JC's Top Rope Report: Flashback Thoughts: WCW Bash at the Beach 1996

    Hello everyone. I’m back with another look into wrestling PPVs past. This time, I take a look at the PPV that changed not only the course of WCW but wrestling history as we know it.   -Tony Schiavone, Dusty Rhodes »»

NXT Yellow Ropes Report 07.17.2013 (Kruger, Zayn, Cesaro, Wyatts, Bayley)

The Glimpse: A three way dance to determine the number one contender to Bo Dallas' NXT Championship - Leo Kruger, Antonio Cesaro and Sami Zayn face off!  Also, the daughter of The Nature Boy debuts against Bayley. The Action: Match 1:  Leo »»

Rabblecast #326 WWE Performance Center, TNA Cuts Continue

The bell has been rung and WWE's new Performance Center is now open for business for the current and future developmental roster(NXT). The 26,000-square-foot training center will provide the following: : In-ring Training Room, Sports Medicine/Rehabil »»

The Wrestling Backfire: If You Tell Them They Can't Have It, They'll Want It More - The Story of Daniel Bryan's Push

Fans have many different opinions when it comes to pro-wrestling. But the one thing most can agree on is that a wrestling company must provide the fans with what they want. Some people out there claim that the WWE hardly ever gives the fans what they »»

A2Z Analysiz: TNA Destination X 2010 (AJ Styles, Abyss)

AJ Styles defends the TNA World Heavyweight Title against Abyss, Ultimate X returns for Generation Me vs. The Motor City Machine Guns, a four-way ladder match, plus Kurt Angle, Kevin Nash, Brian Kendrick, Doug Williams, Big Rob, and many more! »»

Full Details For Triple H: Thy Kingdom Come DVD Release

A list of all the matches and bonus features to be found on Triple H's new retrospective DVD set. »»

The View From Down Here – A Sting In The Tale

So Sting is maybe considering the hint of possibly sending out feelers to potentially ask questions about if WWE could be interested in talking to him at some point in the future. Again. »»

Listing For Upcoming WWE Legends of Mid-South Wrestling DVD Release

Judging by the list (especially the Blu-ray extras), this is already on the shortlist for the best WWE home video release of 2013. »»

What Happened When Ric Flair and Roddy Piper Swapped Wives on Celebrity Wife Swap? See For Yourself!

The Flair and Piper families light up Celebrity Wife Swap... »»

JC's Top Rope Report: Flashback Thoughts: WCW Great American Bash 1999

Hello everyone. Once again, I’m back with a look back at a PPV from wresting’s past. I did a WWE one last time, this time it is time for a WCW PPV! It’s Great American Bash 1999. Yes, I’m deciding to sit through a WCW PPV after Starrcade »»

Interinactivity: Summer Bash 2013 Roundup!

A one-time-special summer INTERINACTIVITY edition... IF we can get some interesting questions! Post yours inside! »»

The Wrestling Backfire: What's New in the World of Wrestling?

Before we talk about what is new in wrestling, I will briefly talk about what is new in my world. Well, I can finally drink liquor, legally. I always looked forward to 21 since, well, forever, but Jesus, I never knew I'd feel so goddamn old. I mean, »»

The Stomping Ground: A New Direction? (CM Punk, Daniel Bryan, Brock Lesnar)

I wonder if I'll be trolled this week....... »»

The View From Down Here – My Own Damn Opinion [Daniel Bryan, et al]

Opinions! We got opinions! 5 for the price of 1! Come get 'em here! »»

WWE's 50 Greatest WWE Championship Matches ... Ever! Who Made the Top 10?

What cracked WWE's Top 10 Greatest WWE Championship Matches list? »»

WWE To Include A Match Featuring Chris Benoit In New DVD Set

For the first time since his death, WWE advertises Benoit in a new DVD release. »»

Rabblecast #315 Wrestlemania 29 Rundown and Predictions

WWE's Wrestlemania 29 is almost upon us. "The Showcase of the Immortals", the "Grandest Stage of them All", however you would like to refer to it, is just a few short days away. Erik Hernandez and Myke Quest do a rundown of the Wrestlemania 29 card a »»

Rabblecast #314 Ric Flair Health Scare, Spike TV Overhaul

As the WWE continues their "Road to Wrestlemania" it falls to their, Creative team to come up with ways to make the upcoming show(s) more attractive to the casual wrestling fan. On this week's episode of, Monday Night RAW a Q & A session was held »»

10 Thoughts: WWE Raw 3.25.13 (The Rock, John Cena, Triple H, The Undertaker, CM Punk)

10 Thoughts on the 2nd to last Raw before WrestleMania 29 & things got interesting! »»

WWE Hall Of Famer Ric Flair Taken To The Hospital

Confirmation that one legend will not be appearing tonight's Raw »»

JC's Top Rope Report: The 5 Most Disappointing Wrestlemanias

Hello everyone. I'm back again with another Wrestlemania list on the road to Wrestlemania. Lots of positive feedback from the last list I did. I'm sticking with a Top 5 list again because it is short and to the point. If you expand to a Top 10 list, »»

The Common Denominator - WCW Lives! (Goldberg, Sting, Scott Steiner, Eric Bischoff, Fusient Media Ventures, WCW)

Last time out I talked about how WCW was almost sold to a group called Fusient Media Ventures and Eric Bischoff. What might have happened if that sale did indeed take place? »»

The Stomping Ground: Forcing A Face Turn (Alberto del Rio, The Miz)

Join me as I completely forget that I've been here two years too long. »»

Creatively Endeavored Thoughts On The State Of TNA Wrestling

Since one of TNA's "big 4" PPVs in live tonight (Lockdown), I figured it was about time I was able to examine TNA Wrestling a little more closely in 2013. »»

A2Z Analysiz: TNA Lockdown 2011 (Sting, Mr. Anderson, Rob Van Dam)

Lethal Lockdown returns; Sting defends the TNA World Championship against Rob Van Dam and Mr. Anderson in a three-way match; Kurt Angle battles Jeff Jarrett; plus more with Samoa Joe, Mickie James, Scott Steiner, Robbie E, plus many more! »»

WWE Monday Night Raw Live Recap - 3.04.13 - Old School Raw!

What's happening on Old School Raw!? »»

A Few Names Advertised For Old School Raw

Who's been announced so far to show up Monday Night? »»

10 Thoughts: WWE Raw 2.18.13 (The Rock, John Cena, CM Punk, New WWE Title)

10 Thoughts on The Rock, The New WWE Championship, Jack Swagger, Halloween and much more! »»

Wrestling Is An Artform (60 Photos)

Time to visit the only online wrestling art gallery! »»

Rabblecast #307 Royal Rumble Fallout, TNA's Announcement

With WWE's Royal Rumble 2013 now in the rear view, "The road to Wrestlemania", has begun! What does the WWE have lined up for their biggest show of the year? The Rock was able to defeat, CM Punk and end his 434 day reign as, WWE Champion. Will he be »»

WWE To Release Top 25 Rivalries DVD/Blu-ray Set

Featuring feuds from WWE, WCW, NWA, ECW and more... »»

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