WWE Network Update from Vince McMahon - What Type of Model Will WWE Use?

Earlier this week, WWE CEO Vince McMahon announced that the WWE Network will in fact be a "premium subscription model" whenever the Network is launched. There is no timetable for an actual network launch, but with WWE's TV contract with Syfy coming u »»

Ric Flair In Los Angeles Lakers Radio Booth plus NBA Ratings Eating into TNA Impact and WWE SmackDown

On March 3rd, TNA Wrestler and WWE Hall of Famer Ric Flair was in the radio booth for the Los Angeles Lakers to help call second quarter action. Lakers' radio announcer Mychal Thompson is a huge Flair fan and so they brought in the Nature Boy as a su »»

Another Live TV Broadcast of WWE SmackDown on SyFy Slated for February

The next live episode of WWE Smackdown will air on SyFy on Tuesday, February 21, two days after the Elimination Chamber PPV. CB's Slant: While I am always up for WWE airing live TV episodes of SmackDown as much as possible, I wonder if fans will b »»

WWE Betting Big On Super Smackdown, Writers Stressed, Move Off Friday Desired

With WWE putting on a LIVE Super Smackdown show tomorrow, things in WWE are said to be as chaotic as ever. »»

10 thoughts on Smackdown for 10.08.2010: Blurring lines, Back to 2005, Time for a change.

1. How long does it take Michael Cole to mess up? – a mere two minutes.... »»

SyFy Countdown to WWE Smackdown?

When can you catch it? »»

Latest On WWE NXT's Future On Syfy & Season Three

Will Smackdown's new network decide to keep NXT or not? »»

Syfy promotes WWE Smackdown

Press release within. »»

Counterfeit Pennies: Analyzing NXT and its rookies

One last look at WWE NXT and its rookies... »»

WWE Planning Another New Show For Syfy

NXT is dead but what will replace it? »»

WWE Plans for NXT, Bryan Danielson & Ted Dibiase

The full story behind WWE's revamp of NXT, what the future holds for Bryan Danielson and how this affects Ted Dibiase's new stable on Raw... »»

RabbleCast #183 - Paul Heyman, Jim Cornette, Stephanie McMahon, Macho Man, Syfy, and MORE!

The RabbleCast is back after a week hiatus with a 2 hour special show featuring the Extreme Rules, Lockdown, and rollerderby! »»

WWE Draft Spoilers

A leaked Syfy commercial for Smackdown reveals some of the potential post-draft roster for the brand... »»

NYTimes.com Reports On WWE Smackdown Move To SyFy

WWE is moving Friday Night Smackdown from MyNetwork to SyFy in October. The New York Times did a business piece with some interesting quotes from WWE and SyFy executives. Cable is where it’s at right now, Donna Goldsmith, the chief operat »»

WWE Officially Announces Smackdown To SyFy, WWE NXT Canceled

As we reported yesterday, WWE Friday night Smackdown will be moving from My Network TV to SyFy this fall. It will begin on SyFy on October 1, 2010. The Friday programming on SyFy will move to Tuesdays, replacing NXT, meaning that show will not las »»

WWE Smackdown Goes To Syfy

Friday Night Smackdown to leave MyNetwork TV this fall... »»

WWE Makes Time List For Worst Corporate Name Changes

The WWF's 2002 re-branding as WWE clocks in at number 7 on Time.com's list of worst corporate name changes. The full list includes WWE's broadcast partner SyFy and TNA's TV home, Spike. »»

Enter Inside Pulse's Syfy/WWE PS3 Giveaway!

In the December 1st episode of Scare Tactics, at 9/8c on Syfy, Matt Hardy will reprise his guest role as "a violent criminal that can't be restrained" - similar to his appearance on the October 13th episode. To win a Syfy/WWE co-branded Pla »»

ECW Format Change?

Kevin Dunn, the executive VP of marketing for WWE, was recently interviewed by Variety magazine, which did a huge special report on WrestleMania 25 this week.  In the article he discusses the strengths of WWE television ratings and the appeal these ratings have for cable networks. »»

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