WWE Superstars Tapings Results For September 25, 2014 (Spoilers)

What happens on this week's Superstars? »»

WWE Superstars Match Results For 09/04/2014 (Spoilers)

What happens this week? »»

WWE Superstars TV Tapings Results (Spoilers)

What to expect this week on Superstars... »»

WWE Superstars Tapings Results (Spoilers)

What happens on Superstars this week? »»

WWE Superstars Taping Results [Spoilers]

What was taped for this week's episode of Superstars? »»

WWE Superstars Taping Results [Spoilers]

Matches taped before Raw are set for an upcoming episode of Superstars... »»

WWE Superstars Tapings Results [Spoilers]

Before Raw, WWE taped matches for an upcoming episode of WWE Superstars. Natalya def. Summer Rae Nattie picked up the win via Submission via her Sharpshooter. The match was kept relatively short. Ryback def. Dolph Ziggler pretty basic match. »»

WWE Superstars Report 9.6.2012 (Kofi Kingston, R-Truth, Damien Sandow, Antonio Cesaro)

On this episode we get 4, count 'em 4 matches including Cesario vs. Gabriel and the tag champs battling Epico & Primo in the main event. »»

WWE Superstars Report: 06.30.2012 (Kane, Kofi Kingston, Heath Slater, The Usos)

On this episode The big-red-monster takes on the little-ginger-singer, Kofi takes on McGillicutty, and The Usos battle Hunico & Camacho »»

THE RAGER! - Best Way to Fill 3-Hour Episodes of WWE Monday Night Raw

Chris speculates as to how WWE could use their time wisely. »»

InsidePulse Wrestling's WWE Superstars Report 1.19.12

InsidePulse Wrestling’s WWE SuperStars Report Announcers: Josh Matthews & Matt Striker/Scott Stanford Report by: PK Natalya vs. Tamina Back and forth action to start. The match already has more time then the last 2 SD matches combined. Natt »»

Evan Bourne News: Backstage Heat with Triple H, But One McMahon is in His Corner

Perhaps this is why Air Boom has been grounded on Raw... »»

InsidePulse Wrestling's WWE Superstars Report 1.5.12

InsidePulse Wrestling’s WWE SuperStars Report Announcers: Scott Stanford, Josh Matthews & Matt Striker Report by: PK Evan Bourne (w/ Kofi Kingston) vs. Epico (w/ Primo & Rosa) Tie-ups to start, followed a great hurra canranna, which sends Epi »»

WWE Superstars Told Not To Contact Matt Hardy

Not difficult to imagine why, but WWE has banned the Superstars from contact with Hardy. »»

Partial WWE Superstars Match Results From Monday Night Raw Tapings [Spoilers]

WWE taped two matches for this weeks edition of WWE Superstars last night at Monday Night Raw, click on for spoilers! »»

WWE Superstars: August 11, 2011 (VIDEO)

Check out the latest from WWE Superstars! »»

WWE Superstars: August 4, 2011 (VIDEO)

See Chris Masters's last match in the WWE! »»

Non-Spoiler Match Listing for WWE Superstars 6/9/11

Best wrestling on the Internet! »»

Superstars Spoilers for June 2, 2011

Superstars: *Tyson Kidd beat Trent Baretta. *Heath Slater and Justin Gabriel beat The Usos. *Gail Kim pinned Melina. »»

This Week in 'E - WrestleMania XXVII Fallout...and Goodbyes...

WrestleMania XXVII is in the books as WWE looks ahead to another year of wrestling. Plus Finlay says goodbye. »»

This Week in 'E - WrestleMania 27 Hype and Michael Cole Being an Idiot

Michael Cole is an idiot, Husky Harris gets a makeover and more WrestleMania hype pieces than you can shake a stick at… »»

Hotties 'n' Notties: Kaitlyn, Michelle McCool & Tamina.

Who was hot and who was not this week in wrestling? However, this isn’t your usual “who did good and who did bad” style column... »»

This Week in 'E - Sunny and Snooki Class up the Joint (Wrestlemania 27, Hall of Fame 2011 and WWE NXT)

The Original Diva joins the Hall of Fame, Snooki is coming to dumb down RAW and somehow NXT is back for another season. »»

This Week in 'E - Curtis, Armstrong & DDP are the Big Winners of the Week

Another season of NXT is in the books, another Hall of Fame inductee is announced and the company sings up a whole new roster of young stars. »»

Hotties 'n' Notties: Jerry 'The King' Lawler, Rosa Mendes & Tamina.

Who was hot and who was not this week in wrestling? However, this isn’t your usual 'who did good and who did bad' style column... »»

This Week in 'E - Welcome Sin Cara, Welcome Back Rock, Austin, HHH, Undertaker and Trish Stratus

WWE reminds everyone of their awesomeness, NXT is nearing its end and international superstar Mistico is about to become a new megastar for the company. »»

Hotties 'n' Notties: Winter, Karen Jarrett & Melina.

Who was hot and who was not this week in wrestling? However, this isn’t your usual “who did good and who did bad” style column... »»

This Week in 'E - Finally...The Rock Has Come Back...Home

The Rock is back and so is Trish Stratus. What is this, 2001? No, it means it’s WrestleMania season and I couldn’t be happier. »»

This Week in 'E - Bienvenido a Miami, WWE Financials, NXT News, Wrestlemania Updates

WrestleMania’s coming to Miami, another goes home from NXT and some boring financial numbers are the highlights of a jam packed edition of the E. »»

This Week in 'E - Mistico Signs, Stone Cold Returns and Death of Shawn Osbourne

Mistico may have finally signed with WWE, Stone Cold is coming back to WWE TV and another young wrestler goes away too soon. »»

This Week in 'E - A WWE Royal Rumble Upgrade and Trouble for Khali

The Great Khali causes a riot in India, the Royal Rumble expands for more Zack Ryder goodness and Mike Adamle covers his tracks after last week’s arrest. »»

This Week in 'E - Another Adamle Original and a Texas-sized WWE Hall of Fame with Shawn Michaels

The 2011 Hall of Fame gets awesome, Mike Adamle finds himself back in the spotlight and much more about Tough Enough…all this and an update on Jackson Andrews! »»

This Week in 'E - NXT Elimination, WWE Sued, Daniel Bryan Speaks & WrestleMania in 3D

The NXT eliminations start again, Paul Ornorff has cancer and some more people are trying to sue WWE. Shocking, I know. »»

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