Squared-Circle Science: WWE’s Tag Team Revival

A column that’s sweeter than boxing, just don’t try this at home. »»

Listing For Upcoming WWE Legends of Mid-South Wrestling DVD Release

Judging by the list (especially the Blu-ray extras), this is already on the shortlist for the best WWE home video release of 2013. »»

The SmarK Starrcade Countdown: 1988

The SmarK Retro Rant for NWA Starrcade 88 This rant was really bugging me because it was originally written based on the chopped-up Turner Home Entertainment 120 VHS copy I’ve had forever. So most of the matches are edited to nothing and I »»

The SmarK Starrcade Countdown: 1986

I know you’re thinking “What the fuck are you counting down to?” but don’t confuse me with details.  I kind of felt like doing the 2011 Scott Sez treatment for Starrcade through December, so it’s a countdown, OK?  Better that than a month of crappy WWE December PPVs. The SmarK Retro Rant for Starrcade ’86: Night of the Skywalkers »»

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