Rabblecast #241 WWE Creative Questioned, New Jack in Court

Where is the change we were promised? WWE had this great movement of "change" happening with the newly appointed COO, Triple H and the exit of Vince McMahon. CM Punk had us on the edge of our seats wondering if he would be able to pull out another vi »»

Rabblecast #233 Who Left TNA? Who Might Join WWE?

Late last week a story began to develop. In one corner, the man many believe to be delusional and past his prime. In the other, a man that possibly can't exist without the wrestling world. Who are these two men? None other than The Ultimate Warrio »»

Matt Hardy Blogs On Jeff's Big Win & Armageddon Video

Matt Hardy has a post on his myspace blog, celebrating Jeff's big win last night and their status as dual world champions. »»

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