the floor for a bit, reaching for Cena, and crawls closer and closer…and then Cena runs off to attack Rollins. What a prick. Orton goes for Ambrose, but Dean just goes nuts and tries to take out everyone. Vintage DDT puts a halt to things, and Randy calls for the RKO. Roll-up nearly gets it done; Dirty Deeds almost hits, but Kane interrupts for the big boot. This leads to the DQ, which seems like a severe ruling from the ref considering that was the first infraction of the match.

The ending was actually pretty original, and Ambrose’s flurry at the end sort of made me believe he’d get it done. Well-handled, but still not enough to convince me we needed a whole repeat. Still, 3 Stars.

Chokeslam to Ambrose, and the crowd is chanting for Cena. Yeah, because he didn’t just walk out on Dean or anything. RKO hits, and oh, here’s Cena now. Too little too late, Superman. He doesn’t even hit an offensive move, just scatters the heels. Seth, Orton and Kane taunt Cena. Randy yells ‘I thought you were friends!’ No-one thought that, Randy.

This show really didn’t have any life to it. Ambrose was probably the most entertaining bit, and that was a rematch. Needs work, guys. Needs a lot of work. Five.

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Classy Ring Attire 139 – I Can’t Even Muster The Energy to Title This Episode Thu, 02 Oct 2014 17:47:58 +0000 I mean, really, did you guys not see Night of Champions? And then Raw the next night? And then that whole thing with Sting not showing up even though they totally alluded to him showing up? I mean why WWE? On everything, why? Just…jeez… just listen to the podcast.

]]> 0 Brock Lesnar,chris jericho,dean ambrose,john cena,Night of Champions,randy orton,Raw,Roman Reigns,seth rollins,Sting,wrestlemania,WWE I mean, really, did you guys not see Night of Champions? And then Raw the next night? And then that whole thing with Sting not showing up even though they totally alluded to him showing up? I mean why WWE? On everything, why? Just...jeez... I mean, really, did you guys not see Night of Champions? And then Raw the next night? And then that whole thing with Sting not showing up even though they totally alluded to him showing up? I mean why WWE? On everything, why? Just...jeez... just listen to the podcast. Inside Pulse Wrestling no 52:14
JC’s Top Rope Report: Can The WWE Really Screw This Up Again? Tue, 30 Sep 2014 19:23:22 +0000 This seems like a running theme with the WWE. Just when you think the WWE has something everyone wants to see in front of them, they have to find a way to screw it up. Now nothing seems to be set in stone at all for Hell In A Cell. But it does appear that the WWE is leaning towards doing what was reported last week.

The rumor was that John Cena and Dean Ambrose would fight in the opening match at Hell In A Cell. The winner would then get to fight Seth Rollins in the main event of the show inside the Cell. The loser would then face Randy Orton as a consolation prize.

Where oh where do we begin? Hell, lets start with Randy Orton. How much does this situation hurt Orton as a wrestler? Orton is reduced to being the consolation prize. An after thought. No one really wants to fight Orton unless they are forced to. I get that Orton has cooled off as a character recently, but no one should ever be reduced to being a consolation prize in any story whatsoever. I get that it seems like they are hinting at Orton breaking away from the Authority, but this just seems like such a bad way to do it.

Then we have the Dean Ambrose/Seth Rollins story. Ever since the Shield broke up, Ambrose has wanted to destroy Rollins. He had a chance at SummerSlam and didn’t finish the job. Then, Rollins puts Ambrose’s head through cinder blocks. Logically, when Ambrose returns, you would expect him to get his hands on Rollins in some type of one-on-one match. When these two first started feuding, I thought it would be awesome if they could get this feud to Hell In A Cell and have a match take place there. Well guess what, we’ve arrived to Hell In A Cell time. These two are still feuding, and it is the best program/feud that the WWE has going right now. Everything seemed to be building up right for these two to go at inside the Cell. But then we had to involve someone else.

And of course, that person ended up being John Cena. I’ve become somewhat of a Cena defender over the last year. I’m not saying that the guy is perfect, but he gets a lot of crap from people that isn’t warranted. Just when the WWE’s booking of John Cena wasn’t annoying me, they had to go and do this. They insert John Cena into the Ambrose/Rollins feud. Maybe there is some logic to Cena’s actions, but shouldn’t he be clamoring for another WWE Title match rather than going after Rollins?

I get that Brock Lesnar has limited dates, and the WWE wants to use them. But there was talk a few weeks ago that the WWE could negotiate more dates with Lesnar for some more money. Why not do that here? What the hell was point of the DQ finish at Night of Champions if there wasn’t going to be a third match at Hell In A Cell? That finish seemed like it was set up perfectly for two big matches at Hell In A Cell: John Cena vs Brock Lesnar and Seth Rollins vs Dean Ambrose. Both matches could take place inside the Cell. And I’m sure both matches would be different enough that they would each be great in their own way. Here’s the WWE, with two feuds that WARRANT a match inside the Cell. But they decided to screw it up. Since Hell In A Cell became a PPV in 2009, the following matches have taken place there inside the Cell:

2009: The Undertaker vs CM Punk, John Cena vs Randy Orton, D-X vs Legacy

2010: Randy Orton vs Sheamus, Kane vs The Undertaker

2011: Mark Henry vs Randy Orton; Alberto del Rio vs John Cena vs CM Punk

2012: CM Punk vs Ryback

2013: CM Punk vs Ryback and Paul Heyman; Randy Orton vs Daniel Bryan

How many of those matches really warranted a Cell, and didn’t just happen in one because of the PPV. I would say none. The Cell played a part in a storyline in 2011 more than anything else and it worked (Miz/R-Truth beatdown). You could argue that the match that warranted the Cell the most didn’t use it, and that was Wade Barrett vs John Cena in 2010. None of those other matches really had a blood feud that warranted use of the Cell.

But here is the WWE with TWO feuds that could warrant the use of the Cell, and they aren’t even going straight down that route. Why would you do a DQ finish at Night of Champions and not re-visit Cena/Lesnar the next month, just to at least give the feud some finality. But for some reason the WWE thinks it is necessary to add John Cena into this program. And even if you weren’t going to do John Cena/Brock Lesnar again, they could have had Cena do something else. Instead, they are trying to have John Cena ruin the best feud going in quite some time. They could have done a Cena/Rusev feud to elevate Rusev. I would have accepted anything other than this scenario being played out for Hell In A Cell.

Since Brock Lesnar won the WWE Title, I thought for sure he would fight at Hell In A Cell. The match is tailor made for someone like him. It seemed like it fit perfectly. The WWE could have had Lesnar fight at the Cell. Then if Daniel Bryan really is ready to return in November, the WWE could build Survivor Series up as the return of Bryan. Build Bryan back up for a couple months, then give him a match against Lesnar at the Royal Rumble.

It’s really quite simple. But once again, the WWE decided to over complicate things for their audience. If the crowd on RAW Monday was any indication, they don’t want to see Cena vs Rollins either. And if that does happen, the crowd will side with Rollins. But we’ve seen the WWE screw up simple things before, so this shouldn’t be much of a surprise. Hopefully the WWE sees what is wrong with this scenario, but knowing them, they probably don’t see what the big deal is. I mean, everyone wants to see John Cena fight Seth Rollins instead of Dean Ambrose right? RIGHT???


Until Next Time,

Justin C

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