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-Vince McMahon and Jerry “the King” Lawler are in the booth.

-Opening Contest: Lex Luger vs. George South:

South doesn’t appreciate the crowd’s “USA” chants at the beginning of the match and he elbows Luger in the face. Luger doesn’t sell South’s offense and proceeds to pound away and deliver a powerslam. Luger hits a suplex and a big elbow drop before putting South in the Rebel Rack and getting the submission victory at 1:39. Luger didn’t display the same mean streak that he had in the first show after WrestleMania, which takes a lot away from his character.

-Irwin R. Schyster reminds us of why we need to pay our taxes, why we cheat on our taxes, and why we shouldn’t cheat on our taxes. He warns us that if we don’t pay our taxes that he will show up and take away our health insurance, but I guess he can’t do that anymore because of Obamacare.

-Kwang (w/Harvey Wippleman) vs. Tatanka:

This is the much anticipated rematch between these two after their encounter a few weeks ago was ruined by IRS. Kwang catches Tatanka with a martial arts kick off and celebrates by spitting red mist into the air. A blind charge eats buckle and Tatanka proceeds to chop his opponent from the top rope for two. Tatanka argues the count with Earl Hebner and that allows Kwang to seize the advantage and practice his martial arts skills. Kwang applies a nerve hold and that brings IRS to ringside. Thus far this is the SAME match that they had two weeks ago. After lots of nerve hold action, Kwang delivers a slam for two. More nerve hold action follows. IRS gets bored and starts playing with Tatanka’s headdress like a small child with ADHD, and when Tatanka charges out of the corner, Kwang spews green mist in his face and gets disqualified at 5:30. After the match, IRS beats up Tatanka, ties him in the ropes, and shreds his headdress because he never paid taxes on it. Chief Jay Strongbow comes out to protest and quickly gets beaten down as well. After IRS leaves, Tatanka screams to the heavens. Was it really necessary to give us a horrid Tatanka-Kwang rematch when they could’ve had IRS do this after a squash match? Rating: DUD

-McMahon and Lawler offer their opinions about IRS’s assault on Tatanka.

-Men on a Mission (w/Oscar) vs. The Black Phantom & Joey Stallings:

Mo and the Phantom start and after Mo runs through some basic maneuvers the Phantom goes to the eyes and pounds away. However, Mo showcases his agility by rolling around and clotheslines the Phantom. Mabel gets the tag and leg drops the back of the Phantom’s head after Mo traps the Phantom in a drop toe hold. After Mabel tires of beating on the Phantom, Stallings tags in, but runs into a Bossman slam. He falls victim to a Mabel spinning heel kick shortly thereafter and that’s the end of this thing at 2:57. There wasn’t much of a flow to this match after the leg drop spot, but Stallings some Mabel’s offense like a champ.

-Stan Lane talks about the Easter Egg Roll at the White House.

-Bam Bam Bigelow (w/Luna Vachon) vs. Mike Freeman:

Bigelow avalanches Freeman in the corner and spends a lot of time taunting fans and talking with Luna, but figures that he has a match to finish so he slams Freeman and finishes him with a moonsault at 1:49.

-Duke “the Dumpster” Droese says that he’s going to be in the WWF soon.

-The Heartbreak Hotel has Owen Hart as a special guest this week. Before Owen comes out, Shawn Michaels says that Intercontinental Champion Razor Ramon needs to accept Diesel’s challenge and put the belt on the line. Owen says that he will face his brother again and he will win the title. Standard promo segment that continued the Bret-Owen issue.

-Earthquake vs. Eric Cody:

Joe Matterazzo is our guest ring announcer and he does a good job. Earthquake runs through his usual offense on Cody and finishes him with the Earthquake Splash at 1:47. Much better than Earthquake’s last Superstars squash because the bookers didn’t make him fill up four minutes of programming.

-Crush (w/Mr. Fuji) vs. Tony Roy:

Crush gets the honor of yelling at Nikolai Volkoff this week and when the match starts he misses a blind charge and Roy lands a couple of dropkicks. However, Crush catches him with a thrust kick and pounds away. Crush delivers a gorilla press slam and finishes Roy with a heart punch at 2:34. Although I wouldn’t want to take a heart punch, I thought the Kona Clutch was a better finisher.

-Stan Lane talks about the Bushwhackers role in the White House Easter Egg Roll.

-IRS tells Johnny Polo that Tatanka learned what happens to those who don’t pay their taxes.

-Tune in next week to see Razor Ramon defend the Intercontinental championship against Adam Bomb! Owen Hart and the Quebecers will be in action and Mr. Perfect will be a guest on the Heartbreak Hotel.

The Final Report Card: The IRS beat down of Tatanka was the highlight of the show, although that’s not really saying a lot. Kwang-Tatanka II was worse than I anticipated and the show never recovers.

Show Evaluation: Thumbs Down

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What the World Was Watching: WWF Superstars – January 15, 1994 Sat, 18 Sep 2010 12:00:25 +0000 WWF Superstars

-Vince McMahon and Stan Lane are in the booth.

-Opening Contest: Lex Luger vs. Bastion Booger:

Booger gets the jobber treatment, which is always a bad sign for your career. Luger fails to knock Booger off his feet and falls victim to a falling powerslam. A leg drop gets two. A blind charge eats buckle but Luger’s slam attempt fails. A slam and a splash give Booger a two count. Another splash misses and Luger tries another comeback but Booger falls on top of him during a slam attempt for two. Booger botches a clothesline and Luger is forced to look foolish by falling out of the ring voluntarily. Outside, Booger avalanches Luger against the ring post but Luger shrugs it off. Back in, Luger successfully slams Booger and the forearm smash finishes at 3:50. Who knew that getting avalanched by a fat man gave you magical comeback powers? The piped in crowd noise signals that Luger wasn’t getting over like the WWF brass had hoped. This match was better than it had any right to be, though. Grade: D

-Gorilla Monsoon is here with our WWF update. He talks about Marty Jannetty and the 1-2-3 Kid winning the tag team championships on Raw and says that their victory makes the Quebecers-Harts a non-title match at the Royal Rumble. Owen voices his disappointment, but Bret says they’ll get a title shot eventually and that he’s going to commit himself exclusively to tag team wrestling from now on. Monsoon announces that the Quebecers had a rematch clause in their contract with Jannetty and the Kid and that this coming Monday in Madison Square Garden they’ll get their rematch.

-The Headshrinkers (w/Afa) vs. Chaz Storm & Dave Thornberg:

Samu brutalizes Storm and the Headshrinkers give him a sick backdrop where Storm gets some serious hang time. Storm tags out to Thornberg as the Headshrinkers appear in the split screen and don’t make any sense. Fatu hits a sidewalk slam and Samu splashes Thornberg off the top rope to get the three count at 2:00. The message of this match is loud and clear: don’t mess with the Headshrinkers. After the match, the Headshrinkers beat on each other to reinforce the fact that they are savages.

-Jim Ross hypes the January 17th Madison Square Garden card. Bam Bam Bigelow and Doink talk about their role in the Royal Rumble.

-Tatanka vs. Barry Horowitz:

Nicole Froton is our guest ring announcer and she screams the introductions. Tatanka and Horowitz battle over a hammerlock and when Horowitz escapes Tatanka gives Horowitz a hiptoss and a dropkick. Ludvig Borga appears in the split screen and says that he’ll destroy Tatanka at the Royal Rumble. Horowitz gets a chinbreaker, which Tatanka doesn’t sell correctly, and drops a leg for two. Tatanka goes on the warpath after Horowitz takes him to the buckle and a top rope chop and Papoose to Go end it at 2:28. Tatanka’s squashes were much better when he was a face.

-The Undertaker introduces the double wide casket that he will bring to the Royal Rumble. As a nod to the Undertaker’s past battles, Kamala’s casket can be seen in his workshop. Jim Cornette flips out after seeing the segment and says that Yokozuna is going to fight for his life at the Royal Rumble.

-Virgil vs. Derec Domino:

Wow, a Virgil squash in 1994? Virgil gets a clothesline and a backslide for two. Virgil goes to work on the arm and backdrops Domino out of the corner. A Million Dollar Dream ends the match at 1:31. I guess Domino wasn’t too legit to quit.

-Ray Rougeau interviews Shawn Michaels in the locker room about his Royal Rumble chances. Bam Bam Bigelow, Jeff Jarrett, Crush, Adam Bomb, and Rick Martel interrupt each other and say why they will win the Rumble. Michaels says Diesel will eliminate himself if they are the final two and Diesel says that’s ridiculous. This was a pretty funny segment.

-Todd Pettengill provides the Royal Rumble report.

-Irwin R. Schyster vs. Tony Roy:

IRS proclaims 1994 as “the year of the audit.” IRS delivers a slam and an elbow drop as the crowd works up a weak “Irwin” chant. Roy gets a body press off the ropes for two, but IRS tosses him to the apron and pounds away. Razor Ramon pops up in the split screen and says he’s ready for the Royal Rumble. Some of these split screen interviews are just completely unnecessary. IRS suplexes Roy into the ring and finishes with the Write Off at 1:15. A solid squash for the tax man.

-Ross offers his thoughts on the Royal Rumble. Crush and Randy Savage do promos to continue their feud.

-The Undertaker (w/Paul Bearer) vs. Duane Gill:

Gill tries to attack the Undertaker before the bell but fails. The Undertaker catches Gill with a chokeslam off the ropes and pins him in 55 seconds. After the match the Undertaker puts Gill in a body bag. I never quite got the body bag part of the gimmick. It’s not like the jobbers who were put in it never returned.

-Tune in next week to see the Smoking Gunns collide with Rick Martel and Adam Bomb! Ludvig Borga, Doink, and Shawn Michaels will be in action as well and Bret and Owen Hart will be on the show for a special interview.

The Final Report Card: The nice build to the Royal Rumble continues on this week’s show, although the Virgil squash was random. The build up to the Undertaker-Yokozuna casket match was effective and it makes the ridiculous finish to their Royal Rumble match somewhat understandable. Also, although most experienced observers could spot Owen’s heel turn coming from a mile away, the WWF booked the angle so well that you still wanted to pay for the show to see it happen.

Show Grade: C+

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What the World Was Watching: WWF Superstars – January 1, 1994 Sat, 04 Sep 2010 04:00:16 +0000 WWF Superstars

Well, with everyone chiming in on what they’d like to see in my last column, I’ve decided that for Saturday’s I’ll do the 1994 Superstars set and on Wednesday’s/Thursday’s I’ll do the 1995 season of WCW Monday Nitro. For those wanting the 1996 season of Monday Night Raw, don’t worry it’s coming in due time.

-Vince McMahon and Stan Lane are in the booth for today’s New Years Day edition of WWF Superstars.

-Opening Contest: Jacques (w/Johnny Polo) vs. Lex Luger:

Jim Ross and Gorilla Monsoon are on commentary for this match. Jacques gets on the mic and after talking for what feels like an eternity he says that he isn’t going to wrestle Luger until he sees medical evidence that the plate in Luger’s forearm has been removed. Ross and Monsoon say that’s ridiculous but it makes sense to me. However, referees force Jacques to go back into the ring because according to them contract law supersedes personal safety. Left with no other choice, Jacques attacks Luger before the bell and maintains the advantage with Polo’s help. After a beat down on the floor Jacques rolls Luger in for two and applies a chinlock. Luger gets out and takes Jacques to the buckle ten times. Luger delivers a powerslam and an elbow drop but Jacques delivers an inverted atomic drop when Luger tries some second rope punches in the corner. Luger accidentally whips Jacques into the referee and both men collide to create a double KO. Polo revives the referee as Pierre runs down to the ring, replaces Jacques, and covers Luger for two. Pierre angrily pounds away but Luger makes the comeback and hits him with the running forearm smash for the pin at 6:32. Jacques runs into the ring to protest so Luger hits him with the forearm and pins him at 6:56. Polo runs into the ring after that so Luger gives him the same treatment. Although the match was terrible that was a good house show finish. Grade: D-

-Jim Ross hypes an upcoming show at Madison Square Garden and it will have a New York City-style Royal Rumble. Tatanka will also fight WWF Champion Yokozuna.

-Razor Ramon says that smoker’s are losers. Insert your own clever joke here.

-The Headshrinkers (w/Afa) vs. Mike Khoury & Tim McNeany:

In the split screen, the Headshrinkers unintelligibly ramble about the Royal Rumble. McNeany’s clotheslines have no effect on Samu and he gets blasted with a thrust kick. Khoury tries his luck but Samu gives him the same treatment and the Headshrinkers give him a double headbutt. Vince hypes a WWF card in New York that is being put on to help a high school student council. Can you imagine the WWE doing that today? The Headshrinkers give Khoury a double reverse side Russian leg sweep and Fatu pins Khoury after a top rope splash at 2:54. This was a serviceable squash for the Headshrinkers.

-Ray Rougeau interviews Intercontinental champion Razor Ramon. He warns…IRS…that taking his gold chains…was a bad idea. He says Shawn Michaels giving him the Razor’s Edge on Raw hasn’t hurt him and that at the Royal Rumble if IRS wants the Intercontinental title he’s going to have to come and get it. Good intensity from Ramon and it did a good job balancing his dual feuds with IRS and Michaels.

-Bastion Booger vs. Tony Roy:

Trevor Jones, a kid that can’t be more than three years old, is our guest ring announcer and he messes up Roy’s name. Roy doesn’t seem to mind but I’m sure he minds Booger giving him a backdrop to start the match. A falling powerslam finishes things in 56 seconds. After the match, Booger gives Roy a Trip to the Batcave for fun.

-Thurman “Sparky” Plugg is coming!

-Owen Hart (w/Bret Hart) vs. Barry Hardy:

Since Owen’s a face he makes sure to give his shades to a young fan at ringside. Owen hiptosses Hardy and goes after the arm as Bret and Owen appear in the split screen and let the Quebecers know that they are coming to win the tag team titles at the Royal Rumble. Owen connects with a missile dropkick and gets the submission with the Sharpshooter at 1:46. I usually don’t care for Owen’s squash matches but this one was solid.

-Todd Pettengill gives us the Royal Rumble report. The Undertaker is shown building a casket for Yokozuna.

-Ludvig Borga vs. John Crystal:

Borga attacks Crystal before the opening bell and as he hammers away Tatanka appears in the split screen and says that he can’t wait to get revenge on Borga at the Royal Rumble. It’s a shame that Borga got injured shortly after this and disappeared. Borga gives Crystal a Samoan drop and hits a leg drop. A backbreaker rack finishes at 2:03.

-Jim Ross talks about the Madison Square Garden show some more. Razor Ramon will face Jeff Jarrett in an Intercontinental title match and Ludvig Borga will face Rick Steiner (this was the match where Borga suffered the ankle injury that killed his WWF run).

-Tune in next week to see Bret Hart, Jeff Jarrett, and Razor Ramon in action! Also, WWF President Jack Tunney will decide whether Lex Luger can enter the Royal Rumble and WWF Champion Yokozuna fights two men in a handicap match.

The Final Report Card: The feature match was pretty bad, but the rest of the card came together nicely and effectively put over the rest of the talent although some of that talent (i.e. Borga and Booger) wouldn’t be around much longer.

Show Grade: D+

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What the World Was Watching: WWF Monday Night Raw – November 6, 1995 Thu, 22 Jul 2010 14:00:36 +0000 Monday Night Raw

-Ahmed Johnson’s body slam of Yokozuna on last week’s show is replayed. We also see some highlights of stuff that is going to happen later in the show. I hate that, but I know that they needed to do it in order to win the ratings battle with Monday Nitro.

-Vince McMahon and Doc Hendrix are in the booth because Lawler is in action tonight. We’re still in Canada.

-Opening Contest: The British Bulldog (w/Jim Cornette) vs. Marty Jannetty:

Both men exchange headlocks and shoulder blocks to start and after a series of reversals Jannetty hits an enziguri for two. Jannetty applies an arm bar but the Bulldog catches Jannetty off the ropes with a gorilla press slam-into a hot shot. As the Bulldog backdrops Jannetty, Clarence Mason is shown off screen and says that the Bulldog will face the winner of Bret Hart and Diesel at In Your House 5. The Bulldog delivers his sweet a vertical suplex and then slams Jannetty into the canvas by the hair. The Bulldog applies a chinlock and Jannetty fights out, only to run into a knee to the gut off the ropes. The Bulldog gets a two count and goes back to the chinlock. Jannetty gets a fluke crucifix for two and the Bulldog turns him inside out with a clothesline. The Bulldog gets another near-fall and continues to dominate as we go to a commercial break.

We return with the Bulldog having Jannetty in chinlock #3. Jannetty fights out and both men collide for a double KO. The Bulldog recovers quickly and covers for two. Chinlock #4 is applied and after a few seconds of that the Bulldog tosses Jannetty to the floor. Cornette hammers away as the Bulldog distracts the referee. Jannetty tries to get a sunset flip from the apron, but the Bulldog blocks it for one and applies chinlock #5. Jannetty corners the Bulldog but a blind charge leads to him being trapped in a Tree of Woe and the Bulldog stomps away. This just isn’t Marty’s night. Chinlock #6 is applied by the Bulldog, as Hendrix explains that the Bulldog is using his power to win and keep Jannetty off his feet. Jannetty’s hand only drops twice and he catches the Bulldog with an elbow on a blind charge. Jannetty gets a modified bulldog off the second rope and makes the comeback. The Bulldog moves out of the way of a top rope fist drop but Jannetty lands on his feet and hits a DDT for two. A blind charge sends Jannetty shoulder-first into the ring post and the Bulldog hits the running powerslam for the pin at 9:31 shown. Pretty solid match and I bought into the psychology employed by the Bulldog. Grade: C+

-Bill Clinton impersonator talks about how the WWF brings people in the world together and how it’s one of America’s greatest exports.

-Hendrix interviews the Bulldog and Cornette. Cornette says Monsoon was forced to give the Bulldog a title match at In Your House 5 because of Clarence Mason’s threats of legal action. He says in December the Bulldog will win the title.

-Bret Hart is shown talking to Barry Horowitz and Hakushi in the locker room about random things.

-Bam Bam Bigelow is shown confronting Goldust on WWF Superstars.

-Henry O. Godwinn vs. Terry Richards:

Richards would later become the wrestler known as Rhino. Richards beats on Godwinn in the corner but a blind charge eats buckle and Godwinn hits a slam. Godwinn goes through his usual offense, hits an elbow off the ropes and a boot to the mid-section and a Slop Drop finishes at 2:05. After the match, Hunter Hearst-Helmsley attacks Godwinn from behind on the arena floor, Pedigrees him, puts on some gloves, and gives Godwinn a slopping. McMahon announces that Godwinn and Helmsley will meet each other next week on RAW.

-Survivor Series “Slam Jam” with Todd Pettengill. He announces that the Undertaker has accepted Mabel’s challenge for a match at the Survivor Series so we’ll see his take on Mabel’s Royals. We get some promos from the Undertaker and Diesel.

-Call 1-800-TITAN-91 to get tons of WWF pogs/mat caps for $21 plus $3.95 shipping and handling. I guess they didn’t sell well.

-We see a slow motion replay of Ahmed Johnson body slamming Yokozuna.

-“The Supreme Fighting Machine” Kama (w/Ted DiBiase) vs. Tony Roy:

Kama flips Roy over by the arm to start and then leg sweeps him. Roy gets a takedown and avoids a Kama blind charge to get a schoolboy for a near-fall. Roy outmaneuvers Kama some more but that doesn’t last long and Kama takes him to the buckle. While the match unfolds, Shawn Michaels is on the phone with McMahon and talks about the Wild Card match at Survivor Series. Kama avalanches Roy against the buckles and gives him a flapjack. Lots of punching and kicking ensues as the crowd desperately wants the match to end. A right hand mercifully finishes at 3:11.

-The Smoking Gunns face off in a Karate Fighters matchup and Billy wins. They have a rematch and Bart wins.

-Jerry “the King” Lawler & Isaac Yankeem D.D.S. vs. Bret “Hitman” Hart & Hakushi (w/Barry Horowitz):

This is the awful feud that never ends. Yankem and Bret start and Yankem beats on Bret in the corner. However, a blind charge eats buckle and Bret punches Yankem’s arm. Yankem catches Bret in a bear hug off the ropes but Bret fights out, tags Hakushi, and Hakushi hits a flying headbutt off the top rope as Bret holds Yankem in place. Hakushi works the arm, but Yankem maneuvers Hakushi into the corner and delivers some elbows. Hakushi reverses a whip into the corner and follows it up with his springboard elbow smash. Bret and Hakushi pound away on Yankem, with some of their double teams happening behind the referee’s back. Bret delivers a headbutt to the mid-section for two. Bret locks in an arm bar as McMahon says he is betting on Yankem and Lawler to win this match. Couldn’t you give us a spoiler alert for that once Vince? Bret hits a cross body off the ropes for two and Yankem’s kick out sends him to the floor. Bret sunset flips back in for two and tags Hakushi. Hakushi tries to deliver the springboard elbow smash again, but this time Yankem is ready for it and clotheslines him in the back of the head. I love that counter. Yankem tries to toss Hakushi to the floor, but Hakushi gets on the apron and delivers a springboard shoulder block back in. Yankem falls to the floor and Hakushi tries to follow up with a pescado, but Yankem catches him and rams him into the ring post. As the referee is tied up with Bret, Lawler and Yankem double team Hakushi. Back in, Yankem hits a backbreaker for two. Lawler finally gets tagged in, taunts Bret, and gives Hakushi two piledrivers. The heels continue their cheating as we head to a commercial break.

We get back from commercial with Yankem having Hakushi locked in a bear hug but Hakushi boxes the ears to escape. Yankem tries a big boot but he’s not Hulk Hogan and Hakushi sweeps the leg and tries a dropkick, but Yankem catches that and turns it into a Boston crab. Like a true gentleman Bret runs into the ring and hits Yankem in the back of the head. Lawler becomes the legal man again and he goes to the top rope but when he tries an axe handle, Hakushi catches him in the throat and we have a double KO spot. Both men tag their partners and Bret destroys the heels. Bret hits his second rope elbow drop that doesn’t get a three count on Yankem and applies the Sharpshooter. Lawler tries to break it up, causing all hell to break loose and as the referee moves Hakushi back to his corner Lawler grabs a chair but Horowitz comes in and grabs it from him. The referee turns around and sees that Horowitz has the chair and the heels win by disqualification. Well that sucks because the chair wasn’t even used. Not surprisingly, Bret Hart and Hakushi never tagged together again. The match was a standard tag match but had nothing special and the finish hurts it. Grade: C

-Tune in next week to see Razor Ramon defend the Intercontinental championship against Sid with the 1-2-3 Kid as the special guest referee. In that match the title can change hands by pinfall or disqualification. Also, Hunter Hearst-Helmsley battles Henry Godwinn and Ahmed Johnson makes his debut.

The Final Report: The in-ring product was better than last week but this show did very little to hype the Survivor Series. Bulldog-Jannetty is an interesting power vs. speed wrestling match so it’s worth checking out.

Show Grade: C×120.jpg

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