Spain’s WWE SmackDown Report and Results for March 28th 2014: Finally Can't Think Of A Title

We're just over a week away from WrestleMania, and the excitement is mounting. Matches are made, the Shield are cut through the tag-team division and Bray Wyatt takes on a giant. »»

The Pulse Polls - WWE WrestleMania XXX

Who do you think will win at WrestleMania 30? Come on in and vote! »»

Spain’s WWE SmackDown Report and Results for March 7th 2014: Brace Yourselves, WrestleMania Is Coming

As the biggest show of the year approaches, we're getting our feuds into order and building momentum to what will be...WrestleMania, I guess. »»

Spain’s WWE SmackDown Report and Results for February 28th 2014: Begin The Build

As the biggest pay-per-view of the year approaches, we start to build momentum towards the show where it all begins again. Again. »»

Spain’s WWE SmackDown Report and Results for February 21st 2014: It's Chamber Time

We've got six superstars facing the Elimination Chamber on Sunday; what last acts will they perform before the chamber door shuts behind them? »»

Spain’s WWE SmackDown Report and Results for January 18th 2014: Rumble Road

Following Bryan's violent exit from the Wyatt Family, what will the fall-out be? And will CM Punk make headway in his crusade against the Authority? »»

Spain’s WWE SmackDown Report and Results for January 10th 2014: There's A Royal Rumble Soon, Right?

The second show of 2014, and Daniel Wyatt is still with those scruffy friends of his, whilst CM Punk teams up with some Attitude Era alumni and Randy Orton is feeling the pressure. »»

CB's Slant: CB and Swayze's WWE WrestleMania XXX Card, Match Listings and Some Results

CB and Swayze present their WrestleMania XXX card... »»

Spain’s WWE SmackDown Report and Results for December 20th 2013: God Bless Us, Everyone

'Twas...several nights before Christmas and there were several WWE Superstars not feeling the joys of the season. And Bray, for some reason, doesn't try to recruit Santa to join the Wyatt Family. »»

Spain’s WWE SmackDown Report and Results for November 29th 2013: A Post-Colonial Reading

As shoppers all across America wrestle for discounted goods, the WWE crowd are engaging in heated rivalries, tag-team matches and...*sigh* eating contests. »»

Guys and Divas #8: Country Weak (Big E Langston, AJ Lee, Vickie Guerrero, Survivor Series)

Jeff talks out his frustrations with poor booking, insulting segments and generally terrible television. Plus, a look back at some Survivor Series with Attitude. Don't miss it! »»

Spain’s WWE SmackDown Report and Results for November 15th 2013: God Save The Queen

The SmackDown experience comes at you tonight from the disappointing city of Manchester as the rivalry heats up between the Wyatt Family and Punk and Bryan. »»

Spain’s WWE SmackDown Report and Results for November 8th 2013: GOLD-BERG GOLD-BERG GOLD-BERG

SmackDown is coming at you from Charlotte, North Carolina and there is quite a show in store as the Friday Night crew kick it up a notch. »»

Spain’s WWE SmackDown Report and Results for November 1st 2013: Has It Been Two Months Already?

Welcome to the first SmackDown with Cena as our champion, plus tag-team matches and perhaps even a new feud for Miss AJ Lee? »»

Spain's SmackDown Report: I Skipped 'Room In Rome' For This?

It's the go-home show for Hell In A Cell, so let's see how the Friday Night Show decides to advertise. »»

Spain’s SmackDown Report for October 18th 2013: The Rhodes Ride Again

A strong showing from the Friday Night team, and apparently Big Show just assumes that, once again, he isn't really fired. »»

Spain’s SmackDown Report for October 11th 2013: Two Households, Both Alike In Oddity

The Wyatts take on the Rhodes Family for your main event viewing pleasure, and your World Champion has love on his mind... »»

Quick Hits: WWE Raw 10.7.13 (w/MJH)

Let's see how they justify Battleground. »»

Guys and Divas #2: The Divas' Advocate (John Cena, Alberto Del Rio, Eva Marie, JoJo)

In his second installment, join Jeff Heatherly for a look at WWE's goldest championship and the in-ring debut of the "Total Divas" newbies. Plus, a bud gets nipped! Don't miss it! »»

10 Thoughts: WWE Smackdown (The Miz, Randy Orton, Alberto Del Rio, Vickie Guerrero)

1.  The ever rotating General Manager storyline took a hit in the tag team department on Smackdown. I was never a huge fan of Teddy Long so I'm not sad to see him go. Vince going with Vickie Guerrero over the returning Booker T did surprise me but V »»

New SmackDown General Manager Revealed


Ryback To Get A New Manager?

Can they bring the monster back out of Ryback? »»

10 Thoughts: WWE Raw 7.9.13 (The Wyatt Family, Vickie Guerrero, Vince McMahon, Daniel Bryan)

The "go-home" show for Money In The Bank & the debut of The Wyatt Family »»

The SmarK RAW Rant - 07.08.13

The SmarK RAW Rant – 07.08.13 Live from Baltimore, MD Your hosts are Michael Cole, Jerry Lawler & JBL Vickie Guerrero & Brad Maddox join us to start, as she climbs a ladder to make some sort of point about Money In The Bank.  She »»

WWE Monday Night RAW LIVE Results for 7/8/13: The Wyatt Family Debuts

It's the RAW before Money in the Bank. And instead of hyping the PPV, the WWE is focused more on the Wyatt Family debut and Vickie Guerrero's Job Evaluation. I'm looking forward to see the Wyatt Family, and I feel like their debut might go with the j »»

Mike Gojira's Not-So-Live WWE Smackdown Report 3.22.13 (Orton/Show/Sheamus vs 3MB)

Yeah...I can't believe that's the main event either. »»

WWE Monday Night Raw Live Recap - 3.04.13 - Old School Raw!

What's happening on Old School Raw!? »»

Brad Maddox Ushers in a New Era, Claims It Will Be Bigger than the McMahon-Helmsley Regime

Brad Maddox steals the show in two minutes on WWE Main Event... »»

10 Thoughts: WWE Raw 2.11.13 (Paul Heyman, CM Punk, The Rock, John Cena, Ryback, Sheamus)

10 thoughts on the go-home show of Monday Night Raw before Elimination Chamber this Sunday! »»

10 Thoughts: WWE Raw 2.4.13 (CM Punk, Chris Jericho, Bruno Sammartino, John Cena, The Shield)

1. I liked CM Punk's promo here and his quick character switch into the "victim of the establishment". Similar to when he is able to turn his babyface "Straight-Edge gimmick" to the heel version of it ("Straight-edge means I'm better than you."); »»

10 Thoughts: WWE Raw 1.28.13 (CM Punk, The Rock, John Cena, Raw Roulette, Brock Lesnar)

1. First off, my overall reaction to the Royal Rumble last night was good. Sure the finishes were predictable but the show overall had its memorable moments. Chris Jericho's shocking return, Team Hell No's & Kofi Kingston's Rumble spots and Alberto Del Rio's championship win all come to mind off the top of my head. »»

10 Thoughts: WWE Raw 1.21.13 (CM Punk, The Rock, Dolph Ziggler, John Cena)

1. A "Beat The Clock" challenge for the Royal Rumble seems completely contrary to everything the Rumble is about. The Rumble is unpredictable, exciting, fast-paced and unexpected. Having a "Beat The Clock" style of tournament in order to distingu »»

10 Thoughts: WWE Raw's 20th Anniversary 1.14.13 (Vince McMahon, The Rock, CM Punk, John Cena)

  1. God that was a GREAT way to kick off the 20th anniversary show. No not Vince McMahon in the ring. I'm talking about the trip down memory lane with every Raw opening over the last 20 years. I was ten years old when the very first Raw »»

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