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Another week and another chance to book your own WWE. If you’ve watched WWE in the last few months you’ve surely noticed the rapid rise of former Shield member, Roman Reigns.

For weeks it seemed as if Reigns was moving quickly into a match with WWE COO Triple H at SummerSlam. Now it appears his path has switched to a match with Randy Orton. Does that mean the WWE is pulling back on Reigns’ push? Or have they decided to take their time developing this top new babyface? Was SummerSlam too early to push him into a main event spot when it looks as if he’s the front-runner to win the Royal Rumble?

What would you do with Roman Reigns? Keep him on course or maybe shift him in a new direction? Or maybe insert someone else into his spot? Maybe another returning former superstar? Book It below!×120.jpg×250.jpg

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THE RAGER! A Super Early Summerslam Kickoff Show (Roman Reigns, Bray Wyatt, John Cena) Wed, 23 Jul 2014 15:00:53 +0000 Missed me? Yeah, me neither. Let’s just jump into it and get this over with, yes?


Fandango vs Adam Rose
Apparently Rose doesn’t share Fandango’s enthusiasm for triangles…he’s probably more of an octagon fan.

Cameron vs Naomi
They couldn’t have just buried this match on Smackdown where no one would ever see it?


Usos vs Wyatts
A 2 out of 3 falls is a good way to end a feud and this feud has kind of suffered from too much of a good thing. Their matches have been fun to watch but the market has been flooded with it since they first faced off. I would’ve liked for the Wyatts to have actually won the tag championships at one point, especially with a face team like GoldStar waiting in the wings. Also, let me go ahead and say something that may get some negative feedback: I can’t stand Eric Rowan. I don’t know what it is but every time he’s tagged in, I find myself wandering on my laptop until Harper comes back in. The head-fisting thing he does is the dumbest thing I’ve seen since the camel-clutch/accolade.
Good match, let’s move on already.

John Gruden was spotted behind the commentators, does the guy ever go out in public without wearing some sort of visor?

AJ vs Paige
Aside from a botch or two from Paige, it was a fun match to watch. It wasn’t the masterpiece of Natalya vs Charlotte but that feels like an impossible high bar most Divas matches will never come close to.

Rusev vs Jack Swagger
Apparently this feud was cancelled after Lana’s rant which is weird because this is the first time something was broken or ruined and it wasn’t Swagger’s fault. It’s a shame too because this is the most over Swagger has ever been and probably ever will be. I also want to point out the trainer tending to Jack Swagger’s “head injury” by shaking Jack’s head. His medical school must’ve been online.

Dean Ambrose vs Seth Rollins
Okay so the match itself never happened but I had to title this segment something. I really love the video package, I just wished it was saved for whenever their actual match happened. This segment was the biggest and best example of this being an unnecessary in-between pay per view for Summer Slam. As much as I love these two, we need more meat in this story and not just one guy jumping the other every week.

Chris Jericho vs Bray Wyatt
Wasn’t completely impressed with this match. It was slow and felt mostly one-sided until Jericho pulled off the miracle win at the end. Maybe it was because I was expecting too much and built it up to an impossible extent in my head or everyone realized it was Battleground and decided they didn’t actually give a crap. It’s funny that Lawler is still mesmerized by Bray’s spider walk, you don’t have to be possessed to do it, just do some DDP yoga a few times a week.

The most shocking thing about all this is that Jericho actually won a match this soon after returning.

IC Battle Royal
Clearly WWE has found a winning formula when it comes to battle royals but they really need to pace themselves because Kofi is going to eventually run out of ideas. I would still like periodical check-ins with Bad News Barrett, seeing as how he did kinda get over by just talking…even if his promo got extremely real extremely quick. Would’ve been nice if Ziggler got the win just because it would sort of assure that we would have something to do in the near future. I guess it makes sense for Miz to win, help put over the new version of his character and give him more incentive to wake up super early and do crappy radio promotions that no one else in the company wants to do.

John Cena vs Kane vs Randy Orton vs Roman Reigns
A whole lot of “meh” in this match other than the Roman Reigns highlight show. Honestly, it was a fine main event and would’ve been a lot better if we didn’t get the exact same Cena finish that we got last month at MitB. He hit Orton with an AA on-top of Kane, the only difference is Cena had to actually pin someone this time. I get that Cena was going to win this, I’ve come to terms with it, but at least mix up a little bit. Even if they’re not going to mix it up, at least take a break from being lazy long enough to come up with a finish that isn’t the exact same as the previous PPV. If Cena wins at Summer Slam by hitting Heyman with an AA on-top of Lesnar, I’m setting everyone’s house on fire. Sure, it’s not the most original reaction to anger but then again, neither are Cena’s finishes.

Don’t do anything I wouldn’t do twice,

The Answer: We at Classy Ring Attire have the most supportive twitter followers.×120.jpg×250.jpg

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Classy Ring Attire 129 – Bring it on Down To BattleGround Mon, 21 Jul 2014 23:38:48 +0000 It time for the awkward middle PPV between Money in the Bank and SummerSlam, so join us as we watch the company stall for time until Brock Lester can get back on TV.

]]> 0 Battleground,Bray Wyatt,dean ambrose,Dolph Ziggler,john cena,kane,randy orton,Raw,Roman Reigns,seth rollins,The Miz,uso It time for the awkward middle PPV between Money in the Bank and SummerSlam, so join us as we watch the company stall for time until Brock Lester can get back on TV. It time for the awkward middle PPV between Money in the Bank and SummerSlam, so join us as we watch the company stall for time until Brock Lester can get back on TV. Inside Pulse Wrestling no 1:13:42
WWE Monday Night RAW LIVE Results For 7/21/14: Is It Time For Plan C? Mon, 21 Jul 2014 23:28:01 +0000 It’s the RAW after a pretty forgettable Battleground PPV. What will Paul Heyman’s Plan C be? (Hint: It isn’t CM Punk.) The Road to SummerSlam starts tonight. Oh, and Flo Rida is going to be on the show. At least we know what the lowest rated segment will be.

HHH Is Trolling Us

Triple H came out to start the show. He said no one backstage wants to look him in the eye because they are scared he will blow a gasket after what happened last night. HHH said that he has options, and then he said he is going to tweet or instagram or vine about it. He said he is going to threaten to stop watching if him and his friend Mark don’t get what they want. HHH said it doesn’t matter, because he can guaran-damn-tee that John Cena will not be WWE Champion after SummerSlam.

Randy Orton came out and said that he is still waiting for his one-on-one match that he didn’t get after Wrestlemania. HHH said that right now Orton is at the top of the list, but he is going to have the opportunity to prove himself tonight. Just like everyone else on the roster will. Orton said if Kane had done his job then he would be standing there WWE Champion tonight. Kane came out and said that he hopes he is being considered to face John Cena. He said he can bring the WWE Title back to The Authority if he doesn’t have to be Orton’s personal protector and he is done baby-sitting.

Roman Reigns came out. He said if they are going to have a conversation about the WWE Championship, he should be in it. He said no one wants to see Kane/Cena or Orton/Cena again. He said everyone wants to see Reigns/Cena. Reigns then took out Kane with a Superman Punch as Orton backed away. HHH then made a 2-on-1 handicap with Reigns taking on Orton and Kane.

The match started back from break. Reigns took down Orton with a headbutt then landed some punches in the corner. Reigns telegraphed a backdrop and Orton threw him down. Kane landed some shots to the back but Reigns came back with a Samoan Drop. Orton tagged in and took Reigns out with a knee to the gut followed by the Orton stomp. Kane tagged in and hit a sit down dropkick. Kane hit a clothesline in the corner but Reigns got his boot up when he went to hit another. Reigns hit an axe handle off the top. He went to grab Kane but instead Kane tossed him through the ropes to the outside. Outside, however, Reigns reversed Kane and tossed him into the steps.

Back from break Orton got out of a headlock but Orton caught him with an elbow. Both men took turns working over Reigns. Reigns took out Orton with a Samoan Drop. Kane tagged in but Reigns started his comeback with some clotheslines followed by his apron dropkick. Reigns knocked Orton off the apron with a punch. Kane escaped a Samoan Drop and hit a boot. Kane went to tag Orton but Orton refused. Kane said Orton should have been there for him yesterday. Kane grabbed Orton but Reigns took out Kane with a Superman Punch, and followed it up with a Spear for the win.

WINNER: Roman Reigns

Orton teased coming to the ring after the match but he instead backed away.

The Greatest Heel Team Of All Time

Nikki Bella came out for a 4-on-1 handicap match against Alicia Fox, Rosa Mendes, Eva Marie and Cameron. Brie Bella was front row and Nikki went over and hugged her. Stephanie McMahon came out and called Brie a quitter and said she abandoned her for her husband. Brie called Steph a bitch. Brie took the mic and said that she was doing this out of spite because she left her hand print on Steph’s face. Brie called Steph a vindictive bitch. Steph slaped her and Brie tried jumping at her but security stopped her. The match started and the heels won in quick fashion. Steph said this was Brie’s fault and sooner or later, Nikki will quit just like her.

Damien Sandow came out in a LeBron James Heat jersey. Bo Dallas was in the ring and he told Bo that if he was smart, he would do what he did and leave. Bo clotheslined Sandow over the top but Sandow caught him with an elbow back in the ring. Sandow connected on an elbow followed by a running knee. Sandow missed the Elbow of Disdain and Bo hit the Bo-Dog for the win.

Bray Is Coming To Steal The Jeritron 5000 For His Cabin

Bray Wyatt came out for the Highlight Reel. Chris Jericho, however, was attacked backstage by the Wyatts before hand on the App. Bray asked where their savior Chris Jericho was. Bray said Jericho wasn’t there for you, but he is. He said he has been here every day for us. Bray said that everyone thinks since Chris Jericho won that he is a better man than him. Bray said a loss in the battle means nothing to him, because he knows it’s winning the war that counts. Bray said he is ever bit the monster that everyone thinks he is. Bray said you can’t measure him by normal standards. Abgail once told him to be careful chasing vengeance because it would result in digging two graves, one for Jericho and one for himself. Bray then said that he is forever.

A Good Miz Match?

It’s Miz vs Dolph Ziggler. Miz bailed from the ring early and Dolph chased him around. Dolph hit a Lou Thesz Press and Miz bailed again. Dolph tossed Miz into the barricade. Back in the ring Dolph hit a hip toss followed by his elbows. Miz tried escaping again but this time surprised Dolph with an elbow. Miz tried catapulting Dolph over the top but Ziggler skinned the cat. Miz knocked Dolph off the apron into commercial.

Back from break Miz connected on a suplex. Miz dominated a bit longer before Dolph moved out of the way of a corner clothesline. Dolph hit a splash in the corner followed by a backbreaker. Miz went connected on a backbreaker followed by a neckbreaker for two. Miz tried going for the Figure Four but Dolph kicked him away, allowing himself to get up and hit a DDT for two. Miz kicked Dolph in the knee and hit his short DDT for two. Miz landed some kicks to the knee of Dolph. Dolph tried a quick roll up but only got two. Miz recovered and applied the Figure Four but Dolph got to the ropes. Dolph recovered and hit the Fameasser for two. Dolph went for the ZigZag but Miz stopped himself in the ropes. Miz caught Dolph with a boot to the face. Dolph escaped the Skull Crushing Finale and went to punch Miz in the face but Miz turned around. This allowed Dolph to hit the ZigZag for the win.

WINNER: Dolph Ziggler

Seth Rollins was with HHH backstage. HHH told him he didn’t need to face Cena at SummerSlam because he is Mr. Money in the Bank. Rollins said Ambrose needs to be stopped. Cesaro came in and said he is no longer a Paul Heyman guy, he wants to be a HHH guy. HHH said that he should take care of Dean Ambrose tonight, then they could talk.

The Frenemies EXPLODE

It’s AJ and Paige vs Emma and Natalya. AJ caught Emma with an elbow then tagged in Paige. Emma immediately applied the Delemma. Natalya tagged in and hit a German suplex then applied the Sharpshooter. Paige got to AJ and she tagged in. AJ hit the Shining Wizard, and followed it up with the Black Widow for the win. After the match as they were celebrating their win, Paige pulled down AJ and hit some headbutts. Paige tossed AJ to the outside then into the barricade and ringpost. She then threw AJ over the announce table as she said this was her house. Paige skipped away.

Zack Ryder beat Fandango after Layla pushed Fandango’s foot off the ropes. After the match, Ryder looked around shocked and said “I won?”

Flo Rida performed. And no one cared. Steph was in the ring during his performance.

Two police officers then came to the ring and stopped Steph. They showed her their badges and said they were there to arrest Steph for battery on Brie Bella. Brie came out again and told her this is what she deserved. Steph was handcuffed and taken away as the crowd chanted YES. HHH tried to get the cops to stop backstage but they refused. Steph was put in the back of the car and taken away.

Backstage, Joey Mercury told HHH they should go. Mercury asked HHH about his decision on who to face Cena. HHH paused. He said it would probably take a little bit to process her, and the lawyers are going there now. HHH said to put the car on standby for now.

Big E and Kofi vs Rybaxel. Rybaxel took control of Big E early on. Ryback hit a belly to belly where it looked like Big E landed on his neck. Ryback went for the Meathook but Big E took him out and taggged in Kofi. Kofi hit the SOS and crossbody off the top, but Ryback rolled through and scored the pinfall victory. Xaiver Woods then came out and said they can’t get forward in life by kissing babies and hugs. He said now is there time to take what is theres. It seemed very much like a heel turn/Nation of Domination tease.

Rusev defeated Great Khali.

All The Chairs

Dean Ambrose vs Cesaro. Both men landed early blows before Cesaro tossed Ambrose into the ringpost. Cesaro then suplexed Ambrose to the outside. Cesaro applied an armbar back in the ring. Ambrose fought out but Cesaro caught him with a right hand. Ambrose backed into the corner then jumped out and attacked. Cesaro was sent to the outside. Ambrose went for a crossbody to the outside but Cesaro caught him with an uppercut.

Cesaro hit Ambrose with a German suplex back from break. They went to the top but Ambrose head butted Cesaro off and hit a missile dropkick. Ambrose hit a crossbody. He caught Cesaro with an elbow then hit a tornado DDT off the second rope for two. Ambrose tossed Cesaro to the outside then hit a suicide dive through the ropes. Cesaro shoved Ambrose into the ropes but Ambrose bounced off and hit a clothesline for two. Cesaro ducked a clothesline then hit one of his own. Cesaro crotched Ambrose on the ropes then landed some boots to the face. Ambrose got out then tossed Cesaro into the ringpost shoulder first three times. Ambrose then took a chair and smashed it into Cesaro’s arm, causing a DQ.

WINNER via DQ: Cesaro

One Nation, Under Paul Heyman

HHH came out to introduce Cena’s opponent and Randy Orton came out. Roman Reigns attacked him before he could get tot the ring and they brawled through the crowd. Paul Heyman came onto the stage. Heyman said Plan A of Randy Orton isn’t working with Roman Reigns round. And he likes Plan B in Seth Rollins but that won’t work with Dean Ambrose around. Heyman said that means HHH has to go to the more dangerous choice of Plan C. Brock Lesnar came out. They came into the ring. HHH then shook the hands of Paul Heyman and Brock Lesnar. Heyman said he officially announces his client’s intentions to conquer John Cena and take the WWE Title at SummerSlam. Heyman said he knows there is a divide when it comes to Cena. Heyman said his client doesn’t care, because the Doctor of Thuganomics is in for the beating of a lifetime. Heyman than showed a video package of Lesnar beating Taker at Wrestlemania. Heyman said Cena cannot escape the beating that is coming to him. Heyman said Lesnar will punch Cena’s face in and injure John Cena. Heyman said then and only then will Brock Lesnar become WWE Champion. Heyman said Cena being the greatest WWE Champion is a myth. Heyman said he pledges allegiance to the conqueror before him, but Cenation is now a nation that is dividable and about to be conquered. And at SummerSlam, Brock Lesnar is leaving WWE Champion.


Paul Heyman Promo: My recap doesn’t do it justice. I was so enthralled by that promo that I probably missed a couple things here or there. But it was great. I was already looking forward to Lesnar/Cena, but Heyman’s promo just took everything to another level. The match should be just as good as their Extreme Rules match and will definitely have a big fight feel to it. (Except if you are FDSwayze, who will probably stop watching once the match starts.)

Stephanie McMahon/Brie Bella: Who would have thought this would have a pretty good build up? They had a couple of entertaining segments. It helps that Stephanie does such a GREAT job in her role as a heel. She can’t be praised enough for it. The fans want to see her get what is coming to her. Brie wasn’t bad in her role too. The arrest of Steph got the biggest pop of the night. Can they top this segment in the next few weeks? It’ll be tough.

Miz/Dolph Ziggler: SOLID TV match. This is the kind of match that should be happening once or twice a show when RAW is three hours. Let these guys go out there and wrestle for 15 minutes. They had the crowd invested which is what counts. It was Miz’s best match since god knows when. And you know Dolph will have the crowd behind him no matter what. Good performance from both men. And while I may not like The Miz, he isn’t doing a bad job with his new heel role. He should have been doing this role earlier in his career.

Roman Reigns vs Randy Orton/Kane: Good start to RAW. First we had HHH trolling the IWC, then we had this good match. Reigns continues to improve as a performer in the ring. The crowd is behind him and he held his own in the ring here. Reigns offense will stay over because of how he delivers it. Reigns also has more of an “it” factor to me than Cena does or ever did. Something just stands out about him.

The Frenemies EXPLODE: We don’t normally see things like this for Divas feuds. Paige should come off better as a heel. She always had a more aggressive side in the ring and it was always better suited for a heel role. Hopefully these two can have a better match than they had at Battleground.

A New Nation of Domination?: I called for something similar to this awhile ago. Kofi is someone who has been in desperate need for a character change. Big E has lost all his momentum since his debut. So why not give them a heel turn and see where it goes? It’s better than what their stale characters have been up to the last year. Maybe add Mark Henry or Titus O’Neil and you are set. My guess is someone on the writing team saw the new Purge movie and also got the idea from that.


Bray Wyatt Promo: There’s really only one reason this is here: It’s the same thing Bray has done before. The same type of promo he had when he was up against Daniel Bryan and John Cena. And while his act is still over, he needs to start expanding on his material a bit more. Sooner or later, a lot of fans will catch on to this and his act won’t stay as hot as it is. 

Flo Rida Performance: Music concerts should not take place on RAW. Especially when you know it’s more than likely that said act is lip-syncing.

I really liked this episode of RAW. We had a couple of really good matches, a great Paul Heyman promo, and a surprisingly entertaining Stephanie McMahon/Brie Bella segment. Most of the filler wasn’t bad either. I’m going to give the show an 8. Good start on the Road to SummerSlam.

Until Next Time,

Justin C

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My Thoughts: WWE Battleground 7.20.14 (John Cena, Roman Reigns, Kane, Randy Orton) Mon, 21 Jul 2014 02:57:02 +0000 Battleground 2014 Match Card

1. Hey The Usos vs The Wyatt Family are up first! Did you know the “Wrestling Wife” just created a new t-shirt for the Samoan brothers? You can find it right here! I love the fact that this is a 2 out of 3 fall match and putting some focus on the Tag Team Championships. Granted these two teams are basically the ONLY two teams in the WWE right now but at least they put on a good match. Well that match was going well until Luke Harper’s shoulder was up during the second fall. Not a single mention of it so we never saw it right? Speaking of Harper, his plancha to the outside is insane. WOW, despite the botched 2nd fall this was an awesome match. I honestly don’t see a title run for The Wyatt Family anytime soon since they lost again tonight.

2. By the way have you checked out the new DEAN AMBROSE & SETH ROLLINS Wallpapers yet? Just click on their names to check them out! If that’s the way they covered up the injury to Rollins, it was perfectly placed. Just too bad we aren’t getting that match tonight.

3. Hey, how about the Paige Wallpaper? You know you want the “Anti-Diva” on your computer screen. I always thought these two women could have a good match since they are relatively the same size and have similar move sets. At least we’re not having another 30 second match. And they put on a very good Divas match. I like that AJ Lee reintroduced her striking finisher although I would have preferred it if she used the GTS for the win. At least for one night.

4. It’s a good thing that WWE created an anti-American character. If they didn’t, I could see Swagger on the cut sheet. Lana, on the other hand, could easily take over the role Vickie Guerrero played for so long. I just thought of it but I don’t think Jack Swagger has been booked as a babyface. This turn may have been strange but at least it’s a shot for Swagger to show if he can get the crowd behind him. The finish was an efficient way to keep both guys strong and Swagger’s babyface push going.

5. I absolutely admire that Chris Jericho comes back to the WWE because there are men he WANTS to work with and not for the paycheck. By the way have you seen the new Bray Wyatt/Chris Jericho wallpaper? Also did you know that Bray Wyatt was born in 1987 while Chris Jericho was born in 1970? Jericho’s debut came in 1990 when Wyatt was only 3. Sometimes it really does seem like Jericho is ageless and this match was another match to solidify that match. The clean pin over Wyatt was unexpected and exactly what this feud needed. We’ve seen Wyatt blow over so many guys in the past, having him lose cleanly in the first match of the feud adds a new wrinkle to a predictable feud.

6. I LOVE what they’re doing with Ambrose and Rollins. The spontaneity and intensity between these two guys is something we haven’t seen in the WWE in a good long time so it’s refreshing to see something that translates from the ring to the ringside arena, backstage and even the parking lot. I would love to see the feud extended for a good long time.

7. It would be absolutely amazing if Damien Sandow won this IC title in this ridiculous gimmick. Just please don’t let it be The Miz who’s pulling a Jerry Lawler on the outside of the ring. Cesaro’s strength is inhuman. The exchanges he had with Kofi Kingston were some of the best spots of the night and no man should be able to pull some of those things off. And Mr. Mizable somehow gets his hands on gold. I really don’t understand who loves this guy so much backstage as he seems to get opportunity after opportunity.

8. I hate the fact that Cena is still coming out with both belts. Didn’t he “retire” the “Big Gold Belt” when he handed it off to Ric Flair last week? It’s stupid for him to be walking around with both but I’m guessing they’re waiting until the new title with the new WWE logo to show up after SummerSlam. I like the subtle changes to Roman Reigns’ look. It just distances him The Shield a little bit more. I don’t like that in some spots it looks like Seth Rollins horrible entrance vest. Who on staff loves that weird triangle thing on the back of both of their vests? It’s pretty funny that Kane is receiving ZERO reaction from the live crowd. Glenn Jacobs easily had a Hall Of Fame career but it’s definitely time to call it a day on his in-ring career. While it was a good match, good God was that an anti-climatic finish. No title change, no Brock Lesnar and nothing to report about. Just another Super-Cena win. Sigh.×120-2013.jpg×250-2013-WWE-Battleground.jpg

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A2Z Analysiz: WWE Battleground (Daniel Bryan, Randy Orton) Sun, 20 Jul 2014 13:00:06 +0000 Battleground

For an easy-to-search archive of all my WWE DVD reviews, please visit World Wrestling Reviews!

First Niagara Center – Buffalo, New York – Sunday, October 6, 2013

Michael Cole, Hall of Famer Jerry “The King” Lawler, and JBL are on commentary.

MATCH #1: Battleground Hardcore Rules Match for the World Heavyweight Championship – Alberto Del Rio vs. Rob Van Dam

Del Rio has been the Champion since 6.16.13, and this is his fourth defense. RVD has Ricardo Rodriguez in his corner. I have no idea what makes a “Battleground Hardcore Rules” match any different than a regular Hardcore Rules match. Del Rio attacks right away and they are on the floor within 30 seconds. RVD hits a moonsault off the barricade. Back to the ring RVD brings a chair and hits a slingshot DDT right on said chair for a two-count. Del Rio recovers from that pretty quickly and hits a Backstabber for two. He strikes with a steel chair, and keeps RVD on the mat. RVD fights back with a spin kick and he goes to the floor to get a ladder. RVD hits the thrust kick from the top rope, and then whips Del Rio into the ladder in the corner. Del Rio crashes hard to the floor. Back in the ring RVD gets a two-count. RVD goes for the monkey flip but Del Rio avoids it and hits an enziguiri. The Champ is back in control and he brings in a trash can to beat on his challenger with. Del Rio goes to the top rope with the trash can and RVD kicks it right back into his face! RVD picks up the pace and unloads with a flurry of offense. He slams Del Rio on the ladder and hits a split-legged moonsault for a two-count. RVD goes for Rolling Thunder on the ladder but Del Rio moves out of the way. Ouch. Del Rio puts on the Cross Armbreaker and Rodriguez comes in the ring to break it up with the bucket he carries for some reason. RVD rolls Del Rio up for two, and then Del Rio dumps RVD to the floor. Del Rio yells at Rodriguez, and the ring announcer finally stands up for himself and fights back. OF course he doesn’t get too far with that and Del Rio beats him down. The distraction allows RVD to baseball slide the ladder onto Del Rio, and he follows with a Five-Star Frog Splash off the apron, crushing Del Rio under the force of the ladder. Back in the ring RVD covers for two. RVD tries the Van Terminator but Del Rio is able to avoid it. Del Rio hits a drop toehold onto the chair. He Pillmanizes RVD’s arm and then puts on the Cross Armbreaker with the chair and RVD taps out at 16:03. That was a lot of back and forth moves with not much story, but they worked in some cool spots and Del Rio went over super clean and I appreciate that.
Rating: ***¼

MATCH #2: Santino Marella & The Great Khali vs. The Real Americans

Santino and Khali are accompanied by Hornswoggle, while Jack Swagger and Antonio Cesaro have Zeb Colter in their corner. Swagger and Santino start the match. They wrestle on the mat for a bit and Swagger takes the early advantage. Santino fights back and takes out the Cobra pretty early and Swagger bails to the floor. Back in the ring the Real Americans are able to isolate Santino and wear him down with their swank double-team moves. After several minutes a tag is made and Khali comes in a house afire. Khali hits Cesaro with the big chop to the head and Swagger has to break up the pin. Swagger gets knocked to the floor with another Khali chop and Santino takes him out with a house show dive. Cesaro recovers and goes low on Khali, putting him on his back in the center of the ring. That leaves the giant in perfect position for the Cesaro Swing! The crowd pops huge for it, and Cesaro gets the pin at 7:06. That seemed more like a match meant for Main Event, but the whole point was to put Cesaro over and I’m all for that, so this match gets a pass.
Rating: **

MATCH #3: Intercontinental Championship Match – Curtis Axel vs. R-Truth

Axel has been the Champion since 6.16.13, and this is his fifth defense. He has Paul Heyman in his corner. They start off aggressively and Truth takes the first control. Truth unloads on Axel and sends him to the floor with a clothesline. He hits Axel with a clothesline off the apron and brings him back in th ering for a two-count. Axel is able to position Truth outside the ring so he can kick him back into the barricade. Axel then rams Truth into the barricade again and the Champ is in control. Back in the ring Axel gets two. Axel continues to wear Truth down, hitting a nice dropkick for two. Truth fights back and scores a victory roll for a two-count. He hits the Corkscrew scissors kick and scores a near-fall. Truth hits the Truth Conviction for another two-count. He tries the What’s Up but Axel hangs on to the ropes and Truth hits the back of his head on the mat. Axel hits Snake Eyes and then finishes Truth off with the Axehole at 7:39. That was another TV-level match that somehow ended up on pay-per-view. It wasn’t even bad, it’s just hard to believe that this is the same belt that Randy Savage fought Ricky Steamboat over.
Rating: **¼

MATCH #4: Divas Championship Match – AJ Lee vs. Brie Bella

AJ has been the Champion since 6.16.13, and this is her fourth defense. She has Tamina Snuka in her corner and Brie has her twin sister Nikki. Brie starts off with a slap to the face and she is all over the Champion. AJ goes to the floor and Tamina protects her. Back in the ring Brie continues to wear AJ down. Brie hits a dropkick from the second rope for a two-count. She ends up on the apron and AJ kicks her knee out, and then throws her into the ring post. Cool spot. Back in the ring AJ gets a two-count. AJ focuses on the arm and works on it for several minutes. Brie catches AJ with a dropkick and that creates some separation. She covers for a two-count, and then unleashes a flurry of offense. Brie looks poised to put AJ away but Tamina attacks Nikki and Brie gets distracted. AJ rolls Brie up for the win at 6:37. That was a nice little Divas match but the finish was pretty weak. Nikki isn’t some helpless dame, Brie should trust her sister to take care of herself.
Rating: **

MATCH #5: Rhodes’ Family Careers in Jeopardy – Seth Rollins & Roman Reigns vs. Cody Rhodes & Goldust

The Rhodes Brothers have their father Dusty Rhodes in their corner, while the Tag Team Champions Rollins and Reigns have United States Champion Dean Ambrose with them. The titles are not on the line, but if Cody and Goldust win they are reinstated, and if the Shield wins then Dusty loses his job. Cody and Rollins start it off, and the Rhodes brothers are wrestling like they have something to prove and everything on the line. The Shield takes a powder and regroups on the floor. The two teams and their cornermen engage in a standoff on the floor but no punches are thrown. Back in the ring Reigns and Goldust do battle and it’s still Cody and Goldust in control. Rollins fights back with an STO into the corner on Cody, and then Reigns tags in. Reigns beats on Cody for several minutes until the younger Rhodes brother is able to connect with a moonsault. Goldust gets the hot tag and he is moving around the ring like a man half his age. He misses a cross body block and tumbles to the floor. Ambrose talks trash and Goldust barely makes it back to the ring before the 10-count. Rollins covers right away for a two-count. The Shield isolates Goldust and keeps him away from his younger brother. After much abuse Goldust is able to catch Rollins with a powerslam. Cody gets the hot tag and he’s more fired up than I’ve ever seen him. He hits Rollins with a huge Alabama Slam and knocks Reigns off the apron. Cody covers Rollins for a two-count. He hits Rollins with a Muscle Buster and Reigns has to break it up. The referee loses control of the match. Cody hits Reigns with the Disaster Kick and throws him to the floor. He knocks Ambrose off the apron and gets bulldozed from behind by Rollins. Meanwhile, Ambrose and Dusty get into a brawl at ringside, and The American Dream shows Ambrose who’s the boss. The crowd loves it. Goldust takes Reigns out on the floor and Rollins rolls Cody up for two. Seconds later Cody hits Rollins with Cross Rhodes to get the pin at 13:55! The crowd goes absolutely insane as the Rhodes family celebrates. See what happens when you build an actual storyline and give the wrestlers something to fight about and the fans something to care about? You get a great, memorable match like this one. The babyface locker room empties to congratulate the Rhodes family, even further making this seem like a big deal. I love all of this.
Rating: ****

MATCH #6: Kofi Kingston vs. Bray Wyatt

Wyatt has his followers Luke Harper and Erick Rowan in his corner. Kingston is at a severe disadvantage right from the start, but he won’t let that deter him from fighting. He lands a couple of kicks and goes up top but Wyatt knocks him down. Wyatt beats on Kingston with his methodical offense while it sounds like the crowd is trying to chant for Kingston. Every time Kingston tries to put together some offense, Wyatt is able to counter him and keep on the advantage. Finally Kingston is able to hit a crucifix bomb (don’t think I’ve seen that before in WWE), and both men are down. Back to their feet Kingston unleashes his CONTROLLED FRENZY. You know Kofi is a jobber now because Cole won’t even call Controlled Frenzy anymore. Kingston hits the Boom Drop and goes for the Trouble in Paradise. Wyatt avoids it and launches himself at Kingston with ferocity. He does the little crab walk and Kingston looks alarmed. Even so Kingston is able to pull down the top rope and send Wyatt to the flor. Kingston follows with a beautiful tope to take out all three members of the Wyatt Family. Back in the ring Kingston hits a high cross body off the top rope for two. Kingston tries the SOS but Wyatt counters with Sister Abigail to get the win at 8:18. Kofi Kingston is the best Tito Santana since Tito Santana, but his matches lack drama because he never really has a shot at winning. This was a solid showing for Bray Wyatt, but nothing anyone will remember.
Rating: **½

MATCH #7: CM Punk vs. Ryback

Paul Heyman is in his client Ryback’s corner. Ryback shows off his power in the early going while the crowd chants for Punk. As soon as Punk starts to fire up Ryback takes a powder. Back in the ring Punk unloads with strikes and Ryback takes another breather. This time Punk follows him out with a suicide dive. Punk tries to leap off the barricade and Ryback catches him, but Punk slips out of that and shoves Ryback into the ring post. Back to the ring Punk hits a cross body from the top rope for two. Ryback cuts him off and starts going to work on the midsection. This goes on for quite some time. Eventually Punk fights back and builds momentum, sending Michael Cole into a Controlled Frenzy. Hey, if Kofi doesn’t get it someone should. Punk signals for the Go 2 Sleep and Heyman gets on the microphone to taunt Punk about how he beat him at Night of Champions, and that allows Ryback to take control. Ryback hits a huge powerbomb for two. He goes for another one but Punk slips out and kicks Ryback in the head. Punk just created some separation, so this is just a stellar match for Cole. Now Punk goes up top and hits Hail to the King for a near-fall. Punk goes for the knee in the corner and Ryback catches him, but Punk counters with a hurricanrana! Another series of reversals ends with Ryback hitting a powerslam for two. Heyman distracts the referee but it backfires when Punk kicks Ryback low and gets the pin at 14:47. Boy that just felt like it went on forever. These two have no chemistry as opponents, and knowing what we know now it’s obvious that Punk was phoning it in.
Rating: *¾

MATCH #8: Vacant WWE Championship Match – Daniel Bryan vs. Randy Orton

The title has been held in abeyance since 9.16.13, and this match is designed to settle the matter. Fans in Buffalo are big fans of Bryan, as fans everywhere seem to be. Bryan and Orton take it to the mat right away, which would seem to favor Bryan. Orton fights back with his striking game as the feeling out process continues. Bryan lands a dropkick and then goes to work on the arm. Orton cuts Bryan off with the Inverted headlock backbreaker. Momentum continues to shift as both men try to find the best strategy to establish dominance. Orton takes the first prolonged advantage, hitting the snap scoop powerslam for two. He keeps Bryan on the mat as much as possible and wears him down. Bryan is able to skin the cat and send Orton to the floor with a headscissors. He follows Orton out with a nice suicide dive. Bryan continues the assualt and tries a missile dropkick going back to the ring, but Orton catches him in a nice powerbomb. Orton cinches on a Boston Crab. Bryan counters to an inside cradle for two, and then goes for the Yes Lock but Orton reaches the ropes and rolls to the floor. Orton avoids a baseball slide and throws Bryan into the steel steps. He uses everything at ringside to beat on Bryan and then throws him back in the ring for a two-count. Orton hits a big superplex just like his daddy to get another near-fall. Both men are hurt and they rise to trade strikes. Bryan gets fired up by the crowd and executes a backslide for two. He drills Orton with a kick to the head for a two-count. They battle on the apron and Orton is able to suplex Bryan all the way to the floor. Orton tries to powerbomb Bryan through the announce table but Bryan slips out and unloads with kicks. Bryan throws Orton into the steel steps. He goes up top and wips Orton out with a huge cross body block. Back in the ring Bryan lands the diving headbutt but it only gets two! Bryan unloads with multiple IEDs right to Orton’s face and the crowd is going banana. He hits more kicks until Orton catches him in an exploder suplex. Orton hits the Rope-hung DDT and goes for the RKO but Bryan avoids it. Bryan tries a kick but Orton ducks and gets a rollup for two, and Bryan counters that into the Yes Lock! For some reason the Big Show’s music hits and he runs down to the ring. Show pulls the referee to the floor and Bryan is pissed. Bryan gets in Show’s face and gets knocked out with a right hand. Show looks distraught. RAW General Manager Brad Maddox brings out disgraced referee Scott Armstrong to count the pin, but Show pulls that referee out too and knocks him out! Show gets in the ring and knocks Orton out as well. No bell but Show’s music hits at about 24:00, and all the wrestlers and referees are knocked out so I guess it’s a no-contest. As usual between Orton and Bryan, the match was tremendous stuff, but that was just about the biggest f*#! you finish they could have booked. All for a stupid Big Show storyline that went nowhere and no one cared about. Excellent match but points definitely deducted for the finish.
Rating: ***¾×120.jpg

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Inside Pulse Wrestling’s Live Coverage of WWE Battleground 2014 Sun, 20 Jul 2014 07:02:28 +0000 Join us here live at 8 EST for the live results!

The match card is as follows…

Naomi vs. Cameron

Adam Rose vs. Fandango

WWE Tag Team Championship Two Out of Three Falls Match

The Usos (c) vs. The Wyatt Family

WWE Divas Champion

AJ Lee (c) vs. Paige

Intercontinental Championship Battle Royal

Bo Dallas vs. Diego vs. Dolph Ziggler vs. Alberto del Rio vs. Rob Van Dam vs. Cesaro vs. Sheamus vs. The Miz vs. Fandango vs. Heath Slater vs. Kofi Kingston vs. R-Truth vs. Xavier Woods vs. The Great Khali vs. Ryback vs. Curtis Axel vs. Zack Ryder vs. Sin Cara vs. Titus O’Neil vs. Big E

Jack Swagger vs. Rusev

Seth Rollins vs. Dean Ambrose

Bray Wyatt vs. Chris Jericho

WWE World Heavyweight Championship Fatal-4-Way

John Cena (c) vs. Roman Reigns vs. Kane vs. Randy Orton


WWE Battleground 2014

We open the show with the pre-show panel including Alex Riley, Booker T, Christian, and Renee Young.

Twitter Picture Controversy

Fandango vs. Adam Rose

Adam Rose’s Exotic Express is out here with its two newest members of Layla and Summer Rae.

Fandango charges and throws punches at Rose.  He hits Rose with a back body drop for a two count.  The Express is dancing around the ring and Fandango is distracted but he steadily stomps on Rose.  Fandango steps outside the ring to stop it and receives slaps from Layla and Summer Rae.  Rose comes out, rolls Fandango back in, hits two axe handles, a big spinebuster, a splash in the corner, and hits the Party Foul for three.  Shouldn’t Adam Rose have been disqualified for the slaps?  Anyways…

Winner:  Adam Rose

They show a video package hyping Seth Rollins vs. Dean Ambrose.

The Funkadactyl Collision

Naomi vs. Cameron

The referee tries to split the two up to start the match.  Naomi chases Cameron to the apron, the ref breaks them up, but Cameron takes a cheap shot.  Cameron is yelling a bunch.  Cameron rams Naomi off the apron to the floor.  Cameron rams Naomi into the ring apron and rolls Naomi back in.  Cameron covers for a one.  Cameron locks in a surfboard submission on Naomi.  Cameron breaks it off and whips Naomi who reverses.  Naomi goes for a drop kick and Cameron hangs onto the ropes.  Naomi hits some big blows before hitting a Lou Thesz press.  Cameron goes to leave, but Naomi says NUHUH and clotheslines her from behind.  Naomi rolls Cameron in, but Cameron kicks her away.  Naomi whips Cameron into the rope and grabs Cameron by her hair.  Cameron throws Naomi into the rope and rolls up Naomi for a three count with the tights held. Ugh.

Winner:  Cameron

They hype the WWE World Heavyweight Championship Fatal-4-Way Match.

WWE Tag Team Championship Two Out of Three Falls Match

The Usos (c) vs. The Wyatt Family

A little boy is singing ‘He’s got the whole world’ for the Wyatts’ entrance and suddenly they now have generic rock music.

Jey Uso slaps Rowan to start it off. Rowan clotheslines Jey and then pounds on his chest in the corner.  Harper tags in and stomps away on Jey.  Luke whips Jey off the rope and Jey hits a big drop kick.  Both Usos are in the ring and the Wyatts regroup outside.  Luke comes in and muscles Jey into the corner and chops him.  Luke whips Jey and then slides Jey under the rope to the floor.  Luke hits a big suplex and rakes the eyes of Jey.  Rowan comes in and punches Jey in the corner.  Rowan slams Jey down and locks in a headlock of sorts.  Jey fights up, but Rowan elbows him to the face.  He gets a two count.  Luke comes in and delivers a knee to the face of Jey.  Luke does the alligator roll before locking in the side headlock.  Jey and Luke get up but Jey hits back body drop.  Jey tries to tag and does.  Jimmy jumps over Luke, goes off the rope and eats a nasty big boot for a three count!  The Wyatts win the first fall.

Luke charges and splashes Jimmy in the corner.  Rowan hits a big running splash for a two count.  Rowan rakes the eyes of Jimmy before clamping Jimmy’s head in the vice of his fists.  Jey has finally gotten back on the apron.  Jimmy fights up and fights out.  Jimmy hits some big strikes.  He tries to pick up Rowan, but Rowan collapses on top of him for a two count.  Luke comes in and stands on Jimmy.  Luke strikes him hard.  Luke hits a big uppercut and Jimmy slaps him twice as recompense.  Luke rushes him and steps on his head.  Luke goes for a back body suplex, but Jimmy fights out and tags in Jey.  Jey rolls up Luke for a three count.  The Usos win the second fall.

The Wyatts destroy Jey before the ref separates them to start the fall.  Rowan hits a last call suplex.  Luke tags in and catapults Jey’s neck into the bottom rope for a two count.  Jey and Luke exchange blows before Luke wins it and tags in Rowan.  Rowan stomps on Jey.  Rowan whips Jey into the corner, he goes for the charge, but Jey moves.  Luke tags in, but misses the big boot and falls out of the ring.  Jey is trying to get to Jimmy who tags in.  Jimmy jumps over the top rope and takes out Luke.  Rowan charges and gets dumped outside. Jimmy jumps out on him too.  Jimmy jumps on the barrier and splashes Harper.  Back into the ring, Jimmy hits a big splash on Luke in the ring for a two count.  Jimmy hits some big blows before hitting an enzuigiri.  Jimmy goes for the butt to the face splash in the corner.  Luke gets up afterwards and splashes Jimmy in the corner, hits a powerbomb for two.  Jimmy hits the whisper in the wind for a two count.  Jimmy goes for the superkick, but Luke catches it.  Luke hits a running big boot that takes Jimmy over the top rope.  Luke hits a suicide dive through the ropes taking out Jimmy.  Back in the ring, Luke goes for the dive to the outside on Jey, but Jey superkicks him.  Jimmy rolls him up for two!  Luke hits a sitdown powerbomb for two!  Rowan goes for a splash off the top but misses it.  Luke gets crotches on the top rope.  Jey tags in and hits a big splash for a two count!  Jey ascends again, but Luke catches him.  Rowan runs over and they exchange blows.  Rowan pounds on Jimmy and Jey and he SUPERPLEXES both of them!  He covers for two!  Rowan tags in Luke.  Jey comes back in, but is dumped out.  Luke eats a superkick but no-sells it and hits a clothesline for two!  He goes for another one, but its ducked and he eats a double superkick.  A double superkick takes out Rowan.  They hit a huge double splash for a three count!

Winners:  The Usos

They show a video package of Seth Rollins vs. Dean Ambrose.

Seth Rollins is interviewed by Tom.  Seth says he’s smiling because he puts the dagger in Ambrose to finish him off.  He compares Ambrose to a cockroach and he says that he’s going to finally squash him.  Rollins says he’s going to finally answer his question and that it’s not all that he’s got.  He says Ambrose is going to get all that he bargained for tonight.  Rollins says he’s going to be watching that Fatal-4-Way Match.  Ambrose suddenly attacks him and slams his head into some storage crates backstage.  Ambrose asks Seth what is he going to do as security pulls the two men apart.  Triple H asks if Seth Rollins is okay and apparently sent Dean Ambrose out of the arena.

WWE Divas Championship

AJ (c) vs. Paige

The two ladies shake hands to start.  They lock up and Paige clean breaks.  CM Punk chants emerge.  They lock up and AJ clean breaks this time.  Paige strikes down AJ.  AJ rolls up Paige for two and so does Paige for two.  Paige kicks AJ down for two.  Paige hits a big headbutt.  Paige stomps on AJ in the bottom of corner.  Paige hits a big body slam for two.  Paige hits some kneelifts on the apron to AJ.  Paige pins AJ for two.  Paige locks in the side headlock.  Paige whips AJ down to the mat.  She re-applies it.  Now Paige sets up a surfboard on AJ putting her knee into AJ’s back.  Paige yells ‘C’mon AJ!’  Paige hits a big clothesline for two.  Paige is pleading for AJ to c’mon? AJ hits a big swinging DDT and both ladies are down.  The referee is counting them down.  Paige tries to spear AJ through the ropes but they get caught up and force it through. Sigh.  Paige ascends the turnbuckle.  Paige headbutts AJ and hits a flip powerbomb on AJ.  AJ kicks Paige away.  AJ hits big knees to Paige.  AJ jumps off the top rope and Paige catches her.  AJ turns it into the Black Widow submission.  Paige powers out of it.  Paige hits the Page Turner for two!  Paige is still frustrated.  Although not sure at what she is frustrated at.  Paige goes for the PTO.  AJ tries to roll her up, but Paige gets out.  AJ gets up and hits a nasty shining wizard for the three count.

Winner:  AJ

Randy Orton and Kane are backstage.  Orton says he’s wrong about the way he handled it last week.  Orton wants an apology.  Kane says being the Devil’s favorite demon means he doesn’t have to say sorry.  Orton says he’s sure it was an accident and they need to make sure they are on the same page.  Kane says that the winner of the fatal-4-way is standing right here.

Renee Young is at the Kickoff Panel with Booker T, Christian, and Alex Riley.

Tea Party vs. Russia

Rusev vs. Jack Swagger

Lana grabs the mic and tells the audience to shut up which obviously works.  Lana talks about America’s propaganda blaming Russia for the the plane shot down.  Lana says that America should be insulted and ashamed.  Lana says that USA forces their democracy down our throats.  Lana calls Obama a wuss and calls Putin a great leader.  She says tonight Rusev will crush every single one of you.  She says Rusev will crush Jack Swagger.  Zeb says he’s heard enough out of her and she slaps him.

The two men start brawling and Swagger throws Rusev out of the ring.  Swagger says WE THE PEOPLE.  Swagger goes for the ankle lock but Rusev rolls out.  Rusev hits some big strokes and kicks Swagger in the corner.  Rusev hits some headbutts and punches to Swagger’s head.  Swagger fights back with some strikes.  Swagger gets the ankle lock, but Rusev rolls out again.  Swagger comes after Rusev.  Rusev rolls in.  Swagger eats a nasty kneelift and then a fall away slam.  Rusev stomps away on Swagger.  Rusev sets Swagger on the second rope and kicks him in the ribs.  Rusev locks a claw to Swagger’s traps.  Swagger tries to get out of it but to no avail.  The crowd is rallying behind Swagger.  Swagger is powering Rusev’s hand up.  Rusev kicks Swagger in the hamstrings in the corner.  Rusev rakes at the eyes of Swagger and hits an elbow to Swagger’s head.  Swagger gets launched over the top rope.  Rusev smacks him every time he tries to enter.  Swagger jumps on the apron and takes two hits before ducking and taking advantage.  Swagger hits a corner splash and big boot.  Swagger hits a Swagger Bomb for two.  Rusev throws haymakers at Swagger.  Swagger hits a big slam for two.  Swagger eats a boot and Rusev is setting up a superkick.  Swagger locks on the Patriot Lock.  Rusev is in such pain!  Rusev is crawling to the ropes and Swagger pulls him back.  Rusev is crawling and makes it.  Swagger goes outside and chop blocks Rusev.  He then locks on the Patriot Lock on the outside.  Rusev pulls Swagger into the pole knocking out Swagger.  Rusev rolls back in for the countout win.

Winner:  Rusev via Countout

After the match, Rusev locks on The Accolade to add insult to injury.

Stardust is shown backstage and he’s rambling about absurd things like destiny and the cosmos.  He talks about something he can’t touch.  Goldust says he thinks he knows what Cody is talking about.  Stardust says they need to see it for their own eyes.  Stardust says that they’re going to hear the names Goldust and Stardust.

Seth Rollins is out next, but Dean Ambrose is not in the building.

The Shield Implosion

Seth Rollins vs. Dean Ambrose

Rollins grabs the mic and says since his opponent has been kicked out of the arena, he has come out here to accept his forfeit victory.  The referee and announcer oblige.

Winner:  Seth Rollins via Forfeit

Dean Ambrose returns to jump Rollins.  He throws him into the barricade and then over it into the crowd.  Dean is pounding away on Rollins.  Dean keeps pounding away until Rollins throws him back into the ringside area.  Dean flings Rollins onto the Spanish Announce Table that wins.  Dean is pulled away from Rollins, but Dean jumps back on the announce table and rumps onto Rollins.  They are both separated by referees.  Ambrose runs back and jumps him as Triple H is at ringside.  Dean Ambrose is being carried out of here and suddenly Rollins jumps him.  And that happens again.  Dean vanishes from sight and Triple raises Rollins’ arm as the victor.

The Lite-Brite Jacket vs. The Lantern

Chris Jericho vs. Bray Wyatt

Bray’s eye still looks really nasty.  They tie up and Bray forces him into the corner only for them to move to a different one and Jericho to clean break away.  They tie up and Bray strikes away on Jericho.  Bray slaps Jericho.  Bray chokes Jericho on the rope.  Jericho starts pounding away on Bray.  Jericho gets some chops in the corner, whips to the other corner, Bray bounces back and hits a big clothesline.  Jericho goes off the ropes and eats a high elbow for two.  Bray tries for a suplex, but Jericho reverses into a Walls of Jericho but is distracted by The Wyatts.  Wyatt knocks him down and pins for two.  Bray Wyatt locks in a chinlock.  Jericho fights up and punches his way out.  Wyatt eats a dropkick.  Jericho hits a springboard dropkick knocking Wyatt off the apron to the floor.  Jericho ascends the top rope and hits a big splash onto all three men.  Jericho is back up and kicks Bray in the ribs.  Jericho rolls him back in but Luke grabs Jericho causing the referee to throw the two men out of the arena.  Bray looks terrified at losing his men.  Jericho is blasted by Bray taking him off the apron onto a cameraman.  Bray stomps away on Jericho by the barrier.  Bray throws Jericho in for a two count.  Bray hits some big strikes.  Bray whips Jericho into the corner and misses with a ram.  Jericho throws to take down Bray with running strikes but is thrown over the top rope to land on the apron.  Jericho hits a big axe handle off the top rope.  Jericho goes for the bulldog, but it is reversed into a spinning gutbuster on Bray’s knee.  Wyatt goes for the running senton, but it is reversed by Jericho.  Jericho hits an enzuigiri for two.  Chris climbs up top again, but Bray strikes him.  Bray climbs up and they exchange blows.  Bray sets up the suplerplex, but Jericho knocks him down.  Bray hits Jericho with a unique jawbreaker with Jericho’s leg draped for two.  Jericho hits a running bulldog and he misses the lionsault due to Bray’s knees.

Bray does the creepy crawl.  Bray hits a big one arm slam for a two count.  Bray asks how much can Chris take?  Bray bounces off one corner and hits a big splash on Jericho.  Bray goes for it again, but Jericho hits him and rolls his head into the bottom turnbuckle.  Chris goes for the springboard kick again, but Bray dodges and slams Jericho on the apron.  Bray pushes him back in for two.  Bray sets up the Sister Abigail, but Jericho rolls him up for the Walls.  They exchange blows as Bray fights out.  Bray hits a big running elbow for two on Jericho.  Jericho surprises Bray Wyatt and hits a codebreaker for three!

Winner:  Chris Jericho

Seth Rollins is walking in the parking lot area with two guards that he tells to leave.  Rollins, however, is suddenly paranoid.  Ambrose jumps out of Rollins’ trunk and pounds away on Rollins.  They are fighting on top of Rollins’ car.  Rollins gets the better of Dean and leaves.  Ambrose is walking around looking pissed.

Intercontinental Championship Battle Royal

Curtis Axel vs. Zack Ryder vs. Ryback vs. Big E vs. Titus O’Neil vs. Diego vs. Kofi Kingston vs. Damien Sandow vs. Heath Slater vs. Dolph Ziggler vs. The Miz vs. Sheamus vs. Sin Cara vs. Xavier Woods vs. R-Truth vs. The Great Khali vs. Bo Dallas vs. Cesaro vs. Rob Van Dam vs. Alberto del Rio

Bad News Barrett comes out and says that whoever wins this battle royal has the honor of taking the Intercontinental Championship.  But he has Bad News and that whoever wins will being delaying the inevitable until they meet their demise in the form of a bull hammer from Wade Barrett.

The match starts and they all team up on The Great Khali who is chopping everyone.  They all team up on him again.  Woods is tossed out by Khali and then Ryder follow him.  Sheamus Brogue Kicks Khali and they all team up to eliminate him.  Yeah I’ll report the eliminations.  Sin Cara is eliminated by Bo Dallas.  Ziggler almost gets eliminated by Heath.  R-Truth and then Curtis Axel are eliminated.  Sandow is eliminated by Diego.  Diego is then dropped over the rope by Ryback.  Ryback and Sheamus are standing tall in the ring.  They trade blows.  Sheamus kicks Ryback in the leaning postion.  Sheamus hits a Brogue Kick eliminating Ryback.  Miz tries to take advantage, but Sheamus reverses.  Miz falls under the rope to the floor and he’s going to play opossum.  Titus just hit a couple of backbreakers on Sheamus before throwing him across the ring.  Bo takes advantage and eliminates Titus.  Bo is then chopped down.  Cesaro and Kofi do some elimination teases before coming back in.  Del Rio locks in the armbreaker on the top rope on Dolph.  Dolph reverses a superkick from ADR to eliminated him with a DDT.  Miz comes in to try to eliminate Dolph.  Sheamus slams him and Miz falls outside of the ring through the ropes.  Kofi leaps off the apron onto Big E’s shoulders.  Cesaro suplexes Kofi back into the ring.  Cesaro then suplexes Kofi out of the ring.  Cesaro is then eliminated by Heath Slater!  Sheamus then eliminates Heath with a Brogue Kick.  Bo tries to eliminate Sheamus but gets set up in the 10 clubbing blows.  Dolph drop kicks Bo after to eliminate him.  Sheamus and Dolph are now the ‘last two.’  They battle back and forth.  Sheamus goes for a powerbomb, but Dolph tries for a flip over and it lands awkwardly.  Sheamus tries to catapult Dolph, but Dolph catches the rope.  He lays on the apron and Sheamus helps him up.  He pounds away and Dolph is barely there.  Sheamus comes for a strike, but Dolph slides under.  He almost eliminates Sheamus and then Sheamus goes for the flying shoulderblock and Dolph dropkicks him off the apron!  Miz runs back in and eliminates Dolph for the win. Groan.

Winner:  The Miz

WWE World Heavyweight Championship

John Cena (c) vs. Randy Orton vs. Kane vs. Roman Reigns

Well my connection gets cut for a few minutes and I miss the entrance and beginning of the match.  John Cena suplexes Orton and tries for a pin but Kane and Orton are stopping that.  Kane slams Reigns’ head into the post outside.  Cena hits a bulldog on Orton.  Kane knocks down Cena and Orton tries for a pin.  Only a two count and now Orton and Kane are exchanging blows on Cena.  Orton stomps on Cena’s arm.  Cena goes for a Attitude Adjustment, but Kane interrupts it.  Kane hits an elbow on Cena to knock him down.  Orton stomps on Cena’s abdomen.  Kane knocks out Reigns who is on the outside.  Reigns comes back alive and slams Kane’s head into the post.  Cena sets up the Five Moves of DOOOOOOM.  Cena hits the Five Knuckle Shuffle.  Orton grabs the top rope to escape the AA.  Cena and Reigns are in the ring, but they are jumped by Orton and Kane before anything can happen.  Kane hits his running DDT on Reigns for two.  Orton comes in and yells at Kane for trying to get the win.  Orton pushes Kane and Kane looks pissed.  Kane throat thrusts Orton.  Kane sets Orton up on the top rope.  Cena and Reigns attack them and we get a double powerbomb superplex off the top rope.  Cena and Reigns square off and Kane sits up.  They stomp away on Kane.  Orton hits a backbreaker on Roman and Orton sets up the drapped DDT and hits both Roman and Cena with it.  Orton pins Reigns and Kane breaks it up.  Kane throat thrusts Orton and then hits a big boot but it’s broken up by Roman.  Reigns hits a Samoan Drop for two as Orton interferes.  Orton and Roman are exchanging blows.  Orton rolls him up and locks in a single-leg Boston Crab.  Roman powers out and locks in one of his own.  And the Network lags with Reigns holding in his submission…

Well John Cena comes in and wins the match.  My feed never came back on WWE Network.

Winner:  John Cena

That’s all folks! No Brock Lesnar tonight!×250.jpg

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Rasslin’ Roundtable – WWE Battleground 2014 Sat, 19 Jul 2014 18:32:29 +0000 Welcome to the Rasslin’ Roundtable for WWE Battleground!  I am your always faithful master of ceremonies, Rhett Davis, and today we dissect what will happen this Sunday at WWE Battleground.  Now without further ado…


Rasslin’ Roundtable

WWE Battleground


Match One

WWE Battleground Pre-Show Match
Naomi vs. Cameron


Steven Berkman:  Naomi via ass to the face and terrible Final Cut because they’re pushing her hard and because Cameron can’t execute a wrestling move.

Winner:  Naomi

Chris Sanders: The only good thing about this is that they’re breaking up and we’ll get more Naomi singles matches. The bad thing about this is that we’ll get more Cameron singles matches. I like Naomi and all but that’s bad enough to set an entire village on fire. There’s a part of me that kinda wants Cameron vs Eva Marie to happen just because I’m curious just how bad it would be.

Winner: Naomi

Sideshowbob:  Who wins? The guy handing out mints and towels in the shutter at the titty-bar. Guaranteed that fucker is gonna make cash money during this. Whichever is the face..
Winner:  Naomi

Rhett Davis:  The Funkadactyls collide!  I’m glad this duo is finally breaking up as they had definitely run their course and one is vastly more talented than the other.  I’m still in amazement at how Cameron got a job in WWE after saying her favorite match of all time was Melina vs. Alicia Fox.  You know that had to have been a running joke in the backstage area after she came in as a dancer.  Anyways, Naomi wins or I lose all hope in there ever being a decent Diva’s division.

Winner:  Naomi

The Tally:  Naomi – 4

Cameron – 0


Match Two

Teaparty vs. Russia (Who’s the face, really?)
Jack Swagger vs. Rusev


Steven Berkman:  Rusev wins, but Swagger shines.  No excuse to beat Rusev right now, because then he just becomes “another guy”.  After the plane tragedy this week, expect the Putin bit with Lana to be cut and them possibly go back to Rusev being Bulgarian with no mention of “Russia” spoken aloud.  Zeb and Lana will be hilarious at ringside.

Winner:  Rusev

Chris Sanders: It feels wrong to be this conflicted over who is going to win this match. Normally there’s no way that I would even consider Swagzilla but dat pop doe. Shame on me for underestimating Zeb and assuming he could only ever work as a heel. WWE will probably have this be the most contested Rusev match to date but I don’t see Swagguar being the one that ends Rusev’s streak. Let’s face it, Rusev is gonna beat everyone and everything until John Cena stops him dead and then he’ll become a comedic character the rest of his WWE career.

Winner: Rusev

Sideshowbob:  Jack Swagger gets fed so Super Cena can stop Rusevs onslaught is the typical pattern.. but given world events.. just like the middle eastern guy whose racial gimmick tanked due to real world timing, I’ll actually say Swagger here..

Winner:  Jack Swagger

Rhett Davis:  How weird is it to see Jack Swagger receiving cheers?  Or weirder yet is that the Tea Party supporters are getting cheers.  Either way, Zeb Colter is a genius and Jack Swagger has played his part well.  Rusev, however, is a monster that won’t easily be defeated by Jack Swagger.  Rusev will win this in a close match-up.

Winner:  Rusev

The Tally:  Rusev – 3

Jack Swagger – 1


Match Three

WWE Divas Championship
AJ Lee (c) vs. Paige


Steven Berkman:  Freakin A yeah.  Paige either completes the pending heel turn and “cheats” AJ out of her precious title or AJ gets a clean babyface win over the Brit.  Whoever gets their submission on first will lose, since the other one will answer with their own.  This will be very good and the commentary team will treat it like a joke.

Winner:  AJ

Chris Sanders: I’m just happy that this is happening again and might even get decent time.

Winner: AJ

Sideshowbob:  AJ defends without interference from her husband.

Winner:  AJ

Rhett Davis:  This should be a fun match-up if given the time, but I see this going between Bray/Jericho and the fatal-4-way match.  It’ll be given something like eight or ten minutes, but I’d like to see what these two ladies are made of considering they are revered as the top two in the WWE.  All that being said, I see Paige getting rolled up in the end by her ‘frenemy.’

Winner:  AJ

The Tally:  AJ – 4

Paige – 0


Match Four

The Shield Break-Up, ‪#‎TeamSeth vs. ‪#‎TeamDean
Seth Rollins vs. Dean Ambrose


Steven Berkman:  The bit here seems to be both guys hurt going in – Dean from the beatdown and Seth from the “leg injury” from Raw.  If you want Ambrose to be a guy at the level of his former SHIELDmates, he needs this win.  Rollins has been getting wins or near wins since joining the Authority and is being presented as a huge star and “the future”, although he’s bound to either lose his MITB cash in or maybe even the briefcase itself.  Figure Ambrose to do his signature “shoulder pop” bit during the match, pop that puppy back in and hit Dirty Deeds to win.  Or Kane scums him out.

Winner:  Dean Ambrose

Chris Sanders: Dean Ambrose has been getting his face kicked in pretty much all week. The John Cena Principle tells us that when this happens, it is almost a sure thing that the kickee will finally prevail over the kicker. However, Dean Ambrose is not John Cena (I will pause here to allow you to rejoice) and Seth has a lot of shenanigans in his corner but I still feel it’s about time for Dean to gain the upper hand.

Winner: Dean Ambrose

Sideshowbob:  Dean vs Mechagodzilla – Dean wins barely.

Winner:  Dean Ambrose
Rhett Davis:  This is an interesting match, but I wonder how much the injury will take effect in this.  It wouldn’t do anything for Dean to have an injury to use as an excuse but it would be an ‘easy-out’ for Seth who is the heel here.  I say Dean wins this in a great match.

Winner:  Dean Ambrose

The Tally:  Dean Ambrose – 4

Seth Rollins – 0


Match Five

WWE Tag Team Championship Two out of Three Falls Match
The Usos (c) vs. The Wyatt Family


Steven Berkman:  This is 2/3 falls for some reason.  I mean, wrestling three times a week isn’t enough, let’s do three times in a night, right?  I guess if the Wyatts win, Bray can say he’s a step closer to his power and absolution or whatever crapspackle he spouted before Money in the Bank.  He never wanted a title before, now they give him power.  As long as I get to see a TON of Luke Harper being awesome, I’ll be satisfied.  Expect a Young Bucks-level of super kicks (To chins and guts) from the Usos and Harper.  Rowan will bodyslam people.  I have to pick, so Wyatts, as I expect Bray to win too…

Winners:  The Wyatt Family

Chris Sanders: Honestly had no idea that this was a 2 out of 3 falls match. Should be fun to watch but we are getting this match a lot and I think I’m just ready to see different matches. I don’t really have much else to add here so I’m gonna do this again. To prove that you’re actually reading all over this, post the following in the comments section: “Sanders is easily the best writer on this site or any other and don’t even get me started on Classy Ring Attire (which is a podcast you can subscribe to on iTunes NOW). Joel thinks he will gain people’s hearts by having his lovely girlfriend on the podcast during Chris’ vacation but NO, Chris is the only master of our hearts and emotions because he is the true driving force of Classy Ring Attire. Let us all follow @CRAttire on twitter and let our voices be heard on this issue. We shall start the #SandersMovement by rating CRA on iTunes and expressing our love for Sanders in the review section. Valar Morghulis, Joel. Blair is a knob.”

Winner: The Wyatts

Sideshowbob:  Time for the Wyatts to cash in finally.

Winners:  The Wyatt Family
Rhett Davis:  Yawn.  This has been going on for awhile and it would be okay if there was actually a storyline progression, but there hasn’t been one.  The Wyatts are creepy, the Wyatts are dirty, the Wyatts don’t play by the rules and The Usos are fun.  That’s literally all that this storyline has been about.  The Wyatt Family wins this one to finally end this feud.  Wyatts win fall one, Usos win fall two big, and seem to be in control for the third one before eventually losing it.

Winners (and NEW WWE Tag Team Champions):  The Wyatt Family

The Tally:  The Wyatt Family – 4

The Usos – 0


Match Six

Intercontinental Championship Battle Royal
Sheamus vs. Bo Dallas vs. Diego vs. Kofi Kingston vs. The Great Khali vs. Cesaro vs. Dolph Ziggler vs. Curtis Axel vs. Ryback vs. Big E vs. Fandango vs. Alberto del Rio vs. Rob Van Dam vs. Zack Ryder vs. Titus O’Neil vs. The Miz vs. R-Truth vs. Xavier Woods vs. Sin Cara vs. Heath Slater


Steven Berkman:  Cesaro or Miz because everyone else in this is a goof or has been ruined or is Dolph Ziggler who is cursed to look great and fail.  Miz because he’s feuding with Sheamus and maybe they can unify these unnecessary belts at SummerSlam and Cesaro because HES CESARO.

Winner:  The Miz (Second choice being Cesaro)

Chris Sanders: It’s tempting to pick Cesaro but I think WWE is probably going to go with a feud that’s already happening right now.

Winner: That ramen-haired guy that Joel has a crush on (Ziggler). Back-up choice for no extra points: Fandango

Sideshowbob:  Fuck it.. Bo Dallas just cuz it will piss people off even more
Winner:  Bo Dallas

Rhett Davis:  Hmm I’ll go ahead and say that Diego isn’t winning this one.  I’d say the only ones who really have a shot in winning this one are Cesaro, Sheamus, Miz, Bo, Del Rio, RVD, or (as a stretch) Dolph Ziggler.  Although I think whoever wins this (if not Sheamus), will go on to feud with Sheamus at SummerSlam to unite the belts.  I’ll rest my hat on Cesaro winning this to go on to unite the titles at SummerSlam.

Winner (and NEW Intercontinental Championship):  Cesaro

The Tally:  The Miz – 1

Dolph Ziggler – 1

Bo Dallas – 1

Cesaro – 1


Match Seven

The Lite-Brite Jacket vs. The Lantern
Chris Jericho vs. Bray Wyatt


Steven Berkman:  Jericho’s part time job is to come back, be awesome, get pops and put over talent.  He does it better than anyone in WWE does their job.  Bray Wyatt wins here, pretty decidedly, unless the program continues to Summerslam.

Winner:  Bray Wyatt

Chris Sanders: On one hand having Bray win might be the best way to continue the feud into Summer Slam (that’s right, it’s that time of year where I take a stand on this PPV being two words) but then there’s my desire to see Jericho actually win a PPV match seeing as how he probably hasn’t done that in a few years (I’m probably wrong but you get the idea).

Winner: Bray Wyatt

Sideshowbob:  Bray beats Jericho. Maybe Jericho starts to grow the evil beard as a result. Or does the evil beard grow Jericho? Food for thought…

Winner:  Bray Wyatt
Rhett Davis:  This should be a great match as this card is looking better and better as far as match quality is concerned.  As for who wins, I think Chris Jericho actually comes out of this the victor only for this feud to continue into SummerSlam.  Jericho wins, Bray comes out Monday night and gets violent again.  No more singing, hopefully.

Winner:  Chris Jericho

The Tally:  Bray Wyatt – 3

Chris Jericho – 1


Match Eight

WWE World Heavyweight Championship Fatal Four Way Match
John Cena (c) vs. Roman Reigns vs. Randy Orton vs. Kane


Steven Berkman:  Cena, because we all know that they’re building to Brock taking the straps off him after seeing Heyman offer to be Plan C on Raw.  Reigns will hit all his signature spots four times each but get eliminated by bullcrap means because in WWE if you ever lose once to anyone for any reason you’re ruined and weak and…yeah.  Cena hits AA on Kane at the end, just because Orton is too predictable.

Winner:  John Cena

Chris Sanders: This would be obvious even if a Summer Slam promo hadn’t’ve (double contraction, bitches) spoiled it last week.

Winner: That square-headed square, John Cena

Sideshowbob:  Reigns wins, Cena loses by Brock smash, Brock smash Reigns, Rollins cashes in… Ambrose tries to stop and rock smash Ambrose, Cena chases off Brock Smash and then Bocksmash gets angry and kicks the shit out of Cena while shield brawls… end show
Winner:  Roman Reigns

Rhett Davis:  C’mon. John Cena wins here after a pretty good and fast-paced matchup.  No need to discuss this further.

Winner (and STILL WWE World Heavyweight Champion):  John Cena

The Tally:  John Cena – 3

Roman Reigns – 1


Well thanks for joining us and be sure to keep it tuned in here for the live results of the show on Sunday!×250.jpg×120.jpg

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My Thoughts: WWE RAW 7.14.14 (John Cena, Roman Reigns, Randy Orton, Seth Rollins) Tue, 15 Jul 2014 03:14:49 +0000 WWE Raw Header - 2014


#1~ I should have know that tonight’s main event was too good to be true. The first segment started out nicely with Roman Reigns calling out Cena’s “rah-rah leads to serious mode” promo, something no babyface has done in a long time. Then Dean Ambrose interrupts both of them with another strong promo before being destroyed by Kane, Randy Orton and Seth Rollins with Rollins Curb Stopping Ambrose’s head onto a wooden cart for the killshot. While I absolutely would prefer the main event to air as scheduled, this segment did more for Ambrose than most people probably realized. Ambrose was attacked by future Hall Of Famers Kane & Orton and the current “Triple H-project”, Seth Rollins. Not only did it take a lot to put him down but he even kept his anti-authority snark with the “Is that all you got?” quip before the Curb Stomp.

#2~ So what now? Are Layla and Summer Rae “LayCool” with a bit of the “Extreme Expose” thrown in? As long as they don’t turn Dolph Ziggler into a 2014-version of Shawn “Meat” Stasiak, then whatever. It’s hard to make these two women anymore irrelevant.

#3~ First a beatdown on Dean Ambrose and then a sneak attack beatdown on the Usos? Did the Creative Team forget every other tactic on how to get heat on the heels leading into a big match against the babyfaces at the pay-per-view?

#4~ The Russia/USA segment was complete crap until Jack Swagger took down Rusev and sent him limping to the locker room. Honestly, I had some high hopes for a Swagger babyface turn but it also began when American pride was at a yearly pride. Not only was it close to July 4th but it was also riding high on the incredible ride the US National Soccer Team were riding in the World Cup. Now people just want to see Rusev lose a one-on-one match instead of REALLY getting behind Swagger.

#5~ Awesome promo for Sting in WWE 2K15 & one that is sure to sell a ton of pre-orders for the game. Of course this was probably the WORST time to pipe the live crowds reaction to the promo. Obviously the crowd was insanely hot for the Sting reveal but they didn’t have Michael Cole’s lead in selling the WWE 2k15 pre-order and they completely turned on the video package. That video package actually had more heat than The Miz did!

#6~ Did I just hear the crowd chanting “Boring” during Bray Wyatt’s promo?! I can’t remember the last time that happened – if EVER! I’m not sure if Chris Jericho is that over in Richmond, VA or if people were actually bored by the less than stellar segment. Either way that was an unexpected twist.

#7~ Cesaro loses again – both the match and no Paul Heyman. I don’t know what’s going on with Heyman but this losing streak is starting to convince me that Cesaro will walk out of Battleground with the Intercontinental Champion. Maybe he’ll start to regain some of the steam he had following WrestleMania 30 & his Andre the Giant battle royal win.

#8~ Is it just me shouldn’t the main event have a lot more time than 15 minutes? Sure it wasn’t anything special but with all of your top players in the same ring, you should at least give the audience something to look forward to. We knew we’d see Reigns spear Cena at some point but before that the match ends in a DQ finish?! Come on. A very subpar RAW, especially since this was the go-home show for Battleground. Just a rough night all around.×120-2013.jpg×250-raw-2013.jpg

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WWE Monday Night RAW LIVE Results For 7/14/14: The Final Build For Battleground Mon, 14 Jul 2014 23:35:14 +0000 It’s the last RAW before Battleground. Already announced is a main event six man tag featuring John Cena, Roman Reigns and Dean Ambrose vs Randy Orton, Kane and Seth Rollins. And what will happen with Sting, who sent out a tweet last week that read “7.14.14.” Will it just be a video game ad? Or will Sting appear live? Follow along to find out.

The Authority Found The Ambrose Bat Cave

John Cena started the show. Cena said they are six days away from Battleground and to sign up for the WWE Network right now. Cena talked about the main event of Battleground when Roman Reigns interrupted. Cena rambled on about Reigns but Reigns told him to get to the point. Cena suggested taking out The Authority and then getting to Battleground, and said then they could see if Reigns is as good as he thinks he is. Reigns said they should do that, to see if Cena is as good as he really is. Dean Ambrose appeared on screen. He said they needed to stop their testosterone filled arguments and worry about kicking The Authority’s ass tonight. As Ambrose talked, Kane, Orton and Rollins appeared behind him. All three men beat him down. Kane chokeslammed Ambrose on some crates. Ambrose asked if that was all they got. Rollins then hit the Curb Stomp on the crates.

The One Time Sheamus Loses, To This Guy?

Miz vs Sheamus. Miz talked about entering the Intercontinental Title Battle Royal. And a picture of him will also be on the titantron the whole match. Sheamus took down Miz a couple times then bailed to the outside. Miz reversed Sheamus on the outside and tossed him into the barricade. Back in the ring Miz hit an axe handle off the top. Sheamus reversed Miz in the corner and then hit a rolling senton as Miz bailed to the outside into commercial.

Back from break Miz kicked the leg of Sheamus and knocked him off the steps. Miz worked over the leg of Sheamus. He went to kick Sheamus but Sheamus blocked it and started his comeback. Sheamus hit the Beats of the Bowery follwed by a bulldog for two. Sheamus went to the top but Miz knocked him off and hit a DDT for two. Miz went for the Figure Four but Sheamus blocked it then followed up with the Irish Curse backbreaker for two. Sheamus went for a Brouge Kick, but Miz ducked. Sheamus got caught in the ropes and Miz rolled him up to pick up the win.


Kane and Orton argued backstage about who would win Sunday. HHH came in and said they need to trust each other Sunday and tonight, so the WWE Title can come back to The Authority. Steph came in and said she loves how HHH handles himself in these situations, and then they made out.

Dolph Ziggler vs Fandango. Ziggler started with a hip toss. He went for a dropkick but Fandango grabbed the ropes. Fandango gained the upper hand until Summer Rae and Layla appeared on the announce table and started dancing. The distraction eventually allowed Ziggler to hit the ZigZag on Fandango to pick up the win. After the match they both came in the ring and kissed Ziggler on the cheek.

Damien Sandow did a Sonic plug dressed as a Sonic employee. Adam Rose came and took his hot dog. Yeah, not worth getting into more detail.

The Usos made their way to the ring. But Erik Rowan and Luke Harper attacked them. The Wyatts hit their finisher on one of The Usos in the ring. Michael Cole said the two teams would face off in a Best Two out of Three Falls match at Battleground.

If I Can Change, You Can Change, EVERYBODY CAN CHANGE

Lana/Rusev and Jack Swagger/Zeb Colter were in the ring for a detente. Lana said Zeb and America are the same. They use violence to solve their problems. They want to be saviors but they can’t save themselves. Lana called America stupid. The crowd chanted “USA” as Lana screamed at them to shut up. Lana said America is so stupid that after they won their freedom from England they decided to fight each other in a civil war like savages. Lana said America needs to apologize for their mistakes.

Zeb was furious. He said years ago he laid in the mud with bullets flying over his head and he didn’t do it to have them come here and apologize. Zeb said his answer was not “No, but HELL NO!” Lana said his arrogance is the reason the USA is crumbling to pieces. She said the only man that could save them is Vladimir Putin. Zeb said Putin is ugly, and they have a President they elect every 4 years. Zeb then asked Rusev when he was going to step out from behind Lana and accept Swagger’s challenge at Battleground. Rusev said this was war and accepted. Zeb said before they get to Sunday he wanted Lana to teach Rusev three words: We the People. Lana slapped Zeb but then Swagger attacked Rusev. Lana pulled Swagger off and Rusev got the upper hand. Rusev went for his super kick but Swagger caught it and applied the Patriot Lock. Rusev was finally able to escape when he got to the ropes.

This Was A World Title Match Less Than A Year Ago

Rob Van Dam vs Alberto del Rio. Del Rio landed some elbows but RVD recovered and catapulted Del Rio then clotheslined him to the outside. RVD went for a dive over the ropes but Del Rio pulled the ring apron out and RVD got stuck in it. Del Rio landed a kick to the head. Del Rio regained the upper hand in the ring and landed an enziguri kick in the corner. Del Rio missed a kick to the head and RVD started his comeback with a hurricarrana followed by Rolling Thunder. Del Rio moved out of the way of a thrust kick but RVD came back with a spinning heel kick. RVD went for the Five Star Frog Splash but Del Rio got his knees up, then applied the cross armbreaker. RVD tapped out.

WINNER: Alberto del Rio

The WWE aired a promo for the CM Punk DVD documentary airing tomorrow night on the Network.

Nikki Bella came out for a match. Steph appeared on stage and talked about her sister quitting on her and abandoning her job for Daniel Bryan. Cameron and Alicia Fox came out to take on Nikki. Fox and Cameron won. At least Cameron got to team with one of her idols, Alicia Fox.

A WWE2K15 promo aired announcing Sting as a downloadable character this year.

Backstage Orton told HHH that Kane is just a pawn and that Orton is the man they want as Champion.

Please Tell Me Cesaro Isn’t The Next Curtis Axel

Cesaro vs Big E. No Paul Heyman with Cesaro. Big E grabbed a charging Cesaro and slammed him down. Big E tossed Cesaro to the outside. Big E charged at Cesaro on the outside but Cesaro dropped Big E on the barricade. Big E went for a press slam in the ring but Cesaro escaped and hit a clothesline. Big E escaped a headlock by backing him into the corner. Big E hit a couple of belly-to-bellies followed by a big splash. Cesaro went to the outside then dropped Big E’s neck on the ropes. Cesaro threw a chair at Kofi on the ramp then went to use a chair in the ring, but Kofi took it away. Big E then hit the Big Ending for the win.


Chris Jericho came out. He said the WWE is home and he’s seen it all. He went through a long list of things he’s seen and done, including getting knocked out by Bob Barker. Jericho looked in the camera and said he would still fight Barker anytime anywhere. Jericho also said he was a musical chairs champion. Jericho then went on to Bray Wyatt. He said he doesn’t know why Bray is targeting him but said they also have a lot in common. Bray appeared on screen. He asked where Jericho was when we needed him. Bray brought up Jericho supposedly saving us but never doing it. The lights went out and Rowan and Harper appeared in the ring. Jericho escaped up the ramp, only for Bray to attack him and hit Sister Abigail.

AJ beat Eva Marie. After the match, AJ sat on the announce table where Paige was on commentary. Paige congratulated AJ and said her hair was nice today. AJ said the same and that Paige looked to be in good shape. Then she left.

Bo Dallas beat Great Khali via countout when Bo hit the running bo-dog on Khali outside the ring.

Backstage, Seth Rollins talked about him being Plan B. Paul Heyman came in and told Steph and HHH that he likes Plan B, but he has a Plan C if needed.

Ric Flair came out. He picked John Cena to win the Fatal 4 Way Sunday after he hit on Renee Young for a little bit. Roman Reigns came out and shook Flair’s hand before he left.

Standard Go Home Show Booking

Main Event time. No Ambrose. Cena took down Rollins with a quick shoulder tackle. Orton got the tag in. Orton ate an elbow then tagged in Kane. Kane knocked Cena down then Reigns tagged himself in. Both men exchanged right hands then Kane caught Reigns with a knee. Reigns countered with a headbutt then some corner punches. Reigns dropped Kane’s head on the ropes then hit a punch off the top. Reigns knocked Orton off the apron but Kane came back with a clothesline.

Back from break Cena got the hot tag from Reigns but Orton eventually took him out with a neckbreaker. Cena came back with a dropkick but Orton followed with a backbreaker. Kane came in but Cena went for a quick AA, but Cena couldn’t lift Kane’s weight and Kane fell on Cena’s back. Rollins came in and tried to hit the Three Amigos but Cena blocked the third one. Reigns got the hot tag. Reigns hit the dropkick on Orton then the Superman Punch on Kane. Reigns clotheslined Rollins over the top and it looked like Rollins might have legit hurt his knee.

Orton and Kane started to beatdown Reigns so the ref called for the bell. Cena tried making the save but was thwarted. Kane held Cena. Orton moved out of the way of Reigns and Kane threw Cena into Reigns who hit a Spear. Kane chokeslammed Reigns. Orton then hit the RKO on Kane. As Orton’s music played and he posed on the apron, Reigns came in and hit a Spear on Orton to stand tall to close the show.


Rusev/Lana & Swagger/Zeb: I like this feud for a couple reasons. One is that it finally turned Zeb and Swagger face. Their gimmick wasn’t working as heels and they found the perfect opponent to make them face. (Though I still maintain Swagger would’ve been a great face had he turned on Michael Cole post-Wrestlemania 27.) Another reason I like this feud is because it is just a simple wrestling storyline that works. The American vs The Foreigner. Plus you have two people in Zeb and Lana who can talk on the mic and make the program work. Now its up to Swagger and Rusev to carry their end of the feud in the ring.

Summer Rae and Layla Dancing: I’m struggling for things to put here. It’s better than Eva Marie wrestling.


Main Event: I thought the end of the show kind of fell flat. The match was okay. But nothing in the main event stood out and made me want to watch Battleground Sunday. It wasn’t a good final hook for the viewers. Battleground actually seems like more of an inconvenience for the WWE. Instead if holding of on Bray/Jericho, AJ/Paige and Ambrose/Rollins til SummerSlam, they have to do these matches here to justify Battleground on the Network. Another case of having too many PPVs.

Miz Over Sheamus: First let me say that I like Sheamus as a wrestler in the ring. But all the opportunities the WWE had to put people over Sheamus in the past and they didn’t. But they let Miz beat Sheamus on RAW? That just doesn’t make any sense to me. Did Miz need the win? People cared about The Miz three years ago but not anymore. I can think back to all the times Bad News Barrett or Cesaro could have gotten a clean win over Sheamus and didn’t. But Miz?

Alberto del Rio vs Rob Van Dam: If the WWE was serious about cutting money, they might want to look at cutting these two contracts. I mean, what have these two done in the last few months to justify their spots? And this is coming from someone who likes Rob Van Dam. But when you have a three hour RAW and two hour Smackdown you need filler matches like this. Nothing we haven’t seen from these two before.

No Heyman With Cesaro: In my WWE Mid-Year Awards column I called Heyman’s Pairing with Cesaro the biggest disappointment of the mid-year. But I was at least expecting some explanation or storyline when these two split. Instead, nothing. Now maybe something will happen from it. But just throwing Cesaro out there with no explanation for the viewing audience is dumb if you ask me. Hopefully the WWE hasn’t cooled on Cesaro.

I wasn’t a fan of this show at all. Nothing worthwhile and you could have honestly skipped it and still be prepared for Battleground Sunday. Show gets a 2 from me.

Until Next Time,

Justin C

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WWE Monday Night Raw Preview for Monday 07.14.2014 – Battleground Go Home Show Featuring John Cena, Roman Reigns and Dean Ambrose vs. Randy Orton, Kane and Seth Rollins Sun, 13 Jul 2014 16:39:41 +0000 WWE Monday Night Raw Preview for Monday 7/14/14 – it’s the Battleground go home episode of Raw featuring John Cena, Roman Reigns and Dean Ambrose vs. Randy Orton, Kane and Seth Rollins … and more!

–Who else will join the Intercontinental Championship Battle Royal?

–The Authority returns to Raw and books a huge six-man tag match for the main event where their chosen ones of Orton, Kane and Rollins take on Cena, Reigns and Ambrose.

–Now that Summer Rae and Layla ganged up on Fandango, where does that leave all three moving forward?

–Is Bray Wyatt in Chris Jericho’s head?

–Will Roman Reigns rule the WWE after Battleground is over?

All this and more on Raw … Monday night!×250.jpg×120.jpg

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Classy Ring Attire 128 – With Special Guest Star Heather Sun, 13 Jul 2014 16:32:18 +0000 Chris takes the week off and so we get Heather to fill in for him. She watches Raw and now she has questions.

]]> 0 Andre the Giant,Bray Wyatt,Dolph Ziggler,Fandango,john cena,randy orton,Raw,summer ray,WWE Chris takes the week off and so we get Heather to fill in for him. She watches Raw and now she has questions. Chris takes the week off and so we get Heather to fill in for him. She watches Raw and now she has questions. Inside Pulse Wrestling no 52:45
Spain’s WWE SmackDown Report and Results for July 11th 2014: “For The First Time Ever…” Sat, 12 Jul 2014 08:34:24 +0000 Good evening, WWE fans; it’s Friday night and we’re all here for the same reason. Well, I’m here because I got offered a position to write about SmackDown and consider myself professional enough to actually do so; I don’t know you guys’ deals are. It has been a long day full of coffee, shopping and writing a modern-day adaptation of 120 Days of Sodom set in a small café, so I’m quite looking forward to sitting back and watching some wrestling.

Recap from last week of the Cena/Rollins match. I found their singles match from late December far superior, but then that was a straight match and this is all mixed up with story. Speaking of mixed up with story, does anyone over the age of eleven believe that Roman Reigns is walking out of Battleground with the belt? Seriously, I think WWE has found some form of reverse-foreshadowing; it’s like how you know that there won’t be a Money in the Bank cash-in if the commentators allude to it. Weeks of dominance = loss at the PPV.

Wow, starting our show tonight are Lana and Rusev. Aw, he holds the ropes open for her, and not even in that creepy way that Scott Steiner used to. Lana gets on the mic, and I think she’s implying that Roman Reigns is impotent. Fighting fucking words, Lana, and I’m not at all surprised that this brings Roman out; you don’t say that a man’s swimmers don’t swim. Roman gets chants, and he says he’s sure that Lana would love to stare at him all night. So, for those keeping score at home, Roman now drugs and harasses women at his place of work. He says that he’s a businessman, so this is all clearly building up to him being the WWE’s Patrick Bateman. He says that this is his ring, even though the WWE probably owns it, and laughs at the idea that a mid-carder has a chance against a man allowed to say ‘bitch’ on RAW. Lana clearly thinks that Roman is James Bond, because she’s spouting every 80’s action movie Russian line she’s got, and Reigns decides that he says when the main event happens, and it’s going to be now. Wow, he really doesn’t know what his job is.

Oh, here’s Charles Robinson, telling us all we can’t have fun ever and we’ll have to wait. What is this, tantric wrestling? Lana agrees with her fellow petite blonde, and the husky not-actually-a-Ruski leaves the ring. Meanwhile, Roman begins plotting to either poison or inappropriately proposition Charles Robinson, which is his go-to response to everything.

Oh Yay, Another Double Divas Match PPV

Cameron is already in the ring, checking herself out in a mirror. Seriously, she’s about to fight someone for money; in what world does that matter? Paige and AJ will be going up against each other at Battleground in a match which will hopefully be of, you know, match length. Hell, throw Natalya into this thing next time around and let all of the other Divas get on with their TV show.

Bell rings, but Cameron wants AJ to wait so she can apply lip balm; okay, I do do that before I fight. She then jumps on top of AJ and starts doing random can’t-really-wrestle offence. She tries to apply lip balm to the Divas Champion, which should probably constitute use of a foreign object, but like the referee is paying any attention at all. JBL actually raises that same point; look at me, thinking like a millionaire. Cameron holds AJ’s arms in a submission, until AJ rolls her up for a two-count and eats a dropkick. Who does she think she is: Paige? Cameron keeps shoving AJ, who basically Hulks Up, hitting a running clothesline and a neckbreaker. Skippety skip around the ring, then AJ hits a spinning kick for another two-count. Cameron makes herself scarce, backing away from the ring, and Natalya throws her back in the ring. The referee doesn’t call for the DQ, because literally fuck everything, I guess? AJ rolls her up; Cameron rolls through and takes a Shining Wizard to the mush for the three.

None too bad, although I’m surprised that Cameron was in control for so much. Seriously; do Divas Champions take a while to get going during a match? Nice to see AJ back in action, and looking forward to her match proper with Paige. 2 Stars.

Here’s Renee Young, who asks Randy Orton about Kane hating him. Orton says he doesn’t care about what Kane says: only what he does. He says he’s walking out of Battleground with the championship, and calls himself ‘the Legendkiller’ as he goes out to face Jericho. Oh, I remember: back when Orton was in any way sort of interesting.

 Adam Rose Is The Drug Habits Of Every WWE Employee From The 90′s In One Body

Here’s the sleaziest male dancer in WWE, with the radiant Layla in tow. And following Fandango is the Psychotic Narcotic Posse, featuring Summer Rae now, I guess. I do like how Adam Rose apparently stumbled mindlessly into this situation and probably still doesn’t know what’s going on or what his real name is (it’s ‘Adam Rose’). Also, isn’t Dolph with Summer? Or did he escape this hell?

The bell rings, and the pitting of a man who thinks he’s a professional dancer against the man who thinks his hand is a Smurf will now begin. They tie up, and Adam Rose gets a headlock and leapfrogs over Fandango when he’s shot off the ropes; Fandango takes him down hard but Layla and Summer are fighting on the outside. Fandango tries to grab boob under the pretence of breaking it up, and gets whacked in the face by one of his growing secret harem. Fandango is counted out.

Meh. A star for Adam Rose existing. 1 Star.

Summer seems happy about this, leading me to question what her motivations are supposed to be. Does she want Fandango? Does she want Adam Rose? Does she want Ziggler? The Bunny? #SummerAll? Adam Rose offers Fandango his mollypop, but the dancer slaps it away and immediately takes a Party Foul because do you fucking know how difficult those things are to get hold off?!

Bray Wyatt’s in a promo for Battleground, and uses the phrase ‘chaos reigns’ which makes me remember Lars Von Trier’s Antichrist: do not watch that movie if you’re not a fan of genital mutilation. And now Bray Wyatt and genital mutilation are inexorably linked in my mind.

Renee is backstage with Chris Jericho and more or less says ‘Orton, yeah, sure, but apparently you’re facing Bray in a few weeks’. Correct reaction, Renee. Jericho says that it’s the first time ever that Jericho will face Bray. Well…I mean…yeah. Jericho has fun with animal metaphors before walking off.

Seriously: What Do Slater And Titus Even Have To Talk About?

Titus O’Neil and Heath Slater are in the ring, about to face the Usos. So, two guys who we were surprised weren’t victims of the Red WWEdding vs. the Tag Team Champs. Could be a classic.

Heath distracts one of the Usos, and apparently pinning the wrong twin in a tag match is totally a big deal, but twins switching around to win a match in that way is just great strategy. Titus jumps on Jimmy, clotheslining him, and then tags in Slater. Jimmy comes back with some strikes, but Slater hits a kick to the face, knocking him down and slapping on a sleeper. Heath runs into a Samoan Drop; Titus runs in and gets immediately kicked back out by Jey. Heath tosses out Jey, gets kicked by Jimmy and eats the splash from Jey for the pin.

Quick match, but I don’t think we’d expect a hard-fought victory in this scenario. 2 Stars.

Not-Renee is in the ring, and asks them about the 2-out-of-3-falls tag match. They awkwardly pretend to do commentary and God, this is mortifying. JBL and Michael pretend that it was funny, and sometimes I feel sorry for those two.

Honest To God, I Was Expecting An Evolution Run-In

Almost like it’s an apology for the Usos trying comedy, we’ve got Orton vs Jericho. Chris comes down first, but before Orton shows up, the Wyatts hijack the titantron. Bray sings ‘He’s Got The Whole World In His Hands’, and that regrettably does not lead to a sing-off. Orton shows up, and let’s rassle.

The veterans circle, and then lock up. Headlock by Orton; he’s shot off the ropes and takes Chris down before taking a dropkick. Orton’s thrown off the ropes but bails out of the ring. He climbs back in, but Jericho hits a springboard dropkick, knocking Randy right into a commercial.

We come back as Jericho’s choking Orton on the ropes, hitting the running knee for a two-count. Orton comes back, clotheslining Jericho in the corner and choking him in his own right. Chops from Jericho, and he throws Orton into the corner before launching himself at Randy, who dodges to send Chris right out to the floor! That angle looked awesome. On the outside, Y2J is thrown into the steel steps by Orton, and then takes a back suplex to the barricade. In the ring, Orton poses, nearly getting rolled-up for it, and clotheslines Jericho.

Sleeper hold by Randy Orton, and Jericho works his way to his feet, breaking out to hit some chops, but Orton retains control, slamming the back of Orton’s head into the mat. Another sleeper to Jericho, just in case you forgot you were watching a Randy Orton match, but Jericho hits some chops. They exchange strikes; Jericho comes off the ropes and takes down Orton. Orton throws Jericho over the ropes; he lands on the apron and comes off the top rope with a big elbow to Randy.

Walls of Jericho attempted now; Orton’s not going down easy, kicking Jericho away and hitting a powerslam for two. Chris is thrown into the corner, leapfrogs over Orton and hits his step-up enzuigiri for a near-fall. Big clothesline to Orton in the corner, and Jericho goes up high, only for Orton to hit the ropes to crotch Chris on the turnbuckle. He goes up as well, attempting a superplex, but Jericho’s blocking him, headbutting him to the mat. Flying crossbody gets another near-fall, and Chris chops away before Orton hits his backbreaker, trying to follow it up with a Vintage DDT, but Jericho reverses it into the Walls! Randy manages to reach the ropes and low-bridges Jericho; Chris tries to come right back up, but eats a knee and then the Vintage DDT. Orton sets up for the RKO and Jericho reverses, hitting the Lionsault! And we get Wyatt Interference, which is enough to distract Jericho enough that Orton hits the RKO for three.

Good match: nice blast from the past. Would be very interested to see the Viper against the Wyatts; his character would be a nice thing to throw against them. 3 Stars.

The Closest To A Lesbian Scene We’ll Get, Until The Sexual Tension Proves Too Much For AJ And Paige

Oh, we get Double Fandango tonight, in his fucking pimp ref shirt. Layla’s already in the ring, and here comes Summer Rae, teaching us the meaning of ‘cleavage window’. I mean…I’ve just never seen it that blatant. Layla snogs Fandango, and then Summer does. Okay, which McMahon did Curtis donate a kidney to?

Bell rings and Layla tries to go at Summer, but Fandango picks her up and stops her…and then does the same to Summer. And then he dances, because fucking Fandango, man. Then both girls start beating him up, because…they just finally realised what a skeeze he is? Fandango yells ‘I made you!’, which is hilarious to me because I’m a little drunk. Layla and Summer have a stare-down, and then have a dance-off…and then dance with each other. Actually, I’m kind of fine with that, as it’s the best possible ending to all of this.

Goldust Is The Stardust-Whisperer

Curtis Axel is in the ring, with Ryback on the outside. And then Goldust and Stardust come down, because these four guys are the only ones who can wrestle each other. I have to say, Cody is goddamn selling Stardust. Never let it be said that this man does not throw himself entirely into role.

Goldust and Axel tie up; Goldust takes Axel down with a shoulder block, shoots him back off the ropes and then gets him with an uppercut. Axel leans back through the ropes, getting Dust to back off, and takes him down with a clothesline to the back of the head. Stardust is up on the apron, doing some showboating for the crowd, and Goldust nearly catches Axel with a small package. A fist to the face puts Goldust down, and then a dropkick sends him out of the ring.

On the outside, Stardust gets up on the table and lounges, honestly, seductively. Axel gets into Stardust’s face, like he’s a Texan trucker and Stardust’s an effeminate gentleman. Goldust jumps Axel, throwing him back in the ring, as Stardust walks off wearing JBL’s hat. Is there some kind of law that bad things happen to the hat now? Rhodes Uppercut and an inverted atomic drop to Axel, who then reverses an Irish whip but runs right into a powerslam. Axel tries the Perfectplex, but Goldust reverses and the Final Cut ends things.

Decent enough and with a really good flow to it, but the focus was on Stardust (and rightfully so, really). 2.5 Stars.

Ryback immediately jumps Goldust, going for Shellshock, but Stardust dives into the ring and blows glitter into Ryback’s face. Apparently this is that new, special mace glitter that’s going around, because Ryback is all over the shop and then gets low-bridged as Stardust cackles like a maniac. God, this gimmick is hilariously weird.

That’s Our Bo!

Oh, jeez, El Torito. And Diego, as Fernando is still being dragged into a parking lot by the Wyatts. Their opponent is Bo Dallas, and his victory lap knock-down of El Torito from Monday has to be a .gif by now. He says he’s going to be handicapable, which is enough to crack me up again. He says that all of us are his tag team partners, and I shouldn’t be wrestling; I’m kinda drunk.

Bo starts off against Diego; Diego avoids the first contact, and then gets Bo in a headlock. He ducks Bo twice as he’s shot off, and then sweeps the legs out for a cover. Diego locks the arm, but Bo fights out, throwing hands in the corner. Diego’s thrown off the ropes, but rolls over Bo’s back and hits a dropkick. Bo tries to attack El Torito, who avoids him, and then dodges a charge from Diego, hitting the Bo Dog.

Another quick match, but at least El Torito was in no way involved, so hey. 2 Stars.

Bo grabs El Torito, and throws him in the ring. He acts a bit shocked, and sort of prods Torito with his foot before Bo Dogging him. I approve.

Russia vs. Samoa In Canada!

Rusev gets to the ring, followed by Roman Reigns, who still hasn’t learned the route to the Gorilla position. We recap his throwdown with Kane, and I love the name ‘Fit Finlay’: from a British perspective it’s like they’re constantly commenting on his sexiness.

The bell rings, and they tie up, testing each other’s strength. They separate, and then Rusev comes back with muay thai kicks, taking Reigns into the corner. Roman punches his way right out, sending Rusev into the opposite corner and then uppercutting Rusev out of the ring and off the apron. Lana holds Rusev back on the outside as we go to commercial.

Back from break, Rusev’s pinching a nerve in Roman’s neck, but Roman fights back momentarily, before Rusev puts him down with a spinning heel kick. Kicks to the corner, and then a big kick to the face sends Reigns to the mat. Rusev hits chops and headbutts to the head of Roman, before slamming the back of his head back off the canvas. Reigns hits a headbutt of his own, but Rusev gets another strike to the midsection, and then sends Reigns hard into the corner.

Kicks right to the stomach of the floored Reigns, and then Rusev goes right back to gripping the shoulders. Finally, Reigns explodes out of it, laying down strikes, and slamming a clothesline into Rusev, who doesn’t go down until a flying clothesline hits him. A Samoan drop puts him down again, harder, and then Reigns hits his running apron kick right to Rusev’s face. Roman winds up for the Superman Punch, slamming it into Rusev’s face, and the gets ready for the spear, but then Randy Orton comes out of nowhere, hanging Reigns up on the ropes for the DQ.

I rather liked this; always nice when you’ve got two guys who are running hot getting to go at each other. Shame we weren’t allowed a real result, but still. 2.5 Stars.

Rusev tries to attack Reigns after the match, but merely ends up helping Reigns express-deliver a Superman Punch to Orton’s jaw. A big kick floors Roman, and he goes to apply the Accolade…but Lana’s not allowing it. Well, that’s unexpected. Maybe she’s got a headache. Oh, she’s leaving Reigns to Orton, because she probably knows what’s about to happen…oh, wow…Orton actually manages to hit the RKO. And we actually end the show without Roman standing extremely dominant. I’m actually surprised.

This show definitely had its ups and downs, and the contrasts were stark. Orton vs. Jericho was clearly the match of the night, and I’m of the belief the Usos need to be shot if they persist in trying comedy. Seven.

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My Thoughts: WWE RAW 7.7.14 (John Cena, Seth Rollins, Dean Ambrose, Roman Reigns) Tue, 08 Jul 2014 14:44:41 +0000 WWE Raw Header - 2014


#1~ Before you get too comfortable, did you know there’s a new Wallpaper of the Week featuring Chris Jericho and Bray Wyatt? You should download it quick!

#2~ I never thought the silent but deadly Roman Reigns would open an addition of Raw with a promo, definitely not this early in his singles’ run. But damn if he didn’t pull it off. Our friend over on the WWE Creative Humor Twitter wrote about the segment that was just supposed to be funny but oddly enough it’s also a bit true. He wrote,

It’s sad but true; in this PG-era of the WWE, the guidelines only allow for a certain amount of leeway when it comes to promos and controversial words. Last week, John Cena got the nod and tonight, they gave the crowd-friendly line to Roman Reigns for an easy pop. It’s not much but it’s something for a guy who hasn’t been in the main event for very long.

#3~ It’s a shame that Dean Ambrose versus Randy Orton will only be remembered for the botched spot. In a normal situation, I would have expected Orton to throw a fit except it absolutely was Orton’s spot. I can almost guarantee that Ambrose was supposed to jump off the top rope and into a Orton dropkick. Except Orton took his sweet ass time getting up and turning around. Either way it’ll end up being Ambrose’s fault somehow. Who would have ever thought that Ambrose would be the bit player coming out of The Shield’s breakup?

#4~ One of my favorite memories of 90s WWF was the running storyline of Jerry Lawler & his absolute hatred of the Hart family. From Helen & Stu to Bret & sometimes Owen, “The King” couldn’t despise the Harts more than anyone on earth leading to all sorts of matches including the infamous Kiss My Foot match which eventually led to the debut of Lawler’s personal dentist, Dr. Issac Yankem (aka Glenn Jacobs – aka Kane). It would have been awesome to see King tease at least SOME hatred for the Harts, at least for me.

#5~ This Fandango/Layla/Summer Rae thing is still going? First I thought it was over after that “match” at the pay-per-view. Then I thought it was done when Dolph Ziggler and Summer basically had “PG sex” in the ring last week. But now not only is there a Fandango/Ziggler feud but Summer Rae is STILL trying to seduce Fandango away from Layla? I’d be OK with a Ziggler/Fandango feud (especially if the IC title was involved) but the choice between Layla and Summer is just ridiculous. Layla is stacked and is a former Miami Heat dancer. Summer pretended to be a dancer for Fandango when his first dancer didn’t want to leave college for a career in wrestling. I think you get where my allegiance lies.

#6~ I appreciate the fact that The Miz is trying something new with his character. I appreciate the new transition into his theme music and the Top Gun glasses. But so far that’s all I’ve seen. The music is the same. The promos are the same. The jacket and ring gear is the same. And most importantly, his ring work is the same. If you’re going to try to revamp your career, you NEED to add more than glasses & the beginning of The Rock’s old entrance video to your own. That’s like adding pin-striping to a ’94 Chevy Malibu & asking 30k for it. The Miz has a long way to go to ask fair market value for his presence.

#7~ Chris Jericho and Bray Wyatt is going to be good. Really good. But please let them build, let them tell a story. Give them more TV time than just a promo spot after a throwaway match. Let them write their own material and be held accountable of whether or not if they’re successful. It worked with Jericho & Shawn Michaels in their modern-day classic rivalry in 2008. Take a chance again and watch the magic happen.

#8~ Kofi Kingston starts winning when he starts talking about a heel turn – OK fine. But he starts beating Cesaro, a guy who just wrestling for the WWE World Heavyweight Championship, cleanly and weakly? The way Cesaro was moving up the card, I could clearly see him facing Brock Lesnar in a battle of the “Paul Heyman Guys” in the near future. Now I’m just hoping he doesn’t fall off the map completely and regain ANY momentum he had going into and out of WrestleMania 30.

#9~ Seth Rollins and John Cena had pretty good chemistry in the ring, even though they didn’t have it in the earlier backstage segment. The idea that Rollins has to remind the audience every week that he can cash in at anytime is absurd. The Money In The Bank contract has been around for almost 10 years, the “WWE Universe” knows how it works and Rollins will cash in when it’s most advantageous for him. Stop shoving it down our throats and tell the story you want to tell. Of course if that story is how much Roman Reigns and John Cena like each other, I’d rather they not.×120-2013.jpg×250-raw-2013.jpg

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WWE Monday Night RAW LIVE Results For 7/7/14: Chris Jericho Returns To Action Mon, 07 Jul 2014 23:33:06 +0000 RAW is in Montreal tonight. Bret Hart is rumored to be appearing. The WWE is also advertising Miz vs Chris Jericho along with John Cena vs Seth Rollins tonight. Can the WWE carry over some of the momentum from last week? Follow along to find out!

Still Needs To Work On His Promos

RAW started with Roman Reigns. Reigns said when he comes to the ring, he comes with a point. He said he assesses and attacks. He said he knows he’s a wanted man around here but that doesn’t matter. Reigns brought up all the participants in the match and the crowd chanted “Cena Sucks.” Reigns said that’s right, when he is around Cena does suck. Reigns said he is the next WWE Champion and to believe that. Kane appeared on the stage. Reigns said that lately, Kane has been looking like HHH’s lap dog, but he’s probably more like Randy Orton’s bitch.

Kane walked down the ramp so Reigns met him and they started brawling. Reigns knocked Kane off the apron then into the crowd. They brawled for a bit into the crowd before Kane regained control and the two brawled in the ring before refs came down to separate them. Kane chokeslammed one ref and more officials came down to break it up. Reigns shoved away one official then speared Finlay. Reigns then hit the Superman Punch on Kane, knocking him off the apron.

Hey, Maybe The Usos Shouldn’t Dress The Same!

It’s The Usos vs Rowan and Harper. Jey took out Harper with a crossbody then hit a kick sending Harper to the outside. Jimmy came in and they clotheslined Rowan to the outside. Back in the ring Harper caught Jimmy with a big boot and tagged in Rowan. Jimmy escaped a chinlock and tagged in Jey. Jey connected on a dropkick. Rowan tossed Jey into the corner then knocked down Jey with a shoulder tackle. The Wyatts continued to have the upper hand into commercial.

Back from break Jey was able to make the hot tag to Jimmy and he went to work on both Wyatts. Jimmy hit a corkscrew off the top. Jey hit a dive over the top onto Rowan. Harper connected on a boot on Jimmy. He went to dive to the outside on Jey but Jey caught him with a punch then Jimmy hit a kick for two. Jimmy went to the top but Harper crotched him, then hit a sit down powerbomb but Jey broke up the count. The Usos hit a double kick on Harper, sending him to the outside. They went to hit a double dive but Rowan grabbed Jimmy’s leg. The distraction allowed Harper to hit his clothesline on Jey, who was not the legal man, and pick up the win.

WINNERS: Erik Rowan and Luke Harper

Backstage Randy Orton and Kane talked about Battleground. They said one way or another, the WWE Title will be back in The Authority. Seth Rollins came in with his briefcase and said he agreed and left. Orton said he was starting to not like that kid. Kane said he was starting to not like Orton.

Nikki Bella vs Alicia Fox was suppose to happen with each having one arm tied behind their back. After Nikki was tied up, Alicia Fox attacked her then eventually dumped Red Bull on her. Segment went too long.

RVD Must Really Like These Paychecks

Its RVD vs Rusev. RVD hit a heel kick off the ropes, then a DDT for two. RVD went for an early frog splash but Rusev grabbed him by the neck and tossed him off. Rusev hit a couple of knees to the back then went to a chinlock. RVD fought out with a jawbreaker but Rusev came right back with an elbow to the chin. RVD escaped a throwaway slam then went for a roll up that got two. RVD hit a thrust kick off the top. Rusev rolled out of the way of Rolling Thunder then caught Rusev with a super kick. Rusev then made RVD tap to the Accolade.


So Many Chairs

Randy Orton vs Dean Ambrose kicks off the second hour. The two brawled in the corner before Orton bailed to the outside. Back in the ring, Ambrose went to an armbar. Orton escaped with an elbow but Ambrose countered and regained control. Ambrose backed Orton into the corner then hit a short clothesline. Orton countered and tossed Ambrose into the corner. Orton hit a few punches in the corner, but Ambrose countered and hit some of his own. Ambrose ran Orton’s face over the ropes then dropkicked him. Orton broke free from a chinlock then hit a clothesline. Orton played to the crowd a bit, which allowed Ambrose to recover and landed some crazy punches on Orton before he went to the outside into commercial.

Orton had control back from break with an armbar. Ambrose escaped but Orton caught him with a dropkick. Orton went back to working on the bad arm of Ambrose. Ambrose escaped and then connected on a DDT. Ambrose landed some more punches followed by an elbow and clothesline. Ambrose blocked a backbreaker then went to a Figure Four. Orton eventually got to the ropes. Ambrose went to the top but Orton wasn’t paying attention, so it looked awkward and Ambrose missed. Orton then hit a DDT. Ambrose recovered and hit a clothesline. Orton blocked Dirty Deeds, but Ambrose ducked and Orton went to the outside. Ambrose tossed Orton into the barricade. Ambrose then tossed multiple chairs into the ring. Still on the outside Orton threw Ambrose into the ringpost. Orton then hit a DDT off the barricade. Ambrose beat the ten count into the ring. Orton went for his middle rope DDT again but Ambrose countered with a near fall. Orton went for the RKO but Ambrose countered to a backslide for two. Orton hit a big boot then an RKO for the win.

WINNER: Randy Orton

Former World Title Match, Now For A Shot At The United States Title

Dolph Ziggler vs Alberto del Rio. Ziggler hit a dropkick followed by an elbow, sending Del Rio to the outside. Ziggler went for a backslide but Del Rio pulled the ring skirt up and trapped Ziggler, then hit an enziguri kick. Del Rio went for a clothesline but Ziggler ducked and hit a crossbody. Del Rio, however, tossed Ziggler into the corner then hit a reverse suplex off the ropes for two. Ziggler blocked a cross armbreaker attempt and hit a DDT. Ziggler hit a dropkick. Del Rio hit an armdrop. Ziggler was able to recover and hit a Fameasser. Fandango, who was on commentary, started dancing to his music on the announce desk. The distraction allowed Del Rio to hit a kick to the head for the win.

WINNER: Alberto del Rio

Fandango told Layla backstage that he only had eyes for her. Meanwhile, he stared at Summer Rae who winked at him.

Sandhart Screwed Sandhart

Bret Hart came out. He said he loves being in Montreal and if he could lace up his boots again he would do it here. Bret “The Hitman” Sandhart (Damien Sandow) then came out. Sandow said he didn’t regret being embarrassed to tapping out to his own hold, then trying to use a screwjob as a cover-up. He regretted being from a third world country and that he could never be in the ring with the great Damien Sandow. Sandow said he knew talking wasn’t Bret’s strong suit, then Bret punched him.

Back from break, Sheamus made pretty quick work of Damien Sandow.

Backstage Miz read a letter from a fan who said they were upset that Jericho attacked him last week and wanted Miz to put Jericho in his place.

Miz Is Still A Thing?

It’s Miz vs Chris Jericho. Jericho started with some Flair chops then sent Miz to the outside. Jericho hit a dropkick knocking Miz off the apron. Jericho hit a running bulldog back in the ring. He went for a lionsault but Miz knocked him to the outside. Jericho recovered back in the ring and hit an axe handle off the top. He went for the Walls but Miz countered and hit a clothesline. Miz went for a clothesline in the corner but Jericho blocked it and hit an enziguri kick. Miz caught Jericho with a kick to the knee then a DDT for two. Miz then applied a Figure Four. Jericho got to the ropes. Jericho then caught Miz with a punch to the face, and followed it up with the Walls of Jericho for the win.

WINNER: Chris Jericho

Bray Wyatt appeared on stage. He asked how Jericho could save us if he couldn’t save himself. He said Jericho’s words can’t save him. Bray said last week proved actions speak louder than words. Bray said he will hold every word against Chris, and he will never, evveerrrr let him forget it. Jericho told Bray to shut the hell up. Jericho said actions do speak louder than words. And since it is just Bray up there he will come up there and beat his ass. Jericho went up the ramp but Harper and Rowan appeared next to Bray.

It’s the Funkadactyls vs Paige and AJ. Paige introduced AJ. Naomi went for an early tag to Cameron but Cameron ignored her. Paige hit some kicks in the corner and tagged in AJ. AJ hit a spinning heel kick then a headlock. Cameron did her lip gloss again as Naomi went for a tag. Paige and Naomi double clotheslined. Cameron tagged herself in, but walked right into the Paige Turner.

WINNERS: Paige and Naomi

After the match, the Funkadactyls fought.

Kofi Kingston beat Cesaro after the two brawled for a bit, then Kofi rolled up Cesaro for the win. Big E made the save for Kofi after the match.

Rollins went up to John Cena backstage. He said tonight is about proving to Cena that he is better. Then maybe he can cash in his contract after. Cena said he’s full of crap. Cena said times have changed, and the only guarantee is that tonight he is in for the fight of his life.

Bo Dallas defeated El Torito.

Is This A Repeat?

It’s Main Event time. Cena started with a hip toss. Rollins ducked a bulldog attempt and hit a neckbreaker. Back from break Rollins hit a reverse DDT. Cena recovered and hit a side slam. Cena went for the AA but Rollins escaped and hit a DDT. Cena ducked an enziguri kick and countered into a sit down powerbomb. Cena went to the top but Rollins connected on an enziguri kick, knocking him off. Rollins missed a splash and Cena went into CENA MODE. Rollins landed on his feet after an attempted AA. But Cena countered and applied the STF.

Kane then came out, which allowed Orton to attack Cena from behind. They took out Cena before Reigns made the save. Reigns hit the Superman Punch on Kane and Orton. Rollins then took out Reigns and Cena with the briefcase. Rollins wanted to cash in, but Ambrose came through the crowd to attack him. They brawled to the back. Cena then hit the AA on Orton. Kane went for a chokeslam on Cena but Reigns speared Kane. Reigns and Cena then raised each other’s hand and stared down each other to close the show.


Usos vs The Wyatts: Once again these two teams put on another fun match. I think it is almost getting to the point where you could put The Usos against any tag team and they would have an entertaining match. They’ve come a long way since their debut. While tag team wrestling may not get its due nowadays, I think The Usos are slowly climbing the ranks as one of wrestling’s best tag teams ever. A few more years of work and maybe they crack the Top Ten. Rowan and Harper are no slouches either. 

Randy Orton vs Dean Ambrose: This one just makes the Like List. I thought the match was fine. Ambrose has a unique style that makes his matches different and stand out from everyone else. And I still think he is going to be a star. I know there are some people who don’t like Ambrose losing clean to Orton, but I’m not ready to freak out over one loss. They played up the Ambrose injury during the match so I’m sure that will go toward the reasoning of Ambrose losing. But lets not overreact to one loss like it is career defining.


John Cena vs Seth Rollins: This is more personal disappointment than anything else. I was really hoping for a nice long match between these two. Both men are capable of putting on a good match. Instead we get a short match with a schmozz finish. I know the WWE probably sees this as a PPV match down the line and didn’t want to give away a long match. But they could have gone a little bit longer.

Roman Reigns Promo: Similar to the Ambrose/Orton match, this one just makes the Didn’t Like List. The material was good, but there was just something about the delivery that was off. I don’t know if Reigns was just uncomfortable in there alone or if it was something else. But to me at least, I just wasn’t a fan of how it came off. He’s improving, but he just isn’t quite at main event level yet.

The Funkadactyl Break-Up: In order for people to care about a break-up, you have to have characters that people actually care about. While people may like Naomi as a wrestler, I’m pretty sure they don’t care about Cameron. At all. That’s why it didn’t get much of a reaction.

Cesaro Losing Streak: Here’s another one I don’t get. Why does the WWE always put guys on losing streaks before they are in line for a push? Cesaro has already lost a lot of heat in the last few months. Now they are having him lose, only to possibly have him win the Intercontinental Title at Battleground? It just seems counter-productive. Cesaro needs to be built back up as a threat. And Paul Heyman can only do so much talking. The in-ring booking of Cesaro hasn’t helped matters.

This RAW kind of took a step back from last week. It seemed like a place holder show. Nothing of note really happened tonight. Everything just kind of seemed like it was there. A couple of good matches doesn’t save the show. I’m going to give it a 4.

Until Next Time,

Justin C

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Spain’s WWE SmackDown Report and Results for July 4th 2014: Enjoy Your Goddamn Independence Fri, 04 Jul 2014 21:15:14 +0000 Hey sports fans. It’s my distinct pleasure to cover SmackDown on this: Independence Day. Because you guys are apparently still really smug about that kind of thing, and it doesn’t even matter because Britain is a strong, independent country who don’t need no colony. Although at least we retained our ‘special relationship’, which apparently is the equivalent of political fuck-buddies

As a devil’s advocated-centred counterpoint to you guys actually having fun today, I’ll be writing this review whilst sipping a Newcastle Brown Ale and feasting upon Beef Wellington: the most English of all dishes, due to it possibly being named after a guy who beat seven shades of surrender out of the French (writer’s note: most English food is incredibly awful).

Well, on with the show.

We begin with a recap (sort of like Independence Day itself, I guess) of RAW. Cena’s on top again and is feuding with management, so it might as well be 2006 once again, right down to the video game cover. Also, let me be the first to congratulate Cena on finding a more ridiculous way to wear those belts than Randy Orton: you’ve seen the Championship Shoulderpads; now gaze in amazement at the Championship Bra. Blah blah Triple H, blah blah holding a briefcase, blah blah cold fingers of fear down my spine.

So, I still don’t recognise Rollins’ theme properly, but at least the bitchin’ black suit is stylish enough to excuse the garish gold briefcase. Also just realised that Seth Rollins kind of looks like Sandor Clegane in the right light (fuck the king). He says that he was seconds away from cashing in his briefcase; Cena got lucky, but the clock is still ticking. Seth then quotes Fight Club, furthering my belief that he and Ambrose are actually the same person.

Ambrose shows up, and that doesn’t disprove my theory at all. He says that no matter what happens, he’ll always be there (because he’s Rollins’ Tyler Durden). He says the briefcase is cursed, and that would be an amazing angle. The two of them go at it in the ring, but Orton shows up due to his consistent lack of anything else to do, followed by Roman Reigns, because Orton’s face isn’t getting punched at that particular moment. Ambrose and Roman clear the ring, and it’s nice to see those two actually kept in touch. Triple H arrives and puts Ambrose in a match with Orton and tells Roman if he interferes then he’s not allowed in the Battleground Championship Match. Because banning Reigns from matches has totally worked before and nobody got poisoned.

Cesaro Smash

Okay, honestly, why is Langston suddenly either really intense when it comes to public speaking or constantly having a mild stroke? Ironically, he’s actually not brought his bullshit patriotism with him this week, which I massively appreciate. We see the end of the Cesaro/Kingston match, and it’s actually not a recap, because it only happened on the app; well played, WWE. Heyman comes out and for some reason doesn’t mention the Streak, only introducing Cesaro.

Cesaro boots the shit out of Big E, hurling him out of the ring and into the barricade. Cesaro fights like Big E talks. Langston manages to halt the momentum, throwing Cesaro into the timekeeper’s area. But ain’t nobody got time for that, and Cesaro slams a chair into Big E’s back, and then full-on hurls the timekeeper’s chair at Langston; both current Heyman Guys hate furniture, I guess. Big E’s thrown over the announce table, then into the steps. This is supposed to be a heel thing, I guess, but it’s damn exciting. Langston manages to catch Cesaro and belly-to-belly him. They’re separated, and it takes five refs to hold back Langston, but only one Heyman to hold back Cesaro; Paul’s a beast.

Backstage, Goldust and Stardust have stolen both Bray’s hangout spot and his gimmick of acting like he’s under the influence (but they’re second on his list: right after Adam Rose). The Shield are watching this and thanking God they moved out before these guys moved in.

Roman is backstage, and sullen that he’s getting interviewed by Not-Renee. He says he’s going to concentrate on the battle royal, so screw Ambrose.

This Is What Happens When You Get Independence

Ah, here’s Sheamus: someone from another country who decided to fuck off out from under Britain’s fair rulership. And he’s wearing the United States Championship; yeah, yeah, rub it in. Obviously, since this is Independence Day and he’s entering into a feud with Jack Swagger and this is the greatest opportunity that they’ll ever get to do this, the person who takes the Open Challenge will be Alexander…Del Rio. Well, I suppose Independence Day is about dredging up ancient history, so in a way this is rather fitting.

The Irishman and Mexican circle each other, and I don’t know if I’m more disappointed in the writers for missing a great opportunity, or myself for not expecting that. They brawl in the corner, with Sheamus getting the upper hand, only for Del Rio to snapmare and kick him. Punches to Sheamus in the corner, but Alberto runs into a right hand and a rolling senton. Sheamus drops a knee to the forehead, and then punches away. Michael starts laughing at the time Del Rio was a victim of grand theft auto and criminal damage by Sheamus, because he’s a psychopath. Del Rio levels Sheamus with a clothesline and boots him right in the head. Sheamus recovers, hurling Alberto into a barricade on the outside, but gets thrown into the steps off a reversed Irish whip. Backstabber on the ring apron as we go to the break.

We return as Sheamus hurls himself at Del Rio, sending both of them out of the ring; both men are down as the ref counts, but they get back in in time. Slugfest starts and Sheamus hits some axe-handles before running into a boot, only to hit the Irish Curse backbreaker. It’s funny how this match would work way better on St Patrick’s Day or Cinco de Mayo. Alberto fights back, going for the Cross Armbreaker; Sheamus counters but gets caught in a tornado DDT. Del Rio stays on Sheamus, looking frustrated, and I have to admit I take Mexico’s Greatest Export more seriously after he kicked the fuck out of Bray Wyatt at Money in the Bank. Sheamus catches up to Del Rio on the second rope, and tries a superplex; Alberto fights out and Sheamus delivers the clubbing blows on the top rope as the ref counts as slow as he can. Flying shoulder tackle takes down Del Rio and Sheamus calls for the Brogue; Del Rio ducks and applies the cross armbreaker; Sheamus fights back, applying the Cloverleaf only for Sheamus to reach the ropes. Sheamus almost has Del Rio in an electric chair drop, but Alberto gets the cross armbreaker before Sheamus powerbombs him into the corner; a running charge sends Sheamus shoulder-first into the corner and he eats The Kick That Won Del Rio The World Heavyweight Championship; Del Rio tries for a moonsault, misses, lands on his feet and eats a Brogue Kick for the finish.

Yeah, yeah, fine: decent match. Doesn’t make me any less annoyed, or less aware of the fact that we’ve all seen this coupling frequently. 2 Stars.

We recap and interview between Michael and Daniel Bryan, and oh God, those are his clothes.

Instead Of ‘Injured’, Can We Start Saying ‘Was Dragged Into A Parking Lot By The Wyatts’?

Here’s Bo Dallas, who dedicates his entry into the IC Championship battle royal to Daniel Bryan. He’s facing Diego, because Fernando is…injured. If this keeps up, the only people employed and cleared for action will be John Cena and Randy Orton and oh my God, this was always their plan!

Diego says ‘ole’, as does Bo, and Diego dropkicks him. Bo fights back, taking Diego down and then says ‘yeah baby’. Hah: JeriBo. Diego manages to get some offence, surprisingly, but Bo puts a stop to that by throwing Diego shoulder-first into the turnbuckle, and ends it with the Bo Dog.

Short match, but good whilst it lasted. Obviously, no hint of a secret who was going to win. 2 Stars.

Bo then tries to be inspirational to a dwarf forced to wear a bull costume; JBL supports this, despite having stated multiple times his desire to legally own El Torito. He’s a complicated man. Torito then gores Bo, like the pintsized dickhead that he is. Bo bodyslams El Torito, which according to Michael Cole makes him Satan.

We see the return of Chris Jericho, and it’s like they think we all watch SmackDown, but not RAW. Also, the real victim of this whole situation is the Miz, because he appeared in a movie called The Marine 4.

Jericho is here, in his sparkly jacket, so at least we’re going to see a guy who can give Bray a run for his money on the mic. He gets serious as he talks about getting beaten up by three big dudes with beards (and if you’re going to be serious about anything…). He says that the Wyatts are one of the most dominant forces in the WWE, apparently missing the past three months of them getting Cena’d. He thanks the Wyatts, although does not then request ‘can I have another’. He says the WWE is about survival, and that he can be a little dangerous, because he doesn’t think, look and act like anyone else: he can get a little crazy; he can gets nuts; this is starting to sound like a broadway musical, and then Bray interferences his way in. He mocks the ‘save us’ campaign, telling Chris to save himself.

Chris gets some fighting talk going, but then the Miz shows up. Urgh, he’s like the exact opposite of Bray Wyatt. On the subject, however, of the Miz: rolled-up shirt and jacket sleeves; is that acceptable or a douche move? He says he could have helped Chris against the Wyatts, but says that Jericho tried to hurt his face. The second he gets in the ring, Jericho Codebreakers him. So far, I have to say that if this is the way Jericho plans on behaving in this feud, then I’m in.

What Happens To Your Offensive Ability When You Become The Divas Champion?

Eva Marie is in the ring and Paige is, I think, supposed to be on commentary, but has eschewed the wearing of a headset; we British want no part in your Independence Day festivities, thank you. AJ shows up, and I’d forgotten how big the Divas Title looked on her. Man, Paige deserved to lose for the use of the line ‘this is my house now’ in that accent.

Eva pushes AJ down to the floor, and ohshit.jpg. Wow, she actually throws AJ out of the ring. What’s going on here? AJ’s head gets hit off the turnbuckle and she’s taken down by a clothesline. Finally, she gets the boots up and sleepers Eva Marie; Eva tries to turn it into a sidewalk slam, but AJ applies the Black Widow and that’s the match.

Watch Eva Marie move in the ring, and then watch AJ move in the ring. The difference is that one of them is actually able to; not sure why there was so much of Eva’s inexpert offence on the Diva’s champ, unless they were deliberately referencing Paige’s usual match style. 1 Star.

Paige comes in the ring, applauding, and she shakes hands with AJ Lee, who seems happy to do so. Wow, did the WWE actually manage to make an angle between two women who respect each other and face each other solely due to a shared love of the championship, wrestling and healthy competition? Yeah, I don’t really think so either.

Wow, here’s Damien Sandow dressed as Bruce Springsteen. He is immediately interrupted by Rusev, with his giant flag and fake version of a real Russian medal. Sandow actually goes after Rusev, but gets mauled. Big USA chant as Lana takes the mic. She says that today is America’s birthday, and mocks Independence Day. Hey, at least they didn’t declare independence from you, toots. Swagger’s music starts, and Rusev’s angry face is a thing of hysterical beauty. And imagine how awesome this would be if Rusev was wearing the United States Championship… Zeb trolls the hell out of Lana by stating America’s accomplishments and manages to get a pop for vodka. Yeah, I like this angle so far, although I think that Swagger needs to become the WWE’s version of Sterling Archer to really sell the anti-Russian thing. Lana gets pissy as Swagger and Zeb get in the ring; Coulter looks so damn happy at getting the face treatment. I have to say, this is actually way more fun than I thought it would be; we’ve got duelling ‘We The People’ and ‘USA’ chants going. Rusev gets out of the ring like the massive, muscular pussy that he is. JBL says that Jack Swagger is a dangerous man, and I think Barrett and Ziggler would agree.

Seth Rollins Is Going To Have To Eat Every Fucking Chicken In This Arena

Rollins is on commentary, trying to argue morality and ethics with Michael Cole, which is like trying to build an aircraft carrier entirely out of sand. Randy and Ambrose show up, and ‘Randy Ambrose’ would be an awesome name. Bell rings, and Dean throws punches, knocking Orton around the ring. Punches to Orton in the corner, then a clothesline. Randy manages to take Ambrose down at the injured shoulder, rolling out of the ring. Back in the ring, Dean goes on the attack again, hitting several blows and trying for a suplex, but his shoulder’s too weak and Orton drops him with a dropkick, immediately working the shoulder; Dean rolls out and stomps Orton’s midsection. He traps Randy’s legs and claws back on his face. Orton manages to pull Ambrose into the turnbuckle and hangs Dean’s shoulder up on the ropes. Michael keeps seeming to not understand that it’s not really possible to cheat in a match with no disqualifications; this is actually worse than when he got annoyed at Sandow for winning his ladder match entirely legally. Ambrose tries to punch his way out, and catches Orton with a crossbody; he tries his rebound clothesline but Orton kicks him right out of the ring.

Back from the break, Randy is firmly in control, but runs into a boot from Ambrose in the corner. Michael asks ‘who says Seth Rollins built the Shield’ and JBL points out that Michael did, calling Rollins ‘the architect of the Shield’ for months. That was so satisfying a moment I actually had to check and see if I’d had an orgasm (I had, but it was unrelated, and if you wrote the way I write you’d understand). Ambrose is flung into the turnbuckle. Michael and JBL and Seth all take a moment to talk about how amazing Seth’s suit is, which I appreciate. More turnbuckle trauma to Ambrose’s shoulder, and Dean is back-suplexed onto the barricade. Orton works the arm back in the ring before Ambrose fights out, throwing Orton shoulder-first into the post.

Orton and Dean punch off; Ambrose ducks a clothesline and takes down Randy. Irish whip sends Ambrose into the corner, but he hits a back elbow off the top and clotheslines Orton out of the ring. Seth says he knows Ambrose better than Ambrose knows himself (because they’re the same person) as Dean hurls himself through the ropes onto Randy. Orton eats barricade and gets tossed into the ring, but Ambrose immense attraction to Rollins is too much to resist, and Dean hurls himself at Seth; do it, Dean. Go to him. Don’t try to be anyone else for anyone. He hangs Orton up on the ropes and rolls him up for the near fall. Orton uppercuts Dean, who rebounds with a clothesline, trying for Dirty Deeds; he gets pushed off the ropes and into a powerslam. Vintage DDT attempted by Orton, but he gets thrown over the ropes; Dean tries to go after him, but Seth clobbers him in the shoulder with the briefcase for the DQ.

That wasn’t bad, I guess. I like Ambrose’s style, but when someone’s injured or pretending to be, there’s always going to be limitations to it. 2.5 Stars.

In the ring, Orton and Rollins start attacking Ambrose’s shoulder, but Reigns shows up and pushes Seth off the turnbuckle before Superman Punching Orton. Rollins pulls Randy out of the ring before Roman can spear him.

This was an okay SmackDown; it just wasn’t up to the quality of the last few weeks. High point was definitely Zeb Coulter, and I have never said that before. Six.

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THE RAGER! + 10 Thoughts: Money in the Bank/Raw Super Edition (John Cena, Seth Rollins, Chris Jericho) Thu, 03 Jul 2014 01:33:03 +0000 I know all of this is a bit late and I honestly have no excuse other than laziness. I can’t even blame my tardiness on disinterest because I enjoyed the hell out of Money in the Bank and the following Raw. I shall accept whatever punishment you, my Rageans, deem to be appropriate.

And now I shall spew forth my thoughts on Money in the Bank 2014:

I’m not really going to devote much time into the kickoff seeing as how it was mostly just depressing to hear that Daniel Bryan will be out longer and I’ve been calling Bo Dallas a boner since day 1 of his WWE debut but it’s nice to see people join me. But seriously, Bo’s last stuff with NXT got a legit chuckle out of me so maybe I’ll actually give him a chance on the main stage “with the lights on bright, Maggle” as JBL would say.

The Uso vs The Wyatt Family
It’s been said before but these two teams can pretty much put on an entertaining match against each other in their sleep at this point. I really thought The Wyatt boys were gonna win it here but I suppose the main focus needs to be on Bray, especially considering what went down on Raw the following night. The Usos are just fun, plain and simple, and they put in the time and deserve a lengthy run. That being said, I can’t imagine another CoDust (or GoldStar, as Joel likes to call them) tag team title run would be too far from now.

Paige vs Naomi
This was a very enjoyable match for me because Paige is Paige and Naomi has continuously impressed me in the ring every time I see her. The only way to make this match better for me would be to just remove all things Cameron. We all know they’re going to break up soon and as talented as Naomi is, I have my doubt she’s talented enough to carry Cameron and make me give a crap. I’m also not looking forward to this break up because that means we’ll get at least one more segment where Cameron will have a live microphone. I would rather listen to Brock Lesnar bumble through a 15 minute Shakespearean monologue while yelling with his Vickie Guerrero-like shrill voice than listen to Cameron say “actually” a billion more times.
However, once Naomi sheds Cameron, I’ll look very much forward to a future Diva’s title reign from her.

Damien Sandow vs Adam Rose
Everything about this match made me sigh to the point of asphyxiation (it’s not a sex thing with me, I swear). The funny thing about all this is that it seemed to take a couple years for people to lose faith in Sandow whereas Rose came and sank like a Brodus-shaped rock almost immediately. All loss of faith aside, Damien Sandow did a springboard backflip dressed like Paul Revere. Mad respect, bruh.
Also, the bunny seemed to take one too many “bumps” before the match, if you get what I’m saying. Also, said bunny got new eyes and looks terrifying…he’s 2 steps away from Frank.

Money in the Bank Ladder Match
Easily the match of the night for a variety of reasons, the majority of which seem to belong to Dean Ambrose and Seth Rollins seeing as how two of the best spots of the match was the superplex from the overly tall ladder and the Rollins drop onto the horizontal ladder that led to a few more bumps than he probably intended. Kofi did his Kofi thing, as we’ve all come to expect while Jack Swagger did his best not to muck it all up and accidentally break someone. The ending was a bit “meh” for me as I would’ve liked for Seth to have found a way to win either cleanly or take a cheap shot to take out Dean for good at the very end. But I get it, WWE is on this massive Kane kick right now so why the hell not, right? Kane is essentially the Authority’s golem at this point.

GoldStar vs Ryback & Curtis Axel
I love the crap out of Stardust but for the love of grilled cheesus, put them in a different freaking match, I’m begging you. This is starting to feel like Christian vs Sheamus…or Sheamus vs Del Rio…or Orton vs Christian (if you’re seeing the pattern, move up 12 spaces).

Rusev vs Big E
Before we get to the match itself, I must point out the moment that got the biggest pop of the night from everyone watching at my apartment. It happened when a fan picked the absolute best moment to raise his/her glorious sign. Father Putin would be proud.
This match made me realize why I love Big E so much, it’s because he’s a huge guy but his brain doesn’t compute that he’s a big guy and throws himself around like a much smaller man. That being said, I really don’t want to see him throw that spear onto the floor again because each time looks like he spiked his head into the mat. This is the kind of match that Rusev should’ve been in months ago. Anybody can pummel jobbers, it’s much more impressive to see newcomers hold their own against higher ranks talent. Sure, that might mean the newcomer will lose closely contested matches against the upper card but since when has wins and loses truly mattered in WWE?

Layla vs Summer Rae
MVP of this match was Fandango. Seriously, just let him revert back to his Dirty Curty days of NXT Redemption and watch your ratings soar. Okay, they may not soar but hot damn, I’ll be entertained as balls.

WWEWHC Ladder Match
Very entertaining match and would’ve been match of the night if there wasn’t a ladder match earlier in the night. Most memorable things for me was watching Cesaro just hang everywhere. First there was him hanging for a long time off the belts with one arm and then when he got hung out to dry in what can only be described as an IKEA-like ladder contraption. Also, Randy Orton bled…a lot. Could’ve gone without the typical super Cena finish with the double decker Attitude Adjustment but, again, we saw it coming but we got a good match out of it and was WAY better than the original WWEWHC ladder match back at TLC.

Moving onto…

RAGER’S 10 Thoughts: WWE RAW 6.30.2014

1. Cena’s reaction to being on the cover of WWE 2k15 was pretty much the exact same as that of my own. Seriously, don’t expect me to get excited about a WWE video game until I see an actual gameplay trailer and graphics that don’t look like they were developed for a Commodore 64. Seriously, I’ve started playing Game Dev Tycoon a few weeks ago and I’m running a billion dollar development company in less than 50 years, I feel like I’m expert on the subject now. Side note: Stephanie dancing and singing along to Cena’s music gave me the weirdest Bo-ner.

2. Having Zeb turn his pro-American character face against Lana and Rusev is as about as perfect as it can get. Sadly, he manages for Swagger and it’ll all be for nothing soon because there’s no way Swagger is going over Rusev anytime soon. Seriously, Rusev would have to be caught with about a truckload of weed and accidentally concuss Cena, Brock, a newly returning CM Punk and Roman Reigns in the same night during the Raw before Wrestlemania 31 before he lost a match to Swagger.

3. Okay, so I really enjoyed this week’s Raw as a whole but they featured AN ENTIRE MINUTE OF SILENCE during Bo Dallas’ schtick. How drained for ideas must the writers be? And what was that idea pitch like? And why wasn’t Vince first reaction to reading that in script not to find said writer and kill them with fire? These are the things that keep me awake at night…that and the constant dripping going on outside my bedroom wall because the gutters are crap and even though it hasn’t rained for about a week.

4. Vacant strikes again once he was stripped of the WWEWHC. He sent out his doom-spawn Jack Swagger and took out Bad News Barrett. Handling vacant mid-card titles this way is so much better than just having two random mid-carders face off for the belt. I feel like having a special type of match makes the title seem a little bit more important. That being said, pirate Cesaro is clearly the obvious choice for this. If we don’t see a return of at least the Bad News podium, I’m gonna be pissed.

5. Having a match end during commercial and on the app seems like the dumbest idea since that writer decided to have Bo Dallas squat at the top of the stand for a minute of silence. I get the idea of telling people to go buy the app and the network so that you don’t miss moments like that but then they’re gonna bitch out and just show the replay anyway. But after the match, it was great to finally see Cesaro go full heel. And I know Cesaro has never technically been a face in WWE but lately he’s been such a tweener that it was refreshing to simply see him pick a side.

6. Damien did a Vince impersonation, maybe he’s not on the verge of being fired after all. Unless that’s what they want us to think…

7. The Miz swerve was pretty fantastic and kinda threw everyone off the Jericho trail long enough for a great surprise for when Jericho actually did come out. I’m highly looking forward to his match against Bray, I just hope WWE brought Jericho back to do more than just job to young talent again. They do kinda need a solid #2 face in the company behind Cena.

8. I’m excited for Dolph getting a feud with Fandango because that’s a feud they’ll actually let Dolph win for once.

9. Just when you thought the “This would be a perfect time for CM Punk to return” theorists lost all of their fuel, AJ returns and wins back the Divas title.

10. Seems like Dean thwarting Seth’s contract cash-ins is gonna be a thing for a while, which is fine, just as long as they kind of pick their spots and don’t overdo it week after week. Also, I was incredibly weary of HHH holding that briefcase after Rollins was run off by Ambrose.

Don’t do anything I wouldn’t do twice,

The Answer: I’m trying to get back into the habit of running because I’m tired of knowing exactly what underboob sweat is like.×120.jpg×250.jpg

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LIVE ON-SITE Coverage Of WWE RAW 6.30.14 Mon, 30 Jun 2014 21:07:26 +0000 20140630-165947-61187215.jpg

- Looks like it will be a legit sellout tonight for #RAWHartford. People at the box office are searching for even single seats.

- According to the Hartford wrestling fans, CM Punk is returning tonight. Take that for what it’s worth… & keep in mind it is coming from a classy woman with vodka in a water bottle.

- Ready to roll.


- Lively crowd so far that are itching for the show tonight. Looks like a legit sellout too.

- A ton more kids than a normal RAW or SmackDown in CT, the “Let’s Go Cena!” are actually holding their own. There’s also FAR more young girls in the arena decked out in Total Divas merchandise, complete with replica Divas Championship belts!

- Looks like there’s no pre-show tonight as Renee Young (MUCH hotter in person) & Todd Phillips come out to call Superstars.

- Big E pins Titus O’Neil clean in the first Superstars match.

- Del Rio (who was in the main event last night) makes R-Truth tap after a botched cross arm breaker.

- Lights are on bright!


- It seems as if Triple H has been teaching Seth Rollins the fine art of baby oil as Rollins looks jacked!

- Hartford is hot & LOUD tonight! I love it when a crowd is this into the show.

- The Usos are insanely over drowning out any chant in favor of the Wyatt Family.

- Awesome 6-man tag match that had the whole floor standing the entire match.

- Good God that was a great show. I will have more to add tomorrow because my phone is just hitting 1%.×120-2013.jpg×250-raw-2013.jpg

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WWE Money In The Bank 2014 Live Coverage! (WWE World Heavyweight Championship Ladder Match) Mon, 30 Jun 2014 00:55:36 +0000 Money In The Bank 2014 Match Card


{Thanks to Jahar145 on for the header image.}

Kickoff Show:

Renee Young signs in as the new host of the Kickoff Show with Booker T, Alex Riley and Christian on the All-Star panel with Todd Phillips taking over duties as the Social Media host. Definitely looks as if Christian is officially ruled out as Bad News Barrett’s replacement (if indeed, he is replaced). Renee Young officially ruled out of his Money In The Bank ladder match but no replacement was announced.

Daniel Bryan entered the arena to a massive reaction and prolonged “Daniel Bryan” and “YES!” chants as he waited in the ring for an interview with Michael Cole. Bryan revealed that he doesn’t know when he’ll be back as the strength in his arm hasn’t returned to his right arm. He does believe that he will be able to wrestle in the future. Bryan also revealed that The Authority didn’t let him know he was stripped of the titles until he watched it on RAW. Cue Bo Dallas and an inspiration speech for Daniel Bryan. It didn’t go so well as Bryan said that Dallas was acting more like a “Bo-Ner” (& there’s Bo Dallas new chant). Then he asked him to “Bo-Leave”, ending the segment and the Kickoff Show.

WWE Tag Team Championship Match: The Usos (c) vs The Wyatt Family (Erick Rowan & Luke Harper)

Luke Harper and Erick Rowan come out to yet ANOTHER version of “His Got The Whole World In His Hands” featuring a little kid singing followed by an electric guitar version of the church anthem. Pretty much the complete opposite than what they had on RAW but just as bad. Usos take the early advantage until Rowan catches Jey Uso off guard and tosses him from the top rope to the barricade. The Wyatts hold the advantage until Jimmy gets the hot tag and starts hitting the signature Uso offense. Harper comes back with a devastating sit-down powerbomb but only got a two. He follows that up with two plancas to each Uso separately. The Wyatts hit a double-team “Sky High” slam but Jey Uso made the save in a long two count. Harper misses a boot, crotches himself on the top rope. Erick Rowan climbs to the top rope but is caught with a double suplex and then two Uso top rope splash to retain their titles.

Winners and still WWE Tag Team Champions: The Usos


WWE Divas Championship Match: Paige (c) vs Naomi (w/Cameron)

Both women start out frantic but it isn’t until Naomi hits a crossbody to the outside that things really picked up. She just flattened Paige on the floor! Some basic Diva offense until Paige attempts a superplex that goes wrong when her foot slips sending Paige and Naomi straight to the floor in a big botch. Both Divas get back in the ring before the count of ten and while Naomi controlled the match, Paige reversed the momentum out of nowhere and hits a beautiful lifting DDT for the clean win. Cameron looked happy at ringside that Naomi lost.

Winner and still WWE Divas Champion: Paige


 Paul Revere (Damien Sandow) vs Adam Rose

Sandow comes down in full Colonial gear and cuts an anti-Boston promo before Adam Rose & the Rosebuds interrupt the promo with their usual antics. The crowd hummed Rose’s music throughout the beginning of the match until Revere took over (seriously). Revere even set up his signature elbow with “The elbow is coming! The elbow is coming!” Revere actually seemed to be working his way to a victory but went for a moonsault (which he missed) and lost to Rose’s Party Foul finisher.

Winner: Adam Rose


 Money In The Bank Contract Ladder Match: Seth Rollins vs Jack Swagger vs Dean Ambrose vs Kofi Kingston vs Rob Van Dam vs Dolph Ziggler

Well Jack Swagger already eliminated Bad News Barrett from this match so maybe Dolph Ziggler IS safe tonight. Ambrose entered last and immediately brawls with Rollins to ringside. Kofi Kingston has the first highlight of Money In The Bank when being tipped off the ladder, he springboards off the top rope and onto the superstars on the floor. In a strange twist, RVD is the one taking the ladder shots and the high risk moves including rolling sentons onto the ladder and an early Five Star Frogsplash. He rounds out the night when Swagger powerbombs him off the top of the ladder. Of course this is topped by Dean Ambrose superplexing Rollins off the top of a 15 foot tall ladder. I’m shocked Ambrose doesn’t have a broken neck after that spot. Ambrose was then pulled off the top of the ladder by Swagger but countered the move into a DDT. Ambrose acted as if he was injured and he told the ringside doctor to “pop it back in” (in reference to his shoulder) but the doctor and referees forced him backstage. Kingston looks as if he’s finally going to win a Money In The Bank match when he backdrops Seth Rollins onto a ladder from the top of another. But Ziggler takes advantage and clears the ring of everyone. As he climbs, Rollins interrupts him with a steel chair to the ankle. Ambrose returns to the match and takes out Rollins with a steel chair. As his fingertips touch the case, Kane’s pyro and music play as he comes down to chokeslam & Tombstone Ambrose. He then held the ladder for Seth Rollins to climb and grab the briefcase. Stephanie McMahon and Triple H come out after the match to congratulate Rollins.

Winner & holder of the WWE World Heavyweight Championship match contract: Seth Rollins


Goldust & Stardust vs RybAxel

Cody- Sorry Stardust started out the match with his take of some of Goldust’s signature stances and moves. He tags out quickly to his brother who is quickly beaten down by RybAxel. It was all RybAxel until Stardust received the hot tag and went nuts. While it look liked Stardust had the win after CrossRhodes, he eventually rolled up Ryback for the win. Axel ambushed Stardust but Goldust made the save & Dust to Dust hit MNM’s old finishing move, the lifting “Snapshot” DDT.

Winners: Dust to Dust


Rusev (w/Lana) vs Big E

Why this isn’t a Flag Match is beyond me. Rusev and Big E collide to start the match but it’s Big E who gets the first upperhand. Rusev gets back into the match with an amazing release German suplex that tossed Big E across the ring. Both men traded stiff offensive moves until Big E used his diving spear onto the outside where it looked like he drove his own head into the floor. Rusev sold well as Big E tried to sign up for the Big Ending but Rusev countered and eventually picked up the submission win with The Accolade.


Layla vs Summer Rae (Fandango as the Special Referee)

Fandango has to be wearing the first ever bedazzled referee’s shirt. Not a Diva, Fandango. Ton of catfighting and teases of who Fandango would be in favor of. Eventually Layla won with a kick to the head and Fandango made out with her after the match. Summer Rae put on her best Kim Kardashian face and cried.


WWE World Heavyweight Championship Money In The Bank Ladder Match: Alberto Del Rio vs Sheamus vs John Cena vs Bray Wyatt vs Kane vs Cesaro vs Randy Orton vs Roman Reigns

Triple H and Stephanie McMahon came down to ringside to observe the championship match. Cesaro and Del Rio teamed up while Orton and Kane paired up against John Cena. Cesaro and Del Rio get crushed by a running Bray Wyatt before Reigns takes out Wyatt. Everyone starts heading for ladders until Kane enters the ring to level every man in the match. The first real allegiance is shown when Kane lifts Orton up by the throat and puts him on the ladder. Reigns tips the ladder before Orton can grab the belts and Orton takes a nasty shot to the top of head from the corner of the ladder. The doctors take a while working on him and I can only think he’s bleeding badly. Sheamus and Cesaro climb the ladder and hang from the belts when Wyatt removes the ladder from under them. Sheamus falls quick but Cesaro hangs on for a good while before falling to the mat. A close up Orton shows that he is split open on the top of the head but the medics did a pretty good job of slowing the bleeding. Everyone makes a mad scramble to climb the ladder adding for a great visual but no one comes close to the belts before Kane eliminates everyone from the ring. A great spot lead to Reigns tipping over the ladder (which had another ladder wedged in between it) and the ladders end up in a tilted triangle, allowing Cesaro and Sheamus to still battle for the belts. Eventually everyone is climbing the ladders before Roman Reigns gets the spotlight and is able to take out everyone with his signature moves leading to a standoff with John Cena. Reigns spears Cena but then is dropped by Orton. Cesaro stole the spotlight with a super-uppercut to Sheamus off the ladder and a Neutralizer before taking a vicious RKO off the top of the ladder. Reigns cut off a bloody Randy Orton but Kane dashed Reign’s run to the top with a chokeslam. As Randy Orton was scaling the ladder while Kane was holding it in place, Cena delivered the AA to Kane & Orton onto a fallen ladder before climbing the ladder and becoming a 15-time World Heavyweight Champion.

Winner & new WWE World Heavyweight Champion: John Cena


Overall a decent show that definitely had its lows and highs. I recommend checking it out as I’m sure my PBP didn’t do it justice.×120.jpg×250.jpg

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WWE Spoilers: What are the Two Advertised Main Event Matches for Battleground 2014? Sun, 29 Jun 2014 19:44:07 +0000 This may or may not affect tonight’s live results for WWE Money In The Bank 2014, but it has been confirmed that the two advertised main events for Battleground next month are Randy Orton vs. Roman Reigns and Seth Rollins vs. Dean Ambrose. WWE has already been advertising these two main events as official matches so they look to be set.×250.jpg×120.jpg

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A2Z Analysiz: WWE Money in the Bank 2013 (John Cena, Mark Henry) Sun, 29 Jun 2014 13:00:43 +0000 mitb 2013

For an easy-to-search archive of all my WWE DVD reviews, please visit World Wrestling Reviews!

Wells Fargo Center – Philadelphia, PA – Sunday, July 14, 2013

Michael Cole, Hall of Famer Jerry “The King” Lawler, and John “Bradshaw” Layfield are on commentary.

KICKOFF MATCH: WWE Tag Team Championship Match – Seth Rollins & Roman Reigns vs. The Usos

Rollins & Reigns have been the Champions since 5.19.13, and this is their third defense. Jey and Rollins start it off, and Jey immediately goes for several pinning combinations but is unable to put Rollins away. Reigns tags in and the Usos continue to control the action and go for frequent covers. Rollins pulls Reigns to the floor so the Champions can regroup. They take a commerical break and when we come back the Shield is in control of Jey. Rollins and Reigns work together to wear Jey down and keep him from tagging his partner. They take another break for some reason and we come back with Rollins attempting a superplex and it turns into a Tower of Doom spot and all four men are down. Rollins is able to cover Jimmy for a two-count. Jey pulls Reigns off the apron just as he’s about to tag in, and when Rollins tries to punish him with a dive Jey decks him with a right hand. Jimmy lands a superkick and a Superfly Splash for a close near-fall but Reigns breaks up the cover. The crowd is going banana. Jey sends Reigns to the floor and then gets hit with a Superman Punch. Back in the ring Reigns makes a blind tag. Rollins hits a Buckle Bomb and Reigns flatens Jimmy with a Spear to get the pin at 7:17 (shown). According to various websites this version of the match is about half as long as the original, which I find bizarre. Did we really need a 17-minute Vickie Guerrero performance review as a bonus feature, but not this entire match? That irritation aside, this was a hot match featuring four rising stars, and the crowd was buying all of it.
Rating: ***½

MATCH #1: Money in the Bank Ladder Match for the World Heavyweight Championship Contract – Dean Ambrose vs. Fandango vs. Antonio Cesaro vs. Jack Swagger vs. Damien Sandow vs. Cody Rhodes vs. Wade Barrett

This is the Money in the Bank debut for Ambrose, Fandango, and Cesaro. Swagger is appearing in his third Money in the Bank match (with one win at WrestleMania XXVI), the second for Sandow, the fourth for Rhodes, and the second for Barrett. Summer Rae is with Fandango, and Zeb Colter is there for his charges Swagger and Cesaro. Ambrose is the current United States Champion.

It takes less than a minute for ladders to get involved, and it’sa big brawl right off the bat. The Real Americans and Team Rhodes Scholars battle each other in the ring with ladders after taking everyone else out on the floor. Swagger is the first one to try climbing the ladder and he’s stopped by Ambrose. It’s already hard to keep track of everything, as the action is moving at a very brisk pace. The dynamic is also interesting here because all seven guys are actually heels, though this is Philadelphia so the crowd loves Ambrose and the Real Americans. Barrett gets creative and takes a piece of one of the ladders and destroys Sandow with it. He climbs the ladder and Ambrose joins him. Cesaro pulls Barrett down right into a European Uppercut! Swagger tries to bring Ambrose down and Ambrose counters with a DDT! Cesaro and Ambrose climb up and Cesaro shoves him down. Rhodes makes his way back in and brings Cesaro down with a Muscle Buster on a ladder! Swagger climbs up and Barrett takes him down with the Bull Hammer! Barrett goes up and Fandango stops him in his tracks and pulls him down with a sunset bomb! Fandango goes up and Ambrose brings him down with the Dirty Deeds. Ambrose goes up and Cesaro folds up the ladder on him. The crafty Ambrose channels Terry Funk with the whirly bird but the Real Americans stop him and dump him to the floor. Cesaro and Swagger then take Barrett out with a ladder shot. Swagger then puts Cesaro on his shoulders and Cesaro almost reaches the case but Rhodes breaks it up with a missile dropkick. That was awesome. Rhodes catches fire and dumps Swagger to the floor, and then hits Fandango and Barrett with the Cross Rhodes. He goes out and brings in a very tall ladder. Ambrose joins him and they slug it out at the top. Rhodes has been busted open, but he’s able to reach through the ladder and slam Ambrose’s face into it repeatedly. Awesome spot. Seth Rollins and Roman Reigns come out and pulls Rhodes off the ladder just to be dicks. They also take out Barrett and Fandango. The Usos make their way out to fight the Shield off, and they are aided by the Real Americans. It’s a donnybrook on the floor while Ambrose almost reaches the briefcase. Rhodes pushes the ladder over and Ambrose wipes out everyone on the floor! He climbs up the ladder and the crowd is behind him. Then from out of nowhere his tag team partner Sandow appears and dumps Rhodes off the ladder! Sandow climbs up and pulls down the case at 16:20! Boy did they pack a lot of action into that match, especially with four additional wrestlers joining the fray. I didn’t hear much about this match when it happened, but there were plenty of awesome spots, really creative uses of the ladder, and a surprising finish that should have led to more than it did.
Rating: ****

MATCH #2: Intercontinental Championship Match – Curtis Axel vs. The Miz

Axel has been the Champion since 6.16.13, and this is his second defense. Miz starts off hot, eager to regain the title he has held twice before. Axel cuts him off and starts wearing him down, but Miz weathers the storm and sends the Champ to the floor. Miz pulls an Eddie Guerrero behind the referee’s back to make the ref think that Heyman took a cheap shot. That proves to be a prudent move, since the ref kicks Heyman out of the ringside area! The crowd actually chants “We Want Heyman,” reminding me that we are in Philadelphia. Even without his manager, Axel is able to take control. Miz avoids a charge in the corner and puts together a string of offense but can’t put Axel away. A series of reversals ends with Axel kicking Miz shoulder-first into the ring post. That’s a good setup for the Perfectplex, but it only gets two. Miz comes back and attacks the leg, and is able to apply the Figure-Four Leglock! Axel turns it over, and Miz turns it back, and Axel reaches the ropes. The Champ rolls to the floor and Miz immediately chases him back to the ring. Axel catches Miz with a couple of kicks to the face and follows with the Axehole to get the pin at 9:20. That was a solid back and forth encounter, and Axel certainly looks good in winning without Heyman here.
Rating: **¾

MATCH #3: Divas Championship Match – AJ Lee vs. Kaitlyn

AJ has been the Champion since 6.16.13, and this is her first defense. She has Big E Langston in her corner, while Kaitlyn has Layla by her side. Kaitlyn has her elbow wrapped up. The challenger is all fired up and she works AJ over, hitting a nice gutbuster and throwing her to the floor. Kaitlyn looks to ram AJ into the ring post, but AJ slips out and shoves Kaitlyn elbow-first into the steel. AJ attacks the injured limb, always good strategy. Back in the ring AJ covers for two. AJ goes to work on Kaitlyn’s arm, which further weakens her for the Black Widow submission hold that AJ used to win the title last month at Payback. After several minutes Kaitlyn is able to create separation with a backbreaker. Kaitlyn unleashes a flirry of offense, turning AJ inside out with a huge shoulder tackle. She hits an inverted DDT for two. AJ cuts Kaitlyn of by going back to the injured arm. She goes to the top rope and Kaitlyn shoves her down, but Big E is there to catch her. Back in the ring AJ scores a small package for two. Kaitlyn hits a hue Spear but hurts her elbow in the process and can’t cover. AJ kicks at the arm and then locks on the Black Widow. Kaitlyn is forced to tap out at 7:02. While not quite as good as their match last month, it is apparent that these two have amazing chemistry and in time could develop a modern day Trish/Lita dynamic. But then Kaitlyn quit so that’s no longer possible and that makes me sad all day.
Rating: **¾

MATCH #4: Chris Jericho vs. Ryback

Here are two guys who had nothing else going on so they got each other. Ryback takes the early advantage with his overwhelming strength and power. Jericho comes back and sends Ryback to the floor, and the big man is in no hurry to get back in the ring. To that end, Jericho hits a dropkick and forces Ryback back inside. Jericho goes up top and hits a big forearm to the back of the head. Ryback cuts him off with an explosive clothesline. Momentum continues to shift back and forth until settling on Ryback. Jericho tries to fight back but Ryback outpowers him and knocks him hard to the floor. Back to the ring Ryback keeps Jericho grounded with a chinlock. Jericho fights back with a Northern Lights Suplex for two. He goes up top for an ax handle but Ryback catches him in a belly-to-belly suplex. Ryback goes for Shellshocked but Jericho fights out. Jericho tries the Codebreaker but Ryback catches him and slams him down to the mat. Ryback charges right into a low dropkick, and Jericho follows with an enziguiri for two. When Ryback rolls to the apron Jericho takes the opportunity to hit him with a mini Codebreaker and Ryback falls to the floor. Back in the ring Jericho hits a high cross body from the top rope for two. Ryback goes for Shellshocked but Jericho counters with a DDT for a near-fall. Jericho unloads with a series of strikes. He tries the Lionsault but Ryback avoids it and scores a schoolboy rollup to get the pin at 11:22. That was better than I anticipated; a pretty good clash of styles that played to both guy’s strengths. It was hardly a classic but it was a good in a SmackDown main event kind of way.
Rating: ***

MATCH #5: World Heavyweight Championship Match – Alberto Del Rio vs. Dolph Ziggler

Del Rio has been the Champion since 6.16.13, and this is his first defense. Both men start off quickly and go for early covers but obviously neither man gets a pin yet. Ziggler takes the first advantage with his smooth offense, including a series of 10 elbow drops, much to the crowd’s delight. He clotheslines Del Rio to the floor, and when he throws him back in the ring Del Rio capitalizes with a wicked enziguiri. Del Rio is like a shark, smelling the blood of Ziggler’s injury and zeroing in on the head. He charges at Ziggler against the ropes and Ziggler ducks, sending Del Rio crashing to the floor. Back in the ring Del Rio tries going to the top rope and Ziggler brings him down with a super X-Factor. Ziggler continues to press the advantage but can’t put Del Rio away. He goes for the Fame-Ass-Er but Del Rio avoids it and hits a German Suplex for two. Del Rio goes for the corner enziguiri but Ziggler ducks and hits the Fame-Ass-Er for a near-fall. Ziggler charges in and gets caught with a tilt-a-whirl backbreaker for two. Del Rio goes up top and Ziggler slices him out of the air with a dropkick for a two-count. AJ Lee’s music hits and the Divas Champion makes her way out, skipping around the ring. Ziggler hits a big DDT for two. He goes up top and Del Rio is able to knock him down. Del Rio brings Ziggler down with an inverted superplex for two. A series of reversals ends with Del Rio hitting the low superkick for a near-fall. Del Rio readies another superkick but Ziggler catches it. For some reason, AJ gets in the ring and drills Del Rio with her Divas Title belt, giving Del Rio the DQ win at 14:38. That was a pay-per-view quality match with a TV quality finish. I see what they;re going for, it was just really deflating after tha terrific, fast-paced matchup.
Rating: ***¼

MATCH #6: WWE Championship Match – John Cena vs. Mark Henry

Cena has been the Champion since 4.7.13, and this is his third defense. Henry immediately asserts his power advantage and slugs away at the WWE Champion. He knocks Cena to the floor and picks him up in a suplex, but drops him ribs-first on the steel steps. Back in the ring Henry covers for two. The challenger continues his domination. Cena fights back briefly but Henry cuts him right off with his size and power. Henry sends Cena to the floor for some abuse. Back in the ring Cena avoids a charge and tries to pick Henry up but Henry falls down on top of the Champ for a two-count. Cena is able fight back again, and this time he strings together some offense, including the Five Knuckle Shuffle. He goes for the Attitude Adjustment but Henry simple falls forward and lands on the back his head. That gets two for the World’s Strongest Man. Henry tries a powerslam but Cena counters it into a DDT! Cena hits the Attitude Adjustment and Henry kicks out! The champ goes to the top rope and leaps off, but Henry catches him in the World’s Strongest Slam for two! Henry goes outside and grabs several chairs. He puts them in the ring and the referee throws them out. Henry charges at Cena near a corner, and Cena moves out of the way. Cena locks on the STFU but Henry makes it over to the ropes. The referee accidentally gets bumped and Henry kicks Cena square in the nuts for a near-fall. Henry tries the World’s Strongest Slam but Cena slips out and applies the STF for the tapout win at 14:43. This was classic big man stuff from Henry, and Cena excels with larger opponents as well, so this was rather enjoyable. The finish was the standard Cena stuff, but the match preceding it was good stuff.
Rating: ***¼

MATCH #7: Money in the Bank Ladder Match for the World Heavyweight Championship Contract – Rob Van Dam vs. CM Punk vs. Daniel Bryan vs. Randy Orton vs. Christian vs. Sheamus

This is the second Money in the Bank appearance for RVD (with a win at WrestleMania 22), the fourth time for Punk (the only man to win twice – at WrestleMania XXIV and The 25th Anniversary of WrestleMania), the second appearance for Bryan (with a win at Money in the Bank 2011), the third appearance for Orton, the record-tying sixth time for Christian, and the second time for Sheamus. Kane was supposed to be in this match but he was destroyed by the debuting Wyatt Family last week on RAW and is too injured to compete.

Everyone is a little cautious to start, and as soon as RVD starts to gloat the other five guys team up on him and dump him to the floor. Sheamus is the next man to get dumped out, leaving Bryan to fight Orton and Christian battling Punk. Bryan and Punk win those battles and the crowd is juiced to see these two square off. They go back and forth for just a few moments before Sheamus comes back in brandishing the first ladder of the match. Now all hell has broken loose, with offense coming from all sides. RVD clears the ring and soaks in the adulation of the crowd. He shows impressive strength by press slamming Christian onto a ladder, and then delivering the Rolling Thunder to Bryan while on top of the same ladder. RVD goes up for the Five-Star Frog Splash on Orton, but Christian hits him with a ladder to knock him down. Christian uses a tiny ladder as a weapon very effectively. Sheamus gets rid of Christian and fights off RVD as well. The action is non-stop and tough to keep up with. All six men make it back to the ring and share two ladders, all climbing up and reaching for the case. Of course that doesn’t end well and all six men go crashing to the mat. Sheamus recovers first and starts throwing everyone around. He climbs up for the case and Bryan joins him, only to get pounded with forearms to the chest. Sheamus almost grabs the case but Punk is able to knock him down at the last second. Punk beats on Sheamus until Orton cuts him off. In an awesome spot, Orton goes for an exploder, and then sees a ladder set up in the corner and turns around so he can suplex Punk onto the ladder instead. Orton hits Punk with the Rope-hung DDT. Christian dishes out a few Spears and goes for the case but RVD knocks him down. RVD goes to the very top of a ladder and comes down on Christian with a Five-Star Frog Splash. Ouch. RVD almost brings the case down but Sheamus stops him. Bryan rejoins the fray and throws kicks at both Sheamus and RVD. He flies all over the place with kicks and dives, working the crowd into a frenzy. Bryan knocks Sheamus off the top rope and onto a ladder that had been set up between the apron and the announce table, snapping the ladder in half. He goes up and appears poised to grab the case, but Curtis Axel runs out and decimates Bryan with a chair, and then hits the Axehole on the floor. Punk takes Axel out with a Go 2 Sleep. Paul Heyman comes out to yell at an unconscious Axel, angry at him for going after Punk. Back in the ring Punk is all alone, but when he climbs up the ladder Heyman gets in the ring and repeatedly slams a ladder into him! Heyman gets a good shot to the head and Punk is out of it. RVD goes up for the case but Orton pulls him down into an RKO! Orton climbs up and sees no one else around, so he pulls the case down at 26:39. The Curtis Axel interference seems kind of lame and beneath where Bryan was at this time, but I guess they really wanted a reason for Heyman to go out there so there’s that. But none of it takes away from the incredible effort put forth by all six guys, with non-stop action for almost 30 minutes and lots of cool spots. This was different than the opening ladder match, and that’s always impressive when they can pull that off. I’m a sucker for these matches.
Rating: ****×120.jpg

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Rasslin’ Roundtable – WWE Money in the Bank 2014 Sat, 28 Jun 2014 21:47:41 +0000 Welcome to the Rasslin’ Roundtable for WWE Money in the Bank!  Now let’s get this started.


Rasslin’ Roundtable

WWE Money in the Bank 2014


Match One

Battle for National Pride

Rusev vs Big E


Justin C:  Once again, this is a match set up for Rusev to look strong in. Sooner or later he will get a real program with a more established star. But you have to give Rusev and Lana credit, they are getting the gimmick over and they are met with “USA” chants every time they are out there. Big E will get some offense in but Rusev wins in the end.

Winner: Rusev


BD:  Oh, for fuck’s sake.

Winner: Russev, despite Big E actually being good and Russev being terrible.


Chris Sanders: Didn’t we just do this?

Winner: Rusev


Rhett Davis:  With what little time they had at Payback, they actually were an interesting match. Hopefully they get more time here before Rusev eventually squashes him.

Winner:  Rusev


David Spain: I was actually quite surprised that we were doing this again, after the dominant-as-hell beating that Rusev laid on Big E. So, with that in mind, I’m thinking that Big E is not the man to end the Rusev streak.

Winner (and still allowed to wave a big flag): Rusev.


The Tally:  Rusev – 5

Big E – 0


Match Two

Divas Championship

Paige vs Naomi


Justin C:  Holy hell was Cameron annoying on commentary the other night. I’m sure she will play some kind of role in the outcome of this match. We still haven’t gotten a Paige vs Emma match, so I’m expecting that soon. My guess is that Cameron goes to help Naomi but it backfires. Paige then wins the match. Paige isn’t ready to lose the Title yet, and certainly not to Naomi

Winner: Paige


BD:  I don’t watch Diva matches. I have standards.

Winner: Paige, despite lack of… everything.


Chris Sanders: Just keep Cameron away from a microphone and this should be a fun match.

Winner: Paige


Rhett Davis:  I like Paige, but this match has had very little set-up and seems like a storyline expander match.  I think Cameron is going to get involved and cost Naomi.  Of course Paige won’t like that so it’ll lead to a triple threat at the next one.

Winner:  Paige


David Spain: Call it a sense of patriotism; call it a need for a British victory after we crashed the hell out of the World Cup, but I don’t think that we’re done with our current champion just yet. I’m holding out for a Paige/Natalya match, personally.

Winner (and still champion): Paige


The Tally:  Paige – 5

Naomi – 0


Match Three

Tag Team Match

Goldust and Stardust vs Rybaxel


Justin C:  I’m a big fan of the Stardust character so far. Cody looks to be enjoying himself out there. He’s playing this character well just like he did when he had the mask on. You would assume this is still all a catalyst to see Cody turn heel at some point down the line. For now, however, the gimmick is working. I see The Dust Duo picking up the win here and possibly getting a tag title shot in the near future.

Winners: Goldust and Stardust


Rhett Davis:  I actually hadn’t heard about this match, but I love the new Stardust character.  I hope Goldy and Starry stay together for a while.  Why not?

Winners:  Golden Stars


The Tally:  The Dusty Ones – 2

Rybaxel – 0


Match Four

WWE Tag Team Championship

The Usos vs The Wyatt Family (Rowan and Harper)

Justin C:  This one is kind of a toss-up for me. When I thought Bray Wyatt would win the Title, I would have easily picked Rowan and Harper here. Then you would have Bray as WWE Champion and Rowan/Harper as Tag Champions. Then they could sell the group even more as a powerful threat. Now I’m not really sure. Having Rowan and Harper win the Titles but not Bray would seem a bit weird. I’m going with The Usos to retain here. But I could easily see Rowan and Harper winning. It’s a toss-up.

Winners:  The Usos


BD:  I might be looking forward to this match the most. I really like the Wyatt tag-team and if the Uso’s drop the lame entrance they’d be pretty much perfect. Should be a fun big team / little team match.

Winner: The Wyatt Family, hopefully with minimal SAW-movie-like contrived and silly bullshit


Chris Sanders: Usos have had their momentum come and kind of go. I’m not too convinced that WWE is ready to put championships on the Wyatts before Bray wins but that’s not really a huge point for them not to pull the trigger. So why not?

Winner: The Wyatts


Rhett Davis:  This should be a fun match, but I think it’s time to transition.

Winners:  The Wyatts


David Spain: I love the Usos as champs; they bring a great pace and flow to the tag team division. But the dominance displayed by the Wyatts over a lengthy period makes me feel that Harper and Rowan will not be denied. Maybe the twins will find some way to do it, but if so, then it’ll be the next PPV. Me though? I think the Wyatts are winning the gold.

Winners (and new tag team champions): The Wyatt Family.


The Tally:  The Wyatt Family – 4

The Usos – 1


Match Five

Contract Money in the Bank Ladder Match

Kofi Kingston vs. Dean Ambrose vs. Jack Swagger vs. Seth Rollins vs. Rob Van Dam vs. Bad News Barrett vs. Dolph Ziggler

Justin C:  This match only has two possibilities as far as a winner goes: Seth Rollins or Bad News Barrett. And now with Barrett injured, you would think that Seth Rollins is the favorite. Barrett would have been such a great choice. He deserves it and could handle things at the top. And how great would it be when he cashed in and said “I’m afraid I’ve got some BAD NEWS!!!” But we don’t know the severity of Barrett’s shoulder injury yet. With so much uncertainty, I think you have to go with Rollins here. Dean Ambrose won’t get it as it doesn’t make sense from the story telling that’s going on. Rollins gets the win here and continues his heel run.

Winner:  Seth Rollins


BD:  HAHAHAHAHA! Is this for real? Why even bother having this match? Just let Seth and Dean fight it out for #1 contender ship and give the rest of the guys the night off. I mean, I like Ziggler, Kofi and Van Dam as much as any normal human, but they’re not getting anywhere near winning this thing. Swagger is a waste of time, and people are already tiring of Barrett. Again. I gotta pick between Rollins and Ambrose, who are both awesome. Hmmm…

Winner: Seth Rollins, despite recent indy Softcore Wrestilng Porn revelations


Chris Sanders: Honestly, my favorite to win this prior to Smackdown’s taping was gonna be Bad News Barrett but Jack Swagger seems to have a talent for breaking all the things we like. So we’re still not sure if BNB will even be in this match and that throws a wrench into my prediction. I kinda figured that Dean and Seth would ultimately cost each other the match at some point but now I feel compelled to pick one of them. Kofi is just being included because of his ability, Swagger is just there breaking things, RVD is more of a nostalgia entrant that might have a good spot or two and I’m not convinced Ziggler is out of the doghouse yet.

Winner: Seth Rollins (backup pick for no points: Bad News Barrett IF he’s able to compete)


Rhett Davis:   I don’t see Kofi/Swagger/Dolph/RVD winning this so that only leaves three men.  Ambrose and Rollins will seemingly cost each other until Rollins ascends.  I would say that Bad News Barrett would win, but he seems to be injured… again. Yet Dolph is the injury prone one?

Winner:  Seth Rollins


David Spain: The trouble with this is you’ve got to think long-term, which makes it damned difficult to predict. I think we can safely say Mr Kingston will be wowing us, but not taking the briefcase. Rollins and Ambrose I believe will foil each other and have their feud sans contract. RVD is not the threat he needs to be; Barrett could roll with the briefcase, but just got his shoulder Swaggered, and whilst Jack himself has been showing great intensity, I think Ziggler is really the best choice, if there’s any way he can dig himself out of the hole he’s starting to emerge from.

Winner (and guy who will rebuild his  personality  around a briefcase  for  a  year):  Dolph Ziggler


The Tally:  Seth Rollins – 4

Dolph Ziggler – 1

Everyone Else – 0


Match Six

WWE Championship Ladder Match

Alberto del Rio vs.  Kane vs. Randy Orton vs. Sheamus vs. John Cena vs. Roman Reigns vs. Bray Wyatt vs. Cesaro


Justin C:  First let me say that if Alberto del Rio wins this match, I will write a 5,000 word column on his entire career next week. I would say the same about Kane. I think Sheamus would be interesting and a long shot. Randy Orton probably won’t get the Title back any time soon. Cesaro would create a lot of buzz and make fans happy, but I think it’s too soon for a Brock/Cesaro match at SummerSlam. That leaves Roman Reigns, Bray Wyatt and John Cena. It is still too early in the career of Roman Reigns to give him the Title. I could see Reigns almost winning but HHH coming out and preventing that. I had been on the Bray Wyatt band wagon for awhile, and even wrote about it a few weeks ago. But a lot of people seem to be pointing to John Cena. And as much as I hate it, I actually don’t mind it at the same time. If John Cena vs Brock Lesnar happens for the Title at SummerSlam, it should be just as good as their Extreme Rules match. Plus a SummerSlam card of Cena/Lesnar, Rollins/Ambrose, and Reigns/HHH sounds good to me. It’s the safe choice that we hate seeing the WWE make. But for once I’m not too upset about it.

Winner: John Cena


BD:  Randy Orton bores the hell out of me, John Cena bores the hell out of me, Kane bores the hell out of me, Bray Wyatt bores the hell out of me, Shaemus bores the hell out of me, I’m the only one in the world who cares about Alberto Del Rio so he isn’t winning, and Cesaro is fantastic but I don’t see him going from losing to Shaemus to the World Title. So the only one who I like that I can see winning is Roman Reigns, but I doubt that’s going to happen this early into his singles career, so it’ll probably be one of the guys that bores the hell out of me.

Winner: John Cena despite the wishes of every human being in this world


Chris Sanders: I suppose it all depends on exactly what Daniel Bryan is gonna say during the kickoff show and if he’ll give any indication on whether he’ll be back for Summerslam or not. But honestly, even if he does come back, there’s a good chance WWE will look to their safety net in hopes to help rebound their stock value. Clearly if Kane wins, they’re angling for Bryan to return soon and start immediately back in the championship scene. However, there’s a much more likely scenario and I think we’re gonna see everyone’s favorite dumb block head making that dumb block face at the top of the ladder…

Winner: John Cena (backup pick for no points: Kane)


Rhett Davis:  Everyone wants either Cesaro or Roman Reigns to win so naturally I think the winner will be the safe choice in John Cena.  Sadly.

Winner (and NEW WWE World Heavyweight Champion):  John Cena


David Spain: I think there’s a good chance that Cena or Orton could walk away with thebelts. Sheamus already has one championship, and I think three belts is something the WWEmight be able to resist. Del Rio and Kane are coming out of blind-nowhere to be a part of thisthing, so I just can’t see the belts going home with them. Roman has business with Triple H,and the next ingredient to that is screwing him out of the championships. Bray might do it; I’dbe  more  likely  to  believe  he’d  pull  out  the  victory  than  Cesaro  (no  slur  on  the  SwissSuperman there at all; I simply think that Bray’s currently better situated and better advertisedfor the win). But at the end of the day, I think it’s going to be the kind of match that’ll get usto tune in to RAW the following night with fire and pitchforks. Enter the Viper.

Winner (and new Plural Champion): Randy Orton


The Tally:  John Cena – 4

Randy Orton – 1

Everyone Else – 0


Thank you for joining and be sure to keep it here for the latest on Money in the Bank!×250.jpg×120.jpg

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Hittin’ The Canvas Wrestling Pulsecast: WWE Money in the Bank 2014 Preview Sat, 28 Jun 2014 18:25:35 +0000 HTC Wrestling Pulsecast

HTC’s Justin Czerwonka and Cameron Dougharty preview WWE’s Money in the Bank PPV taking place this Sunday!×120-2013.jpg×250-wrestling-pulsecast.jpg

]]> 0 alberto del rio,Bad News Barrett,Bray Wyatt,Brock Lesnar,Cody Rhodes,Daniel Bryan,dean ambrose,Dolph Ziggler,jack swagger,john cena,kane,Kofi Kingston HTC's Justin Czerwonka and Cameron Dougharty preview WWE's Money in the Bank PPV taking place this Sunday! ( HTC's Justin Czerwonka and Cameron Dougharty preview WWE's Money in the Bank PPV taking place this Sunday! Inside Pulse Wrestling no 51:00
CB Asks: Who Will Win the Money In The Bank Matches? Make Your Final Picks For The New Champion and Briefcase Holder! Sat, 28 Jun 2014 13:49:21 +0000 At WWE Money In The Bank Sunday 6/29/14, the live event results will crown both a new WWE World Heavyweight Champion and a new Mr. Money In The Bank briefcase-holder.

It’s now time for YOU to make your final picks and predictions by sounding off in the comments section below!

MITB Title Match: John Cena, Roman Reigns, Alberto Del Rio, Randy Orton, Cesaro, Sheamus, Bray Wyatt and Kane

MITB Briefcase Match: Seth Rollins, Dean Ambrose, Jack Swagger, Rob Van Dam, Kofi Kingston, Dolph Ziggler and Bad News Barrett

Who will win these matches?

Sound off in the comments section below!

For what it’s worth, my picks are Roman Reigns to win the title, and Seth Rollins to win the briefcase.×250.jpg×120.jpg

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Forever Heel: Raw/Impact Heel Rundown: Okay not much TNA, but there is Right-wing MITB hilarity Sat, 28 Jun 2014 13:33:10 +0000 This week is full of optimism for TNA and WWE on my part, but we need to get through the bad news. It looks like Wade Barrett is out of MITB this Sunday. This is leaving all of us to wonder if he’ll be written off as accident prone? I don’t believe this was Jack Swagger’s fault though. Swagger gets too much shit anyway. I think he’s a fine main event guy. You can insert him anywhere and get a good match out of it. So I’m thinking so far Barrett’s place will be filled by New Jack. The kids love New Jack.

Last Monday was also Vickie’s “firing”, and of course there are morons that feel it was disrespectful of her to use Eddie’s music. I think most of us feel Vickie did the Guerreros proud. She lied, cheated, and stole her way into being a great heel in her own right. She is probably the top female heel manager in pro-wrestling, and played a great evil witch. I’m also happy to see her leave on a high note, and that Stephanie got hers.

I noticed Big E’s pro USA promo. I know he was using the promo for his feud with Rusev, but Big E sounded a lot like Zeb. So if Big E. is really going to feud with Cena than this might be where the turn starts? They’re starting to use Rusev better by giving him the Russian Nationalist gimmick. He seems more interesting than before, when he was just Bulgarian Umaga. Lana’s entrance theme sounds like a video game or Japanese pro-wrestling entrance. Umaga!

So we have the WWE WHC ladder match, and I’m guessing Damien Sandow will win his first World Title. See he’ll be dressed as Cena, and Vince will be relieved to see Cena win, only for Sandow to rip off his fake chin and reveal it was him the whole time. Cena will then run to the ring in his underwear (because Sandow took his clothes and stuffed him in a closet earlier), as MITB goes off the air.

The winner of the real MITB match will be Cesaro, but he will never cash it in because “it’s a nice briefcase”, and he likes nice stuff. Soon the briefcase will replace Heyman as Cesaro’s manager. The briefcase will cut riveting promos, and eventually talk CM Punk into coming back. Briefcase will become kayfabe and real Raw GM. Finally at Survivor Series, John Cena will turn heel and join Cesaro and Briefcase in their battle against Daniel Bryan, CM Punk, and CM Punk’s hoodie. I got all this from a reliable source. Who doesn’t watch wrestling.

I never watched Legend’s House, but I’m obligated to say that Tony Atlas is awesome, and that Hillbilly Jim is a conniving hick. Also Piper had all that time and never lit anyone on fire? He’s just not the same since he changed leather jackets in the 90′s.

Josh Mathews was let go yesterday. I liked him, but Mike Adamle deserves a second shot. I mean the guys a Republican, and everyone loves Republicans. (I’m kidding don’t leave any comments)

I don’t get why when Ambrose cuts a promo, he’s a hero, but when Samuel Shaw does it, he’s a creepy bastard? Alot of fans don’t know this, but Ambrose put himself through wrestling school by paying in blood diamonds. He also has six fingers on his left hand.

I’m glad Kane was added to the main event because it stacks the deck in favor of having a heel champ. We all know the champ will be Randy Orton though because he’s a well deserving champion. Randy Orton grants about 28 wishes before breakfast. Although it seems that alot of the kids ask for gym bags full of Shit? Hey. Atleast he’s trying.

Finally your heel for this week is none other than The Authority for firing Vickie, adding Kane to the main event, and for putting their faith in Seth. Believe in Seth Rollins.

EC3 needs to button up his shirts.

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